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Wishes for someone going for surgery
October 28, 2018 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 5 comments

I just thought I'd let everyone know, in case someone notices I'm missing ;o) I'm having an operation on my spine that (keeping fingers crossed).

When recovering from illness or injury, one should never underestimate the value of a positive outlook. All else being equal, someone who has a good attitude and the support of friends will tend to bounce back faster than someone who does not. What does that mean? Simply that a few words can make a big difference to someone who is going through a medical ordeal.

The following list contains a variety of get well soon messages for someone who just had surgery. These uplifting get well wishes won’t work any miracles, but they will let someone know you’re thinking about them. And that is a very big deal.

Note: If you’re particularly close to the recovering patient, you may also find a fitting sentiment in this list of funny friendship quotes or this collection of best friend quotes.

  • Just want you to know that I’m thinking about you. Keep those spirits high and celebrate every small step toward recovery!
  • Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Hope you’re back on the horse soon!
  • Hope your recovery is quick, complete, and helped along by some really awesome pain medication.
  • I know it’s hard being laid up after surgery, but I’m sure you’re going to come back stronger than ever. Get well soon, my friend!
  • Best wishes for a fast and full recovery. You’re stronger than you know, and you have a lot of people rooting for you. Never forget that.
  • I’m sure you’re driving all the nurses crazy as you recover from your surgery. Hopefully you’ll soon be back to doing what you really want to be doing – driving your wife crazy.
  • I heard your recovery from surgery was going well. Keep up the fight. This disease doesn’t know who it’s messing with!
  • Hoping you won’t have to endure hospital food for much longer. Get well soon!
  • Wishing you a full and speedy recovery from your surgery. I hope you know we’re with you all the way, and ready to help if you need anything.
  • I know this procedure was necessary, but you gotta get back into action soon. Life isn’t as much fun without you!
  • I heard you’re doing well after surgery. Just wanted to send my love, along with my wishes for a speedy recovery.
  • Getting surgery is hard, but I’m sure it will improve your quality of life in the long run. I hope you’re feeling better now, and I can’t wait to see you get back to your normal routine.
  • I hope you recover as quickly as possible from your surgery. I will be sending many thoughts and prayers your way as you rest and heal.
  • When you almost lose someone, it really makes you stop and think about what they mean to you. Like all your friends and family members, we’re so thankful you made it. I hope the outpouring of love you have received propels you to a quick and complete recuperation.
  • You are one tough cookie. Get well soon!
  • I’d wish you a speedy recovery, but I think it’s more important for you to get back to full health – no matter how long it takes. When this is all over, I hope you feel better than ever.
  • I’m so glad to hear that you came out of surgery okay. Now I’m rooting for you to make a full recovery and get back to living your life as soon as possible.
  • The lengths some people will go to to get out of work! But seriously, I hope you heal fast and get back to doing all the things you love as soon as possible.
  • We’ve been praying for you throughout your hospital stay, and will continue to pray for you as you recover. May God bless you and keep you.
  • I heard you’re recuperating well from your surgery. I’m sure that each day brings difficulties, but it also brings you closer to full recovery. Hang in there, and know that you have a lot of people on your side.

We will pray for you so that you can quickly recover and go back to join us here. Working time feels Here's wishing you a speedy and full recovery from surgery.

140 Uplifting Get Well Soon Wishes, Messages and Quotes To Make Someone Feel Better

wishes for someone going for surgery

Surgeries can be one of the anxious events in someone’s life. No one likes to go under the Doctor’s knives yet sometimes surgeries cannot be avoided due to many reasons. It brings a chaos with it for both the patient and the family. A person going under the surgery especially needs some support, motivation and emotional strength to cope up the situation. The words can not only provide boost his confidence but also give strength to him in difficult times. So, wishing good luck before someone’s surgery can be the most uplifting thing you can do. You can send them some luck, motivation and support to battle through the predicament. Here are some good luck quotes you can send to someone going under the surgery and relieve the stress they are going through:

Good Luck Quotes for Someone Having Surgery

Dear friend, Do not worry about the next day because God and your loved ones are always with you. You will completely be alright and get back to life like a brave man. Wish you all the luck and health. We are with you!

You are my one true friend because you were always there to support me in my difficult times. So, I want you to know that I am also going to be by your side no matter what. I will always be here to provide you with the love and support you need. All the very best for tomorrow handsome. You will rock it!

On this day I only want you to believe in yourself and all the good things in the universe. I want you to be strong and fearless because you are going to be healthy and safe. Wish you all the very best, buddy. I am always with you!

I know you might be frightened and anxious. I know you might be restless as well but I only want to remind you of the brave person you are. Be yourself and show the world your strength and fortitude. All the best!

This is a difficult time for all of us but this surgery is only for the good. It is going to bring back health and harmony in your life. Don’t lose hopes and think of the best. My good wishes are always with you. All the best!

Think of the surgery as a good night’s sleep. You will be asleep and wake up all in good health and gaiety. Everything is happening only for the good. All the best!

The surgery is not that painful as you are thinking right now. Your mental state is surely going to get on your nerves but you have to keep reminding yourself about the quality of life it will bring back to you. We are with you. All the best!

Years from now you will laugh at the anxiety and tell stories about it to the people you know. So, for now embrace the experience but think of it in a better way. Calm yourself and believe in the God. All the best!

There should be no room for negativity in your life right now. Fill it with utmost positivity. Take deep breaths and think of a happy future. Wish you all the very best for tomorrow.

This too shall pass, my friend. You will complete this journey successfully and get back to your life like a real warrior. Show your strength to the world and bring back the lost iron within you. All the best!

Surgeries can be tough but so can you. Have some faith in the God and leave your worries with him. Everything is going to be fine. All the best!

You are surrounded by some of the best doctors of the country. You have your family and friends who love and support you unconditionally. You are much luckier than you think you are. Look at the brighter sides and leave your worries. All the best!

Think of good memories and all the good days. One good memory is enough to wipe away the negativity. All the best!

This is a crucial time and your strength will define all. Show them what you are made of! Good luck!

I wish you a lifetime of health and happiness. I wish that come out much healthier and stronger than ever. My good wishes and blessings are always by your side. All the best!

God is with you and all of us. He is going to make sure that everything goes fine. Trust him and the process. Good luck!

Look at the people around. You have a bunch of people who love you more than anything else. Smile for them and let go of the fears. You will make it right. Good luck!

The time is testing you and all of us but it is not going to last forever. This is soon going to pass. Good luck!

I can completely understand you at this moment. You are scared, nervous and in need of an assurance then I am here to tell you that this surgery is going to be a success and we are soon going to party. Till then keep calm and some patience. Good luck!

We can either choose to fight or succumb to our fears. The choice is completely in our hands. Choose wisely. Good luck!

Positivity and optimism can work wonders. Treasure them with you. Everything’s going to be fine. All the best!

Trust in the magic of universe and think of only the good. The key to success is in your hands. Good luck!

Life can be harsh at times but you can prove yourself in front of the world by being much tougher than the circumstances. Wish you the best of everything.

I wish you good luck, health and happiness. Give yourself some rest. This surgery is going to be fruitful for you. All the best!

Critical situations are paved in our way to test our endurance. This situation is put forth in front you to conquer gracefully. Keep up the good spirits within you and battle hard. All the best!

I wish that your quality of your life improves with this surgery. I wish you turn into healthier and happier version of yourself. All the best!

My prayers and good wishes are always with you. Do not worry and have faith in the God. Good luck!

Today will be over in the blink of an eye and we will be laughing and cracking jokes after a while. This anxiety matters only for an hour or two compared to all the good times which are going to come to you. Good luck, champion!

If the anxiety envelopes you completely then close your eyes and think of all the good things which have happened over these years with you. You have so much more to smile for. All the best!

Bad days are difficult but a little bit of positivity can provide you with enormous strength to walk through the tough path. Have some faith in the doctors, medicine and yourself. This is going to be fine. Good luck!

I know you are scared but the doctors around you know the drill. They have been doing this procedure since years and you can completely rely on them. You have seen the reports and talked to the doctors. There is nothing to worry about. Relax. Keep calm. You are going to make it right. All the best!

Think of this surgery like an examination you aren’t prepared for. What can you do? You can either choose to worry or choose to study hard and I believe studying is a better option. So, gather all the courage and think of only the best. Good luck!

It’s quite normal to jitter before the surgery. I do not expect much optimism from you at this moment but I also want you to know that this surgery is going to yield only good in your life. It is happening for good and I want you to remind yourself that over and over. All the best!

I may not be there in the operation room to accompany. I may not be able to talk or soothe you but you can still me by closing your eyes and thinking of our memories together. I promise to relieve you from the worries. All the best you fighter!

I just want you to know that this surgery is going to improve every aspect in your life. It is going to make you healthy, happy and beautiful. So, take a deep breath and have some patience. This too shall pass.

I know you might be feeling a heavy void inside your chest and I want you to know that I am here. Always here to listen and understand you in every way. You are not alone. Take care!

Your life is about to get better. It will bring only good in your life. Trust me. This worry is worthless as compared to the life you are going to get. Keep calm and trust yourself.

I can write a long letter describing your importance in my life. I can go on writing for hours but I just want to say three words today; I AM HERE. I am always here with you. You don’t have to worry about anything alone. We will confront and beat it together. Lots of love!

I know you don’t need to hear about your strength and endurance anymore. I know a lot of people might be coming to you speaking about the same. I just want to say that I know you are going to nail it because you are my friend. I will be right outside waiting for you so we can laugh and crack jokes like we always do. Go it get, buddy!

How about you relaxing today and me handling your worries? I will take well care of your anxiety and protect it from you. Let go of the worries for today. You don’t need the negative vibe around.

Remember how you used to make me understand things when I jittered unnecessarily? Now, it’s my turn to return the favour. You are my rock star and I know you can handle any situation with grace and optimism. This is just a phase and it will pass in just few hours before you even know it. So, keep calm. You are going to be fine!

You are here to be fine than ever. This place and the doctors are going to correct the flaws and turn you into near perfection. You always wanted to be perfect at everything, right? This surgery is doing exactly the same. Cheer up!

Crests and troughs are the part of life. The seasons are going to change and you will evolve out of it all. This is going to pass real soon. Keep your spirits high!

You have always been the happy go lucky human and this sadness doesn’t suit you at all. We live by looking at your smile. Keep smiling, at least for us? There is nothing to worry about. The doctors are great, you have your friends and family beside you then what else do you need? Relax.

It is going to be well for you. Trust me. I have seen you sulking in pain and I am glad that this is happening. It is going to be only good. Stop worrying so much. You will make it right!

Tough times make you realise a lot of things. It gives you a clear vision about your life and people around. This is a litmus test not just for you but also for everyone around you. This is not going to last forever. Chill. All the best!

I know today is a big day for you and you are very scared of the medical procedures but there is nothing to worry about. The doctors thoroughly know what they are doing, you will not even know when it will be over and your recovery will always be real fast. Think of only the good.

Friends are meant to be there for you in the good and bad. Being your friend I am here to placate you in every way. You can lean on me and tell me the weirdest of things because it is okay. Everything’s okay right now and it is going to be super in a few hours. Rock it dude!

A smile never goes out of style. Keep smiling even when you do not feel like. This one attitude can work wonders in the worst of the days. Have faith!

The God is there with you. Seek his blessings in the times of worry and he will remove your pains. May he shower his blessings upon you today. Amen.

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Good Luck Quotes for Someone Having Surgery

wishes for someone going for surgery

Get Well Soon Messages after Surgery


What do you write in a card for some who's just had surgery? It can be tricky. Especially after something like significant or major surgery. You want to comfort and reassure without causing any offence or saying the wrong thing. If you're struggling then follow the guide below to write the perfect get well soon message for someone that's just had surgery. Or use one of our prewritten examples in your card.

Get Well Messages for After Surgery

  • Sending you best wishes and lots of love after your recent surgery. Hoping for a very quick recovery back to full health
  • Hoping you're recovering well from your surgery and beginning to feel your old self. Get better soon
  • You've been so brave in how you've dealt with your surgery. I know your strength is an inspiration to everyone. I'm sure you'll be feeling as good as new real soon
  • Keep your spirits up and stay positive. You're through the worst, the surgery is over, you can now just focus on getting well again
  • I can't wait to see you again now your surgery is done. I'm so pleased it went well! Looking forward to catching up soon
  • I know surgery is horrible but you're amazing for how well you coped and came through it. From now on it's all about recovering well and getting back to your old life.
  • We're all thinking of you and sending big hugs. Get well soon
  • Our thoughts are with you as you recover from your surgery. Feel better soon.
  • So pleased to hear you're doing well after the surgery! Rest, take your time and it won't be long until your racing around again enjoying life.
  • I heard the surgery went ahead perfectly. So glad to hear that and can't wait to see you soon. All the best.
  • If you need anything at all then I'm here for you. Just ask. Take care.
  • It's done! You did it! We're all so proud of you. Now focus entirely on recuperating. We'll be here when you're ready for visitors
  • All our prayers are going out to you for a speedy recovery from your surgery. Get well soon.
  • Just a quick note to send you my best wishes after your surgery. You're so brace. I'm hoping you feel back your old self as soon as possible
  • If you need anything then we're all here for you. We know how tough this can be so don't hesitate to ask. Please get well soon
  • Looking forward to seeing you smile again after your surgery. Get well soon!
  • You're always in my thoughts and am so pleased to see you're getting better. Keep up the good work and you'll be back to good as new rally soon.
  • Hoping my prayers bring you a full recovery and good health for many years to come.
  • I care about you so much, and am wishing you all the best on your recovery from surgery
  • I know surgery is rubbish but look on the bright side - everyone has to pamper and look after you! So ours not all bad. Get better soon!
  • Great news to hear your surgery went so well. Take care and feel better soon!

Get Well Wishes After Heart Surgery

  • I was delighted to hear the heart surgery was a complete success. Wishing you a simple and complete recovery. Get better soon!
  • Have some wishes from me to you to feel much better soon!
  • Now you're through your heart surgery here's to many years of tip top health!
  • It was such a relief to hear your surgery was successful. You mean the world to me and I'm beyond happy to know you're on the mend.
  • Everyone is thinking of you and wishing you a fast and full recovery from your surgery.
  • I want you to promise me you'll get better soon, ok? Your hearts fixed so don't go breaking mine.

Get Well Messages for After Cancer Surgery

  • I know how terrifying the 'Big C' is so I was elated to hear you're surgery had gone so well. Looking forward to you being up and about soon.
  • Sending you positive thoughts and prayers of strength for your recovery from cancer.
  • Looking forward to seeing you again after your recent cancer surgery. Hope you feel much better very soon.
  • Wishing you all the best, a quick and full recovery, and many years of good health.
  • Get your strength back after the surgery and I'll visit soon! So happy you're feeling better.

Get Well Messages for After Hip Replacement

  • Wishing you all the best after your hip replacement. I know surgery can be tough so rest up and you'll be good as new real soon.
  • A hip operation is a big deal and you're doing amazingly well to get over it so quickly.
  • Heres hoping for an extra quick recovery and you back on your feet (literally!) soon
  • Wishing you a speedy recovery after your hip operation.
  • My thoughts are only if you after your surgery. So glad it was a big success and you're feeling better
  • Now you've got your new hip there will be no stopping you!

Get Well Wishes After Knee Surgery

  • We often take our bodies for granted, and put too much strain on them. So it's great news to hear your knee surgery was so successful. Rest up and you'll be back on it in no time
  • Here's a little note wishing you a fast and simple recovery from your surgery.
  • If you need any help then just ask. We're here for you as you get better and break in that new knee!
  • I'm sure as each day passes your strength will grow and you'll start to feel like yourself again. Get well soon
  • I'll be coming round to visit soon but until then I'll be thinking of you as you get better
  • I know how much you like flowers so here's a bouquet to help cheer you up! Feel better soon

What to think about when Writing a Get well Card

There are a few things to consider when writing your own get well message for someone having gone through surgery:

  • Stay positive. Surgery is frightening, including the recovery period, so use encouraging words and aim to keep their spirits up.
  • Offer support. If you can then being there for them will be greatly appreciated. Even if it's the smallest gesture it could help.
  • Be mindful of their situation. Try to keep in mind they're recovering from a major surgery and so be careful with your words.
  • Make it clear in your message how much you care for and think about them. When you're feeling vulnerable, like after surgery, knowing your friends or family are their for you is more important than usual.

Get Well Resources

If someone you know has just undergone surgery, the least you can do for them is send them soothing, comforting and sweet get well wishes to help them.

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wishes for someone going for surgery

Going in for surgery isn’t a thought that many people relish; an experience that is usually the treatment for a medical problem, bad enough by itself. Going ‘under the knife’, whether it’s for medical or cosmetic reasons, is always going to be quite the daunting experience. There are risks to take into consideration, alongside recovery times. A patient going in for surgery is a patient who could really use a friend right now.

If you are that friend (or relative), holding hands through your BFF or sister’s surgery, putting their mind to ease when they are worried is part of the job. That’s what friends are for, right? To hold your hand through the bad times, and make you laugh occasionally too?

Here are a few things that you could say or text to your friend or relative going in for surgery, to put their mind at ease and make them feel more comfortable:

20 Get Well Wishes Before Surgery

1 – Hello, dear friend, I hope you are doing okay. I know that today is a big day for you, but I’m here for you on the other side. I’ll feed you grapes and read you magazines, and I’ll assist you to the bathroom if necessary. Friends are meant to be there for you to lean on when times get a little tough, so, in the words of Bill Withers, you can “lean on me”.

2 – I know you’re scared today. It’s a scary thing that’s happening. But you’ll be just fine, I know it. And I’ll be right here to make you laugh when you wake up. Just think of it like this: the operation you have today will stop all of those troubles that you had before. Life will be so much better once you’re fully recovered. Take it slow, take it steady, and always remember that I’m here.

3 – Today will be over before you know it. We’ll be laughing and joking, causing mischief, in the blink of an eye. What you’re going through today? It’s just a brief moment in time compared to all the amazing times we’re going to have when you’re all better. Love you, friend. See you on the other, BETTER side.

4 – You might not see me there. You might not even know that I’m there at all today, but I will be, every step of the way. Surgery is scary, but I’ll hold your hand. It’s frightening, but I’ll be there when you wake up, with a smile on my face and kind eyes to see you through. I hope your surgery goes well today. See you when you wake up!

5 – When today gets too much to bear, just imagine yourself at home. Imagine yourself relaxing on the couch, cup of tea in hand, favourite Disney movie on the TV. I’ll run around after you, bringing you cups of tea aplenty, and making sure you have all the chocolate you need to see you through. Dear friend, it’ll be a big day, but I promise I’ll be right here waiting for you.

6 – I know you didn’t want people to know but I could see that you were scared. I could sense that you were worried about today. I could feel that you really needed me. I hope your surgery goes as well as can be expected today, and that your recovery time is short and sweet, but whatever you need, just give me a call. I’ll be right there in a flash!

7 – With all the breakups we’ve been through together, you’d think that a little bit of surgery would be a walk in the park. What’s a bit of minor surgery when you’ve had your heart broken a hundred times over? We made it through all of those bad days and breakups, and we’ll make it through today. I’ve got your back, Bestie, get better soon!

8 – I’ve always believed that a little bit of positivity will see you through the bad days and today, I’m sending all of my positive vibes to you. I hate the thought of you going through surgery, being scared, or having to worry about a thing, but you’re in safe hands, with good doctors, and you should be reassured that you’re getting the best care that you can. I’ll be here when you need me, no matter how long or short the recovery period might be. Get yourself back, fightin’ fit. We’ve got some mischief to make!

9 – How about you relax today, your surgery day, and I’ll take care of all the worrying? You heard the doctors – they’ve done this procedure a hundred time or more. You just need to put your faith in them, close your eyes, and wake up with everything better than it was when you first went to sleep. Good luck in there! I’ll be here to make you smile after it all!

10 – It’s normal to feel worried about surgery, and I want you to know that you can relay all of your fears and worries to me. If I can soothe your worries, I will. If I can find answers to your questions, I’ll do just that. If you need a cup of tea, a glass of water, coffee, something to eat, or just another new magazine to read, I’ll go grab it. This is the one time you are allowed to ‘milk it’, dear friend, so go ahead. Let me take the slack for a while.

11 – They should come up with a vow for friends, something that goes along the marriage-lines of, “in sickness and in health.” We might have made such vows to each other, but as a friend, I’m certainly here every step of the way today. If you need me, I’ll hold your hand. If you need to cry, I’ll wipe your tears away. I know it’s probably pointless telling you not to worry, but you really shouldn’t. You’ll be just fine. I know you will. I hope it all goes well for you!

12 – There’s a good chance that you’ll recover from this surgery feeling just a fraction of the pain and suffering that you felt before, so you should think of today as a GOOD thing, and not a BAD or SCARY one. The recovery time will be short and sweet, over in the blink of an eye, and then you’ll be right back on your feet again, doing what it is you do so well – putting a smile on the faces of others. For just today, though – surgery day – how about you let me put the smile on your face? I’ll miss you, buddy, get well soon!

13 – I know you don’t need me to tell you how brave, strong, or determined you are, but I just want you to know that I know all of those things about you. I also know that today will be just fine. You’re strong enough to recover from your surgery, and to make life bigger and better on the other side. Whatever happens, whether you need me to lend a hand or not, I’ll be right there. Love you, dude, I hope the docs fix you!

14 – Surgery is just around the corner, we’re counting down the hours, minutes, seconds. I know it’s big and scary, but I’m not worried. The medical professionals know what they’re doing, and I truly believe that God is looking over you. I’m waiting right here, desperately checking my phone every five minutes for the text to say you’re back out again. Just think of it as a long nap. (Some of wish for a nap like that!) Keep safe, stay well, everything will soon be better again.

15 – Thank goodness for modern medicine. Without it, you wouldn’t be waiting to have surgery today, although, I’m sure you’d rather be doing anything but that. Just imagine how much better your life could be when you wake up, and how happily you’ll live once you’re done with your recovery. A scary today means a brighter tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what adventures come our way.

16 – I just thought I would send you a little message to let you know that I’m really going to enjoy annoying you, making you laugh at inappropriate times, and probably saying entirely the wrong thing, over the next few days and weeks. However long it takes to recover; that’s how long I’ll be right by your side. Surgery is a big deal, no matter how ‘minor’ they say it is. It’s time for me to be the annoying one for a change … 😝

17 – Sometimes, life will test us. It will send us sadness and pain, some of which we can fix and put right, some of which we can’t. It will send us obstacles and battles, things that bring us down as much as things that lift our spirits. I imagine that today is both something that brings you up and also brings you down. Surgery isn’t fun. It’s definitely not the top of our ‘fun’ list. What happens after, however; that’s fun. You’ll get better, the sickness and pain of your previous problems shed. It’s gonna be quite the ride. Get ready to buckle in!

18 – I wanted to write something super hilarious to you today, but I didn’t want to run the risk of you reading it AFTER your surgery and then poppin’ out a stitch! Just know that I’m here for you, whatever you need, and I wish you the easiest and speediest of recoveries. Get well soon!

19 – Hey, dear friend! I hope you get well very soon. I’ve got lots of,life to live and I’m hoping you’ll be down for the ride. Just remember; if ever need surgery, you’ve got to be there to help me recover too. I’m just playing, but I do wish all the very best for today. I’ll see you on the other side — life is about to get a whole load better!

20 – Thankfully, friend, the person doing your surgery today is much better than I ever was at playing the game, Operation. Do you remember that game? Well, when you’re awake and I’m the other side, on your road to recovery, let’s say we grab that game and play it? In fact, let’s say that we do a lot of things together. Let’s make a list. I’ll see you soon, friend, and I’m sending all of my positive thoughts and wishes to you.

Many people know someone who is currently ill or may be in a hospital right now for treatment or surgery. Staying in the hospital can take a toll on an individual's.

wishes for someone going for surgery
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