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Wishes for fundraisers
August 01, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 5 comments

Got a great fundraising idea? Charity balls, trivia nights, golf days, bake sales every dollar raised makes more wishes come true. Whether you're looking to.

When wish kids are granted a wish, they get more than just a great experience for a day, two days, or a week. That experience improves the quality of life for them and their entire family.

How It Works

Start your fundraiser

Page ideas can include celebrating your birthday, asking for donations instead of holiday gifts, running a race or honoring a loved one.

Personalize your fundraising page

Customize your personal page and share your fundraiser through email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Raise money and help grant wishes

Inspire others to support Make-A-Wish and watch as you get closer to your fundraising goal.

© Make-A-Wish Foundation® of AmericaMake-A-Wish Foundation of America is an Arizona nonprofit corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.Terms & Policy  |  FAQ

These giving and fundraising quotes remind us all of the importance of using our time, talent and treasures for the best outcomes for all.

Get more from your event

wishes for fundraisers

Many churchgoers are inspired to give generous donations to their church when their minister reads out the famous verse in Luke 21:1-4 about the poor widow who put in her two very small copper coins – the only money she had to live on.  Besides digging deeper into your own pockets, what other ways can be used to increase donation Fundraisers to your church?

Wishing Well Fountains-Donation Fundraisers

Most people love to make a wish and then throw their pennies into a wishing well fountain. Ever wonder where all these pennies go? Many of them go to help their local organizations. So why not approach a local mall or restaurant that has a wishing well fountain to see if your church can get one to collect all their coins for a week, or maybe even a month? Once approved, get your local radio station to talk about it and before you know it, tons of people will be going and throwing in their pennies to help out your church (and their wishes too).

Donation Jars-Donation Fundraisers

Many organizations put donation jars at the cash registers of local businesses. Just take a glass jar, and ensure the opening is wide enough for all sizes of change (and bills!) to fit through. Then, you can paste a picture of your church onto the jar, along with a little tag line such as “Help us raise funds to give others hope.” An alternative to donation jars is placing candy bars at the checkout. This way people can donate $1 or $2 and get a yummy treat at the same time. This is a simple strategy, because when people are at the cash register they are already opening their wallets. What’s a bit of extra change to help out their local community? Some people will even give change just so that they do not look cheap in front of the cashier! Wish Lists-Donation Fundraisers

Did you know that you can create a wish list on

All you need to do is create an account for your church on the Amazon website. Next, browse through the website and add items that your church needs to your Wish List by clicking the “Add to Wish List” button. You can then choose to make your details public and email potential donors to let them know about your list.

Create a Wish List for your church.

Whether your church chooses a wishing well fountain, donation jars, a wish list or all three, you will surely be able to increase your donations with these simple ideas.

Get more fund for your church, Read our guide on fundraiser for church groups

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Fundraiser Ideas

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WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Easy Fundraising Ideas for your Nonprofit
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Project Ideas

wishes for fundraisers

Holiday Wishes

This unique catalog contains some of our favorite high quality products, which are perfect for students, parents and staff. Everything from beautiful flower bulbs to gift ware, kitchenware accessories, and our popular gift wrapping necessities. Our product selection has been carefully selected to provide you the maximum return on your fundraising efforts.

We guarantee that your students, parents and staff will be extremely satisfied with every product purchased!

Every Holiday Wishes Catalog Sale Includes:

  • Competitive profit margin
  • No High Pressure Sales or Long-Term Contracts
  • FREE Posters to Promote Your Fundraiser
  • Easy to Use Student Order Forms
  • Custom Parent Letter
  • FREE parent letter translation service available
  • FREE collated sales materials
  • Online Ordering for family and friends
  • Order form processing provided at no charge
  • FREE Cumulative Student Prize Program - Packed by student
  • Orders packed by student and sorted by class
  • Project Step By Step Guide FREE Inside Delivery
  • Detailed Sales Reports
  • Customers call us directly for customer service transactions
  • Customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Third party fundraisers are a vital part of Wishing Star's income. Anyone can put on a third party event. Past fundraisers include car washes, golf tournaments.

Birthday Fundraiser

wishes for fundraisers

“You are One Person to the World but
to One Person YOU are the World!”

We are able to fulfill the wishes of children and young adults ages 3 thru 21 with life-threatening illnesses living in Rhode Island & areas of Southeastern Massachusetts because of the hard work and commitment of our many dedicated volunteers! Be it providing administrative support, organizing fundraisers, or wish granting, YOU, our volunteers are the reason these wishes will come true!

We are always looking for volunteers to help in several areas, including:
• Office Help
• Wish Granter
• Development & Fundraising Volunteer
• Press Release Writing
• Web Site Updating
• Newsletter Committee
• Wishes & Wedding Program
• Kids Helping Kids Committee

And much more!
Volunteers help grant wishes in many ways. Consider your skills, goals, and motivation for volunteering when deciding what best fits your interests.

Office Help
Join our office team: stuffing envelopes, input computer data, or assist with special office projects/events. Computer skills are appreciated!

Wish Granters
Meet with the wish recipient, discover and help to fulfill a wish. Wish granters work in teams of two. Volunteers commit their time to not only make the wish as unique as each child/young adult is but a lasting, memorable experience for each wish family. We are looking for volunteers over the age of 18 with creative energy, enthusiasm and the ability to give freely of their time.

Development & Fundraising Volunteers
Create a framework of magic through planning, organizing, and implementing successful fundraising events and wish children activities. Fundraising Volunteers may work on event committees, take on committee leadership roles, and/or help out on the event day. Whatever the role, fundraising volunteers can determine their own level of involvement, allowing for greater flexibility. We need volunteers with creative determination, a passion for people, and a commitment to getting the job done! Is that YOU?

Press Release Writing
Rosemary’s Wish Kids, Inc. needs talented, creative, attention to detail volunteers who can write appealing press releases on an ongoing basis. You would be working directly with the Founder and/or President on writing press releases for upcoming fundraising events and any potential newsworthy wish stories. In some cases you may be speaking with the wish children whose stories are considered for a press release. Prior knowledge of writing press releases is a prerequisite.

Web Site Updating
If you have experienced with updating web sites we can use your help in updating our web site. Our webmaster will have you assist him when changes or updates are needed. Prerequisite in web design is necessary.

How to become a volunteer:

1. Explore the possibilities – contact us
When you contact us, you’ll get yourself on the right path to becoming a volunteer for Rosemary’s Wish Kids, Inc. (RWK) Once you have decided that RWK’s volunteer program is a match for you and sounds fun, please contact Rosemary (401) 624-ROSE (7673) or [email protected]. She will either mail you a volunteer application or send it to you electronically.

2. Complete your application
Simply complete our volunteer application and send it to our office. Processing begins as soon as we receive your application. Applications should be returned to Rosemary’s Wish Kids, Inc. (office), 161 Furey Ave., Tiverton, RI 02878

3. We do run a background check
After we’ve received your application, we will run a background check and follow up with the references you provide us on your application. Please make sure your information is complete. This helps us move your application along quickly.

4. Join our team
You will be notified of the next new volunteer orientation and training session. This training is designed to provide you with knowledge about Rosemary’s Wish Kids, Inc., its work and your role as a volunteer. New volunteer orientation and training sessions are held on an as needed basis with specific volunteer position training sessions held as needed.

Frequently asked questions by our Volunteers?

I want to volunteer! How long is the application process?
The process typically takes about 1 month, depending on the timing of our training sessions. Once you are on board as a volunteer, though, we usually put you to work right away!

What kind of commitment is there?
Commitment levels vary in terms of time, depending on your volunteer position. Wish Granters can sometimes put in two or three hours a week, especially when a wish is a complex one, or they can spend less than an hour a week on wish work. The same applies to other volunteer positions. Office volunteers need to have a flexible schedule to accommodate daytime assignments. Fundraising volunteers may choose to work on only one special event each year, which may require more time especially when the event is being held.

What volunteer opportunities are available?
We offer all kinds of volunteer experiences from wish granting, public speaking, event planning and execution, helping out with office work, press release writing, and/or helping with our Wishes & Wedding Programs, or maybe our Kids helping Kids Program.

Are volunteers very involved with the children?
Of all our volunteer positions, wish granting offers the highest level of involvement with wish children and their families. Even so, Wish Granters meet a family at the beginning and end of a wish, but may rely on telephone contacts during the rest of the wish process. Our emphasis is on delivering a one-of-a-kind wish experience.

Do you have volunteer positions that aren’t emotionally demanding?
We know that the work we do has a high emotional content. Some people would like to help because they relate to our mission, but would prefer little or no involvement directly with families. In such cases, we suggest the positions of Fundraising Volunteer, Office Volunteer, Web Site Help or Writing Press Releases. All our volunteer positions contribute equally to our mission of granting wishes!

Of all we’ve done and all we want to do, remember nothing would be possible without YOU.

Small or large-scale, formal or casual - we would be happy to work with you to create a meaningful fundraiser for you or your group. Contact us.

wishes for fundraisers
Written by Shakar
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