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Quotes on best wishes for neuventure on wall street
September 22, 2018 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 5 comments

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2 HOW TO BUY A STOCK WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF STOCK TRADING We understand that buying your first stock can be a daunting process. But if you break it down into smaller steps, it becomes much more manageable. That s exactly what we re going to do for you today. In this report, we ll walk you step-by-step through the process of making your first trade. We ve also included some helpful materials, including a glossary of common investing terms and a checklist of necessary information, in the Appendix. The first thing you need to do is open an account with a brokerage firm. When you want to see The Rolling Stones in concert, you can t just call up Mick Jagger and get tickets. You need to go through a ticket broker. It s the same with stock trading. If you want to buy shares of Tesla, you can t just send a check to Elon Musk. Instead, you must go through a brokerage firm. There s no other way to buy and sell stocks. Since your broker will be finalizing trades on your behalf, it s important that you choose the right broker for your needs.

3 STEP 1 Selecting a Brokerage Firm There are more than 4,000 brokerage firms in the U.S., ranging from huge global firms to small online firms. You ll need to make a selection depending on your individual needs, but we ll walk you through all the factors you should consider when making that decision. There are two main types of brokerage firms: full service and discount. When choosing which type is best for you, there are two main factors to consider: cost and service level. Both factors are interrelated, so it s helpful to think of them in terms of a scale. As you add more frills to the service level side, the price side will go up. Conversely, as you take more services away, the price side will go down. going to need. Will you want face-to-face interaction with a full-service broker who ll sit you down, discuss your ideas, and walk you step-by-step through the investment process? Or would you be comfortable with just an online representative at a discount brokerage who has more limited capacity to help? Or do you want something in the middle? The important thing to remember is that the more you want, the more you ll pay. FULL-SERVICE BROKER VS. DISCOUNT BROKER COST: When we talk about cost, we re talking about the commissions you ll pay on each trade you make through the brokerage. Some are flat rates and some are percentages. Since commissions can range from just a few pennies to as much as $100, it s important to know each brokerage s fee structure before you make your selection. You ll also need to ask yourself what kind of trader you think you re going to be. With commissions charged on each trade you make, your costs will be highly dependent on the frequency of your trading. SERVICE LEVEL: With regard to service level, there are a variety of things to consider. You ll want to think about how much support you re

4 As you can see in the table on the previous page, a full-service broker provides the complete service package. Examples of full-service brokers are companies like UBS or Wells Fargo. These types of accounts come with financial advisers who can look over your goals and provide individualized advice. You ll be able to walk into the office and get face-to-face help. In exchange for this level of service, you can expect to be charged $30 to $100 per trade. If you simply want to be able to place your buy and sell order, then you might just want a discount broker. A discount broker comes without all the frills of individualized advice. Most still offer interesting articles on basic trading, but you ll have to navigate those yourself and decide which apply to you. Using this type of account, you ll place your trades online yourself using the brokerage s platform. The benefit is lower commission costs. These are generally between $5 and $15. However, most companies offer specials for opening a new account. Some will let you trade commission free for a certain period of time, or they ll offer a number of commission-free trades. Since these advantages are only temporary, you shouldn t make it your deciding factor, but sometimes it s a nice perk. See the table above for the top 10 discount brokers according to Barron s. One final thing you might want to consider when selecting a brokerage is liquidity. This is the way traders gauge the speed with which they can turn their investments into dollars they can spend. The faster you can get your money, the more liquid your investment. Some brokerages will make you wait three days to a week before you can access the money you ve invested through them. Others offer debit cards or even online bill paying to make it easier for you to access your funds. The generally accepted recommendation is that you shouldn t invest any money that you expect to need in the next six months. For this reason, liquidity shouldn t be a major consideration. It s just something to think about.

5 STEP 2 Opening Your Account Once you ve decided on a brokerage firm, it s time to open your account. To do this you can walk into a full-service office and speak with an actual person, or you fill out an online application for a discount broker. Whichever type of brokerage you choose, you ll need to provide quite a bit of personal information. So before you begin the process, you ll want to make sure you have it all in hand. To open an account, you ll just need some basic personal information. This includes names, addresses, and Social Security numbers of any authorized traders who will be on the account. When you fund the account, which we ll get to in the next section, you ll need a good bit of financial information. To make it easy for you, we ve created a quick checklist will all the information you ll need so you don t forget anything (see Appendix B). You ll also be asked a little bit about past investment experience and goals. Examples of questions would be number of years of trading experience, or whether your goal is income or wealth building. To open an account that simply allows you to buy and sell stocks, the answers to these questions aren t the most important. We ll cover higher-level accounts in a later report. If you re using a full-service broker, the financial adviser who s assigned to you will use these questions as a starting point to provide individualized advice. But you can also expect at your first meeting to be asked many more questions about your financial situation and life events so your broker can make sure he is giving you the best recommendations. After you ve supplied all the necessary information and provided a signature (which can be done electronically if you re filling out forms online), you ll be asked how you d like to fund your account. Remember: If you re an authorized trader on the account, you ll need to include the information for this account when you file your taxes. So be sure to make a note of that and put it with your tax information.

6 STEP 3 Funding Your Account There are five common ways to fund your new account. The method you choose will determine how soon the money is available for you to make an actual trade. We ll start off with the most common and move to the least common. ELECTRONIC TRANSFER: For an electronic transfer, you ll enter your account information into your brokerage account. The benefits to this method are speed and ability to repeatedly transfer money back and forth. Usually the money clears in three days, and some accounts will clear that money for trading faster after they ve confirmed the validity of the account during the initial transfer. This means you ll need your routing and account numbers, which can be found at the bottom of a check or deposit slip. EXTERNAL BROKERAGE ACCOUNT TRANSFER: If you have shares in another brokerage account and want to consolidate them in a single account, you should be able to transfer those shares. This process usually involves a three-page form that you have to return to your broker. This process usually takes seven to ten days, but it s beneficial if you want all of your investments in one place. WIRE FUNDS TRANSFER: This method would be best if you wanted to transfer money electronically but not enter your banking information into your brokerage account. Using this method, you would enter your brokerage account into your bank s website. DEPOSITING A CHECK: If you d prefer not to use an electronic transfer, most brokerage accounts will let you use an old-fashioned check. You can either mail it in, or if your broker has a physical office in your neighborhood, simply drop it off. Just remember to account for the time that the check will be in the mail as well as the time it will take for the funds to clear. STOCK CERTIFICATE DEPOSIT: The final common option for funding an account is depositing physical certificates. Although stock certificates are not used anymore, if you already have some equity investments, your broker will be able to give you the proper forms to change these shares into electronic shares that you ll be able to see in your brokerage account. After you ve selected your funding method, you should get a confirmation that will let you know when those funds will be available for trading, meaning you re finally ready to make that first trade!

7 STEP 4 Identifying the Shares You Want to Buy Now that you have an account with available money, you are all set to buy your first stock. We ll walk you step-by-step through that process, using etrade screenshots. If you re using a different broker, the online platform will vary slightly, but you ll still be able to follow right along. The first thing you ll want to do is enter your username and password to log on (see figure 1). We ll use AT&T as our example (see figure 2). If you re not quite sure of the ticker symbol that you re looking for, just start typing the company name into the search field. Different options should pop up, and you can choose the correct one from the dropdown. In general, you ll be looking for the ones labeled COM, for common shares. FIGURE 1 This will open to an overview of your account. You ll see how much your account is worth, as well as how much cash is available for withdrawal or purchasing. To make your trade, you ll want to first navigate to the overview of the stock you wish to purchase. For this you can either enter the company name or the ticker symbol in the search box. A ticker symbol is a one- to four-letter combination that designates shares of that company. For example, if you re looking to trade shares of AT&T, they trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol T. Other examples are IBM, which trades under the ticker IBM, and Ford, which trades simply under the ticker F. FIGURE 2

8 You can then click on the company to see the overview of that company s stock. Once at the overview page, you ll see a lot of information about those shares (see figure 3). As you can see in the screenshot at right, there is a lot of information about that company. If you re getting ready to place an order to buy shares, the most useful information is going to be last price. This is the most current price of one share of the company s stock. If you re still determining which stock you want to own, this screen this screen also features a number of useful research tabs as well as the latest headlines (see figure 4). FIGURE 3 FIGURE 4 HOW TO RESEARCH Stock research is easy to find, but good, profitable research is much harder to come by. Braden Copeland has been analyzing and investing in private and public companies for more than 20 years. And in his monthly missive, Building Wealth, he ll show you everything you need to know to build your own wealth. Braden will tell you what s going on in the market, what sectors he likes, which ones to avoid as well as the best way to put this information to use. He ll provide you with specific companies and their ticker symbols as well as recommended prices to get into and out of those positions. He even updates you monthly on how those positions are doing. And with his proprietary Syndicate System, Black List, and Open in Case of Emergency plan all part of a Building Wealth subscription you get some serious bang for your buck. For more information and to get started with a risk-free subscription to Building Wealth click here.

9 STEP 5 Setting Up Your Buy Order Once you know what shares you want to buy and have an idea of the price you want to pay, the next step is to actually place the buy order. To get to the order form, you ll want to click buy on the stock screen. (see figure 5) shares you already own, you ll want to select sell. The other two are for more speculative investors. We re talking about buying shares. So you ll click in the box and select the buy option. The next box you ll fill in is quantity. This is the number of shares, or position size, you want to purchase. To find your position size, you ll need to multiply the number of shares by the share price. When balancing your portfolio, you ll want to look at your position size instead of simply the number of shares you own. You can purchase any number of full shares that you want. But we would like to point out that a round lot is 100 shares. This is the most common unit used to buy a block of shares, but that doesn t prevent you from putting in an odd lot order. FIGURE 5 As you ll note from the order form, buying a stock isn t quite as simple as walking into a store and buying something. There are a handful of options you have to make decisions about. We are going to break them down one by one so you will be able to place your order confidently. First up is order type. This is simply the type of order you want to place. There are four options you ll commonly find here. As we continue across, the next box is already filled in with the stock s ticker symbol. You ll want to confirm that you clicked on the right stock so that you re not placing an order for shares of a completely different company. Our last two decisions affect how our order will be filled and how long it will take for it to be filled. The first two are simple: buy and sell. If you want to buy a block of shares, you ll want to select buy. If you want to sell a block of

10 Price type describes any parameters you want to place on the price that you buy your shares for. (See figure 6) THE THREE BASIC PRICE OPTIONS ARE: Market: This means you ll pay whatever the market price is for the shares at the time your order is filled. Generally these shares can get filled right away since you re agreeing to whatever price the seller is naming as the market price. FIGURE 6 If you ve spent any amount of time watching CNBC or even just watching the price of a particular stock, you know that the trading price can move in the blink of an eye, meaning the price of the shares could change while you re filling out your order page, and then again before your order is actually filled. Market on close: This means that the broker will try to execute your trade as close as possible to the end-of-day closing price of these shares. Your order will then be filled in after-hours trading or the following day. Limit: This option allows you to set a specific price as the maximum amount you re willing to pay per share. Since you re setting a limit price, your order may not be filled immediately, and may not be filled at all. FIGURE 7 Term type describes the length of time the brokerage firm will keep trying to fill your order if you select a price option other than market. (See figure 7) Good for the Day: This option will keep your order open and looking for a seller until the close of the market, which is 4 p.m. Good for 60 Days: This option will keep your order open for 60 days. This means that at any point during that time, if the broker finds a seller, it will execute your order. Immediate or Cancel: When selecting this option, you re telling your broker to only look if there is a seller at the time the order is placed. If there is an available seller for all or even part of your order, your order will be executed. If not, the order will be canceled. Fill or Kill: This is similar to Immediate or Cancel. The difference is that Fill or Kill doesn t allow for an order to be partially filled as Immediate or Cancel does.

11 STEP 6 Placing Your Buy Order Once you ve filled in all the blanks, you re ready to press the place order button at the bottom. You ll want to triple-check all the information here. When you click place order at the bottom, this order becomes a live market order. This means you ll want to be sure all the information is correct. You ll then click the place order button and your broker does the rest! You should get a confirmation that your order has been placed. And then another when your order is actually filled. When this happens, you ll receive an from your broker letting you know your order was executed. Remember, because everything is electronic now, you won t get stock certificates in the mail; instead shares will appear in your portfolio under the account overview tab. Congratulations, you ve now bought your first batch of shares. You re halfway to collecting your profits. Remember, your gains aren t locked in until you sell those shares. We ll cover knowing when to sell in another report If you placed a market order or a limit order that was above the market price, your order may have gotten filled right away. This means that if you go back to your account overview you ll see those shares in your account instead of the cash. If you placed a limit order, you probably won t get your shares right away. Instead you ll wait for share prices to drop below your limit price.

12 APPENDIX A: Glossary Brokerage Firm: Company that executes stock purchases and sales on behalf of an investor. There are two types: Discount Brokers that offer limited services at low cost, and Full-Service Brokers that feature personalized investing assistance for a significantly higher price. Commission: Flat fee or percentage paid to the broker when you buy and sell stocks. Dividend: Part of the company s profits that management has chosen to distribute to shareholders either as cash or additional shares. Not all companies issue dividends. Electronic Transfer: A method of electronically moving money between you and your broker that gives your broker authorization to access your bank account. Equity: Ownership stake in a company. Exchange: Market on which a particular stock is bought and sold. Fill or Kill Order: Order that must be immediately and completely filled or will be canceled. Good for the Day Order: Order that will only stay open until the end of the day. Good for 60 Days Order: Order that will stay open until filled, up to 60 days. Immediate or Cancel Order: Order that must be partially filled or will be canceled immediately. Index: Measurement of a specific section of the stock market. NASDAQ: The second largest stock exchange in the US. NYSE: World s largest stock exchange, located on Wall Street in New York. Over the Counter Market (OTC): Stocks that trade via a dealer network instead of on a centralized exchange. Portfolio: Group of stocks that a particular individual owns. Quote: The current price a stock is trading for on the open market. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC): Regulatory body that governs the securities market. Stock: Equity stake in a corporation. Stock Certificate: Although no longer issued, there are still some in existence. These physical certificates showed ownership of shares and can be taken to a broker and transferred to your online account. Ticker Symbol: One- to four-letter/number combination that designates shares of a stock on an exchange. Volume: Amount of shares that have been traded of a stock in a certain amount of time. Yield: The income return on an investment. Wire Funds Transfer: A method of electronically moving money between you and your broker that does not give your broker access to your bank account. Market Order: Order that will be filled at the current market price. Market on Close Order: Order that will be executed as close as possible to the day s closing price. Limit Order: Order that will be executed if the market price is within the limit parameters. Liquidity: Ease of being able to access money or a stock.

13 APPENDIX B: Information Checklist You ll need the following information for every party who will be listed on the account. Name Address Phone Number Social Security Number Date of Birth Employment Status Citizenship Status Investment Objectives Value of All Assets You Hold Excluding Real Estate How Much Past Experience You Have with Investing How Many Trades You Made in Any Investment Account in the Past 12 Months Federal Tax Bracket (Tables found on IRS website) Bank Name Account Routing Number Account Number

The AWS leader contends that his efforts will be best spent outside the The strong; though condi- tional, message of support from Mr Helms boded Why have the foreigners got Wall Street so badly wrong during the 1990s? At Linara Europe we quote non private diems 3-5 point spreads on die major currencies.

The Jewish Floridian

quotes on best wishes for neuventure on wall street

Brian Dodd on December 18, 2010 in Character, Family, Generosity, Movies, Relationships

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps comes out on DVD Tuesday, just in time for Christmas.  For anyone interested leadership, it would make a great gift. The following is a post I wrote shortly after the movie’s release earlier this year.

Was the iconic character Gordon Gekko played by Michael Douglas correct when he said “Greed is good.”  All leaders are faced with this question.  In essence, we must determine if we are going to serve others or serve ourselves.

I loved the new Wall Street movie.  The acting is ridiculously superb and there are a couple of interesting twists I didn’t see coming.  It is a great look of human behavior and character.

The Gekko character is famous for his quotes.  This movie is full of statements and principles for leaders to ponder. All the quotes below are from Gordon Gekko unless otherwise noted:

  1. When Gekko was released from prison along with some fellow inmates, everyone had someone to pick them up except for him.  Is having all the money and possessions in the world worth losing your family over?
  2. “Spend as much time with your kids as you can.” – Lewis Zabel played by Frank Langella
  3. Is anything in business worth dying for?
  4. You are the Ninja Generation.  No income.  No job.  No assets.”
  5. Greed makes the bartender buy three houses.”
  6. Bucks + Steroids = Leverage”
  7. The mother of evil is speculation.”
  8. “Three words.  Buy my book.”
  9. Energy is the next bubble.”
  10. Money is a she.  She sleeps in the bed with you with one eye open.  Next thing you know, she might be gone forever.”
  11. The family business is payback.”
  12. Time is the primary asset.”
  13. Are you a bee?  Do you like to sting people?”
  14. “What is your exact number to walk away?“ Jacob Moore played by Shia LaBeouf to Josh Brolin’s character Bretton James.  By the way, I have my number.
  15. A fisherman always sees another fisherman from afar.”
  16. There is a very uncomfortable dinner scene where Gekko introduces himself to someone he previously knew only to not be remembered by the man.  We can all be easily forgotten.
  17. Parents are the bones where children sharpen their teeth.”
  18. Insurance is like getting kids to buy crack in the playground.”
  19. Moral hazard is when they take your money and then are not responsible for what they do with it.”
  20. It’s not about the people.  It’s about the game.”

A few final thoughts from the movie:

  1. There is a difference between rehabilitation and repentance.
  2. If you go looking for blood, you will find it.  Revenge is never an answer.
  3. The most influential relationship a person has with their father.  It colors all other relationships.  Girls often grow up and marry someone just like their father.
  4. No matter how bad things can go in your life, you can always come back.
  5. I’ll end by answering the question I started the post with.  Gekko is wrong.  Nothing good comes from greed.

Simple question, do you agree with Gekko’s (and my) comments?

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Michael Douglas: Gordon Gekko

quotes on best wishes for neuventure on wall street

' elfewish Floridian
;me 35 Number 28
Miami, Florida. Friday. July 13. 1962
Two Sections Pries 20*
rgentine Chief Downgrades Anti-Semitism
Rabbis Arrested in Yossele Battle
ritish Bigot
itirs Interest
JERUSALEM(JTA)On suspicion that they had been involved
in the hiding of 10-year-old Yossele Schumacher from his parents, two
young rabbis were arrested by police in Bnai Brak. a town near Tel
Aviv, known for its Yeshivot and ultra-Orthodoxy.
Haim Weisner, 23. one of the ~
m BRITAIN wtmt'
PAGf 11-4
ON'DON i JTA The case
D Jordan, a Coventry school
I her who is the leader of the
National Socialist move-
continued to excite the in-
of members <>f Parliament.
leading Sunday newspapers.
i rs of British Jewry. Jor-
- organization, which held an
Si mitic rally in Trafalgar
last Sunday, has been
i ned by many mem-
iament, and the teach-
. suspended from hi-.
' I i Iltrj W here the
rd i- probing
appealed to the Va
"i Teachers to sup-
aii si dismissal by
school beard His
his anti Jewish pro-
n sharply attack*
editi rials in the leading
-papers, including the
graph, Sundaj Observ-
Is Nev s.
Kenriques, chairman
Continued on Page 10-A
ral in- arrested, is the son of the
dean of the llachraoy Lublin
Y/eshiva, and a son-in-law of the
late Rabbi Mcislich of Jerusalem.
whose name had earlier been con-
nected with the abduction of Yos-
sele Schumacher. The second rah-'
hi arrested, habbi Maklef, is also
Yossele remained hidden Mon-
day by his parents in a resting
place ''somewhere in Israel." He
was scheduled to appear in the
Jerusalem District Court in a
case involvir-1 his abduction, but
was excused at least for the time
being. He had been subpoeaned
at the request of attorneys for
Zalman and Rifka Kutt, an Orth-
odox couple involved in his case.
But the attorney for the Schu-
macher family got the court to
excese the boy on the grounds
that a Government psychiatrist
opposed the court appear -nee at
this time as possibly harmful to
the child.
Tin rity < hief, mi etinj Men
i lib rs of Israi li dail>
n< ;pap< rs said thai the abduc
'. rs ii Yossele hail considered ha>
, operation performed
on the boy, to prevent his identi
:n ition. The suggestion thai the
plastic operation had already been
performed was used bj his abduc
tors in an attempt to blackmail
State Dep't. Views Policy
On Financial Aid to Nasser
''!' \ I'! a American asi stance lo the imted Arab
lie would nut increase Nasser's capability to import arms from
bloc, nor would withholding assistance decrease thai capa-
Assistant Secretary .if -
raw. Passes
\unday Law
N (JTA) GOV. John
Volpe and Lt. Oov. Edward F.
ILaughlin, Jr. were accused by
! -'i leader here of "conspir-
to smuggle" into State law an
lended Sunday Blue Law meas-
M'hich has been passed by the
- lure with "religious prej-
agalnsi Sabbath-observing
ftorities, including Jews. Mr.
aughlin signed the measure
week, making it effective.
the accusation was voiced by
Samuel J. Fox. vice pre-i
of the .Massachusetts Council
tabbis, who is chairman of the
Continued on Page 5-A
Frederick G Dutton declared here.
!n a letter addressed to Rep
Leonard Parbstein, New York
Democrat, the Assistant Secretary
asserted that charges that Egypt
would have to divert money from
domestic needs to pay for Russian
arms were "not valid." He said
gypt had "an excess of unused
Soviet credits upon which to draw."

The State Department, said
Mr. Dutten, recognizes "Israel's
deep concern with the issues
rising from the Arab-Israel
problem." However, he added
that "prospects for its settle-
ment and for stability in the re-
gion as a whole are improved,
if the countiies involved are as-
sisted to pursue their legitimate
.loals for economic develop-
Mr Dutton said that "by demon-
strating American interest and
support for the UAR's efforts for
economic development, i.iere will
be a stronger foundation on which
Continued on Page 9-A
certain religious personalities in
Israel into continuing to work
against the boy's return, the secur-
ity chief declared
According to the head of the se-
curity service, the abductors had
not intended at any time to return
the boy to Israel, as their main
objective was a "holy war" against
the State. The ultra Orthodox
groups involved in the Schumacher
Case, whd were said to have head-
quarters in New York. Jerusalem.
London and Switzerland, were al-
leged to be engaged in a wide anti
Israeli plot and to have acted
iu;iin>t the incorporation of Jeru-
salem in th Jewish State.
Yossele was hidden by his grand-
ather, Nachman Starkes, nearly
Continued on Page HA
Willowy and brown-eyed
Judith Mazor, "Miss Israel
1S62," arrives on El Al 707
jet at New York International
Airport. She will represent
Israel in the Miss Universe
compeiition to be held in Mi-
ami Beach on Saturday. (See
story, Page IB.)
Cabinet Hears Complete Report
On Red Spy Soblen's Ouster
JTABy Direct Teletype Wire
JERUSALEM Robert A Soblen, the convicted sp> who fli
Israel t.> avoid serving a life sentence, did not ask permission to re-
D in Israel under the Lav. of Return, bul even if he had. it would
have been refused him. interior Minister Moshe Shapiro declared lues
laj in the Knesset,
In ;i reply to questions by Com-
munist deputies the Interior Min-
ister said deportation of Soblen
- in line wilh the government's
i- lit j ,i ainsl i iving a hav n to
criminals from other countries He
led that Soblen was not expell- ( dures for their cliei To cnt-
rider the Law ol Return bul
., :' the law dealing with illi
. He also stated thai the ex-
i ulsn n u as nol an a< I of extradi-
tion to the United state- as one
i.i ihe (I 'puties had implied.
In reference to criticism that
he expulsion action was for a
seriously sick person, the minis-
ter disclosed that Soblen was sub-
jected to a physical examination,
before he was expelled, which
found him fit to travel.
The minister also told the Knes-
set that Soblen's attorney had
three full days in which to seek
. Supreme Couri stay, and that it
,,- nol tin I un< Hi n oi his minis-
try to advise al orneys pre
ics ho said hat Soblen had bee!-,
i spelled during a ten daj deter
tii n order issued bj an Israeli
tral Mr Shapiro replied
thai the police were empowered to
hold .i man to ; he prescril ed eten
tii n but that thev wen nol
ol ligated to do so.
Soblen tried to commit suicide
aboard the plane taking him from
Israel, and the plane landed in
Britain where the spy was taken
to a hospital where he is now await-
ing the outcome of a writ on a re-
quesl for 8 habeas corpus hear-
Ignores Tally
Of Violence
In 50 Cases
PAGE 10-4
. PACE ?2-4
cader ol one of Argentina- major
>oIitical parties charged this week
hat in Ihe lace of more than 50
inti-Semitic incidents in Argentina
p recent months. Police Chief
li racio Green made "imprudent
itatements" and charges thai -ome
if the incidents were fictitious
The charges were made by Sil-
vano Santander, a leading member
if the Union Civico Radical del
Pueblo Party, who also endorsed
Interior Minister Carlo- Ad-
n gue's announcement thai ex-
ri mis) organizations would V out-
lawed bul expressed dim':.;- that
Dr Adrogue could carrj >ul 'hat
In reply to a question as to
whether he mcar.t to imp'y that
there was Naii and Fascist infil-
tration in the Government ap-
paratis and security services, he
said that "for one thing, the
police chief makes it known that
he does not agree with the think-
ing of Dr. Adrogue." He then
accused the police chief of declar-
ing that two specific incidents
were "false."
The incidents were the abduction
and torture of 19-year-old Graciela
- ta, .. .ii wish college student,
who had a swastika carved >n her
body with a razor wielded
ol tlu- three thugs who attacked
her. and a similar attack >:i a
youth named Horaldo ii Uessan-
ro, who had swastikas cul into his
face b> unknown thugs, li:- mi I -
,s Jewish.
Sr Sam rider said flal that
then .'.,.- governm< nt i :"y
Continued on Page 8-A
HQaUi. fl^J
. for "more time" lo he
spiritual leaders
. Page 12 A
\ -- i
Ex Nazi Up Before W. German Jury
JTADirect Teletype Wire
FRANKFURT The prosecution
and defense completed their pres-
entations Tuesday in the trial of
Otto Hunsche. 50. a former war-
time aide to Adolf Eichmann
charged with complicity in the
murder Of 1,200 Hungarian Jews in
The prosecution demanded a
term of life imprisonment at hard
labor lor Hunsche. the stiffest pen-
alty for maximum
West Herman law.
crimes under
The prosecution had contended
that Hunsche, as an attorney, had
been closely connected with Eich-
mann's office, the Gestapo's Bu-
reau for Jewish Affairs, and had
knowledge of the Naii plan for
the "final solution" of the Jew-
ish s tuition. It stressed that in
1*41 he had taken part in the
Wansee conference at which mass
mirder of Jews was decided on
as "the final solution"
Dr A Alterrser. Hunsche's de-
fen-e counsel, asked for acquittal,
contending that there was "default
Ol proof" of the charges He add-
ed that Hunsche had already serv-
ed two years when he was convict-
tci by a Recklinghausen court in
1947 for his activities as a mem-
ber of the Gestapo.
A sidelight of the final day of
Continued on Pace 11-A

Pcge 2-A
* IfnisHFtrridlfor
Friday, Julv 13,
Leading Swiss Jew Testifies Against Former Nazi
jamin Sagalowitz, Zurich journal-
ist and a leader of the Federation
of Jewish Communities of Switzer-
land, gave evidence here this week
before the court trying Otto
Hunsche for war crimes.
Hunsche, a collaborator of Adolf
Eichmann. is accused of directing
the deportation and murder of
1.200 Hungarian Jews in 1944. He
denies knowing anything about the
mass murders then carried out by
the Germans, although he was one
of Eichmann's principal aides.
Dr. Sagalowiti produced in
evidence numerous excerpts from
Swiss newspapers of June and
July, 1944, reporting on the fate
of Hungarian Jewry, and also
gave evidence about information
on the Nazi extermination which
reached, neutral Switzerland at
that time.
At the request of the prosecu-
tion excerpts were read from a re-
port by the late Dr. Rudolf Kast-
n munity in Hungary during the ;ir.
in which Dr. Kastner listed Otto
Hunsihr as one Of those present at
a meeting in which Eichmann had
hinted at the plans for the exterm-
ination of Jews in the Auschwitz
death camp.

Colonel Sentenced
BERLINtJTAl-Dr. Albert Fil-
bert, a former Colonel in the S.S..
was sentenced here by a West Ber-
lin Court to life imprisonment with
hard labor, for his part in the kill
have stopped Hitler's campaign
igainst the Jews
Five other former S.S. officers
who had served under him stood
trial together with Filbert. Four
if them were sentenced to terms
>f hard labor ranging from three
'o ten years. They pleaded that
'hey had acted under orders and
refusal to obey would have entail-
d punishment and possibly death
A fifth accused. Konrad Fiebig.
was acquitted for lack of evidence.
Ml the accused were government
ing in 1941 of over 10.500 Jews in officials, police officers or well-to- 12.000 members of the
the regions of Viina. Grodno and do businessmen at the time of judiciary apparatus were
their arrest.
Prosecutor Suspended
the regions
Sixty-seven witnesses were heard
during the four-week trial. They
told of the atrocities committed by BONN-(JTA)Wolfgang Fracn
the unit under Filberts command kc, (he on,v attornev appointed
which herded together the victims recenUy ,0 the slaff of ,no u/est
-men. women and children-and German Federal Prosecutors of
then killed them in matt shootings. fice wag gugpended Ml week on
Filbert, aged ."Mi. who had been charges that he had participated in
a bank director at the time of his -unlawful judgments" in the Hitler
arrest two years ago. told the court People's Court during the Nazi re-
fa led to quit voluntaril) and will
now. according to the Justice Mm
istry. be probed in searching In-
vestigations already launched
Fraenkel is the first suspended un-
der the ruling.
The Bundestag, lower of
Parliament, had decreed the order
setting June HO as the deadline.
The member! of the judiciary af-
fected are those who participated
in People's Court actions resulting
in death penalties. Inofficial fig-
ures have indicated that ncarh
Names Forever By Buildivl
the New City
through the J \ -
Mayfhic Friedfcerg ;e %^u I
Personality, inspiring lead hip ,
uate of a Rabbinical Summary
University. 9 years m present poirj
Experienced in all Rabb :al
Seeks chonoe ef pulpit. Write
P.O. Box 2973, Main Post. .;,- ,
that he regretted now that he had
not commuted suicide at the time,
even though his suicide would not
Lodges, Leaders Given Citations
Greater Miami lodges and lead-
er- of B'nai B'rith were singled
r special honors at a lunch-
eon held during the recent Dis-
trict 5 convention of the organiza-
*...:. in Washington, D.C
At the luncheon, some 500 dele-
gates paid tribute to the lodges
and m for their outstand-
ing work in human relations, citi-
zenshii vet( rans activi-
ties ,i- well as tor meritorious
ice in other fields of endeavor.
Sholem Lodge of B'nai B'rith
received a "first place" in the
"Outstanding Lodge" category.
North Dade was cited with a
Miami Beach Lodge was cited for
its work in citizenship and civic
affairs, and Sholem and North
Dade Lodges received awards in
the "Outstanding Lodge News
Bulletin" category.
Charles Seiavitch, of Gilbert J
Balkin Lodge, was honored "for all
round meritorious service."
For his work with B'nai B'rith
youth, Eli Hurwitz, of Sholem
Ledge, received a "Specific Acti-
vities" citation. Also cited in
this category were Jack Wilson,
North Shore Lodge, for "Welfare
in Israel;" Samuel Nieberg, Coral
Gables Lodge, "Hillel Founda-
tions on College Campuses;" Leo
Steinman, Coral Gables Lodge,
"Citizenship and Civic Affairs;"
and Leo Axlrod and William G.
Thompson, Sholem Lodge, "Em-
ploy the Handicapped."
Milton Hahn. of Sholem Lodge,
received an Honorable Mention for
his activities in behalf of the
membership campaign conducted
throughout District 5 of B'nai
B'rith. And Frank Kravit was cit-
ed for his work in helping charter
Hatikvah Lodge of Miami Beach in
gime. Dr. Wolfgang Stammheruer
Minister of Justice, ordered the
suspension, since the June 30 dead
line for the resignation of People's
Court judges and prosecutors has
expired. Fraenkel had been an as-
sistant to the chief prosecutor in
Leipzig during the Nazi regime.
So far, reports from the Wesl
German states to Stammberger in-
dicate, about KM) member- of the
pre.-ent judiciary have resigned,
heeding the order that those who
did not quit by June 30 would be
investigated as to their People's
Court activities However, at least
30 judges and prosecutors have
rooc/ie*\ rflfs
Coral Gables Lodge of B'nai ....
B'rith was the recipient of the spec- th New Lodges cateor>
ial Sidney Kusworm Award for its
work in citizenship and civic af-
Cited as "Outstanding Lodge
Presidents" were Murray Skup.
North Dade. and Eli Hurwitz,
Cliff Dwellers Plan Party
South Florida chapter of the Cliff
Dwellers, a social group for young
unmarrieds. will hold their July
party on Friday. July 20. at Miami
Shores Country Club. Free dance
lessons by Jimmy James and Bet-
sy Ann. a floor show and dancing
to the music of Bob Parent". Band
will highlight the festivities, ac
cording to Bob Insco and Saul
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1 S Blbe,g Funeral D.reco,
AbeEiMnborg Leonard Z.lbert
A"nur Zwelgemhal

\ay. July 13, 1985
+Jm4si Mnnfrffor
Page 3-A
\lgeria Jewish Exodus Reaches Flood Proportion
[ahis- (J7A) Algerian Jews
.,,. ,,i t o Algeria before the
Mn-/< m state became indc-
leot, D00dd France in such
i|HI> .(ily ai to create
Ettaim I'' rroblems for both
ch and .hwish welfare agen-
the Fond Social Juif Unifie, the
principal French Jewish welfare
a9ency, was in Algeria, seeking
to help arrange for the trans-
few days before the indepe.n-
date. at least haif of Al-
> 125.0CC Jews had fled to
ice. The exodus continued de-
port o* children. Hundreds of
children arrived before the in-
dependence date and Jewish
authorities said the total might
reach 3,000 before the end of the
I port at the close of :. two-day
meeting (if the Standing Confer-
ence on European Jewish Com-
munity Services.
and special treatment for many
social cases. Other needs, he
reported, were provision of col-
lective housir.T for aged refu-
gees who had no relatives and
for children whose families cur-
rently art unable to care for
Jewish organizations. Funds will
I).' used to open new synagogues,
afternoon Hebrew schools, courses
of Jewish religious Instruction and
religious Ln-titutions,
M. Samuel also pointed out that
Dr. Astorre Mayer, of Milan,
president of the Standing Confer
ence. reported that Jewish com-
munities of seven European coun-
tries had contributed $150,000 to
a joint fund sponsored by the Con- the social problems created by re- :
One hundred and fifty Jewish ference to help Algerian and North settlement were particularly acute
effort*, of Algerian leaders child refugees were placed in Jew African Jewish refugees Confer among the Algerian Jewish refu
.in., them to >tay with assur- 'sh communal institutions in Stras- enee delegates also were told that gees "because they have always
bourg and the Fonds Social Juif tne Swiss Jewish Federation and led a traditional and religious life."'
Unifie was making special efforts ,ne Copenhagen Jewish community For that reason, he said. French
to arrange similar facilities in hau offered to take care of Alger- Jewry considered the main prob-
Paris and other centers. The ian Jewish children in sum m e r lems of aid to be in the religious
of personal security.
|ewish peteitta unable to ar-
then cwn immediate de-
nture wet* hastening to send
irir child?e- to France. A rep-
entativ* c' the Joint Distribu-
Commrttee, working with
trstoia Praises
iL for Branch
ise Assistance
ins the fateful daj
. nch, recently con
art in plotting the
fcbiiif he Ernes Congre
I L'X, ;ii'..l now sen
, sj sentence on two
jul> Branch will also
nried i i bombing back in
: ., house of I > Shoe
,, i The Miami Her
kunty S'i'i Attorney, whose of-
ke succts:'k.ily prosecuted
fanch, rfc week lauded the)
listance rerdered his staff by
Floric- effice of the Anti-
(famatic-r League of B'nai
a I.;:. Nathan IVrlmutter.
Icutivi i eetor of the ADL
Gersti it roie:
['I'M.' i: il at ion ywi provided
been n helpful In prose
lim ;h.-i cases, we were for-'
ti thai police efforts have
|n di lies) caliber, and
i' hi available such re
rces as -\'. 'l. possesses
rstein: "I do ap-
.i c i i peration ami trusi
: inue in the remain-
trials follow for Donald
Inch. .; .
Uso in Hm letter to the ADL,
rstein prelted "the frequent
searancc of memorandums
> your c'tica with informa-
as to ii-is investigation."
. replj behall of the Flor-
pegiona Ifice, Perimutter said
"For -... \ the readineas ami
lity ill .. private agency to Offer
resourct in matters of this
without principled, concern
land effective law enforcement
lials, thi -lory rarely has a
by ending
In Dad( < inty, we are indeed
ortunati ( mm unity for having
BOOd and fine staff to
am further the interests
the pecph
building* on the outskirts of Paris camps and private homes,
formerly, used by the Alliance Is-
raelite I'niverseile Teachers Sem-
inary have been prepared to re-
ceive several hundred Jewish chil-
dren and work is in preparation on
other sues.
An official of the central Jewish
welfare agency in France reported
that an estimated -to.oou to 45.000
Jews have bee-i among the Alger-
ians pouring into France in the
last few weeks, .lulien Samuel.
executive director of the Fonds
Social Juif Unifie, made the re-
M. Samuel told the conference
meeting that while tha A'-ierian
Jewish newcomers would bene-
fit from new French legslation
for repatriates, some groups of
the Jewish refugees had special
and urgent needs which the
French Jewish community would
have to meet. He discussed the
severe material difficulties which
the FSJU was facing, including
the need to provide temporary
lodging for the refugees, care
for the children and the aged
and cultural areas. He said it was
considered imperative to provide
-ucb facilities as synagogues, re-
ligious classes and schools to avert
lisorgan'zation among the refugees
ind to speed their integration into
French Jewish life.
The French Clue! Rabbinate an
nounced that it would launch a
special religious fund to enable it
to provide for the religious needs
if the refugees. The fund plan
vas announced at a conference of
French and Algerian consist.Mies
uid representatives of traditional
Enclose label from Instant
Yuban or snip of tin wrap-
around from Regular Yuban
with your name and ad-
dress and send to
P.O. Box 2973
Main Post Office
Miami 1, Fla.
June)-Sept. 15

progress report
JUNE 30,
Cash On Hand and
In Banks $ 5,495,956.74
United States
Gov't. Bonds 16,249,468.23$ 21.745,424.97
First Mortgage Loans .... 156,216,640.15
Federal Home Loan ..
Bank Stock............. 2,275,000.00
Loans on Savings Accounts 543,599.00
Real Estate Owned...... 773,419.99
Buildings, Land
and Equipment.......... 5,290,308.63
Deferred Charges
and Other Assets 749,745.06
TOTAL ASSETS........$187,594,137.80
Savings Accounts........II65,866,968.70
Advance From Federal
j Home Loan Bank....... 3,000,000.00
Loans In Process ........ 3,255,853.40
Escrow Funds............ 946,801.36
i Other Liabilities........ r 422,779.69
Income Collected
in Advance............. 756,628.44
| Surplus and Reserves..... 13,345.106.21
AND RESERVES.......S187.SK137.80
SM-.tMlrTM liOOCIltl CMS MUEI {Mllti HttIT jOStrM M IffN UO IMIS0 UOtGI rlltl
Ail' 'soil, tit IWWMV Cim-j'. Vm-FllliJinl |w ftwifct Jf% VitfPfUiJul Vici-Priiuitt
Write your eucceBS story with Dade Federal SAVINGS
Sl"l li'IM MIUOID 1 (llHHTS
Dl'tttl* ll.l-rr; ....
'.. Surilnj
"One o' 'he Nolion's
Oldest and Lorgesf
j0ade Federal
(/VINOS omi Loan Association of Miami
iOMPHM (IrlON.r-icvfcfii
Stvtnai account* are incur*!
up to $10,000 by u agency
f tha Federal Government.
(It poeaible. however, U Injure MviDf*
urrtnt Dividend Rat#
Main Office
101 E. Flaeler St
Ailapattah Branch
1400 N W. 36th St.
Noith Miami Bianch
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JmbU ncrkliar
Friday. July 13. ig^
"Jewish Floridian
C77ICE md PLANT 120 N.E. Sixth Street
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MM 396
Fr.ZD K. SHOCHET..............Editor and Publisher
LEO MINDLIN............................Executive Editor
SE2MA M. THOMPSON..........Asst. to Publisher
Sheraton Hotel Tel Aviv. Israel
SAY tJ BINDER Correspondent
Soblen No Lover of Zion
The State of Israel was swift, fastidious,
and correct in its decision not to offer Robert
Soblen sanctuary.
Soblen is a convicted Communist spy; and
Israel, like many other democratic nations, has
had her share of difficulties with Soviet-inspired
espionage. Israel knows and understands, by
first-hand experience, the nature and intent of
men like Soblen.
But the more legalistic considerations in
the case revolve around the Law of Return.
a provision written into Israel's Declaration of
Independence, which guarantees the right of
free entry to Jews everywhere. Soblen didn't
jump bond in the U.S. on the eve of his im-
prisonment to rush to Israel for the sake of his
love of Zion.
Soblen. cuning as is the nature of the spy.
sought sanctuary iom punishment by the evii
and distorted exploitation of a principle uni-
versally sacred to Israel and to all Jews, what-
ever their nationality may be. Israel's forth-
right decision served prompt warning that the
Law of Return was never meant to harbor crim-
inals. The Law of Return was intended as a
beacon of hope for the persecuted not as
a legalistic device for the prosecuted.
But the ultimate question, it would seem
to us. is this: Why didn't Soblen make a try
for Russia?
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Out of Town Upon Request
Volume 35 Number 28
Friday, July 13, 1962
11 Tammuz 5722
Pattern for Anti-Semitism
The worldwide manifestation of anti-
Semitism at this time would seem to indicate
seme sort of pattern. The violent outbursts in
Argentina have been welling for a long while,
and perhaps a key to the situation lies there.
The manifestations have also been making
headlines in South Africa, Great Britain, West
Germany, and the United States. (The Soviet
Union's brand of Jew-hating suggests its own
tical significance. We, in the Greater Mi-
ami area, have been particularly disposed to
the virulence of anti-Semitism during the past
few months.
We call Argentina a key because that is
where Adolf Eichmann sought refuge for so
many years, and where he was captured and
brought back to Israel for trial and execution.
Eichmann's fate seems to have triggered the
frequency and violence of the anti-Semitism;
although it will take searching sociological
study requiring decades before a really telling
relationship between the two emerges.
In Greater Miami, the Donald Branch case
has pyramided into two more recent provoca-
tions: the picketing by two American Nazis
of the Florida office of the Anti-Defamation
League of B'nai B'rith last week and the hate-
filled comment offered by their bond-maker
on Tuesday.
All are interrelated, calling to mind the
recent and happily unsuccessful visit here of
George Lincoln Rockwell. However humorously
it is suggested we regard Rockwell and his
Nazi Party, based on his failure to achieve
significant support and the miniscule size of
his membership, the fact nevertheless remains
that he constitutes the nominal basis for the
recent unrest here, and that his activities must
be observed with increasing concern.
Greater Miami's law enforcement authori-
ties are to be congratulated for the swift and
resourceful manner in which they dealt with
the picketing Nazis last week. The cooperation
between Miami police and the State Attorney's
Office, coupled with the assistance rendered
by the Anti-Defamation League, which several
days ago received a letter of commendation
from State Attorney Richard Gerstein for the
ADL's contribution to the prosecution in the
Branch case, are all a model of effectiveness
in this community's determination that hate
can have no home here.

Miami is Moving Ahead
After only one short month of Sidney Lef-
court's tenure as president of the Greater Mi-
ami Jewish Federation, leaders of Federation
were this week satisfied that Miami Jewry's
central fund-raising and community-planning
agency "is moving ahead."
Announced last week was the formation
of a committee to study long-range needs here,
and announced on Wednesday was the estab-
lishment of an instrument to implement these
needs a community foundation for bequests
and wills.
Leaders here were quick to point out that
foundations are time-honored and established
Federation-sponsored methods of fund-raising
in Jewish communities across the land that
the Greater Miami Jewish Federation had come
up not with an innovation but with an en-
ergetic decision.
The decision is to provide this community
with the means to accomplish what has need-
ed accomplishment for a long time: resources,
rather than talk, to determine by study our
local needs in a host of welfare areas; and
resources, rather than frustrated hope, for cap
ital improvement.
Ongoing Combined Jewish Appeal cam-
paigns provide the wherewithal for operating
expenses, which includes among other things
budgetary requirements of Federation affiliate
agencies. But the foundation, to be financed
through wills, bequests, and grants, will offer
Greater Miami Jewry a method to go beyond
its day-to-day needs and to hope for fulfill-
ing a vision of better tomorrows.
Yossele's Symbolic Role
The case of Yossele Schumacher goes be-
yond the boy himself, however central a role
he played in it. Yossele symbolizes the still
unresolved impasse between the State of
Israel today and ultra-Orthodox Judaism
which considers the fulfillment of Zionism to
lie not in the establishment of secular Jewish
government but in the assiduous practice of
Jewish religious law and custom.
This is borne out by reports early in the
week that conspirators in the abduction of
Yossele had intended using the boy as a minor
chess piece in a far larger game: a "holy war"
against the State of Israel.
will Uu *u *? "u1*"* ,ha' ,he Schumacher case
will shock the boy's abductors into a funda-
mental recognition of the baseness of their
n7\~,i, w- Ti,h reSpeC' ,he by himself
and to the higher principles involved.
during the week
... as i see it
WE LIVE in a *or|d *he>
w opposites consistently Di,
gu* us. For this reason .
cn never be sure of the loto
that governs relationship
Where values are the functL
of one another becau>e sn^,
sense suggests that the) ourt-
to be. it becomes increasiaA
wise to suspect the mut*?
antipathies smouldering ,,
in them. And even here, thw.l
lurks too much hope, for men may come to accept the opposite 4
their anticipations by a process of personal adjustment so that \-\-'.'
violence is actual!) done i" sense a> a meaningful expression of -
But what happen* when values are dissociated from their intd
dependent relationships in such a way that all efforts at predicts.]
bility inevitably fail when a known set of causes yields an m\
known set of effects? This is one way of describing human -ocietj
toda) It is also 4 way of clinically tabulating mental illne $>.^
of the great nun.Is of the twentieth century have attempt,
neel the two, in varying degrees of positive assertion char,,
the era a* a world gone mad
Relationships for many of these minds have become ,,
dictable a* the courses taken b) electrons Jumping from
rgy level to another, or molecules in Brownian mol
seemingly stable matter into a state of never-ending flux
astute philosophers ascribe to the unfolding science of nude
and mathematics a start imut of sociological ills h. -
symptoms find mai the behavior of the voltatile at<
so recently and fearfull)
yuHAT is THE apparent appli undisciplined actior
of the events ol our tune' Thi examples are. in fa i
and the difficulty lies mainly in beinj able to sort out thi
ami the "bizarre" from a clinical point of view. The arrest
week of Roger Foss and Gene Shalander, for example, n ]
mind William 1. Shirer's characterization of the early days
Nazi Party in Germany, which attracted to its ranks a m it
of hoboes made "intellectually" sensitive by their comn
what could be more opposite to the seeming intent of thi -
mentary National Socialists as they formulated a synthetic Nietzcte
Wagnerian view of the future than this kind of personality abei
what more disturbing to the superman than the betrayal of ha
effeminate inclinations' Foss and Shalander offer striking resn
blances to such opposite* They also refresh one's memory
recent arrival here of George Lincoln Rockwell and his henchma:.
Karl Allen, both of whom wore identical suits, and who sheepish!,
explained the "accident'' to reporters in terms of the gay embarrav
ment felt by women unintentionally gathered at a party in the not
But the classic portrait of the progenitors of -Kraft durrt
Freude." made somewhat absurd by a pansy patina, is only oce
anomaly here. Roger Foss presents an even more challenging cos
tradiction. for he it was who. in August 1960. revealed his alleM
liaison with Valentin M. Ivaoov, then first secretary of the Savw
Embassy in Washington. According to Foss. he seriously considers
moving to the Soviet Union at the time, and Ivanov purportedly gavt
him $500 after suggesting that he leave his work as a cook in Sen
York and get a government job in Washington.
:- :- .;.
BUT I HAVE always been a Nazi at heart." an Associated Pre*
dispatch of Aug. 13. 1960 quotes Foss as saying. This is I
question a non sequitor. It hardly explains his sudden decision not
to become a Communist agent; neither does it justifv his equals .:
den move to join George Lincoln Rockwell at Arlington. Va
The general press has thus far failed to report the Ivanov inter
lUde for perhaps these very reason, ,hat they refuse to "mate
.ense And does the recent role of Stefan Plumacher in the
Uon of )on.,ld Branch "make sense"? Plumacher. a former G.
and fflter Youth member, virtually placed his life in danger as a M.
ami police undercover agent in the case that solved the at:.
bombing Apr. 28 of Anshe Ernes Congregation, and that ma)
10 RW key to racial and religious violence here going as tar back
Except for defense attorney Walter Gwinn'a comment to th.
i U naebers role that no real American" could hay.
nimseu in it the Branch Plumacher interchange would hai
worth of commenl But Gwinns observation in reality empl
' opposite in unwittingly deleterious terms to thi
"'-'esis of his client, For Branch thus assumed the guise
wnomous......\,,/, pr,,t,.t>, bent on besmirching the dor,.
elples of the republic; while Plumacher in fact became a lattet
iov, hie .i ?*., ""American bo) immigrant turned her
..., f ih .'! ;""' iS ,l,"'-""-"'' 10 save ,t from tl
designs of the villain
received"!*WihiCh '\by wa> "f ,enthJ' introduction to two letters I
M i R V",'" dUnnS 'h,' P"M u'n (,a>> 0"e. fr"> '
se'e o, h r r r,,,,s>,s *n*x a ^matu**
throw I u u r-,hl S",U''V cu"*ntly appearing in a North Dade
w I,, eh ?7*5 lh" 8eries mbtitM -Viewpoint. Objectivity.'
On, i '' "aP'T ,UM 2 *"" as -,," T""
I Hsfu,E SEEN "" Mlhs,',""'r columni in the series, but their suj
'u.ruh;ch'Kr",ly.Pr,'d,t,uhU' j,ld'" ^ he last para,,
to attain their ," "n> aKKrvation caused by the Negro*
i er,v ,,Tl" i"''u"t,V" rlght8' cWtea subversion "
eon,, h ,- :"" hl> Blrch ^""'O- *ACh doe. not hesil
CommJSsm have T[ ""l1s<""-' '"> "i avowed repudiation *
, ,"'""*' !"" enouh "f own intentions for me
stance ." ,!l!,tner ,r" Ih,'-V of inlflcica in this "
cept b violent contrast For on the same page a
-"""' ^''u^7^:T:r ,,f purpM'- ****** >
ehy'l morning (| >u u, 5 ,Wr,U',r '"' '"M" a" ltMn
""'" ehroniclls tie fit (s"u"'"> ''">. The .ports -
highlight the o.,,' M,mn ho -rolled a 267-t -
w Fr,da3 n'Bht Obwrves the writer ingi
Continued on Pg 5.4

.iday. July 13. 1962
'Jewish ikrMian
Tag* 5-A
Miami Fireman Revealed as Arch Anti-Semite
T* iB
atsman Will
lead Pledge
[edemp+ion Unit
pie Ige redemp-
"ei headed by Dat Id
has en announced by
: president of the
Miami ,Ie ish Federation
. -: c imfittee Includes
e> -:i. Leo Eirenstein, Leon
. -h Gardner. Ben Ciller,
I Smith. Joseph Cohen. Sid-
\ Lefcourt. Sam A. Goldstein.
, .:, .1 Heiman, Emesl Jams.
Kane. Leon Kaplan, and
hn Temple.
The committee has the duty
:f accelerating payments on
r^edjes normally ma:'e through-
:uf the year :> that ihe funds
:on be made available to Federa-
*.c-i aoencies more quickly," ex-
: o.wd Catsman, who added:
'This need applies particularly
overseas agencies, "here rescue
-.d resettl) men) problems have
own increasingly critical "
i Fi h ration committee is in
'ion with a rational effort
I J{:. sh Appeal to pro.
immediate SS5.000.000 for
rsea needs
w ell known attorney
er is currently secre-
!er Miami Jew ish
Dade county law enforcement
authorities are off the record say-1
in that the anti-Semitism of War-!
ren C. Chapman makes Donald;
Branch smell like a rose.
Chapman is the man who posted \
bond for two members of the Amer-;
ican Nazi Party on Monday. The i
duo. Roger C. Foss and Gene Sha- j
lander, were last week arrested on j
Flagler St.. while picketing the of-
fices of the Anti Defamation
League of B'nai B'rith in the Sey-,
bold Building.
Foss and Shalander had been
taken into "protective custody"
after being threatened by a
crowd of several hundred per-
sons But this almost immediate-
ly turned into arrest on charges
of dis'urbing the peace, assault-
ing a police officer, inciting to i
riot, and possible vagrancy.
Chapman, a City of Miami fire
man. posted Monday for Foss
and $150 for Shalander. A wait-
ing car then spirited them away
Chapman, of 2789 SW 30th ct.,
Miami, said be represented a group
(if interested citizens." and that ,
the monej was raised by donations
The Miami fireman is well-known
to police here, who had been listed i
as a defense witness for Branch.
now serving six years for the at-
tempted bombing of Anshe Ernes
Congregation, and due to stand
trial July 23 in the bombing last
February of the home of Don Shoe-
Continued from Page 4-A
issible in Miami'' Doesn't
B nth observe the Sad
Please investigate "
adame, 1 have, and can n i n
from w B. Yeats: "Turn-
I turning in the widening
'' he falcon cannot hear the
Things fall apart; th.
cannot hold; Men' an
- loosed upon the world,
"l dimmed tide is loosed,
rywhere The ceremonj
innocence is drowned; The
< lack all conviction, wl
ret Are full of passionate
' "> .'' And so It is
it onsistency of oppositi -
I ci nsistently plague us
maker, editor of the Miami Her-
ald. Chapman, however, was nev-
er called to testify.
Law enforcement authorities,
both in the Police Department
and State Attorney's Office, refuse
to be quoted, but they've already-
had enough experience with Chap-
man to know the extent of his viru-
lent anti-Semitism. The story leak-
ed out late Tuesday, when a re-
porter for the .Miami News. Milt
Sosin. met with a sharp anti-Semitic
tirade from Chapman
While under questioning by po-
lice. Chapman called President
Kennedy a "traitor."
He told the News reporter that
he was not a member of the
American Naii Party, but sup-
ported their views "because they
are the only organization which
: lands up against the Zionist con-
spiracy." Chapman also admit-
ted being a friend of Branch, and
was initially questioned by police
here after intelligence units of
the department learned that he
had made requests for American
Nazi Party literature.
Chapman explained that Kennedy
is a "traitor" because he is a "lib-
eral." and "all liberals are part of
the Zionist-Communist conspiracy."
Chapman based his anti-Semitic
views on the discredited forgery.
"Protocols of the Elders of Zion."
When told that the forgery was
, subsequently repudiated by Henry
: Ford, who first reproduced it in
his Dearborn Independent back in
' the early 1920*8, Chapman was
quoted as saying: "I don't believe
; it. I never heard of any such
thing. I believe what I read in
the book is true."
Meanwhile, a new wrinkle enter-
ed into the case, when the Florida
1 Civil Liberties Union announced
this week that it had been request-
[ ed to represent one of the Nazis.
Tobias Simon, general counsel for
FCLU. did not specify which one.
He said the organization refused
Simon said that his organiza-
tion investigated the picketing
activities of Foss and Shalander
before the Seybold Building on
July 3, "and that when addressed
by a police officer of the City
of Miami, (they) had 'clobbered'
the policeman, in the words *
several eyewitnesses."
Said Simon; "The American Sail
Party is an odious and reprehen-
sible extension of totalitarian phil-
osophy. Nevertheless, their right
to freedom of speech, including the
right to picket, as guarantee-' by
the First Amendment, must be pro-
tected for the sake of the freed rii
of all other Americans. However,
the First Amendment guarantees
of freedom of speech do not BX-
tend to taking physical action
against lawfully-constituted author-
ities, which in this case were the
Police of the City of Miami
Simon said that "the failure >f
the Nazis to picket peacefully .
has removed him from the area
where the Florida Civil Liberties
Union can defend his right o: I
( xpression
Mass. Passes Sunday Law
Continued from Page 1-A
Council's social action.- committee.
According to Rabbi Fox. (iu\
Yolpe. who was out of the state,
had the new bill "rushed" by the
State Police, so that the measure
could become law after Lt. Gov.
McLaughlin signed it.
Calling for a Statewide referen-
dum on a proposed amendment
permitting Sabbath-observer- "O
keep their businesses open Sur ij
if they close Saturdays. Rabbi
said efforts should be made first
to get the Legislature to re srse
itself. The Legislature killei in
amendment favored by observant
Jews and other Sabbatarians, thus
discrimnating against 250.000 Jews
and other Sabbatarians. Rabb. F \
|LoccI Doctors
re R3e!octed
Kovnat, I
II .1 Robi "' v en i
hip mi the na
of trustees I
Fellow hip it
.. oi thi rganization
go 111.
- thf Ami ri
of the Israel
\ -n Some 3......:
t the I n are members
Vmericai Physicians Fel
hip. which is dedicated to
rat I a major world med-
The annual meeting of the or-
I vas held during the re-
I Dal convention in Chi
go of The American .Medical
The Centennial Of The Jewish Military Chaplaincy
The appointment of Rabbi Jacob Frankel.
( n September 18, 1862, as the first Jewish
military chaplain was a milestone in the
Blow struggle to attain the ideals embodied
in the Constitution of the United States.
In signing Frankel's commission, Presi-
Abraham Lincoln swept away the
.. obstacle to equality for Judaism in
pi ... religious life.
At the outbreak of the Civil War. <'
. I passed a law designa
ntment of chaplains by the rei mei
immander on a vote of the officers ol
ment. However, the lawand here
. -iii, pro id< d that the chaplain
... ularly ordained mil
an denominate n." Th
plicit discrimii i
n-Cht tians, soon I" came a hotly-
public issue. Tl egoveri
whether J
th Christia r a.
Rabbi Arnold Fishel, whose own appli-
cation for a chaplain's commission had
been denied because of the law. laid the
matter before Abraham Lincoln. A fi-w
days later Lincoln wrote to the rabbi; "I
find then' are several particulars in
the present law ... is supposed to be
deficient ... I shall try to have a new law
broad enough to cover what is desired by
you :n behalf of the Israeliti
was as good as his word. Congress passed
a new law in 1862 whose sole requirenv nl
was that a chaplain bi a' n ular irdaini I
minister of some religious denomination."
Today, a hundred years later, com-
memorating the removal of this last bar
to complete religious equality, another
President, John F. Kennedy, writes; "It
great ; asure to join i
bration of I I he establish-
t of thi right of rabbis to sen e :is
I Foi
the United States. These hundred years
have been marked by the service, d<
tion and valor of our Jewish Chap i -
limes of war and pi ace."
-.;,. ;,--:.;> f=
First w th the Finest Cigaretlti
through Lorillard research

Poge 6-A
, foi.f Tlvridlnir
Friday, luly 13 lg62
YFW Halts Hate Meeting in Georgia Vets' Hall
and fnrlhripM action in < mnectio
with tMte-mongering BC'ivlUes
By Special Report
The Jewish War Veterans this
veek commended the national com-
mander of the Veterans <>f Foreign
Wars lor "getting tough" with .1
VFW Host that made its meeting
hall available to a hate monger
group at Stone Mountain. Ga.
The VFW Post had rented it>
meeting facilities lo a hate group
calling itself the Defensive Legion
of Registered Americans for a rally
headlined bj some of the country's
most vitriolic hatists." including
retired Admiral .1. II. Crommelin,
\\ w. Burton, .Indue Lcander Pe-
rez, and Mary M. Davi Is
Topics for discussion wore an-
nounced as "The American Jew
Communist Conspiracy 'and "The
Planned Kennedy Scheerv.a to
Throw the United States inta Jew-
ish Banker World Government"
as part of the agenda, embroid-
Noted Hebrew Author Lisitsky
Dead in New Orleans at 77
Ephraim Lisitsky. a prominent He-
brew author and poet and a pioneer
in Hebrew education in this conn
try. died here at the age of ".
Born in Minsk, Russia, Mr.
Lisitsky came to the United States
in 1900. Although he earned a
degree as a pharmaceutical chem-
ist at the University of Wiscon-
sin, he chose to devote his life to
Jewish education and Hebrew
literature. He came to New Or-
leans in 1918 where he reorganiz-
ed the communal Hebrew School
and served as its head for nearly
40 years.
During thai time, he published
ten volumes of poems, essays and
translations of English and Ameri-
can classics. In 1959. an English
translation of his autobiography,
entitled "In the Grip of Cross Cur
rents." was published in New York.
ered with bitter attacks on the
According to JWV National Com-
mander Theodore li Brooks, ol
New York, the VFW acted imme-
diately upon hearing from JWV of
plans for the meeting. Command-
,, r Chi< i Robert Hansen disp
, ,1 a lelegram to JWV National
Headquarters m Washington. The
i, legram r< ads
The commander of the Depart
meiit ol Georgia has been directed
bj the commander-in-chief, K< bi rt
E. Hansen, to lake all steps ne<
essary to prevent meetings of the
Defensive Lemon of Registered
America] trom being held at the
VFW Meeting Hall at Stone M<
lain. Ga Failure on the part ol
pi st fficers to cooperate or failure
on the ]\m of the department -
r >,i> comply with the com-
, hi, i- directive, a
v. ill be taken to cancel the charter
: Post No. 52J7. Stone MOUI I
"Please be assured that neil
the national organization nor the
Department of Georgia, VFW con-
done us.- of VFW meeting hall.- for
such purposes, and use oi the VFW
premise- in this fashion will not
be tolerated. On behalf of the
commander-in-chief, we extend to
the Jewish War Veterans and
through them to all Jewish people
our sincere apologies for the sitna
lion that has arisen in connection
with use of the VFW meeting hall
at tone Mountain. Ga "
In answer to the telegram, the
JWV commander wrote the VFW
behalf of the Jewish War
. ,., ... ,Pi ak : 8 for the en
tin l< wish community, as well as
for ever) freedom-loving Amen-
i mend your swift, direct
ih.- BUmm M< untatn
meeting hail
"All America W< ,)ebt r,(
gratitude and certain-,
your gnat organization can t^
heart in tht Mrength of your lead-
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too Ave Miami Beach; 1240 S E Eleventh Ave.,Hlaleah;>
Wt Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood.

Friday, July 13. 1962
MmM ncrkflan
Page 7-A
New ZOA Chief Meets With JFK
By Special Report
baum, Hollywood, Calif., vet-
( ,. Zioni leader and rabbi of
Temple Israel <>f Hollywood, suc-
ceeds Max Breesler, of Chicago, as
pivsidei.: ''' the ZioniM oru.imza.
,.,,... ,,. America. Election came
ju the clo <' Besaion 01 the ZOA's
convention here.
The m wlj elected president, dur-
ing the pasi two year-, served as
chairmai oi the National Execu-
tive council of the ZOA, ruling
tion, two years ago at the ZOA
convention of August, 1960."
Dr Nussbaum also expressed his
conviction alter visiting with the
President that Israel's .security is
a part of American foreign policy
and that this policy is devoted to
(he objective of peace in thai
troubled area.
Dr. Nussbauni disclosed that,
based on his impressions from his
visit with the President, this policy
includes, in addition to the security
of the State of Israel, two other
hodj oi "' orgaiUlBtHW between factors: aid to the economic (level
conventu ns.
A gradual* of the Jewish Theo-
logical Seminary of Breslau, for.
rrwHy ir Germany and now in
Poland, where he received his
rabbinical degree in 1934, Dr.
Nussbaurr- at the early age of 25
was summoned to Berlin to serve
as rabbi in the Great Jewish
Congregation, where he stayed
from 1924 to 1940. He was at
that time the yourjest rabbi in
]!, is the author of a number of
works on philosophy. Zionism and
Jewish literature, including "The
Philosoph) < I Max Adler" and "The
Nationalism of Yehuda Ha'Levi."
Active in Zionism since his early
youth. Dr. Nussbaum was one Of
the leading figures of the Zionist
organization in Germany, until he
Bed the Hitler regime He was
brought to this country by invita-
tion of the late Dr. Stephen S
Wise, whom he met on the occasion
of the Jewish Arab conference in
London in 1939 In September. 1942,
Dr. Nussbaum was appointed to
the pulpit of Temple Israel of Hol-
In the critical years of the Hit-
ler regime. Rabbi Nussbaum, as
contact man for the late Dr Chain
Weizmann, president of the World
Zionist Organization and lat*r first
President of the State of Israel.
brought reports constantly from
Germany to London on the situa-
tion of German Jews
In his acceptance address. Dr.
Nussbaum disclosed that he con-
ferred with President Kennedy at
the White House on June 28. and
discussed with him the problems
Ol American relations with Israel
and other nations of the Near East.
Dr. Nuisbaum asserted that "I
am satisfied in my mind that
American policy has not waver-
ed from that which was set forth
so clearly in President Kennedy'*
address, shortly before his ele<-
Camp Prepares !
For First Show
During the third week of camp.
lepirits al tamp He-Ge-Gah are
realh zooming as preparation for
I the first camp show is under way.
The spectacular is scheduled for
M iesda) evening under the direc-
I tion oi Joan Cohen.
Last week, the senior camp vis
tiled Mai Arthur Dairies and the
1 Castle Commissary, and
[many arts and crafts projects were
[completed Arts and crafts pro-
[pram is under the direction of Doris
|li n and Hannah Schorr.
ervices are held each
morning, and senior conn
Bi conduct the weekly Sabbath
ng second
l -tration beginning July
obtaii ng the
[fice oi Beth rah
opment of Israel and assistance to
American Jews in their relation-
ships to Arab states.
"In the area of economic devel-
opment of Israel. Israel has receiv-
ed food allocations of as much as
she can absorb, totaling S27 null
ion. Among other aid. Israel has
In-en granted under the Develop
ment Loan Assistance -urns totaling
$45 million, the highest by far in
Ihe history of the relationship.
"Concrete steps have also been
taken by the U.S Administration
in the matter of the Arab boy-
cott of Jewish firms in this coon-
Vo'i ci hrvp new C:\a% installed
Clubs h. shafted or rewcijhted
*Me3 I ke new
I 4 i .i on
: ills,
s and acce*ori-s. Best lelec-
1 ns
'IVmmtNC rot THf G01FM"
1423 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
11 32659 Coral Gables, Fla.
try. These include the elimina-
tion by the U.S. Department of
Commerce of references to Jew-
ish firms which bid on Arab con-
tracts, and the discouragement
of replies to Arab questionnaires
by Jewish firms," Rabbi Nuss-
baum further said.
"May I call attention to the
word committed' in President
Kennedy's letter to the convention
wherein he -aid 'we are commuted
to all tree societies that seek a
path to peace and honor individual
right I have every reason to be-
lieve thai what is meant here is
also a commitment to the freedom
and security of those free societies
of which Israel is an integral
The newly elected ZOA president
also recalled the statement made
by Mrs. Golda Meir. Israel For
eign Minister, in the Knesset in
which she declared that there is
no crisis in American-Israel rela-
tionships. "Having visited the
President Kennedy, the meaning of
this message was spelled out in
greater detail." Rabbi Nussbaum
Dr. Joseph J. Schwartz (center), vice president of the Israel
Bond Organization, flew by helicopter to Arad in the Negev
during his recent visit to Israel. Arad is one of the most im-
portant new development towns being built in the Negev with
the aid of Israel Bond funds, and will serve as home com-
munity for workers at both the Zohar gas fields and the Dead
Sea Potash Works. Shown with Dr. Schwartz are Sidney
Green (left), financial adviser in the United States to the Israel
Ministry of Finance, and Arieh Eliav, director of the project
for the development of the town of Arad.
JUNE 30. 1962
Cash on Hand and in Banks
U.S. Government and
Agency Securities
% 1.677,290.20
First Mortgage Loans
Land, Buildings and Equipment Net
Real Estate Owned
Other Loans
Federal Home Loan Bank Stock
Deferred Charges and Other Assets
Total Assets
Savings Accounts
Loans in Process
Advances Federal Home Loan Be
Escrow for Taxes and Insurance
Other Liabilities
Surplus and Reserves
Total Liabilities and Reserves
$ 18,032,770 70
2 384,925.12
120,422 17
856,000 00
651,836 70
$ 84,042,077.42
Chairman of the Board
Finanaa1 NAce Preside'1'
Milton m. oaynoR
Senior Vice President
Savings accounts insured up
to $10,000 by on ogency of
the United Stales Government
SAVE BY JULY 20th ...
) Federal
Current Annual Dividend
Ptkl and Compounded
four times a par
Senior Vice President

1701 Meridian Ave. e 1234 Wash iagtonAve e 1133 Normandy Dr. e JE 8-8452
699 N. E. 167th St. 949-7675

Pcge 8-A
Friday. July 13. 1962
Argentine Downgrades Anti-Semitism

imitation,"] vert attention from various final
isaCommun-l ial scandals in uhirh the
' ^iare Involved._________
Continued from Page 1A
I extreme right groups and
thai i believed that there were
some military figures and many
i lie priests with influence
"hi do not conceal their support
i i se acti\ ities
Dr. Isaac Goldenbcrg. president
o! tl .. DAIA, the representative
body of Argentine Jewry, discuss-
(hi (Hulls of the organization
ti bilize public opinion against
th( i !i-Semitic developments, said
ave opened an abscess and
jblic opinion is alerted."
Vdrogue made his position
clei n a ni ionw ide tele< tsi
i. address in which he con emn-
e anti Semitic incidents an
thai the government would
i. verj legal step to supress
;. activities and th.' clement-;
r< >il le ir them Dr Adrogue
v nmediately praised by Dr,
I erg, who told the Jewish
Ti aphic Agency thai '"never has
, e rning Minister in Argentina
been so outspoken in condemning
,, process which dates back several
The Minister told the Argentine
people 'hey could be "absolutely
certain that this Government
will be firm and decisive in taking
sanctions agairst those who start
and sustain a climate of insecur-
ity and -nsubordination resulting
in violence." He also referred to
Jewish self-defense uni's who en-
gaged in an exchange of pistol
fite last week with plainclothes-
rr.en while the Jewish youth were
guarding a synagogue against
new attacks.
A Jev ish youth and polici
.' i re wounded I > A
deplored the action, t
He added "II is
not necessar> to point to the fruit-
ful and laborious efforts by the nun-
dre -I thousands oi our Jev ish
compartiol si stress nscientious-
I, thai tl ttacks injure our
Judea Names Cantor Brown
r H. Richard Brow n is i
(. at Tempi" Judea of Coral
i aci i rding to an announce
1 r Br i" n joined Ral bi Mor-
(u i Podel for the firs! sen ice in
In- '. capacity at the Temple
daj evening
r Brown is the descendant
ol ng line of cantors
i adei s His great-grand-
i was Rabbi Smolerrski of Po-
.- grandfather, Cantor Is
ilko.'/. uas iiber Cantor"
in i essburg, Hungary, and his
i.' Rev Max Broun, uas a
i. in Youngstown. 0.. for many
,u. until Ins retirement in 1S57
C; :or Jack Broun, a brother.
l- eiateil with Temple Or-Elo-
I Jericho. L.I.
. tor Brown began to sing at
ttu -e of five, when he joined
the ly choir The I
chants and prayers were an integ-
ral pi.....: ife for l
five boj -
Prior to entering Hebrew Union
College and the cantorate, Cantor
Broun had an extensive career in
show business, which included ap
inces on the Dick Broun show
Stop the Music." with Bert Parks,
Kay Arm en and Dick Brown, were
lar \ isitors into most ol thi
i : America for manj years,
is v as 'Family Circle." ith w .li-
ter Kiernan and Dick Brown.
In 1956. he entered the Hi
Ciliege S c h o o I of Sacred
music. In addition to music, Can-
tor Broun had also majored in
Prior to his new post. Cantor
Brown was cantor at the Commun-
' ity Synagogue in Rye. NY
Fatherland and presenl
ihe world in a seriouslj cisl
Dr Adrogue said the Government
will employ, when necessary-, these
steps: "Closing premises; prohibil
ing any means of expressini
tacks against the Jewish commun-
ity or it- members or any other
religious or racial group; i
live investi jation ol individuals a
5, ,,; h acts and sO-( i
ideologies' thai encourage tl
and canci lation ol the licenses
nizatioi pf
s miti-ni "
A stal

f the i lii the
Ihe Bish
our duty to denounce ;i- dangi
.i series ol armed attacks i
-. institutions
carried out b> is-yel :: '
"While the authors of these acts
are as yet unidentified, we re-
sist the belief that such infamous
contradictions can be real among
the baptized. It is necessary to
state, however, that the State
must put an end to such activities
which, in this moment, could lead
to the introduction of actions of
greater excess against the sacred
r-ght of persons and institutions."
Preceding Dr A Irogui
r\ netw rk is an inter
view with Capt Raul Ai
naval officer who, this
: mi his posl
the Fedi ral | ment's
division of anti-democratii
tii ihe equn alent ol the I
the United States .
Angelini accused the
D.\l.\ ol being ".i Communist in-
strument." He stated thai not onlj
i- the DAIA such an "instrument,"
hut that the entire Sirota ease i>
"'a Communist fabrication." He
was referring to the case of Miss

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Friday, July 13. 1362
Jpt*/;#> fhridffrr>
Page 9-A
: John F. Kennedy (center stands lor invocation at
ence Day celebration of the American colonv in
City during the Piesident's recent visit in Mexico.
g the invocation is Rabbi Harry L. Lawrence, for-
;: Miami, wheie he was spiritual leader of Tifereth
i-.gregation. Rabbi Lawrence now occupies the pul-
- t of F-:'.-. Israel Community Center in Mexico City.
State Dep't. Views Policy
On Financial Aid to Nasser
;:-tinued from 1-A
be w orkrd I
, the St iti
: .i i n\ inced ol
. ation I I
for and ic '
ii ir ; << They
: lire id in pur
< t. said
"verj c incern* d about
neral re irmament, Is
ssador Avraham Har
,vhile sai I in an inter
\ i -. York 1:1 Sunday night,
U Sen. Kenneth Keating on
itti mreekl) radio-television
i rai
.erj concerned, of course
b. thi general picture of n-arma-
gypt," he stated. "It has
goin, on since 1955. and has
(I up in the past year
.in aspect of it i>. of course,
a: concerns us most, but
K^yptiai earmament i> not lim-
I to the air an I it's not limited
MIG: It ha> also Included in
ths the receipt by them
ge heavy bombers "
\N. :n Rusa i' asked Sen
K '
'i. ; lie I M ilarman "But
- include i heavy build-
tori; their in
elopi armor and,
i ather impressi\ e in
far as I i na^ al force
to a q as to whe
-i i] \ an aid to
ibul stability in
I asl tmbas

"It has always been our view
that eccomic development of
countries is a stabilizing factor,
and I'd like to make that clear.
I think that we, in Israe', would
like to see cur Arab neighbors
concentra'e upon th essential
jib cf imorov:ng their economic
and roci*l situation, and any
help that they get in that respect
is something to which we would
take no exception at all. We'd
like to see them concentrate on
our only doubt about Egypt, in
particular, is to what extent Egypt
is concentrating upon her own in-
tern. .1 affairs our feeling is that
she is still devoting a considerable
degree Of her resources to exter-
nal venture-
Asked by the Senator whether he
saw any "mellowing in Arab an-
tagonism toward Israel." Mr. Har
man declared: "I would say that,
in recent months, there has been
an increase in vituperation There
has been a lot of very wild talk
about the destruction of Israel as
the Arap plan I would say that
there has been no public melli
ing of the Arab attitude toward us
po sibly the contrary
N.Y. Federation in Project
eration of Jewish P pies
announci ,i this ins for a
joint program nh : leral
rate how
l, cal communities an provide |0b
, p| ortui disable ; per
over 60 who want or need work
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MIAMI REACH 14S4 AIo. <*,d HALLANDALE 2f Nr Dill* Hwy. KEY WEST S40 6'"- St.

H0MESTEAI ? J01OO S. Fed. Hwy.
CAROL CITY 44S N.W. lA7t St. H0UYWO0D 201 Saatk Fed. Hwy.
FT. LAUOERDALE tSSO So.* Fed. Hwy. JA S-1134 J705 $? Ooi Hd 2(32 Wt Srowort) II.d

NORTH MIAMI 13140 N W. 7th .e W. HOLLYWOOD 4017 Hollywood Boulevard At 1, d -7 TU 7-O4S0

SOUTH MIAMI S930 S. Dili* H-y

Page 10-A
9-Jen 1st fhr*09fl
Friday, July 13. 1962
Jack Jenkins Succeeds Judge Friedman
As B'nai B'rith District 5 President
By Special Report
by 500 delegates, concluded on the
eve of Jul) 4 at a banquet session
WASHINGTONJack J. Jenkins. foI. ,!u, installation of now officers
Washington business and civic 1)r u/iUiam A. Wexler. of Savan-
leader. was elected president of nah Ga a member 0f the B'nai
B'nai B'rith District 5 at the or- B,.j,h international board of gov-
ganization's 86th annual conven- ern0rs, presided.
tion here ln a kev address to the conven-
Jtnkins. who served this year as ,UIM tne abusive nature of much of
president-elect of the six-state At- ,n(, cr,ticisni heaped on the Su-
laniic Coast district, moves up in- p,-onu. Court lor its school prayer
to the tup position of the member- decision was deplored by Label A
ship from Maryland to Florida. K.ll7 president of B'nai B'rith. as
AJComm. Urges Bigotry
Ouster from Argentina
He succeeds retiring president.
Judge Milton A. Friedman, who
is prominent in civic and legal
circles in Miami.
a disturbing demonstration of ir-
religious behavior in the name of
K a I z condemned 'provocative
slanders" directed at the Court.
.Unkins. who is general manager particularl\ by public officials
of Kinsman Optical Co.. and vice wno invoke the name of God while
president of the Parkwood Opti- rearing down respect for the ju
nans of Wellington, served as the ( diciary and the traditional separa-
1962 treasurer of the Washington y0 of" our governmental
Intel faith committee. He is a f<""-' process."
mtr president of the Virginia State Hc sa,d that "to accuse the Court |
Assn of B'nai B'rith. and served of promoting atheism.' of acting
among other capacities as a mem- without conscience,' of declaring
ber of the Virginia regional ad God unconstitutional.' or of 'keep
visory board of the Anti-Defama- ,g one eye on the Kremlin.* is
tion League of B'nai B'rith. c|earIy to bear false witness."
The convention also elected Mau- "Such accusations are. by any
rice Steinberg, life-long resident of! man's faith, a Godless deed." he
Augusta, Ga.. president-elect.' added.
Steinberg received his law degree
The B'nai B'rith president
warned that such "irrational ef-
forts" to diminish the role or
stature of the Court "undermine
the system of political checks
and balances by which Ameri-
can democracy operates."
Katz said that some of the emo
tional outbursts that greeted the
from the University of Georgia
law school, and is a member of
the Augusta Bar Assn., the Georgia
Bar Assn and the American Bar
Assn. He saw service a> a naval
officer during World War II in the
European and Pacific Theatres
He has served as president of
the Georgia State Assn. of B'nai
B'rith. and has served on boards j Court's decision were "tainted with
Of many charities in his native i emotional appeals to religious
bigotry." He added that there are
now more sober legal reflections
which emphasize that the Court
did not deny the religious charac-
ter of the nation, but concerned it-
self with a "narrow and restricted
issue," of a constitutional principle.
"It is understandable." he said,
"thai just as the Court itself was
divided in its interpretations, the
American people hold conflicting
judgments. Moreover, it is wholly
desirable that all sides express
their views with a cogency and
reasonableness focused oa the is-
sue itself."
"How does this encouragement
to school children to defy the
law square with the encourage-
ment of ethical and moral be-
\ havior that are inherent in pray-
er and religion?" Kati declared.
He agreed that the 22-word New
York Regents' prayer is. on its
ace, "an innocuous, non-sectarian
affirmation of faith."
"Yet." he added, "legal judg-
ments aside, the very emphasis of
the prayer, in language and locale,
on the innocuous impeaches its
purpose. Religion is not some
thing to be sanitized into impoten-
cy and prayer is not recitation by-
rote. These must be meaningful
personal experiences."

When choosing which type is best for you, there are two main factors to . To make your trade, you ll want to first navigate to the overview of the stock you wish to purchase. . NYSE: World s largest stock exchange, located on Wall Street in New York. Quote: The current price a stock is trading for on the open market.

20 Quotes From Gordon Gekko And Wall Street

quotes on best wishes for neuventure on wall street


March 2016
World’s Largest Start-up Research Platform

2 AdTech, March 2016

Topic Page
Sectors We Track 04
Overview 05
Market Map 31
Company List 32
Team 362

3 AdTech, March 2016

Illustrative Sectors We Track






4 AdTech, March 2016

Sector Overview
Scope of report
This report covers companies providing platforms and technology solutions for brands, advertisers and publishers. Companies
that enable the entire advertising ecosystem such as the Data Management Platforms (DMP), Ad Analytics, Retargeting and
proximity based advertising platforms are also in the purview of this report. Media Agencies and advertising giants such as
Google, Facebook and Twitter are excluded from the scope of the report. However, the advertising products of those companies
that have large market shares are included in the report.
• Total $17.5 Billion in Funding across ~1700 Companies with $5.4 Billion invested in 2014 and 2015.
• Number of companies acquired are 375.
Most active funds
• First Round Capital – (AppNexus, OpenX, Flurry, URX)
• Accel Partners- (OpenX, Amobee, YuMe, AdRoll)
• DFJ – (NinthDecimal, Flurry, PubMatic, AdMob)
Notable investments in last three months
• Blippar (Creatives - Augmented Reality) - $54M, Series D lead by Khazanah Nasional Berhad – March 02, 2016
• Jana (Ad Network - In App Advertising) - $54M, Series C from verizonventures, sparkcapital, publicisgroupe – February
18, 2016
• AppAnnie (Ad Network - In App Advertising) - $63M, Series E from Sequoia Capital, GreyCroft, eventures, Greenspring
Associates, Institutional Venture Partners – January 14, 2016.

5 AdTech, March 2016

AdTech Advertising Spend (2015-2020)
Ad Spend CAGR (2015-2020)
• Mobile will be the fastest-
30.0% growing advertising channel
26.5% followed by digital video
21.9% • Mobile Search revenue may
overtake desktop search ad
revenue by 2019. Social media
ads, which cut across display
15.0% and video, is seeing fast
10.0% • Programmatic ad spend will be
the major of total US ad spend
throughout the forecast period.
5.0% Newspaper Magazine
0.9% 1.0% 2.2% • Traditional ad revenue will
remain flat and may rise with a
CAGR of just 0.4%
-2.5% -1.5%
-5.0% Search Display Ads Online Social Mobile TV Radio Out of Home
Video Ads

** Source : PwC and Magna Global

6 AdTech, March 2016

Evolution of AdTech (1/2)
• Back in the days of dial-up connections, an image appeared on electrical contracting service website, Hotwire. This static
image was actually an advertisement, the first of its kind, which allowed users who clicked on it to be taken directly to the
advertiser’s site
• Though initially one-dimensional, this new media held huge promise for brands. The banner ad captured the interactivity of
the Web in more traditional one-way advertising

Birth of
Birth of online Intent
Commercial targeting Based
Web revolution
Introduction E-marketer estimate :
of social 80% of all ad buys will
networks Birth of be programmatic
First phase of Programmatic
internet as platform media buying

1995 2000 2004 2006 2009 2014 2017

Futures Markets : The Way Forward for Programmatic Media Trading

7 AdTech, March 2016

Evolution of AdTech (2/2)
Around 2001 ad networks emerged to facilitate the purchase of the inventory in bulk from publishers, and the sale of that to
marketers. But there were problems

The networks did not allow much room for transparency, making it harder for marketers to determine who was really seeing
their ads. Thereby, the marketplace reacted by introducing ad exchanges and real-time bidding (RTB) in 2007

Ad exchanges and RTB allowed advertisers to bid for advertising space via an auction model and deliver the ad impressions that
were won in milliseconds

With the scale of online advertising and the volume of data growing, it’s becoming a technically intensive game to compete with
one another

Ad servers, ad exchanges, retargeting companies, ad networks, data suppliers and other tools made online advertising more
efficient, but also much more difficult to track and attribute

8 AdTech, March 2016

Digital AdTech Growth
US Digital AdTech Spend Digital vs Mobile (in $Billion) Current Geographical Spread of AdTech companies
120 80%
4.1% (Israel)
90 60%
73 56% 14%
60 61 40%

30 20% 1.7%
35 32 31 32 1.1%

0 0%
2015 2016 2017 2018 Other Geo share 14.3%
Desktop Mobile Mobile Penetration
Major Cities hosting AdTech companies
** Source : PwC and eMarketer

New York San Francisco London

The penetration of new video-capable devices and increased
popularity of video streaming services are leading viewership Tel Aviv Bangalore Los Angeles
away from traditional television Boston Paris Palo Alto

9 AdTech, March 2016

Market Trends in AdTech (1/2)
• The role of the media agency is being diminished and the traditional commission payment model is giving way to
programmatic real time bidding ad impressions with a lifecycle of 200 milliseconds

Advertisers are getting smarter at

detecting opaque business
practices and impressions by using
Marketers have also started to realize
DSPs, brand safety ad tech, and
that the multi-layered advertising
more sophisticated metrics
ecosystem is driving complexity and
higher transaction costs

• Most of the growth in online display between 2016 and 2019 will come from three : Programmatic exchange-based trading,
video advertising, and mobile display

10 AdTech, March 2016

Market Trends in AdTech (2/2)

• According to MarketWatch Mobile revenue per user in emerging markets set

Interesting facts about AdTech
to grow at almost twice the rate as in developed countries by 2017

• Increasing focus on building scale through vertical and horizontal Few

consolidation or by targeting specific sectors of audience groups to entry

• Effective data-driven targeting, low cost per mille(CPM) and a direct feedback Business
loop have driven increased spending
• Strong projected growth driven by the convergence of Mobile, Video, Social

and Big Data Analytics

• Mobile has overtaken TV & online in impacting purchase decisions

11 AdTech, March 2016

M&A Activity in the AdTech Sector
• M&A activity in the AdTech space has been strong for the year to date
• 375 companies were acquired till date with the recent acquisition being Appscotch acquired by App Annie on March 14,
2016 for an undisclosed amount and Interactive acquired by RNTS Media on March 03, 2016 for $46M
• According to Ernst & Young AdTech was the third highest targeted sector for acquisitions behind only the cloud/SaaS and
mobility sectors
• Subsectors that showed particularly strong growth were video and Data Management Platforms
• Some of the major players in AdTech acquisitions include,

22 Acquisitions 15 Acquisitions 10 Acquisitions 10 Acquisitions 6 Acquisitions

6 Acquisitions 5 Acquisitions 3 Acquisitions 3 Acquisitions 3 Acquisitions

12 AdTech, March 2016

Some Major AdTech Acquisitions
Microsoft’s $265 million dollar purchase of LinkExchange was the first ad tech acquisition
Buyer Acquired Date Acquired Amount Business Model

Oracle Datalogix 12/22/14 $1200M Data Management Platform

Facebook LiveRail 07/02/14 $500M Supply Side Platform

Yahoo Brightroll 11/11/14 $640M Ad Exchange
AOL (part of Verizon) Convertro 05/06/14 $101M Attribution
Google Adometry 05/06/14 Undisclosed Attribution
AOL (part of Verizon) Millennial Media 09/03/15 $238M Ad Network- Mobile
Microsoft YaData 02/27/08 Undisclosed Ad Analytics
Adobe Tumri (part of Collective) 04/29/15 Undisclosed Creatives
Adobe Efficient Frontier 11/30/11 $400M Demand Side Platform
Twitter TapCommerce 06/05/14 $100M Demand Side Platform- Mobile
Twitter TellApart 04/28/15 $532M Demand Side Platform

Opera Adcolony 06/24/14 $350M Ad Network- Mobile

AppNexus Yieldex 03/18/15 $100M Publisher Tools

13 AdTech, March 2016

Total Number Of Companies Founded Between
2005 And 2015
YoY Founded Companies • Location-based advertising, native
300 advertising, Data Management
Platforms ,cross-device
260 technology and demand side
250 platforms are the business models
232 that are gaining traction since
200 • The increase in number of
Number of Companies

companies in 2011 and 2012 is
153 driven by mobile, digital video,
134 133
cross-screen advertising and
125 programmatic buying targeting
specific sectors or audience
100 groups
• Increasing internet, tablet and
smartphone penetration will also
fuel mobile advertising revenue
growth in emerging markets
through to 2017
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 • AdTech budgets are shifting from
Founding Year linear television to online and
mobile video

14 AdTech, March 2016

YoY Funding in AdTech Between 2005 And 2015
YoY Funding
• 2015 has been the prime year
3500 350 for AdTech that saw more than
323 322 125 companies founded, more
than $3.3B funding in 220+
3000 300
funding rounds. This could be
Funding Amount (in Millions)

259 263 attributed to industry-shift

2500 250 towards programmatic
$2338M 224
$2180M advertising, Native Advertising
and analytics.

Number of Rounds
200 $1940M
2000 192 200
• With lesser number of rounds of
150 investments, 2015 has received
1500 $1332M 150
higher funding compared to the
$1104M past 4 years. Major investments
1000 $910M 100
83 include those of Taboola, Zeta
Interactive, InMobi and Panshi.
500 40 50
$269M • Native Advertising and Ad
Network companies received
0 0 high funding in 2015
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

Funding Amount (in $ Million) Number of Rounds

15 AdTech, March 2016

Total Funding across various Business Models
Funding Amount (in Millions) • Ad Network companies have
0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 seen a mammoth share of the
Ad Network $4299M
investment in the advertising
Campaign Management $2127M
landscape with a cumulative
Demand Side Platform $2099M 55% of companies playing in investment of around $4.3B.
Enabler $1671M
Ad Networks have received • With a cumulative funding of
funding and 52% of which
Ad Analytics $1620M received cumulative funding
$1.1B Native Advertising is
Data Management Platform $1346M of $5M+ soaring as marketers and digital
Native Ads $1173M media publishers realize the
Supply Side Platform $666M benefits.
Ad Exchange $422M • Data Management Platform
Retargeting $414M received highest funding in 2013
Creatives $403M for Big Data Analytics reaching
Cross Device $402M the peak of Gartner Hype Cycle
Ad Verification $217M in 2013
Attribution $211M • Both, Campaign Management
Publisher Tools $135M and Demand Side Platform
Ad Server $125M received $2.1B cumulative
Trading Desk $37M funding with AdKnwodledge
and AppNexus as major players

16 AdTech, March 2016

YoY Number of Rounds in AdTech
Early Stage and Late Stage Rounds of Investments
• 2012 and 2013 has seen the
250 almost 380+ early stage
investments (Seed + Series A +
Series B) rounds with 2012 and
200 29 2013 rounding up around 62%
of early-stage round investment
post-2012. Notable early-stage
investments include those in
Number of Rounds

150 25 LifeStreet Media, AppLift, Nomi,

32 Yieldmo and TapCommerce
100 199
• 2011 and 2014 saw 39 rounds
10 135 129 133 of late stage (Series C and the
117 113 next following) rounds of
50 103
4 investments. Notable late-stage
investments included those in
29 DataXu, xAd, Sharethrough,
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Verve Mobile, Smaato and
Early Stage Late Stage

17 AdTech, March 2016

Most Active Investors
Draper Fisher
First Round Accel Partners Sequoia Capital Greycroft Partners Redpoint Ventures
Jurvetson (DFJ)

Campaign Extreme Reach, Media

Adaptly Tremor Video Kenshoo Auditude, true[x] media
Management Armor, Netsertive

AppNexus, Invite
Demand-Side Platform Media
Amobee Komli Media, Amobee, SteelHouse, Efficient Frontier

AdMob, App Annie, App Annie, Wide Orbit, Adap, Domob, Intent
Networks & Exchanges LiveIntent, OpenX AdMob, OpenX, MoPub AdMob, PulsePoint
adBrite MoVoxx Media, JumpTap

Gum Gum, URX,

Native Advertising Vigilink
URX Meebo, Virool Meebo, Button, Nativo Button, Gravity, Inadco

Supply-Side Platform 33Across, Transpera YuMe, PubMatic, iSocket 33Across

Data Management Aggregate Knowledge,

Tumri, Krux, Qriously NinthDecimal Datalogix, Resonate Bluekai,
Platform Demdex

Analytics & AdRoll, comScore, Flurry, Vizu Miaozhen Analytics, Bluefin

Flurry, Click Equations MixPanel, Vizu
Retargeting myThings, Invoca Corporation Labs

Jingle Networks,
Enablers and Ad
DoubleVerify, DoubleFusion, Dapper AdXpose, Revx Bihu, Near Nomi, Tagman SimpleGeo, TheFind
Verification Manifest

18 AdTech, March 2016

Business Model Description (1/4)
Creatives Demand-Side Platforms
Creatives – Technological solutions that create interactive Demand-Side Platforms enable brands and advertisers to make ad
advertisements that engage people at scale. The Contextual Dynamic inventory purchases via ad networks and exchanges.
Creative (CDC) Template is a new feature that lets advertisers and
brands to create one ad through which they can advertise all of the

Ad Networks Ad Exchanges
Ad Networks act as connectors between advertisers and publishers by Ad Exchanges is a technology platform that enables advertising
matching the ad inventories from publishers to match it with the transactions between buyers and sellers. Ad Exchanges, generally,
advertising demand. Ad Networks, generally, work with multiple determine selling prices for inventories through real time bidding.
supply partners and have their own monetization models.

19 AdTech, March 2016

Business Model Description (2/4)
Enablers Data Management Platforms
Technology players enable the advertising landscape by extending Data Management Platforms enable the entire advertising landscape
infrastructure-level technology or the data to have an informed by finding, segmenting, and targeting the right audiences at the right
decision to deliver effective advertisements to audiences. time based on users’ preferences.

Supply-Side Platforms Ad Analytics

Supply-Side Platforms (SSP) is a technology platform that enables Analytics are technology solutions that provide reporting and analytics
various publishers manage their digital ad inventories and maximize on audiences on the basis of their usage of digital assets. Analytics
revenue. SSPs, generally, help in setting floor-prices for ad inventories players help in tracking relevant metrics such as session durations,
to maximize yield and targeted, relevant fills. churn and LTV.

20 AdTech, March 2016

Business Model Description (3/4)
Retargeting Campaign Management
Retargeting platforms enables the retargeting of users that have not The process of developing and overseeing a campaign for a company's
yet completed a particular action or event associated with a advertising or marketing program. Companies are updating their
campaign. Retargeting is also done for the traffic that accessed a business processes to embed big- data analysis into their campaign
publisher asset but returned with little or no interaction with it. management platforms

Native Ads Cross Device

Native advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the Cross-device reports let advertisers see which devices people saw ads
form and function of the website or an app. Native Advertising helps before converting on app or website. Marketers are predicting that
in improving the brand affinity 2016 will be cross-device programmatic great leap forward.

21 AdTech, March 2016

Business Model Description (4/4)
Ad Verification Attribution
Ad Verification companies provide online media verification and to Attribution is the measurement of user events associated with a
ensure brand safety for brands, agencies and advertisers. Verification campaign activity. Events tracked can be app installs, repeat app
measures also provide insight into viewability and fraudulent activity launch, in-game level completion, in-app purchase etc.

Publisher Tools Ad Server/ Ad Serving Platform

A tool to improve, test and track the publisher site for publishers to Ad Serving Platforms enable the advertisers to run advertising
make better decisions on where to place ads to get more clicks and campaigns at scale. Mobile Ad Serving Platforms, generally, operate
response from users their own networks and servers to achieve the efficiency.

22 AdTech, March 2016

Creatives Customization

Fully Customized
2007 2006 2011
$53M $40M $30M

 One size for all screens  Content for each screen

Responsive design holds the potential to simplify the currently complicated
 Low development costs  High development costs
and time-consuming effort required to modify and restructure ad creative
 Poor user experience  Great user experience

Mobile media industry is experiencing excitement about a set of Olapic is the top funded company with $15M investment in
technologies referred to as responsive design 2015 for its visual content platform


Funding Amount (in Millions)

Industry has seen technology development towards using one ad server to
serve across all screens
80 $71M

40% 28% 40 $34M

Number of companies which Similarly, 28% of companies 20 $11M
saw 1st round of funding went which raised second round went
for second round for the third round of funding 0
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

23 AdTech, March 2016

Data Management Platform
Propensity to
Ordered lunch
buy Apple
from Subway

2006 2004 2007 Propensity to Watched 2

$114M $77M $57M purchase What a DMP does videos on
motor vehicle metaphysics
DMP will collect, combine, categorize and convert first, second and third Read 3 articles
party data into manageable consumer insights to tailor campaign messages on health
directly towards certain specific segments benefits

AddThis is the top funded company with $37M investment in

According to Oracle Marketing Cloud research, there would be 100% 2011 for its on demand custom audiences
increase in the investments compared to that of 2015 for DMP 250

Funding Amount (in Millions)

As a natural evolution, DMPs are going to become stronger and will have 200
huge implications for agency and marketing teams. $151M
150 $140M $135M
$106M $105M
DMPs and DSPs are often sold as single product. Example: MediaMath, 100
Predictive analytics will continue to mature and become a mainstream
core offering
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

24 AdTech, March 2016

Demand Side Platform
Estimated Market Share of Demand-side Platform technologies
2% AppNexus
8% DataXu
29% MediaMath
16% Invite Media
2007 2004 2007 The Trade Desk
$288M $138M $100M X Plus One
3% 1% Turn
Demand-side platforms have changed the way ad impressions are Efficient Frontier
purchased and managed to meet the need for effective auction-based 18% 21% Visible Measures
media buying. Provides transparency in the advertisements by knowing the Others
demographics of impression **Source :Builtwith Trends

2014 saw the highest funding of $475M

The highest funding in 2014 is due to DSPs investing heavily in their $475M

Funding Amount (in Millions)

platform development and due to collaboration with third party DMPs
400 $360M
Vendors that can integrate TV planning with digital video will earn a share $308M $318M
of advertisers’ television and digital video budgets 300
26% of companies were acquired that were founded during 200

60% of the total investment happened in 2015 was lead by 0

the companies AppNexus, Turn, MediaMath and xAd 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

25 AdTech, March 2016

Ad Network & Exchanges

Advertisers Publishers

2007 2007 2002

$75.5M $221M $40M
InMobi lead the funding in 2011 with $200M

Ad networks have been around since 1997 and they collect and sell
inventory where as ad exchange makes variety available. Ad Exchange Panshi lead the funding in 2015 with $200M
makes ad impressions available to marketers enabling them to choose the
ads YoY Funding of Ad Network and Ad Exchange
800 $739M $740M

Funding Amount (in Millions)

According to OpenX, Advertisers setting their bids in real-time bid on an
average 141% higher than those that set their bidding rates in advance $569M
600 $555M
There is a steady drop in the number of companies founded YoY from 2010
under Ad Networks. The drop rate is 18% in 2015 to that of 2010 400
$277M $301M

Inventory increase in APAC was fueled by adoption of premium Ad formats 200

Notable Acquisitions : AOL acquired for $405M in 2013 and 0

Yahoo acquired BrightRoll for $640M in 2014 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

26 AdTech, March 2016

Supply Side Platform
Funding % of total
Lead by
Year funding
YuMe, Rubicon project and
2010 50.4%
Admeld (part of Google)
2006 2007 2007
$63M $51M $30M
2012 Pubmatic and YuMe 47.8%

Supply Side Platforms are different from ad exchanges since they focus on 2015 Altitude Digital and Teads 56.6%
publishers for yield maximization

YoY Funding in SSP

The inefficiency of inventory offering is due to the daisy chaining strategy
that is used most often in supply side platforms 150

Funding Amount (in Millions)

120 $114M
The concept of Header Bidding was introduced as an attempt to improve $106M
monetization automation effectively

In December 2015, Rubicon Project announced the beta-testing of header- $64M

bidding for mobile apps
$36M $37M
In June 2015, YuMe rolled out its programmatic video marketplace for
buyers and sellers
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

27 AdTech, March 2016

Native Ad
32% of consumers were most likely to share Native Ad

2007 2006 2008 18% higher lift in purchase intent with Native Ads
$174M $149M $38M

9% higher lift in brand affinity

Publishers have been driving the growth of general native advertising
having adopted the format into their overall advertising offering. Some big **Source: IPG Media Labs

names are Forbes, Buzzfeed, Digg, The Atlantic

Taboola lead the funding in 2015 with $133M investment

In-feed video will become a big focal point, largely driven by Facebook 400 $371M

Funding Amount (in Millions)

Association of National Advertisers quote 75% of publishers are running 300
native ads in the Biotech industry
According to IAB report, 86% of consumers perceive Native Advertising is $140M
necessary to receive free content online
$83M $96M
100 $63M
of marketers companies would increase their budget in native advertising
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

28 AdTech, March 2016

Prospect visits Prospect Prospect is
website leaves website tracked

2007 2005 2008

$27M Prospect Prospect is
$189M IPO, Oct 2013
returns to shown ad on
website other site

The retargeting industry has developed around tracking and serving ads to
Brand Awareness Social Engagement Customer retention
those consumers who have shown purchase intent online and targeting
these customers improves click-through rates and increases conversions
Criteo received a funding of $40M in 2012

Retargeting budgets are continuing to grow would become a larger portion 120 $112M

Funding Amount (in Millions)

of the advertising spend $94M

57% of media buyers, agencies and brand executives are now using a 80
combination of click through and view through attribution, according to $59M
Rubicon 60
Frequency capping and membership duration (audience segment duration) 40 $35M
are the two key factors in retargeting $18M

NextPerf, the French retargeting player with multi-screen reach is 0

disrupting the landscape by driving cross-device retargeting 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

29 AdTech, March 2016

Campaign Management
Customized brand message

Customer Insights

2004 2007 2007

$248M $207.5M $196M

Industry has seen an increasing trend towards owning the entire AdTech

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