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Phd graduation wishes
March 31, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 3 comments

Here you will find an excellent collection of congratulation messages for doctorate and PhD graduates which can be easily used to congratulate.

A PhD or Doctorate is the highest form of education that anyone can get. This is not just a degree. It’s one of the sweetest fruit that anyone in the field of education gets after years and years of hard work. Perseverance is the key here. It shows how persistent you are. All your life you are going to be highly respected and recognized for your achievement and your degree. Congratulations on getting your PhD/Doctorate degree. Finally, all your years of hard work and turmoil have paid off. You will now be called Dr. <Your Name> and that is a great deal of respect. Congratulate your relative/friend with us on getting their Doctorate/PhD degree.

Congratulations Messages For Doctorate or PhD Degree

You have never been prideful but modest in your achievements. I am so proud of you, my son. Many congrats for your PHD degree.

Years of hard work and dedication has finally resulted into the biggest fruit you have ever wanted son. Many congratulations for your PHD degree.

Congratulation on the degree, my fiancé. I wish you all the love and success in life ahead!

You were always the most dedicated and disciplined student I have ever come across. Many congratulations on your degree.

I am so happy my best friend that your years of hard work has finally paid off in the best way possible. Best wishes on your PHD degree.

You have made us proud everyday with everything you have achieved so far. It’s a pleasure to have a daughter like you. Congrats on your success!

Well done, Doctor. I wish you more success and prosperity in days to come.

I wish that all the goals that you have set become more attainable now since the biggest dream of your life has already come true. Best wishes on your achievements.

Perseverance is that one key that has landed you to such a remarkable position of attaining your PHD degree. Many congrats.

I wish you all the best for all your future endeavors and that you achieve all the more success after your PHD.

Congratulations Dr. Nerd on your success. We always knew that you are going to make it to the top.

We always knew the wonderful person you are behind your geeky glasses. I am so happy you made it to the top. Many congrats on your PHD degree.

Success was always obliged to come before you. With the right attitude and determination of all those years.

A hearty Congratulations for getting the “Doctor” title finally. Kudos to the hard work you put in!

Hard work always pays off! A quote has proven true by you today “Doctor”.

You are truly inspirational. The hard work and efforts you put into your endeavors is beyond excellent. Congratulations on another success to you!

A Doctorate degree comes with a great deal of respect from one everybody, the respect that you can rightfully earned. Congratulations!

It’s a success for everyone who supported you in your days of hard work. So congratulations to you and your family and friends!

It’s probably the best day of your life. Celebrate with a bash “Doctor”. You’ve proved yourself worthy of the title.

Successful people get results by not using excuses for explaining their failures. You’ve a living proof of the same “Doctor”.

This is just the beginning. Your flight of success has taken off and guess what? You’re the pilot. You’re going to take yourself to places!

Being honored with he highest degree is an honor in itself. Congratulations Doctor on your success!

People just see the results, but not the hard work, sleepless, anxiety-full nights that you must have put in. Yet you walked on the journey. Congratulations to your hard work and zeal for success!

Your success begins when you start believing in it. I had heard of this a while back and all I could think of was how you always believed in your dream and today you have achieved it. Congratulations!

Congratulations Doctor. Your motivation and optimism is an inspiration to many. Stay the same. Keep flying and attaining greater heights!

Here you will find an excellent collection of congratulation messages for doctorate and PhD graduates which can be easily used to congratulate.

Phd Congratulations Messages

phd graduation wishes

PhD Congratulations - Graduation card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Enlightenment reveals itself not to those who merely seek it, but to those who continue their quest beyond its discovery. May you find happiness and satisfaction in pursuing all your future goals.
Artist: � Teri Francis
Artist Notes: Coordinating invitations and thank you cards available in gallery. Matching postage stamps, name cards, and gifts are also available.
Product Id: 412130

Red and black Ph.D. graduation congratulations car…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: You should be so proud of yourself for your dedication and perseverance. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement, Doctor!
Artist: � Red Rose Digital Art
Artist Notes: This classic Congratulations on achieving your Ph.D. Degree greeting card features white script on a traditional red, black and white background. Very stylish for the new Ph.D. graduate!
Product Id: 202517

PhD Degree Graduation Card -- Graduation Cap and C…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: It takes hard work and dedication to earn a PhD. You should be very proud of your accomplishment! Congratulations
Artist: � Kathy Henis
Product Id: 407374

Doctors Of Philosophy On Their Way To Work-Comic C…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Congratulations on your PhD!
Artist: Mike Seddon
Artist Notes: A brightly coloured red and blue comic cartoon card that shows passengers travelling on a train. The train is labelled `Train of Thought` and the cartoon caption beneath reads `Doctors of Philosophy on their way to work'. This is followed up with the caption inside the card which reads `Congratulations on your PhD`. This is an ideal humorous way to congratulate someone you know who has just received their PhD.
Product Id: 1395278

Congratulations, Earning PHD card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: You worked hard, reached your goal, and now you have a bright future! The sky is the limit now with your PhD. Way to go!
Artist: Gail Pepin
Artist Notes: This is a congratulations card for earning a PHD, featuring a gradient background, a diploma, a hat, and a decorative border. You can change the inside message at checkout, if you wish. 010212
Product Id: 891308

Doctoral PhD Graduate Congratulations Boston Terri…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Congratulations! Now you can go out and mark your territory!
Artist: �Doreen Erhardt
Artist Notes: Is there a Doctor in the house? You best send wishes for major congratulations to the student whose academic achievements have finally paid off in the way of a PhD! Let the captivating blue eyes on this Boston Terrier do the job for you! We also appreciate the contribution of Judith Garcia in the elements which created this design.
Product Id: 1290800

Amusing Ph. D. congrats card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Life’s but a dance and you’ve dearly earned the right to cut in ... CONGRATULATIONS on achieving your Ph. D.!
Artist: Bruce Bolinger
Artist Notes: As in this cartoon life is a dance and that might be all there is. In my dancing time I put my left foot in but I couldn't get it back out. Now, at my age, I pretty much sit and musical chairs is the only dance left.
Product Id: 1208210

Doctorate - a funny poem for the new Ph.D. card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Congratulations
Artist: Bad Poetry Cards
Artist Notes: A funny card for the new Ph.D., featuring a bad poem and illustration, about one of the realities of being a new "doctor".
Product Id: 1434400

Graduation Follow Your Dreams for PhD card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Congratulations on your Graduation.
Artist: Teri Nelson Kuster
Artist Notes: Congratulate a recent doctoral graduate, who has just received their PhD, with this beige card that features the black hand lettered message "Follow your Dreams - PhD". The wording is enhanced, with a diploma, that hangs through the base of the Y in the word "Your" and a black mortarboard, that tops the D in "Dreams" for a symbolic and exquisite look. The inside wording of the card is "Congratulations on your graduation."
Product Id: 1166442
WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Getting Ready for My PhD Convocation at Columbia! - Ijeoma Kola
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Graduation Card Messages

phd graduation wishes

Hi CEE Students, Staff, and Faculty,

We wanted to congratulate our inaugural graduates of the Ph.D. in Civil Engineering: Srikanto Paul and Anil Suwal who attended commencement this past Fall 2018. Their graduation is the result of hard work completed by UTSA, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and our smart students.

In addition, we also wanted to congratulate our graduates of the Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering : Tim Sullivan and Ali Balati who also attended commencement this past Fall 2018. They have continued the outstanding tradition that the ESE Program continues to strive for. The Department wishes them all good luck on their pathway to further success.

Srikanto Harold, Paul

Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering

Dr. Hatim Osman Sharif

Dissertation Title: “Analysis of Environmental and Socio-economic Impacts of Hydrometeorological Disasters”

Anil Suwal

Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering

Dr. Adolfo Matamoros

Dissertation Title: “Performance Evaluation of a Non-Ductile Reinforced Concrete Moment Frame Building”

Timothy Sullivan 

2.    Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science and Engineering

3.    Dr. Yongli Gao

4.    Dissertation Title: “Nitrate Sources, Vulnerability, Fate and Transport in the Cibolo and Dry Comal Creek Watersheds of the Edwards Aquifer, South Central Texas.”

1.Ali Balati

2.    Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science and Engineering

3.    Dr. Heather J Shipley

4.    Dissertation Title: ”Synthesis, characterization and application of semiconductor nanostructures for photocatalytic water treatment”.

This calls for a celebration of their accomplishments and warm wishes for their future. A graduation card is the perfect way to show the graduate.

Phd Greeting Card

phd graduation wishes


Let the caps fly and the celebrations begin!  All too soon, the journey that began like a dream has become a reality; and we at the University of Ghana, proudly join your families, friends and well-wishers to celebrate this significant milestone of your lives. For all the times of late night studies, the sleepless nights and sacrifices you have made, your reward is finally here. Hearty congratulations to you.

We salute all parents, guardians and loved ones who graciously contributed in diverse ways to see you through your studies.  We equally salute the teachers,  managers of the academic support units and other staff whose immense contribution has culminated in this glorious moment.  We are optimistic that the knowledge acquired over the course of your studies here will guide you in making meaningful contributions to your community.

As you symbolically move your tassels from the right-hand side to the left-hand side, so are you stepping out into another phase of your lives. With the knowledge you have acquired over the period, there is no doubt that you have been adequately equipped and prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

By your graduation, you are now qualified to be a full member of any of the University of Ghana Alumni Associations, wherever in the world you may find yourself.  We urge you all to be worthy ambassadors of the University of Ghana. Seize the opportunity to give back to your alma mater. As you go out into the world of work, chase your dreams and pursue excellence; never stop learning and live life to the fullest.  Go out there and win more laurels to make your families and the University proud.

We congratulate you all once again on your graduation and wish you the very best in your future undertakings.

~~Message from University Management

Please click on the link below to access the stream:      UG July 2019 Congregation: Saturday 6th July 2019


Graduation is a big occasion that calls for big sentiments. Whether you're writing a commencement address or just sending graduation wishes, you're searching.

phd graduation wishes
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