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Life has so many twists and turns

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Life has so many twists and turns
September 12, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 5 comments

I knew that they had a dark, marshy well between their legs and that from this life has brought me back to this place at the end of so many twists and turns.

Life has so many twists and turns, sometimes I worry about whiplash! Recently I lost a regular client.  I didn’t enjoy the work and wanted to leave but held on for the stability of the income. So I sold out. I was doing work that did not speak to my soul and I promised myself I would never do that, that I would only do what made my heart sing. And, of course, it did not end well.

I showed up and did a good, but not great, job. And, at the end of the day, I believe I thought myself out of that job. Does that sound ridiculous to you? I can certainly understand if it does. But, did you know that legitimate scientists around the world study the field of Quantum Physics,  which is the study of the smallest particles in existence – atoms. It turns out that these elemental particles are nothing more than a vacuum waiting for a particular vibratory energy to pass through it thus causing that vacuum to somehow form into measurable points and waves of vibration. Scientists like Einstein, Heisenberg, and Planck understood that energy becomes matter. After all, E=MC2 expresses the fact that mass and energy are the same physical entity and can be changed into each other.

Also referred to as Quantum Mechanics, this field has intrigued scientists, religious scholars and meta-physicians for decades. Given that our religions teach us (in one form or another) that “we reap what we sow.” The golden rule teaches us to “Do unto others as we would want done to us.”  It really is “Do ‘good’. Get ‘good’. Do’ bad’. Get ‘bad.'” I get it. And I also get that the energy of my negative thinking about this job impacted the outcome. It was in my control. It still is. Everything is.

So what happened? How did I handle this unexpected loss of income? I did not moan or worry. I had faith that everything is perfect and I took the opportunity and dove into creating a website that truly reflects the Savvy Senior. It had been on my “to do” list for months. Check that box!

And then one afternoon as I sat at my computer looking through, it suddenly occurred to me that I could create a meetup called the Savvy Senior Club. I did and before I knew it, hundreds of seniors were joining. And so a baby was born from the ashes of that lost job. And I will nurture my baby and grow it so that I can help seniors from Aventura to Boynton Beach conquer aging so they can enjoy the many benefits it brings.

I encourage you to be a Savvy Senior. Be aware of your thoughts. Are they tending toward the negative? The complaining? The not enough of this and too much of that in your life? It’s common. Almost every person does it. It’s called being human. But…the Savvy Senior knows the benefits of kind thoughts and loving actions. The Savvy Senior knows that positive thinking impacts health in a positive way. Even mainstream medical institutions like the Mayo Clinic understand that “Positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your health.”  Still not there? Check out this well-researched article on the power of positive thinking from Health Ambition.

Be a Savvy Senior.  Take control of what you think and maybe follow a little advice from Tinkerbell and “Think happy thoughts.” You never know how high you can fly!

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This bombshell of a plot twist has left us staggering, wondering which we are guaranteed unfortunate plot developments and tragic turns in.

Life comes with many Twists and Turns

life has so many twists and turns

🎃 DAY FIVE OF THIS EVIL AND SINISTER KIDNAPPING/HALLOWEEN. TODAY IS ...ABOUT SOMETHING BIGGER THAN MY LITTLE ENDEAVOR HERE, AND I AM COMFORTABLE IN MYSELF ENOUGH TO TELL MY EGO TO TAKE A BACK SEAT FOR TODAY, BUT ONLY FOR TODAY!! THE DARKNESS WILL RESUME SHORTLY. I HAVE ENCLOSED A MESSAGE FROM YOUR DUCHESS TO YOU ALL. FEAR AND REVILE ME, MORSALS. 🎃💕 This look was inspired by the battles of truly strong women who are fighting, have fought, and will fight, this horrible battle for their lives against a vicious and unbiased monster named Breast Cancer. Honey Birdette sold these stockings to raise awareness and funds for this truly noble cause and I wanted to shoot immediately when my items arrived, to try and create something beautiful from the pain that every single one of these battles leaves in their wake. Breast Cancer is something that runs very strongly in my family and has taken women from me I have truly loved and adored, and if you are a woman reading this or a man who has women in his life, please help to spread awareness and information for self breast examination, it could save somebody's life. You can find information and a step by step guide on doing a self breast examination at this link:…/self_exa… Also, remember to check yourself at the same time each month as our breasts change with our cycles. Stay safe, stay strong, and stay brave, my beautiful and wonderful darlings. I adore you with my entire heart. 💕See more

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Twists and Turns

life has so many twists and turns

A labyrinth is not a maze or a puzzle to be solved but a path of meaning to be experienced. Its path is circular and convoluted, but it has no dead ends. A labyrinth has one entrance -- one way in and one way out. When we walk the path, we go around short curves and long curves; sometimes we are out on the edge, sometimes we circle around the center. We are never really lost, but we can never quite see where we are going.

Along the path we sometimes move forward with ease and confidence: sometimes we creep ahead cautiously, sometimes we find the need to stop and reflect, and sometimes we even feel the urge to retreat. The center is there but our path takes us through countless twists and turns. Sometimes we are at the heart of our life experiences, sometimes we are at a playful turn; sometimes we share our path with others, and other times we don't. No matter what, we are still on the labyrinth path. It holds all our experiences, in life and in work. And to draw upon the wisdom of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, we need to be aware that what looks like an end point can also be a beginning point. Indeed, in so many ways, the labyrinth is like life.

Many great cathedrals were built on the sites of ancient labyrinths. At Chartres Cathedral in France, the 11-circuit labyrinth on the floor of the cathedral is considered by some as symbolic of the ancient pilgrimage to Jerusalem. But the labyrinth is also a metaphor for what is sacred in our lives. Through its twists and turns, its ancient spaciousness holds everything we experience -- our minds and emotions, our physical beings and our spirits, our losses and gains, our successes and failures, our joys and sorrows. When we walk the path inward, we carry our burdens with us. When we meditate or pray in the center, we ask for grace, forgiveness, and understanding. When we walk the path outward, we are lighter, more joyful, and ready again to take on our life's challenges.

Because of my Greek family heritage, which is rooted in Crete, I've long been fascinated with the Cretan labyrinth, a classic seven-circuit labyrinth dating back more than 4,000 years. Some people believe the Cretan design evolved from the spirals found throughout nature, but it's the ancient myth of Theseus entering the labyrinth at Knossos to fight the Minotaur that captured my imagination. As a child I wanted to explore the unknown; I wanted to be of service, even as I defied authority to find my way along the twists and turns of the path. And as convoluted as it sometimes was, the path has remained my own.

The labyrinth that is my life has taken me through many twists and turns. Yet it is my deep belief in the inherent meaning of life that has steadily informed and inspired me, leading me deeper into my life path, deeper into authentic meaning. When we explore our lives as labyrinths of meaning, with all of the design features of classic labyrinths that I've noted above, we deepen our experience of life.

So, how might the labyrinth metaphor help you find greater meaning and fulfillment in your personal life and work? Think about how you might use this metaphor in a constructive way with others, including family members, friends, and co-workers.

Dr. Alex Pattakos is the co-founder of The OPA! Way® paradigm of "Living & Working with Meaning" and the OPA! Center for Meaning in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA. You can find out more about Dr. Pattakos, author of the international best-selling book "Prisoners of Our Thoughts," in his full bio.

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See, life is a journey of twist and turns that mold who we are; however, it is not .. “Life comes in phases; each phase of life has so many life issues to face until.

twist and turn

life has so many twists and turns

I love a good story. I like getting lost in a fictional world filled with interesting characters and an intriguing plot. Give me romance and mystery. Provide me with adventure and astonishing developments in the storyline.

In my own life, however, I greatly prefer a predictable plot. I would like my life to have the pace of a well-crafted story of my own choosing. No unexpected plot twists for me, please. Just pleasant days filled with laughter and friends. Years of successful work and close family ties.

Unfortunately real life isn’t like that. The plot that I planned out for my time on earth simply hasn’t materialized. Every chapter has had surprise twists. Events I expected to happen never did. Things I said I would not do under any circumstances became the very things God asked me to embrace.

Recently life delivered an unexpected development in my life tale.

My husband has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

Because he’s the guy who never takes a sick day, we never saw this part of our story coming. This bombshell of a plot twist has left us staggering, wondering which direction the story will follow now.

We all want to think that once we know Jesus, the Giver of all good things, that the tale of our lives will be part romance, part feel-good family tale. But the setting of our story is still a fallen, imperfect world. And Jesus warned us, “In the world you will have tribulation” {John 16:33}. In other words, we are guaranteed unfortunate plot developments and tragic turns in the narrative.

Thankfully, we are also guaranteed something else, Jesus went on to say, “But take heart; I have overcome the world” {John 16:33}. If we trust in Jesus, we are promised a happy ending. Because we know the Prince, He is sure to save us in the end.

My trouble comes when I think that the happy ending is right now. When I forget that every fairy tale ends with light and happiness, but in-between the princess has to live with evil stepsisters or mean ogres. That life holds toxic apples and poisonous spinning wheels.

The happy ending doesn’t happen until . . . the end.

Somehow this simple realization has helped me tremendously. When I become depressed and disappointed in the way my life is going, I remember I can’t expect life to be perfect in the middle of the story. Sometimes the pages of our stories will be filled with financial downturns, difficult relationships, and cancer diagnoses.

What I can expect is Jesus, my Prince, to walk with me through the adventure of life. I can expect Him to either protect me from the ogres of this life or give me the strength to endure them.

I can trust that, because Jesus loves me, the story He is writing for my life is the best one possible.

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by Sharla Fritz

Sharla Fritz

Sharla is a Christian author and speaker who weaves honest and humorous stories into life-changing Bible study. Author of the new book Waiting: A Bible Study on Patience, Hope, and Trust, These Lips, she writes about God’s transforming grace. Sharla lives in the Chicago suburbs with her amusing pastor husband.
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How to Find Opportunity through the Twists and Turns of Life The field of positive psychology has explored the concept of post-traumatic growth, The more challenging moments we rise to, the more we learn how much we can handle.

life has so many twists and turns
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