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Happy service anniversary wishes
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Finding good work anniversary wishes or work anniversary quotes to convey to your employees or peers made Wish you a very Happy Work Anniversary!.

It's important to recognize employees on their service anniversaries and significant milestones. Many companies give years of service awards to their employees and write a message of appreciation to accompany the award. If you're struggling to find the words to write to your employee for their years of service milestone, check out these 12 sample employee appreciation messages for inspiration to help get you started!


“We are so proud to have you as part of our work family. We hope that you keep up the good work for many years to come!”



“Congratulations on achieving this anniversary with us! We know you have worked hard for this accomplishment and we truly appreciate your dedication.”



“Thank you for being such a valuable member of our team. Wishing you the best for continued success!”



“Congratulations on your service anniversary today! You have been such significant part of our team and we couldn't imagine our workplace without you.”



“We applaud the determination and effort you have demonstrated during your time with us. We look forward to seeing all of the great things we know you will accomplish in the upcoming years!”



“Happy anniversary! Thank you for the all of the contributions you have made in making our company successful. ”



“We are so happy and proud of you for all you've accomplished. Thank you for staying with us through the years. Happy anniversary!”



“Through the years, your talents and efforts have helped our success. Together, we take pride in your accomplishment and your commitment to excellence. Congratulations on your anniversary!”



“We are proud to have you on our team and offer our congratulations on this service milestone. Best wishes to you for these many years to come.”



“I want to express my personal appreciation for your achievement of this milestone. Loyal and dedicated employees like you are the foundation to any successful company. Thank you for your contribution to our success!”



“We sincerely appreciate your hard work and efforts year over year. Thank you for your many wonderful years of service!”



“Thank you for all of the motivation and encouragement you've given throughout the years. May you continue to inspire us for many years to come!”


If you're struggling to find the right words to say, just remember that even a few short sentences can make a world of difference. For additional inspiration and ideas, try further personalizing your messages or boosting employee morale by including some motivational quotes and sayings. 

Choose from our collection of work anniversary quotes. Ideas on wishing someone a happy work anniversary, including some hilarious wording ideas.

30 Best Happy Work Anniversary Quotes With Images

happy service anniversary wishes

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Being recognized for the work you do fends off resentment, increases contentment, and yes, makes you want to work even harder. That’s why wishing someone a happy work anniversary – one of the most basic forms of employee appreciation – is so important.

Here are some thoughtful work anniversary messages you can send to a coworker, boss, or friend. Whether you’re looking for a message to share on social media, in a greeting card, or in a humble text message, these wording ideas will help you come up with the perfect sentiment.


To start, here are some work anniversary wishes that work for almost any situation.

  • Happy work anniversary! Thanks for everything you do around here. This place wouldn’t be the same without you.
  • Happy work anniversary to the nicest coworker anyone could ask for!
  • Another year of excellence! Thanks for all the amazing work you do. Your effort and enthusiasm are much needed, and very much appreciated.
  • From all of us… happy anniversary! Thank you for your hard work, your generosity, and your contagious enthusiasm.
  • Congratulations on your work anniversary! We appreciate your energy, your kindness, and all the work you do, but most of all, we just appreciate you!
  • I couldn’t let your work anniversary pass without sending my best wishes. How lucky am I to work with someone I can truly call a friend?
  • [Non-Coworker] Happy work anniversary! They are truly lucky to have such a smart, thoughtful, and talented person like you.
  • [Self] Today marks the 6th year I’ve been at this job. To all the great people I’ve met and worked with… thanks! It’s been a wild, wonderful ride, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • [Boss] I hope you celebrate many more anniversaries here, because I don’t like my chances of getting a better boss than you.

Milestone Work Anniversary

Here are some special wording ideas for the big milestones.

  • Congratulations on your 1-year work anniversary! You’ve accomplished a lot in the past year, and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future.
  • Happy 1-year work anniversary! You are simply awesome!
  • Congratulations on hitting the 5-year mark with the company! Hope you stick around for many more because you’re one of the best!
  • It’s your 10-year anniversary! Thanks for being part of our family for a full decade. It’s hard to imagine this place without you.
  • Happy anniversary! The company has changed a lot in the 20 years you’ve been here. I’m sure you’ve seen and done it all. And yet you still treat every day like its your first day on the job. Thanks for all the hard work that started 20 years ago and continues to this day.
  • Has it really been 30 years since you started here? I guess time flies when you’re having fun. Thanks for your years of service, your hard work, your dedication, and for everything you’ve done to make this company what it is today.


Finally, here are some humorous ways to wish someone a happy work anniversary. It goes without saying that you might not want your employer to see you sharing messages like these.

  • Happy anniversary to an employee who has made invaluable contributions to this company. Now get back to work!
  • Congrats on surviving another year at your job. Lesser mortals would have gone insane by now.
  • Happy work anniversary to a coworker who has many talents, including the spooky ability to sense when there are donuts in the break room.
  • Happy work anniversary! Don’t you dare think about taking another job – but if you do, please take me with you.
  • Congrats on another year of thankless work. It’s taking them much longer than expected to bleed you dry.
  • People like you make this company what it is. And I mean that in a good way – really!
  • [Self] Today is my work anniversary! Can you believe I’ve been here three years? I’m sure for many of my coworkers, it seems like much, much longer. 😉

Want to go even further with your message of appreciation? Consider sending a humble gift of candy with one of these clever sayings.

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50 Appreciative Work Anniversary Wishes and Quotes for Employees and Peers

happy service anniversary wishes

Service of an employee can be celebrated in the best way by sendingservice anniversary wishes messages.

The tone of such messages depicts happiness and is the best way to motivate the employee to achieve success.

This can be sent by the peers or by the boss to create a good effect. It can be sent in the form of a text message or can also be sent as mail or a card.

Sample Service Anniversary Wishes Messages

[blockquote]Your dedication towards work throughout these years is appreciated immensely in the service ground. Best wishes on your service for these many years. Happy service anniversary![/blockquote]

[blockquote]It’s been 10 years that you are part of our organisation and we would like to congratulate you for the same. Best wishes from all of us on the anniversary of your service days.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Without your dedication and hard work, it would be highly impossible for us. Wish you all the best for many years to come and best wishes for your service. Happy service anniversary![/blockquote]

[blockquote]Your skill and ideas are very much appreciated and we wish you all the best for many more years to come. Wish you the best on this very special day of your service with the company for 25 years! Happy service anniversary![/blockquote]

[blockquote]Your knowledge has greatly contributed to the success of the company. Best wishes on your successful service of 15 years! Wishing you a happy service anniversary ![/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Your expertise in the given service has resulted in a lot of profits to the company. On this special day, we would like to thank you for your efforts! And happy service anniversary![/notice]
  • It’s indeed a pleasure working with you since 20 years. Wish you all the success and prosperity in service with us!
  • Your commitment towards work has resulted in sweet fruits. My best wishes on your service and wish you a very happy service anniversary.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]It’s time that we congratulate heartily on the very special day. Wish you all the luck and best wishes for your service for 10 long years! Happy service anniversary![/notice]
  • Your guidance and support is greatly appreciated and we would love to work with you for many years to come. Many congratulations on the auspicious day of 20 long years of your service! Happy service anniversary!
  • Brilliant personnel like you have got the best results for the company. We appreciate your work for all these years and many best wishes on the anniversary of your service!
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Your focused attention has got the best results for the company. We wish you all the luck for future endeavours and best wishes for service anniversary on the 10 long years of your wonderful service.[/notice]
  • Your dedication towards work for these many years is truly appreciated. We wish you all the best for your future in the company and best wishes for service anniversary, applauding the amazing service provided by you!

Here are some of the samples of work anniversary wishes for your employees We wish you a very happy work anniversary and good luck for all the upcoming.

40 Thoughtful Work Anniversary Wishes for Colleagues at Work

happy service anniversary wishes

A belated anniversary message is a late message usually sent to a person or a group of persons who are celebrating the complete one year cycle in marriage, work, relationship, or even in a change of lifestyle/habit. In certain cases, you might have made plans to join your friend or family in their anniversary celebration, but all your plans came to nought.

Rather than beat yourself up in regrets or back out completely, you can make up for the tampered-with plans by sending belated anniversary messages to them, even as your apology follows. Here are guidelines cum sample happy belated anniversary messages for you:

Happy Belated Anniversary Messages

1: Today marks the second anniversary of your status as an employee in your choice job. I celebrate you, and may you attain greater heights with fatter benefits. I am sorry this message is coming late.

2: Happy belated wedding anniversary to my most favourite couple. It is a great pleasure to see you both leap into one year together in love. Pardon my late message, please.

3: How fast the years rolled by! It is still unbelievable to me that you are already marking your 13th year anniversary in the pastoral ministry. I can’t wish you anything less but better and lovelier years ahead. Forgive my late anniversary message to you.

4: Happy belated three years anniversary as a vegan. I didn’t mean to swallow your special day in forgetfulness. I will surely make it up for you.

5: My heart beats fast in great excitement as I write to send you this belated message on the second year of your cancer remission. Looking back, your recovery was worth the hellish journey. I’m sorry this message is coming late. It wasn’t a purposeful forgetfulness.

6: On this occasion of your anniversary as a manager, I wish you strength in leadership, consistent development of your mind, and all-round job fulfilment. I forgot that it held yesterday, forgive me. Enjoy!

7: Your marriage union was made in heaven. To think that you are 25 years old in marriage is a thing of great wonder. I look forward to celebrating your 30th with you. Happy belated silver jubilee anniversary wishes!

Funny Belated Anniversary Messages

8: Forgive me, dear friend, for I have sinned against you. That brain of mine went into a temporary shutdown mode, making me forget your wedding anniversary. Accept my soggy apology. Your belated anniversary gift is hurrying down to you.

9: Don’t be too hard on me that I forgot your anniversary. Blame it on my grey hairs. I wish you many more years of joyful celebrations.

10: Did I tell you that I like closing the door after everyone has gone in? Oh! Same happened to my memory of your anniversary. It’s a very new development. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.

11: While I was trying to call back to memory stuffs I could have forgotten, I quickly remembered that last week was your 10th anniversary in the military service. Do you see why I should be a spy for our dear country?

12: Being a grandma didn’t stop me from remembering today, that your wedding anniversary was yesterday. Clap for me!!

13: I knew you would be angry with me for forgetting your anniversary so, I started howling and wailing when I remembered. I am totally and thoroughly inconsolable. I am sorry!!!!!

14: A pretty woman like you deserved a queue of well-wishers on your anniversary. It happened that I was squeezed into the last place. That’s why my message is coming to you belatedly. I’m still panting from the rush!

15: There were a lot of things on my mind about you which I wished to send to you on your anniversary until this morning when I realised that I’ve been thinking for the past five days. This message is belated. I’m still thinking about you.

Belated Anniversary Wishes For Friend

16: I am your friend, and I know you will still appreciate this belated anniversary message from me. I promise you, It will be earlier next time.

17: Happy anniversary on my wonderful friend’s “no more smoking” decision. It is already four years into your change of lifestyle, and I wish you more of the strength to keep through. Pardon the delayed message.

18: Truly, this message is coming a tad later and I regret that. I will surely buckle up next time. Happy anniversary, sweet friend.

19: There is a lot of goodness in you, and I am very proud of who you are, including your ability to forgive my belated anniversary message to you.

20: Do you know what it means to forget a friend’s anniversary? I dared not do that. This message is coming late because I was thinking it was today, instead of yesterday. My mind played a quick one on me. Happy anniversary, darling!

21: Hey dude, this belated anniversary message doesn’t in any way reflect on my personality. You know I really, really care about you. Don’t forget that. Happy anniversary, dear.

22: Dearest friend of life, I’m so glad that you are celebrating one year as a mother to your very handsome boy. Motherhood shall be fair to you. I’m sorry that this message is coming to you late. Accept my apology.

23: You are one of the sweetest friends I have. Without much words, you’ve proven to be my rock-solid support in times of need. It really irks me that I forgot your anniversary date. Accept my sincere apology. Happy anniversary.

24: How I wish that I can say to you in person, that I am sorry for not sending this message earlier. I have nothing to say in my defence. Happy anniversary to you, dearest.

25: Words are insufficient to express my profound joy as you witness your work anniversary and a fresh start into a new year. May wisdom and understanding rule you, priceless friend. I’m sorry for sending this message late.

26: For skipping my mind, I am not just wishing you a great anniversary but also sending you a valuable anniversary gift. Hope you will accept my peace offering.

Belated Anniversary Wishes For Parents

27: Your marriage inspires me to excel as a wife. I couldn’t have asked for a better model of a perfect marriage than the one you’ve lived out as my parents. Though this message is belated, I want to wish you a very beautiful wedding anniversary.

28: I am honoured to have you as my parents. Over the years, I have keenly observed you and how you love, respect and esteem each other. I pray that you have many more years to celebrate together. Sorry that this message is coming late.

29: Out of deep respect for the best parents ever, I wish you a wonderful wedding anniversary. You deserve every good thing in life, including joy, peace, and togetherness. Pardon my late message.

30: Dad and mum, you make life easier by your humility and respect for each other. Words fail me to list one by one, all the lessons I’ve learnt from watching you live as a married couple. May your days be long. Kindly accept my belated message to you.

31: Happy anniversary, mum, on your second year as a mini-bus driver. Your driving skill has greatly improved. Kudos! Forgive the message that is coming a bit late.

32: Daddy, I am very proud of you even as you are five years into your business. It wasn’t an easy beginning, but you have proven to be a worthy businessman. Even though it’s coming late, happy business anniversary!

33: You have consistently taught me how to maximise opportunities, with my integrity intact. Through and through, I am grateful to be called your child. Happy anniversary, dear parents. It is coming late, I’m sorry.

Belated Anniversary Wishes For Sister

34: May this my belated message wipe out every anger, and bring tremendous happiness to you, dearest sister. I wish you a blissful marital life. Happy wedding anniversary.

35: You are the most considerate woman I’ve been privileged to have as a sibling. You have sacrificed a lot for my happiness, and I am forever grateful to you. I wish you a fruitful anniversary in employment. Sorry that it is coming late.

36: One of the proudest moments of my life was growing up to call you “Sisi”. You are my sister, and I can’t trade you for anyone. Happy wedding anniversary. I’m sorry for the delayed message.

37: There are many sisters in this world, but my sister-in-law stands out as the most beautiful. You married my brother, and have been a source of joy and happiness to him. This message is late, but I have to wish you a sweet marriage anniversary.

39: Inasmuch as this anniversary message is coming late and unexpectedly, in it are wishes of fun, bliss, and merriment on the occasion of your anniversary as a flight attendant. Enjoy your good life, sis.

40: I don’t have a lot of things to say, but through this belated message, I wish my only sister a glorious anniversary. Be happy!

Send one of these 12 employee appreciation messages! It's important to recognize employees on their service anniversaries and significant milestones. “We are so happy and proud of you for all you've accomplished.

happy service anniversary wishes
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