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Happy new home wishes
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It is very exciting to hear about your new house. Wishing you all the best as you settle in and create a space that is perfect! You deserve years of happiness as.

Are you looking for Wishes for your Friend and Relatives who are going to shift in the new home? So here is a colossal assortment of New Home Wishes for all of you guys to Wish your Friend, Family Member, Relatives and someone who has purchased the new home. It’s a time when you should celebrate with your Friend and organize a party. Use these wishes and express your happiness too. These wishes will help you to congratulate to your friend in a loving and different style. Express your good luck prayers by New House Wishes for your Friend. Hope they also like your choice.


 New House Wishes

1 : ) So you have stopped paying rent? Congrats! There is no place like home!

2 : ) Congratulations for breaking yourself free from the chains of landlords but condolences for tying yourself in the chains of mortgage repayments.

3 : ) Nurture your new home with love and care so that your family never has to face despair. Congratulations.

4 : ) Congratulations for your new home! Hope it becomes a very special place where all your dreams grow.

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5 : ) When you bought your new home you didn’t just fulfill a need, you accomplished a deserving feat. It takes guts to take on a mortgage, but I am sure it will be all worth it as you age. The loan repayments may feel like a heavy burden right now, but years later when your home’s value increases you will say WOW. Congratulations.

New home Greetings

6 : ) Congratulations on your move! Hope your new place is everything that you dreamed it could be and more. It will be an amazing experience that will bring years of joy.

7 : ) Hear you are moving up! Congratulations on the new place! May you be welcomed with gladness and elation as you settle in and make the space your own.

8 : ) Worthy of applause, is your new house. Wish you happiness, many moments priceless. Congratulations.

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9 : ) The walls of a new home will always remain cold, until it is occupied by family members, young and old. With a beautiful family and a lovely home, you have simply struck gold. Congratulations.

10 : ) Even the walls of the most expensive hotel in the world, can never be as warm as those of your beautiful new home. Congratulations.

Best Wishes For New Home

11 : ) You should christen your house as PERFECTION because everything seems to be just right. Congratulations.

12 : ) Parties, gatherings and family events, your new home is set to create priceless moments. Hugs, smiles, laughs and giggles, the company of friends and loved ones will make your happiness double. Congratulations.

13 : ) A new home drains all your life’s savings, but in return gives you a new life. Congratulations.

14 : ) It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can built a home. Wishing you heavenly time in your new place.

15 : ) A new home is very exciting. May you have the best of luck moving and creating a wonderful new environment. Sending hugs and warm wishes as you unpack!

16 : ) Congratulations on your new place! This is really exciting! May happiness and love move in with you.

17 : ) When you enter your new home, heave a sigh of relief. This is a new start to your life and time to turn a new leaf. Congratulations.

  • 18 : ) Your dream has come true! Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong and happiness never ends.
  • 19 : ) May the windows and doors of your new home open up to good luck, prosperity and fortune for your entire family. Congratulations.
  • 20 : ) Don’t feel bad if you feel proud and haughty, your new home is just too pretty. Don’t feel guilty if you feel like showing off a bit, the beauty of your new home is totally worth it. Congratulations.
  • 21 : ) Congratulations on acquiring your new home! May you find great happiness at your new address.
  • 22 : ) A home is a haven for love, memories and happiness. Congratulations for getting yours.
  • 23 : ) A house is made of bricks, a Home is made of love and dreams! May your new home be a place where friends gather!
  • 24 : ) Congratulations on your new home and all the best for the unpacking.
  • 25 : ) Your new home is an investment that will reap rewards for a lifetime. You made a wise and beautiful choice. Congratulations.


26 : ) So happy to hear about your move! May you have years of luck and happiness with your new home. Enjoy the fun of decorating and creating a special space for family and friends.

27 : ) Fantastic news! A new home is a place for memories to be made and dreams to come true.

28 : ) Your new home is… a slice of heaven, a glimpse of beauty, a mark of elegance, a sigh so pretty. A warm feeling, a vibrant hue, a cozy ambience, a dream come true. Congratulations.

29 : ) May your new home keep you cozy in winter, cool in summer and sheltered during the rains. May your new home also give you a prosperous life full of happiness and free of pains. Congratulations.

30 : ) A new home is much more than bricks and wood. It is a haven where life is nurtured. May you experience extreme love and happiness always!

Coolest New House Wishes and Quotes

31 : ) Congratulations on getting your new house. Wishing it becomes a place of many lovely and happy moments.

32 : ) Best wishes with your new house! May you enjoy wonderful times and create a lifetime of memories.

33 : ) My heart skips a beat when I see your new home. It has the perfect ambience, the perfect decor and the perfect tone. Congratulations.

34 : ) As you step foot into your new home for the first time, please take a moment to read this sweet rhyme. Wealth will always follow hard-working people like you, prosperity and success will follow you too. But what is more important is the love of your family, so cherish every moment you spend in your new home with people who you love dearly. Congratulations.

35 : ) When the sun sets in the west, the view from your living room will be the best of the best. Congratulations.

36 : ) Your new house is a tree from which memories of your life will form permanent branches, leading to where life will take you. It will also be a permanent reminder of your roots and where you came from. Congratulations.

37 : ) May your new home make you feel like royalty living in a castle. May you be blessed with all the comforts that a home can bring. Wishing you years of happiness and joy!

38 : ) HOUSES are all about cement, bricks, mortar and wood. HOMES are all about loved ones, family, parties and food. Congratulations for your new home.

39 : ) Congratulations for buying yourself a new home and locking yourself in a cage called mortgage.

40 : ) You will not realize the value of your new home, until you come back from a stressful day at work and lounge in a place that you can truly call your own. Congratulations.


As you unpack the things for your new home, the same way God unpacks the paramount happiness and glory for the family. Happy unpacking.

New Home Wishes And Greetings 2017

happy new home wishes

Sending a new home card but don’t know what to write? Luckily we’ve come up with a simple list of both popular and unique messages for you to steal and take credit for. Browse new home quotes, simple messages or funny things to write. Just pick your favourite and voila; you’re welcome!

Simple and Easy Things to Write

  1. Congratulations on your new home… here’s hoping for good neighbours.
  2. Wishing you all the best in turning your new house into a home.
  3. Congratulations on your new home. Wishing you all the very best in settling in and making it your own.
  4. Home sweet home! You made it! All the best settling in.
  5. Many congratulations. I hope all is good in your new hood!
  6. Hooray! You’re officially proper grown-ups now.
  7. Congrats on your new home. Great adulting!
  8. Welcome to the mortgage club. Can’t wait to visit you in your new home.
  9. Your new pile of bricks is so much better than your old one – congrats!
  10. Yay – you made it into your new home! Wishing you all the best.

Funny and Cheeky Messages

  1. Well done on moving house… please send me your Wi-Fi password in advance. Thanks.
  2. Home is where your wife rules, a new home is… still where your wife rules.
  3. Well done on buying a house. Please don’t talk about it all the time though, or I will stop hanging out with you.
  4. If you ever get lost, now you can always go home!
  5. I hope you remember this moment in your new home forever. Because it will never be this clean or organised ever again.
  6. I love your new home so much that I can see myself living there. I’m still waiting for my key?
  7. Congrats on the new home, let me know which room is mine.
  8. Well done on getting yourself in an obscene amount of debt.
  9. NO I won’t help with the unpacking and YES I would like to come over for free food and drink.
  10. Congratulations on your new home. Sorry that when you needed help I was ill, away on holiday, my car broke down and the dog ate my keys.
  11. I can’t wait to overstay my welcome!
  12. Congrats on moving in together. Remember living together is mainly just shouting “what!?” from different rooms.
  13. Good luck convincing your neighbours that you’re normal!
  14. It’s great you finally bought a house; good job they don’t do proper background checks!
  15. Your new home may have used up all your life savings, you might be in debt up to your eyeballs and never be able to go out again, but here’s a card – well done.
  16. Your new home is lovely – which is a good job, as you won’t be able to afford to go out anymore!
  17. Well done on finding a ridiculously expensive place to live.
  18. Congratulations to you moving and congratulations to me for not having to help you move!

Thoughtful Quotes & Greetings

  1. Congratulations on the new address, the new house, and all of the new experiences that you will have as a homeowner.
  2. We’re really happy you’ve finally moved into your new home. Wishing you lots of peace and enjoyment at your new address.
  3. This is brilliant news! A new home is a place for memories to be made and great times to be had. Congratulations on your new home and all the best for the unpacking.
  4. We’re all very excited that you’ve finally moved in! Wishing you all the best with your new home – hope it works out perfectly.
  5. Congratulations on getting your new house. Here’s hoping you turn it into a lovely home and it becomes a place of many happy moments.


Rude/Offensive Things to Say

  1. Mortgage w***ers!
  2. S**t just got real! Well done on the adulting.
  3. When can I come and visit? I can’t wait to check out your new toilet..
  4. This is great news. I just hope your new neighbours aren’t d*** heads!
  5. Congratulations! Now you can walk around naked, but close the blinds because no one wants to see that s**t.
  6. Just because you have a mortgage – doesn’t mean you’re grown up!
  7. Your new home may have used up all your life savings, you might be in debt up to your eyeballs and never be able to go out again, but here’s a card – well done.

For more ideas from thoughtful to funny, check out our new home cards, where you can create a personalised card with a special touch.

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New Home Congratulations

happy new home wishes

New House Congratulations Wishes

What to Write to a New Homeowner

When you know people moving into a new house, you can send them a card congratulating them and wishing them a great transition to the new home. Use these examples of what to write in their card.
  1. We're excited to see you get out of your apartment and into your own house. There’s nothing like the feeling of home ownership. Enjoy the benefits and have fun with the extra responsibilities you now have.
  2. Now you have plenty of room for kids. Oops, I meant to say dogs.
  3. Besides helping you move, let me know what I can do to help
  4. I am excited to hear you are getting a new house. I hope you get settled in smoothly. Let me know if I can help you move or help you paint. There are usually a lot of things that need to be done when you first move in.
  5. A new house is just a big cost that keeps on costing. Enjoy the extra costs!

Join in the celebrations with one of our congratulations on your new home cards. Our fantastic collection of housewarming cards starts from just £1.50.

New Home Messages to Celebrate the New Beginning

happy new home wishes

Want to greet your French friends or offer well wishes during special occasions but don’t know how to say it in French? This article will teach you exactly what French greetings to say or write during the most important events.

Whether it’s a festive event like a birthday, anniversary, wedding, promotion, or holidays---or an unfortunate situation like a sickness or death in the family---stick with me here because I’ll be sharing with you how to express your well-wishes in French.

Get the free PDF

You can also get a copy of this list in a printer-friendly PDF format. It comes with free access to the French Learning Package. If you have previously signed up to join our mailing list, you can check the link shared to you before. The file is already there. 

1. French Birthday Greetings

 Let’s start with French birthday greetings. Birthday traditions in France are same as elsewhere: a cake, gifts, as well as singing of birthday songs. The birthday song is similar in tune to the “happy birthday to you” song you’re quite familiar with---but translated into French, of course.

Here are some common ways to greet people a happy birthday in French.

Joyeux anniversaire !Happy birthday!
Bon anniversaire !Happy birthday!
Bonne fête !Happy birthday!
Que tu profites encore de nombreuses années !May you enjoy many more years!
Que tous tes désirs se réalisent ! May all your wishes come true!
Je te souhaite plein de bonheur en cette journée spéciale.Wishing you every happiness on your special day.
Je te souhaite tout plein de bonheur en cette journée particulière. Passe une merveilleuse journée !Wishing you every happiness this special day brings. Have a wonderful birthday!

Joyeux anniversaire [zhwy euz ahn ee vehr seyr] and bon anniversaire [bohn ahn ee vehr seyr] are commonly used in France, but in French-speaking parts of Canada, it’s usually bonne fête [bohn fet].

Note: You might have noticed that in French punctuation, there is a space before the exclamation point. Like this !

2. French Wedding Anniversary Greetings

Wondering how to greet a married couple in French during their wedding anniversary? Here are some ways.

Joyeux anniversaire !Happy Anniversary!
Joyeux ...(ème) anniversaire de mariage !Happy __th Anniversary!
Félicitations pour vos noces….Congratulations on your ______ wedding anniversary! porcelaineporcelain (20th)
...d’argentsilver (25th) perlepearl (30th) rubiscoral (35th)
...d'émerauderuby (40th)
...d'orgolden (50th) diamantdiamond (60th)

You might have noticed that joyeux anniversaire is the same phrase listed previously for birthday greetings.’re absolutely right! While this may seem weird to non-French speakers, in French, anniversaire covers so much more than just anniversary; it can also refer to birthdays.

3. How to Offer Your Condolences in French

 How about during challenging moments when you struggle so hard to express your condolences in French? How do you say how sorry you are for their loss?

Here is a list of French words of sympathy that you may use to condole and share in the sorrow of a grieving French person. We have added some details below to guide you on when to properly use these condolences.

Je vous prie de bien vouloir accepter mes sincères condoléances.Please accept my sincere condolences.Very basic and common phrase to offer sympathy.
Nous vous prions d'accepter nos sincères condoléances.Please accept our most sincere sympathy.Highly formal. may be used to offer condolences to people you are not very familiar with.
Nous sommes sincèrement désolés d'apprendre la disparition de _____…We are sincerely sorry to hear about the passing of____.This is usually reserved for close friends.
En ces moments difficiles nous tenions à vous faire part de nos sincères condoléances.Please accept our deepest and most heartfelt condolences at this most difficult time.May be used for close/ familiar friends.
Je suis de tout cœur avec vous.I'm with you with all my heart and soul.An informal way to offer sympathy and may be used with close friends and family.
Nous partageons votre peine en ce moment de deuil. Nos sincères condoléances, à vous et à votre famille.We share your difficulty in this time of grieving. Our sincere condolences to you and to your family.This one is also a little less formal than the others and may be used between families and friends who are quite familiar with each other.

4. French Christmas and New Year Greetings

As the song says, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Surely you can’t miss greeting your French friends this holiday season! Or perhaps you want to "Frenchify" your holiday greetings this year. This is what you say:

Joyeux Noël ! Merry Christmas!
Bonnes Fêtes ! Happy Holidays!
Joyeuses Fêtes !Happy Holidays!
Meilleurs Voeux ! Best wishes!
Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année ! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année de la part de… Season's greetings from…
Bonne Année !Happy New Year!
Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année ! Happy Holidays!

See also: How to Greet Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in French for a more detailed guide.

5. General Congratulations

The need for saying congratulations in French could come up a lot more than you’d expect, especially if you are traveling or moving to a French-speaking country. So here are some phrases you can use to congratulate someone for general situations.

Félicitations pour… -Congratulations on…standard congratulations
Nous voudrions te féliciter pour…We would like to send you our congratulations on…
Bien joué.Well done.
Nous savions que tu pouvais le faire.We knew you could do it.Usually used with family and friends
Je veux vous féliciter.I want to congratulate you.
Félicitations !Congrats!Informal
Chapeau !Hats off to you!This is an informal idiomatic expression that works similarly as with its English counterpart but may seem a bit old-fashioned.
Bravo!Well done!
Bon travail !good work!

The word félicitations [feh lees ee ta see yohn] is quite flexible and can work for all types of scenarios, and so does the verb it is derived from: féliciter. But if you want more specific ways to congratulate people, scroll down below.

6. Congratulations: New baby

​So, someone you know is having a baby or just delivered a bundle of joy into the world. Here’s how to congratulate them in French.

Félicitations pour la naissance de votre petit garçon / petite fille !Congratulations on the arrival of your new beautiful baby boy/girl!
Félicitations pour la nouvelle arrivée dans votre famille !Congratulations on the new arrival in your family!
Nous sommes ravis d'apprendre la naissance de votre petit garçon / petite fille. Félicitations.We are delighted to hear of the birth of your new baby boy/girl. Congratulations.

See also: French for Parents: Baby Talk, Vocabulary, and Tips

7. Congratulations: academic-related

For academic achievements that deserve a pat on the back, here are some ways on how to express your warm sentiments.

Félicitations pour ton diplôme !Congratulations on your graduation!
Félicitations pour tes examens !Congratulations on passing your exams!
Bien joué pour les examens.Well done on your exams.
Félicitations pour l'obtention de ton Master !Congratulations on getting your Masters!
Félicitations pour ton entrée à l'université.Well done on getting into University.

8. French Greetings for Engagement and Wedding

Weddings and engagements are among the happiest moments in a person’s life. When you need to show that you’re one with friends in their happiness, here are some well-wishes in French. You can use these to congratulate them and wish them the best in their huge milestone.

French Greetings for the Newly Engaged

Félicitations pour tes fiançailles !
Congratulations on your engagement!

You can then follow it up with some add-ons:

J'espère que vous serez très heureux ensemble.I hope you’ll be very happy together.
J'espère que vous vous rendrez extrêmement heureux l'un l'autre.I hope you will make each other extremely happy.
Avez-vous déjà fixé la date du grand jour ?Have you set the date of the big day?

French Greetings for the Newlyweds

Félicitations. Nous vous souhaitons à tous les deux tout le bonheur du monde.Congratulations. We wish both of you all the happiness in the world.
Félicitations pour votre mariage!Congratulations on the wedding!
Félicitations et meilleurs vœux à vous deux pour votre mariage.Congratulations and best wishes to you both on your wedding day.
Félicitations aux jeunes mariés pour leur heureuse union.Congratulations to the newlyweds on their happy union.
Félicitations pour vous être dit "oui" !Congratulations on saying yes (or saying “your "I do's"! ) -informal
Félicitations à vous deux !Congratulations on tying the knot! (informal)

9. Congratulations and work-related well-wishes

Work-related wins and advancements call for some celebration---and well-wishes from friends and family. So in cases when you need to extend your congrats, here are some ways to do so, as well as some ways to wish people luck on their new work.

Félicitations pour avoir décroché ce poste !Congratulations on getting the job!
Félicitations pour ton avancement !Congratulations on the promotion!
Nous te souhaitons beaucoup de succès dans cette prochaine étape professionnelle.We wish you every success on your latest career move.
Nous te souhaitons bonne chance dans ton nouveau travail chez…We wish you the best of luck in your new job at…
Bonne chance pour ta première journée chez…Good luck on your first day at…

10. How to say "get well soon" in French

Have friends or colleagues who have fallen ill and need some cheering? Send them a get well message and let them know they’re in your thoughts. Here are some words you might want to tell them.

Prompt rétablissement.[Wish you a] speedy recovery.
Rétablis-toi vite.Get well soon.
Nous vous souhaitons un prompt rétablissementWe wish you a quick recovery.
Se sentir mieux bientôtFeel better soon.
Je pense à toi et espère que tu te sentiras mieux très bientôt.Thinking of you and hope you feel better soon.
Nous espérons que tu seras sur pieds d'ici peu.We hope that you will be up on your feet soon.

11. General thanks

I’m sure you’re familiar with the word merci (mehr see), but there are more ways to say thanks in French. Check out this list of phrases you can use to express your gratitude.

MerciThank you
Merci beaucoup pour…Many thanks for…
mille mercisThanks a thousand times
Je ne sais pas comment te remercier pour…I really don't know how to thank you for…
Nous voudrions vraiment remercier... du fond du cœur pour…We would like to extend our warmest thanks to…for…
Nous te sommes très reconnaissants pour…We are very grateful to you for…
C'est vraiment gentil de ta part.It is really nice of you.
Je vous remercie.I thank you. (very formal)
Je vous remercie de tout cœur.I thank you from the bottom of my heart. (also formal and with more emphasis than the previous)
Je vous adresse mes plus vifs remerciements.I send you my most sincere/warmest thanks. (usually in written formal thank you letters)


Do you have more scenarios that need a list of French greetings or well-wishes? Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section and I will try to update this article with your suggestions.

For more phrases like these, get your copy of this French Phrasebook. It's perfect not just for tourists, but also for people who wish to learn French. 

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Try writing your own greetings using the examples given above and share it with us in the comment section!

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Congratulations on your new home. May happiness knock early at your door, stay late, and leave the gift of good fortune. Wishing you all the.

happy new home wishes
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