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Happy birthday wishes for friend daughter
March 26, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 5 comments

Wouldn't it be nice if each year on our birthday we could receive special birthday wishes from our friends, colleagues, relatives, and our dearest.

Birthdays are one of the most special events one has in their lifetime; it is a never ending celebration where one gets a day to acknowledge growing older and hopefully wiser, and also receive presents and messages from those who care and appreciate you. When your friend’s daughter’s birthday comes around, it is polite to send them a birthday wish appreciating them and showing them that they are special in your lives too. Don’t be shy to write down a special message just for them or just choose from one of these messages below and see a smile form on their lovely face. Here they are:

Birthday Wishes for the Daughter of My Friend

  • A little bird told me it’s your birthday princess, wishing you loads of unforgettable memories and special presents. Happy birthday friend’s daughter!
  • There’s nowhere else and rather be and there’s no one else I’d rather celebrate today. Happy birthday friend’s daughter you are a gem.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter
  • Remember, whenever you need me, I am here for you always friend’s daughter. Love you and hope you make a wish that will definitely come true.
  • It’s a new day, your life is going fine and you’re renewed by the privilege given to witness another year. God will bless your new age. Happy Birthday friend’s daughter.
  • If all the hugs can make you feel loved today and never get lonely for the rest of your life, then we will give it all to you. Happy Birthday friend’s daughter. You are cherished.

  • I not only celebrate you today, but every day you walk on this earth friend’s daughter, you are truly a blessed child. Enjoy your birthday.
  • I love you and there is nothing you’ll ever do that will change that, wishing you one of the best birthdays yet friend’s daughter.
  • Happy Birthday Messages for Daughter
  • Since the moment I laid my eyes on you I knew you were made of greatness. I am happy to be here on your birthday friend’s daughter, wishing you a lovely evening.
  • Happy birthday friend’s daughter. I wish your birthday will make your family flourish in love and in God’s goodness. Enjoy your special day and the great year ahead.
  • Congratulations to this young energetic pretty woman, who happen to be the daughter of my friend, may your days be very long and healthy daughter. Happy Birthday friend’s daughter. Enjoy the special day.

  • A friend in need is a friend indeed; you have taken the place of your mom to become your father’s best friend. Congratulations on your special day friend’s daughter. May you be blessed.
  • No matter the distance, space or age between us, you will always be a child I admire and love dearly. Have a hearty birthday friend’s daughter.
  • Words are not enough to describe how precious you are to me, I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world friend’s daughter, enjoy your born day.
  • Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad
  • My little princess is growing to be a fine young woman, I am happy I won’t miss a moment of it, have a beautiful birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to you friend’s daughter, every of your father’s antics were only meant to protect you. He loves you so much. Happy Birthday to you precious daughter. May God keep you safe.

  • The good gift any man can hope to have is a loving daughter, but the best gift is in a loving daughter who has chosen to be the mother’s best friend. Happy Birthday friend’s daughter.
  • You are certainly a sparkling light in the world of your father, you are so dear to his heart and I tell you he can’t do without you and the family. Happy Birthday friend’s daughter.
  • Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom
  • I really can’t wait to see you grow, if you have so much prospect even at this infant age, then you could be the best of the best. Happy Birthday friend’s daughter. Enjoy the day.
  • May the stars shine extra bright especially for you and may they form promises and open doors as you turn a new age today friend’s daughter.
  • Hearty birthday princess, eat lots of cake and have lots of fun, it’s your day and I hope you’ll make the most out of it. I love you friend’s daughter.

  • May no one ever make you feel down, for your smile lights up every dark soul, always and forever in my heart, have an awesome birthday friend’s daughter.
  • I hope you will enjoy the sweetness of this beautiful day of yours, but I want you to know that the day can’t be as sweet as you are. Happy Birthday friend’s daughter.
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  • Happy Birthday to you friend’s daughter, I hope you will enjoy this day with your dad in his non-verbal ways of expressing love. Hehehehehe. I celebrate your personality friend’s daughter.
  • No one certainly knows how to care for people until they have their first child; you are your dad’s favorite any day. I want to wish you a special celebration on this special day.
  • For you to know the level at which your father values you, I will go hunting with him to help him get your surprise birthday gift. Happy Birthday friend’s daughter. Have lots of fun.

  • You are truly a child worth a thousand words, but for today, appreciate, happy birthday, May you outlive us all. We love you friend’s daughter.
  • Every moment with you is a blessing and every moment away from you is a nightmare, you bring the happy in your birthday friend’s daughter. I hope you enjoy it.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Girls
  • I will always protect you no matter the weather or circumstance; you are truly a child worth all the presents and candy in the world on your birthday today friend’s little daughter.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for a Woman
  • Happy birthday friend’s daughter. I hope today will bring about a reconciliation between your mother and I. You’re such a precious girl. Enjoy the special year.
  • Your ability to mix and fit into any kind of setting is intriguing and admirable, you are a daughter anyone would love to call daughter. Congratulation on your special day. God bless you a lot.

Birthday Wishes for Someone Else’s Daughter

  • The only thing I can see in front of this charming damsel is a dazzling bright future. I hope and pray that nothing distractively attractive will alternate the envisioned you. Happy Birthday friend’s daughter.
  • Your father said you are his joy and you delight his heart every time, but in truth, who wouldn’t see you as their joy. You are so amazing. Happy Birthday friend’s daughter. Keep enjoying yourself.
  • Today is absolutely all about cake eating, but because of the person we are celebrating, the day is more than just cake. A wonderful fast-growing daughter of our friend! Congratulations on your Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Kids
  • I hope to sing you a beautiful birthday song, one you will always remember and cherish, to many years and more, hearty birthday friend’s daughter.
  • I may not have much, but there is nothing I wouldn’t give up for you today to see you have the perfect birthday, always on my mind friend’s daughter.
  • The internet has confused me today, I’ve seen a lot of messages but I couldn’t pick one because everyone looks like something I can send to you. Happy Birthday friend’s daughter.

Cute Birthday Messages for a Friend’s Daughter

  • Have fun, act your age, you will get to the age we are at someday and I hope you won’t regret the wasted years, always with love, hearty birthday friend’s daughter.
  • Everyone barely have enough to give, but in your little you never stop giving, giving of love, material gifts and lots more. Your attitude should be celebrated. Happy Birthday friend’s daughter.
  • I wish I have a daughter like you. Hehehehe. If I do, I would spoil you with every good thing of life, your character is always inviting. Happy Birthday friend’s daughter. God bless you.
  • Top 100 Funny Birthday Wishes, Messages
  • Happy Birthday friend’s daughter, we hope you will keep setting the pace for the ones growing up behind you. Happy Birthday friend’s daughter. May you be blessed a lot and beyond your years.
  • May all your dreams come true, the light of your life will increasingly glow to surprise your enemies and haters. Can I hear you say a very loud Amen.
  • While I was asleep, God asked me to assure you that his cover over you is inevitable and your birthday marks the inception of uncountable opportunities.

  • You are my friend’s daughter, who makes you valuable to me; I wish you double fold of good luck on your birthday and beyond. Have a great day.
  • I would love to see you always smile as you make my friend do. You are truly a daughter indeed. I choose your birthday to apprentice you for being a reliable girl.
  • If I could, you would have been my child and not just my friend’s daughter. Nevertheless, I thank God that you still exist in our lives. Happy Birthday sweet princess.
  • Happy Birthday to my friend’s daughter, your birthday is an indication of an awaited flood of blessing, Keep prospering to your success level is at infinity.
  • I would not have hoped for a different daughter for my friend; you process all the outstanding qualities of a good daughter. Happy Birthday to you.
  • Thinking about how far you have supported my friend brightens my face; everyone needs a daughter like you. Thanks for your loyalty and love. Happy Birthday dear

  • My friend’s daughter, I am so glad that you are growing up to be the wish of every mother like myself; I wish on you all the right things the heavens have to offer on your birthday.
  • Through you are a friend’s daughter, you treat me like your parent, and it means a lot to me. I hope today’s birthday be the best of all.
  • Congratulations to a friend’s beautiful daughter, you always made us proud, so I implore you to keep it up, as you grow older by a year today.
  • I join my friend and well-wishers to celebrate an exceptional achiever of a daughter who has done it once again; we are delighted with your new age.
  • Your birthday is special to me because my friend always tells me how important you are to the family; you are God sent to your family.
  • I consider you as my daughter because we all love good people such as you in our lives, your birthday will once again make my friend the happiest parent today.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Daughter with Greetings and Messages Birthday .. Images That Will Inspire 38 Happy Birthday Wishes Friendship, Birthday Wishes .

Birthday Wishes For Kids

happy birthday wishes for friend daughter

Beautiful birthday image for kid girl

Have an awesome day, cutie, and may all of your days be full of amazing achievements and discoveries!


Pink birthday to my pink girl! I love you, dear, and wish you to have soft and pink time with your friends. We all need to see you happy. Happy birthday, barbie!


Happy birthday, my little darling! You are so sweet and cute girl I just want to kiss and kiss you. And… today is a perfect day to do this, so be ready for this! I’ll be like a bee and you – my honey. Hug and kiss you, cutie!


Please, don’t grow up so fast, my little girl. I need to enjoy you as much as possible. Kiss you! Congratulations with birthday! Be happy!


You’re my little teddy bear girl. My fluffy love. Wish you to have funny and happy all the next 12 months and the most adorable birthday. Happy birthday, my special girl!


Have full of dreams and wishes day, dear! Today it’s your birthday and I perfectly know that all your desires can turn into a reality. Just close your eyes and make a wish. It works! Happy birthday, darling!


Wonderful birthday, love! On this beautiful day I have only one asking – please don‘t grow up so fast. It‘s so fantastic to see you playing in sandbox and running in the yard. Enjoy your childhood and I‘ll enjoy you. Congratulations, dear!


Dear little princess, today you came into our world and made it a real fairy tale. Thank you for everything, and may God bless and save you all your life. Of course, we’ll keep you safe, too. With the biggest love, happy birthday!

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Top 70 Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter

happy birthday wishes for friend daughter

Planning to send a message to someone in celebration of their daughter’s birthday but aren’t exactly sure of what to put into the message?

Below we have literally dozens of absolutely sweet and heartwarming birthday wishes to help get you started on your noble cause.

To her Mom

  • Sending your beautiful daughter’s way a day so special and magical that she never forgets it. May her heart always be a container for happiness.
  • Happy birthday to your adorable little daughter! May her beautiful smile grow wider and wider every blessed day.
  • If all daughters in this world were as amazing as [Name of Daughter], this world would have certainly been a magical place filled with boundless happiness. On her birthday, my only prayer is that God will always fill her life with the most priceless gift in the universe – true joy.
  • I’m so happy to join you in celebrating the birthday of your little princess. May love, beauty, good health and happiness be hers all her days.
  • Your daughter’s big day gives me a great opportunity to let you know how wonderful she is. You are such a blessed mother to have such an angel for a daughter. I pray she has nothing but an absolutely wonderful and happy life.
  • It’s a privilege to be able to join you in observing the birthday of your phenomenal daughter. As we celebrate this special day, may she be blessed with all the things that her big heart longs for.
  • On your daughter’s big day, I wish her a life full of incredible happiness and good health. She deserves these precious things and many more for being such a lovable angel.

Happy Birthday, special girl.

  • Some children are great blessings to their families. Your daughter, [Name of Daughter], happens to be one of such children. May God lay His mighty hands upon her as she celebrates her birthday today and bless her abundantly.
  • Wishing your adorable daughter a truly fantastic birthday celebration. May she never stop smiling and shining.
  • On your dearest little cutie’s anniversary, may blessings and happiness without end forever be her companion.
  • May your darling daughter’s special day bless her with all the beautiful things she wants in her life. She’s truly amazing, and I’m so proud of her.
  • For being a phenomenal person, your daughter deserves good fortune, good health and, most of all, true happiness on her special day and the coming year.
  • I hope your precious little girl will celebrate her birthday today knowing that is truly loved and treasured. May God constantly keep His eyes on her and keep her protected and happy wherever she goes.
  • Yay! Once again it’s the birthday of our adorable [Daughter’s Name]! Hope she enjoys oceans of joy and love her entire life.
  • Your daughter is one of the most special people to me. I hope her birthday fills her heart with as much joy as she brings into mine. May God forever bless her.
  • Never stop being happy and feeling proud because you have been blessed with a magnificent daughter that the average parent on earth would love to have as theirs. May every millisecond of her big day be blessed with limitless happiness.

To her Dad

  • I know you feel like the proudest father in the world. I don’t blame you. If I was lucky enough to have an awesome daughter like yours, I too would be so proud! On your darling’s special day, I pray for heavenly happiness to envelop her for eternity.
  • In my eyes, your sweet daughter is the epitome of adorable. As we celebrate her day of birth today, I pray that happiness will never stop flowing into her world.
  • Words can’t say how happy I am to join you and your beautiful family in celebrating the birthday of your sweet angel of a daughter. May God bestow His love, blessings and protection upon her…today and forever.
  • Wishing your lovely princess a lovely birthday celebration loaded with absolutely happy and magical moments. May happiness accompany her like her own shadow not only on her special day but forever.

Happy Birthday, little lady!

  • True happiness is the heavens’ most precious treasure. On the birthday celebration of your beloved daughter, may life forever fill her world with this priceless treasure from above.
  • May your little girl’s birthday be as happy as she makes everyone around her feel. It’s a great delight to know her and be in her life.
  • For making our earthly journey a beautiful experience, may the good Lord, in His infinite mercy and love, bless your daughter with a life of everlasting happiness as she commemorates her day of birth today.
  • It was just like yesterday when she was just a little baby. I can’t believe she turns [Age] today. May God bless her and keep her protected and happy all her life.
  • Your daughter is a year older today, and that’s so beautiful. Congratulations on raising such an outstanding child! On her birthday and on all the days of her life, I pray that God will never stop doing His utmost best to make her happy.
  • I love your daughter as though she was my own daughter, and I pray that every moment of her special day will be absolutely magical.

Happy Birthday, Sunshine.

  • What a wonderful daughter God has blessed you with! She becomes more and more beautiful, loving and intelligent with every birthday she celebrates. I’m so lucky to be one of the blessed people to know her.
  • She’s growing up incredibly fast! I can’t wait to see the wonderful woman she eventually grows up to become. May God bless her on her birthday and direct her footsteps.
  • As your beloved daughter grows up, I hope her blessings and happiness also grow. May she have a truly fun birthday celebration.
  • May your dear angel’s birthday and all the numerous years ahead of her bring her sunshine, laughter, prosperity, good health and great happiness.
  • My dear, I know, without a shadow of doubt, that your daughter is a blessing from above. On her special anniversary, may every day of her life begin with true joy and end with true joy.
  • Happiness is having a wonderful daughter like yours! On this birthday of hers, may her future shine as brightly as her beautiful smile.

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There's no better way to celebrate your daughter's birthday than with one of our best happy birthday wishes cards! From the moment you found out you were.

Homemade Gifts Made Easy

happy birthday wishes for friend daughter

Image: Shutterstock

The first time you took her into your arms, you couldn’t get over her cute face, closed eyes and her tiny body. And that day you promised her that you would never let anything happen to her.

If you have a cute daughter and her birthday is coming soon, you would want to do something special. Express your love and blessings through some lovable wishes as MomJunction brings you 101 birthday wishes for a daughter.

Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Your daughter’s birthday celebrations start at least a week ahead as you have to buy pretty dresses, matching accessories, and of course a gift. Simultaneously, prepare small birthday cards using these wishes depending on the age of your daughter:


Image: Shutterstock

  1. “No matter how far you are, my heart will always beat for you. Happy birthday my dear, may your day be filled with happiness.”
  1. “I used to love the times when you would climb up to my bed and try to wake me with your little hands. How I wish you never grew up. But I am proud of the amazing person you are today. Have an amazing birthday daughter.”
  1. “You are not only my daughter but also my best friend; thank you for being so understanding. Have a happy birthday dear.”
  1. “The day you were born was the happiest day of my life. Looking at your face, all my stress melts away. Happy birthday to you princess.”
  1. “Time just flies away. Just yesterday you were in my arms, and today you are ready to go to high school. May you keep on achieving greater heights in life. Happy birthday, dear.”
  1. “On your special day, I wish that all your dreams come true and you have the strength to reach to great heights in life.”
  1. “Being your parent has been the most meaningful part of my life. Thanks for making me a proud parent. Happy birthday dear daughter.”
  1. “My heart will always beat for you; my thoughts will always revolve around you for you are the most precious gift given by God. Have a happy birthday dear.”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “We feel so blessed to have you as our daughter. Have a happy birthday angel.”
  1. “Dear daughter, on this day I wish you a very happy birthday and pray to God to give you the strength to overcome all obstacles in life.”

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  1. “No matter how far away we are, you will always be there in my heart, and I will always call you to find out if you had your lunch. Happy birthday my little one.”
  1. “On this day I would like to tell you that I will be there for you, whenever you are tired of fighting with life, you can always come to me and rest. Happy birthday dear daughter.”
  1. “Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve you as my daughter. I always thank God for giving such a thoughtful, loving and kind person as my daughter. Happy birthday dear daughter.”
  1. “May this day give you plenty of reasons to smile and shower you with countless blessings. Wish you a happy birthday my sunshine.”
  1. “Through the ups and downs, it was your smile that made me go on. Thank you for coming into my life and making it worth it. A very happy birthday to you.”
  1. “Life is never easy, and you would face certain hurdles. During dark times travel towards the light. Always believe in yourself and do not forget you will always have us beside you. Happy birthday my warrior.”
  1. “Daughter, you are an amazing person; you are thoughtful, kind and loving. Continue making my world a happy place. Have a fun-filled birthday!”
  1. “The day you arrived I was clueless of how and what, but today I can say I am one of the lucky parents to have such an amazing daughter. May God bless you. Happy birthday sweetie.”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “When God gave you to me, I was blessed with a best friend for life. We share our joys as well as sorrows. On this special day, I would like to thank you for being such a blessing in my life. Happy birthday to my dearest daughter.”
  1. “You will always be my princess and my baby girl, and my forever love. Happy birthday, daughter! I wish life gives you everything you have dreamt of.”
  1. “If there were a competition for best daughters, undoubtedly you would come first. You have been so great to me over all these years. Happy birthday my superstar.”
  1. “As you blow the candles and wish on your birthday, I would pray to fulfill all your dreams and always keep you happy and healthy. Happy birthday daughter.”
  1. “The most awaited and celebrated day of the year is here. On this day, we would like to tell you that we are proud to have you as our daughter. Happy birthday munchkin.”
  1. “To my gorgeous girl, a very happy birthday to you. It is your smile which gives me the motivation to go on in life. I hope all your dreams come true.”
  1. “All the words in English are not enough to tell you how much I love you. All I can say is you are my life, and I will do anything to see a smile on your face. Happy birthday my cutie pie.”
  1. “My angel! Today is your birthday. I know you are equally excited; we wish this day to be filled with happiness and joy. Have a great birthday princess”.
  1. “No one could take your place in my heart. You are my precious daughter; you are the most wonderful person in this world. Have a great birthday darling.”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “When you smile it makes my day, my heart aches to see you unhappy. All I ever wanted is you to be happy and always smiling. Happy birthday darling daughter.”

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  1. “I could act tough to the rest of the world, but do you know what my biggest weakness is? It is you! Yes, I would do anything in life to see you happy. Happy birthday my precious.”
  1. “Many happy returns of the day kiddo! You are growing up to be the woman I knew you would be, strong, independent and kind. Keep on making us proud.”
  1. “I hope you achieve great heights in life and fulfill all your dreams. Always remember I will always be there to support you. Happy birthday to my supergirl.”
  1. “I know I do not often tell you how much you mean to me. On your birthday I would like to seize the opportunity to tell you that you mean the world to me, and I wouldn’t mind working hard to give you the life you deserve. Happy birthday my precious daughter.”
  1. “After a hard day’s work, it is your smile which takes away all the stress. Have a wonderful birthday dear.”
  1. “Here is to another wonderful year. With each year you are growing to be a responsible and loving woman. I wish you keep on making me proud. Happy birthday my angel.”

Emotional Birthday Wishes For Daughter

No matter how old she gets, for you, she will always be the little girl who once asked you to chase away the ghosts under her bed. She may find her prince one day, but you will still be her knight in shining armor. Here are a few emotional birthday wishes to your daughter.

  1. “When you are sad, I will be your shoulder to lean on. When you are happy, I will be a smile on your face. Darling, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I will treasure all our memories in my heart forever. Happy birthday munchkin.”
  1. “My days would have been dull and boring if God hadn’t sent you to me. Now, each day is filled with your nonstop questions, your smiles, and your laughter. I wish you a very happy birthday darling, stay my cutie pie forever.”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “The house looks empty without you; I still remember how we used to have the most happening parties on your birthday. Sending you my blessings on your special day. Happy birthday princess.”
  1. “My dear daughter, this is the day you arrived into my life and made it the most memorable day in my life. The moment I saw you all my pain vanished. I will not wish for anything else. Happy birthday honey.”
  1. “On your birthday, let me give you a small piece of advice. The world is not always fair, and you will have your share of disappointments, but what matters is how you get back on your feet; also I will always be there for you at every step of life to guide you. Happy birthday sweetheart.”
  1. “I am thrilled to call you mine. Happy birthday to my perfect daughter.”
  1. “Whenever people say I am a good mother, I will be guilty of taking all the credit, because the credit must go to you for being such an obedient and understanding daughter. Happy birthday sweetie.”
  1. “Finally the day you have been waiting for is here. Happy birthday! This is your day, indulge and savor every moment.”
  1. “On this special day, my heart is filled with sweet memories of a cute little girl who has touched my heart and changed my life forever. Happy birthday my darling daughter.”
  1. “Each day I wake up I feel thankful for my life, but this day, I woke up feeling blessed as this was the day God has given me the most precious gift. Happy birthday my gorgeous daughter.”
  1. “Happy birthday precious, we have made countless memories together and are excited to make even more in the coming years.”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “I wish everyone had a daughter like you, for they would also have a happy and content life as I do. Happy birthday darling.”
  1. “You could grow out of so many things: your clothes, your barbie dolls, your Disney mania, and your bedtime stories. But the one thing you will never grow too big is my love for you. Happy birthday my love.”
  1. “My world would be so dull and boring without you in it. Happy birthday sweetie.”
  1. “I would take a hundred arrows to protect you. Your happiness is the mission of my life. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter.”
  1. “In this temporary world, thank you for being my constant love. Happy birthday daughter.”
  1. “I would never ask for a better daughter. My darling I wish on this special day you wake up with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Happy birthday.”
  1. “I might have given you life, but you have given me a reason to live and be happy. Happy birthday my dear.”
  1. “Birthdays are always special, but your birthday is extra special for us because with your arrival our family became complete. Happy birthday to you.”
  1. “On this day, we pray to God to give you the confidence to fulfill all your dreams, the courage to withstand the tests of time. Happy birthday sweetie.”

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Image: Shutterstock

  1. “Every night before I fall asleep I wish to wake up to your smiling and cheerful face. Happy birthday sweetheart.”
  1. “After you came into my life, I began to see things differently; I tried to become the perfect parent as you always looked up to me. Happy birthday my superstar.”
  1. “On this special day, I want to tell you that we will always be there for you and no matter what life throws at you, we will always support you. Happy birthday darling.”
  1. “I know I am not the perfect mother, I messed up a few things, but you never made me feel like one. I feel blessed to have a daughter like you. Happy birthday to my beautiful girl.”
  1. “Happy birthday to the prettiest girl in the world. I may not show, but I love you a lot, you are constantly on my mind. Happy birthday!”
  1. “Looking you help others, respect elders makes me proud. You are my greatest achievement in my life. Keep up the good work. Happy birthday to my little daughter.”
  1. “Dear daughter life is short. Spend it wisely by doing things that would put a smile on your face. Happy birthday sweetheart.”
  1. “Whatever you set your eyes on for sure you will achieve because I see a relentless hard worker in you. Happy birthday my warrior queen.”
  1. “Today is the day where we stop and celebrate the arrival of the princess of the house. Happy birthday precious.”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “You are such a perfect daughter; I try to be a better dad each and every day. Happy birthday miss perfect.”
  1. “I wish I could slow down time and you would remain my cute little girl forever. Happy birthday darling.”
  1. “You light up the room with your radiant smile; you are popular in school because of your superb personality. What else can I say except for how proud I am to be your parent? Happy birthday princess.”
  1. “You may find your charming prince, but you will always be the queen of my heart. Happy birthday little lady.”
  1. “Happy birthday to the Diva of the house. May all your dreams come true.”
  1. “Happy birthday to the kindest and the most wonderful daughter in the world.”
  1. “Happy birthday to the most energetic daughter. May you go on more adventures and explore every corner of the world.”
  1. “It’s your 10th birthday already? My, how time flies! Before we know, you will be off to college. No matter how fast the time passes by, I am enjoying every minute with you. Happy birthday.”
  1. “My angel you may have a thousand reasons to be happy, but I have only one that is you. Happy birthday.”

Image: Shutterstock

  1. “I will always love you. You are a piece of my heart, my forever love. Happy birthday darling.”
  1. “I know you do not like me worrying all the time for you, but I just can’t help it because you are so precious to me. Happy birthday.”
  1. “On this special day, we would like to thank you for filling our lives with immense joy. May you have a great birthday.”
  1. “You proved that you are not only a wonderful daughter; but also an awesome human being. Today we celebrate your birthday, and wish all your dreams come true.”
  1. “It is hard to believe you are already a mom, only yesterday you were sitting on my lap! Although I miss all those days, I am happy to see you grow up into such a magnificent woman. Happy birthday.”
  1. “I must have done some real good deeds to have you as my daughter. I always thank God for sending me an angel from heaven. Happy birthday.”

Funny Birthday Wishes For Daughter

If your daughter is your best friend, and you both share the same sense of humor, then here is a fun-filled way to wish her happy birthday.

  1. “The one day when you can get your way around is here; I am sure you are going to make the most out of it. Happy birthday my naughty daughter.”
  1. “As a treat, I would not call you by your pet name in front of your friends. But that is only for today! Have an awesome party darling.”
  1. “Today is your day! You can eat all the cake you want and stay up late. Have an amazing birthday sweetheart.”

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  1. “Since the day you came into our lives, you have ruled the house and kept us on our toes. Happy birthday my princess, from your loyal subjects aka parents.”

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  1. “Happy birthday to the cute little thief who stole my heart. Do not bother returning it as it is in the right place where it belongs.”
  1. “Here is to another year of laughing together, teasing mom and sharing secrets. Happy birthday to my daughter who is my best friend.”
  1. “I still remember and laugh at the day you asked the sun not to set on your birthday. Happy birthday darling.”
  1. “I might be an annoying mom, but I will never seize to brag what an amazing daughter you are.”
  1. “It is my duty to protect you, guide you and embarrass you now and then. Have a happy birthday diva.”
  1. “You turn the house upside down; you are naughty and noisy, all is forgiven because you are the cutest and loving daughter and our home is not a home without you. Have a happy birthday daughter.”
  1. “For your birthday I got you the double chocolate cake and cherry blossom ice cream, just the way you like. Happy birthday.”
  1. “Seeing you so confident and beautiful, I can say you have taken on your mother! Happy birthday from your proud mother.”

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A heartfelt birthday wishes from you can make your daughter happier on her special day. Pick one from the above to tell her how much you love her.

What is your favorite birthday wish for your daughter? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Are you looking for the best birthday wishes for your daughter? this year I plan to smother you with hugs and kisses in front of all your friends.

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