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Graduation wishes from parents to son

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Graduation wishes from parents to son
July 07, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 2 comments

Happy Graduation Message. Read More: Graduation Wishes For Friend. To the best daughter a mom could hope for! I still can't believe you're.

One of the most joyful moments of a parent’s life is watching their child graduate from school, university, or college. We know how important this day can be for you and your child, and that is why we have taken our time to come up with some lovely wishes that you can share with your kid(s) during their graduation.

Go through the dozens of graduation wishes for children below and make your son/daughter’s special day a more spectacular occasion.

Graduation Wishes for your Daughter

  • Sweetheart, my heart is full to the brim with joy as I watch you graduate from school today. I’m proud of you in a way I can never express in words. I hope you never stop shinning as brightly as you are doing today.
  • Seeing you in a cap and gown is dream come true for me. Thank you for making me the happiest and proudest mother in the universe. Congrats on finally becoming a graduate!
  • Congrats, sweetie! May this graduation be just the beginning of countless successful chapters of your life.
  • Yay! My sweet princess is now a graduate! What an absolutely proud and happy day! Wishing you success upon success all your days. Congrats!
  • Wishing you a graduation day so special that you remember it with a joyful heart always. Congratulations!
  • Dearest, on this outstanding day of your academic life, I need you to know how extraordinary blessed my soul feels to have such an amazing daughter like you. Congratulations to you on staying the course and graduating with first-class honors. May happiness always embrace you.
  • Sending you oceans of blessings on your graduation! Congrats on finally laying your hands on your academic degree! I couldn’t be prouder to be your mother/father.
  • Darling daughter, I am ecstatic that you have graduated from school with flying colors. May the successes that come your way in life be as vast as the universe. I love you.
  • My heart is filled with an incredible amount of happiness as you graduate today. I pray that your life will continue to experience a series of remarkable accomplishments like this. I am so proud of the outstanding young woman you’ve grown up to become.

Go Girls! Congratulations on your Graduation.

  • There’s no single word in the English language strong enough to describe my level of joy as I watch you graduate today. I pray that this wonderful occasion of your graduation will mark the beginning of even more astonishing greatness in your life. Congrats, my sweet daughter!
  • Congratulations, dearest! You have absolutely no idea how excited your graduation makes me feel. I am remarkably proud to have you as my offspring. May many great accomplishments decorate your world.
  • Your incredible graduation has just made us, your parents, the owners of the happiest hearts on earth. May your heart forever feel the immeasurable happiness our hearts feel today. Congrats! You have really made us proud.
  • A very happy graduation to a truly wonderful daughter! I feel remarkably proud of you. Congrats! May you never stop reaching for the stars!
  • You believed you could graduate. And now it has become an amazing reality! I’m so proud that such a phenomenal daughter is mine! Congrats, princess!
  • It is a really extraordinary experience just seeing you dressed in your cap and gown. Your success today makes me very proud that I am alive.

Graduation Wishes for your Son

  • My hearty congratulations to you on your high school graduation! Son, I am nothing but absolutely proud of you.
  • Son, nothing makes me prouder in life than seeing that square academic cap on your head! Congratulations and thank you a million times for making me a very joyful parent.
  • It means the entire world to me to see you, my amazing son, graduate from college today. This great accomplishment of yours has really filled my soul with joy. May good things like this always surround your life. Congrats, son!
  • I always knew you were built for greatness. Thanks for confirming it with this graduation. It’s my hope that this great accomplishment will catapult you to even greater heights in life. Congrats!

Congratulations – We’re so proud of you!

  • Son, you have no idea how happy your graduation makes me feel! May astounding spectacles like this never stop occurring in your life.
  • Congrats! Today, your graduation has made the happiness in my heart reach an all-time high. May you keep moving from one remarkable height to another all the days of your life.
  • One of my biggest dreams has come to fruition now that you have become a full-fledged graduate. To say that I am proud of this great feat you have accomplished is a big understatement! Congrats, my son, and may the dreams of your heart never stop coming to fruition.
  • Congrats, dearest son, on graduating so beautifully. We are beyond joyful and proud to be your parents. We hope God will forever smile on you and reward you with countless successful and happy moments in your life.
  • On your special graduation today, I just want you to know that you are such a fabulously amazing son who never stops making this heart of mine proud. May God keep guiding you to the attainment of your dreams.

Congratulations – This is the time of your life!

  • Son, my heart and soul sing with great joy today as they celebrate your graduation. Congratulations for graduating so fabulously! And thanks for making me a truly proud father/mother.
  • I can’t seem to put into words how elated I am to watch you graduate with such honors! It’s a great blessing to be your mother/father. I wish you the very best for the future. Congratulations!
  • For me, it’s a total honor to congratulate you today on your graduation. May God keep blessing you with countless special achievements like this one.
  • Seeing you get your academic degree makes me the happiest mother/father in the world. I pray that your thirst for success takes you to some of the most remarkable places in life.
  • Wishing you all the great things life has to offer as you celebrate your graduation today. Your success has made my heart 100% happy today. Congrats!
  • I am so glad that you have successfully completed your course of study at university. Congrats, my beloved son! May God forever bless your efforts.
  • Sweet daughter, sending you all the blessings and prayers in the world as you celebrate your graduation. Hope your heart will always be as joyous as it is today. Congrats!

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Mother's dying wish fulfilled when son's high school graduation brought to hospital bedside

graduation wishes from parents to son

It is the delight of every parent to see their children succeed in life. when children graduate from school, the parent tends to be very proud of such a child. Make the graduation beautiful by sending one of these beautiful graduation messages from parents to your lovely son and daughter.

1. Farewell my dear, you shall find favor as you move on to the next stage in life congratulation and happy graduation.

2. Don’t be scared and don’t ever give up in life, as you graduate today you will be successful so cheer up and be happy. congratulations.

3. Congratulation on graduation your ceremony, wish you well in life. Happy for you son.

4. May these bring luck and wealth in your new stage of life. Congratulation as you graduation from high school.

5. Am happy for you as you become a graduate today from school. Wish you success.

6. Life in school is not easy but it is fun, hope you were able to enjoy all the fun and face all challenges in good fate. Congratulation on your graduation.

7. It’s been so many years together, in laughter, love, sharing and enduring in the pursuit of our career. May you succeed, smile more and achieve more. Congratulation and happy for you.

8. Happy graduation and congratulation to you my wonderful son.

9. It is a great thing to achieve success after a long-time struggle and hard work. Congratulation dear.

10. You have been so hard working and I know you are so intelligent. Be successful as you move into another stage of life. Congratulation.

11. Today mark the begins of good things for you, good health, good memories and good thinking as you graduate from school.

12. There is no fear and no worries of what the future has for you, just believe in yourself and the sky will be your limit. Happy graduation.

13. Success comes after hard work; you are graduating successfully because of your effort and hard work. So, keep it up, the future has a lot for you. Congratulation on graduation.

14. It takes only the brave and intelligent mind to fall and rise again, never give up, keep strong and be successful. Happy graduation.

15. You have graduated successfully congratulation, keep up the good work. Happy graduation.

16. Just like yesterday when you started, like a dream come true. I’m the happiest for you and am sure you will make your parent proud. Congratulation and happy graduation.

17. To be patient and focus in life is the perfect way to be successful, wish you more years in life and so may achievement. Happy graduation.

18. Good thinking, good living, I know you are smart and brave, you think fast and today you are a full graduate from the institution. Congratulation and happy graduation.

19. What more can I say, you are a blessing to your parent and to the nation; you are so intelligent and reason fast like a computer. You will find endless favor as you step into a new life. Happy graduation.

20. Wao! am so happy, little you have graduated so soon from high school, you are a gifted child and lucky, happy for you and congratulation.

21. The sky is your limit boy don’t look back as you have started be strong and hopeful to attain a great height, build a good future for self, be determine. Congratulation as you graduate successfully.

22. There many, who have come this far like you but could not achieve their aims, wish you luck and success in everything you do. Happy graduation.

23. May God provide good job for you and a better life, I am behind you if you need any form of advice, don’t hesitate to let me know because your success is my concern. Happy graduation.

24. The best thing you need after graduation is focus, don’t loss your focus and you will achieve all you ever wanted.

25. You will miss your friends, tutors and even the environment, don’t worry you have chance of meet more good friends and visit more better places, enjoy and celebrate your graduation.

26. That special moment is here, you are a big boy and grown to make decision for self, be smart as you make vital decision because that is what will make you. Congratulation as you graduate.

27. Happy graduation jane, you have been successful, congratulation.

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28. I have always wished you well and pray for you. Happy graduation and congratulation into the next stage of life.

29. You will be head not the tail, the king not the servant and the winner and not the looser. Congratulation on your graduation.

30. being a graduate is not to go on sleeping all the missed sleep or catching all the fun you weren’t able to enjoy during school days, be realistic, life is an opportunity don’t relent and you will always be proud of yourself. Happy graduation.

Lovely Graduation quotes from parents to son

31. You will be what you ever wanted only if you don’t give up and keep up the hard work as you graduate from high. Happy graduation son.

32. Happy leaving school, wishing you success in future studies. Cheers and congratulation.

33. You will grow like a sun flower, you will shine like a morning sun, wish all the very best. Happy graduation and congratulation.

34. Hello sister I have just received good news of your successful graduation. Hope to see you soon to celebrate the graduation together. Congratulation and happy graduation.

35. Keep it up, I like your good work from one success to another, let me be part of your joy and success, I love you because you are intelligent happy graduation.

36. The special reason why I like to be around you is that unique and active lifestyle of yours. Congratulation on your graduation.

37. I will always cherish you and wish you success in your education and career. Good to be a graduate. Congratulation.

38. Congratulation on your graduation and happy new life dear.

39. You are so wonderful and loving and to grown it up, you are intelligent. Congratulation on your graduation.

40. Time is ticking, don’t be late, have confidence and be focus you will get there in no time. Congratulation on your graduation love.

41. Congratulation on your graduation, don’t forget all what you have been thought and put them in practice to keep the brain active. Happy for you today and congratulation friend.

42. You really wanted to study and you are have determined to achieve your dreams. Am happy for you today and wish you all the best.

43. Joy comes in the morning, when you feel you have achieved your aim, you never want to stop or look back. Be that strong man I know you have always been. Congratulation on your graduation.

44. Am excited you are among the graduating student of this year, be bless and you shall not lack. Congratulation on your graduation.

45. You are meant to excel and shine like the star among your peer, wish you a wonderful graduation.

46. My little angel has graduated congratulation, i’m wishing you success in all your future studies.

47. Your dreams, your vision and all that you aim at shall come your way this day and always. Happy graduation.

48. just as they say, all work and no play make jack a doll boy, you final come to the end of this program enjoy and be happy for the next stage of life. Happy graduation.

49. We shall party and celebrate a great graduation for an intelligent person like you. You have been so wonderful to the family. Happy graduation.

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50. It takes a hard-working person to be successful and patient heart to be victorious you can only celebrate when you succeed. Congratulation on your graduation.

51. Happy to celebrate today with you as friend that cherish every moment share together, I will always pray for your success and appreciate your effort toward your career. Happy graduation and congratulation.

52. Just like yesterday, the worries, the challenges and all odd are gone, to my wise daughter, you shall excel and graduate with first grade. Congratulation and happy graduation.

53. Now that you graduated, prepare yourself for the new challenges wish you all the best. happy graduation love. Chase your dreams and continue to pursue excellence wherever you are, make a different. Congratulations.

54. Education is important and a special tool to endless success in life. Congratulations.

55. Congratulations on your graduation and all the best get ready for a bright future.

56. The best is waiting for you in the new chapter of your life. Congratulation on your graduation

May God bless you with courage and good health to thrive towards your dreams.

57. Good luck and congratulations on your graduation. Cheers to the newly graduate!

58. You worked hard and you did it. May all of your dreams come true. Congratulations.

59. May this chapter of your life bring you
new passion, inspiration and happiness in life. Happy graduation and keep it up.

Beautiful Graduation message to daughter

60. Never stop chasing your dreams, never lose hope and keep up the good work. Congratulation on your graduation.

61. My dear little angel I have always being proud of you, thank God for your life today, I have finally graduated successfully. Congratulation.

62. We wish you all the best for you. Happy Graduation.

63. Make the most out of the knowledge you learned from school, as you graduate, keep working hard. Thrive to success. You’ll soon reap the fruits of your efforts and hard work. Happy graduation.

64. Happy to know you have completed your high school today, congratulation.

65. My dear daughter, your performance in your last exam is exceptional, I’m proud to have you as a daughter, I pray that the Lord continue to enrich you in knowledge. Congratulation my dear.

66. The world judges you not by the number of times you stumble and fall, but on the number of times that you are able to get up, brush yourself off, and try again. never give up! Happy Graduation.

67. Best wishes for you my dear lovely daughter, congratulation.

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68. Good luck in all your endeavors. Happy graduation my lovely girl.

69. This is a beautiful for all of us in this family today, we are celebrating your wonderful performance. Congratulation.

70. Continue to learn, don’t stop and you will go higher. Happy to be around you at this time. We wish you all the best in life.

71. I am honored to be with you at your graduation. I feel fulfilled to have a graduate like you in the family. Congratulation.

72. You have just graduated from an approved school with skills. Don’t disappoint your institution and family after graduation, put all you have learnt in practice, happy graduation.

73. Congratulation, you are a graduate and an intelligent person, more grease to your elbow for this wonderful achievement.

74. You were younger when you entered into the institution, look at how grown and beautiful you are today. Congratulation on your graduation.

75. You are just live your father so brave and intelligent am sure you will make him proud. Congratulation.

76. Don’t be carried away and do not indulged in immoral act, be focus and am sure you will make it. Happy for you as you graduate successfully.

77. Thank God it over, but the search for knowledge should not be over, don’t relent on acquiring more knowledge keep reading and learning new things. Congratulations.

78. The smartness, the most intelligent girl of the year, happy graduation and many best wishes for you. Congratulation.

79. You have used your time well, congratulation on your astonishing performance in your studies.

80. The winner you are and will always be. You made it again and will always make it in life. A big congratulation to you on your graduation.

81. Many people are praying and wishing to be in your level and acquired all that you have acquired, so don’t take it for granted, appreciate what you have and who you are. Congratulation on your graduation.

82. Congratulation and happy graduation. With love and happiness, I wish you all the best. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

83. Am blessed to have you and to be alive to witness this memorable day of your life. You shall always supersede your peer. Happy graduation dear.

84. On your graduation I wish God protection, long life and above all bound of success. Happy graduation.

85. The beauty of life is acquiring your dreams, achieving all you wanted. May find your new stage easy and pleasing. Happy graduation and congratulation.

86. The world is looking for a person like you, you are filled with potentials and numerous skills, and the sky is your stepping stone. Good wishes to you.

87. Today is the day of your joy, congratulation.

88. All members of the family are happy to be celebrating with you on this special day of your graduation. Big congratulation to you.

89. This is a very special day for you, I’m happy to be part of your success today, congratulation on your graduation.

90. As you are moving up the ladder in your life, we wish you unending success in your choosing career. Congratulation on your successful graduation my lovely daughter.

91. Today is a day filled with joy and happiness for you, thank GOD for this special day, congratulation on your passing out.

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92. You are wearing a special crown today, I’m happy to be celebrating with you, congratulation my dear little angel.

93. What a special moment in your life, congratulation.

94. You have burn so many candles in your quest for success, I’m happy with you today because you have achieved an amazing success. Congratulation.

95. Thank GOD, your effort was not in vain, you have finally graduated, I’m very happy for you. Congratulation.

96. Among your graduating peers, you were crowned as the best graduating student, thank GOD for this wonderful performance, wishing you best in your future career.

97. This is the moment of joy and celebration for you. Congratulation on your successful passing out.

98. You made us proud, congratulation on wonderful performance.

99. I will never forget that very day you were taking to for the first-time school, thank God that you’ve graduated now, I wishing you best of luck in all that you will do in the future.

100. You’ve work hard and you’ve just crossed another bridge in your life, congratulations.

Graduation messages from parents to son/daughter

101. Nothing has stops you from achieving your dreams in life up to this level I am proud of your hard work I wish you success in all you do congratulation son.

102. I pray that as you have succeeded in crossing this bridge so shall you cross others ahead of you successfully, congratulations dear.

103. Hello son congratulations on your passing out, I’m happy to be part of the celebration.

104. For one to succeed in life one has to have passion and make effort in what he or she wants in life, congratulation you’ve become one of them, am so happy for you.

105. Finally, my dear son has successfully graduated from high school, congratulations son I wish you awesome trip to the next level.

106. As you have successfully completed this section may God make the rest easy and comfortable for you, congratulations.

107. As you are moving on to next level I pray this should be easier for you, congratulations.

108. For the rest of my life I will always be there to congratulate you in every success you achieved. Congratulation.

109. It’s so surprising that just about few years back you started and now you are graduating, congratulations.

110. Congratulations for graduating from high school I wish you all the best.

111. Dear son, I want to be the first to congratulate you on this very day you are about to graduate I pray you successfully make it to the next level.

112. Son as we celebrate this very joyful day of yours May we celebrate many more, congratulations.

113. Congratulations on your achievement for completing and moving to the next stage in life.

114. What a joyful day it’s your day have a great day and fun, congratulations dear.

115. Wow thank goodness you’ve successfully graduated, congratulations I wish you all the best.

116. We been hoping for you to successfully graduate from this significant stage of life and here it is you have, so congratulations.

117. Congratulations on your success, I’m so thankful to God for guiding you toward your success in life.

118. You have done well, congratulations on your achievement.

119. You’ve made us so proud I’m happy for you, congratulations.

120. We look up to you as the hero and a person we inspire, we are happy for your achieving goal.

121. I pray you continue to grow and shine in everything you do, congratulations.

122. Wow you have just made your dream come true, I’m proud of you.

123. Congratulations on your accomplishment and great achievement with your passionate and efforted hard work.

124. We knew that your love and sincerity will eventually take you to somewhere great and achieve something great in life, congratulations on your great success.

125. Congratulations my dear you’ve just started to achieve a brighter life, I’m proud of you.

126. You have done well, well done! Wishing you success in your future endeavors.

127. Your life is filled with beauty, you have proven that you are the true son of your father, your father was a star in the sky, and you’re also a star in the sky. Congratulation on your astonishing performance.

128. Higher…higher you will continue to move up the ladder of your career. Congratulation for your successful completion of your studies.

129. This time really is great celebration for you; thank GOD you’re among the few stars that shine brightly today, wishing you success in your future life. Congratulation on your graduation.

130. My special prayer for you today is, may the LORD continue to bless you in all that you do. Congratulation on your wonderful performance in your studies.

131. Smile, today is a great day for you, you have finally made it. You have graduated, wishing you success in all your future studies.

132. I’m sending you a special hearty congratulation on this special day, thank GOD you come out in flying colors, wishing you the same in all that you do in the future.

133. Congratulations, you have been announced as the best graduating student of your set. We are happy to share this beautiful moments with you.

134. The last time I saw you, you were small, nervous and shy but look at you today big and board. Hope you find happiness in your Endeavour good luck and happy graduation.

135. Keep the ball rolling and don’t stop to surprise your parent with lots and lots of good news. Congratulation and happy graduation.

136. I pray it should be happiness, achievement always, you are graduating as a proud child, and may your children also make you proud too. Happy graduation.

137. Don’t forget all you have learnt and acquired during the years of learning, be experimental and keep practicing. Don’t disappoint the institution you have just graduated from and also your guardians’. Happy graduation.

138. Let hard work be the first thing in your mind and success will follow at ease. Lucky you my dear you are now a full graduate from a creditable institution. Congratulations.

139. You will soon be a professor I pray, you are too intelligent and loves history. Congratulation to latest and newest graduate of history.

140. I use to have these feelings about you that you will be a great person in life, you have just graduated at your early twenties, and more great things shall come your way. Congratulations on your graduation.

141. Long life to you, long life to your parent and many more happiness. Happy graduation.

142. Most people love to celebrate birthdays and weddings in grand style but am going to celebrate these day of your graduation in a super grand style and make it a memorable and blessed day. Happy graduation.

143. Congratulation on your graduation, may it bring happiness to your life.

144. I will be glad to be on that special day of your graduation, because that day marks the beginning of your success. Congratulations.

145. Congratulation jane and happy graduation, wish you all what you ever wished yourself. Happy graduation.

146. Make hays when the sun shine, you are a graduate today be that important person in your field of study.
Congratulations on your graduation.

147. Congratulations on your graduation, being a graduate is not letting all you have learnt go away or stop learning more things, be creative and smart. Happy graduation.

148. You should be happy and have more strength to move on to the next stage in life, have a wonderful moment to be remembered. Happy graduation.

149. You will feel more relieve now and have enough time to practice, experiments all you have wanted to do in the process of your study, happy graduation.

Congratulations wishes for graduation, (son and daughter)

150. Don’t look down on the people you meet on your way up, because they may be of your help on way down. Graduate with grace, joy and happiness. Congratulation.

151. Be the king in your zone, the warrior in the field and the best to all odds. Good luck and happy graduation.

152. Take this opportunity very important, there are many people out there who will grab this opportunity if given to them. Happy graduation.

153. Good leaving is the result of hard work and prayers, may you be blessed today and forever. Happy graduation.
154. Happy graduation and happy new stage of life, may find it easy and favorable. Congratulations.

155. I know you will graduate successful someday, because your first performance in school gave good impression. congratulation and happy to hear this.

156. Wow! you have made us proud for you’ve gotten an incredible result, congratulation.

157. May you be rewarded for your great success and have a good career ahead, congratulations.

158. I heard you got the highest score in your final examination, well done you’ve made us proud, congratulations.

159. I always knew that you had potential and skill in boosting your career, congratulations keep it up I am proud of you.

160. Your hard work, passion and effort has brought you this success, we are proud of you, you’ve done well congratulation.

161. Your dedication and passion has lead you to achieve this greatness in your studies, congratulations.

162. You have made me and your father very proud, congratulations best of luck son.

163. Congratulations for making a huge effort and achievement in your life I wish all the best.

164. Well passionate and sincere person like you deserve to accomplish something great, well-earned promotion in your life, congratulations on your accomplishment.

165. Well done my good friend you have just accomplished something great much and better in life, congratulations.

166. Congratulations, we are happy for this great outcome of your studies.

167. Hey dude that enthuse dreams of yours which you always tell me about has finally come through because you made it come true congratulations.

168. You’ve done a great job keep it up I am proud of your effort and passion toward this huge achievement in life, congratulations.

169. Every hard work requires effort consistence working and passion to accomplish such great things in life dear I’m really happy for you keep it up.

170. I never gave up on you I always knew you would make me proud one day son, son am really proud and happy for you.

171. We are so jealous of your great fortune please just continue and do more of this great thing am sincerely proud you brother keep it up, congratulations.

172. Thank goodness you have rip what you saw that the good thing about passionate hard work.

173. I wish you more of this great achievement to come many more times best of luck.

174. Hey dude I am very happy with successful work and effort you have done, congratulations on this good fortune you’ve brought.

175. Congratulations on your graduation, I wish you all the best.

176. Hey! finally you are graduating, I am happy for you, congratulations.

177. Every parent always wishes his or her child to make great effort in achieving their dreams and you have made us proud, congratulation.

178. Sincerely we have been hoping for you to successfully graduate from high school and here it is you have made it possible we are proud of you, congratulations.

179. Many have succeeded in different way and now you have just done yours in peculiar way, I’m proud and happy for you dear.

180. Honestly speaking you have really tried to have successfully graduated from high school I’m very glad and happy for you, congratulations.

181. I am very happy for your great achievement, congratulations.

182. Every child wishes to make his parent happy, proud and thankful, as you have made us so proud, so shall your children make you proud, congratulations on your great accomplishment.

183. Do you know that the most pleasant and happiest moment for a parent is to see the progress of their children, we are happy for you, congratulations.

184. Hello dear I am happy that you have successfully accomplished what you have been hoping for, congratulations on your success.

185. Thank God that nothing has obstructed you from making your dreams coming true. Congratulation on graduation.

186. Everything you have achieved we are proud of you, you are the best husband ever, congratulations dear.

187. We are sure that you will manage this beautiful achievement, congratulations.

188. You have made so many sacrifices to achieve this great dream, congratulation.

189. As you have this new beginning, let’s have a toast to a well deserve promotion that you have brought to us we are so proud of you, congratulations dear.

190. Now that you have been given new beginning, we have to hold a party, congratulations.

191. Congratulation for coming best in your class, we look up to you dear.

192. Congratulations my dear baby as you have successfully completed your studies.

193. Congratulation on promotion to the next level, i pray of this kind of success to come your way in all that you do.

194. You are such a very good model for us that are young because you have just lied a good example as you exhibit this passionate character of yours which gave you this promotion, congratulations man.

195. Hey man congrats on this fantastic, incredible result you’ve got, congratulation dude once again.

196. No one has ever done this successful and professional work you’ve just done, congrats.

197. Congratulations for being promoted, you really deserve this.

198. I’m extremely happy for your hard works keep it up, congratulations.

199. I am very happy to see you achieve your ambition son while am still alive.

200. We are so excited that you accomplished this great thing in which people say it is impossible for you to achieve.

201. Wow such good news to hear that you’ve being awarded your certificate, congratulations son.

202. I am so excited that you have being awarded the new role to play, congratulation son.

203. Hey man enjoys the fruit of your labor, I’m happy for you.

204. I am so proud of you that you have been awarded that new position that suits you, congrats.

205. We are so proud of your achievement and wish you continue to be successful more and more in life.

206. Hey son I knew that you were most excellent in your studies, this achievent didn’t come as a surprise, big congratulations to you.

207. Until today we never knew that you were the genuine, congratulations for being the best in everything.

208. Congratulations mum this has proved that you are the best worker among your mates.

209. Mom I wanted to be the first to congratulate you on this huge and great accomplishment you have in these family congratulations.

210. Congratulations I wish you more success in all your endeavors.

211. Congrats to my lovel daugther and I wish you all the best in life.

212. Hello dad do you know what I knew you were to good at this aspect. well done, congrats on your achievement.

213. Hey dad do you know reason why I inspire you is because you have passion and inspire your dreams and ambitions.

214. Well done sis I am happy for you in accomplishing the best thing you’ve always wanted, congratulations.

215. I always knew that you would one day accomplish and succeed in what you had dream for, congratulations.

216. Son, congratulation on your latest promotion, and we have to throw a huge party.

217. Your skills are incredible, we are so glad that you made it, congratulations.

218. Now that you have being awarded this special post we look forward to hold a toast for a new beginning, congrats.

219. I like that feeling which always tell me that one day something great and incredible will happen in your life. Here it is, congratulations dear.

120. It is so delightful for me to know that my little Johny has graduated successfully from high school. Congratulation my dear son.



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Congratulations on Graduation for Parents of Graduate Cards

graduation wishes from parents to son

Mortar boards at the ready! It’s time to celebrate the achievements and hard work put in by graduates. You may know one or more people graduating from high school, college or even just a course. Their dedication to academia is a huge accomplishment and you will probably want to send a gift or card. If so then you need to consider what you’re going to write in your card. Graduation wishes and messages can be tricky to write but fear not because they don’t have to be.

We’ve put together an extensive list of graduation wishes and messages, including quotes, funny wishes, and specific messages for sons, daughters, college and high school graduates. You can choose to use them however you like, be that as inspiration for your own, personalised for your specific situation or exactly as they are.

Table of Contents

Graduation Wishes

For a graduation card or to go with a gift use one of these simple yet touching graduation wishes. You can copy them as they are or use them as inspiration for writing your own.

  • All of the hard work and long hours have paid off. You’re going to be a huge success, deservedly so. We wish you all the best!
  • Enjoy and savour the reward from your hard work. Graduating is a real achievement and I wish you all the success in the world
  • Please accept my warmest graduation wishes
  • Wishing you so much happiness on your graduation! You’ve earned it!
  • The passion and drive you’ve shown to make your dreams come true is inspiring. I can only wish you so much success in the future! Well done
  • Best wishes on a lovely graduation
  • Wising you so much love and happiness on your graduation day!
  • We’re so sorry we couldn’t be there but wanted to wish you a fantastic graduation day. Promise we’ll see you soon!
  • Have a wonderful day and enjoy all the plaudits and celebration. You really deserve it all
  • Have an awesome graduation day! And don’t party too hard!

Graduation Congratulations

If you prefer to congratulate the graduate rather than wishing them well or success then use one of the congratulations messages below.

  • Congratulations on graduating! We know you’re going to go far
  • You’re achievements are an inspiration to us all. Congratulations on your graduation
  • You must be so proud, and rightly so! Congratulations
  • You set yourself a goal and never gave up on it. That dedication has led you to this day and a huge achievement. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations buddy on graduating!
  • Congratulations! I know how hard you’ve worked so enjoy yourself today
  • I know you’ll be thinking about the future now but take a little time off to enjoy this huge day. Congratulations!
  • Congrats big bro, can’t quite believe you managed! I’m proud of you though.
  • Wishing you many congratulations on such a big day!
  • Congratulations and best wishes on your graduation. It’s a real pleasure to see you doing so well

Graduation Quotes

A clever or insightful quote can be a great way to really capture the moment. There have been many famous people over the years who have spoken or written astute things regarding graduation. They work very well in cards so use one of the selected few below.

  • “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” – Albert Einstein
  • “If your uniform isn’t dirty, you haven’t been in the game.” – Ben Bernanke
  • “Graduation is a time of completion, of finishing, of an ending, however, it is also a time of celebration of achievement and a beginning for the new graduate.” – Catherine Pulsifer
  • “Don’t take life too seriously, nobody makes it out alive.” -?Elbert Hubbard
  • “Success is relative. It is what we can make of the mess we have made of things.” – T.S. Eliot
  • “The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” – Benjamin Disraeli
  • “My dear terrified graduates, you are about to enter the most uncertain and thrilling period of your lives. The stories you are about to live are the ones you will be telling your children, and grandchildren, and therapists.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • “We’ve come not to celebrate your achievements, but to celebrate who you are.” – Dr. Kevin Leman,
  • “Congratulations! You made it! It’s time to celebrate all the hard work that led to this joyful occasion. The road to graduation is a long, steep climb, so take a moment at the summit to be proud of your accomplishments.” – Sheryl Sandberg
  • “Most graduates have a mixture of emotions at this time. You probably have a tremendous sense of relief and accomplishment for finishing a major course of study.” – Michael Farris

Funny Graduation Messages

Whilst graduation can be a serious celebration there’s no harm having some fun on the day! It is a time for joy and happiness, so what better way to show that than with laughter?

  • Without Google and Wikipedia, would we even be celebrating your graduation today?
  • Well.. that wasn’t like High School Musical at all.
  • “A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that “individuality” is the key to success.” – Robert Orben
  • Good looks AND brains now! You’re a double threat! Congratulations!
  • “In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.
    ” – Tom Bodett
  • Congrats on getting through the easiest part of life.
  • Graduation is a tough day for parents. They go to the ceremony as parents. They come back home as contemporaries. After twenty-two years, they are unemployed.
  • “As you set off into the world, don’t be afraid to question your leaders. But don’t ask too many questions at one time or that are too hard because your leaders get tired and/or cranky.” – Will Ferrell
  • Congratulations on four years of pretending your third pick school was your first choice.
  • We’d like to apply for a refund on your college education.
  • I could have said something profound, but you would have forgotten it in 15 minutes – which is the afterlife of a graduation speech. – Art Buchwald
  • So, what’s it like in the real world? Well, the food is better, but beyond that, I don’t recommend it.

For College

College graduation is a massive achievement and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The four years it takes requires hard work and dedication, all of which should be celebrated and congratulated.

  • Congratulations on graduating from college!
  • You’ve proven your determination and skill. Go chase those dreams now! Congratulations
  • You have such a bright future head of you, we can’t wait to see how it turns out. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on a brilliant achievement! You’re a college grad now!
  • College is a challenging time and you’ve made it through with flying colors. Congratulations

For High School

Graduating high school is one of the biggest moments in a young persons life. It marks the start of a new phase in a persons life, be that going on to college or into work. This change and the new chapter of someone’s life means wishing them success and congratulations is only fitting.

  • This is such an exciting time with limitless possibilities. What an achievement and good luck with the future
  • Dream big and never believe you can’t. Congratulations on your graduation
  • It’ll probably have felt like yesterday you were just starting school and now it’s over! Congratulations on making it out alive!
  • We wish you success in happiness in whatever you choose to do next
  • I know how tough High School is so just wanted to congratulate you on the achievement of graduating

For a Son

When it’s your son graduating the pride and love you’ll feel will be overwhelming. It also represents the growing up of your once little boy, moving on to greater things. Let him know just how proud of him you are and congratulate him on a wonderful achievement.

  • We can’t believe our baby boy is graduating! Time goes by so quickly. Know that we couldn’t be more proud of though
  • Whatever you decide to do and wherever you go remember how proud of you your parents are. Congratulations on graduating son
  • We’ve watched you work so hard and now to see that work realised is such a joy. You’ve earned this success and we are so proud of you.
  • It’s hard to believe how fast the time had gone by, it seems like yesterday you were still in diapers. But we always knew our little man would go far! Congratulations on a well earned achievement son
  • We’re proud not only of your graduation but of the fine young man you’ve become. We love you so much and will be forever proud of you

For a Daughter

As with a son, a daughter graduating will fill you with just as much love and pride. Let her know how proud of her you are, and that seeing her become the independent, strong woman she now is has been such a pleasure.

  • We are so proud of all your accomplishments. To us you’ll always be our little girl but we know you’ve grow into a strong, independent woman. Congratulations!
  • Remember to keep learning and keep growing. We love you, congratulations
  • To have seen you work so hard to achieve your dreams has been such an inspiration. Seeing it all come true for you is an even greater joy. Congratulations baby
  • You’ve become a beautiful young woman who has the world at her feet. Remember that you can do anythang if you put your mind to it and your parents will always be there for you
  • To our daughter on her graduation day, we will always be proud of you, whatever you do. We love you and wish you all the happiness and success in the world
  • Enjoy all the new opportunities and exciting times ahead. We are fit to best with pride to see our little girl achieving so much

When son get graduation degree its proud for parents and make all happiness in fist so take all these in destiny by wishing him. Graduation.

Graduation Wishes and Congratulations (60+ Amazing Examples)

graduation wishes from parents to son

A son success is much special and proud moment for the mother. She dreams of her son’s success in career all her life and prays for the success always. The graduation wishes for son is sent by the mother through text messages, cards with gifts or through social networking sites.

List are same of graduation messages to son from mother with samples:

1). Dear son, sending you love and good wishes for you graduation. The wishes come from your other and I am sure you earn more laurels I your future efforts.

2). Dearest son, congratulation wishes from your mother on your graduation. I am very much proud with your success and wish you all the luck for your future ahead.

3). Lovely son, congratulation wishes for your graduation from your mother. I send you gifts for your graduation success with the sweet wishes.

4). Sweet son, sending congratulatory wishes from your mother for your graduation. I wish you a bright future as you look forward to joining your dream job.

5). Cute son, heartiest wishes for your graduation from your mother. I send you all the love and all the luck for your research studies.

Graduation Messages and Wishes to Son from Mother

6). To my child who has always been a committed soul, I am really proud of you today and forever…. Happy Graduation!!!

7). I was always worried about you but with your levels of dedication, I know you are going to do something in your life…. Warm wishes on Graduation.

8). To my dearest son who has always made us proud, I wish you on your day of graduation and I pray for your success each and every day.

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One of the most joyful moments of a parent's life is watching their child of graduation wishes for children below and make your son/daughter's.

graduation wishes from parents to son
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