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Good wishes for recovery from illness

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Good wishes for recovery from illness
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Sending you well wishes for your quick recovery and good health. For your illness, a few candies and flowers may not be the perfect cure.

I have always thought you were strong
and watching you battle this illness has only
made me think you were even stronger.
You are my hero.
As you begin to heal, know that I will be by your side
like you have always been for me.

It’s been hard not seeing your face every day,
we miss your smiles and the laughter you bring.
But we are so glad that you are healing,
and look forward to the time
that we can all be together again.

When I see you,
I can only send my thanks for answered prayers
that you are recovering from your illness,
and that soon you will be healthy.
I am grateful for the miracles
that have kept you safe with us.
And I pray that you heal quickly and painlessly.

This has been a difficult time for you and your family.
Now, the tide has turned, and as you have conquered this illness,
we wish you the strength you need to recover.
May your days be filled with the love of friends and family
and the care that you have always shown to others.
May you be showered in generosity and laughter
like you have always shared with friends, family and loved ones.
We are so glad you are healing,
and we look forward to many more years of sharing your light.

The time for tears of fear and worry have passed,
as you have won the fight with illness.
Now is the time for tears of joy,
as you prepare your journey of healing
and return to the active, loving life you have.
If there is anything we can do
to help bring you comfort, joy, and peace
during the days ahead,
you need only ask.
Know you are loved, and that you are in our hearts and prayers
during this healing time.

The first battle has been won,
and you’ve conquered your disease.
Now comes the battle to return
to the place where you began.
As you begin to work toward this place,
you are in our hearts,
you are in our prayers,
and you are loved every day.

Healing is often the hardest part
of an illness.
Though you still have a long road
in front of you,
The first and hardest step
has been completed.
As you continue to the second step,
know that we will be there
by your side
to help you complete your journey.
You are loved.

I prayed a hundred times
that you would get better.
Now that you have begun to recover,
healing will be difficult.
As you do the work
to return to your healthy self,
I will continue to pray a hundred more times
and be there for you with anything you might need.

You are a hero
a warrior
a champion
In the way that you’ve battled this disease.
Now as you begin to heal,
you are a role model,
a fighter,
and a friend.
You are in our prayers,
our thoughts,
and our hopes.
We love you.

Before you were sick, you were strong.
When you were diagnosed, you were brave.
As you fought your illness, you were cheerful
when you won, you were graceful.
As you begin to heal, you are determined
Every moment of your life you are loved.

It has been a long road
of diagnoses and treatments
hospital beds and needles,
endless days, weeks, months
waiting for the news to change
and for the healing to begin.
Now that we are here,
it is time to celebrate,
and time for the hardest work to begin.
As you start your time
of therapy
and rest
of new promises
and life plans
I wish you love
and help
and hope
and love.

You were loved before your illness
and missed though you weren’t gone.
You were celebrated as you fought and won
against odds so many couldn’t beat.
You are admired as you work so hard
to return to your strong self.
You are my hero every day,
In my prayers each time I kneel,
and always in my thoughts
especially as you heal.
I love you now and forever.

Sending you well wishes for your quick recovery and good health. For your illness, a few candies and flowers may not be the perfect cure.

25 Best Get Well Soon Messages for Friend

good wishes for recovery from illness

Health and wellness touch everyone’s life differently. This is one person’s story.

A few months ago, when the cold air hit Boston at the beginning of fall, I started to feel more severe symptoms of my genetic connective tissue disorder, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS).

Pain all over my body, especially in my joints. Fatigue that was sometimes so sudden and so overwhelming that I’d fall asleep even after getting 10 hours of quality rest the night before. Cognitive problems that left me struggling to remember basic things, like the rules of the road and how to send an email.

I was telling a friend about it and she said, “I hope you feel better soon!”

“Feel better” is a well-meaning statement. For many people who don’t have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or another chronic disability, it’s hard to imagine that I won’t just get better.

EDS isn’t defined as a progressive condition in the classical sense, like multiple sclerosis and arthritis often are.

But it is a lifelong condition, and many people experience symptoms that worsen with age as collagen and connective tissue in the body weakens.

The reality is that I’m not going to get any better. I may find treatment and lifestyle changes that improve my quality of life, and I’ll have good and bad days.

But my disability is lifelong — it isn’t at all like recovering from the flu or a broken leg. “Feel better,” then, just doesn’t ring true.

I know it can be challenging to navigate conversations with someone close to you who has a disability or chronic illness. You want to wish them well, because that’s what we’re taught is the polite thing to say. And you sincerely hope that they get “better,” because you care about them.

Not to mention, our social scripts are filled with get well messages.

There are entire sections of greeting cards for sending someone the message that you hope they’ll “feel better” soon.

These messages work really well in acute situations, when someone is temporarily sick or injured and expects to completely recover in weeks, months, or even years.

But for those of us who aren’t in that situation, hearing “get well soon” can do more harm than good.

This social message is so common that when I was a kid, I truly believed that when I became an adult I would magically get better.

I knew that my disabilities were lifelong but I’d internalized the “get well” script so deeply that I imagined I’d wake up someday — at 22 or 26 or 30 — and be able to do all the things my friends and peers could do easily.

I’d work 40 hours or more in an office without needing to take long breaks or getting sick regularly. I’d race down a crowded staircase to catch the subway without even holding the handrails. I’d be able to eat whatever I wanted without worrying about the ramifications of being horribly ill for days after.

When I was out of college, I quickly realized this wasn’t true. I still struggled to work in an office, and needed to leave my dream job in Boston to work from home.

I still had a disability — and I know now that I always will.

Once I realized I wasn’t going to get better, I could finally work toward accepting that — living my best life within my body’s limits.

Accepting those limits, though, is a grieving process for most of us. But it’s one that’s made easier when we have supportive friends and family by our side.

Sometimes it can be easier to throw positive platitudes and well wishes at a situation. Truly empathizing with someone who’s going through a really difficult time — whether that’s a disability or the loss of a loved one or surviving trauma — is hard to do.

Empathizing requires us to sit with someone where they are, even if the place they are is dark and terrifying. Sometimes, it means sitting with the discomfort of knowing you can’t “fix” things.

But truly hearing someone can be more meaningful than you’d think.

When someone listens to my fears — like how I worry about my disability getting worse and all the things I might not be able to do anymore — being witnessed in that moment is a powerful reminder that I’m seen and loved.

I don’t want someone to try and cover up the messiness and the vulnerability of the situation or my emotions by telling me that things will be okay. I want them to tell me that even when things aren’t okay, they’re still there for me.

Too many people believe that the best way to be supportive is to ‘solve’ the problem, without ever asking me what it is I needed from them in the first place.

What do I really want?

I want them to let me explain the challenges I’ve had receiving treatment without offering me unsolicited advice.

Offering me advice when I haven’t asked for it just sounds like you’re saying, “I don’t want to hear about your pain. I want you to do more work to make it better so we don’t have to talk about this anymore.”

I want them to tell me that I’m not a burden if my symptoms get worse and I have to cancel plans, or use my cane more. I want them to say that they’ll support me by making sure our plans are accessible — by always being there for me even if I can’t do the same things I used to do.

People with disabilities and chronic illnesses are constantly reframing our definitions of wellness and what it means to feel better. It helps when the people around us are willing to do the same thing.

If you’re wondering what to say when your friend won’t feel any better, start by talking to (not at) them

Normalize asking the question: “How can I support you right now?” And check in about what approach makes the most sense in a given moment.

“Would you like me to just listen? Do you want me to empathize? Are you looking for advice? Would it help if I were also mad about the same things you are?”

As an example, my friends and I will often make designated time where all of us can just get our feelings out — no one will offer advice unless it’s asked for, and we’ll all empathize instead of offering platitudes like “Just keep looking on the bright side!”

Setting aside the time to talk about our hardest emotions also helps us stay connected on a deeper level, because it gives us a dedicated space to be honest and raw about our feelings without worrying that we’ll be dismissed.

This question — “what do you need from me?” — is one we could all benefit from asking each other more often.

That’s why when my fiancée comes home from work after a rough day, for example, I make sure I ask her exactly that.

Sometimes we open up a space for her to vent about what was hard, and I just listen. Sometimes I’ll echo her anger or discouragement, offering the affirmation she needs.

Other times, we ignore the entire world, make a blanket fort, and watch “Deadpool.”

If I’m sad, whether it’s because of my disability or just because my cat is ignoring me, that’s all I want — and all anyone wants, really: To be heard and supported in a way that says, “I see you, I love you, and I’m here for you.”

Alaina Leary is an editor, social media manager, and writer from Boston, Massachusetts. She's currently the assistant editor of Equally Wed Magazine and a social media editor for the nonprofit We Need Diverse Books.

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Here’s What You Can Say If Your Friend Isn’t Going to ‘Get Well Soon’

good wishes for recovery from illness

If your friend, relative or acquaintance has been suffering from an illness or is recovering from a recent medical procedure or surgery, your wishes for a complete recovery might help speed up the healing process. Whether the ill person is a brother, best friend, distant cousin or co-worker, your words can be tremendously powerful. Wishes for a quick recovery that are expressed with the right mix of warmth and sensitivity — or with a cheerful sense of humor — have the potential to ease pain and bring a much needed smile. Your thoughtful, heart-felt expressions can take the bite off uncomfortable symptoms associated with cold and flu or drive away feelings of loneliness or despair that often accompany longer, more serious illnesses.

Unfortunately, where illness, pain and discomfort are involved, it’s often hard to find the right words to express yourself. You might care very deeply about your sick friend or neighbor but feel at a loss when you try to communicate your love and concern. Listed below, you’ll find a collection of quotes that express your hope for a quick and complete recovery. Scrolling through the list, you’ll find a rich variety of inspiring quotes, many of which will capture the exact message and tone you’re looking for. Some quotes are designed to express sympathy and convey deep concern for the person’s health. Others demonstrate your willingness to offer practical help and ongoing moral support during recovery. You’ll discover there’s a vast range of ways communicate your deep concern for a sister, parent or employer who is feeling unwell. As you search for just the right quote, remember the words you choose and the manner in which you say them can make the task of recovery easier and less painful. You and your words have the power to affect your loved one’s health in a real and measurable way.

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Get Well Soon Text Messages; ♢ Get Well Soon Messages After Surgery May God take away your illness and make you strong and hearty.

Get Well Soon Messages for a Friend or Loved One

good wishes for recovery from illness

Sickness is quite an enemy. What won’t we give to never have it come around us or our loved ones? It gets you down and leaves you unable to do a lot of things you love.

It can even prevent you from enjoying food, simply by plaguing you with a loss of appetite. Unless you have a nice insurance policy prior, the cost of medication is not child’s play.

A lot of times family might have to stay off work to tend to the sick person’s needs. Or spend a lot of money to hire caregivers. In all of these, sickness is no good. Get well wishes go a long way to make our loved ones feel better and they also even heal faster when there is a lot of love and support around them.

Get Well Wishes for Speedy Recovery

#1: You look very terrible. Sickness doesn’t look good on you. Hurry and get back to your radiant self. Speedy recovery, dear.

#2: You’ve been on all your medications as the doctor prescribed, I wish you the strength and hope you definitely get well soon. Speedy recovery.

#3: How fast does a cheetah run? With that same speed, I wish you to get well soon. Speedy recovery mate.

#4: Life in this neighborhood is boring without you. I can’t even find someone to talk to. Please, get well soon. For me, at least.

#5: God’s speed and guidance I send to you as you get on your way to recovery. I wish you the very best. Get well soon, dear.

#6: I will get a magician with a magic wand to fix you if I could, I can’t bear you staying so long in treatment and recovery. Get well soon, or I get the magician.

#7: Please, religiously stick to your drugs. Make sure you don’t joke with them, or joke with the doctor’s general instructions. I wish you a holistic recovery. Get well soon, dear friend.

#8: Illnesses help us confirm our humanity. Not that I feel comfortable about yours, I actually want you to be firm and fit as fiddle, but we have to observe nature whenever it comes calling. Nevertheless, please, get well soon.

Get Well Wishes For Coworker

#1: Your sickness made you stay off work, now I have to do all the work alone, it is very tough for me. Look, I need you back on your feet. You need to get well. Speedy recovery, dear.

#2: All of us at the office miss you already. The family is now obviously incomplete. Hurry and get well soon, you are needed. Speedy recovery.

#3: We need you back, even if all you would do is sit and chat, we want you back. Speedy recovery, dear.

#4: They need to kick you out of that hospital and send you straight to the office. Speedy recovery.

#5: There is no fun in being in the hospital. We can’t let you continue to stay there. We need you in the office immediately. Get well soon.

#6: We are coming with flowers and a shipload of goodies. We are coming to the hospital. I know how much you hate public attention, and that’s why we are bringing those. Better get well soon. Or, we come to the hospital and do exactly what you hate.

#7: The hospital is no home for intelligent people like us in an industry like ours. You need to get out of there, everything is moving so fast. Speedy recovery, colleague.

#8: Even our cocky boss has admitted to have missed you. What are you still waiting for? Get up and get well. Godspeed, dear.

#9: I wish you can get well and get back to work immediately so that you can experience all the niceties and fun that has been added to our activities at the office

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Funny Get Well Wishes

#1: Oh, dear. I am so sorry that you had to eat hospital food. If only you agreed earlier to get well and leave the hospital for good. Anyways, speedy recovery.

#2: I got some words off the book “Harry Potter” and got a stick which I used as my magic wand. I cast some spells to have you healthy, I don’t know why it’s taking so long. Just get well soon.

#3: Too much beauty attracted this virus to you. If you weren’t so beautiful, you wouldn’t have gotten sick. But just get well soon, anyway.

#4: When you were still healthy, we literally begged you to rest. For you, it was one project after another. Now you are under compulsory house arrest and you have to get all the rest and sleep you missed. Speedy recovery, dear.

#5: I miss our gossips. You need to leave your sickbed and come complete what we were saying the other day. Get well soon, for the sake of gossips.

#6: You are being punished with sickness for eating the pizza you ordered without giving me a bit. This should teach you a lesson. Get well soon, nevertheless.

Get Well Quotes

#1: Sickness comes at a point in time, it will also go at a point. Don’t feel too bad, because time heals every wound.

#2: A look outside will convince you that the sun is shining very bright. It is telling you, get better and get going. The universe want’s you alive.

#3: Everybody eagerly awaits your return. The absence of your laugh makes the environment quite lifeless. Healthy families stick together.

#4: You should know sickness steals you away from family so they will always be there to wish your health back and pray that you have a speedy recovery.

#5: Sending flowers in place of hugs and kisses to tell you how much they miss you and how much they want you to get well and get back on your feet. That’s what friends are for.

#6: Your friend’s thoughts, prayers and good wishes stay with you in times of sickness.

#7: It is heartbreaking to hear ill-health. The moments become so dreary as everyone misses the vibrant and energetic you.

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Whether you're looking for inspirational quotes, get well wishes after . Thinking of you during this time of illness, and praying you will find.

good wishes for recovery from illness
Written by Shakashura
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