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Good night wishes for girlfriend
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In this article we have written the unique Good Night Messages For Girlfriend which you should send to her at night.Love is the great feeling in.

Do you have intentions of transforming your girlfriend’s night into a truly blissful one with a sweet good night text? As good luck would have it, we have loaded this page with several dozens of good night love messages for your lovely girlfriend.

So waste no more time! Use our beautiful and absolutely romantic messages to let her know she’s on your mind tonight.

  • Regardless of what tomorrow might bring, sleep well knowing that my heart shall always belong to you. Good night, sweetheart.
  • My sweet love, the beautiful day has finally come to a beautiful end. As you close your lovely eyes to rest for the day, remember that apart from God no one has the ability to cause my heart to overfill with happiness. Good night.
  • In your presence, I always find my paradise on earth. Never will I stop loving you. I will love you for as long as God grants me life. Have a very beautiful night.
  • Babe, tonight I pray that your night will be as sweet and beautiful as you. I love you in every single way you can ever think of. Have an absolutely blissful night.
  • My love, enjoy your night with the knowledge that your love is the best and most beautiful thing to ever happen to me. Have a truly sweet night!
  • Tonight, I need you to know that there’s absolutely nothing in this world that I can accomplish without your love. Sleep tight, my sweet darling.

I love you in every single way you can ever think of. Good Night.

  • My life would be devoid of all happiness and fun without you and your precious love in it. Have an absolutely charming night, my dear.
  • Sweetheart, in my eyes, you are nothing short of God’s most precious masterpiece. I love you more and more with the passage of every millisecond. Good night.
  • Good night, darling. Even until the end of time our love will still remain the same: wonderful.
  • The world’s most phenomenal girlfriend ever is mine! Sweetheart, thank you for being mine and bringing me so much joy. In my heart, you and only you shall forever reign.

and now I’ll sleep with you in my heart.

  • To put a smile on your face, I don’t mind sacrificing all my most prized possessions, including the priceless life God has given to me. Good night, my beloved girlfriend.
  • Babe, your sweet love brightens my universe more than a zillion suns. The dictionary doesn’t contain enough words to describe my timeless love for you. Good night, sweetie.
  • Darling, my most precious asset in life is the amazing love you and I share. Take it away and I have absolutely nothing in life. Please, have this on your mind as you go to bed tonight. I love you so much.
  • My darling girlfriend, I can’t put into words how glad I am that you came into my life. You’ve made my world countless times happier and more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Good night! I love you endlessly!
  • You came into my life and quickly brought down the wall I built around my heart. You then proceeded to put true happiness into my life that quickly diffused through all parts of my soul. Thank you for gifting me with a true love of immeasurable value. Sleep tight, my beautiful queen.
  • You completely stole my heart and brought me paradise from the first time you said “hello” to me. Whatever I did in my previous life to deserve you in this lifetime must have been tremendously incredible. Good night, my love.
  • I will never stop putting my heart and soul into loving you and caring for you because you bring me all the joy in this world and beyond. Good night, my angel.
  • Babe, I experience paradise every single time we touch. You must be an angel purposely sent into my life by God himself to bring me the happiness He thinks I deserve. Have a beautiful night, my beautiful angel.

I can’t wait for tomorrow so that I can wrap my arms around you.

  • The incredible love we share is responsible for the unthinkable happiness that fills my soul every day I wake up from sleep. Babe, go to sleep tonight knowing that you make me the happiest man ever created by God. Good night.
  • To me, any day I spend with you is the most perfect day of my life. Good night, my love.
  • Regardless of the kind of weather prevailing, in my eyes, the weather is always absolutely perfect when I’m with you. I strongly feel that’s got to be God’s clue that we are meant to be together for eternity. Good night, sweet darling.
  • My life is brilliant because I am blessed with the love of God’s most beautiful angel. Honey, thank you for blessing me abundantly with your remarkably sweet love. Good night.

Your love is the best and most beautiful thing to ever happen to me. Sweet dreams

  • Good night, sweetie. May your night be filled with true happiness, love and peace – all the amazing things you bring into my life.
  • Darling, so far as I have you in my world, I will always taste true happiness because your love contains every beautiful thing that puts happiness in my heart. Good night.
  • I am more than 100% confident that nobody’s girlfriend is as beautiful and wonderful as mine! Have a beautiful night, sweetheart.
  • Wishing a blissful night to the recipient of the “World’s Best Girlfriend” Award. I can’t wait for tomorrow so that I can wrap my arms around you and feel the heavenly warmth of your body next to mine. Sleep tight until then. Love you!
  • Tonight, I just wanted to let you know how much I love you and how sensationally beautiful you are in my eyes. Good night, dearest.
  • Babe, I have no doubts in my mind that I’m the luckiest man alive. And that’s simply due to the fact that nobody besides me has such an amazing woman like you as a girlfriend. I will love you till death takes me out of this world. Good night.
  • My precious love, have a sweet sleep tonight with the knowledge that you are the most beautiful woman on planet Earth. I could stare at your incredible beauty until kingdom come! I love you so much.
  • Honey, as you drift into sleep, know that my love for you is as everlasting as the universe. May your night be as sweet as the sugar you sprinkle into my world.

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You'll bring a shiny smile on your lover's face by sending a cute goodnight text to him/her. Sweet goodnight love messages will no doubt put a.

Cute and Romantic Good Night Wishes For Girlfriend with Images

good night wishes for girlfriend

Good Night Messages for Girlfriend: Say good night to your girlfriend with sweet quotes that give her a tingle. From romantic text to cute Facebook posts to flirty tweets to funny pins on Pinterest – there are heaps of ways in which you can say I Love You without saying it. She might not be saying it aloud but deep down inside her heart, every girl wants her boyfriend to tell her how much he’s missing her before going to bed. Take inspiration from this post and tell your girl how you’re feeling lonely without her. You will be amazed at how a sweet message can reap massive rewards in the form of hugs and kisses when you meet next.


1) Thinking about you is the tipping point where my nightmares end and sweet dreams begin. I love you.


2) As long as they are about me and you, I wish that all your dreams come true. Good night.


3) I want to be the cool night breeze which gives you goosebumps as you sleep. Good night girl.


4) This message has the following attachments – the sweetest kiss and coziest hug, the cutest cuddle and warmest snuggle. Good night.


5) The moon is angry at me and jealous of you because I said that no one can light my nights up like my girlfriend. Good night.

6) The night is far too long, for you to be away. I am desperately waiting, for it to turn into day. My heart will rot away, if things keep going on like this. All I want to do, is give you a kiss. Good night.


7) I Googled… What are the best words I can use in a good night message for my girlfriend? Google replied… Ask your heart. xoxo


8) Just like how the sun rises no matter what, I too can’t stay away from you because I miss you a lot. xoxo


9) This text is a drug which drives away NIGHTMARES and induces SWEET DREAMS. Recommended dosage is One Message every few hours. Good night.


10) I wish we could cuddle all night long… and fall asleep after watching the sun rise together. Good night.

11) Whenever I think about my love for you, I see all my dreams coming true. Good night.


12) I have never felt so lonely like this, all I can think about is giving you a kiss. Such is the blissful effect of our love on me, that all I do is miss you dearly. Good night.


13) I may be tired, I may be sleepy. But I will never be able to fall asleep, until I message my sweetie. Good night.


14) Technically I am asleep but in reality all I am doing is thinking about you. Sweet dreams love.


15) Looking at the dark skies of the night lit up by the sexy glitter of the stars and the romantic glow of the moon, makes me think of just one thing – wish you were here with me. I love you, good night.

16) Thousands of stars in the sky shine bright, but you are the only shining star in my sight.


17) This message is a GUARANTEE that you will have SWEET DREAMS and you will wake up with a SMILE on your face. All FEEDBACK, CLAIMS and COMPLAINTS must be forwarded to the BOYFRIEND department along with cute KISSES and warm HUGS. Good night.


18) I wish I could come over quickly, I wish you would kiss me. I wish we could cuddle the night away, I wish it would never turn into day. Good night.


19) Do you know why the moon is shining so brightly tonight? Because it is trying to be as beautifully radiant as you are. Good night.


20) This text message is an official invitation for you to join me in my dreams. Muah.

21) The night is not forever, but our love is. Good night.


22) I don’t want to be your blanket in which you snuggle, I don’t want to be your sheets on which you wriggle. I just want to be the guy with whom, you can do all those things together and cuddle. Good night.


23) The only thing my sweetest dreams, my life’s most priceless memories and my life’s biggest aspirations have in common… is YOU. Good night.


24) I just can’t describe, how I feel. With my loneliness, I just can’t deal. All I can think of, is meeting you. This intense despair, I hope you can feel too. Good night.


25) I wish I could just jump into your Facebook and give every picture of yours a tight good night hug. xoxo

26) Every night I fall asleep with a smile on my face… because I know that I’m going to wake up and meet the person who puts it there. Good night.


27) During the morning you are my SUN… shining your gorgeous rays, which power my days. During the night you are my MOON… with radiance bursting from your seams, powering my dreams. Good night.


28) I owe my life to Instagram. Without looking at your pictures my nights would have been suffocating and lonely. I miss you, good night baby.


29) This message is to remind you that even though the night will give way to the day, I will always be the dark night sky that covers you like a blanket, and the radiant moon which shines love forever. Good night.


30) Do you know what is temporary? The twinkle of the stars which disappear as the sun rises in the east. Do you know what is permanent? The way in which for you, my heart happily beats. Good night.

31) The dark skies of the night are a canvas on which I paint my dreams and imagine us together, now and forever. Good night sweetheart.


32) As the clock ticks away to midnight, I just want to say that you are the prettiest and the most beautiful girl in the whole universe. I love you, good night.


33) Good night to the girl because of whom my nights have become longer and dreams have become dreamier. I love you.


34) I wish I was an owl so that I could sit on a branch outside your window and stare at you all night long. Good night.


35) Your boyfriend has a love-hate relationship with the night. He hates it because he can’t be with you, but he loves it because he can dream about you endlessly. xoxo

36) I promise to be the warrior who fights all your NIGHTMARES and the messenger who brings all your SWEET DREAMS. Good night.


37) If it is a hot summer night, thinking about you gives me sweet shivers down my spine. If it is a chilly winter night, thinking about you gives me a cozy warmth all the way through to my heart. xoxo.


38) Good night to the fairy who magically makes all the troubles of my life disappear with her kisses. Muah.


39) How can I fall asleep without saying good night to the girl who has been the reasons for all the beautiful memories of the past and the happiness that I’m about to see in the future. I love you.


40) I know it is past midnight, I know everyone’s asleep and I know it is terribly late. But all I wanted to say is that for the moment I can kiss you tomorrow, I just can’t wait. Good night.


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Good night message for lover

good night wishes for girlfriend

Say Good night to your girlfriend with lovely wishes and Images. Make her aware just how much you love her. Create her feel very special. Choose a more personal moment’s romantic. She may not say it noisy, but every girl desires that her boyfriend misses her, loves her whilst going to sleep.

Get Cute and romantic wishes from here and inform her how much she way to you and how a lot you feel alone while not her. Enhance your bond while wishing her sweet good night wishes. This post will help you in every feasible way. Take a look at beautiful and sweet good morning wishes for your beloved girlfriend with images.

Sweet Goodnight Wishes for Her

Welcome your special somebody using these Romantic Good Night Wishes just before he/she hits the carrier. Romantic goodnight love Wishes can create his/her day full and hit their mattress with happy smile. You can send these goodnight messages as SMS, email or even text messages. You can post these wishes for good night as facebook or whatsapp status for your loved one. Listed here are variety of good night love wishes

Cute Goodnight Messages for Her

In this area, you are going to examine the lovely Romantic Good night wishes. You can send these types of wishes over Internet or phone for your sweet heart to wish her sweet ambitions and sleep at night.

In sleep we have to be apart, my love,
but be assured for I will dream of you until we meet once again.
Goodnight, darling.

Goodnight, special angel,
And enroll in your fellow stars one of the heavens.
I will wait around here on the earth for the sweet return.

When we are aside in sleeping,
the dream of you maintains me company.
So in your case I leave this persisting message:
inside the darkest night, the light of the love reveals the way.

Do not worry the blanket associated with night,
for I will still be with you with the morning’s increasing light.

Even in my wildest desires,
I could in no way imagine a love as sweet as your own.
So this evening as I close the eyes,
I desire the morning once i can see you again
Because absolutely nothing in my own creativity will ever come near
To the fact of your adopt.

My dreams of you dance I believe like the stars over the sky.
The only hope is the fact that as you sleep tonight, you desire me as well.

Cute Goodnight Wishes for Girlfriend

When I am only in the night
And I search for into the excellent stars of the world,
the only divine body I want to view is yours.

Goodnight my special princess;
tonight my desires are full of your smile.

Although, in sleep,
we are through,
you will be beside me in my aspirations.

My bed is alone without your sensitive adopt.
I long to be with you; while my body is sleep,
my mind wanders for your side.
Goodnight, nice Angel.

As the night of the night time covers my mind and body like a quilt,
Your memory is similar to the moon that lights above me,
Keeping me business through the night.

I never wish to close my eyes in slumber,
For now-finally-my the truth is far more marvelous than my sleep,
Because you are the bewitching dream.

Romantic Good Night Wishes for Lover

When you cherish somebody, it is critical to demonstrate to them how you feel, any possibility that you get. Lady love to be told exactly how cherished and significant she is to her better half. With men, it is more enthusiastically for them to tell the ones they cherish precisely what they are feeling, so a goodnight message collection like this one guides the procedure.

With the environment of the sun,
I am informed of how grateful I am to have invested the days I have with you,
and my heart and soul is inflamed with expectation for the many sunsets
that we have yet to try out with one another.
Goodnight, baby!

The night time-for me-is hardest,
for it is time which i must spend aside from you,
my wonderful dream.
Missing you… goodnight!

Thanks, my bright angel,
for every night you might have lulled me to sleep using the sound of the voice,
every morning I have awoken to your sensitive accept;
my just prayer to you, my angel,
is the fact I may dedicate every night I am provided, to you.

You are the queen of my heart,
and each and every pulse that beats inside me beats just for you.
Within the dark of the evening,
your radiance far outshines the stars.

As the moon sits high over clouds,
I look up into its elegance and find myself considering of you,
for you are glossier.

Best Good Night Messages for Lovers

Wishing the moon will be vibrant and full tonight
Providing you with dream just so right
Get prepared to bed and shut off your light
Let me stick you in as well as wish a person Good night.

Might you have the actual sweetest fantasy tonight?
Might you sleep oh so restricted?
As here’s hoping you a sweet and good night!

The day has ended, and it’s time for you to look forward for another time.
Forget all the frustrations you needed as well as treasure all the wonderful occasions.
Don’t miss to search for and hope to God.
The next day is a new and much better day.
Goodnight, sweetheart!

One more day is over.
It’s fine to understand that there is someone
Who else makes the day satisfied and fun
Thanks to the motivation.
I’m delivering my comfortable hugs as well as kisses
When i wish my best goodnight for you.

Near your eye and make the wish
Delivering you the warm embrace and kiss
May you sleep limited tonight
I wish you a sweet good night.

Before going to bed
I’m seeking you to realize that somewhere available
Somebody is considering you.
Someone that enjoys and does not show for a person.
Goodnight and nice dreams.

Each night I hope
Which in your heart
I am going to stay
Might the God bless you
And could your own desires come true
I really like you, goodnight!

Before I close my eyes tonight
I’m seeking you to definitely know that I believe of you
I overlook you and I Love you.

You might be the good thing happen to me
I am so happy you are there to become portion of my daily
And I am happy to finish it to hand.
Have a good night!

Good Night Wishes For Girlfriend: Best Good Night Wishes is a simple way to share your love and feelings with your loved one's. Its an effective.

50 Goodnight Love Messages for Girlfriend

good night wishes for girlfriend

Greet your special someone with these Romantic Good Night Messages before he/she hits the sack. Romantic goodnight love messages can make his/her day complete and hit their bed with satisfied smile. Feel free to send these goodnight messages as SMS, email or text messages. You can even post these messages for good night as facebook status for your loved one. Here is a collection of good night love messages

Goodnight Messages for Her

In this section, you are going to explore the beautiful Romantic Good night messages. You can send these messages over Internet or phone to your sweet heart to wish her sweet dreams and sleep.

In sleep we must be apart, my love,
but rest assured for I will dream of you till we meet again.
Goodnight, darling.

Goodnight, sweet angel,
and join your fellow stars among the heavens.
I will wait here on the earth for your sweet return.

When we are apart in sleep,
the dream of you keeps me company.
So for you I leave this persisting message:
even in the darkest night, the light of your love shows me the way.

Do not fear the blanket of night,
for I will still be by your side with the morning’s rising light.

Even in my wildest dreams,
I could never imagine a love as sweet as yours.
So tonight as I close my eyes,
I dream of the morning when I can see you again
because nothing in my own imagination will ever come close
to the reality of your embrace.

My dreams of you dance in my mind like the stars across the sky.
My only hope is that as you sleep tonight, you dream of me too.

Goodnight Messages for Girlfriend

When I am alone in the night
and I look up into the great stars of the universe,
the only heavenly body I want to see is yours.

Goodnight my sweet princess;
tonight my dreams are filled with your smile.

Although, in sleep,
we are apart,
you will be with me in my dreams.

My bed is lonely without your tender embrace.
I long to be with you; even while my body is sleeping,
my mind wanders to your side.
Goodnight, sweet Angel.

As the darkness of the night covers my mind and body like a blanket,
your memory is like the moon that shines above me,
keeping me company through the night.

I never want to close my eyes in slumber,
for now—finally—my reality is far more magical than my sleep,
because you are my bewitching dream.

Good Night Wishes for Lover

Goodnight Text Messages for Her: When you love someone, it is important to show them how you feel, any chance that you get. Woman love to be told just how loved and important she is to her significant other. With men, it is harder for them to tell the ones they love exactly what they are feeling, so a goodnight message selection like this one helps to aid the process.

With the setting of the sun,
I am reminded of how thankful I am to have spent the days I have with you,
and my heart is swollen with anticipation for the many sunsets
that we have yet to experience with one another.
Goodnight, baby!

The night time—for me—is most difficult,
for it is time that I must spend apart from you,
my enchanting dream.
Missing you… goodnight!

Thank you, my divine angel,
for every night you have lulled me to sleep with the sound of your voice,
every morning I have awoken to your tender embrace;
my only prayer to you, my angel,
is that I may devote every night I am given, to you.

You are the queen of my heart,
and every pulse that beats within me beats only for you.
Even in the dark of the night,
your radiance outshines the stars.

As the moon sits high above the clouds,
I gaze up into its beauty and find myself thinking of you,
for you are more luminous.

Good Night Messages For Lovers

Wishing that the moon will be bright and full tonight
Giving you dream just so right
Get ready to bed and switch off your light
Let me tuck you in and wish you Good night.

May you have the sweetest dream tonight
May you sleep oh so tight
As here’s wishing you a sweet and good night!

The day is over, and it’s time to look forward for another day.
Forget all the frustrations you had and cherish all the wonderful moments.
Don’t forget to look up and pray to God.
Tomorrow will be a brand new and better day.
Goodnight, sweetheart!

Another day is over.
It’s nice to know that there’s someone
Who makes my day fulfilled and fun
Thank you for the inspiration.
I’m sending my warm hugs and kisses
As I wish my sweetest goodnight for you.

Close your eyes and make a wish
Sending you my warm hug and kiss
May you sleep tight tonight
I wish you a sweet good night.

Before you go to bed
I just want you to know that somewhere out there
Someone is thinking about you.
Someone who loves and misses you.
Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Every night I pray
That in your heart
I will stay
May the God bless you
And may your dreams come true
I love you, goodnight!

Before I close my eyes tonight
I just want you to know that I think of you
I miss you and I Love you.

You are the best thing that happen to me
I am so glad you are there to be part of my everyday
And I’m happy to end it with you.
Have a good nigh!

Sweet Good Night Messages

Here are sweet good night messages for your love and dear ones that you can use to greet them to have a good night before they go to bed. These romantic goodnight messages can be sent as SMS or text messages. Posting these sweet good night messages as facebook status is also welcome. These messages will surely put a smile on your recipient’s face upon receiving them.

  1. When I see the moon smiling at me, reminds me at once of your brighter and sweeter smile……… Good night my dear!!!!
  2. As the twinkling stars reign over the dark sky, still quietness reigns over the night, your memory reigns in my mind forever….. So I wish you very Good Night!!!!!!!
  3. Love may interrupt your dreams, as this feeling is sweeter than your sweetest dreams…. So loving Good nights wish from me for a beautiful night!!!!!!
  4. My day is not yet over as I still have an important work to finish; I need to convey my love through this message…. Good Night!!!!!!!!
  5. Good Night and sleep fast, so that I can come to meet you in your dream like a superhero!!!!
  6. When I feel bored at this lonely night, just your thoughts cheer me up!! So Good Night dear, with hope of getting a glimpse of you tomorrow……

cute goodnight texts for her

May you ever enjoy your sleep as a deeply nourishing blessing to your body, soul and spirit. Have a good night.

No one else has a heart big enough to love you like I do.

Your soul inspires me to love you more.

Love is not a word I would use to describe how I feel about you. I would say I am enamored by you.

I love everything about you, from your head to your feet.

I cannot imagine a world without you.

If love was illegal, I would die for you.

One cannot began to fathom such an overpowering feeling such as love for one like you.

I am all yours, forever and for always.

A heart without you would not be a capable heart.

I love you like the sun warms all the earth.

Good Night Texts to a Crush

Before they close their eyes and call it a day, let them know that they are in your heart and mind, that you are thinking of them as you go to bed. If you are not good with words, let me help you come up with the perfect and sweet goodnight sms message for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Here are some samples of goodnight love text messages that you can use.

Look up in the sky
You’ll see all those beautiful, sparkling stars.
But they can’t beat the beauty of your eyes.
I will think of you as I turn in tonight.
Have a sweetest dream. Good night!

Sending you some lines to keep in touch
Just letting you know that I miss you so much
I have nothing much to say
Just so you know that I love you each day.
Goodnight and sweet dreams, darling!

Feeling sick?
Feeling tired?
Feeling like you’re losing your mind?
Don’t worry, sweetie
You just suffer from Vitamin ME deficiency
So here I am, sending my warmest hugs and kisses
I love you and Good night!

Have the most beautiful dream tonight
While the sky has a moon and stars so bright
I love you my dear and goodnight!

I’ll come over tonight
I’ll turn off your lights and join you in bed
I’ll lie beside you and move closer
Then I’ll whisper, “Goodnight”.

Good Night Love Text Messages and SMS

Sending an SMS is “in” these days. Why not take advantage of it and make your partner and someone special love you more? Why not express your love and thoughts through a 160 character goodnight love sms? If you’re looking for good night sms to send, here are some that you may consider.

I just wish I could come tonight
And hold you so tight
But the least that I can do
Is to say I Love you
And wish you good night!

I wish to end this day in saying I love You
And letting you know that I think of you
Sending you the brightest stars tonight
Make you sleep so sound and tight
Sweet dreams and good night

I may not be there to hold you tight
Just remember that you will always be in my heart
I’ll hug you through my prayers
And give wishes through my kisses
Goodnight and sweet dreams!

Love Good Night Images

As I tuck to bed tonight,
I felt something was not right.
So I grabbed my phone and create a line
Sent you a message, wishing you a good night
May you sleep well tonight!

I can see that angels are envy on you,
As you smile in sleep for sweet dreams,
My prayers will be with you sweet
Good night darling have sweet dreams

When I sleep here alone,
My only prayer is that,
You should have a good sleep
With full of sweet dreams
Good night my sweet heart

Dear, When I sleep, my love
will protect you and will comfort you
good night darling good night!!

Short Good Night SMS Messages

This good night message includes my sincerest prayer for you.
Good night my love.

Don’t worry.
We’ll still see each other in “Dream Land”.
Wait for me when you get first!

This night ends all the troubles you’ve been through all day.
Just sleep it off. Good night.

May your good night prayers reach the Angels who will immediately come down to watch you sleep. Good night Babe.

If only I could be with you tonight, I won’t sleep.
Rather, I’ll just be watching you all the night.
That would be cute.

This is a goodnight message.
Herein attached are a couple of goodnight kisses.
Good night baby!

Greeting you good night doesn’t mean that I call it a day with you.
It’s my way of saying that “I remember you before I go to bed”.
Through this, I will probably dreaming of you. Good night!

Goodnight to the most wonderful person I’ve ever known.
Wishing you a very good night. Sweet dreams!

As breeze do not want to leave your room,
As Moonlight peeping to your beauty,
And angels envy on you,
My love will protect you, my darling,
Good night dear sweet dreams!!

Before I close my eyes,
I pray to God to grant me more days that
I could spend showing you how deep is my love for you.
Good night!

Romantic Good night Text Messages

Keep it sweet and romantic. The sweetest thoughts that you can ever send to your better half as they close their eyes for the night is the ones that came from the heart. Here are some heartfelt and sweetest good night romantic messages for your loved ones.

The nights are made for you,
Angels will bring dreams,
Moon will bring light for you,
Wind will protect you
Good night dear good night!!

As you sleep in your bed,
Angel will come there to protect you
Breeze will make you comfort,
Good night my sweet goodnight!!

When I sleep I request gods,
To give a good sleep filled
Sweet dreams for my sweetheart
Good night with sweet dreams

As I stare in the ceiling,
I am imagining the scenarios in
the future when we already built a family.
It’s just a magnificent thought. Good night!

I hope when I got to dream land,
I’ll see you there.
You are my better half in dreams or in reality.
Good night and have a sweet dream.

Even if I spent all day with you,
before I got to sleep, I am still thinking about you.
Why do you have to be that irresistible?
Good night, sleepy head!

Arguments may nearly break us but at the end of the day,
we just got tougher. Good night.

I pray that angels will watch over you as you sleep.
I hope they won’t be annoyed by your snoring!
Good night, sweetie!

I pray for a stronger tie bonding us together.
Good night and have a honey-dripped dream!

I just can’t thank God enough for giving us
a day to be able to show our affection to each other.
Good night babe!

Maybe if you are lying next to me,
we might be talking about the silliest things and
sharing the lamest jokes but still the room
would be filled with gales of laughter. Good night!

Good Night Love Messages

It’s already nighttime why are you still running on my mind?
Aren’t you tired yet?
Could you just go to sleep?
Good night!

You deserve a fine and dandy sleep
for making me feel loved all day even if we’re not together.
Good night!

Sleep well tonight because tomorrow will be another love-filled day for us.
Good night!

One of the things that excite me the most about sleeping
is that when I wake up,
I know there is a sweet message from you.
Good night!

Dreaming of you is sweeter that a bar of chocolate or a jar of honey.
Good night!

Hey, I am an addict.
Addicted of thinking of you right before I sleep.
Don’t forget to pray!
Good night!

I’m looking forward to a new day
to supply you with love, care and affection.
Good night!

This day has been a day of happiness for you and me.
There’s nothing I could wish for but a happier day tomorrow.
Good night!

I thought my day would be dull but you painted it with vivid colors.
Could you do that again tomorrow?
I’ll reward you with a kiss.
Good night!

Another day has gone. We’re another day older.
I am expecting to be spending the rest of my days with you eternally.
Good night!

Tonight, I pray to God to bless you,
to angels to guide and protect you and
to stars to lighten your path on darkest of night.
May you have the sweetest dream tonight. Goodnight!

Free yourself from troubles,
close your eyes,
pray to God and wish for the best.
Have a good night!

Good night SMS for him:

There are lot of cute ways to say goodnight over text to your boyfriend. Here is a collection of cute messages to send to your boyfriend while hes sleeping. Here are some

  1. Waiting for a new day to be with you again….. So for now Good Night my love!!!!!!
  2. Wish I could walk on and on with you on this romantic night, missing you so much now…. Good night with a hope to see you very soon!!!!!!
  3. The night seems to be too long without you, but I cannot stand to miss you so long…. So now wish you very Good Night, with a hope to meet you in my dreams!!
  4. This SMS is to show you my care and love for you, how much you are on my mind now…. Good Night love!!!!!!
  5. The peace of this night makes me feel more how much you are for me!!! So thought to wish Good night to the man of my life………..
  6. When I close my eyes for a sleep, YOU come before the eyes of my mind!!!! It indicates that you are the only man I care for. So Good Night to my handsome!!

Goodnight Text Messages for Him

cute ways to say goodnight over text to your boyfriend then here is a great collection of goodnight love quotes for him.

You, my love, are more luminous than the moon,
more breathtaking than the stars,
more magnificent than the cosmos and all its mysteries;
you are my universe and I love you.

If the stars really could be wished upon,
I would spend every wish on you.
But tonight, I wish for you restful sleep,
undisturbed by all the worries of this world.
And for me, my only wish, is to dream of you.

When I close my eyes, I see you.
When I dream, it is of your beautiful face.
When I awaken, it is your embrace that I long for.
You are the tranquil moon, the sparkling stars;
you are the essence of my dreams.

How I love the stars—
so remarkable and serene but —
none can shine as bright as your eyes do tonight.

I never want to say goodnight.
My life, without you, has no light.
If my room were the sky itself,
you’d be the stars shining bright.

Even the most beautiful of lilies must close their petals and fall asleep with the sun,
only to awaken all the more beautiful in the morning’s warmth.
So I will not grieve when I cannot be with you in the night,
but instead I wish you a peaceful sleep.

Nothing in the world compares
to the alluring wonder of your resting face.
Sleep sweetly, my love.

Good Night Sweet Dreems

After a long tiring day, isn’t it wonderful to utter a good night messages for your love ones? Ease their fatigue with the soothing feeling of your warmest statement. Send them some goodnight greetings that will warm and soothe their hearts as they retire for the night. There are many goodnight sms and text messages that you can find. We created some of the best messages for goodnight.

Below are some goodnight text messages and good night sms messages that you can send to your friends and loved ones. These goodnight love messages are also great to be posted as facebook good night status. Have fun!

Romantic Good Night Messages

Sweet dreams, sweet love, and a sweet goodnight.
Everything will be sweeter, as you switch off the light.

It’s a joy to have you here tonight
For I know I shall have a goodnight
My dreams will be filled with you
I hope they will come true.

Goodnight and sleep now my gentle one
Tomorrow we’ll wake up with the sun
But tonight the moon will keep you company
With the stars in the sky that are so pretty.

The wind has brought a cold night
I wish you’re here to hug me tight
But nonetheless I wish you goodnight
In my dreams you’ll never leave my sight.

Fear not my little angel
The moon and stars are here to dwell
They will keep you company
As we say goodnight my baby.

Goodnight my love, goodnight my dear
It’s just the night, though shall not fear
Feel the warmth of my embrace
And thank God for His grace.


We often love our girlfriends, text them messages and also make them feel special among other ladies. Sending good night love messages to her makes her .

good night wishes for girlfriend
Written by Daishura
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