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First wedding anniversary wishes for brother

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First wedding anniversary wishes for brother
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Dec 7, 2016 1st wedding anniversary wishes for brother: Brother is the greatest blessing of God. A brother is one who takes care of you and helps you in.

Brothers are one of the most annoying creatures. They make fun of you, tease you and are always ready to embarrass you in the public. They annoy you to the extent that you feel like killing them immediately. Nonetheless, the love of a brother is like no other. He is like a protective parasol and you can completely rely on him. He is there to love, care, protect and support at any point in life. He is always there to understand and give valid advice. And oh! He is also there to pamper you. Brothers are weird, right? They are a combination of both good and bad but good always conquers the latter. We do not show our love to them seldomly but to tell you the truth then there is no harm in pampering brothers as well. He will feel loved and appreciated especially when you appreciate him on his anniversary.

These anniversary wishes will give them motivation and inspiration to keep their relationship moving forward. Well, appreciation always acts as a boost in anyone’s effort. So when you will appreciate the love between them, they will try to keep enhancing it.

Happy Marriage Anniversary wishes to Brother

Congratulations on completing one more year. Here’s to the love and foundation you have built over these years. Happy Anniversary to you both.

Congratulations to my dear sister in law for tolerating my brother for an another year. Happy anniversary, you guys. I love you brother and sister in law.

I wish that you both continue to love each other the way you do now. May this time never fade from your life. Wishing you the best of everything. Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary Brother. I still cannot believe that it’s a year already. Keep loving and fighting. You guys are the best Love!

All my life I wanted a sister but God gave me this irritating brother. Years later he granted my wish in the form my sister in law. Thank you brother. I love you both. A very happy anniversary.

I always look up to you both as a power couple. I want my marriage to be like yours. Always be the same. Happy anniversary brother.

After all this, finally the day has come. You guys made it to a year and how proud I am. A very happy anniversary to you both. Here’s a toast from me to you guys. Love!

My brother and sister in law are the real blessing of my life. They have stood by in both my good and bad, supported me like no other and loved beyond words. This to let you know that I love you like anything. Happy Anniversary!

Your love makes me believe in fairytales. Your understanding makes me believe in marriage. You both make me believe in magic. I love you both. Happy Anniversary!

And oh! The award for tolerating my brother for a year goes to my sister in law. How did you do this? Happy Anniversary.

A special wish to my very special couple. A wish from the bottom of my heart. I wish that you always be together and keep showering me with all the love and attention. Happy Anniversary!

Heartiest congratulations to you both on completing another year of love, growth and happiness. Happy Anniversary.

I wish that you always be happy, brother. I wish you years of love and only love. Happy Anniversary.

You have been my best companion in life, my confidant, my biggest support and love of my life. I love you, brother and I am very happy for you. Congratulations. Happy Anniversary!

You have been perfect all your life and I am so proud to see you as a perfect husband. God bless you two! Happy Anniversary.

I wish that you both prosper more over the years and always stay together. Happy Anniversary.

You both give me major relationship goals. Now, I know where to get my relationship advice from. Happy Anniversary.

I never knew that you could be such an amazing husband, brother. The way you love and care for her is boundless. I want you to search an exact husband for me. Please? Happy Anniversary.

You look the happiest with her brother. The way your eyes shine by a mere glimpse of her is a treat to watch. It makes me very happy. I only wish happiness along your way. Happy Anniversary!

You both are match made in heaven, an epitome of perfection when together. I want this perfection to stay till eternity. Happy Anniversary!

You were best as brother
But thanks for bringing a beautiful sister-in-law.
Happy Anniversary Brother

You look made for each other
that’s what everyone is saying
May you always stay happy
that’s what I keep praying.
Happy Anniversary Brother

Whenever i want to take lessons
for a happy married life
There will be two inspirations
you and your wife
Happy Anniversary Brother

May love between you too
will keep increasing day by day
May whenever you

The way you maintain your love
I like your style
You Pair looks so cute
it is the reason behind My smile
Happy Anniversary Brother

Your relation is strong like whiskey
And it is sweet like rum
You are spending a good time together
But I wish the best is yet to come.
Happy Anniversary Brother

You relation is fantastic
Nothing in it is messed
I always Pray to God
You always remain blessed
Happy Anniversary Brother

Your love is infinite
Nobody can even measure
Watching you both loving
is my biggest pleasure
Happy Anniversary Brother

You Marriage is a Romantic film
And you are playing the best roles
People are loving your love story
it is giving them relationship Goals.
Happy Anniversary Brother

Life is a love journey
on which you are progressing
The couple like you always remain Happy
God is the blessing.
Happy Anniversary Brother

These are the best wishes that you can your brother in his marriage anniversary. it is not just the special moment for them it is also a special moment for you. Their marriage gave you a cute nephew and nieces.

Oct 9, 2016 Send warm wedding anniversary wishes with these anniversary message ideas from “Hope the next [10] years are even happier than your [first decade] together! [Marcie], thanks for making my big brother so happy.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Brother

first wedding anniversary wishes for brother

Having a brother is equal to have a perfect best friend since childhood and many different kinds of memories are related to this relation like childhood memories, teenage memories, and many more unforgettable memories. Since this relation is grown under the same roof the understanding between with a brother is perfect. 

The fights between them, sharing anything, helping each other and always being there for protecting each other and many more memories are a blessing for oneself.

On their happy and joyous occasion, we must cheer them up with the best-suited words. So we give suggestions in the best words to wish them a happy marriage anniversary.

anniversary wishes for big brotherwedding anniversary wishes for brotherwedding anniversary wishes for brother and sister in law in hindi

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Happy Marriage Anniversary wishes to Brother

first wedding anniversary wishes for brother


There is one relation whom we can always trust upon…. He teases us but his care is double….he is our brother…. And on the very special occasion of his marriage anniversary…. Everyone wants to see that person happy who made us happy by sacrificing his own need…. So here are some Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother which will put a smile on his face and let him cry in happiness.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother

1)  Marriage is a test of trust to be passed. Marriage is an adventure to be experienced.  It’s a promise of a lifetime, to be fulfilled. Marriage is an unapologetic manifestation of love, to be displayed. My dear brother and his beautiful bride, not only have you done all of the above but also inspired us by showing us that soulmates do exist. Here’s wishing you my heartiest best for your married life. Happy anniversary brother

2) There are many couples throughout fiction and history who have been immortalized through accounts of their undying love . But brother, I know you adore your wife more than any Romeo could ever adore his Juliet. Therefore, you make my most beloved pair and on the occasion of your marriage I wish that your story be as heartwarming and memorable as that of all of history’s most decorated couples. happy anniversary.

3) Marriage is not only the unification of two individuals but also of two hearts, minds and souls. May this connection between the two of you grow ever stronger and be able to heal and support you during difficult times and intensify all the joy that life endows you.
Happy anniversary my brother 🙂

4) Written in heaven and celebrated on Earth
The story of two love birds,
Marriage is a promise which is as pure as nectar and as strong as diamond,
may God shower his blessings and fill your life with eternal joy and happiness
Wishing you a very happy marriage anniversary 🙂

5) Whenever someone ask me about the best couples among celebrities….. I tell them about you two….. May all your bonding increases day by day and you both stay by each other’s side for your whole life….. Wish you a very happy marriage anniversary to both of u…. Stay blessed. 🙂

6) You both are like hydrogen and oxygen….. You are special in your own way…… But when you come together…. And combine…. You claim the best chemistry…..Happy anniversary to the best couple of this world 🙂

Happy Anniversary Bhaiya Bhabhi

7) your relationship is just like diamond — shining, inseparable and hardest thing to break. be like this always. happy anniversary to you both my brother and bhabhi.

8) You love life is a example for others that how beautiful a marriage life can be. How great writer a god is….. Be like this and may everyone gets the combo like you….. Happy marriage anniversary Bhai and Bhabhi.

9) Love was just a word for me….. But when I see you both it became a beautiful emotion….it just made me feel that what “made for each other” really meant…. May you live long happily together….. Wishing you a happy marriage anniversary Dear Bhaiya and Bhabhi.

10)Love is indifferent to materialistic and superficial attractions. All it truly needs is an honest heart, dedicated to its subject and sincere compassion towards another, which may take years to develop but are ultimately worth the effort. Looking at both of you I know for sure that you have conquered love and are ready to walk together through the next journey of your life, hand in hand and side by side. May your marriage be blissful and give you strength, whenever you need it.
happy anniversary Bhaiya bhabhi.

11) You are the one whom i look upon for inspiration.. .. And your inspiration is your wife. Marriages are miracle.. two souls brought up together…. Happy anniversary be in this miracle till the end.

12) May the love b/w you become as much as water in the ocean….
and Your Bond become stronger and stronger till eternal….
May ur love life grows for ages….
And let the god be proud of his wonderful creation….
A very happy marriage anniversary to the perfect couple….

Anniversary Wishes for Big Brother

13) No matter what…..
the word love has evolved for me at every stage…. First in childhood. the love was for chocolates…. Then for the bikes but now I actually knew the meaning of true love…. Thanks to you two…. I really want others to see how a love life can help in achieving dreams….. May your love be the example and remain divine….. Happy marriage anniversary to you….

14) When two great personalities became one soul than more than a perfect couple born as the result….. You are the best example of it because when you are together you are perfect.
Happy anniversary

15) Today is the special day in your life, where love and affection meet their best to form a great couple in form of you…. Wishing you never ever ending happiness and love, happy anniversary.

16) some years back a forever journey started….. today if i believe in love it is only because of u.. i woke up everyday and see you guys falling and growing in love with each other more and more may the almighty gives u more happiness
You are the best people in this world. Happy anniversary brother.

17) Not only have i seen truth in both your eyes you remind me time itself,which passes and came to your celebration
Happy marriage anniversary may god always keep you together

18) The one who defeats all the anger with love….. A couple who can conquer the world together…. May every day of your life be blessed with rays of hope, joy, love and sunshine…….. Happy marriage anniversary to you My Dear Brother.

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother

19) A man can stand by his own strength….. But with little support and care he can conquer the world and achieve the unimaginable success…. You both are the pillars in each others life…. May your bond remain strong always….. Wishing you a happy marriage anniversary……

20) Like the stars and the moon,like the dance and monsoon
I hope you both will be together with love and achieve your dream really soon….. I want everyone to see your bond and learn from it…… A very very happy marriage anniversary to both of you.

21) Thinking of you today with loving wishes, as you reflect on all the wonderful memories of the past and future days to share. Just be the way you are….. Always amaze each other with surprises and proving the world about the existence of true love…. Happy Anniversary Bhaiya and Bhabhi.

22) I hope your anniversary fulfill with happy memories…. May you make many more to treasure for a long time…. May you achieve all the success and be the richest in the category of happiness….. Happy marriage anniversary to you Bhaiya Bhabhi.

23) Happy anniversary my dear brother. The real beauty of your relationship is that you are always sincere to each other! May God bless you both with every joy and happiness. My dear brother and sister in law. Its your Anniversary today. Happy anniversary brother.

24) This special day is back again. It is the day that you both took your vows. I am happy to see that you both have the same love you had on your wedding day. A very happy anniversary my lovely bro!

Happy Wedding Anniversary to Both of You

25) I feel so lucky to have a wonderful brother – a husband that made her wife’s life complete. You are a man that makes her day by the time she wake up till she get home from work. She love you so much dear brother. Happy anniversary.

26) Once again you prove that true love never dies, it only goes stronger and stronger with the passage of time. Happy wedding anniversary to Brother and sister in law!!!

27) Your wedding anniversary… A time to reminisce…remembering first meetings…first date …first dance …first kiss…to think of all the things you’ve done the places you’ve both been… The joy the tears… The doubts the fears… The wondrous thing you’ve seen… To realise as you recall.. That all you’ve seen and done meant so much more together, the two of u as one… U know that love is a true thing and love never dies….
May each of u still see that love… In one another’s eyes…
So as you reminisce today recalling pleasures past …u will know that in the years to come.. Your love will always last..!

28) As we could see nowadays, relationships have become brittle. Relationships are no longer about working as a team work. So eventually I had started losing faith in the institution of marriage. But seeing you both make me want to believe in this pious relation.
When I see you smiling Bhaiya, I see how it is due to Bhabhi. You both give major goals.
I wish you many more happy anniversaries.

29) Happy wedding anniversary.. to a beautiful couple…may the freshness of your love always remain the same and the great…. As it used to be…. You define that soulmate isn’t just a word….. It’s more than reality…

30) Some people questions about true love…. When they ask me about my opinion I just show them your story and they accept that the true love exist in real…. That’s the power of the beautiful couple like you….. Stay blessed always and a very happy marriage anniversary to you both.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother

31) May your marriage be blessed with love… and companionship… and joy…for all the year of your lives..! You both never take anything for granted and therefore it makes you the more the perfect couple I have ever seen and a very Happy wedding anniversary to a perfect couple..loads of love!

32) Anniversaries r milestones where u can pause and look back.. and cherish the beautiful memories… and bind yourself to all the wonderful promises…that r yet to be fulfilled…happy marriage anniversary. to you ….!!

33)The special day of your life…the day to be remembered… and hope… Your life be filled with all kind of happiness ..may you never ever feel Alone in your life time and stay in the most romantic way you used to live… Happy anniversary brother.

34) I got a question in my mind that who is the most romantic couple in the world…. At last I get confused between you Bhabhi and me and my sleep….. Because for me No one else can be some romantic as you…. May your romance increase day by day….. Wishing you a very happy marriage anniversary….

35)marriage is a melody sung by two hearts completely surrendered to love…. U two r made for each other.. and nothing else matters…hope you guys continue to have the best life with each other wishing u the best anniversary ever!

36) I love you a little…. Its like a little but a lot… Thank you for always being by my side and now seeing you both as a romantic couple who stays happy for all the time… I believe that my brother is the best and you deserve a perfect match like Bhabhi only….. Wishing you a very happy marriage anniversary Bhaiya and Bhabhi….

Happy Wedding Anniversary Brother and Sister in Law

37)you know what is happiness…. Seeing you happy with your better half…. Doing romance, playing with babies and never ever allowed your work life to come in between your love us happiness…. May our happiness increases day by day….. I wish you a very happy marriage anniversary Bhaiya Bhabhi….

38) This is not the time to look back on the good days of your life. This is the time to look ahead to the best days of your life that are yet to come. Happy marriage anniversary bro.

39)No treasure compares to the love of a brother. No words can describe your effort in fulfilling my wishes…. Thanks for everything and your wonderful support…. Wishing you a very happy life in future and happy marriage anniversary.

40) You two clearly took that ‘for better or worse’ thing to heart. Wishing you lots of ‘better’ in the year ahead. When you’ve got a strong love like yours, you can make it through anything. So many who admire you are honoring you today. Happy Anniversary to a couple who’s wished nothing but the best, always.

41) I thought depending on someone is a weakness but you proved me that its more than just a strength…. Knowing that someone is behind your back every time for your help and enjoying the fears with the nature like you just amazes me….. Just stay the way you are and always stay blessed….. Happy marriage anniversary to you Bhaiya.

42) Love isn’t that easy was my thought…. Promises are hard to keep I know… But the only thing I knew today is that I was wrong….. And I am happy to be wrong after seeing you both…. Your couple is just awesome…. And really I wish your bond grows stronger….. A very happy marriage anniversary brother.

So here Were some “Wedding Anniversary wishes for Brother” That’ll definitely make him cry in Happiness. These Wedding Anniversary Quotes for brother will Touch the Heart Of Both of them.



Feb 2, 2019 Marriage Anniversary Wishes For Brother: Everyone surely enjoy and remember the marriage of her/his elder or younger brother. You still.

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother From the Heart

first wedding anniversary wishes for brother

If you are looking for Blissful anniversary card for sister and your brother in law. Here you can find all sorts of greetings messages and anniversary cards. This is a perfect place for finding best greeting and wishes.

Happy Anniversary to Sister and Brother in Law

Dear Sister and Brother, together you two are perfect. On this anniversary i wanna wish you a very happy anniversary, may you both live long and look after each other like you always do.

Happy Anniversary to Brother and Sister. As you are celebrating another year together, it is very clear that you two are meant for each other. Best wishes!

Most congratulation on your Marriage Anniversary. May your golden union will always be like this, and may you have many more happy anniversaries. We all love you, my dear sister and brother.

Happy Anniversary to a most beautiful couple that i have ever seen. May your anniversary day always satisfy your hearts with joy and the happy memories of previous life time spent together.

Best wishes to both of you on your Happy Anniversary. Your marriage have always been blessed with a real loving relation of joy, happiness, and friendship. May you find these things for all the years to come.

Strong wishes comes your way on your Wedding Anniversary. A cup is raised for you on your special day and let us all celebrate on this beautiful occasion.

Love, trust, tolerance & tenacity. This is what we have seen in your relation every time. May you have such beautiful life ahead of you as well. Best wished on your special wedding anniversary.

We wish you a very happy anniversary on your 15 years of loving marriage. Your celebration on this fine occasion, means a world to us. May you have such loving life for all the years to come. Best wishes to a very special Sister and Brother in law.

Best wishes to both of you on your wedding anniversary. May the love you share last a lifetime. May you be blessed with many more beautiful sons and daughters.

This greeting is been sent to my sister and brother in law to say love on their beautiful and everlasting relation. I wish you a very happy anniversary. May God Bless you both.


Happy Anniversary messages to Sister and Brother in Law

A very happy anniversary to both of you. Always be a happy family. Share time with each other. Good and bad things are a part of a life, so face them with a smile. Together you can face all sorts of problem or difficulties. God Bless you both.

Dear Sister, you look perfect when you stand with your partner. May the love between you always remain like this and may it will prosper over the time. I love you both. Happy Anniversary.

My sweet brother has grown and now its his own first anniversary. I can’t imagine how the time flies. May you and your partner live a very long happy and loving life. I love you both. Happy anniversary my dear.

I congratulate you on an another happy year of your life, may you have many more years of love, laughter and happiness. I wish you a very happy anniversary.

You have always been there for me in both good and bad times, i want you to know that i’m always there for both of you. I wish you a very happy anniversary. May you be a loving family in all years to come. I love you both.

Dear sister and brother in law, you are best in the world, you two means a world to me. I am very happy in your happiness. I congratulate you on another loving year of your life. Best wishes. Happy anniversary.

I always considered my Brother as my best friend. That was until my Sister in law came. Sorry Brother i have changed sides. She’s my best friend now. I love you both and i wish you a very happy anniversary with great love.

Another happy year for you both. May this year also brings you happiness and comfort with love and joy, like all the years before. Many many happy return of the day. Happy Anniversary my dearest fellow. I love you so much.

I hope that the love you shared on the wedding is still the same or more. May this year brings you happiness and joy together. May you marriage be as strong as steel and you trust as deep as a sea.

Happy Anniversary. May the love you share last a life time and may you be always like this. Best couple in the whole world. I give you best wishes.

Through this card, i send all the love and best wishes to you on your anniversary and your successful marriage. Give my love to your beautiful children as well.

Happy anniversary, may this day satisfies you with everlasting love and fills you with joy and old precious and sweet memories.

A wonderful pair with mountains of love. May you always be like that. I wish you very happy anniversary. I am celebrating this beautiful occasion with you both. A cup raised to your love and your successful marriage.


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Send wedding anniversary wishes to sister and brother-in-law and make them smile. send My sweet brother has grown and now its his own first anniversary.

first wedding anniversary wishes for brother
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