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Engagement wishes on cake
January 27, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 2 comments

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Engagement Cake Wordings Ideas

Engagement Cake Wordings / What To Write On A Engagement Cake/ Classic Quotes For Engagement Cake/ Engagement Cake Sayings/ Engagement Party Cake Wordings 

Engagement is indeed a special time in any couple's life, so go ahead and make your engagement party more special and unique by choosing the perfect engagement cake wordings.

Here is a collection of unique engagement cake sayings to choose from. Read on to find the sweetest engagement cake wordings right here. 

* Future Mr & Mrs Adams!

* Ted and Robin! Congratulations!

* All you need is LOVE

* Way to go Rachel and Steve !

* Made For Each Other! 

* Congratualtions  & Happy Engagement!

* Wishing you a Lifetime of Happiness!

* Mark & Rose – Finally Engaged!

* Two Souls, One Heart!

* He asked! She said Yes!

* Finally Engaged… Congrats!

* Engaged in Love! 


Online Name Wishes Engagement Wish Card Profile. Unique Write Your Name On Pink Rose Wedding Cake Pic Beautiful Cakes, Pink Roses, Wedding.

Engagement Wishes and Quotes: Congratulations for Getting Engaged

engagement wishes on cake

Engagement is such an exciting time in a couples life and sending them engagement wishes is a great way to share in their excitement. Engagement quotes and sayings may also be a useful tool when writing in a card or creating a speech.

Use these wishes, quotes, and sayings to help you share your excitement and words of congratulations with the soon to be newlyweds or write your own using these as examples to help you find the perfect, unique words.

  • Best wishes to you and your better half! Looking forward to watching you grow as a loving couple.
    What To Write In A Wedding Card

  • If you only choose to do one thing through all this excitement, make sure you take lots of pictures depicting the fun and enjoyment of this special time in your life.
    Wedding Pictures

  • Engagement is just a stepping stone to the ultimate commitment, the ceremony!
    Wedding Quotes

  • As the two of you merge your lives together, remember, every day won't be roses and sunshine.  But with your commitment to each other, you'll fight to keep this merger from ever falling apart!
    Marriage Wishes

  • May the gentle breeze bear witness to this union and carry its message to all lands.

    May the sun warm their hearts and its ever-burning fire fuel their desire for each other.

    May the sea provide for them from its bounty and comfort their souls with her sounds.

    May the earth lend its strength, and reveal its mysteries.

    May you feel no rain, for each of you will be a shelter to the other.

    May you feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other.

    May there be no loneliness for you;

    Though you are two persons, there is one life before you.

    May you go to your dwelling place to enter into the days of your togetherness.

    And may your days be good and long together.
    Irish Wedding Toasts

  • I am so thankful for the abundant wishes we received when our great news was spread wide and far. An engagement like ours was always meant to be.
    What To Write In A Thank You Card

  • Good morning to two people who have so much to celebrate. Enjoy every moment of this new adventure you are on.
    Good Morning Wishes

  • Growing old with the love of your life has got to be the best feeling in the world.
    Marriage Quotes

  • There are many new starts within our lives, on our own and with those we love. We will always wish you the best in life, from your engagement right to your retirement.
    Retirement Wishes

  • One day long from now, you will find yourselves looking through your album for memories of this wonderful time in your life.
    Wedding Albums

  • First your engagement, then the big day, on to a future of unknowns but also wonderful surprises! Happy wishes for a wonderful life together.
    Wedding Card Messages

  • On the day of your engagement, you start to imagine,
    After the wedding what will our marriage look like?
    Of course, life is never easy, so working hard at it will be necessary.
    But with that each day your love should spike.
    Marriage Poems

  • On one knee to ask a question,
    From this, an engagement arises.
    Planning begins and many comments flow in.
    Seems like everyone has something to say,
    Your wedding doesn’t feel your way,
    But in the end, the day will finish with a grin.
    Wedding Poems

  • Well, I can't say we didn't see this coming, but I can say how happy we are to know its official!
    Marriage Wishes

  • Its been a long time coming, but the two of you have finally made the commitment the rest of us have been watching from afar as patiently as possible!
    Wedding Toasts

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    Greeting Cards

    engagement wishes on cake

    Engagement Wishes and Quotes: There is no better way to say ‘Congratulations for getting engaged’ than a sweet handwritten message for a newly engaged couple. From romantic words to cute messages to funny one-liners, shower the fiancé and fiancée with your best wishes. And if you’re not the kind who likes greeting cards, take your celebrations to Facebook and Twitter. Be a part of a couple’s beautiful journey as they take the first step towards getting married. Go on, make a fuss and spoil the newly engaged couple silly by congratulating them again and again and again… as if every single day is a magical celebration of their love.


    1) If a perfume was made from your lives, it would be called True Love by Cupid. Congratulations on your engagement.


    2) May your engagement rings give you wings to fly into the happy skies of marital bliss. Congratulations.


    3) Your engagement is the crowning glory, of each other’s destiny. It is the raison d’être, for your love’s reason to be. Congratulations.


    4) How simple is the calculation, of one plus one equals two? As simple as how happy I am, for the both of you. Congratulations on your engagement.


    5) Do you know what true love, commitment, romance and life-long promises have in common? All of them exist in your beautiful relationship. Congratulations for getting engaged.

    6) A relationship is not a promise of agreeing all the time, but agreeing that disagreeing will also be a part of the journey. Remember these words as you embark upon this beautiful journey. Congratulations for getting engaged.


    7) The period between engagement and marriage is defined as the time when you can enjoy all the perks of being married without being burdened by any of its responsibilities. Enjoy it, congratulation.


    8) The perfect love story has never been written in a novel yet. It is being written in your everyday lives as a couple. Congratulations for your engagement.


    9) I hope, wish and pray that your engagement immerses you in life’s ultimate bliss and happiness. Congratulations.


    10) Thousands of couples must be getting engaged across the world today but you are not among them. You two are a heavenly pair… truly out of this world. Congratulations.

    11) The funniest thing about engagement is that ENGAGED rhymes with CAGED. I wonder if it means the same too.


    12) Even the cutest cat pictures don’t match up to the cuteness that exuberates from you two love birds. Congratulations on getting engaged.


    13) Very few people are blessed to embark upon life’s journey with partners who are truly made for each other… and you two are the chosen ones. Congratulations for your engagement.


    14) By getting engaged, you both have laid the first set of bricks on which the foundation of your life will rest. Congratulations.


    15) When a cool dude decides to tie the knot with a beautiful girl in the presence of awesome friends and loving family members, the result can only be happiness. Congratulations for getting engaged.

    16) As you both take the first steps towards becoming husband and wife, I hope and wish that you have a perfect life. Every second of your engagement is a priceless memento, you are a beautiful couple is what I want you to know. Congratulations.


    17) Your engagement is the green light at the traffic signal on one of the most important crossroads of your life. May this signal allow the happiest moments to cross over into your life as a couple. Congratulations.


    18) May your engageMENT bring many other MENTs in your life including contentMENT, exciteMENT, commitMENT, enjoyMENT and enchantMENT. Congratulations.


    19) How beautiful a couple you both are, you should know… I think of you both, whenever I see a rainbow. Congratulations for your engagement.


    20) Regardless of whether your engagement party is an intimate affair or a lavish do, it will always be a once in a lifetime celebration in my heart. Congratulations.

    21) From Happily Dating to Happily Engaged to Happily Married, your engagement is sure to bring you a Happily Ever After. Congratulations.


    22) Being engaged and deciding to spend a lifetime together is like getting a really cool bargain – you can double your happiness and divide your sorrows. Congratulations.


    23) Today onwards, no storm can ever rattle you now because you are armed with one of the most important defense mechanisms in life – the bond of a fiancé and a fiancée. Congratulations.


    24) Here is some advice from your dear friend: If you associate the word engagement with commitment, you will never have to face disappointment. Congratulations.


    25) Your engagement is a celebration that will reek charm and flamboyance, because you both are cocooned in each other’s hearts with love with abundance. Congratulations.

    26) Dating is the phase when you test the waters, engagement is the phase when you decide it’s worth drowning into. Congratulations.


    27) May the romance in your relationship be as bright as the sun. May the happiness in your relationship be second to none. Congratulations.


    28) Congratulations for leveling up your relationship. But don’t take it easy yet, Engagement is a quest that you must complete carefully before levelling up to marriage.


    29) It won’t take an expert psychic, proficient astrologer or a master tarot card reader to tell you that you about to experience the best time in your life. Congratulations for your engagement.


    30) The definition of the strongest thing in the world is not found in science texts. It is the true love, that exists between you two. Congratulations for your engagement.

    31) Today is your special day, may all the happiness in the world come your way. This moment is your time, may you be immersed in a romance so sublime. Today you become fiancé and fiancée, may your future be exactly the way you dream it to be. Congratulations.


    32) Your families will celebrate your engagement because families are supposed to do that. But friends like me will celebrate your engagement because they want to… and they feel happy for you. Congratulations.


    33) Your life is like an airplane which is about to take off on the runway of courtship to reach a destination called Happy Marriage. Congratulations on your engagement.


    34) First you were his friend, then you were his crush, after which you were his girlfriend and now you are his fiancée. Congratulations for getting engaged and being just one step away from becoming his wife.


    35) Your engagement is proof of the fact that lovers can be together despite all troubles and obstacles in the path of a relationship. Congratulations.

    36) Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and beginning of an eternal love story. Congratulations.


    37) Engagement is a magnet that only lucky couples are blessed to have. This magnet attracts happiness and repels misfortune. Congratulations.


    38) May your engagement party be celebrated with a cake with a massive icing of trust, drinks mixed with romance and balloons filled with love. Congratulations.


    39) The beautiful engagement of a beautiful couple with beautiful families is bound to be… beautiful. Congratulations.


    40) Your engagement will be nothing short of a grand party… because it marks a new beginning in your destiny. Congratulations.

    Online Name Wishes Engagement Wish Card Profile. Unique Write Your Name On Pink Rose Wedding Cake Pic Beautiful Cakes, Pink Roses, Wedding.

    Engagement Cakes

    engagement wishes on cake

    happy engagement wishes for sister card handmade.

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    Engagement Wishes and Quotes: There is no better way to say . 38) May your engagement party be celebrated with a cake with a massive icing of trust, drinks.

    engagement wishes on cake
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