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Coloured auras and what they mean

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Coloured auras and what they mean
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Each human aura color carries an archetypical meaning and interpretive, or transitional label. The human aura colors are intertwined with the traditional color .

In scientific circles, it is widely accepted that the human body emits energy. Even more so, scientific studies have shown numerous times that the entire body of a human being is surrounded by an energy field. Thanks to an electric graphic recording technique named Kirlian photography, this energy can not only be detected but also captured on film. The electromagnetic field that is surrounding the human body is commonly known as “aura.” The human aura is quite an interesting field for research. As such, it can provide you a plethora of valuable information about another person’s emotions, mental states, and feelings. In the following, we’ll have a closer look at all the different aura colors, their meaning, and what they tell you about other people.

Not only do living beings radiate energy but this energy can also take on many different colors. Interestingly enough, the color, shape, and brightness of the human aura can vary from person to person.

“The more you consistently choose loving, appreciative thoughts, the more your aura radiates out that energy of love and appreciation. Then, you truly uplift – what you focus upon shines and your mere presence illuminates.”
Karen Whitaker

Thanks to spiritually adept individuals, we know that the different aura colors of human beings reveal important information about them. As such, the vibrations and aura colors of an individual outwardly reflect their internal landscape.

The following explores all the different aura colors and their meanings.

By understanding the meaning of the different aura colors, you will be able to intuitively understand the emotional state of another person. Let’s have a look at the various aura colors and their meanings.

Aura Colors and Their Insightful Meaning

What makes interpreting auras so difficult is that they come in all different kinds of forms, shapes, and colors. In fact, only rarely will you encounter a person whose aura shines in the luminous light of one color only. Instead, most human auras are the result of different colors mixing with each other.

What does the term “aura” describe?

In short, every living body emits energy. The human body is no exception from this. As such, your body emits different energies. Some of these energies can be detected by scientific measurements, for instance, heat emissions. The human aura is one such energy – or to be more precise – an electromagnetic field. In most cases, an individual’s aura is shaped like an egg around the entire human body. Even more so, spiritually advanced individuals have stated time and time again, that a person’s aura holds valuable insights.

Aura colors and their meanings

Here’s a short overview of all the possible aura colors, which is followed by an in-depth explanation of each color and its meaning.

  • Light/whitish aura colors
  • Dark aura colors
  • Rainbow aura colors
  • Metallic aura colors
  • Red aura colors
  • Orange aura colors
  • Yellow aura colors
  • Green aura colors
  • Blue aura colors
  • Violet aura colors
  • Earth aura colors

Let’s have an in-depth look at all the aura colors and their respective associations. The following will especially show you what each aura color means and symbolizes. Even more so, it will highlight the insights about another person you can gain by identifying their aura color.

Light/whitish colors

White aura colors stand for purity, truth, and newness. You will only rarely – if ever – encounter another person whose aura shines in a perfectly white color. This is because you only find white auras in spiritually highly evolved human beings. In fact, a white aura may be a sign that a person is fully illumined and/or has fully transcended physical reality. If you see a person with a white aura, it is very likely that you have encountered a person who is very close to ascension.

Dark aura colors

While white aura colors resemble truth and purity, dark auras indicate opposing characteristics. Associated with such colors is fear, the inability to forgive, grief, and (emotional) wounds or hurts. In general, dark aura colors are closely connected to negative feelings.

Let’s have a look at each of the dark aura color tones.

  • Black: The presence of black colors in a person’s aura indicates negativity, hatred, depression, and illness. In general, seeing black elements in an individual’s aura is never a good sign. The aforementioned negativity can express itself as negative feelings but also pure hatred. At the same time, it can also be the result of a person’s unforgiving, fear-driven nature. If black colors are seen in certain regions of the body, it may be a sign that these areas are affected by a disease.
  • Gray: Grayish aura colors may be a sign of energy blockages. Even more so, gray aura colors can often be found in individuals that find it impossible to trust others. Depending on the brightness of the gray color tone, various other insights can be gained. For instance, very dark gray tones may indicate residues of fear in a person.
  • Brown: While brown aura color tones may not indicate exceptional positivity, they are not as negative as black or gray tones. As such, brown colors in a person’s aura may indicate insecurities and a lack of confidence. Even more so, it can be a sign of confusion. In some cases, brown auras may also help you to identify individuals that act mainly selfish and have a habit of deceiving others.

Rainbow aura colors

Let’s continue with a mixture of various colors that indicate much brighter characteristics than the aforementioned dark aura colors.

Individuals whose aura consists of a wide variety of colors – just like a rainbow – are energetically gifted. For instance, you will find that many healers have rainbow-colored auras.

Metal aura colors

There are particularly two metals that are deeply associated with spirituality: gold and silver. As such, these two metallic tones indicate that spiritual and exceptionally positive vibrations are emitted from this individual. Let’s have a look at both metallic colors in more detail.

  • Gold: A bright and often very shiny golden aura is in many instances found in a deeply spiritual and wise person. It is the sign of inspired individuals that possess a plethora of inner knowledge. In general, a golden aura is associated with wisdom, deep thinking, and also enlightenment. At the same time, golden color tones indicate that a being is divinely guided and protected. As such, it may be an individual that is pursuing a higher good with great determination.
  • Silver: Astonishingly, silver – not gold – indicates abundance. It is radiated by individuals who are physically, mentally, and spiritually wealthy and do not hesitate to generously share their abundance with others. Even more so, silver color tones in an individual’s aura may indicate that they are awakening to a higher consciousness.

Red aura colors

Let’s discuss an exceptionally powerful color in a person’s aura: red. Investigating the nuances of the different red tones in the human aura can be quite interesting. This is because red, in itself, can indicate both positive and negative aspects of a person’s character.

  • Clear red: This color tone represents the healthy and balanced aspects of a red aura. As such, it is associated with balanced expressions of energy, sexuality, and passion. Usually, individuals who have an aura that is clear red in color are exceptionally energetic and highly active.
  • Dark/deep red: Even though this particular reddish tone darkens, it is not necessarily associated with negative characteristics. Quite the contrary, individuals with a dark red aura may be grounded people who are very independent.
  • Muddied/clouded red: This particular color tone represents negativity. It may be a sign of anger and a person’s inability to let go of it.
  • Pink: When it comes to auras, bright and light pink color tones are quite a positive sign. In fact, people who have pink color tones in their aura are loving and sensual individuals. They may be very creative and often express themselves through different forms of art.
  • Dark pink: As positive as light pink color tones aura, their darker expressions are quite the opposite. As such, people with an aura that is characterized by a dark pink color tone are generally not to be trusted. They may be quite immature and not at all trustworthy. Even more so, such individuals can be very deceptive and dishonest.

Orange aura colors

Orange color tones in a person’s aura are associated with vigor, vitality, energy, and good health. Such individuals are usually very outgoing, energetic, adventurous, and creative.

  • Orange red: Individuals whose aura contains orange-red color tones are very confident. This may contribute to their perception as people who sometimes struggle to keep their emotions in check. Combined with these people’s creativity, it makes a personality that is driven to put ideas instantly to action. On the downside, this may cause them to initially ignore the potential consequences of their actions.
  • Orange yellow: Just as orange-red individuals, orange-yellow color tones indicate a high level of creativity in a person. Even more so, orange-yellow individuals are usually exceptionally intelligent. At the same time, they may be perceived as too perfectionistic and too detail-oriented.

Yellow aura colors

Orange color tones in an aura are a telltale sign of creativity, intelligence, optimism, playfulness, and the ongoing process of awakening. Individuals with yellow elements in their aura are usually very independent and prefer analytical thinking. They also are skilled communicators and good observers, which makes them not only great teachers but also successful professors or scientists.

  • Light yellow: People whose aura has a very light yellowish tone are very optimistic and hopeful in nature. Similarly, such a light yellow color tone is a sign of the awakening of certain spiritual and psychic qualities. It is also quite likely that this individual is very playful.
  • Dark/brown yellow: A yellowish color tone that turns dark may be an indicator of pressure and stress. It is usually found in individuals who formerly had all the qualities of a person with a light yellow aura. But certain changes in themselves and/or their environment caused dark yellow people to lose their passion. For instance, a student who was keen on exploring new ideas becomes stressed by putting themselves under too much pressure to succeed academically.

Green aura colors

The green color can readily be found in the environment. Therefore, it is not too much of a surprise that individuals with green auras are usually very balanced and harmonic people. You may feel very comfortable being around them and they somehow have a very grounding effect on you. Even more so, individuals with green color tones in their aura are very social people and enjoy spending their time in nature and/or with animals.

  • Yellowish green: Individuals whose aura color has yellowish green color tones are very good with people and excellent communicators. Such individuals use their creativity and communication skills to create pieces of art – especially in the writing professions.
  • Emerald green: The emerald green aura color indicates people who are healers. Such individuals may often seek to work hand-in-hand with what nature provides to affect other people’s health positively.
  • Dark green: Dark green elements in the aura colors may not always be the best sign. Usually, it indicates a certain sense of resentment, jealousy, and insecurity. It may also be a sign of people who have the negative habit of continuously blaming others for their own faults.

Blue aura colors

A blue aura color is usually found around people who are very intuitive, loving, and sensitive. It is, therefore, very likely that you can find such individuals in caring professions and other areas where they can be of service to others.

  • Bright blue: If you encounter a person with a bright blue aura color, you can be sure that they are spiritually evolved. Such individuals have found the right path and are very truthful.
  • Dark blue: People whose aura has dark blue elements to it may be quite pessimistic about the future. Similarly, such individuals have an intense need to control. They also dislike facing the truth as they prefer to live in their self-manufactured reality.
  • Indigo: If you can find indigo elements in a person’s aura colors, it is an indicator of intuition and sensitivity.

Violet aura colors

Violet aura colors indicate intuition, sensitivity, and a certain level of attunement. Individuals whose aura has violet color tones may be quite wise beings whose sensitivity helps them to effectively help others who are confronted with a great variety of different challenges. At the same time, such individuals are exceptional visionaries. This, however, may sometimes cause them to daydream instead of taking action.

Earth aura colors

Unsurprisingly, people whose aura color contains earth tones are usually grounded and in harmony with nature.

I hope you enjoyed reading this explanation of the various different aura colors and their meanings.

Stay victorious!

The Aura fluctuates it's color and intensity as we attenuate our energy into progressive positive Meaning Of Colors Of Orbs | of the article, as a psychic. Aura.

The Meaning of Aura Colors

coloured auras and what they mean


RED / Red is the color of the root chakra, which relates to your connection with nature, the physical body, and the material world. It appears in the auras of fearless individuals who have a natural understanding of physicality and enjoy manifesting desires in the material world. They are passionate and unapologetic about experiencing dynamic and abundant adventures in life as a physical being. It’s this passion and restlessness that keeps them driven in life. They are generally unafraid of death, birth, over-indulgence, sensuality, or adrenaline-inducing activities. Those with red emissions in their energy fields are powerful people that rarely deny themselves the pleasures of the physical plane. The saturation or brightness of a color in your aura can indicate different things. If the red in your aura is murky or dark, you may be holding on to anger, frustration, or trauma. It can also indicate low energy, exhaustion or being over-worked.

PINK / Pink is one of the more rare colors to show up in an aura. A bubblegum pink aura can be seen around persons who are gentle in nature and radiate pleasant, loving energy to every being they come into contact with. They are deeply sensitive, embrace the ideals of romantic love, and often have a natural ability to keep the romance alive and well in relationships. They are natural healers and creatives, with an inkling toward intuitive abilities. The color pink vibrates at the same frequency as green, which corresponds to the heart chakra. People who have pink emissions in their aura inspire a feeling of comfort to those around them. Pink vibrations are bubbly and uplifting because they correspond directly to the heart chakra, which is typically associated with feminine energy. Even in the midst of life’s most pressing challenges, a person with a pink aura can help heal others with a glance, a smile, a kind word, or just by being present. They remind us to be gentle with each other and all of earth’s creatures.

MAGENTA / Those with a magenta aura are true originals. The color magenta is a combination of red, blue, and white light frequencies. Those with magenta emissions in their aura combine a masterful understanding of the physical world (Red) with a heightened capacity for creative thinking (Blue). This combination makes people with magenta auras ideally suited for creative work. These high-energy, naturally creative beings thrive on originality and innovation and are not fond of using copycat methods of creativity. Those with magenta in their auras tend to walk to the beat of their own drum, and experience the world in their own way. They can sometimes come across as a bit eccentric, but generally attract positive attention from their peers.  These individualistic thinkers consider following the crowd to be boring and restrictive. Peer pressure has no effect on them. They love to shock people, to shake them from their ordinary, humdrum existence. These unique personalities are generally optimistic and prefer to look at life with a sense of humor. Magentas are usually very strong-willed and intelligent – but rarely understood. They are innovative and creative, fascinated by the latest gadgets and inventions.  They do, however, deal with the tangibles on the planet - like taking physical substance and stretching it into new forms that go beyond what people consider normal. These free spirits aren't usually concerned about what others think, but tend to live in large cities where they are more apt to have the freedom to express themselves.

ORANGE / Orange is the color of the sacral chakra, which relates to creativity, sensuality, and emotions. Orange is the energy center for exchange and relationships, placing high value on friendships and interacting with others. Those with orange emissions in their auras resonate with the vibrations of joyful exchange, whether relating to work, resources, money, time, energy, or love. They possess strength in teamwork due to their ability to be relatable and sociable. Those with orange in their aura are highly perceptive and incredibly dynamic individuals. Strangers do not stay strangers for very long for those with an orange aura, as friendships develop very quickly for these relationship experts. People with orange auras have a hard time sitting still as they are thrill seekers who want to experience all the world has to offer. Because they crave newness and sensation, vibrating at a lower orange frequency can lead to addiction or trouble committing in relationships.

YELLOW  / Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, which rules our intellect, self-esteem and personal power. Those with yellow in their energy field resonate with vibrations of confidence, happiness, a strong sense of self, esteem, and the ability to inspire others to achieve greatness. They are natural born leaders, who tend to have high levels of energy and the ability to positively motivate others. Individuals with yellow auras encourage and support others by naturally being themselves - they radiate like the sun and they also may have a great ability to analyze complex concepts. Those who glow yellow are full of inner joy, generosity, and naturally attract others towards them - they are warm and radiant like the sun.

TAN / A tan aura can be found in individuals who are very logical and analytical. They choose to methodically process every step, from one through ten. They are also very practical, security-conscious and have a tendency to keep their feelings to themselves. They are not risk-takers, these are the people who want to build a foundation brick by brick before taking a leap. These detail-oriented beings are strategic in their approach to life, and often times have the ability to accomplish time-consuming tasks that frustrate others. They are down-to-earth personalities who value long-term commitment. Those with tan in their auras love to analyze, learn, and understand three-dimensional reality and then enjoy living a comfortable, secure and stable life.

GREEN / Green frequencies resonate with the vibration of the heart chakra, the center of personal growth and healing. Those with green auras radiate unconditional love and a life force energy that is sensed by all beings that come into their presence. Because of this, individuals with intense green in their auras are typically drawn to nature and animals and are natural born self healers. Being in the presence of a person with green emissions in their energy field is a very peaceful and restful experience. They are the most balanced people in the entire color spectrum, easily giving equal attention to their own creative goals and to the people they love. They have a sense of responsibility and service to others, and are very self assertive. The green aura is one that bridges the spiritual and physical worlds. They are focused, with high ideals and aspirations - profoundly creative individuals. If your green is dark or murky, you may be focusing on feelings of jealousy or envy - you may be feeling like the victim and viewing comments from others as criticism.

BLUE  / Blue is the color of the throat chakra, ruling communication and self-expression. A true lighter blue in the aura is indicative of a person with natural intuitive gifts. They are the most caring, nurturing and protective personalities in the color-spectrum. Their life purpose is to serve - to help and love others as they live by their hearts and emotions. Individuals with light blue emissions in their energy field have an inner knowledge and wisdom and tend to rely on their feelings to determine what is right without needing outside facts or data for substantiation. These expressive dreamers place a great importance on personal relationships. Since they are sensitive beings, they need a calm and tranquil environment. They also enjoy meditation and moments of solitude to reflect. They are very positive and have a serene disposition. Honesty and clarity in communication is very important to them. They love to gather and share wisdom and make great philosophers. The lighter the blue of your aura, the more peaceful and positive the energy you project.

TURQUOISE / Turquoise in your aura is the mark of a person with natural gifts of communication. These individuals have a dynamic quality of being and a highly energized personality that is influencing to others. They are powerful healers and help others discover their inner truths. Those with turquoise strong points in their aura can do many things simultaneously and are good organizers. They feel bored when forced to concentrate on one thing and are natural multi-taskers. Excelling in empathy and communication, individuals with turquoise in their aura have a knack for smoothing out negative situations. People love bosses with turquoise auras because they explain their goals and influence their team rather than demand execution of their commands.

INDIGO / Indigo blue is the color of the third eye chakra, relating to intuition and inspiration. Its frequency is the second highest vibrational energy of the visible color spectrum and relates to deep inner knowing. People with indigo in their auras are extremely sensitive to others’ energy and are very in tune - they tend to know things before they happen, hear things before they are said, and dream lucidly and literally. They are sensitive but lend that sensitivity towards others in terms of empathy. Indigos tend to operate from a deep depth of feeling vs logic. They are seekers by nature and see the world as something bigger than themselves as an individual. They understand that living in the moment is key. Those with indigo in their aura trust their intuition and can easily discern between truth and illusion. As communicators and connectors, they help those they meet along the way to understand the beauty and vastness of the universe and its mysteries. A darker, murky indigo, such as navy or peacock blue can indicate self doubt, a disconnect with intuition and uncertainty.

VIOLET ( PURPLE ) / Violet is the color of the crown chakra which relates to connection to our dreams and higher consciousness. Individuals with violet in their auras are dynamic, charismatic, and have powerful personalities. Their task or mission in life is to lead and inspire humankind and to guide us into a new age of prosperity, happiness, and wholeness. They have an inner and driving urge to do something important with their life. They are visionaries, and have high ideals and hopes for the future.  Because those with violet purple energy possess both knowledge and intuition, they can usually see and recognize the “bigger picture” of any situation without being bogged down with details. They are natural empaths, easily assessing the vibrations of others. They crave connection and present themselves as open books to inspire and encourage the sharing of others. Purple auras vibrate at a very high speed, signaling a close connection with the universe and unseen forms of life energy. Those with violet emissions in their energy field tend to have high levels of thought activity and ability to manifest their projections into the material world. They also exhibit a high degree of originality when it comes to innovative thoughts, progressive ideas, and open-minded insights that show concern for the entire universal life matrix. They are natural humanitarians that thrive in jobs that help animals, serve communities, and guide others to reaching their highest potential.

WHITE / A pure, all white aura is the mark of a being who has transcended the limitations of the physical realm. These extremely rare individuals are free from personal issues, hang-ups, and health problems, which is why their aura projects pure white frequencies. Those with white in their auras are spiritually motivated and possess an openness and receptiveness to the universe. They are often unconcerned with worldly matters or ambition, rather purity and truth. They are positive, uplifting and non-judgemental. Inner illumination and cosmic wisdom characterize the white energy. The personal destiny of those with an all white aura involves incarnating on the Earth plane to enact profound change in the name of positive evolution. Because they have an almost naive approach to looking for the good in everything, it is important for those with white auras to not allow others to try to manipulate or deceive them. Luckily, due to their innate resistance to corruption and their deep morality, their presence alone is often enough to deflect negative energy. When white is in the aura and appears cloudy or murky - typically in the consciousness area - it can indicate the energy processing, in flux and waiting for answers.


STREAKS & BEAMS OR RAYS OF LIGHT / If streaks or rays of light show up in your portrait - most typically white - ( example 1 / example 2 / example 3 ) this can indicate that you are in a directly connected state to source energy, the universe, the spiritual realm, the divine, etc. and represent being in a guided, channeled state. You are in a state of consciousness where you are tapped in and can receive messages, signs and needed energies from other beings, frequencies, dimensions, or realms.

Via Jospeh Ostrom* - “These bars of light are helping energy coming from an external source. They enter from outside the aura and feed chakras that are in need of various kinds of energy. These energies or ‘rays’ can come from several sources. They are sent (consciously or unconsciously) from friends, teachers, mates or other people who care about us. They can also come from entities that exist on other vibrational levels. Finally they can be sent from beings that we have known in this or other lifetimes, beings that have since passed out of the physical realm at death.”

ORBS & GUIDE ENERGIES / When orbs of light appear in portraits ( example 1 / example 2 / example 3 ) they can represent spiritual energy that is with you aka guide energies. While the color meanings of orbs are a bit mysterious and esoteric, these online resources may be helpful. Most orbs always show up in the same spot in photographs (upper left corner), which can possibly be explained by this video Guy Coggins recorded.

Via Jospeh Ostrom* - “These concentric spheres of light are positive entity energies which have been given permission by the host being to enter it’s aura for the purpose of supplying needed external energies. As with the rays, this permission is usually given on the unconscious level but can also be given on the conscious level, a in the case of prayer. Guide energies usually display very little personality. Most of them seem to be more of a process that a personality. Sometimes, however, a guide energy will provide a tremendous show. Once, one exploded into a beautiful shimmering silver starburst; others have flip-flopped all over the aura in the shape of tear drops chasing after their tails.”

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Aura Colors and Meanings – How to Read Auras

coloured auras and what they mean


Auras are energy bodies that work on electro-magnetic energy. Understanding the aura meaning and aura colours, enables us to work on our energy fields


Everyone has an aura. Your aura gives information about you, your emotions, your truthfulness, how you communicate, how you think and make decisions and how you use power. The aura definition can disclose not only deep information about us but can show temporary influences, including what is going on in your life at the moment. This can be emotional or physical complaints, current restrictions in our life and particularly emotional situations which may be affecting us. Auras are energy bodies that work on electro-magnetic energy. They are not only seen in humans but can also be visible in animals and plants. People generally have their aura read and choose to experience aura healing because they want to release blockages in the chakras, thus allowing a better energy flow throughout their body.

Trying to view an aura should not be an overly concentrated attempt, in fact the best way to see an aura is to slightly defocus your eyes




Auras are often referred to as the psychic energy field and are sensed as a coloured band of light, sound and vibration. Anyone can learn how to see auras, and they can also learn the aura colour meanings and how to read auras. Aura colours should be read in the presence of a softly lit room, there should be limited bright light, yet enough light so it is not too dark. The person needs to be against a bright or dark background colour, a light to medium neutral colour is preferable. Trying to view an aura should not be an overly concentrated attempt, in fact the best way to see an aura is to slightly defocus your eyes and gaze in a relaxed way. If you relax while you try to see an aura, then you are opening your mind to the surroundings and much like meditation, it will be a subtle experience and awareness. Learning how to read auras and how to see auras can be difficult, because you are tuning in to that person, but with practise you will learn how to do it. Do not get impatient or believe that you do not have the ability to see them – everyone has the skill and ability once they have learned how to open up.

Aura’s can come through as all sorts of colours





Now you know the aura definition, you will be intrigued to know what are your aura colours! Aura’s can come through as all sorts of colours but the major colours are associated with red, green, blue, yellow, orange, indigo and violet. Some may be lighter or darker, some more or less intense, and some can include a metallic tint of silver or gold, black, white or grey. So what are the aura colour meanings? There are many meanings of the aura definition and colours, but see below for a quick snapshot:


  • RED – This person may have a healthy ego but also an unforgiving energy that may feel anxious or angry
  • BLUE – Calm and relaxed. This person has loving energies, may be intuitive and caring
  • GREEN – healthy and the colour of nature. This person is likely to love people, animals and nature. Shows emotions of balance, growth and renewal
  • YELLOW – This person is likely to be easy going, inspirational, optimistic and intelligent
  • ORANGE – Energetic, productive, creative, sociable, courageous and good health.
  • INDIGO – Related to the third time. Intuitive, sensitive, in touch with emotions
  • VIOLET – Most sensitive of the colours in the aura. Intuitive, sensitive, psychic, artistic.
  • WHITE – Pure, angelic energy, truth, loving and healthy.
  • BLACK – Indicative of past life problems. Unforgiving, unreleased anger and grief.
  • SILVER – This person may be going through a spiritual awakening, or have abundance in physical or spiritual ways.
  • GOLD – This person will be following divine guidance, they have wisdom, inner peace and intuitive thinking.

When you ask a specialist in aura readings ‘what colour is my aura?’ they may reel off several colours, some may be light or dark, some may be a shade of a colour or some may be a very clear definite colour. Experiencing aura healing allows our body, mind and soul to improve the communication and energy flow, creating a healthier place for our physical and emotional wellbeing. Aura colour meanings give us a spiritual link and provide information about our past, current life and our future. Some therapists also give aura readings by Kirlian which is photography of the aura. This helps them to see the aura colours clearly, so that they can give as much information about you as possible.

PUBLISHED: 29 March 2016


A lot of people have been asking me how I got my picture to show my violet aura color and what do different aura colors mean. This post will tell you where to go.

Aura Colors and Meanings

coloured auras and what they mean

The human aura is a 7-layer psycho-spiritual energy field, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Every person has an aura, and auras are all always active, changing shape and color based on the person’s overall experiences throughout their lifetime and day-to-day events.

Auras reveal ample information about our thoughts, emotions, desires, intentions, and dreams. They also reveal information about our physical health. The colors vary greatly and can be anything from very light to dark shades but certain colors seem to be more prominent. These are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and white.

These colors are more frequently present because they are the colors of the 7 chakra– the main energy processing centers in the human energy field.  If a color is persistently present in someone’s field, it has to do with the specific personality meaning i.e. if a person has always been highly spiritual, or intellectual etc. it can be seen in their field.

What color is your aura?

If you’ve been wondering ‘what color is my aura’ but can’t see your own aura no matter what, try this.

Find a potted plant. It can be one with or without flowers, but as a beginner, you might want to pick one with no flowers, to make the exercise easy on your eyes. So, some plant with long smooth leaves, preferably not a cactus. You might already have several at home.

Put this plant in front of a white a wall, with half a foot of a distance between the wall and the plant. Make sure there is soft lighting in the room. If the light is too strong or too dim, it’ll be difficult to see the plant’s aura.

Sit in front of the plant, preferably having it at eye level. Make sure you’re comfortable. Close your eyes, take a few breaths. Feel the ground under you, connect with it through your feet, or if you’re sitting on the floor, then through your sit-bones. Only when you feel strongly connected to the ground under you, open your eyes. You can touch your feet and legs to help ground faster.

Open your eyes, and look at the plant while still breathing slowly. Relax your eyes, maybe even close your lids half way. Don’t stress over it. Keep tracing the leaves’ perimeter with your relaxed eyes. Soon you should be able to see a white light surrounding the plant.


Aura color meanings

Human auras are much more complicated than those of plants and animals. They come in many colors. Once you learn to see the plants’ auras, start working on seeing your friends’ or your own aura. You can hold your hand against the white wall, the same you did with the plant. Follow the exact same steps.

Here are the meanings of the colors you’re most likely to see.


Red is a powerful color to have in your aura. It’s associated with the first chakra, the root, chakra, the foundation on which everything else rests. Depending on its shade and brightness, here’s what it can mean.

  • Deep red: Grounded energy, a realistic attitude, survival-oriented actions i.e. food, shelter etc.
  • Dark, muddied red: repressed, unexpressed anger boiling inside
  • Bright clear red: having a sense of personal power, a lot of energy, ready to compete if necessary, deep passions including sexual desire, a healthy ego.
Discover what color your aura is



The color orange relates to the second chakra which has to do with one’s feelings towards the self and one’s relationship to worldly pleasures, such as food, touch, and sex.

  • Pale orange: an emerging sexual desire, nascent feelings of self-love, finding pleasure in “small” things such as a chocolate croissant!
  • Bright beautiful orange: vitality, vigor, creativity, adventure, full-on sexual desire, courage, excitement, and zest for socializing
  • Dark, muddy orange: addictions, stress-related anxiety, lack of self-love, lack of desire to socialize


The color yellow is associated with the third chakra, which is associated with intellectual activity, willpower, rational decisions, and mental activity in general.

  • Light yellow: an active interest in new ideas and areas, such as intellectual pursuits, psychic interest, or spiritual exploration – but all coming from a mental wanting-to-understand type of place. Light yellow also means emerging optimism, a sweet hopefulness.
  • Bright yellow: Like the color of the lemon, this type of yellow signifies an urge to maintain willpower. The person in whose aura you see lemon-yellow wants to have clear boundaries and it’s very important to them not to lose control or prestige.
  • Gold yellow: Just like gold, this type of yellow is metallic and shiny. It shows a person who’s combining her individual power with spirituality, someone with healthy boundaries and respect for others’ boundaries, too. It can also show a really inspired person.
  • Brownish yellow: Someone who has spent too much energy trying to learn or accomplish something, such as an overworked employee, a mother on the verge of burnout, or a student who studies for an exam till the crack of dawn.


The color green relates to the heart chakra and all the activities that come from this chakra. It’s also the color of nature – a very soothing, familiar color to all of us.

  • Bright green: This color means the person is going through a period of growth where he or she is learning to find balance in life. There is love involved – love of nature, people, animals, or love of a subject or an activity that comes after discovering one’s life purpose.
  • Emerald green: This color is found in the auras of healers and all those love-centered people who serve humanity with love.
  • Yellow-green: creativity that comes from deep within the heart
  • Dark muddy green: This shade of green signifies victimhood. The person is in a bad place, blaming others for his or her own failures or situation. He or she is not able to take responsibility for what happened. Also signifies a judgmental attitude.
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The color of the fifth chakra, blue has to do with self-expression, communication, orderliness, being able to put one’s self first when needed, and having found one’s preferred profession.

  • Light, soft blue: It shows a calm and collected state of being. The person speaks clearly, communicating what’s in his or her heart with honesty. The person is being truthful.
  • Bright blue: Again, the person is very clear and communicative. In fact, so much so that his or her clair-senses such as clairvoyance and clairaudiencehas opened! They might be channeling information from their spirit guides.
  • Dark muddy blue: The person might be lying or not communicating the whole truth. He or she might be hiding something from you, or from the person they are interacting with. There’s fear involved – it’s probably a subconscious defense. The person might be fearing rejection, criticism, or judgment.


Both violet and indigo relate to the sixth chakra, the chakra of the third eye, psychic powers, and the ability to be a visionary in worldly pursuits – like an inventor whose invention changes the course of history.

Both colors, when bright and healthy, indicate healthy intuition; a visionary, futuristic, solution-oriented approach; almost a magical connectedness with the divine. When you see dark or muddy violet or indigo, the person might be feeling very disconnected from the world and divinity, they might be focusing more on the problems than solutions. They turn a deaf ear to their intuition, believing it can’t be true.


White is associated with the seventh chakra, and all other, more evolved spiritual worlds and higher dimensions. It represents light, wisdom, and divine knowledge.

White in the aura can be powerful. It can mean the person is in an angelic state with an open heart and mind, ready to receive anything with unconditional love. If you see white sparkles or flashes of light, it might mean the presence of spirit guides or angels nearby. They could be protecting and guiding this person. It could also signal a new human soul, meaning a that of a baby, having attached to her mother’s aura.

All aura layers and colors have to do with the chakra – they are all intricately connected. Once you learn to see the colors in the aura, you can see through people and situations, and act from a better-informed place. But if you end up manipulating others using the information you get from their auras, remember your aura would change to reflect that, too! Make sure you’re always coming from a pure, honest place.

If you find that a certain color is missing in your aura, that it is never there, practice imagining being washed by that color – from a heavenly shower above your head, imagine the color coming to you in great quantities and let it wash over you gently and with love. You can do the same exercise imagining the color coming up from the earth under your feet.

A balanced aura has all the colors, all either soft or bright, but never muddy – but then we are human beings and no one has a perfectly balanced aura all the time. That’s why we are here on earth – to learn!

Discover what color your aura is
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