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Birthday wishes with sorry
June 30, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 5 comments

Belated happy birthday! xoxo; Sorry I am late. I spent a lot of time deciding whether to send you a handwritten letter, email, voice message.

There is no way to around it. someone who loved you forgot your birthday that can be depressed any individual, but someone who loves you does not allow for belated birthday wishes.

In today’s world, all are busy and don’t have time for whishing their loved ones. In any case, it is unavoidable life can disrupt the general flow, and we disregard our closest and dearest on their extraordinary day.

The busyness, home issues or any other reasons will not be understandable by the special person but if you send the boring and simple message it will be an awkward situation and this boring birthday wishes never work again you need to compensate for it by sending the great humor and in funny by self-deprecating, philosophical, sarcastic, absurd, facetious, mocking, witty you name it. Regardless of what your character, You can locate a clever message for any and each one to brighten them up.

I am sorry that you didn’t get my birthday card, I think your pet has eaten it so I am wishing you on text “ HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND”.

Happy birthday, my friend, I hope you enjoy a lot, but don’t think I forget your birthday I just took a lot of time in selecting your presence.

Life tosses lemons at you, so here’s an acrid and sorry one from me since I overlooked your birthday – Belated cheerful birthday to you.

Can I bribe you with this cake to forgive me for forgetting your birthday and wishing you a happy

Belated happy birthday my love and I am sorry for wishing you late, I missed you so much please forgive me.

I am sorry for wishing you late, life is all about forgiving so please forgive me and accept this wish “happy birthday”.

Would you be able to try and blow these candles on your cake, since you are very old? Hahaha! Upbeat birthday, companion!”

Sorry, I forget your birthday, I even missed my presentation at work please apologize me, and accept this wish.

Fill your lungs with air enough to blow the candles happy birthday.

Will you be able to blow the candles along else I will call the fire department to blow the candles.

Sorry friend I couldn’t wish you on your special day blames the time zone belated happy birthday.

Hello friend, I am sorry that I forget your special day please forgive me and red-schedule the party when I am free?

I overlooked your birthday, yet I won’t disclose to you the reason since it goes under arranged data. Overdue upbeat birthday.

Over time memories get worse I hope you will understand belated happy birthday.

Belated happy birthday friend, I am sorry for wishing you late you have a wonderful year ahead.

Another year passed and I still a fool once again I forget your birthday please be cool and forgive me this time too belated happy birthday.

Happy birthday friend I trust that candles don’t cost as much as the cake.

Celebrate your birthdays before your teeth are gone, belated happy birthday friend.

Another year passed and I still don’t have a gift for you, sorry and please forgive me a belated happy birthday.

Feel privileged that I am not there at your birthday party otherwise I wouldn’t devour all the cake, belated happy birthday.

I am sorry I forget your birthday I was stuck in many things but I love you the happiest birthday to you.

Wow, you seem to like same as we were in college and I hope you have a birthday blast belated happy birthday.

With age comes intelligence, and with birthday celebrations come cake. I am happy you have both! Tardy cheerful birthday!

You are a Rockstar and I am so late wish a Rockstar so accept this wish happy birthday Rockstar.

Belated happy birthday I am sorry for wishing you late you know that you are the most special person in my life and don’t be mad at me because I am late.

Happy birthday friend, sorry for wishing you late if somebody calls you old, hit them with a cane, or better smile with your teeth.

Happy belated birthday sorry for the late wish and remember one thing smile when your teeth are intact.

I am sending this message with lots of sugar and honey so that your life will explode with love and happiness sorry I didn’t remember your birthday but you only understand me so please forgive me.

In these 24 hours be ready I will spam you with birthday wishes.

I am sorry that I forget your birthday but I miss you every day please forgive me and accept my wish happy belated birthday.

Hey, I am sorry for wishing you late but its same thing you got me so now we are even now! Happy belated birthday.

My wish is a bit late but it reached hahaha!!! Happy birthday.

I have two news 1 good news is that I am coming to your house so we can celebrate a birthday and bad news is I forget your birthday.

I lived so far from you but in my home, a big cake is cut for you happy birthday dear.

You think I am lazy and forget your birthday but I just want that the celebration should be little longer happy birthday dear.

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Sorry Messages For Forgetting Birthday Of Friends, Belated Happy Birthday Wishes, Belated Birthday Wishes For Friends/ Sorry Note For Forgetting Birthday Of.

Belated Birthday Wishes – Late Birthday Messages

birthday wishes with sorry

It is never to late to let your friend or loved one know that you wish them a happy birthday. Even if you are a little behind on your schedule, here are some good examples of belated birthday card sayings you can use to let them know you still care.

“A late birthday card is a lot like a bill from the doctor. Both tell you that you are getting older and both are a big surprise”

“Actually, I did not totally forget your actual birthday; I just verbalized my birthday wishes slightly late. So to you my dear friend, Belated Happy Birthday and I really wish you a best year ahead.”

“Best wishes for your birthday afterwards.”

“Better late than never. Especially when you get a present with the card, right? Happy Birthday!”

“Birthdays are special days but you are special every day. Happy Belated Birthday.”

“Celebrate first, ask forgiveness later. Sorry I am late wishing you a Happy Birthday.”

“Day by day the journey proceeds on, Little by little it might appear too long.”

“Even though this message comes to you a little late, the wish it brings for happiness is good on any day date. Happy belated birthday.”

“Fashionably late. Hope it was great.”

“Forgetting a Birthday doesn’t mean you forget a person. And remembering a Birthday doesn’t mean you remember the person. Here’s a genuine Belated Happy Birthday wish from me.”

“Happy belated birthday to someone who now has free reign to forget mine.”

“Here is wishing you a day that special to you just the way you are to me. I know my wishes are late but they are never-the-less true. Happy Birthday dear, belated.”

“Hope you had an unbelievable birthday. For me, it’s almost impossible to remember your special day. No matter what age you turn, you don’t look a day over your last birthday.”

“How do you expect me to remember your birthday, when you never look any older?”

“I am sorry, I missed your birthday. But my wishes are always with you. Belated Happy Birthday.”

“I didn’t forget your birthday, I’m just fashionably late.”

“I have nothing better to say than I’m truly sorry for forgetting your birthday. I messed up, and I’m trying to make it right”

“I hear you’re celebrating a belated birthday,but all the other fools sent them on time.”

“I know I’m a late comer. I’m really sorry for missing such a lovely day. I hope it was really special and you had a real blast. Belated Happy Birthday to you.”

“I know that your birthday celebration was actually the best day ever in your whole life. I hope and I pray that God will always bless you with pure love, true happiness and good health. Belated Happy Birthday.”

“I like to be wish people a Happy Birthday at least 11 months in advance, so my greeting from last year was meant to cover this birthday. Anyway, Happy Birthday again.”

“I missed your birthdate, and am sorry for that. I sincerely apologize and wish you a belated Happy Birthday.”

“I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. And that would be your birthday. Happy Birthday.”

“If you are serious about celebrating your birthday, then the party must still be happening and that means that it’s not too late to wish you a Happy Birthday.”

“I’m not known to be punctual, but I do care about my friends. That pretty much explains the card.”

“Knowing how much fun you can be, I assume that the party is still going and that I am not late for your birthday. Keep on having fun.”

“May all your dreams come true. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday.”

“My apologies for not remembering your birthday. I know that you enjoyed your celebration much with your special loved ones and friends. Belated Happy Birthday.”

“Sorry I forgot the most important day of the year… your Birthday.”

“Sorry I forgot your birthday but it doesn’t mean I forget you. Here’s a genuine birthday wish for you. Belated Happy Birthday my dear friend and may you always be a good person on this new year of your life. I love you.”

“Sorry I forgot your Birthday. I hope you had a grand and special celebration with your loved ones and friends. Belated Happy Birthday.”

“The day of your birthday may have gone by, but the happiness that you are in this world will always stay. Belated Happy Birthday to you. May you be blessed with a year filled with abundant blessings.”

“The saying is “A day late and a dollar short” but I missed your birthday by more than that and there is no gift either. So I guess they need to work on their saying. Just saying…Happy Birthday.”

“There is a reason why I was always last in class. It’s because I am forgetful. In line with tradition, I am still one of the last ones to wish you. Belated Happy Birthday my friend. Hope you had a good one.”

“This wish is late so that you can celebrate longer. Happy Birthday.”

“Two, four, six, eight. Sorry that this birthday cheer is late. Happy Birthday.”

Here are some great examples for a belated happy birthday wishes with song that will remind your friend or loved one that you still care.

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How to Write Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

birthday wishes with sorry

Better late than never

I wanted to have sent this message on time, but better late than never. I wish you a belated happy birthday!

Happy belated birthday to my friend

Happy belated birthday to my friend who is more than worthy of "on-time" wishes! My wishes may come a little late, but our friendship always comes first.

I’m sorry that this greeting is coming to you a little delayed. I really can’t explain how it happened, but I want you to know that I really am so very sorry.

I hope you had a lovely time celebrating your birthday!

This wish may come a little late

Hope your birthday was as incredible as you deserve. This wish may come a little late, but it is timelessly sincere. Happy belated birthday!

This late greeting is heartfelt

Even though this greeting may be a bit late, it doesn’t mean it is less heartfelt.

I’m sorry for missing your great day. It completely slipped my mind. But I hope you had the amazing birthday you deserve.

Next year I will be greeting you a day earlier just to be on the safe side. Happy belated birthday!

Sorry for being late again

Sorry for being late again with your birthday wishes. But when someone looks like you, not a day older no matter how much time passes, it makes it hard for others to remember that you age like the rest of us.

I hope you had the unbelievable birthday you deserved!

I’m fashionably late

You know me, I’m never late. I’m fashionably late! Hope you had the amazing birthday you deserve filled with great gifts!

Once again, I’m late to wish you a happy birthday

Another year has passed and, once again, I’m late to wish you a happy birthday. I’ve always thought this was a problem of mine, but now I’m starting to consider that it is your problem. You simply chose a forgetful day to be born.

From now on, I’m the one who will be forgiving you for such a bad choice of day.

I still hope you had loads of fun on your birthday.

I'm not late, I'm just super early for next year

A very happy birthday to you,
my dear friend!

I’m not late in wishing you a
happy birthday, I’m just super
early for next year! 

I hope you had a fantastic
birthday just gone, and that
the next one will be even better!

I may be a little late, but my wishes are sincere

May life always smile upon you and may you be blessed with peace, happiness, and love. I may be a little late, but my wishes for you are sincere.

You’re an amazing person, and I hope your big day was great.

This birthday message arrived a little late

This is a birthday message
That arrived a little late,
But wishing you happiness
Really isn’t set on a date.

I hope you had the most fun
And celebrated in a great way
The fact that you were born
So many years ago on that day.

I sincerely apologize
for not remembering,
It was your special day
I ended up forgetting.

This message may be late,
But I must say this to you:
Every little word is heartfelt,
Every little word is true.

Always save the best for last

Always save the best for last, even if the last is a little late greeting you for your birthday.

I didn’t intend to be the last one; it was one of those things that sort of happen without you really being able to explain it. Well, maybe a way of putting it would be to say that I forgot and I am so sorry for not sending you these birthday wishes on time.

The timing may have been off, but the surprise effect was greater and you should really focus on the positive side.

I wish you had a fun day. Happy belated birthday!

I like doing things differently

You know me, I always like to do things in a different way, that is why I am sending you these birthday greetings a little late.

I hope you enjoyed celebrating with your friends and family. Happy belated birthday!

I didn’t forget your birthday

I didn’t forget your birthday; I just forgot it was yesterday. Hope you had an amazing day. Happy belated birthday!

I'm the first to wish you a happy birthday for next year

I wanted to be the first to wish you a 
happy birthday… for next year!

Happy belated birthday, my dear friend!

I hope that your day was brilliant and
everything you had hoped it would be,
and that you enjoyed celebrating with
all of your closest ones!

So here I am, wishing you a very happy belated Birthdays come once in a year and end in a day, but our.

Sorry Messages

birthday wishes with sorry

Last year, you remembered a friend’s birthday some minutes before midnight. Some time ago, you completely missed your mother’s special day. After all, you’re busy and this is what is true: birthdays are big celebrations that we happen to sometimes forget.

Rather than letting the day slide by without acknowledgment, it is appropriate to send a belated birthday wish greeting. Below, you will find our collection of unique and useful greetings to use via email, text, or card. Take a look and find the one that best represents how you feel toward your recipient. A belated birthday wish is always appreciated!


Belated Birthday Wishes for a Friend

  • There is no hurry to wish you; I am your one true friend anyway. Happy birthday, Buddy. Hope you partied hard.
  • Even though I wasn’t there, I hope you had one of the best birthdays ever. Wish you a belated happy birthday, dude.
  • The guest-of-honor always arrives at the last. So here I am, wishing you a very happy belated birthday. Hope you enjoyed it to the fullest.
  • Like we were never on-time for college, for the mess, for projects, how can you expect me to on-time here? A belated happy birthday to you, my friend. Like Spock said, Live long and prosper.
  • Friends wish together, best friends wish alone. Now that the whole world has already wished you, it is my turn. Happy belated birthday, dumbo. Stay happy, stay smiling.
  • Birthdays come once in a year and end in a day, but our friendship is for forever. So let’s not sulk for me being late, and think of ways to make every day as special as your birthday. Belated happy birthday, dude.
  • My birthday wishes are as authentic as they could make in the market, and being late does not dampen them in any way. So smile, because you were born only yesterday. Belated happy birthday, friend.

Happy Birthday – whenever that was!

  • In my circle of friends, you are tops! I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration. Happy belated birthday!
  • Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Unfortunately, while I may be thinking of you, I didn’t think to put your card in the mail. I pray you had a blessed and joyful day. Happy belated birthday, dear friend of mine!
  • Here’s to you and the wonderful year you have ahead of you. May all of your wishes come true! Happy belated birthday!
  • Days like today make me wish time machines were real. I feel awful realizing I missed your birthday. If only I could go back a few days before your birthday and get this card in the mail. I won’t miss it next time, you can be sure. The happiest of belated birthdays to you!

Happy Belated Birthday!

  • Boy, your birthday sure snuck up on me this year! It seems like yesterday it was months before your day, but here it is and I missed it. Time sure flies the older we get, that’s for sure. I hope you had a great day! Happy belated birthday, bud!
  • Forgive me, won’t you? A late text / phone call / card is better than nothing at all. Happy belated birthday to one of the best people I have the pleasure of calling “friend!”
  • They say, “Good things come to those who wait.” Here is a good wish of a happy belated birthday to you, my friend! Enjoy this wish and more this next year.
  • Always late, but never without a gift. Here’s to another year’s belated birthday wish for you! Let’s stick with tradition and don’t expect to hear from me to early.
  • Oh dear, I did it again. Your birthday passed and I missed it, my friend! Happy belated birthday!
  • Here’s to you and all that you mean to all of us here at work. Not only are you a great worker, but you are also an amazing friend. Sorry we missed your big day! Happy belated birthday to a great person all around!
  • Blessed are you today and always because of your friendship and good deeds. You are a special person to so many people. May you have a fantastic and joyous year! Happy belated birthday, dear friend!
  • I am a changed person because of you. While I may not tell you always, I cannot imagine life without you. Thank you for your friendship and caring in my life. Happy belated birthday!
  • I decided to send your card late, so the excitement of your birthday would last even longer. The older we get, the more we have to celebrate. Think of all of the memories – good times, bad times, and all of those in between. Every memory has molded us into who we are today and that is a blessing in and of itself. Happy belated birthday to you, my friend!
  • I’m so glad you are a woman of faith. Keeping the faith that my card would come served you well! Happy belated birthday!
  • Can you believe you celebrated the big 4-0 already? 40 is the new 20, so let’s make this year a wild one! Happy belated birthday to my best friend in the entire world!

Happy Belated Birthday!

  • 20 years old, no longer a teenager! Life goes fast, that’s for sure. Be sure and take it all in and learn the valuable lessons along the way. Time is the best teacher we have. Happy belated birthday!
  • Once upon a time, I met a very cool friend who changed my life from that point forward. She brought fun and laughter everywhere she went and was the best confidant around. Thankfully, it’s not a fairy tale and you are that awesome friend. I am sorry I missed your big day. Happy belated birthday!
  • Moments come and moments go, but memories last a lifetime. Thanks for all you have meant to me and my entire family. Happy belated birthday to such a dear friend!
  • Just when I felt my life was organized, I totally missed your birthday! You are a great friend and I feel terrible for my forgetfulness. Please forgive my absent mindedness. Happy belated birthday!
  • Roses are red. Violets are blue. The happiest of belated birthdays to you!
  • Roses are red. Violets are blue. There is no one better than you. Happy belated birthday!
  • Roses are red. Violets are blue. I hope this card lets you know my wishes are true. Happy belated birthday!
  • Every so often, I happen to forget the most important of occasions. And this is one such day. I apologize for my tardiness. Happy belated birthday, friend!
  • I am saddened and very sorry I missed your birthday. My birthday wishes to you might be late but that doesn’t mean I don’t cherish you as a friend. Our friendship to me is a priceless gift from above. Happy belated birthday, dear friend.
  • Happy belated birthday, my friend. Sorry I missed your birthday. I hope it was as beautiful as you are.
  • I forgot your birthday and I’m being drenched by immense guilt, which is pouring down on me like nobody’s business. Only you can save me by giving me the umbrella of forgiveness. Happy belated birthday. Hope it was a nice one.
  • Happy belated birthday to my dear friend. There is no excuse on Earth I can give for missing your birthday. I’m very sorry. I hope you can forgive me.
  • I plead guilty for missing your birthday, and I promise I will make it up to you.  But until then, please accept my apology and wishes. Happy belated birthday.
  • I can’t believe I forgot my best friend’s special day. I feel bad about it and hope that you forgive me. Wishing you a belated happy birthday.

I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday!

  • A belated happy birthday to you. May all the good things that life has to offer always find their way to your doorstep.
  • Despite my wishes being a little late, you know they are straight from the bottom of my heart. I wish you success in all your endeavors, and may Heavens always smile on you. Happy belated birthday, my friend.
  • The exact day of your birthday may have passed, but you know our friendship will always stay. Wishing you a belated happy birthday.
  • I know you have forgiven me for missing your birthday. So I want to thank you for that and promise that it will never happen again. Happy belated birthday.
  • It’s never too late to wish a wonderful friend like you happy birthday. May your life be full of peace, joy, happiness and success. Happy belated birthday, my friend.
  • I send you my wishes along with my deepest apology for missing your birthday. Happy belated birthday, dear friend.
  •  I find it very ironic how I was hoping to be the first person to wish you a happy birthday but ended up being the last. I hope your special day was a memorable one filled with joy. Happy belated birthday.


Belated Birthday Wishes for a Family Member

  • I am sorry for not being there on your special day, but you are always in my thoughts. Wish you a belated happy birthday and hope you prosper forever
  • There is a reason why families are the most important ties; time doesn’t matter; only feelings do. Even though I am late, you know you are always in my heart. Belated happy birthday to you, dear.
  • My wishes might not have reached you on time, but families do not require punctuality. I always have wished the best for you, now and forever. Belated happy birthday, my dear.
  • You have always been my favorite in the family, for all the right reasons. I am sorry for being late, but I always pray for the greatest things for you. Happy birthday, buddy.
  • I have seen you since you came into this world and seen you grow into a wonderful human being. Even though I am late, you have always been in my thoughts and heart. Belated happy birthday, dear.
  • To one of the best person I have met in my life and someone who has been my favorite in the family, a very happy birthday (even though it is belated). Wish you all the happiness in the world, and then some more.
  • Our busy lives dictated that we might not stay in touch as often, but family goes beyond that. Even though I got a bit late, my wishes remain true to my heart. A belated happy birthday to you, with my hopes that you achieve the greatness that you deserve.
  • Our family is so much better having known you. You bring joy and laughter to our lives and warmth and peace to our souls. You, dear one, are amazing. Happy belated birthday!
  • It’s not every day that we are blessed, but the day you joined our family, I knew God was with us. Over the years, I feel like we are not in-laws but rather true family. We have shared laughs, cried a few tears, and made so many memories. It is a joy knowing you. Happy belated birthday!
  • Happy belated birthday to the funniest, craziest, most awesome uncle I know! I hope you had a great day because you deserved it!


Belated Birthday Wishes for your Girlfriend

  • The world might tell you that your birthday is a special day. But for me, every day with you has been special. I know I am late to wish, but love doesn’t seek punctuality. Our relationship is built on much deeper emotions. Happy birthday, love. I wish you achieve everything you have ever desired and more.
  • In our relationship, you were always the hare and I was always the tortoise. Even though I am late, you know that nothing is more important to me than your special day. Belated happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • I know you are angry, but I always know how to pacify you. From your favorite candy to your favorite jewelry, I am yours to command. Belated happy birthday, my love.
  • You must know that you really look cute when you are angry. But you look better when you smile. This is why I exist- to keep you smiling.Belated happy birthday, honey.
  • Like they say, better late than never. I say, better a late wish with great surprises than a timely-but-plain one. So, buckle your seatbelt to witness everything I planned for you. Belated happy birthday, love.
  • Since you forgot my birthday, I would say we are even. But one a serious note, you sure know that your special day is equally special for me. A very happy belated birthday to you, darling.
  • Since I couldn’t be the first, I chose to be the last. Because I always want to stay away from the crowd. Now give me a smile and keep it permanently on your face. Happy birthday, baby.

Forgive me, won’t you? Happy Belated Birthday!

  • Honey, my sending you this late birthday message doesn’t in any way mean that I don’t care about you. I’m deeply sorry. Do have a happy belated birthday. You’re always in my heart.
  • Happy belated birthday, my love. I am very sorry for being late in wishing you a happy birthday. I wish I could turn back the hands of the clock, so I could be the first to wish you a happy birthday. But since that isn’t possible, I’m pleading with you to accept my sincere apology. I love you and I promise it won’t happen again. Once again have a happy belated birthday.
  • Darling, despite the lateness of my birthday wishes to you, please know that I’m ashamed and very sorry for that. I promise to make it up to you. Have a belated happy birthday, my dear.
  • It’s late but it’s definitely full of love. Happy belated birthday to the love of my life.
  • I’m so sorry that my wishes are late to arrive. I can’t believe I forgot your birthday. I know nothing that I can say or do can fix this. But please find it in your heart to forgive me. Happy belated birthday, my love. I love you so much.
  • Honey, I am so sorry I forgot such an important day of your life. Please accept my apology and know that it won’t happen again. Happy belated birthday.
  • I may have forgotten to send you a birthday wish or gift, but that doesn’t mean that I care less about you or that my love for you is fading. You are always on my mind and I love you more than I can ever say in words. Happy belated birthday, love.
  • Happy birthday to the love of my life. Please don’t let the fact that I forgot your birthday ruin the beautiful thing we have between us. I am very sorry.
  • Sorry, baby, for my late birthday wishes. Please forgive me and know that I never meant to make you sad. My head might have forgotten, but my heart will always remember. Happy belated birthday, honey.
  • Here is wishing you all the great things that this life can offer. I know my wishes are a little bit late but they are sincere and true just like my love for you is. Happy belated birthday, my love.
  • While my greetings are a little bit late, my love for you never changes. Wishing the apple of my eye a very happy belated birthday.
  • Honey, please forgive me for failing to remember your birthday. To say that I’m disappointed in myself is a big understatement. I hope that despite the lateness of this birthday greeting, it can still somehow put a smile on your face. Happy belated birthday.
  • Sorry for my belated wishes. Can you forgive me? I hope you can because you mean the world to me. Happy belated birthday, my love.

I’m so sorry I missed your birthday… Happy belated birthday!


Belated Birthday Messages for your Wife

  • You and I have reached a point in life where we don’t have to prove anything to each other; our love is mature. Even if I am late, your special day is equally special for me. Belated happy birthday, darling.
  • Like all husbands, I do forget great days. And like all husbands, I will make sure that I make up for it. Anything for you, my love. Belated happy birthday.
  • We might be busy in our own lives, forgetting small things that should be important. But in the end, we do love each other unconditionally. Belated happy birthday, honey.
  • Since I am late, all I can offer is my apologies. And a promise, that even if I am late, I will be ultimately there for you, at every point in life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • I am late, but imagine if I forgot! Okay, do not imagine that. What you can do instead, is give me a smile and a hug. Belated happy birthday, honey.
  • Life often does not give us chances to remember the important days. But even if I got late, your special day is something I can never miss. Belated happy birthday, my love. Wish you all the happiness in the world.
  • You and I are in a relation that lasts for a lifetime (and hopefully beyond). So even if I am late for your special day, all I ever hope for is making your every day equally special. Happy birthday, my loving wife.

I’m so late… Happy Belated Birthday.


Belated Birthday Wishes for my Boss

  • Sorry for missing your birthday. Hope your special day was really wonderful. Happy belated birthday.
  • Thanks for being an inspirational leader and mentor. May the years ahead of you bring you immense growth, success and joy. Have a wonderful belated birthday.
  • A belated birthday wish that your life will continue to be an inspiration for others. Happy belated birthday.
  • Wishing a happy belated birthday to a wonderful boss. May you always have the strength and determination to accomplish your goals in life.
  • They say better late than never, so here is a belated birthday wish to you. May your life be blessed with abundant happiness.
  • Wishing you a successful, happy, and healthy life. Happy belated birthday to a very special boss.
  • You have not only been a great boss but also a wonderful friend. Sorry I missed your special day. Happy belated birthday.
  • Happy belated birthday, boss. May God keep rewarding you with success in every aspect of your life.
  • Despite being late, this birthday wish is filled with warmth, love and sincerity. May this year bring you success in both your personal and professional life. Happy belated birthday.
  • Sending belated birthday wishes to the best boss in the world. I hope your birthday was as amazing as you are. Do have a joyous belated birthday.

So sorry I missed your birthday. Happy Birthday!


Keep this list handy to use the entire year. You never know whose birthday you are going to miss!

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Happy Birthday Special Love Forgive Me And Sorry! quotes - 1. Happy birthday to the most sweetest and sugary person I know, Have an awesome day ahead.

birthday wishes with sorry
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