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Birthday wishes to a woman
January 17, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 2 comments

Remind women of their awesomeness and how glad you are they are in your life by copying one of these birthday wishes.

Women are one of the most important creatures in the whole universe; they produce life, take care of it and make it gentle and sweet. Women make men tame, they calm wild waters and also make love felt throughout. A woman is a special being and as such should be appreciated every time one gets the chance. Birthday messages to a woman should not be too complex; they can be short, sweet and most importantly heartfelt. Send that special woman a special message and see her smile last the whole day. Try one of these messages today and see a wonderful woman have a wonderful time as they celebrate a new and wonderful age.

Birthday Wishes for Women

  • Happy Birthday to an amazing, loving and wonderful woman. Your kind heart knows how to care for people. May God bless your new age. I wish you all the best. Enjoy.
  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful flower in the world. You always keep looking young and beautiful. What a blessing you are. We enjoy having you around. Stay blessed.
  • May this day brings a lot of happiness to your doorstep. Another year sounds so amazing for a woman like you who is refusing to grow with wrinkles. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day.
  • Today brings your special day. Just look how pretty you are in that smile. Blessings and all your heart desires will be yours forever. Happy Birthday my sweetheart.
  • You are always on my mind and forever you are in my heart. Meeting you in my life is a blessing. This beautiful moment I want to wish a Happy Birthday, my queen.
  • May you always stay blessed and in good health. My gorgeous woman, Happy Birthday to you. May you keep up with all the smiles and may God grant you all your heart wishes.


  • Amazing smile, strong in character, a loving, respectful, and understanding woman, who knows how to make something good out of a bad situation. I celebrate you today for your greatness. Happy Birthday!
  • I am very happy to celebrate this special day with you. Happy birthday to you my humble woman. Enjoy this day with all the sweetness of life.
  • Give me your hands and I will never let go. Your presence gives me paradise. My love, come, come and enjoy this wonderful moment with your cake and balloons. Happy Birthday.
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  • I hope you make great birthday memories. You deserve the best on this special day. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday. Just be yourself and send all the gifts to me.
  • A wonderful smile to start your day with is the best medication for life. A beautiful woman like you always knows how to put that smile on our faces. Happy Birthday, Madam enjoy your day.
  • My warmest heart wishes and respect goes to you. For all the sacrifices you’ve made for your family. May God gift you with long life and good health. Happy Birthday!

  • You always stand for the truth and believe in togetherness. Like everyone else would, I wish you the best of everything on this special day. Happy Birthday, gentle soul.
  • You never believed in failure, you are the strongest woman alive. I have seen you fall many times and I saw you raise a thousand more. What a courageous heart you have. Happy Birthday, Heroine.
  • It’s going to be a good life with friends and family always here to make you smile. Sharing your cake and drinks today marks a precious moment of your life. We all say a Happy Birthday.
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  • Happy birthday to the most precious woman in my life. May your life be full of happiness and endless love. Thank you for extending such happiness into my life. Stay bless with many smiles.
  • Wishing a happy birthday to my beautiful, charming and loving woman. She makes all my dreams come true. I just want you to know you are always appreciated. Enjoy your day.
  • You are the reason for this beautiful sunshine today. Your new age is the beginning of marvelous things to happen in your life. So you have a good reason to smile. Happy Birthday.


  • As the candles burn, it gives a beautiful flame of light. So will your strength in your journey of a new age. May you have the blessing of good health. Happy Birthday.
  • On this special day as you start a new life. Wishing you a Happy Birthday my best friend. May you enjoy these moments with lots of love and laughter.
  • Birthday Wishes for Grandma
  • May you be blessed on your birthday. You deserve nothing but the best love and happiness. May you live to be a thousand years of age. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
  • You are good in everything you do. Your way of life helps us to understand the meaning of true love. Beautiful day for you. I want you to enjoy every bit of it. Happy Birthday.
  • Some time ago, my life was darkened without a friend, but much light was all over me the moment we became best of friends. I will forever cherish you. Happy Birthday to you.

  • You’re a person of destiny and our paths didn’t just cross by mistake it is already designed long ago, I hope you’ll be my destiny partner for life. Happy Birthday Girlfriend.
  • No one wouldn’t want to associate with a mother who gives so much and inspires a lot like you, may your days be filled with joy mom. Happy Birthday special mom. Remain blessed.
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  • No woman means more to me than you, you are special and I love you very much. Enjoy your birthday sweetheart!
  • You are a wonderful addition to this world and I am glad I had the chance to meet a woman as special as you. Have a hearty birthday my dear, you are a jewel.
  • You are one of the greatest women alive and I am glad I get to share your birthday with you. Have a hearty birthday beautiful, I respect you more than you can imagine.


  • Even super humans take time to fly from one place to another, but mothers are everywhere at a time. Hehehehe. Wonderful! Happy Birthday to my wife and the super mother of my kids.
  • We have a challenge ahead of us which is to rise beyond the normal level to take care of our darling mom. We’re working towards it and it’ll become reality soon. Happy Birthday mom.
  • Happy Birthday to a grand mom who remains the same year in year out, who never stops making us laugh so hard. Thanks for filling us with so much of joy. We love you.
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  • We all want to spend valuable time with people who contribute to our all-round growth. You are my favorite person in that aspect sister. Happy Birthday sister. Keep inspiring all the time.
  • You are a wonderful mother, a great wife and an amazing friend, you make me feel better every time and I don’t know what to do without you. Happy Birthday!
  • May everything you put your heart and mind to come to pass, may it make you proud and may everything you desire come to you. Hearty birthday my beautiful woman!

  • Your smile lights up everything dull in a room. In my eyes, you are a queen who deserves everything good. Hearty birthday my woman, you are my greatest treasure.
  • I’ve never in my life seen a woman who is so positive in the face of adversity, your demonstration of strength gives strength to us all. Happy Birthday super mom. With you we are stronger.
  • Happy Birthday grand mom, you should celebrate not just today but every day for growing old, it’s a blessing from the Lord and we all pray for it. Keep enjoying old age with good health.
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  • Thanks for always teaching us lessons that life has taught you for us not to experience same bad experiences that you had. May your old age be enjoyable for you in every way.
  • Ever since you were a small child I saw a lot of things in you. You are a beautiful woman and I hope you enjoy each and every single birthday that comes your way.
  • May you always be the strong, beautiful and poised woman we all know and love. Happy Birthday my beauty, you mean the world to me.


  • May you stop a room with your glare and may everything you wish for today come to pass. Happy Birthday beautiful. May you live longer than all the hills.
  • Thanks for taking time to care for me even though your job was worth giving more attention to. You’re a rare woman that should be treasured so much. Happy Birthday my lady.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister
  • Friends and family are the most important in life, and a girlfriend that can do anything for you is worth making a wife. Happy Birthday girlfriend and wife to be.
  • The signal of love is always on your face even if you appear to be angry and not pleased. Your anger is a loving one. Happy Birthday darling wife. May your days be fruitful.
  • It’s your birthday my little girl, you have so much coming your way, I hope you grow happier, wiser, heartier and more amazing each year.

  • My little princess is growing up so fast; I hope I never miss a moment of your beauty, joy and love. I love you to the moon and back my dearest.
  • I will never forget how special you make me feel. I love you and wish you nothing but the best. Have a lovely birthday my dear, you are a priceless woman.
  • I’ve never been more appreciation to God for giving me a sister like this, your companionship brought fullness of life to me. May your life be full of goodness. Enjoy your special day.
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  • The little you give to us is more than enough grandma; it just shows how kind you really are from within your spirit. We want to have you here for many more years. Happy Birthday Grandma.
  • Life is interesting and awesome to imagine, strangers can turn into friend and friend into stranger. Thanks for never leaving and for being my forever friend. Happy Birthday Girlfriend. I love you a lot.
  • Happy Birthday grandma, may your heart continue to be strong and I hope none of your body parts wither off soon, you deserve to remain this beautiful till eternity. Have a beautiful day ma’am.


  • May all your birthday be grand gestures of how much we enjoy being with you around. Have a great birthday, I love you my beautiful woman.
  • You give me a life, a new meaning and a hope for a better tomorrow, you complete me, I love you very much my beautiful woman. Have an unforgettable birthday my dearest.
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  • I tried to imagine having another kind of wife, but it was hard to imagine because no other woman could cope with my mess. Hehehe. You’re the woman after my heart. Happy Birthday Love.
  • I’m intoxicated by your love and because you live, I’ll keep living; you’re my inspiration for life. Happy Birthday girlfriend.
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  • You gave me life dear mom, you made me who I am physically, mentally and emotionally and even through it all, I would choose you over them. I love you mama.
  • I know that the beautiful relationship that we have enjoyed is just a foretaste of a bright future that awaits us when we become man and wife. Happy Birthday girlfriend and wife to be.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin
  • No girl has ever meant everything to me without them being my girlfriend. I’m scared to ask you out because I need to change my ways to be worthy of you. Happy Birthday Girl.
  • You are a blessing and I can never imagine my life without you, have a hearty birthday, I love you so much my dearest sister.
  • Words alone cannot describe the depth of my gratitude towards you; you have been everything I need, from a friend to someone who just listens. Happy Birthday aunty.
  • Birthdays are one of the most important days in one’s life. I wish you a prosperous year ahead. Happy Birthday.
  • Words cannot express the joy I have as you add another year to your age. Favor and good tidings shall follow you from now on. Have a beautiful day.
  • A woman of great intellect adds another feather to her hat today; I hope the joy of your special day stays with you until your next celebration.
  • I look forward to celebrating your birthday with you; women of substance are rear, so I choose to appreciate you for your qualities and dedication.
  • Just the thought of your birthday left a visible grin on my face; you are a woman who can compete with men in all aspects, I am glad to be your friend.
  • I love seeing you smile, I like it when you are happy, and above all, I am glad that your birthday trills you. Enjoy your celebration in women way.
  • Happy Birthday to my female friend who is good at everything she does. I still wonder how you manage to surpass everyone’s expectations every time.
  • Morning sunshine, roll off the bed, put on your gown and steps out to prepare for your birthday because I have already invited a multitude of people for a party. Oops
  • I hope today adds bright colors to your life and makes you a happier woman. May all your dreams come right no matter how unachievable it may seem.

Every woman deserves to be spoiled every once in awhile, so use her birthday this year to celebrate all of her great qualities and unique gifts with our birthday.

140 Birthday Wishes for your Wife

birthday wishes to a woman

Make a special day for them on their birthday, by sending amazing Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady Quotes & Wishes, these are the best birthday greeting for a beautiful lady. it can be your mom’s sister’s wife grandma aunty etc.

We all know that already a role in our life is how important so it’s your duty to keep happy on her birthday, If you keep away from them then you can make them happy by sending these beautiful messages.

Happy Birthday Lady Quotes

  • You are always with me Thanks for being my life partner happy bday dear friend.
  • I hope your birthday is just like you blessed and beautiful in every way.
  • Happy Birthday to a lady who’s just absolutely fabulous.
  • Happy Birthday Beautiful Friend Messages
  • On this day a very special person was born one who is equally beautiful inside and out.
  • The life of a person is measured not with the years but with the footprint that he lives in other people Life thought and hearts have a lovely birthday.

Best Happy Birthday Mom in Heaven Wishes, Quotes

  • Happy Birthday gorgeous wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with love and happiness.
  • My lovely friend, I wish you every happiness your heart can hold here to another fabulous year of life you are simply the best.
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  • Today is a day to celebrate you so make it special and surround yourself with everything that makes you feel like the star you are.
  • Happy Birthday beautiful hope your birthday is amazing incredible and totally fantastic enjoy your special day.
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  • Hey, beautiful lady, our friendship is like gold strong bright and exclusive I hope that it never ends be happy my lovely friend.
  • I hope your special day brings you all the happiness you deserve in life.
  • Happy Birthday Beautiful Friend Messages
  • My warmest wishes for your special day once upon a time you were upon the rest is legendary you make life Epic never stop being your party on friend party on.
  • My dear beautiful friend as you celebrate another year of life I want you to know how much you bring to my life I am so lucky to have a friend like you.

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  • Just for you With full of love because today is your birthday this comes with special wishes for a perfect lady.
  • Happy Birthday to my amazing daughter who always makes me proud.
  • Wonderful Bday to the lady who is always full of surprises. Now is our turn to surprise you on your birthday.

Best Birthday Wishes for Beautiful Lady

  • Someday we will be too sweet little old ladies you go fast happy birthday.
  • Asking God to bless you with every kind of joy on your birthday always.
  • Dear lady friends like you hold a special place in my heart.
  • On your birthday I want to say one thing to succeed in life you need three things a wish born a backbone and a funny bone.

50+ Best Happy Birthday in Heaven Dad Quotes

  • A party without cake is just a meeting.
  • Happy birthday lovely lady enjoy your special day.
  • To my granddaughter happy birthday, you are quite an amazing young lady you are brave and smart and talented I am so lucky to have you in my life.
  • Here is hoping your celebration is as special as you.
  • You are such a special part of our family I hope you have a wonderful year filled with joy.
  • Happy Bday beautiful may your day be as wonderful as you.
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  • Happy bday lovely lady enjoys your special day and have fun.
  • Wishing you a day as lovely as your smile and Iyer is as amazing as your personality.
  • The most beautiful flower in the world you always keep looking young and beautiful.
  • Best birthday wishes to a lady who is beautiful inside and out.
  • My dear best friend and most beautiful lady in the world wish you a joyful birthday.
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  • Women don’t really get cold when there is there only get better they only at to the grace with women get great on again happy birthday to a great woman.
  • I wish you a very e joyful day make life lead you to great happiness success and hope that all your wishes come true enjoy your day.
  • The best birthday wishes to a world-class thief you stole my heart and you continue to Take My Breath Away.

Beautiful lady happy birthday

  • Time passes quickly and now I see you turned into a beautiful young lady which I feel very proud do not forget you can come to me when needed.
  • Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person I know may you have a wonderful birthday in your life.
  • Dear friend you are the sweetest lady in my life may all your wishes come true today.

Happy Birthday Mother in Law

  • May God bless you with all your heart Desire to enjoy every moment to your precious life.
  • Pray for you may our God bless you today and each day that it follows to make you hear his voice follow his footsteps big comfort by his care and live in his Grace now and forever.
  • The day is beautiful and the occasion is special I wish you all the faith courage and love to succeed in all walks life may you have a wonderful year wishing you the best birthday wishes.
  • Blow out the candles wish away you are the superstar of the day.
  • Happy birthday to you is a truly beautiful lady and none of this one the inside crap on the outside where it comes.
  • On your special day, I wish you all the very best all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today tomorrow and the days to come.
  • My salute to the strong and graceful woman who gave birth to me. Best Bday Mom! I do not know what could have happened to me if you were not in this world. I love you, Mom.
  • If you only knew how beautiful you are… you’d probably be insufferable. Happy bday, gorgeous.
  • Happy Birthday to my foxy friend! How the hell do you keep getting more beautiful?
  • An extraordinary woman in my life is celebrating her birthday today. Happy Bday and hope you feel my warm hugs and birthday kisses for you.
  • Life just wouldn’t be the same without my smart, sweet, sassy, stunning and all-around splendid sister. Happy Birthday.
  • You are the best lady who deserves nothing but the best on her birthday thank you for being who you are every day of the Year.
  • On your birthday I want to say one secret to you- anyone can catch your eye but it takes someone special to catch your heart.
  • I know no I am I’m sending a beautiful message to A lady who shines like diamonds.
  • I hope your birthday is full of sunshine and rainbows and love and laughter.
  • May God bless you with his care and want to let the new year of your life bring in lots of happiness and wonderful memories in your life happy birthday to a beautiful lady.

Happy birthday to a beautiful young lady

  1. Happy Birthday to two beautiful girls you are growing up so fast stop it love aunt.
  2. I wish you a very Happy Birthday may likely due to great happiness success and hope that all your wishes come true enjoy your day.
  3. At 50 you might not be able to make a fresh new start but that doesn’t stop you from feeling young at heart.
  4. In this world, there is nothing more beautiful than the union of two bodies and two bodies let’s celebrate our Union on your birthday today wishing you a very happy birthday.
  5. you are my blue crayon the one I never have enough of the one I use to color my Sky.
  6. There is a beautiful lady who is thoughtful and wise appealing and charming in everyone’s eyes lady who loves wing and fun throw and throws there is no denying.
  7. you meet every year new here with Grace and strength I am inspired by your ability to find the good in everyone and everything enjoy today to the fullest and do something extra special for yourself.
  8. Happy birthday to you to two beautiful girls who were created together your connection is something so mysterious Li about wonderful may God bless you with another year of fun and joy with double.
  9. Whenever I see you I think you are the craziest lady in this world Happy Birthday beautiful.
  10. Hey, darling, I am so very happy to have you for my girl you feel my life with love and joy like no other can.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady Quotes

  • The most wonderful and loving of birthday wishes for my mom Happy Birthday beautiful lady love you, mummy.
  • Living a good life really is the best Revenge once they acknowledge that they cannot ruin your happiness lost their power remember this thing in whole life.
  • Happy Birthday Old Man Quotes
  • I will now sing you are happy birthday song that only two beautiful ladies are worthy of hearing as soon as I leave the hairdresser because this too is not too funny.
  • This birthday number goes all out to you happy birthday to you.
  • Boys on boys birthday-  HBD boy on girls birthday very happy birthday to one of the most beautiful lady on earth put 2681 emojis enjoy your day.
  • I usually wish a beautiful woman happy birthday but when I do it with women who drive BMW’s.
  • May God almighty bless you with a life full of joy and happiness and may you always find favor on his eyes.

    • Happy Birthday Lady Quotes and Wishes
  • Hey, beautiful angel love your imperfection every Angel tomorrow come and goes before you know so I just had to let you know.
  • Another birthday and even more gorgeous than ever.
  • A blessing for you may your day be blessed with happiness and peace of mind may you be free of all burden and know that you are completely cared for let Angels light your way with Grace and have a beautiful awesome day.

Ways To Say Happy birthday in French

  • An aunt as special as you deserve that day that’s just a wonderful. I hope all your wishes come true in the year ahead.
  • What a lovely day to celebrate the most beautiful girl in the world I love you so much.
  • Best wishes to the beautiful princess, you will get all the things what you want.
  • My beautiful girl you are the stars of my moon and the sun to my Sky couldn’t imagine life without you I love you for eternity.
  • Hey, beautiful lady, you are an angel who has filled my life with joy and happiness.
  • To a young girl who will grow up to be a beautiful woman just remember beauty is an on the inside and outside.
  • To my girlfriend what I need to live has been given to me by the earth why I need to live has been given to me by you.

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Final Words

I hope you like this I hope you will like these all quotes, wishes message for the beautiful lady on her birthday. if you think ok you found something beautiful here please make sure share this post.

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Happy Birthday Woman Quotes

birthday wishes to a woman

Sending birthday wishes has been an important tradition that people from all walks of life would follow.
It is a great way to express how much you care and love the person who is celebrating her birthday.
So here are the birthday wishes to send to your female friends, girlfriend and any female that’s dear to you.

Happiest birthday to the most amazing girl I know. I have been waiting for this day for so long so I can let you feel how special you are to me. Now that it’s finally your birthday, let us celebrate and make it extra special.

Today is a special day and is meant only for celebration. Why? Because it’s your birthday and you deserve only the best celebration! So cheer up, let’s party and let’s make this day unforgettable. Happiest birthday to the most wonderful birthday girl!

Best birthday to the girl that’s so dear to me! May you have the best time of your life and may all your dreams and wishes come true.

We all need that day where we want to be the center of attention. Finally, that day has already come for you. Happiest birthday to the most wonderful woman I know!

Wonderful birthday to the woman who means the world to me. May all your wildest dreams come true and I wish that you will never ever feel sad and lose your beautiful smile.


Happiest birthday to the most gorgeous girl I know. I hope all your dreams and wishes come true!

Today is a day that we all should celebrate. It’s the birthday of the sweetest girl I’ve known! Happy bday!

Each an every day is a brilliant gift we all should enjoy. Today is your special day and I hope it is just the beginning of a whole year of amazing days for you, my dearest friend. Happy birthday!

Happiest birthday to you, my beautiful friend. I hope that your birthday will be filled with so much love and happiness.

You are a special woman my dear friend. I hope that your special day will be bright and sunny and filled with so much love and happiness, best birthday!

Happiest birthday to the most awesome and outrageously funny girl I know. Stay happy and continue to be funny.

Wonderful birthday to you my sweetheart. There was not a day that goes by that I do not think of you. My life would have been empty if you were not on my side. I love you sweetie!

Awesome birthday to the most beautiful woman I know! I wish that for every candle you blow on your cake, you would receive an extra reason to feel great!

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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!

Best birthday to a smart, gorgeous, funny woman who reminds me so much of myself.

Funny, smart, silly, cute, pretty and fantastic. All these describe an awesome girl like you! On your birthday today, I just want you to know how lucky I am to have you in my life, happy birthday to you!

Playing is an important part of celebrating a special day such as your birthday. So get out and get yourself busy. Jump, run, hop and dance. Happy birthday!

You truly are a natural beauty. You are a wonderful girl that everyone loves and I hope you will stay that way. Happiest birthday!

I hate all the nasty greeting cards that make fun of older folks – don’t they know that you are too fragile? They really must not joke around a wonderful woman as you. Wonderful birthday!

Happy birthday to the most amazing woman who is so dear in my life. I hope that all that you do will turn out happy for you. I love you!

Happiest birthday to you my sweetie. I hope that all you wish will come your way and that each and every hour today will bring happiness and wonderful things that you could ask for on your birthday.

Thank you for all your kindness. You truly are a woman who is beautiful inside out. I wish you a very happy birthday and may you stay happy not just today but in every single day.

Happiest birthday to my one and only girl. Please know that no matter how old you become, I will always be here to support everything that you do!


Remember those times when we use to think that we could reach the stars if we just stretch out our arms high? Well, you have certainly reached the stars and I have never been so proud of you. Best birthday ever!

To the loveliest woman I know, I am sending you all the love and the great things in the world on this birthday of yours. Awesome birthday!

You truly are living your dream now and I am here to keep on cheering you on! Happiest birthday to the most amazing woman in the world. Please know that I will always be here to support you every step of the way.

Happy 50th birthday to the most amazing woman in the universe – my mom!

Here’s wishing a very happy birthday to the most wonderful woman in the family. Please know that we are always here to love and support you.

Happiest birthday my beautiful friend. Please know that you are destined to do great and wonderful things. I wish that your birthday would serve as a special milestone that will lead you to do much bigger things.

We have made an oath as ten-year-old kids that will be friends forever no matter what life throws us. I’m happy that we are actually good at keeping our promises for each other. Happy birthday, girl!

Charming, caring, compassionate and crazy, but in a good way. This is how I want to describe you my lovely friend. You have the whole package of a great friend and I am just so lucky that I have you in me. Happy birthday!


Happy birthday to you my dearest girl friend. I wish that the universe would reward you with so much love, happiness and success.

Happy birthday my friend. May you continue to shine brighter as you always have!

Happy awesome birthday beautiful girl! May your future be as bright as those candles in your cake!

Happiest birthday to the woman so dear to me. Please know that you truly are a wonderful person and I hope that your birthday will be as wonderful as you are.

Happiest birthday my beautiful friend. I hope that your day will be great and I cannot wait to share with you some cake. I love you!

100 Birthday Wishes

To my lovely friend, you certainly know how to make everyone around you smile. You know how to stay calm in the midst of chaos. You truly are a force of nature. I just wish you all the best things in life on your special day, best birthday!

You make the world become even more beautiful just by being in it and I am so proud to call you my best friend. Happy birthday my dearest friend.

Happiest birthday to a woman who is beautiful inside out. You are very special to me and I hope that you are happy on your special day.

Happy birthday to the sweetest girl I know! You truly deserve all the happiness and love in the world.

The 60 Happy Birthday Granddaughter Wishes

Awesome birthday my dear friend. Let us celebrate this day of your life because you are so special and you deserve a special celebration.

Wonderful birthday to the kindest woman I have known. Thank you for coming to my life and may you continue to do well in everything. I love you!


Happiest birthday to a fabulous woman. I wish you a wonderful day not only today, but in every single day of your life.

Happy birthday to the craziest but most amazing woman I know. Thank you for bringing so much happiness in my life. Enjoy your day and please know that I love you truly!

Happy birthday beautiful! Remember that you are not getting older, but you are just getting better and better. Cheers on your birthday!

Happiest birthday to the sweetest lady in the whole wide world. I wish you all the best blessings in life.

Happy birthday sweetie! May you have a fantastic day that’s filled with everything you love the most!

The 60 Happy Birthday Grandson Wishes

Women do not really get old when they age – they just get better and only add to the grace. So remember that the more you age, the more you become great. Wonderful birthday!

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Beauty is timeless and so is pure grace. On your birthday, I hope you will be as perfect because women like you never age.

The day is beautiful because the occasion is special. I wish you all the faith and courage on your birthday and may you be successful in all aspects of your life. Wishing you a very best birthday!

You’ll never be so young and bright as what you feel today. So continue to feel you and enjoy your special day. Happiest birthday!

The 105 Cute Happy Birthday Sweetheart Sayings and Quotes

Happiest birthday to the special woman who has been so dear to me. May you remain strong courageous and kind.


People say that only a few women would want to admit their real age and only a few men would act their age. But you know what, you actually do both of it but with equal grace. I wish you a very happy birthday. Enjoy your day!

A woman stands out in everything in life. This is because they have the right spirit and the will to survive. Wonderful birthday to the toughest woman I know.

Lovely birthday to the woman who is strong, courageous and kind. May you continue to be blessed with so much happiness and love!

Do not panic if you forgot to plan your birthday party today, because we got that taken cared of already. Best birthday to you, lovely lady!

Wishing a happy and blessed birthday to the most wonderful woman I have ever known. Thank you for being my friend and by my side all these.

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Woman

birthday wishes to a woman

It's a great task to be godly and have people see you as one. When you find someone with this attribute, chances are that you want to honour and reverence them. And on the occasion of her birthday, you can use these awesomely written happy birthday wishes for a Godly woman for them.

Birthday Quotes for a Godly Woman

Godly Women are unique and need to be celebrated on their special days. Here is a collection of the best Happy Birthday Messages you can send to that Godly Woman.

1. May God bless you for being such a wonderful woman of God. May your days on earth be filled with peace and prosperity. Happy birthday and many more blessed years to celebrate.

2. I celebrate a godly woman today, a woman with a good heart. I pray that God fills your days with goodness, warmth and heart full of joy and hope. Happy birthday, keep living the gospel.

3. May God bless you abundantly and with his blessings may you overtake all the hurdles and difficulties. May your life portray God's goodness. Happy birthday to you.

4. May you keep sharing the message of God in your lifetime. Keep being the example of true love that you preach. Wishing you a blessed Birthday.

5. As you celebrate today, every day of your life will bring glory to the name of Jesus. May you continue to live in the light of His gospel. Happy birthday!

6.Wishing you encounter all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Happy birthday to a woman of faith. Keep spreading the good news. Happy birthday!

7. You are one of God’s most beautiful masterpieces. We are celebrating His works and a gift to us all. Thank you for the affection you have brought to our lives. May you have a birthday full of God’s blessings.

8. Christ's love is abundant for us all. May the abundance of the Love of Christ fill all the days of your life. Have a wonderful birthday.

9. As you celebrate today, do not forget that Christ sees His Son’s blood on the mercy seat. You have a perfect standing before Him forever. Happy birthday to a woman of God.

10. To the woman of substance, an example of a virtuous woman. Here's wishing you many years of God's blessings. May you keep shining in God's vineyard. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Inspirational Woman Wishes Quotes

Since a godly woman will equally inspire you, use these happy birthday inspirational woman wishes quotes for her on her birthday.

11.You're a flower blooming in the Garden of God. To your more days on earth, may you be fruitful. Happy birthday.

12. To the woman with God's heart, an epitome of godliness. may your lights ignite the world. Happy birthday, Long life and prosperity.

13. You're the candle burning on the altar of God, a fair replica of God's angels. May your light never melt out into darkness. May your days on earth be to the glory of God. Happy birthday.

14. To a woman of faith and virtue. May your life continue to be a blessing to the world. Do have a happy birthday. Wish you long life and prosperity.

15. You're a prayer answered. A song of blessing. A hymn of worship. You're a woman after God's heart. Here's wishing you days filled with joyful songs as you clock a new age.

16. Here's to the woman walking with God's word in her heart, and speaking with God's words in her mouth, and offering herself to God's work. Heavenly blessings are my wishes. Happy birthday.

17. May your reward be great in heaven. For your good work in God's vineyard, may you know no lack. May your days on earth proclaim the glory of God. Happy birthday.

18. You're a hymn on the lips of angels. You are a prayer spoken softly. You're a song rising up to God. Here is wishing you more of God's blessings. May his love continue speaking life in all you do. Happy birthday.

19. You're a woman of glory. May your life continue to be a tool for winning souls to God. Happy birthday and many more blessed years to celebrate.

Happy Birthday to a Virtuous Woman Wishes Quotes

The best of happy birthday wishes and quotes to a virtuous woman, a special woman.
Note: you can start from number 1.

20. To the woman of spirit and godliness. An epitome of faith and truthfulness. May you continue to grow in God's house. Happy birthday.

21. You're a conqueror in Christ. A woman of perseverance and strength. May you continue to prosper in the works of salvation. Happy birthday to you.

22. You're a rose planted by the altar of God, precious and beautiful as God's Words.I pray that you continue to grow in his goodness. Many more years to celebrate. Happy birthday.

23. Happy birthday to a woman who preaches the love of Christ. May you continue to bloom in God's vineyard. Here is wishing you a birthday filled with joy and happiness.

24. You're a burning incense reaching out to God. You're the prayer of the Faithful. Keep living the godly life. You're a heavenly candidate. Happy birthday to you.

25. To a wonderful woman of virtue. May you sing long the praises of God. May his blessings take you to greater heights. Happy birthday to you.

26. Happy birthday to a woman of God, the mother of the church. I pray that you continue winning souls to the glory of God Almighty.

27. May you be uplifted beyond measures for your work and dedication in God's vineyard. May God enrich you greatly. Happy birthday to you.

28. Just the way labourers don't go without reward, your heavenly father will not let you go empty-handed. He will satisfy you in due time. Happy birthday to you.

29. To an exceptional woman who has taken the work of God personally, may God attend to all matters concerning you. Happy birthday to you.

30. You're a woman of valor. You're exceptionally beautiful and kind. You live the love life so that others will emulate. May God satisfy all your needs. Happy birthday.

31. Our God that never sleeps nor slumber will make everything great in his time. Happy birthday to a godly woman who has raised godly children.

32. May God keep blessing the works of your hand. May he make everything about you brighter. Happy birthday to a wonderful woman.

33. You shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water. You shall blossom at every season. Happy birthday to a woman after God's heart.

34. God loves you so much that he will never let any harm befall you. His mercy is forever sure. Happy birthday to a woman of faith.

35. Because you're God's anointed, you will continue to prosper in all areas of your life. I wish you a very happy birthday and many more blessed years to celebrate in happiness and in good health.

36. The Lord is good and his mercy endures forever. Fear not because the God you serve is the impossibility specialist. He makes all things beautiful. Happy birthday to you.

37. God will reward you greatly for all your contributions and dedication in bringing the gospel to the weary souls. Happy birthday to you.

38. Today will mark the beginning of blooming years to come. Happy birthday to a woman that preaches godliness by living it. Happy birthday to you and much more to come.

39. May your love for God push you to greater heights and may you find joy and happiness in all you to the glory of God. Happiest birthday to you.

40. Happy birthday a godly woman who through love has drawn many souls closer to God. May you be celebrated all the days of your life. Happy birthday.

41. God never abandons those who walk in the light of His words. Be rest assured that you're a heavenly candidate. Happy birthday to you.

42. Keep illuminating the world because that is what godly women do. Never let your light go dim. Let it shine brighter that all may believe. Happy birthday to you and many many returns.

43. May your special day bring a breakthrough in everything you do. Happy birthday to a woman so kindhearted. May you heavenly father bless you greatly.

44. May Christ who is the way, direct you to the right path, especially in your chosen profession. May you experience upliftment in all you do. Happy birthday to a woman of God.

45. Arise and shine for your time has come. As you celebrate today, may heavenly blessing surround you and lift you higher. Happy birthday to a lover of God.

46. Happy birthday to a godly woman with a beautiful soul, who is living the Christ-like life. I pray that you continue living the life that brings light to the life of others.

47. Because it's your birthday today, the angels are rejoicing. May your special day bring many blessings your way. Happy birthday to you and many returns.

48. God in his mercies will supply all your needs and desires as you celebrate today. May his love and blessing take you higher in your endeavors. Happy birthday to a woman of faith.

49. Happy are those who walk in the way of God. You're a godly woman and I wish you a very happy birthday as you reach another milestone. Congratulations on your birthday.

50. Happy birthday to an outstanding woman of God. May your days on earth be filled with peace and harmony. Keep changing lives.

51. Meeting you was a blessing to me as well as many other. As you celebrate today, you will henceforth be celebrated. Happy birthday to an amazing woman of God.

52. More blessing are coming your way as you celebrate. Happy birthday to a woman with a beautiful soul, whose heart is made of gold.

53. Bringing people closer to God is one attribute that makes you unique. You teach others the true way by being an example. Happy birthday to you and many more blessing.

54. For all you have done for others, for all you have sacrificed. May the good Lord reward you exceedingly and may his light shine on you today and always. Congratulations on your birthday.

55. Happy birthday to a lover of the gospel of Christ. You love for God has brought so much breakthrough in the life of those around you. Keep sharing the word.

56. To a woman of integrity, may you live long and fulfill Gods plan in your life. You shall flourish in all you do. Happy birthday.

57. A happy birthday celebration to loyalty herself. Your lifestyle has pushed many other into living the godly life. Many more years to celebrate in happiness.

58 . You're simply a godly woman who is living the life worthy of emulation. Keep impacting lives and may you days be filled with heavenly blessing. Happy birthday celebration.

59. I pray that you be celebrated in all you do just as you celebrate others in your life. I wish you a happy birthday celebration and many more in years to come.

60. Happy birthday to a wonderful woman of our time. You've been kind to all. Wishing you a happy birthday celebration and thanks for being kindhearted.

61. To this tolerant woman of God, thank you for teaching me the only true way. Happy birthday to you and many returns of the year.

62. May God in his infinite mercy supply all that you ask of him. May you be rewarded accordingly. Happy birthday and many more blessing.

63. Even as you celebrate another year today, may you be everly celebrated among your mates. Happy birthday to a godly woman whose name is kindness.

64. Heavenly blessing shall never elude you. God shall visit you just as he promised. Happy birthday to you and many more years to come.

65. Happy birthday to a woman of faith. You are truly a godly woman. Your lifestyle speaks for itself. Thank you for remaining who you are. Happy birthday celebration.

66. To a generous lover of God, you're a rare gem. Happy birthday to you and may all your wishes come true. Congratulations.

67. Because heaven and earth is of the Lord, all that you ever ask for shall be supplied. You are blessed beyond measures. Happy birthday celebration.

68. Happy birthday to a woman of God whose love for the gospel has brought so many souls to Christ. Congratulations on your birthday and many you prosper in your endeavors.

69. Because it's your birthday today, may the works of your hand be abundantly blessed. Wishing you a happy birthday celebration.

70. To a soul winner, a woman that light shines from her heart. May God bless you abundantly as you celebrate today. Happiest birthday to you.

Written By Ebubedike Irene.

Wishing a happy and blessed birthday to the most wonderful woman I have ever known. Thank you for being my friend and by my side all these.

birthday wishes to a woman
Written by Teshicage
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