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Birthday wishes reply back to boss
April 26, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 3 comments

This list contains an assortment of birthday wishes replies that you can make use of if you will be sending out your gratitude to all the people.


Birthday wishes from dear ones make your day special right? Then take time to express your gratitude with below ‘100 Thank You Message for Birthday Wishes on Facebook Wall’

  1. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and thank you Facebook for reminding them.
  2. Birthday gifts can get broken or lost, but your priceless words will remain close to my heart for eternity. Thanks.
  3. The birthday message you posted is going to make me feel special today and throughout the rest of the year. Thank you.
  4. I want to thank everyone who took time out of their day to wish me happy birthday on Facebook it made me smile every time! Funny how the smallest message or words mean so much!
  5. My official facebook birthday thank you post: A special thanks to all of you who posted well wishes on my wall for my birthday, I am truly blessed.
  6. Thank you to all facebook family and friends for all the birthday wishes. They made my birthday extra special.
  7. I haven’t been on Facebook to say THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes and blessing. I appreciate everyone taking the time to wish me a happy birthday.
  8. Thank you for making my Facebook wall all bright and colorful on my birthday. Your lovely messages really made my birthday all the more special.
  9. Why can’t Facebook have an ‘awesome’ button too? Coz u guys are just awesome. Thanks for making my birthday really special.
  10. Just wanted to convey my sincere thanks to all of you for your lovely birthday wishes! And please just remember that I am sweet 16 with 10 years of experience! lol.
  11. Gifts and parties may have brought a smile on my face but sweet wishes like yours have their own special place. Thank you.
  12. Reading the words you wrote on my facebook wall brought smile on my face which is why I believe that, friends like you are my life’s best prize. Thank you for the lovely wishes.
  13. Thanks for your heartfelt Birthday wishes posted on my Facebook wall this year.
  14. I just wanted to take a moment and say “Thank you” to everyone for all of the birthday wishes. It means a lot to me that you all took time from your busy lives, to wish me a Happy Birthday. I feel very blessed to have each and every one of you as my friend.
  15. I feel blessed. Thank you for all your Birthday wishes..!!
  16. Hey Buddy! It was so nice of you to stop by to wish me a “Happy Birthday”! It made my Birthday just a little bit more special 🙂 Thank you so much.
  17. Special thanks to each and everyone who took time to wish me a Happy Birthday yesterday! It was a truly wonderful day – perfect in so many ways big and small!
  18. Your beautiful wishes did something that no amount of money can buy..they made me believe in the value of friendship.
  19. A million thanks to all my Facebook friends for being part of my special day. Your kind words helped make the most important day of my life wonderful. Thanks, I love you all.
  20. Just like how a sprinkle of chocolate makes a coffee worth devouring, your heartfelt wishes made my Birthday worth celebrating..Thank You.
  21. I am feeling blessed with all the Birthday Wishes. Thank you all, I pray for long life and happiness to every one of you and your families.
  22. Knowing that I have friends who appreciate and love me, it’s the best feeling. Thank you to all of my lovely friends who sent their warmest and thoughtful wishes on my birthday. You guys are wonderful.
  23. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes from everyone who noticed my name today on the upper right corner of your Facebook page. Thank you.
  24. Thank you to all who posted Birthday wishes to my facebook wall and making me look more popular than what I really am.
  25. Thank you for all the Facebook Birthday wishes! To those who forgot, I will expect your belated post shortly 😉
  26. Your wishes really touched me and made my Birthday all the more special. I’m so lucky to have someone as sweet as you as part of my life. Thanks a ton!
  27. Awesome friends like you, are the only thing stopping me from feeling old on my Birthday. Thank You dears.
  28. Thank you for that special Birthday wish from the heart that Facebook instructed and reminded you to send to me.
  29. Thank you for those who took the time to say to me ‘Happy Birthday’.
  30. Thank you to all who posed kind Birthday wishes. I’m touched, the rest of you will be un-friended tomorrow 😉
  31. I want everyone to know that I’m so thankful for all the blessings I received during the time of my birthday. GOD has been really good to me so therefore may GOD bless you all and thank you.
  32. I thank everybody, my brothers, sisters, friends and all well wishers who sent Birthday messages to me on Facebook. I really enjoyed my day and you guys made it extra special.
  33. Wow! So many birthday wishes on my Facebook wall this year. Thanks a lot guys!
  34. Thanks to all my Facebook friends who wished me Happy Birthday. The rest of you can go to hell 😉 Lol
  35. Your wishes were all that was needed, to make my birthday much more special. Thanks a lot!
  36. Thank you to all my good old friends for wishing me a Happy Birthday. This was a very special day for me because of you all, I hope we all will keep in touch. Love you lots..
  37. Birthday Wishes from the people who care for you is just like – “God blessing you with a million dollar cheque”. With these Wishes one could live a long time.
  38. I don’t think of it as being another year older. I think of it as another year of having enjoyed a friend like you. Thank you.
  39. Thank you very much for all the astonishing birthday wishes. They really mean a lot to me.
  40. I just wanted to thank everyone who sent me a birthday message and let you know that I truly appreciate it. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful group of friends and family that can share in my special day.
  41. Sometimes the simplest things mean the most, hearty thanks to all dear ones who posted wishes on my Facebook wall.
  42. My heart just keeps thinking and thanking all my Facebook friends who took time to wish me today.
  43. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, Your wish made my day even more special.
  44. Thanks everyone for all the birthday messages. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful family and amazing friends. I’m so grateful for all your wonderful birthday wishes, it was great hearing from everyone, you truly made my day special.
  45. Thanks for the birthday wish. It’s been an incredible year. I’m so grateful that you’re a part of my life.
  46. You’re one of my favorite people, thank you for taking the time to send me a nice message on my birthday.
  47. Your words made my Birthday extra special, thank you all for your kind words.
  48. Thank you for sending me such a nice birthday message. Why can’t you be this nice to me all year around?
  49. My birthday lasted just for a day but the wishes you all sent me are going to make me feel special for the rest of the year. Thank you.
  50. Thank you all for your kind words which remind me that I am well loved & blessed.
  51. Thanks for the birthday messages, it’s very encouraging to see so many people take a few moments out of their busy day to wish me well.
  52. I know that it’s my birthday today, but that doesn’t mean I can’t say thank you guys for all the birthday wishes.
  1. It wouldn’t be a very happy birthday without good friends like you all. I appreciate all of the wishes in my Facebook wall.
  2. Seeing all of the birthday messages in FB today made my heart smile. Thank you all.
  3. Reading each birthday message brings a wonderful memory of each of you. Thank you for that.
  4. I’m deeply humbled by all the love shown to me on my birthday through the flood of messages and wishes that I received.
  5. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I’ll never get tired of saying this on my Birthday.
  6. Thanks so much for making my special day even more special with all your wonderful birthday wishes! It definitely means a lot to me.
  7. Thank you for all of your superb birthday wishes. I am who I am today because of all of you.
  8. I’ve enjoyed reading all of the birthday messages and want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. If you haven’t wished me a happy birthday yet, you still have some time left to do so 😉 I am waiting..!!
  9. I’m so grateful for all your wonderful birthday wishes, it was great hearing from everyone, you truly made my day special.
  10. I’m feeling overwhelmed with birthday love. Thank you all so much.
  11. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say that I am so thankful to everyone for showing me so much birthday love.
  12. Thanks for making my birthday a memorable one. You all are the most fabulous buddies in my life. I love you all. Keep smiling.
  13. As we age, birthdays can sometimes draw less attention from our friends and family. Thank you for continuing to think of me on this special day of the year!
  14. I get tired of getting old but I never get tired of hearing Happy Birthday from you guys on Facebook, thanks a lot!
  15. Birthdays come and go, but friends are always there. Thanks for the well wishes!
  16. It feels so good when someone does special things for you on your birthday, It really feels out of the world, I am feeling the same thing, So, I would like to thank you for making me feel extra special.
  17. Thank you all for your prayers, messages and wishes; I will keep them all close to my heart.
  18. Here’s a note to say thank you for remembering my birthday. It means so much that you think of me on my special day, and continue to show your love and support.
  19. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes! Now let’s forget it ever happened so I can pretend to still be in my early 20’s this year.
  20. Wow! So Many Birthday Wishes And Not A One Said, “Have A Crummy Day.” 🙂 I Have the Best Friends! Thank You!
  21. Your words were the perfect embellishment on my birthday, your wishes have just blown me away. No matter how hard I try on my own, I will never be able to replicate the warmth you have shown. Thanks.
  22. Money and gifts can buy almost everything – except the love of friends like you. Thanks for your sweet wishes on my birthday.
  23. Thanks Bestie for remembering me on Facebook and wishing without fail! Now, how about coming and wishing me in person? 🙂 Lol..!!
  24. Hello friends, your wishes made my day, is what I want you to know. For a long time in my heart, your words will echo. Thanks a lot.
  25. Even the combined value of all my birthday gifts cannot match the value of your beautiful wish. Thanks for such a heart-warming post on my FB wall.
  26. After reading the beautiful Birthday post you wrote on my Facebook wall, I think you should change career and start working for Hallmark. 😉 Thanks for such sweet words.
  27. Thanks for avoiding stock greetings from the supermarket shelves and taking time to write such a beautiful handwritten message. You’re the best.
  28. Gifts can’t be carried around but I will carry the essence of your beautiful Birthday message in my heart wherever I go. Thank you.
  29. The birthday message you sent to me was cuter than a kitty, sweeter than a puppy and more beautiful than a magnificent sunrise. Thank you.
  30. Birthday wishes posted by my Facebook friends is the biggest gift I received today. I am so glad, Thank you dears.
  31. I would like to say a Big Thank you to every one for the Birthday posts. I had such a lovely day, Thank you.
  32. I was feeling terrible about turning a year older until I read your message which rid me of my blues. Now I feel that growing old is totally worth it, as long as it is with friends like you. Thanks.
  33. Though Facebook might have reminded my Birthday, Thank you so much for taking time to post me a small wish. I will always cherish all of your Birthday wishes.
  34. Without your birthday wish my day would’ve felt lonely and not nearly as special. Your words mean a ton to me. Thank you so much.
  35. My birthday balloons wouldn’t have popped, my birthday cake would have been bitter and my birthday drinks would not have been bubbly, had I not received your wishes. Thanks for adding the spark to my celebrations.
  36. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes! I am so touched and thankful to be blessed by such an awesome family and friends!
  37. Sweet words from friends like you are what will make my birthday a beautiful memory. Thank you.
  38. My world has become brighter, and more beautiful because of your wish. Loads of love and thanks to you.
  39. Hey guys, great to see you flooding my wall on my Birthday. Bring it on next time too! Your best wishes really mean a lot!
  40. My Facebook Wall have never felt so good before. Thank you so much dear friends for your lovely birthday wishes. You made my day really special.
  41. Thanks friends! It was so nice of you to stop by to wish me “Happy Birthday”! It made my birthday all the more special.
  42. Gifts will wither away into the sands of time, but your words will reverberate in my heart forever, like a sweet little rhyme. Thanks.
  43. There is nothing in this entire world as beautiful as you, except for that beautiful birthday wish you sent to me. I loved it, thank you.
  44. To all my Facebook family and friends, just in case I missed someone, just want to thank all of you who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday. Thank you and God Bless.
  45. Thanks for a message that was, truly priceless and the epitome of sweetness. Now I know that you are, utterly loving and delightfully caring.
  46. Just like how food remains tasteless without salt, my birthday celebrations would have been incomplete without your wishes. Thanks for being the SALT in my life.
  47. This year number of people who wished me on my Facebook wall has become too long and yet it is important to show my gratitude. Thanks you all for your lovely wishes.
  48. Your wishes have become a keepsake that will forever remind me of happy times and beautiful memories.

Having any special message/quotes to include in our list? Drop a comment below and please let us know.


These Birthday Wishes For Boss will help you to win the day and will create a Wish you a very happy birthday, boss! . Many happy returns of the day Boss!.

Birthday Thank You Sentiments

birthday wishes reply back to boss

It is once again your birthday. To add to the excitement you feel leading up to your special day, your friends and family have kindly acknowledged your birthday with a phone call, card, and/or gift to let you know you are a special part of their lives. They have taken time out of their days just for you. In return, it is most appropriate to thank them with a heartfelt and original message. Part of the blessing of receiving is also in the giving of thanks.

As you take a look at the suggestions below, remember your intended recipient and method of contact. In sending a card of thanks, grammar is of utmost importance, as is the format of “Dear so-and-so” and signing your name at the bottom. In posting to social media or sending a text, formality is much less important, but sincerity still shows through in the words you choose. Addressing an elder will be more formal than a peer or a junior. In all situations, remember to be clear and sincere.

Thank You for Birthday Wishes

  • Nothing makes me feel more special than hearing from you on my birthday. Your kind words are greatly appreciated.
  • Once again you have outdone yourself by acknowledging my birthday in such a way. You are a fantastic friend! Thank you.
  • As always, your kindness goes above and beyond. Thank you for the birthday wishes!
  • Words like yours mean the world to me. Thank you!
  • Because of you, my day is that much brighter. Thank you for thinking of me and wishing me well.
  • Once every so often, someone comes along who truly touches the heart. Thank you for making me feel so loved on my birthday. Your words were perfect.
  • Simple words go a long way to impact someone’s day. Thank you for your impact on mine.
  • Roses are red. Violets are blue. There is no one kinder than you. Thank you for recognizing my birthday.

Thank you for your birthday wishes!

  • Hearing from you on my birthday was the best present I received. Thank you!
  • Today was special because I heard from you. Your remembrance of my birthday was dear to me.
  • Clearly, you are a true friend. You called me on my birthday and added a smile to my face and a skip in my step. Thank you!
  • Days like today go unnoticed by so many. But, you remembered and I am so appreciative of that. Thank you for acknowledging my birthday!
  • Every year, I await your card in the mail. And, every year, you never let me down. Thank you so much for remembering my birthday. It means so much to me!
  • For the first time, I have found someone who never forgets my birthday. Thank you!
  • The mail came today and I was so happy to receive your card. It was so sweet and sincere. Thank you for remembering my birthday!
  • Not once have you forgotten my birthday. Let us continue to celebrate together every year. You are an amazing friend. Thank you for remembering me!

Thank You for Birthday Gifts

  • Woohoo! Thank you for the fabulous birthday gift. You really outdid yourself this time!
  • Gifts from you are like hugs from a child, bigger and better every time. Thank you!
  • Nothing compares to the thoughtfulness you showed with your gift. You and your gift are greatly appreciated!
  • Like an individual dew drop in a summer field, your gift was perfect and unique. Thank you!
  • As one feels whole while being touched by a cool ocean breeze, so I feel knowing you made your gift special for me. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in remembering my birthday and care in making the gift.
  • I feel I cannot thank you enough for your gift. It was incredibly thoughtful and generous of you. And even though words may not be enough, thank you.
  • When you gave me your present, my heart swelled with gratitude. You are a wonderful friend and you mean the world to me. Thank you!

I can tell what a dear friend you are by the gift you chose for me. You obviously know me well! Thanks!

  • I can tell what a dear friend you are by the gift you chose for me. You obviously know me well. Thanks!
  • You know what? You’re the best! Thank you so much for the awesome gift!
  • I may have been wrong about you. You do have good taste! Thanks for the fun present!
  • There’s no escaping it. Your present is amazing! Thank you.
  • I’m not the best at saying “thank you,” but I want you to know how much I appreciate your special gift and the time you spent with me on my birthday. You are a true friend and I am blessed to have you in my life. Thanks!
  • You certainly didn’t have to get me anything for my birthday, but I sure loved your gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  • A gift like yours did not go unnoticed. It was heartfelt and genuine. Thank you for thinking of me on my birthday!
  • Thank you for your special gift. I will try to repay you with something just as sweet when your birthday rolls around. You deserve the best!
  • Thank you for the perfect gift. It fits so well with my home décor. You rock!
  • I have always valued our friendship and never expect anything in return. But, I must say, your birthday gift for me was amazing. Thank you so much, my friend!
  • Gifts from family members are extra sweet. I already have the best gift by having you as a part of my life. Now, I have an added gift that we can share – chocolate! Thank you from my belly!

Life has its ups and downs, but birthday celebrations along the way definitely lighten the load. By using one of the thank you sentiments above, you can make it even more special! The giver was already happy giving you your message and/or gift. Now, allow them to be overjoyed knowing how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness. Take the time to make your thank you completely unique and special with these options.

Thank You Notes on Images

You can use these beautiful images on Facebook or any other social medium to express your gratitude for the beautiful birthday wishes you received.  Choose the one that better fits your style and say a big “Thank You” to your friends who posted wishes for your special day.

Thank you for your beautiful birthday wishes. I feel grateful and lucky to have so many amazing people by my side!


Thank you for your Birthday Wishes!


Thank you for your amazing gift!


Hearing from you on my birthday was the best present I received. Thank you!

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130 Thank You For The Birthday Wishes

birthday wishes reply back to boss

Building a personal relationship with your boss is surely going to help you personally and career wise. You want to make your boss know you care for him personally by sending him quality happy birthday messages. If you are stuck for where to get happy birthday messages for your boss, here are some ideas for you.

Free Download Birthday Cards

Birthday Wishes for Boss

Get This Birthday Card for Free>>>

1. Dear Boss, your dedication, determination, and vision inspires us to always give our best. We appreciate having someone wonderful like you at the helm of affairs. Do have a happy birthday.
2. Happy birthday boss. From the depths of my heart, I know you are the best leader in the world, a great mentor and a dear friend. I wish you a long and prosperous life ahead.
3. Happy birthday boss, I wish you a long and successful career. In addition to that, I also wish you a long and fulfilling life filled with joy and happiness.
4. Dear boss, with you at the helm of affairs, you make me look forward to coming to work every day. This is because you have the heart and soul of a true rock star. I wish you a very happy birthday and many successful years ahead.
5. Most people dread Mondays because they have to come to work. But you have made work so fulfilling that I love coming to work every day. This is because you have such a magnetic character and you motivate me to be the best. I wish you a happy birthday and pray you continue being a wonderful personality.

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6. Dear boss, I know you are a very rich person. This is not because of the status of your bank account, or the quantity of your properties. You are rich because everyone around you owes a lot to your kindness and guidance. Happy birthday. Continue being an awesome person.
7. Happy birthday boss. This is a special day for us because it is also special for you. We want you to know that you are a great leader and deserve the best in life. In addition to being a great leader, you are also a great friend. You deserve the best.
8. Here’s to hoping that you get a happy and fulfilling career and the best things in life. Happy birthday boss.
9. I know that these words would not be able to convey how awesome you are but we’ll still attempt it. You are a wonderful person and we are glad you are our leader. Happy birthday.
10. Wishing you a carefree, fun and happy birthday. Go out there and get your much needed break. You deserve it boss. You are simply the best.

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11. A lot of people love to complain about their bosses. I, on the other hand, have only praise and admiration for you. You are such a wonderful person and you bring the light to our organization. Happy birthday. I wish you the best.
12. On this special day, I wish you happiness and fulfillment for the rest of your days. Happy birthday boss.
13. We as your employees count ourselves really lucky to have you as our boss. You bring so much energy and joy into the workplace and push us to achieve greater heights. Happy birthday. You are such a great man.
14. Team work doesn’t happen when people come together to work. The true meaning of team work is when we work together under your inspiration. Happy birthday sir. We look forward to more of your inspiration.
15. As our boss, you have given us inspiration and guidance every step of the way. Happy birthday. You deserve a long and fulfilling life.

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16. You are not only a leader. You are a friend and constant companion. You play so many important roles in our life. But today, there is only one role you should play – that of a birthday celebrant. Happy birthday.
17. There is nothing better than not losing single sleep on Sunday night because I know I have to go to work on Monday. Thanks for making work fun and fulfilling. Happy birthday boss.
18. Happy birthday boss. I want to thank you for having an open door and listening ears. You are simply the best. I wish you a long and fulfilling life.
19. Dear boss, here’s to wishing you a very happy and fulfilling personal life. Here’s to wishing you a very successful and productive career. Happy birthday. You deserve the best.
20. On this special day, may you get the chance to sit back, relax and enjoy the moment while we do all the work. Happy birthday. You deserve it.

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21. Happy birthday boss. I wish you the very best that life has to offer. I also wish that you remain the awesome person you have always been to this organization.
22. Happy birthday boss. We wish you all the best as you advance into a new year in your professional and personal life.

Here we are providing solution for all your confusion and problem, find the huge list of wonderful and amazing thank you message.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boss

birthday wishes reply back to boss

These thank you messages for boss can express your gratitude and appreciation to your employer that serves as your mentor. These appreciation messages can be used to thank you cards and gratitude cards. Sharing these thank you messages for boss via SMS or thru media sites like facebook is welcome.

How to Write Thank You Messages or Thank You Notes for Boss

It is normal for us to have days where we are too much stressed because of work, thus, we tend to ignore the little things that we should appreciate inside the office. One of these is our boss, admit it or not they play an important role in our professional lives today. There are many ways to show our gratitude to them, and one is to write a thank you message or an appreciation letter. In here, we’ll show you how to write these thank you messages for your boss. Here are the steps that you can follow and tips you might want to consider while making the letter;

  • Address with Respect – Always remember that the person whom you are writing the letter for is your boss or supervisor. You can address them with “Sir” or “Ma’am” followed by their first or surname, or whatever name they are usually called.

  • Be friendly – Although you address the letter in a respectful way, it would be nicer if you would also treat your boss as your friend. Consider him/her not only as in a higher position than you, but also a friend whom you can talk to about things that does not involve work. In this way, your boss would feel more special and appreciated as one employee looks at him/her more than just a boss, but also a very nice friend.


  • Thank your boss for employing you – First thing that you should be thankful for that you can mention in your letter is the appreciation to your boss for hiring you. Just imagine, out of all the applicants for the position that you have now, your boss chose you as he/she may have seen something in you that he/she cannot see in others. In other words, your boss gave you his/her trust. They believe that you can do every task that is to be given in alignment with your position. With that, it is only right that you thank your boss because that trust that has been given to you was the start of something of what you have right now.


  • Remember the times your boss has helped you – After thanking your boss for your employment, think of other instances in which he/she has helped in any way. For example, if there are times that you are having trouble with your work then your boss comes to give you a helping hand or by telling you encouraging words that helped you to continue and not give up, you can mention it in your letter as it would mean that those simple gestures leave a good impression on the employee. Even those little things should be thanked for so that they would know and feel that they are doing a good job being a boss.


  • Express how grateful you are to your boss – In writing a thank you letter, you should “make it personal.” Thank your boss for all the great things that he/she has done for you and how grateful you are to them because if it wasn’t for them, you can’t achieve what you are having right now.

Samples of Thank You Messages for Boss

  • My gratitude is overflowing; you served as an inspiration to us, your employees. I hope the streak of your success will last long.
  • Your leadership is one-of-a-kind. You developed us into disciplined workers. Thank you, boss!
  • Thank you boss for entrusting me this position. I’ll make sure you will never regret your decision.
  • You pushed me to be more efficient and disciplined, and I deeply appreciate it. Thank you for everything, sir!
  • Thank you for making me feel like I am a friend that like I am an employee. You are great in dealing with your workers. Thank you, sir!
  • Thank you boss for bringing out the best of my talent and skills. I am thanking God that I met someone like you.
  • My working place is like a typhoon in its formation: low pressure area. Thank you boss for being so nice to us!
  • My family’s condition is stable because I am so committed to my work because I am working for the most amazing boss in the world! Thank you.
  • I was able to maximize the utilization of my skills because of you! Thank you boss.
  • Thank you sir for hearing me out whenever I have something to suggest. I am so happy that in my little ways, I was able to contribute even a little to attain the goals of this company.

Thank You Notes for Boss

  • I was a nobody, until I worked with you, now I am a somebody. Thank you boss for giving me confidence.
  • I learned a lot from you, and forever it will be treasured. Thank you boss! I hope more employees will learn from you.
  • In my vocabulary, work used to mean “hard”. But when you become my boss, it now means “fun”.
  • Thank you boss for being such a nice and wonderful friend to all of us!
  • Thank you for your generosity my precious boss! You have been an inspiration and a role model to the whole workforce.
  • Thank you for helping me realize my potential and my strength all through my career. Your guidance has been of great importance!
  • I have identified my skills in life all thanks to you. Thank you for helping me perfect my talent for today and all I’ll do in the future.
  • Your advice has made it easy for me to grow in my career and open up more doors for the future. Thank you for being an extraordinary boss!
  • You are a different kind of boss; you are a friend, a leader and a mentor to all of us. Thank you for helping me reach this far.
  • You have allowed me to learn from my mistakes and for that I am thankful. Thank you for being an awesome boss!

Inspirational Thank You Messages for Boss

  • I know that even when you are hard on us, it is only your duty and that you want the best for all of us. Thank you for making the workforce so awesome.
  • Your remarks on my mistakes and performance have collectively contributed to inspiring me to do better. Thank you sir!
  • A boss like you makes it so difficult to retire. You have made work so fun! Thank you!
  • I have learnt a lot from you as a person. You are the kind of boss that appreciates performance and rebukes mistakes without fear. Thank you for teaching me to stand by my principles!
  • You are a great boss! You have taught me to be a good human being and even as I take up my new duties, I will follow in your footsteps. Thank you!
  • Your professionalism and personality have taught me to be a leader that is successful. This is just to say thank you!
  • Thank you sire for our strict ways that have kept me from trouble and have help me be a mature employee.
  • I look forward to ging back to work because you are not just my boss but also a friend. Thank you!
  • Your compliments on my performance have motivated me to better my best. Thank you for being a wonderful boss.

Appreciation Notes for Your Boss

  • Thank you for your great management. All I have learnt from you have made me a great professional, and for that I am grateful.
  • Hard work has never been so fun; you make it easier to desire to do more. Thank you for being an inspiration!
  • Your time and effort in mentoring me are highly appreciated. Accept my sincere gratitude!
  • I am a better professional and a good professional because you have taught me well. Thank you for the leadership skills you have bestowed on me.
  • Since I started working with you, I have become a better person with decision-making skills. For that reason I am a better leader and I am grateful. Accept my heartfelt gratitude!
  • Thank for being a great manager and inspirational leader!
  • Your encouragements mean the world to me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from you.
  • I admire your success and leadership skills – I would not want to work anywhere else. Thank you for being an amazing boss!

Saying Thank You to Your Bosses

  • You have imparted knowledge and skills that have collectively contributed to making me a great professional. Thank you very much!
  • You are an awesome boss! Thank you for acting more like a teacher than a boss.
  • Thank you for bringing out the best in me and helping me turn my career dreams into reality.
  • Your guidance nad support has shaped my professional life and today I can see the fruits of working under you. Accept my appreciation sir!
  • Allow me to take this opportunity to say thank you for helping me become who I am today. I highly appreciate your encouragements!
  • You are not just a leader but a great leader! Thank you for advocating for me to get this promotion and for preparing me over the years all this time.
  • I owe you many thanks for preparing me with the necessary skills needed to take on this new position! Thank you very much sir!

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