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Birthday wishes for sister photos
May 01, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 3 comments

Sisters are Forever: Birthday Wishes for your Sister Happy birthday to my beloved sister.

I know it is very important to Wish birthday to sister. But if you don’t know which status suits you best then you can find out here. Here is lots of Happy Birthday Sister wishes status. You can easily able to get your status which you were looking for.

No matter how much time you and your sister fights but, you will find out that love is in that fight. If you guys will not fight then it’s not possible that you both love each other. By wishing Happy birthday to your sister, they will also know that you care about them.

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Best Birthday Images for Sister

Best Birthday Status for Sister (Quotes, Message, Greetings, Wishes)

  • Happy birthday dear sister, you have made my life wonderful.

  • I still remember when you were small and I always wanted to beat you, I don’t know why 😀 Happy birthday.

  • Happy birthday to my lovely sister, I know you had some problem with me, but still you love me.

  • We always had some great pillow fight, I still remember them, happy birthday to my sis,

  • Thanks for being in my life and supporting me in Ups and downs, I just wish everyone should get sister like you. Happy birthday sis

  • You are the cutest sister, and you always make me laugh by your cute things.

  • Honestly, you are the entertainment of my life, please don’t get it wrong, happy birthday

  • When you had problems in your life, then I became superhero for your problems and solved like they are never a problem for you, You can’t get brother like me sis, happy birthday

  • You are the first sister who likes playing video games, that’s why you are the best sister for me. Happy birthday

  • I had some great time with you sis, now you are going to married I hope you will be happy there. Happy birthday

  • You are the superwoman of my life, you have always saved me from many dangerous situations, Thanks for all of those things, Happy birthday sister

  • You teach me lots of things sis, I really need you please teach me more as I am growing. Happy birthday sister.

  • You are very smart my sister, you are savior for me. Please save for future as well. Happy birthday

  • I hope you will enjoy this day as full as you can, so that you can forget every fight between us. Happy birthday sis,

  • I nearly forgot your birthday but thanks to mom who remind me about your birthday, happy birthday sis

  • You are short, cute, lovely and my sister as well, please put smile on your face all day, happy birthday sis

  • I am your brother sis, give me some cake and cold drinks, but I don’t have birthday gift for you. I can only wish you happy birthday sis,

  • Imagine you are married and I need you after your marriage then will you help me at that time? I know you will, happy birthday sis.

  • I miss you sister, when you will come back home so that we can celebrate your birthday together. Happy birthday

  • I wish I also have brain like you, you are intelligent at almost everything, happy birthday to such genius sister

  • You are very far from us, I just want to give you hug, and wish you happy birthday.

  • I hope you will enjoy this day and make this day more memorable. Happy birthday sister

  • You are the happiest person I have ever seen, how can you able to be happy all the time sis, give me tips as well, BTW happy birthday

  • You are like my bestie, I hope we will always be bestie till we die, happy birthday sis

  • I just like funny, loving, caring, sister just like you, Please don’t change yourself, happy birthday

  • You made life more adventurous, thanks for being always there for me, Happy birthday sister.

  • Lets play video games all day sister, I know you like playing video games, happy birthday to gamer sister

  • You are my everything sister, please forgive me for each wrong things I did, happy birthday

  • We are growing older and realizing that after sometimes, we will need live in different areas, I hope you will remember me at that time. Happy birthday

  • You still look young sister, tell me the formula as well, happy birthday

  • Lets celebrate this awesome day, by going for some restaurant but I will not pay bills :D, Happy birthday

  • You have made my life too much colorful, Now I can play video games with some amazing graphics. Happy birthday

  • I have seen many boys are just trying to impress you sis, but I will let you know who is the best for you 😉 happy birthday

  • Sister, you are the one from where I get inspiration of my work. Thank you for supporting me. Happy birthday sis

  • I just wish that you get world’s best bf and he will make you happy, happy birthday

  • Your bf didn’t remember your birthday I just remind him, take class of him now 😀 happy birthday

  • This is the big day of your life sis, lets change for something good, happy birthday

  • I think you are busy in enjoying birthday with your friends, but you forgot your brother sis, I hope you will celebrate your birthday with family members as well. Happy birthday

  • My blessings are always with you sis, be strong and change everything, which you don’t like. Happy birthday

  • I just purchased a good perfume for you sis, I think you need that more than me, 😀 happy birthday

    Birthday Wishes for Sister + Status

  • Wish you a very happy birthday my dear sister. Thank you for everything you always do for me.
  • I am so lucky to have you in my life as my sister and my friend. Happy birthday, sis.
  • You are the best sister as you always understand me and guides me. I love you the most. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday my sweet and beautiful sister. May you get everything in your life that you wish for.
  • Thanks for being there with me always and being so supportive. Happy birthday to my lovely sister.

Now, you should share it with your friends. So, that they can also able to wish their sister a good happy birthday.


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I know you love your loved ones that's why you are searching for best wishes. I am sure you got your favorite wishes to send your loved. Please don't forget to share these wishes with your friends and families.
#45+ Best Birthday Status Wishes for Sister (Quotes, Message, Greetings)

I know it is very important to Wish birthday to sister. But if you don't know which status suits you best then you can find out here. Here is lots of Happy

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    birthday wishes for sister photos


    Birthday is the most important celebration of the year for the majority of people. Just imagine this day of yours: talkative friends, nice noise, happy parents, etc. Well, to make an event for a family member can be an exciting activity. For example, if you have a sister and plan to make the birthday for her, be ready to meet some questions like how to make it special?

    Start with sending funny birthday message for sister, and we guarantee that she will be grateful for it, getting the great mood for the whole day. If you are far from her, you can continue the funny pics flow in social networks. Jokes for all the day – what can be better? Maybe, a really funny card for the sister with a happy birthday meme? Then she will get a thing to refresh crazy emotions in future for cheering up.

    If it is a local celebration, you do not need searching for collective activity (if you don’t want, of course). However, you can attract the attention of the birthday guests with cool birthday wishes or funny poems. Try to make a competition among the visitors or family members, asking them to write the best greetings for your sister. There exist plenty of images with happy birthday sayings, and you can find even quotes of famous people to prove that your wish deserves a special attention.

    It will be perfect making a happy birthday sister meme by your own. However, if you doubt your sense of humor or just have a lack of knowledge (because someone supposes a meme to be a piece of funny art), then do not be shy to use the Internet or just help of your parents or friends. Be sure, your sister’s birthday will be full of laugh and happiness with those images.

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    Funny Birthday Pictures for Sisters

    Funny Happy Birthday Poems for Sister

    Funny Happy Birthday Sister Images

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    Funny Happy Birthday Sister Meme

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    #100 Best Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, and Quotes for Sister

    birthday wishes for sister photos

    Say “happy birthday sister!” by choosing the perfect message from our list of 125 happy birthday wishes for sisters. Sisters are often some of the most important people in our lives and it is only fitting to send happy birthday wishes to sisters that truly convey the love and affection that we have in our hearts for them. If you are fortunate enough to have a sister and have landed on this little corner of the internet, then you have the perfect recipe for finding just the right birthday wishes for a sister. There are many ways to say happy birthday sister and here you will find a variety. It is not always easy to find the right words to genuinely wish a happy birthday to sisters and it is our hope that you will find the perfect birthday wish here.

    This collection includes 1) birthday wishes for sisters, 2) happy birthday sister images, 3) birthday wishes for younger sisters, 4) birthday wishes for elder sisters, 5) happy birthday sister quotes and 6) funny birthday wishes for sisters. We hope this collection will help you to send your sister birthday wishes that will fully express what is in your heart. Which birthday wish is right for your sister?


    Birthday Wishes for Sisters

    • Rain or shine through good times and bad I can always count on you. You’re my best friend, my sister and my sidekick. Happy birthday and I love you.
    • My wonderful sister, I wish you all the best and success in life. I could never ask for a better sibling.
    • To my partner in crime, to my best friend, to my sister. Have an amazing birthday, I love you.
    • I love you, you love me, you are the best sister in this family. And today we celebrate coz it’s your birthday!
    • The meaning of true friend: someone you can trust, someone who will always be there for you, someone who knows my faults, and secrets. My dear sister that is you. Happy birthday, sis.
    • I am so lucky to have a sister like you. You are always there to support me every step of the way. Thank you for always having my back. Happy birthday, sister.
    • We may be far apart but I am always thinking of you, you may be far away but I’ve always got your back. You are the best sister in the entire world. Happy birthday my sister.
    • When I’m not strong, when I am down, you were always there for me to lean on. You are slow to judge and quick to forgive, I love you, my sister, to you the world I give. Happy birthday wishes sister!
    • Many people say a true friend is hard to find. I don’t have to search, because I have you. Happy birthday, sister.
    • We not only share parents, share rooms but also share clothes and secrets. We are two of a kind, two peas in a pod, we are inseparable. To the best sister in the world, happy birthday.
    • You’re always beside me whenever I need you, you’re always there when I can’t make it through, and today is your birthday, so I say “big thanks to you”.
    • A very special birthday greeting to my best friend, my sister. Thank you for being so cool, may you have many more birthdays to come.

    • May your day be filled with laughter, surprises, and treats. Because celebrating your birthday should be a joy.
    • Today is one of the most important celebrations in my life. I thank God above for giving me a companion, confidant, best friend, and an awesome sister like you. Best birthday wishes for my sister!
    • Hooray to the best sister in the world. Another year, another celebration, another birthday for my dear sister.
    • When we were young we sang the alphabet, as we grew up we made more memories that I will never forget. You are my sister and my friend, let us celebrate your best birthday yet.
    • I don’t know what life would be like without you in it. I don’t know what friendship would be without you. I don’t know what family would be without you in it. I love you my sister, have a terrific birthday.
    • You light up the room, your smile shines so brightly, and you sparkle like the stars in the dark night. Your love, your support, your loyalty, you are the best sister in all honesty.
    • You are not only getting wiser but you’re also getting more awesome. Thanks for being my sidekick. Happy birthday my sister.
    • You’ll always be my partner in crime. You’ll be in my heart forever and always. You’re my best friend till the end. I love you. Happy birthday to my sister.
    • You are a gift to me, a gift to our family and a gift to the world. To the most amazing sister, happy birthday.
    • It’s nice to know that you are always around, you’re always ready to give a helping hand. Always ready with laughter and joy. Forever, I will always be there for you. I love you. Happy birthday, sister!
    • Here’s a little wish that will light up your day. You’re my best sister and you are A-okay. I wish you all the success, I wish you all the best, you’re my best friend in the world I must confess.
    • Time goes fast, people come and go. But I’ll always be here that’s for sure. For you, my sister, I will give the world, I’ll do everything, and anything for you. Happy bday sis!
    • Our relationship gets better and better, there will be more laughter to get we older. I thank you for all your love and support my dear sister.
    • I have no fear when you hold my hand, you are always there to understand. You are the best person in the world I know, today we celebrate just for you. Happy birthday, sister.
    • Through the winning, losing and trying, and all through the laughter and crying. Thank you for being my hero. I love you, sis.

    • My love, respect, and support for you are undying. You can count on me, my sister. Happy birthday!
    • To the most amazing sister in the world, let me watch you grow in beauty and tell you that you mean the world to me. I love you with all my heart. Have an amazing birthday!
    • To a special sister like you, I wish you all the best, joy and laughter. Thank you for everything, your love, your support, and understanding. Happy birthday my sister.
    • Today I celebrate, the happiest birthday of the person I know. She’s my rock, my sister and my best friend. Have an awesome day sis.
    • The world changed the day you were born, I will not be forever all alone. You came into my life and brought me joy, with you I happily shared my toys. Thank you, sister, for everything that you do, today we celebrate your birthday just for you.
    • Happy birthday to my fabulous, selfless, funny sister. May you have a happy, healthy and successful life.
    • Thank you for knowing me, for understanding the person that I am. I am so blessed to have you by my side, my best friend, my sister. I love you. Happy birthday to my sister.
    • I’ve got a sister, I’ve got a friend. I can’t ask for anything more in this world because I have you. Happy birthday, sister.
    • I can count on you through thick and thin, you have given me a friendship that never ends. You are my sister that I adore, I will always love you forevermore. Happy Bday!
    • To the person who knows me best, I love you. Have the best birthday sister.
    • Thank you for having always my back. I could never ask for a little sister like you. Happy birthday, sister!
    • What can I possibly say to you, my wonderful sister that would fully express how great you are? There really are no words. All I can say is thanks for everything and have a great birthday.
    • To my brave, crazy, awesome, rockin’ sister. Happy birthday, sis.

    Birthday Wishes for Younger Sisters – Happy Birthday Little Sister!

    Few things in life are as precious as a little sister. On her birthday make sure she knows how important she is and how you’ll always be there for her by choosing the perfect way to say happy birthday to my little sister.

    • The bond that we share is rare. The connection we have is unique. The friendship we have is everlasting. I love you my little sister. Happy birthday!
    • Through the years I watched you grow. Your smile, your passion, and your love for your family you always show. You are the best sister in the world. Happy birthday little sister.
    • I will always be here to protect you and love you no matter what. Happy birthday baby sister.
    • Even though you are younger than me, you have given me great advice. You supported me through all the years. I am so proud to be your sister. Have a great day today, you deserve it.
    • They say that older people are wiser, but how did you get more wisdom than me? Have a very happy birthday sis.
    • When we were young we are inseparable. We have a love that is unbreakable. So this is a message to the best little sister I know, forever you and I have adoration that will grow.
    • Hope your day will be as bright as your smile, as young as your spirit, as sweet as you. I love you little sister. Happy bday sis!
    • You are slow to judge and quick to forgive. You didn’t turn your back when I needed you the most. You gave me a shoulder to cry on and showed me direction when I was down. I will be forever thankful to have a little sister like you. Happy birthday.
    • I was overjoyed when you came to this world. I promise to be here for you and protect you as long live. Happy birthday little sister!
    • You are my sidekick, my number one fan and you always followed me around. I am a proud big sister and I hope you enjoy your special day.
    • You always followed me around. You were always there when I was down. You made me happy when I had a frown. Thank you for being my little sister. Happy Bday!
    • I cherish all the memories that you and I shared. The laughter, and the joy and the teddy bears for which we cared. Time flies so fast my little sister, but I promise to give you my love that will always last. Happy birthday little sister.
    • You were always there to make me smile, you are always jolly when I frown. You are the funniest and greatest entertainer in the world. Happy birthday baby sister.
    • Thank you for listening when I needed someone to talk to. Thank you for being by my side through thick and thin. Thank you for your everlasting love. Happy birthday little sis.
    • I will fight for you, shield you from harm, protect you. I will do everything for you. Happy birthday baby sister.
    • You are the best gift that mom and dad ever gave me. I am thankful to have you in my life. I promise to always care for you forever. Happy birthday little sister!
    • Happy birthday to the cutest, jolliest, and most awesome perfect little sister in the world. You rock!
    • I am so proud to be your big sister. I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday my sister.
    • You are my best pal, my comrade, my stunning sister, my love. I will always be here for you. Happy birthday baby sister!
    • We had so many good memories from when we were little. And I will always be here to create more to last forever. I love you my little sister. Have a perfect day.
    • You are irreplaceable, you are rare, you are my friend, you are my little sister forever. Best birthday wishes for my younger sister.
    • Thanks for being my fearsome little sister. You have grown to be such an amazing person. Happy birthday younger sister.
    • You are like the rainbow in the sky. You radiate beauty, shines bright and perfect. You are my perfect little sister and I love you.
    • Happy birthday little sister. Some people say there is no such thing as luck but clearly I got lucky because I got you as my sister. I am thankful that you are a part of my life.
    • I was so ecstatic when you were born. Thank you for being my partner in crime. I love you sis, happy birthday.

    Birthday Wishes for Elder Sisters – Happy Birthday Big Sister!

    Find the perfect way to say “happy birthday to my big sister”! Big sisters help show us the way, they make mistakes so we can learn from them and they watch out for us. Choose for her the perfect happy birthday big sister message.

    • I’ve learned so much from you, you are my inspiration. Thank you for always being there for me.
    • You made me a better and stronger person. Thank you for all the love and support. Have a terrific birthday!
    • You were there when I was born, you were there on my first birthday, you were there when I first got into trouble, you were there with every accomplishment that I have. You were always there. Happy birthday big sister and thank you for all the things you do.
    • Happy birthday to my sister who is always there for me. Your support and encouragement go a long way. Your love and advice always help me find my way.
    • Thank you for being my guide in this life. Thank you for all the words of advice and thank you for showing me what it means to be wise.
    • I will never forget how you took care of me and guided me when I was little. You deserve a great day today!
    • As my big sister, I hope you know how much I love you. I appreciate all the things you do for me. Happy birthday!
    • Thank you for reminding me that everything will always be alright. You are the most amazing person in my life and I could never ask for a sister like you. Have a great day today!
    • You’ve given me the best gifts, the best memories, and best advice. You are the best elder sister. Best birthday wishes sister!
    • Forever you will be in my heart for you were always there for me from the start. I love you and have a wonderful birthday!
    • I look up to you and I am your number one fan. I cheer for you and I am your main man. Happy birthday, big sis.
    • Your patience, your support, and everlasting love made me the woman that I am today. I wish you all the best in life and today on this special day.
    • My best friend, my confidant, my rock, my advisor. I love you and have the happiest birthday.
    • You made me a better and stronger person. Thank you for all the love and support. Have a terrific birthday!
    • Thank you for watching me grow, cheering me on when I was low. You are the best sister that’s for sho’.
    • To my wonderful sister who is not only awesome, stunning, charming and caring but also the wisest I know. You are my greatest advisor.
    • Today I celebrate you, tomorrow I’ll be here for you, and forever I will always love you. Happy birthday!
    • Cheers to my sister that I blindly idolize. You are my inspiration in life. I love you. Happy birthday elder sister!
    • You are my shoulder to cry on, my counsel when I’m lost, my motivator and my best friend. Happy birthday big sister.
    • You listen to all my complaints, you comfort me when I cry, you give me encouragement when I’m down, you give me advice when I need it. I am so blessed to have a sister like you.
    • To my sister that I respect, I adore, I look up to and I love. Happy birthday.
    • Happy birthday to my favorite big sister in the whole wide universe. Thank you for everything!
    • You always got me into trouble when we were younger. But hey, I don’t complain because you are my big sister and you’ve more than made up for it since then! Happy birthday.
    • You are giving, you are loyal, you are selfless. Thank you for caring and nurturing me. I will always adore and look up to you. I love you, sis.
    • My friend, my sister, my mentor, my hero. Happy birthday big sister, I love you.
    • You are the best teacher there is. Happy birthday big sister!
    • Please share these birthday wishes for elder sisters. Spread the love! Every little bit helps!

    Happy Birthday Sister Quotes

    • “Youth has no age.” – Pablo Picasso
    • “You don’t get older, you get better.” – Shirley Bassey
    • “We turn not older with years, but newer every day.” – Emily Dickinson
    • “I believe in loyalty. When a woman reaches an age she likes, she should stick with it.” – Eva Gabor
    • “The best birthdays of all are those that have not arrived yet.” – Robert Orben
    • “Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.” – Maurice Chevalier
    • “A birthday is just another day where you go to work and people give you love. Age is just a state of mind, and you are as old as you think you are. You have to count your blessings and be happy.” – Abhishek Bachchan
    • “The lovely thing about being 40 is that you can appreciate 25-year-old men.” – Colleen McCullough
    • “A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age.” – Robert Frost
    • “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” – Lucille Ball
    • Please share these happy birthday quotes for sisters. Spread the love! Every little bit helps!

    Funny Birthday Wishes for Sisters

    • Happy birthday, sister. I hope this year you will finally become as great as me!
    • Happy birthday to my partner in crime. Sorry I blamed so many of them on you!
    • Do you remember all the great things we used to do together growing up? Me neither. I guess we really are old now!
    • Can you blow out all of those birthday candles or should I call the fire department to do it for you?
    • It’s not my fault that I got all the good-looking genes! I’d give you some if I could, but all I can do is hope you have a great birthday!
    • My dear big sister, thanks for always letting me be younger than you!
    • Remember when you always used to pick on me? Well, here’s your birthday present: I forgive you. And I guess I should also say thank you for saving me money on your gift!
    • Happy birthday sister and, don’t forget, I know how old you really are!
    • May you live to be very old and toothless. So far so good!
    • When you were born, you were so surprised that you didn’t talk for over a year. But I always believed in you. Happy birthday my sister!
    • Thanks for always being by my side, sis. Sorry, I can’t be there for you today on your birthday!
    • Happy birthday to Mom and Dad’s 2nd favorite child!
    • You are such a beautiful, loyal and annoying sister. I put that last one in there so you’d know I was telling the truth.
    • Happy birthday to a sister who has the best sibling in the world!
    • I used to have such a sweet and adorable sister. And now I have you. Happy birthday, sis!
    • Please share these funny birthday wishes for sisters. Spread the love! Every little bit helps!

    Happy Birthday Sister

    Finding the perfect way to say happy birthday sister requires some time and thought. If she is important to you, then it is worth creating or looking for the right words to express to your sister on her birthday how important she is and how much she means to you. Each one of the happy birthday wishes for sister in this collection was carefully crafted to communicate a specific message. From the happy birthday, sister quotes to all the different ways to say happy birthday little sister and happy birthday big sister, all of these were designed to help you to find the perfect happy birthday message for sisters.

    We sincerely hope that you were able to send smiles and happiness to your sister with these happy birthday wishes for sisters. Finding the right way to say happy birthday to sisters is important and someone as special as a sister deserves more of a greeting than simply “happy birthday sister”, however, it can be difficult to come up with a happy birthday message for sisters that accurately expresses our feelings. It was with this in mind that this collection of happy birthday wishes to sisters was born. No doubt, life can be busy, but one beautiful tradition is the honoring of people on their birthday. This is a reminder to us all to celebrate life and be grateful for each and every day. Sending birthday wishes to sisters is one way to honor this tradition. These birthday wishes for sisters were composed so that you will always be able to find the right wish at the right time. We hope you will agree that these are the best birthday wishes for sisters around!

    If you liked these birthday wishes for sisters, please share them. Each and every share helps to keep this site going!

    Happy Birthday Sister Images Find the best collection of unique Birthday Images, wishes. Get the Happy Birthday Wishes for Sisters celebrate.

    Birthday Wishes for Sister Pictures For Facebook, Whatsapp

    birthday wishes for sister photos

    Happy birthday wishes for sister with name available here to celebrate her birthday in an awesome way. Birthday is the best time to share your feelings with your sister. Don't ruin it with simple and boring happy birthday images. Here we have a beautiful collection of birthday wishes by using which you can write her name and photo on it.

    Siblings share thousands of best childhood moments and this experience makes their relationship very strong and special. Very often they become the best friends, giving support, share everything, motivation, and inspiration to each other. Every sister wants to listen that she is loved, that she is an important person in your life. Take care of important days.

    Birthday Cards For Sister With Name and Photo

    Special people in your life deserve the most special birthday greetings and your sister is obviously one of them. Hate her, like her or love her, regardless of how you feel right now your sister will always be that special person who is like an anchor to your sweet childhood memories.

    Sisters are the greatest gifts of God. No matter how much you fight with each other, they would always be there by your side protecting, support and taking care of you. So, honor your sister for all that she has done for you by sending her wonderful bday greetings. Get birthday cards for sister with name and photo of her. Pay gratitude to your sister in a special way. She will love.

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    Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Status, Images for Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Daughter, Son, Husband, Wife, Lover, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Friend.

    birthday wishes for sister photos
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