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Birthday wishes for myself on my birthday

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Birthday wishes for myself on my birthday
November 29, 2018 Anniversary Wishes For Parents No comments

How I came to love life itself remains mystical and I owe it to my past birthday wishes. So today I'm wishing myself all the best my friends wish.

Here you will find plenty of happy birthday wishes for myself.

Happy birthday wishes for myself

Happy birthday to the most amazing person on the Earth! I‘ve never thought I would grow so awesome. Hope it will never end. Congratulations to me!

I’ll put the biggest smile on my face and will show how happy I’m. It’s my birthday, hurray! I will be the greatest day of the whole year. Happy birthday to me!

Thanks, God, for an opportunity to be a person who can change everything in the world. With every year I feel more confident and stronger. Hope this year will be amazing. Happy birthday to me.

Hurray, hurray, hurray! Today is my birthday and I’m ready to have fun. Of course, all the attention will be on me. I feel selfish, a little bit. Ha, ha. The best birthday to me.

I’m wishing myself the happiest birthday. There are not so many wonderful people in this world like me, so at least today I can feel a bit more important than others. I’m joking. Congrats for me!

Today is the happiest day of all over the year. It’s my birthday and I’m ready to surprise myself. I perfectly know what I need, so let this day be fantastic and full of good gifts. Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me! I’m the only one person I can trust the most, because I know myself perfectly and even how strong I can be. Hope this year will be interesting and full of adventures. Keep going, buddy!

On this special day of mine, I just want to enjoy it. There’s nothing better than time for yourself and your minds. Hope it’ll bring something special for me. Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to the most handsome person! Your beauty is obvious, and no one can deny it. Believe in yourself now and forever. Congratulations for me!

I’m thankful for an opportunity to live in this world, in peace and grace. It’s really good to know you are free and can do anything you need. Hope this day will be amazing, because it’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

Inspiring birthday messages for myself

You are so great, buddy. Keep going and never stop doing what you really like. I trust and believe in you. You are the best. Happy birthday to me!

Today is my birthday and I’m so happy I can live, breathe and love. It’s also a proof that the future will be great, too. Just love the life. Happy birthday to me!

 Happy birthday to me! I know I’m not alone, because I’ve got the God by my side. It really encourages me to do whatever I need, no matter what can happy. Thank you, God.

Happy birthday to the bravest and strongest fighter. All you’ve achieved is amazing and you are a perfect example how is important to believe in yourself. Congrats to me!

 I love the way I look to this world. I have so much good around me. Hope this day, birthday and all the next year will be perfect. I know it. Happy birthday to me!

 On this special day I promise to myself always look forward. Life is beautiful, and I must take everything the best. I‘m strong and no one can stop me.  Hope this year will bring me new experiences, too. Happy birthday to me!

 Happy birthday to me! This day is a proof I‘m getting stronger psychologically, spiritually and financially. I live only once, so I have to enjoy life. Now, tomorrow and forever.

The biggest happiness is to know you love yourself. I love my self now and I know what everything will be perfect, no matter which birthday will be. So, live, love and laugh. Happy birthday to me!

This day is a perfect time to congratulate myself for all my achievements and merits. I know, my future will be bright, because I believe in myself and power I have. Happy birthday to me!

Every birthday reminds me how happy and successful I’m. I have everything I’ve ever dreamed about, and I know that the future will be even better. I just have work hard and achieve my goals. Good luck for me. Congrats!

Funny birthday wishes for myself

Good b-day morning, the sweetest person in this planet. You know how perfect you are. So, take your crown and be the Queen for all day long. It’s your day. Happy birthday to myself!

I’m beautiful, smart, always positive and happy. I’m just perfect. So perfect birthday to perfect me!

I’m very proud of myself. I don’t need anything except more time for myself. Just give me more beauty sleep and some kind of spa. So happy birthday to me!

Birthday cake, chocolate, ice-cream strawberries and gummy-bears…mmm… Does any girl want something else? I’m not. Sweet sweet birthday to myself!

It’s my big day, my birthday and my party time! I’m so happy for myself. I already imagine what day will be good. Perfect birthday to me!

Dear self, stay calm and be ready for birthday party. I have to look amazing. Happy birthday to my calm soul!

Happy birthday to me! I’m older now but still so good and beautiful. Age doesn’t matter for me. I love myself the most.

My dear lovely family, you have to be happy of having such an awesome kid. You are lucky ones. Happy birthday to me, to this perfect kid!

Happy birthday to me! Here is to another year of silly decisions and unexpected situations. You have to be ready for everything!

Happy birthday to me, to the most perfect person! Turning a year older has made me wonder about my way in this life. But… for the next year I still choose pathway!

Today it’s my birthday! I’m feeling a little bit panic but still standing on my feet. Hope, I’ll be strong enough and don’t go crazy. Be strong, dear self!

You are older, less attractive and less beautiful…Oh, stop talking silly things, brain! I’m super woman/man! Just happy birthday to me!

Cheers to me and for myself. I’m older now but in my soul I’m still young. Beautiful birthday to me, to this charming young man/woman!

It’s my birthday today. I’m celebrating life every day, so I don’t need to hear talking about family, kids and so on… Bla, bla, bla… Happy calm birthday to me!

I’m not old, I’m just mature. And now it’s the best time for me to enjoy my beautiful life. Happy birthday to myself!

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I'm wishing myself the happiest birthday. There are not so many wonderful people in this world like me, so at least today I can feel a bit more.

Happy Birthday To Me

birthday wishes for myself on my birthday

Plenty of self-love on my birthday

Happy birthday
to me, the most
special person
in the whole world!
Sorry if I sound
obnoxious, but they
say self-love is
important, and this
I have plenty of.

Send me a gift, it’s my birthday

Today is a very special day: it’s my birthday! Please, feel free to wish me well, but most of all, don’t be shy to send me a nice gift.

My birthday will be awesome

It’s my birthday
and I know it’ll be
awesome, for I
have the best people
around me and my
heart beats with love
and happiness just
because I’m alive.

Bring it, world, I’m
ready for another year
of wonderful things!

I deserve a day that’s solely focused on me

Happy birthday to me!

Today is my birthday and I think I deserve
a day that’s solely focused on me! I have
achieved a lot this year and I am feeling
pretty proud of myself!

Thank you to those who already have, and
please, to those who are yet to shower me
with lovely messages and extravagant gifts
this year feel free to do so - I deserve it!

You guessed right, it's my birthday

Happy birthday to an incredibly
intelligent, good looking and
modest human being.

A person who is a pleasure to be
around, with a great personality
and the best sense of humour!

Yeah, you guessed right;
it’s my birthday today!

Happy birthday to me!

Another year older, but no more mature

Another year older but definitely
not another year more mature!
I still feel as young as ever!

Really, I owe it all to my wonderful
friends and colleagues, who keep me
so youthful! Thank you guys for always
making me happy and looking out for
my well-being!

Happy birthday to me!

To a truly great person

Today marks the birthday of a genuinely great person, an inspiration to many. This certain someone enriches the lives of everyone they come into contact with, putting a smile upon their face and leaving them with an everlasting impression.

So, it’s only right that I am showered with gifts and flooded with compliments today! Happy birthday to me!

Proud to be me

I don’t get older, I get better and better. Happy birthday to me! I’m proud to be who I am, and I'm glad I can celebrate another healthy year of life.

The most amazing person I know

Today you will have the pleasure of overloading with birthday messages and showering with gifts the most amazing person I know: me!

Wishing myself a happy birthday

Wishing myself a very happy and wonderful birthday! For there is no one more special to me than the one I always look in the eye in the mirror. Cheers to me!

I feel so much older than yesterday

I woke up this morning feeling much older than yesterday, which means it must be my birthday today!

I am thoroughly looking forward to spending the day with family and friends, celebrating all the good things in life! I can’t wait to commemorate the day with those of you that can make it later!

Cheers everyone!

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Happy Birthday to… Me! | Birthday Wishes for Myself

birthday wishes for myself on my birthday

“Is it right to wish yourself a happy birthday?” You may quickly answer, “Yes” and then add with a pout, “But is it not depressing to do that? It is the job of others to wish me a happy birthday while I sit back and enjoy the attention!” Sorry to “depress” you with this revelation: it is your duty to shower yourself with confessions of blessings on your birthday, with the mindset that you are the only one who can do it better.

What is the essence of a birthday wish if it doesn’t hit the right places? In the days of magic and realities of shooting stars, it will be grossly unfair of the world to hush you silent while they make wishes for you.

The compilation of “birthday wishes for myself” below will guide you into taking charge of your day, even if nobody cares to whisper a wish on your behalf. Copy and share!

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Myself

1: It is beyond explanation how far I have come in life. I can’t believe I am a year wiser, more beautiful, and richer today! To God be all the glory. Happy birthday to me.

2: I am happy to live till this day. It is an occasion worth celebrating. I will be alive to celebrate more years. Happy birthday to me.

3: There’s no other way to say I am grateful for life. Many are in the Great Beyond and oblivious of the passage of time. I desire to live long to put a smile on people’s faces. Happy birthday, me.

4: I will not die but live to be a wonder to many. My life is beautiful; I am a year older today.

5: It is my birthday today. This year will be my best so far!

6: Finally, the day has shown up. On a day like this, a princess was freely given to my parents. That princess has matured into a queen of many kingdoms. I am proud of my life. Happy birthday, queen me. May your reign be long.

7: Let the drums roll! Let the party begin! I can’t hold back my excitement for it is my birthday already. Happy birthday, sweet me. More blessings on you.

8: Everything has been orchestrated to favour me in this new year. I wish myself a glorious birthday.

9: Let the music play on. I can’t help but rejoice that I have added another year to my years today. Sorrow shall not befall me in this new year. Happy birthday to my darling self.

10: Hello me, you are highly favoured. You may not be where you want to be yet, but you are not stagnant. “Ahead! Ahead!”, that’s my goal. Happy birthday to me.

11: Angels are on guard over my life. Here is to many more years of exploits in life and good health. Happy birthday to me.

12: Happy birthday to me. No evil is permitted to come near me all the days of my life. Today, I celebrate the fulfilment of the many promises of safety for me.

13: I lead a life of excellence; no wonder I have been able to change my world within the little time I have lived. May God grant me the strength and wisdom to be more. Happy birthday to me.

14: I am a candidate of grace, a heir of the kingdom of heaven. My life is blessed, and I know it. It is a new year for me; happy birthday.

15: All that I have hoped for, I will receive as I turn a year older today. Happy birthday to me.

16: It is awesome that I don’t look like what I’ve been through. God really, has got my back. He will see me through more years. Happy birthday, dearest me.

17: At last, my new season of greatness has come. I can’t wait to explore new frontiers. Happy birthday to myself.

18: One thing I am sure of is this, “There is no failure for me. It is either I win or I learn.” That is all I desire out of life. I wish myself a happy birthday.

Inspirational Happy Birthday Messages For Myself

1: I owe God everything I am, and everything that I have. Without Him, I wouldn’t have been alive to celebrate this day. May His unending love keep lighting the path for me. Happy birthday to me.

2: I wish myself a tremendously happy birthday today. It hasn’t been an easy journey through life, but it has been definitely worth it because I have got God by my side. I can’t wait for another year to come.

3: Wishes do come true for anyone that believes that all things are possible. I am a firm believer of a greater me. On this new day into my wonderful year, I wish myself a beautiful birthday.

4: Self-love isn’t selfish; it is simply loving yourself to be able to love others from your heart. I celebrate myself on my birthday today, and I can’t love me less. Happy birthday, dear me.

5: God has been incredibly faithful to me. In spite of my wrongs, mistakes, and shortcomings, His mercy still found me worthy to be kept alive to see another birthday in my life. I am super, super grateful to my good Lord. Happy birthday to me!

6: I don’t know about others’, but my life is completely beautiful. I am glad to be a year older today. Happy me, happy birthday!

7: I am destined for something bigger: a life of fulfilment and abundant success. This is a new year to live out my destiny. Happy birthday to me.

8: Everything I touch is blessed. There is absolutely nothing I need that I can’t have with God. I am undeserving, but His love covers me in all. Here is me, wishing myself a lovely birthday celebration this day. Let the party kick off!

9: My appreciation goes to God, the Owner of my life. His faithfulness is forever true, and today is proof that He has done me well. I congratulate myself on this new year I have stepped into. Happy birthday to me.

10: I shall not lack any good thing. My labour shall not come to nought. On this day, as I mark another year in my life, I will have memorable events to talk about. Happy birthday to me.

11: It isn’t so much about the pomp and style than it is of expressing gratitude for being a partaker of life in the land of the living. I am not ungrateful to you, Lord. More of Your blessings, I pray. Happy birthday to me.

12: My heart overflows with joy. Time and again, I am reminded that I am one of the most blessed human beings on earth. I may not have it all, but I am certainly living my dreams. Happy birthday to me.

13: Happy birthday to me. I have every reason to be happy on this day.

14: It is not unusual to hear bad news at the wake of each day. I’m thankful I am numbered amongst the fortunate. Happy birthday to me.

15: Dear Lord, thank you for bringing me into another fantabulous year where I will live out your glory. It is my birthday today; may Your goodness remain with me.

16: The only thing I make boast with is the knowledge that I am not alone in life. On my birthday today, I pray that the presence of the Lord will never depart from me all the days of my life.

Birthday Prayer Wishes For Myself

1: I count myself honoured to celebrate on this day, another beginning in my life. I pray on this day, that nothing short of favour, mercy, and joy locate me. I shall fulfil destiny. Happy birthday to me.

2: This year shall be my best year. I count on You, Lord, to make it happen. Happy birthday to me.

3: My youth is renewed day by day. God has been so kind to me; I cannot tell it all. May His grace which found me, continue to sustain me. Happy birthday to me.

4: Today, I declare that I will live long in the land of the living to do unlimited exploits. In my year of bloom, may my hand never be heavy to reap my benefits. Happy birthday to me.

5: My prayer for myself on this day, is that l will not regret my new year which begins this day. Happy birthday to me.

6: The labour of my hands are blessed. My efforts to prosper shall not hit against a brick wall. The love of God shall distinguish me amongst many. Happy birthday to me.

7: The faithfulness of the Lord shall never cease in my life. None of his goodies shall be found lacking in my life. Happy birthday to precious me. I am deeply grateful to Him.

Aside from receiving those tons of gifts and birthday cards from different people, you should also find time for yourself, to reflect on your wishes.

Birthday wishes for myself

birthday wishes for myself on my birthday

Congratulations today because it’s your birthday and you are one of the lucky one to witness today and you must be really happy and grateful to heaven for that. Birthday comes once in a year and now it’s your own very special day out of 365, it’s really something to celebrate and be happy for.

This article is in two collections, the short birthday wishes and the long birthday wishes.

The short birthday wishes for you:

#1: Happy birthday to a beautiful and strong soul, yeah you guess right. It’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me!!

#2: Cheers to surviving another year and grateful for being here to celebrate myself. Happy birthday to me!

#3: I am not just a year older but also a year better and happier like never before. Happy birthday to me!

#4: I’ll enjoy the best of today and laugh like never before because it’s my day. Happy birthday to me!

#5: Heaven has been really good to me by adding another year to my age. Happy birthday to me!

#6: My wishes for myself today are more grace, more prosperity, more happiness and more years ahead. Happy birthday to me!

#7: May this day bring unexpected blessing and endless joy to me now and forever more. Happy birthday to me.

#8: It’s another 365 days of existence thanks to the lord of all creature for the grace to be alive. Happy birthday to myself.

#9: What a time to be alive, I’m the most happiest man on earth today. Happy birthday to me.

#10: What else can I be thankful for than being among those that is still enjoying the oxygen of life. happy birthday to me.

#11: I really wish I could scream my voice across the universe to show how happy I am today, happy birthday to me!

#12: I should be given an award for mr/miss awesome because I’m indeed a rare gem. Happy birthday to me!

#13: I know I am a source of blessing to others and I’m happy to celebrate another year. Happy birthday to me.

#14: The cake is here and I’m ready to blow out the candles and also to make some sweet wishes for myself. Wishing myself a wonderful year ahead. Happy birthday to me!

#15: Most people spend their entire life trying to be a great person but I am few of the lucky ones who had always been great from birth. Happy birthday to me.

#16: On this day, the sweetest being on earth was born. Happy birthday to me.

#17: I am officially +1 which indicate a plus to my success. Happy birthday to me!

#18: It’s another new phase of my life, filled with love and all the joy that I have always imagined. Happy birthday to me.

#19: Happy birthday to myself, and promise to keep on loving the life that you are in because it is truly yours.

#20: To the person that I am this very day, it is tremendous growth through the good and tough times. Happy birthday.

#21: To this blessed and beautiful soul, happy birthday and may the Lord litter your paths with blessings.

#22: I am not just a year older but also a year wiser. Happy birthday to me!

#23: May this day bring countless happiness and endless joy and live with peace and serenity to me. Happy birthday to lucky me.

#24: Happy Birthday to someone awesome, humble, beautiful, and funny! Yes, that’s right, it’s my birthday.

#35: Hooray! It’s my birthday once again! Wishing me, myself and I a memorable birthday full of the Lord’s blessings. Happy birthday to me.

#34: Hope this special day and others to come will blossom into lots of dreams come true! Happy birthday to a happy me.

#35: Mon and dad, thanks for a wonderful gift to the world. Happy birthday dear sweet me.

#36: It’s that special day again when I always paint a smile on my face and dare any troubles of life to come because I feel superb and abundantly blessed. A very happy birthday to me.

#37: When I woke up, I realized it must be a special day for some reason. Oh yes, it is the day that I was born! I am so grateful for the gift of life! Happy birthday to me!

#38: Happy birthday to me! Today, I give myself permission to be good to myself. I will make sure to do something I enjoy on my special day! I am worth it!

#39: I survived another year. I am a year older and hopefully a year wiser. I rejoice and celebrate the blessings that God has given me.

#40: What a wonderful and exciting day this is. All of the best people were born on this day! That is why it is no surprise that today is my birthday, as well.

#41: Happy birthday to me! This year, I am a little stronger and a little wiser. God has granted me another year, and I promise myself that I will make the best of it!

#42: Today is the day I have looked forward to all year. This is the day that is all about me! I will have fun and do what I enjoy. Happy birthday to me!

#43: This has been a good year. I have accomplished many of the goals that I set for myself. Well done, me! I am going to treat myself to a special celebration. Happy birthday to me!

Long birthday wishes and messages for you:

#1: Today is the start of a new year for me and a new chapter of my life. What a great time to be alive! I am grateful for the blessings of the past, and I look forward to more blessings in the coming year. Happy birthday to me!

#2: It is my birthday today! I am going to go out for my favorite meal and have a triple chocolate cake with ice cream. There are no calories on my birthday! Woohoo!

#3: Happy birthday to someone who is smart, beautiful, talented, and all around wonderful. Who could that person be? I wonder. That’s right, you guessed it! It’s me! I am going to enjoy my special day today.

#4: It is another birthday. In thinking of this past year, there have been many ups and downs. Yet, I made it through. I look forward to a fresh beginning and starting a new year. Happy birthday to me.

#5: Many people depend on me and make demands upon me. Today, however, is all about me! I am going to give myself special treats and do what I want to do. I deserve it! Happy birthday to me!

#6: This year was a difficult one, with many struggles and hardships. I got through it, though! Yay, me! Today is the start of a brand-new year. I am looking forward to a fresh start. Happy birthday to me!

#7: The birds woke me up with a sweet song, the sun shine radiantly through my windows and the cool breeze gently tap me to wake up to a brand new day filled with joy and laughter, a day specially made for me. Happy birthday to me.

#8: Today marks another awesome year for me and I can only be grateful and happy for this grace heaven has grant me, a new age has been added to my life and I’ve been blessed with blessings beyond my expectations. Happy birthday to me!

#9: Only God is worthy of all my praises and adoration today, he gave me peace in times of troubles, soothes my pain, put a smile on my face during my sad days and also gave me sunshine in my cloudy days. Happy birthday to me!

#10: Dear Self, you have really done so good and so well and you really deserve all the good things that comes your way. You have survive one more year of struggles, laughter and love. Congratulations on passing out in flying colors. Happy birthday to me!

#11: My heart is filled with happiness and my soul is filled with joy because I’m lucky enough to witness today and to see my loved ones around me. Happy birthday to me!

#12: I believe so much in myself, I have what it takes to be a greater person than I was before, I’m a trademark on my own and I have got all it takes to build an empire for myself and I am grateful to heaven for this opportunity. Happy birthday to me!

#13: Dear Self, this birthday serves as a reminder that you have enjoyed the full grace of the lord and that you indeed deserve to be celebrated. You’ve worked through fire and came out without a scratch and you’re indeed a survivor. Happy birthday dear self.

#14: I look around at all of the wonderful friends and family that I have and all of the lovely birthday messages I have received. I have been so blessed. I look forward to another year of my life. Happy birthday to me.

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You can use these Cute Inspirational Birthday Message to Myself. 1. Today is my birthday and I'm starting a new year today. I know today is.

birthday wishes for myself on my birthday
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