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Birthday wishes for an expectant mother

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Birthday wishes for an expectant mother
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Congratulations on your pregnancy messages, best wishes for mother to be. Wishing all the joy of anticipation to a very special Mother-to-be. A little birdie told me that you're You radiant with the glow of an expectant mother! Congrats!.

Funny Pregnancy Wishes: Being pregnant is not just about becoming a mommy-to-be. It is also about embracing irritating mood swings, bloating, bulging waistlines, weight gain, burping, food cravings and heaps of other quirks. This post celebrates this cute yet annoying side of pregnancy with humorous quotes that are sure to make an expecting woman giggle away. Take ideas and write your own so you can share them on Pinterest, Facebook or by text. You can even jot your message down on a greeting card to make it your special way of saying congratulations. Your quirky wishes will infuse smiles and laughter into the beautiful nine month journey towards becoming parents.


1) Pregnancy is when you are officially allowed to swear and curse at your husband and blame it all on hormones. Make the most of it.


2) You will gain weight, you will have mood swings, none of your clothes will fit and people will mistake you for being fat – welcome to the unglamorous world of pregnancy.


3) Welcome to the beginning of the end of your freedom for the rest of your life. Congratulations on your pregnancy.


4) Your pregnancy will be a celebration for your family, disaster for your career and a calamity for your husband. Good luck and congratulations.


5) Being pregnant means that you can put your feet up and watch TV while your husband does the dishes. Congratulations, enjoy every moment of it.


6) Nine months of pregnancy are God’s way of telling a woman that she can officially enslave her husband. Congratulations.


7) Congratulations for getting pregnant. Enjoy the luxury of getting your husband’s attention every time you make even a small sound – whether it is a painful moan or a smelly fart.


8) Pregnancy – the roller coaster ride which has no seat belts. Congratulations.


9) Be getting pregnant you have sacrificed parties, shopping sprees and weekend outings… for breast feeding, changing nappies and doing extra laundry. Congratulations.


10) Now that you are pregnant, can I borrow all your nice dresses? You won’t be able to fit in them anyways. Congratulations.


11) Pregnancy – the longest, fattest and the most irritating nine months of your life. Congratulations.


12) Everyone in the family is happy about your pregnancy except your husband because he isn’t going to get any for the next few months. Congratulations on your pregnancy.


13) PREGNANCY is actually spelled out as a phase which is Painful, Regretful, Excruciating, Ghastly, Nerve-wracking, Agonizing, Nightmarish, Chaotic and Yucky. Congratulations.


14) The two most important rules of becoming pregnant – cut down on fast food and give up drinking. How boring, congratulations.


15) You will go through a lot of changes in the coming nine months of your pregnancy. You will become crazier, weirder and creepier. Congratulations.

16) Congratulations. Now you will have something to blame your weight gain on.


17) Being pregnant is all about putting your feet up on the couch – so that your husband can massage them. Congratulations.


18) Pregnancy is the truly a blessing in disguise. Nine full months of nasty mood swings, backache and hormonal imbalance finally lead to the miraculous birth of a child.


19) Don’t expect any sympathy for your mood swings, morning sickness or backaches during your pregnancy… because you have invited all these troubles yourself. Congratulations.


20) Pregnancy – the nine months that will wipe off your savings and ruin your bank balance. Congratulations for taking the first step towards financial downfall.


21) Think about all the crazy things you wanted to do before you became a mother. Now keep dreaming because you will never be able to do them as you are already pregnant. Sorry, but congratulations.


22) Celebrity moms make parenting look glamorous because they are rich and can hire help for just about everything. You my dear… will be heating milk bottles and changing nappies day and night. Congratulations.


23) From being hooked up to getting knocked up – your journey has as a couple has come a long way. Congratulations for getting pregnant.


24) I never knew that a person who is still a baby by heart could also have a baby herself. Congratulations for your pregnancy.


25) Welcome to the golden period of life when you get to blame your husband for all the things that go wrong and take credit for all the things that are done right. Congratulations.


26) You have officially graduated from the Small to Plus sizes for clothes at all your favorite shopping malls. Congratulations on getting pregnant.


27) The best part about being pregnant is that you will never have nightmares… because you will not be able to sleep in the first place. Congratulations.


28) Most women do everything they can to have a flat tummy. But you did everything you could to have a large and round tummy. Congratulations.


29) Weight gain, pain, mood swings, discomfort and sleepless nights – which part of pregnancy are you looking forward to?


30) You can’t have the cake and eat it too. Maybe that’s why pregnancy is marred with crazy hormones.

31) Congratulations for making your bulging belly the topic of discussion in your family for the next nine months.


32) Make the most of the nine months of your pregnancy. You can officially shout and scream at your husband without any reason.


33) Pregnancy is a journey of going through many INGs including nauseatING, sweatING, bloatING, burpING, itchING, swellING and fartING. Enjoy.


34) All your life you were told that pregnancy was supposed to be a beautiful journey. Now the bubble bursts. Good luck.


35) Being pregnant is possibly the only time when you are allowed to be moody, gloated, demanding, cranky and grumpy all at the same time… without anyone getting upset at you. Congratulations.


What to Write in Expectant Mother Card - Messages to Expectant Mother have a baby and here are some examples of what you can write on a greeting card.

Top Love Texts For A Pregnant Girlfriend | Take Care Messages for Pregnant Wife

birthday wishes for an expectant mother

Happy Birthday to Mother-to-Be, Pregnant Woman wit…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: As you celebrate your new life, we celebrate you! What a unique and special birthday this is for you! Wishing you much happiness on your BIRTHDAY and throughout the coming year!
Artist: Sandra Rose Designs
Artist Notes: A sweet illustration of a pregnant woman holding a big and a little umbrella on a lilac background with flowers. Perfect to wish Happy Birthday to a Mother-to-Be.
Product Id: 297865

Birthday Mother-to-Be card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Hope your birthday is twice as nice! Happy Birthday!
Artist: Starstock Greetings
Artist Notes: A sweet birthday greeting for a Mom-to-Be. The card features a stylish pregnant woman in an oval frame, with pink rose accents. Graphic by J.Rett.
Product Id: 295210

Birthday for Mom-to-Be card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Wishing you a birthday filled with great expectations!
Artist: Starstock Greetings
Artist Notes: Wish a special Mom-to-Be a happy birthday with this stylish expectant woman with shopping bags. She is wearing a large brimmed purple hat, black slacks and a purple and white maternity top with large circles on a lavender background with a subtle monotone plaid pattern. Created with original artwork�delightful-doodles
Product Id: 1357486

Pregnant, Mother to Be Birthday Card - Heart in Be…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: A very special birthday to a beautiful mother to be.
Artist: Amy Hadden
Product Id: 1103872

Birthday, Expectant Mother, Paper Greeting Card, ’…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Wishing you a wonderful day filled with happiness and all the good things you deserve knowing the best present is yet to come HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Artist: Norval Arbogast
Artist Notes: A beautiful Impressionistic digital painting in sepia with hints of color in it's transparent fabric. It is painted in the classical soft-focus fine art style of some of the English Pre-Rhaphaelite paintings on a black background, a unique and elegant way to wish a happy birthday during such a wonderful time in a womans life.
Product Id: 852928

Happy Birthday to the Mother to Be Young Modern Wo…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Sending special birthday wishes as you dream of the little one that is on the way!
Artist: Betsy Bush
Artist Notes: Give pretty Happy Birthday greetings to the Mother-to-Be with this design featuring a young woman carrying a purse full of flowers on a pretty pink and white patterned background.
Product Id: 1560256

Birthday / For Mother to Be card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Happy Birthday to a cute "lady bug" who happens to be expecting! May your day be lovely, as you dream of your new little one. Happy Birthday!
Artist: Gail Pepin
Artist Notes: This is a birthday card for a mother to be, featuring lady bugs. You can change the inside message at checkout, if you wish. 100311
Product Id: 869471

Birthday Mother-to-Be card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Enjoy an extra-special birthday with red carpet treatment!
Artist: Starstock Greetings
Artist Notes: Send birthday wishes to a friend who will soon be a Mom. The design features a pregnant woman wearing a birthday hat and carrying balloons.
Product Id: 295480

New life. yay! card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: new life. yay!
Artist: Diane Flick
Product Id: 810644

Happy Birthday Cupcakes - for Mother-to-be card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Hope your birthday’s a sweet one!
Artist: Cold Snap Studio
Artist Notes: Feel free to change the inside text to suit your needs.
Product Id: 713230

Happy Birthday, Mother to Be, Pink Daisies card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: May your day be extra special as you celebrate your birthday and the life of your little one.
Artist: Lorene Troyer
Artist Notes: Bright pink daisies along inner border. White and pink checkered background. Daisy element courtesy of Public-Domain-Photos.
Product Id: 1255052

Cat eating Indian curry - Happy birthday to pregna…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Happy birthday to a red hot mamma-to-be!
Artist: Heather Broster
Artist Notes: Original sketch painted with Photoshop.
Product Id: 837835

Happy Birthday - For pregnant / expecting mom - Ca…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: As a mom-to-be, you know the greatest gift is yet to come! Have a wonderful day!
Artist: Heather Broster
Artist Notes: This card features a mother cat who just gave birth to a litter of kittens. She is in the hospital with the doctor and her husband who has fainted and is being cared for by a mouse nurse.
Product Id: 1415390
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Birthday Wishes for New Mom

birthday wishes for an expectant mother

Searching for something sweet and original things to say to that colleague or friend of yours who is on a baby break?

Here you’ll find a cradle full of maternity leave wishes that you can use as an inspiration to create your own delightfully beautiful wishes to wish her well during one of the most exciting moments of her life.

  • Now that you are about having a baby, happiness is going to be in close proximity to you all the days of your life. I hope you enjoy every moment of your baby break.
  • There’s no greater joy than being blessed with a baby. Have a joyful baby break. We love you so much!
  • I wish you all the happiness in the world on your maternity leave. May God, in His infinite love and mercy, bless both you and your sweet bundle of joy.
  • I want to use this opportunity to congratulate you once again on the little angel that has joined your beautiful family. I hope you enjoy every moment of this precious time with your little bundle of joy.
  • I hope you thoroughly enjoy every blessed moment of your time with your adorable little one. May every day of your maternity leave be as bright as the sun. Congratulations!
  • I pray that your newest arrival will bring you all the joy you deserve. Have a truly magical maternity leave. Love you lots!
  • Sending oceans of love and blessings your way as you get ready to bring into this world one of heaven’s most adorable angels. May your baby break fill your life to the brim with great joy.  
  • I’m thinking of you during this very beautiful period of your life. May happiness and love from above surround your new family until the end of time. Congratulations!
  • Best wishes for the amazing paternity leave you are about embarking on. It is one of the most beautiful journeys of life. I hope you enjoy every second of your time with your bundle of joy.

Wishing you all the best for your maternity leave.

  • Blessings to you and your bundle of joy and every member of your wonderful family during this special moment of your lives. May your maternity leave bring you more happiness than you ever imagined it would.
  • Wishing you all the best for a long and truly happy maternity leave. May love and happiness surround you and your family until the end of time. And don’t forget to say hello to your little angel for me.
  • Sending you a cradle full to the brim with blessings as you begin your maternity leave. Congrats once again on the arrival of your sweet, little angel.
  • By all accounts, being a parent is one of life’s greatest joys. I’m so glad you get to enjoy this great experience.
  • Yay! You made it into the world of parenthood at long last! To God be all the glory! May every moment of your time with your newborn baby be the most wonderful you’ve ever had.
  • May the birth of your wonderful daughter/son bring you all the bliss and contentment your heart can hold. Take care of yourself and your angelic little one.   
  • I hope you enjoy this priceless time you get to be with your infant. Have yourself a blissful maternity leave.
  • Wishing you a great baby break that overflows with laughter and every beautiful thing under the sun. May God bless and watch over you and your adorable, little one. Can’t wait to see you again!
  • I hope you thoroughly enjoy every moment you spend in the company of your little angel. Have a fabulously sweet maternity leave.
  • Being blessed with a baby is one of the greatest gifts of life. I am glad life has bestowed you with this priceless gift. You deserve nothing but absolute happiness on your maternity leave.

Congratulations on your Blessed Baby

  • Here’s to a maternity leave full of great joy, love, smiles, and laughter with your little angel sent down to Earth from heaven. I really can’t wait to meet your infant, whom I know will be as wonderful and sweet as its mommy.
  • At long last, the time has finally arrived! May the birth of your child bring into your life all the joy you so rightly deserve. Have a truly amazing maternity holiday!
  • I wish you such an incredibly beautiful maternity leave. May it be a thousand times more wonderful than you ever imagined it would be. You know what?!! I am beginning to miss you at work already.
  • There are many types of leaves from work, but none is as magical as a maternity leave. I am truly happy for you, my dear. May all the happiness in the universe dwell in the midst of your precious family. Have an absolutely beautiful time with your newborn!
  • I hope your maternity leave bestows you and your sweet family oceans of blessings and joy. And don’t forget to send picture of you and your little angel!
  • May the happiness that accompanies the arrival of your newborn spill over and follow you every other blessed day of your life. I wish you all the best on your maternity leave.

Love & Luck bringing new life into the world.

  • One thing is for sure, the workplace will never be the happy place that it is without your presence. Nonetheless, I wish you all the happiness and luck in the world as you welcome your little one home.
  • You are such a wonderful colleague and friend who deserves an absolutely wonderful baby break. The office is certainly going to miss you. May your maternity leave be packed with all the peace, glory, and happiness.
  • Just like you fill our lives with great happiness, so also do we pray that the birth of your baby will cause your heart to overflow with great happiness too. Happy maternity leave, dear.
  • I am happy you are taking a leave of absence to have a baby. The real joys of life really start from here. Have a truly wonderful baby break.
  • There’s no better time to bond with your newborn than on your maternity leave. May the next few months be the happiest days of your life so far. May God pour down His blessings on you and your newborn baby.
  • I hope you create mountains of sweet memories with your adorable little one to cherish and enjoy forever. Have the sweetest leave of your life.
  • Have a truly amazing maternity leave! We can’t wait to see you in a few months’ time. Until then, may the greatest treasures in the universe – happiness, peace and love – surround your life and that of every single lovely member of your family, especially your little angel, whom we are really looking forward to meet!
  • Wishing the happiest maternity leave ever to the most wonderful expectant mother in the world. Soon your baby will say goodbye to tummy and hello to mummy. We are really looking forward to that!

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As such, it calls for all the best wishes and messages of goodwill that an expecting mother can get, seeing as the journey can be a pretty.

Funny Pregnancy Wishes: Humorous Messages on Getting Pregnant

birthday wishes for an expectant mother

There is nothing more precious as being blessed with a child. It is always great when a woman discovers that she is going to have a baby and here are some examples of what you can write on a greeting card.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Congratulatory Messages

  • “I am so happy for you. We know you will be a great mother. Congratulations!”
  • “Cannot wait to meet your little bundle of joy. Congratulations on your pregnancy.”
  • “I know how long you have waited for this moment and we want you to know we are overjoyed for you. Congratulations!
  • “You have always been a night owl so I am sure all the late nights will not worry you much. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy.”
  • “I am so excited for you. Congratulations on your pregnancy.”

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You can also have messaged where a grandparent wishes their daughter all the best through their pregnancy. That way the beautiful moment can be share among them all since they all will have a part to play in the child’s life.

Messages from Mother to daughter

  • “I cannot wait to hold my grandchild. Congratulations on your pregnancy honey.
  • “Just the other day I was changing your diaper and now you are going to be changing your child’s soon. Congratulations!
  • “I may be becoming a grandmother, but you know I don’t look like it! I am so happy for you! “
  • “I know you will be a great mother to my grandchild. Congratulations on your pregnancy.”

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Messages from Friends

  • Having a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences that life can offer. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.
  • You are truly blessed and I wish you the best throughout our pregnancy.
  • May your pregnancy be filled with nothing but the best. Congratulations.
  • You look beautiful. Pregnancy looks good on you! All the best and congratulations.”
  • You’re glowing! Congratulations on your pregnancy.
  • As you embark on this beautiful pregnancy journey, may all go well and may you and your baby have the best of health.
  • Bringing a baby into the world is not an easy task. May God grant you strength and patience throughout your pregnancy.
  • Wishing you nothing but the best throughout your pregnancy. Congratulations.
  • Heard the great news. Here’s to new discoveries and sleepless nights. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

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Funny messages

  • “Better write down everything from now on in preparation for “mom brain.” So happy for you.
  • “Cherish the alone time with your hubby, you’re going to miss it! All the best in your pregnancy.”
  • “Bye to late night parties, say hi to late night diaper changes. You’ll be a great mom, congratulations.”
  • “Better stock up the fridge and get ready for the cravings! Hope you have a healthy pregnancy.”
  • “Remember all the chaos you made your parents go through, here comes a little you, chaos included!” Congratulations!
  • “Now you have a legitimate reason to eat as much as you want! Congratulations on your pregnancy.”

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Inspirational Messages

  • “Bringing a life into this world is not an easy task but I know you’ll do great.”
  • “You haven’t known true love until you hold your baby in your arms. I know you will be a great mom.”
  • “Don’t stress about the little things, focus on you and your baby and everything will be alright.”
  • “Be positive and everything will be alright. All the best during your pregnancy journey.”

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Be sure to keep all the messages positive. Pregnancy is a time of chaotic hormones and you do not want to say something that might offend a pregnant woman. So, keep the fat jokes at bay at all costs and focus on encouraging the coming of the baby.

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birthday wishes for an expectant mother
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