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Birthday niece wishes
August 02, 2019 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 4 comments

Looking for niece birthday wishes for that special loving member of family you like so much? Then you will love our biggest collection of.

It’s lovely to have a niece as you get to enjoy their company without the responsibilities of being a parent. If you become a favorite aunt and uncle, you can develop a very close relationship with your sibling’s child.

The best thing you can do to celebrate her birthday is to send a special gift and message. Here are some ideas of “happy birthday my niece” wishes for her.


Special happy birthday wishes from an Aunt to her niece under 10


01I hope your birthday is a memorable one and that you get all your favorite gifts. You are a fantastic niece and I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday.



02Happy birthday my niece! You are such a sweet little girl and I hope you have an amazing birthday today.


03You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I just wanted to wish a happy birthday my niece. I am a proud aunt because you are such a source of brightness. Your smile lights up any room.
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04For my sweetest niece, happy birthday. I am the luckiest aunt for having you as a shining star in my life.


05May you follow your dreams as you begin a new year, dear niece. I want to remind you that I am proud of you for being such a wonderful girl.



06Happy birthday to my most favorite niece on earth. I hope you dream big and always follow your heart, to pursue your goals.


07I hope your birthday is amazing and you receive the best things in life. Your auntie is going to spoil you today with a huge birthday cake.


08May today and every day of your life be filled with happiness and blessings. You make the world more beautiful, happy birthday to my sweet niece.



Birthday wishes from an Aunt to her teenage niece


09To my lovely niece, happy birthday. You bring light and warmth wherever you go and as your aunt, I am privileged to know such a vibrant young girl



10How lucky I am to have you in my life?! I hope you know you are so precious to me, happy birthday niece.


11Niece, you have grown into a responsible teenager and I am proud of you for that. I am always a grateful aunt and wishing you a happy birthday.
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12Happy birthday my niece. You are a wonderful and caring young girl. Here is to wishing you a happy birthday, where you receive that you deserve.


13I hope you will have a fun and joyful day as you celebrate your birthday. I am such a proud aunt and I hope you will have blessings throughout the year.



14Happy birthday to the most fabulous niece on the planet. You have really grown up to become a beautiful young girl and I wish you a happy birthday my niece.


15Niece, your favorite aunt just wants to let you know that you are the sweetest. Today is your birthday so make sure to take this opportunity to do things that you love most.


16May this day be filled with all the wonderful things in your life, niece. Wishing you a wonderful day as you celebrate your birthday with family and friends.


17Sending special birthday wishes to my favorite niece. I’m happy that you are growing up into a caring young girl, have a happy celebration.



18Happy birthday to my charming niece. Today is a special day in your life, so have fun with friends.


Special happy birthday messages from an Aunt to her adult niece


19Happy birthday my niece on your special day and for achieving your goals. You were born to shine and the future looks bright for you.



20I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday, niece. You are a responsible woman and I am grateful to be called your aunt.


21Happy birthday, to the most wonderful woman, I know. [Name], have a scrumptious day full of happiness on this special day.
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22There is nothing as amazing as being an aunt to you, my generous niece. i hope today brings plenty of joy and fun as you celebrate your birthday.


23My lovely niece, you are an amazing and talented woman. You are a gift to this family and I wish you a beautiful happy birthday.



24Happy birthday to my wonderful niece. I hope you will pamper yourself and enjoy this day with your friends as you add another year.


25Nieces are always a special in families. You are the most special of all nieces, because you are mine! Go out and have fun on your birthday.


26Niece, you are an incredible woman. I wish you great health and blessings on your birthday and throughout the year because you deserve it.


Special happy birthday wishes from an Uncle to his niece under 10


27I am the happiest uncle on this planet because you make me smile so much. So, on your birthday, blow out those candles, make a wish, and I hope it comes true.



28It’s time to have fun with you, my charming niece, on your birthday. Today is a special day and I can’t wait to just celebrate you.


29Happy birthday, my niece, it’s a pleasure to watch you grow and enjoy life. I hope you will have a day full of fun and laughter.


30Happy birthday, my dear niece, you mean a lot to me and I am so proud to be your uncle. Have a blessed day.



31Happy birthday, my niece. I hope you will have the best birthday cake and enjoy it with all your friends when celebrating your birthday!


32Having you in my life has brought me joy because you are my special girl. I love your smile and beautiful laughter, happy birthday niece.
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33The world is beautiful because you are such an amazing niece. I wish you a lovely birthday and may the angels come your way.



34Dear niece, I wish you the same joy and happiness you have given me. You are an intelligent kid and wish you a lot of happiness on your birthday.


Wishes from an Uncle to his teenage niece


35I am so grateful for having an amazing niece like you. I want to send you the best wishes on your birthday. Celebrate in style.



36My dearest niece, you bring warmth and smiles into my life. Let this day be a reminder that you have dreams and goals to achieve, happy birthday my niece.


37Niece, I love you to the moon and back, and had no idea you would mean this much to me. Happy birthday to you!


38The relationship between us is all about smiles, laughs, and great times. Happy birthday my niece and enjoy the day.


39I wish, as you become a young woman, you get stronger and more confident as you face the world. May this day bring you lots of fun, happy birthday my niece.



40You are a young girl right now, but you have brought unbelievable amounts of happiness in your uncle’s life. I am proud of you, happy birthday niece.


41You are as intelligent as your mom and have a great personality like your dad. You are the greatest girl in the world. Happy birthday, my niece.
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42Niece, you are an amazing and awesome gift that I received from God. I just want to let you know that I will protect and love you, happy birthday.


43When you were a little girl, I couldn’t fathom you would grow into such a beautiful young girl. On your birthday, I wish you happiness and more blessings.



44Niece, you are my sister’s sunshine, so don’t ever disappoint her. I hope you will have a wonderful day as you celebrate your birthday. 


Birthday wishes from an Uncle to his adult niece


45I have watched as you grow into a young woman and I will always be there to support you. Wishing you a happy birthday.



46You are a successful woman because by nature, you are hardworking. I hope on your birthday you will be blessed more, happy birthday my niece.


47My niece, you are a shining star in our family. Although you are now an adult, I often fondly remember how cute you were as a little kid! Happy birthday.


48I know life can be challenging but I just want to let you know you have an uncle who cares for you. Happy birthday, beautiful niece.


49With your small family, I wish you a happy birthday. You are an awesome niece who is energetic, kind, and generous.



50I am happy that you have achieved everything that you wanted to have in this life. I will always love and pray for you, happy birthday, my niece.


51I wanted to wish you a happy birthday celebration and a fabulous year ahead. You have been a fantastic niece to me, happy birthday.
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52You have always put a smile on my face. I just wish you a happy birthday and may God give you your favorite things.


Concluding thoughts

Birthday wishes to your nice are necessary because they remind them that they have an aunt or uncle who cares about them.

For young nieces, it encourages them to lead better lives so they can get birthday wishes and gifts. The birthday wishes above will excite her and you need to consider sending them to your niece on her birthday.


Sweet Birthday Wishes For Niece: Everyone loves his belongings. He looks after them and takes care of them. He loves his belongings and respects them.

Birthday Wishes for Niece

birthday niece wishes

Every aunt and uncle care about nephew and niece a lot. They can do anything to make them happy. Choosing the right inspirational happy birthday niece wishes is all about selecting the birthday messages that accurately and beautifully express how you feel about your niece.

The nieces are special girls for their aunts and uncles. Having a niece is a great joy and blessing, which brings a lot of changes to life and family. A niece can bring vitality to each one in the family. Moreover, they make the life brighter, bring a breath of fresh air. There is a special bond between the niece and her uncle or aunt as it is built on mutual love and respect. Happy birthday niece quotes should embrace all of these meanings.

Inspirational Happy Birthday Niece Wishes and Quotes with Images

When your niece is celebrating a birthday, it’s a perfect time to remind how special she is and how much you love her. Be creative, unpredictable and send her birthday wishes for niece:

  • If keeping heart was chargeable then you must have to pay a huge amount every month. Thanks for bringing so much love and joy into my life. Have a happiest birthday dear niece!
  • Happy birthday my lovely niece, you have brought peace and joy to people every time. Have a day as wonderful as you are. I want to wish you all dreams come true. Care yourself, be happy.
  • No one can measure my love for you and it’s not even possible for Google or Wikipedia. Happy birthday to my niece. As your aunt, I have the duty to wish you as the very first person on your most special day. Wishing you a funny happy birthday!
  • Dear, you know that you are in corner of my heart, your place has been always different. The person who a wonderful in my life is you. I have been loved you and I will always love you. Be next birthdays more better than today’s and make better. I will be in there with great pleasure. Happy birthday my amazing niece and have a good day.
  • Dear niece, you should know that as you are surrounded by your friends and family, you are surrounded by love. We wish the best for you and an excellent year. Happy Birthday to my little niece!
  • The message to the most wonderful niece in the world, I’m proud of you because you have felt to us every time. I hope to you your success will continue on the future. Care yourself, have a good day, be happy, enjoy your day.
  • Dearest niece, whenever you are upset or happy, lonely or surrounded by friends, know that my hugs are always open to you. I love you, happy birthday!
  • My niece you are my half-son, I know that you are everything for me. I am feeling proud of you that you are so successful person in your life. You have gave me joy every time. I hope you, make next birthday is great than today’s. Happy birthday dear.
  • Every year on your birthday, I reminded how fast the time flies. It feels like yesterday you were playing with my arms and now you are such a young and beautiful lady with such a wonderful inner beauty. Keep on shining in the life and stay humble. I send you my lovely birthday wishes for niece.
  • My niece, the people said that great things are scarce, they’re right, I agree that. But if you want to find wonderful things you need to looking to true place. Happy birthday dear, have a wonderful friends and our God give you great things.
  • Happy birthday my niece! You do not know what we have in store for you today. There will be surprises and shocks but most importantly, laughs! I love you.
  • Dear niece, I will always with you, both know that you are everything for me. You have always gave me peace, joy and laugh. I am proud of that while you are growing up. Thankful to our God for you are my niece. I wish to you, your day will be unforgettable. Eat cake how much you want. Laugh until you feel bored. Happy birthday dear.
  • I am the luckiest uncle on Earth because you are my niece. Stay as positive, cheerful and optimistic as you are now. Happy birthday to my niece!
  • I like to see your smiling every time because that makes me happy. I am proud of you because you are a boy like everyone wanted. I am feeling so proud that I am your most supporter. Happy birthday, stay forever this like now.
  • You make the world around you shine bright because of the beautiful light that you have inside. Today, we will celebrate you and that light…and the effect that it has on everyone you meet! You’re amazing! Happy birthday special niece!
  • Everyone know that you are such scarce because you are so beautiful and clever. Never end your smiling on your face. Happy birthday dear.
  • If your mother doesn’t allow our big party tonight. Then call me without any hesitation. I will make all the arrangements to make your day super special. I have all the rights to spoil you. Happy Birthday to you!
  • The greeting to my lovely niece, you are a wonderful gift for us. Come true all your dreams because you have deserved it already. You have gave to inspiration to everyone. Be successful and happy in each part of your life. Happy birthday my sweet niece.
  • Happy birthday you wonderful piece of God’s creation, as you turn a year older may all your wishes come true. I love you so much little niece.
  • Dear nice, I am feeling so happy and lucky because I have a niece everyone wanted like you. You are our gift from God. I want to wish you all dreams come true and be successful in each part of your life .Today is your day and I wish to you have a wonderful.
  • I see what a wonderful woman you’ve become. Your parents worked hard to make you the woman you are now, I wish you to fulfill all your dreams and have fun on your birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my beautiful niece. Today the Sun bright more higher than past days because today is your birthday. All always know you have so noble and inspiration soul. That reflected to your character. I wish to you will get the success you deserved. Always be happy, always smiling everyone. Take care yourself. I will always by side you.
  • I have a particular set of skills. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. I don’t know where you live and I don’t know who you are but I will find you… and wish you a very happy birthday, my niece!
  • My dear lovely niece, your birthday must to be so specially because I care this. Our family are proud of you that you are best person in our life. No one cane smiling like you, happy birthday and be happy and be success each part of your life. We will always be with you. Happy birthday dear.
  • You may know that the most precious gem in the world is sapphire, ruby, and diamond. But, I am having the most precious gem in the world. That you my beautiful niece. Happy birthday to my beautiful niece.
  • The message to the person who is my favorite person in my life. Dear my niece you are your mother’s pride. You have been always the person everyone liked. I don’t remember your infamous behaviour. We will always proud of you because already you deserved it. Happy birthday. Have a day as wonderful as you are and I wish to you a year like you wanted.
  • Happy birthday, my little baby girl. I love your laughter, your sincere smile and your faith in the good. Always dream big and I will be near to support you.
  • My niece, you know that I love you with my whole heart. You have been grow up with every passing year and you are so beautiful now. I know that you will upset very male. Nevermind, now this subject doesn’t turn. Today is your day and enjoy whole day, laugh how much you want. Take care yourself, I love you. We will support to you.
  • Today is a special day for you, isn’t it? I trust you to become a great individual as you get older. But for today, you will enjoy your birthday with friends and family and a really big cake. Have a beautiful day my niece.
  • My lovely niece, I will always remember the time when I saw your face like angel. You don’t remember, you had little fingers, I was want to eating the fingers while I saw the fingers. You are the most incredible because you changed my mind. While you are growing up you are looking more better past every time. I feel so happy to have a niece like you in our family. Happy birthday dear, i will always with you. Today is your day, eat cake how much you want, drink coke how much you want, laugh, joy because you deserve it.
  • Dear niece, on this day of your birthday do not forget to thank the Lord for all the blessings he has given you, all of us also appreciate as has blessed us with a wonderful niece that makes us very happy. Congratulations on your birthday.
  • Between our ages are so much different but I count you, you are still my friend. You know that I still love you. Whenever time it doesn’t matter, you can come to me and tell your problems. Solve your problems is so pride and happy for me. Happy birthday and have a good day.
  • One of the biggest accomplishments in my life is that I took part in the education of such a wonderful, friendly and cheerful girl. Happy birthday!
  • My sweetheart today is your day, enjoy the day and make what you want. If they are saying things, you come to me immediately because you are my one niece in the world and no one replace your place. I am so lucky for have to a niece as wonderful as you are. I don’t want neither so beautiful nor success, you are enough for me. My lovely niece, I will always with you, you are most important for each part of my live. You are corner in my heart. Happy birthday and enjoy the day because the day is your day.
  • A special little fairy once told me a tale about a little niece I have that I love and know well. That special little fairy told me such good things. It’s true! She told me about my special niece, and that special niece is you! Happy birthday to my lovely niece!
  • My dear niece happy birthday. İt is your special day and enjoy the day. I am wishing to you a year as wonderful as coming years. Everything will be beautiful.
  • You are growing into a young woman; there is nothing that can stop you now. I will always look out for you in good time and when you feel low. I love you niece. Have a lovely day!
  • You are an amazing human being. I am captivated by your loving, compassionate and understanding heart. I tell you this not because I am your aunt, but because it is the truth. Have a marvelous birthday.
  • Happy birthday my lovely niece. I am wishing to you fill the day with joy, laugh and more. You are an amazing person in our life. I love you so much.
  • You are beautiful inside and out. You have the biggest, most caring heart. You are smarter than anyone I know! I’m so blessed to be able to call you my niece! I wish you happy 20th birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my wonderful niece. Today is your day and I hope you have a wonderful, unforgettable day. It is the time for you show your smile to everyone. I am wishing to you will celebrate your birthday next years. I love you so much. Laugh every moment and enjoy until you bored.
  • I felt old when you called me an uncle for the first time. But, with time it gives me the most amazing feeling to hear uncle from your cute voice. It feels like I am the luckiest uncle in the world. Happy Birthday to my cute niece.
  • I am wishing to you have a wonderful day and year. Be happy, take care of your health and happy birthday my niece.
  • Happy birthday to you, my favorite niece, lots of gifts for you we brought, cake and kennels we lit. Lots of joy smiles and always surrounded with love and friends. Keep being as adorable and sweet as you are and an amazing kid.
  • May you have a supercalifragilistic birthday and an expealidocious year! You’re an amazing girl and an even more wonderful niece! You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside!
  • When I was younger, I made a wish to meet a special person in my life and one year later you were born. You have stolen my heart and I am immensely happy that it has happened. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  • You are one-in-a-million and I couldn’t be more excited for a day full of cake and ice cream! It’s a bonus that it’s your birthday too! Happy Birthday, niece!
  • Whenever you are in bad mood or you are down or you are angry at something like being grounded my mom or punished by the teacher. Never feel alone and down because your aunt is always here for you to hug you and encourage you. Happy birthday to my cute little niece.
  • God blessed me tremendously when he made you my niece! I am so proud of the young lady you have become! I hope you have the most wonderful birthday and a year of many amazing things!
  • Birthday wishes are sometimes like leaves that the wind just carries along. May you catch them all and hold on to them on your birthday and all the year long! Happy birthday to my cute niece!
  • Lack of responsibility is the best part about our uncle-niece relationship. You can irresponsibly ask your uncle to give you treats and I can irresponsibly spoil my niece with expensive treats. Happy birthday to my lovely niece.
  • You are brighter than any star in the sky, smarter than any book, and funnier than any comedian. I am so grateful to be able to call you my niece! Happy Birthday, wonderful girl! May you make some beautiful memories today.
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The 110 Happy Birthday Niece – Birthday Wishes for Niece

birthday niece wishes

Happy Birthday Niece Wishes

If you are looking for Top Happy Birthday Niece Wishes then you are on the right platform. It is the nature of human beings to love children specially if the children are relative. We provide you Top Happy Birthday Niece Wishes. Wish your niece on her special day to make more special. Everyone loves their niece so much and all nieces also love their uncles and aunts. To make this relationship more strong use Top Happy Birthday Niece Wishes on the birthday of your niece. Our collection of Top Happy Birthday Niece Wishes is just awesome and you can use any quote or wish you like.

Here is our collection of Top Happy Birthday Niece Wishes:


Happy Birthday Niece With Images

Whenever you are in bad mood or you are down or you are angry on something like being grounded my mom or punished by teacher. Never feel alone and down because your aunt is always here for you to hug you and encourage you. Happy Birthday to my cute little niece.


Without a niece like you who is my best friend, I feel that my life would be incomplete. I wish you a very happy birthday and a long life. May God bless you


I love you so much my cute little niece. My love for you is so intense that even Google and Wikipedia can not measure it.


Being you aunt, I think that it is my duty to wish you a very happy birthday first of all. Happy Birthday little princess


Being an aunt of a girl like you is joyous and real fun and it is not less then being a mother. Happy Birthday cutie.


Happy Birthday To My Niece

I love you so much mu cute little princess. The reason is not that you are my niece, but the reason is that you are such a beautiful and awesome human being. A very happy birthday to you.


I tried to search a perfect birthday wish for you on google but there was nothing special that could grab my attention. So I am sending you just few words with a strong meaning. Here is a wish for you “Be happy Always”. And I pray to God for your happiness and long life. Have a wonderful day


I wish that you stay happy forever. You are the one who make me feel like a wonderful aunt and you make the word ‘aunt’ very special for me. I pray for your success and long life. May you live long


The relationship between me and you is not ordinary. You make me feel like I am most amazing aunt in the world. And sometimes I feel so lucky to have a niece like you. You are my favorite and like my best friend. I Love You. Happy Birthday, may you have many more.


The best gift life gave me till yet is YOU. Enjoy blowing the candles and eating cake. Have a very special birthday.


As I am your aunt, so I can surely ask for a grand treat for your birthday. Have a bash. Happy birthday


I wish you a good luck and pray for your success on your special day. May you have a great one, many many happy returns of the day.


I can not be a PERFECT AUNT without a PERFECT NIECE like you. We are perfect for each other. That is why we are best friends. Happy Birthday. May your life be filled with the happiness.


The most important thing to be an awesome aunt in the world is to have a wonderful niece like you. May you get all the wishes completed and achieve every goal in life. Have a wonderful birthday


Birthday Quotes For Niece

When you were born, I was so happy.. But now, I am even more happy because you are the best niece in the world. Very very happy birthday to you


My life would not have been this much happy and joyous if I was not having a perfect niece. You are the best. May you see many birthday and all your days become as special as your birthday. Happy birthday my princess


There are less great things in the world and I am having one of those great things. And that is YOU. I Thank God for he has gifted me with such a wonderful thing. Happy Birthday my dear


You came into our life like an angel. You filled our lives with colors and made it far better than before. My life would not be this better if you were not here. Happy Birthday


I never believed my sister that she can do anything great. But now I believe her that she can do anything. The greatest thing that she has done in her life is giving birth to you. I wish you a very happy birthday. May you be happy all your life. Your aunt’s prayers are always with you.


Never feel alone or down. You aunt will always be there as your perfect companion. I will hug you as your best companion to make you feel better. Happy Birthday


The thing I care for most is your happiness. I can not compromise on it. Being best aunt in the whole world doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is to be perfect aunt for my niece. I wish you a very happy birthday sweetheart. I Love You


Together we are a perfect example of perfect pair of aunt and niece. I am like your mother because I love you the same way I love my daughters. I Love You sweetie. Happy Birthday


I think that I can never grow too old because I have a perfect niece who will remain young forever.


Having a wonderful niece like you makes me feel the luckiest person in the world. Have a wonderful birthday party. May you have many more


Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Niece

The best niece one can imagine can not be better than you. So I can proudly say that I have a perfect niece in the world. No one can be compared with her. Happy Birthday my cute little princess. May you enjoy every moment of life and may your all dreams and wishes come true.


You are my niece but I love you more than it. I love you like a daughter and I can not think my life without you. Happy Birthday


I wish you a splendid birthday. You are in the core of my heart and the person I love most in my life is you. May you see all the pleasures of life and may God be with you on every single step. Happy Birthday


You gave me the best memories of my life. You are the most precious thing in my life and I can not even think of spending life without you.


The happiest and the most emotional moment of my life when you were born. I can not describe how much I was happy at that time. May you live long and see all the happiness in life


You are the best person I ever had as a friend in my life. Our friendship is like something that will never end. So as a friend, I ask you for a treat. Ha ha. Have a belated birthday. Many many happy returns of the day.


I haven’t make any best friend in my school life. I made my best friend the day you can into this world. I Love You dear. Happy Birthday to you. May your life be filled with happiness and joy.


Have a lot of fun and celebrate your birthday in a way you never did before. Eat cakes and be happy. May you see more than a hundred birthdays. Love you my sweet little niece.


I was waiting for a niece and my sister was expecting a daughter. Look, how kind God is that he fulfilled our dreams. Have a wonderful birthday.


Keep taps on your nephews/niece birthday and seize such opportunities to make him/her feel so special by wishing him/her the best birthday ever; you can.

200 Best Happy Birthday Messages For That Niece Or Nephew

birthday niece wishes

Having a niece is one of life’s most precious blessings.
Nieces play an important of our life and they are there to be loved, adored, and cuddled.
So if your niece is celebrating her special day today, it just makes sense to send her a birthday wish.
If you’re struggling to find the right words to greet your niece a happy birthday, then check out this list of birthday wishes for niece.
Whether your niece is still a baby, or perhaps, she’s already on her teens, these birthday messages can help you to come up with your own birthday wishes that your niece will surely love.

Happy birthday my darling niece! How I wish all nieces in the world were as great and wonderful as you. In fact, you’re the perfect role model of a niece!

Happiest birthday to my favorite niece in the world! May you receive abundant happiness and joy not just on your birthday, but also in every single day for the rest of your life!

My dearest nice, thank you for making me feel so young again. Whenever I look at my life into your eyes, all I’m seeing is wonder, joy, and delight. Happy birthday!


On your special day, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the great things you did for me. You don’t only treat me as an aunt, but like a real mother, too. Happy birthday, niece!

To my lively and vibrant niece, happy birthday! Thank you for lifting my mood during those days when I feel so down. May you enjoy your birthday party and I hope you love the present I sent your way!

My dearest niece, may the force be with you on your special day. Although, I honestly think you don’t really need that because you already have a great force of your own. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday, niece! You’ve brought so many things to my life – excitement, joy, happiness, and love! There’s definitely nothing that can ever compare to the immense love you have given me.

Happy birthday my niece! May you feel nothing but happiness and love! Above all, may God grant all the desires of your heart!

My dearest niece, thank you for being an important part of my life. Every time I’m having a bad day, you always make sure to comfort me. Thank you for everything my dear, happy birthday!

My niece, you’re my little princess. So now that you are celebrating your special day, I wish make sure to fulfill all your wishes as much as I can! Happy birthday to you, my darling. From your loving aunt.

Happy Birthday Brother Wishes

There’s only one thing that can make me become the happiest person on Earth – that’s when I smother you with my love and appreciation! Happy birthday to you, my loving niece! May your birthday bring you lots of fun and wonderful moments!

On that day that you were born, you have stolen my heart with your cuteness. In fact, I never know I’m capable of such unconditional and endless love. Happy birthday to you my cute niece. May you get all the things you wish in life!

Happiest birthday to my niece who is one of my best blessings in life. I don’t even know how to thank your parents for bringing you into this world. Thank you for bringing so much love in my life.

I can definitely testify that apples don’t fall far from family tree, when it comes to you, my darling niece. You are so much like me in so many ways – fun, fearless, and feisty! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad Wishes

Nieces play an important role in our lives – they warm the hearts of their family. Thank you my lovely niece for you don’t only warm my heart but you also fill my life with moments of love and happiness. Happy birthday!

Happiest birthday to my adorable niece! May your birthday be as wonderful as you are and I hope you love the simple present I prepared for you today! I love you so much!

Before you were born, your parents seem to have a lot of extra time to do the things they want in life. Fortunately, you came along and now there’s not a single chance for them to get bored anytime soon! Happy birthday my niece.



Happy birthday niece! Since it’s my birthday today, I’ll try to let you in on a secret – hugging adorable nieces is my expertise in life. So today, expect to receive lots of hugs and kisses from me!

My dearest niece, our relationship is so much more than blood – it is about smiles, hugs, laughter, joy, and love. Thank you for coming into my life. You really mean the world to me and I cannot imagine my life without you. Happy birthday!

My darling niece, even if we are miles apart on your special day, I just want you to know that I’m always thinking of you. I miss you every single day of my life and I cannot wait to be with you someday. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Son Wishes

My dearest niece, when you came into my life, my world was filled with precious giggles and smiles. So thank you so much for being an important part of my life. Happy birthday!

Having such a sweet and adorable niece makes me want to try really hard at being good at everything I do. There’s nothing in this world that I want more than your presence and love. Happy birthday!

My darling niece, please know that I’ll always be here to celebrate with your success and console your life’s failures. Please know that no matter what happens in your life, I will always be your number one supporter. Happy birthday!

Niece, there’s nothing that gives me more joy and happiness than knowing that we have such a very loving relationship. Happy birthday to you, my favorite niece.

Happy Birthday Sister Wishes

Some people say that good things are just so hard to come by. But it’s simply because they have not met my phenomenal niece who is such a darling to be around. Happy birthday! May your day be as sublime as you are because you truly deserve it!

If there are moments when you need a shoulder to lean on, I will be the first one to offer my presence for you. Whether it’s about boys or school life, I’ll make sure to give you the best advice! Happy birthday!

My darling niece, you’re the kind of person who does not only light up a room as you walk in, but you also light up the hearts of the people you meet. I hope that you birthday will be as bright and radiant as you are. Happy birthday!

I know you think that I’m a bit crazy because I love to stalk on you on Facebook. But my craziness stems from the fact that I have a crazy niece! Happy birthday to you! May you have a magnificent day and I look forward to seeing you happy not just today but for every day!


I don’t exactly know how you have managed to pull it off, but every each time you add another year to your life, you become a bit more awesome! You must have taken that after me! Happy birthday!

Niece, if there’s one thing I know for sure it is that you’re beautiful inside and out. Thank you for being my inspiration in life. Anyone who knows you will certainly understand how great of a person you are. Happy birthday!

I’m really sorry that I can’t be there for your special day. But you will always remain in my memories. Please know that I’m thinking of you fondly every single day especially now that it’s your birthday.

Niece, I have thought that my days of taking orders were done when I got out of the military. But it seems that I was wrong. At least there’s no other person who I want to order me around than you. Happy birthday!

Niece, I know that you’ll never get me in trouble. I will leave that to your parents because I would rather choose to pamper and spoil you indefinitely. I love you so much, happy birthday!

Becoming your uncle is one of the most interesting things that have happened to my life. I love the fact that I get to take you out for movie date and play video games whenever I feel bored. Thank you my niece for giving me so much happiness. Happy birthday!

My dearest niece, I wish you unending joy and unlimited happiness on your special day. I know you truly deserve it because you bring these things and so much more into my life. I would like to thank you for being such an adorable nice. Happy birthday!

Your birthday is a reminder of how fast time passes. I swear, it was just yesterday when you’re just a child. Yet, you are a grown up now. I’m amazed at how stunning you have become. You make me so proud, my niece! Happy birthday!

Niece, life is just like chocolates and candies. It’s sweet and can be best shared with others. Remember that if your life becomes too sticky for you to handle, simply call on me. I will always be here to share the stickiness with you. Happy birthday!

I’m truly grateful for your parents for giving me such a superb niece like you. This is definitely one of the few moments in my life where I feel grateful for having your mom is my sister. Because she was really annoying when we were young. Happy birthday!

My darling niece, you have given me so much hope for the future. I realize that if life contains such a wonderful person like you, then life can only be wonderful. Thank you for giving me so much love, joy, and happiness in life. Happy birthday!

On the day you were born, my whole world has definitely changed for the better. You have made me so happy just by being yourself. So on your special day, I wish you an unending love and happiness, which is what you truly deserve! Happy birthday!

Niece, if there’s anything that will let you down in life, please know that you can always count on me. As your aunt, part of my responsibility is to comfort you and lift you up when you need me to. Happy birthday niece!

My niece, on that day that you first called me aunt, my heart just melted and I’ve become a big puddle of goo ever since. On your birthday today, I only wish you unending joy and love.

As your aunt, there’s nothing that I look forward to than holding you in my arms and cuddling you for several hours at a time. I love you so much my darling little niece and I wish you would stay adorable forever. Happy birthday!

My little niece, I’ve got so many fond memories of us in the past – playing with dolls, braiding your hair, and painting your nails. I will make sure to cherish these memories forever. Happy birthday dear!

My niece, before you were born, I only think of myself. But when you came to the family, you have become an important part of my life as well. Thank you so much for the overwhelming love you gave me. Happy birthday!

My darling niece, on your birthday this year, I have planned for something grand. I have invited your boyfriend to your party, but don’t worry, I never told your dad! I’m sure this will make you feel so glad. Happy birthday!

Niece, I’m truly lucky that you’ve inherited only the positive things from your parents. I can still recall what your mom was when you were a child and I can vouch that it’s definitely a good thing! Happy birthday!

I’m truly blessed to have such an adorable niece. You are fearless, exceptional, and adorable as well! I’m truly fortunate that I got to call you my niece. Happy birthday!

Adorable The 110 Happy Birthday Niece with Pictures

Niece, there’s nothing that can ever compare to the great love I have for you. No jewelry or even money that can compare to that. I love you so much, happy birthday!

I think I must have done something really amazing in life to be rewarded with such a loving, wonderful, and kind niece. I’m truly grateful that I was given the opportunity to be your aunt. Happy birthday!

Having you as my niece is even better than having a daughter. It’s because you seem to only get mad at your parents, but you remain so kind and sweet to me. Happy birthday!

My niece, each time I look at you, I’m overwhelmed with emotion – love. There are no words that can ever explain the depth of love that I have for you. Happy birthday, my niece! May your day be filled with grace!

My dearest niece, since I have become your aunt, I have also become very snooty. I have always thought that you are so much better than any other niece out there so I’m always bragging about you. Happy birthday!

Nothing that can give me more joy than being able to make you very happy my niece. I hope your birthday will be filled with amazing memories and cheers! Happy birthday!

My dearest niece, do you know what the search engines and dictionaries have in common? Both are not able to explain the depth of my love and affection for you. I truly admire everything about you and all the things that you do. Happy birthday!

I hope that each year, your birthday candles will follow your lead – may the candles shine brighter and brighter as you add another year to your life, dear. Happy birthday, niece!

Happy birthday niece! May your birthday be as luminous and special as you are! You’re now on your teens but I still see you as my baby girl. Please don’t grow up too fast!

Happy birthday niece! You’re officially the only member of the family that makes get-togethers more tolerable and fun! It’s probably because you’re sweet, delightful, smart and funny!

Niece, I would often tell people that the reason why I choose not to become a mother is because I already found the perfect daughter in you. Thank you for you fulfilled my needs to become a mother. Happy birthday!

Happiest birthday to my favorite niece! On your special day, I just want you to know that I have truly loved and cherish you as much as your mother and father do!

My niece, I have brought everything that you could ever wish for on your special day – lots of chocolates, cakes, and candies! Hopefully, these things are enough to bribe you for your love and affection. Happy birthday!

I’m truly amazed at how considerate, understanding, and loving you are, my darling niece! In fact, I cannot imagine how your parents were able to produce such perfection! But I’m really glad they did. Happy birthday!

My niece, whenever I’m sick, I simply look at you and I’m already healed! Whenever I am tired, your smile is enough to rejuvenate me. Thank you for being a great niece to me. Happy birthday!

My niece, I always thought that my life is already put together until I meet you. Thank you for making my life so much better. I hope that your birthday will be filled with so much joy and laughter. You deserve all the happiness my niece!

My niece, I’m really amazed at your ability to charm me off with your cuteness, candor, coolness, compassion, and cheerfulness. Happy birthday to you, my beautiful niece!

My niece, ever since you were young, it’s been truly impossible to hate you. You have made my life so easy and fun. I really hope that all your dreams and wishes will come true someday. Happy birthday!

My niece, there’s no way that I want any other nieces in my life because you have already everything that I wanted for in a niece. Happy birthday!

I hope your birthday will start a new and exciting life that’s filled with daring adventures and an abundance of happiness. If you ever need my help to face this new chapter in your life, just call on me. Happy birthday!

Each year, I become more and more amazed at how wonderful you have become. You are very sweet and kind and you make sure to take care of others before your own needs. Happy birthday my niece!

Happy birthday niece! Cheers to another year of love, happiness, and lots of blessings! I hope that your special day will be the best that you will ever have.

I truly admire so many things about you – your compassion, conviction, commitment, and courage. May your birthday be as great as you are, happy birthday niece!

Sometimes, it just amazes me how your parents were able to produce a perfect daughter like you! I even think that maybe you are my daughter and they just stole you from me! Kidding! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday niece! Since I’m older, I know I have already become wiser. So whenever I would say that you’re the most loving person in the world, you should absolutely believe me!

Happiest birthday my niece! May your day be as bright and lovely as you are! I only wish you all the great things in life.

This year, I want to make sure that your birthday party will truly be a blast. This is why I intentionally did not send your parents any invites! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! You truly are the cutest niece ever on earth! Because you’re too cute, I sometimes cannot look at you directly since I will only get overwhelm with cuteness overload!

My niece, the first time that you’ve call on me as your uncle, I feel like I have aged so much! However, nowadays, whenever I hear you call me an uncle, it’s now music to my ears! Happy birthday my niece!

Happy birthday niece! Having you as my niece is one of the best things in life. Thank you for making me feel what parenthood is all about. I have never felt so much love and joy to my life!

My niece, there are just so many wonderful qualities in you – you’re intelligent, outgoing, and charming! I am certain that you did not get them from either side of the family. However, I’m really glad you got them!

Niece, you’ve filled my life with so much warmth and happiness. Thank you for bringing immense joy and love into my life. I hope your birthday will be just as amazing as you are! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday niece! Please know that whenever you feel intimidated to call on your parents, I will always be here for you. I promise I am truly a pro in keeping secrets.

Happy birthday! May your special day be filled with only sweet things – cupcakes, candies, cakes, and ice cream! Of course, may you be filled with the sweetest love today!

My niece, whenever I’m with you, I’m always reminded that I’m lucky not to have my own kids yet. And it’s not because you’re a bad niece. It’s just simply because I love you so much and I don’t think there will be any room left to love my own kids!

Happy birthday to my favorite niece! This year, I plan on buying all things that you want for your birthday! I’m not really ashamed to bribe you for these things just to get your love and attention.

Niece, may your future be as bright and wonderful as you are! Your smile truly brings a twinkle in my eyes and happiness in my heart! Happy birthday to you, my perfect niece!

Happy birthday niece! Nothing amazes me more than the fact that I get to rejoice in your awesomeness all day on your special day! I wish I could actually do it every single day!

My niece, you truly fascinate me in so many ways! I cannot imagine how you fit so many great qualities in your small body? You’re so cute, smart, and full of energy! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, niece! This year on your special day, I have decided to give you the perfect gift – I will not sing on your party so you won’t be embarrass!

My niece, if you will ever need a confidante, you can just turn to me. I’m so good at keeping secrets especially from your parents. Happy birthday! May your birthday be as outstanding and amazing as you are!

Niece, you’re like a rose colored glass. When you came to my life, you have made everything so beautiful. Thank you for being a delight to me as your aunt.

My dearest nice, always study hard and work hard to achieve your dreams and aspirations in life! I hope that you will have the best birthday party this year! Happy birthday!

My niece, may the only tear you cry be tears of joy only! But whenever you feel down, please know that I will always be here for you. As your favorite aunt, I will always be here when you need me. Happy birthday!

As your aunt, it is my job to help you annoy your parents. Thus, for your birthday, I only bought you your favorite gift – the album of Justin Bieber! And yes, feel free to play the music many times in a day. I love you honey!

Niece, I only have one advice for you on your special day – instead of counting the candles on your cake, count your blessings and friends instead! Take this advice from someone who has lived way longer than you are! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! I promise to make your life so much happier in the long run. So on your birthday today, I plan to treat you like a celebrity!

Happy birthday! I always think of myself as not your aunt but your second mother instead. If you ever need a helping hand or maybe you need a soothing hand, please call on to me and I will make sure t o be there for you!

Don’t ever let people bring you down since you’re such a truly phenomenal person! This year is truly tough but I know you’ll be so much stronger because you have inherited that trait from this side of the family.

Niece, one of the accomplishments that I am most proud of in this life is that I have a helping hand in raising you like my own child. You truly are the perfect niece that any aunt could ever wish to have.

My niece, I’m confident that you will do well in life since you’re driven and passionate and these traits are what you have inherited from me! May your day be filled with happy thoughts and memories!

My niece, even if you’re so tiny, you have taught me some of the biggest things in life – the love for a family is selfless and unconditional. Thank you so much! Happy birthday!

Niece, having a birthday is another excuse to throw in a party. It’s a perfect day to honor your wondrous self and celebrate the amazing things of your life! Happy birthday!

Niece, we may be apart now, but please know that you’ll always have a special place in my heart. I truly appreciate your presence in my life and I wish you all the joy and happiness in life. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! I hope you’ll have a year full of great memories and a lifetime of happiness! Thank you so much for making my life even more meaningful.

Happy birthday niece. When you were born, I know I have gained more than a niece. It seems like I have actually gained a daughter. You’ve brought so much delight and sunshine to my life.

Niece, you’re a truly remarkable person that your parents have decided they no longer need to add any more kids. You truly are an amazing daughter and a truly wonderful niece! Happy birthday!

Looking back, the time I have spent with you has truly been amazing. In fact, those moments were the best memories of my life. You’re fun and easygoing and I’m truly blessed to have you as my niece!

My darling niece, I know that your mom always believes that you are so much like her. But let us be honest – you have certainly gotten your sparkling personality and great looks from me! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday niece! May your life be filled with exciting adventures and happy memories! I’m truly lucky to have you in my life because you make me feel so young and alive.

My niece, there are a lot of things that I wanted to share with you in life – compassion, wisdom, and love. I would be willing to give everything just to spend an eternity with you my loving and beautiful niece!

Niece, I you use to worry about how we could get along but I realize now that it’s because you are a princess and I am your toad. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday niece! When you’re still young, you have bought so much stress in my life – your tantrums and silly requests! But I would not trade even a single moment spent with you since you brought so much love and happiness in my life.

You have such a great head on your shoulders. You’re driven, dedicated, and determined! I’m sure you have gotten these traits from your favorite aunt. I think that’s me, right?

Niece, remember that life is a journey and I sincerely wish that your life will be filled with so much wonder, joy, and delight! If you will ever lose your way, don’t worry, because I’ll be your compass and guide. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday niece! It seems like only yesterday that you’re learning how to walk. But I now spend my days chasing you! Oh how time flies fast!

Niece, the best duo in life is not the mother – daughter duo. Instead, it’s the aunt-niece duo. In fact, ours is an epitome of a perfect aunt – niece relationship. I love you, happy birthday!

Niece, you’re so lucky you have me as your aunt. Not because I love you so much but it’s simply because you get to learn from all the mistakes I made in life. I have so many and I want to share these with you, happy birthday!

Niece, even if you’re getting older and older everyday, you may comfort yourself in the fact that at least, you’re getting cuter and cuter each year. Happy birthday to you my cute niece!

Happy birthday niece! Thank you for filling my life with so many great memories. You never cease to amaze me with your wit and funny antics! I’m truly blessed to have such a loving and cheerful niece.

Happy birthday niece! I wish I could be there for you on your special day. Since I can’t, then I may have to settle on sending you with tons of wishes and thoughts!

Happy birthday niece! Since we resemble each other in so many ways, people would often think that you are my own daughter. But I secretly wish it were so.

My niece, whenever I feel so stressed, I only think about you. You always give me that sense of inner peace and joy that I can’t find anywhere else! Thank you for being such a loving niece to me. Happy birthday!

Niece, when you were born, I was one of the happiest persons on Earth! It truly makes me unbelievably happy and I hope you’ll have a truly wonderful birthday!

Niece, happy birthday! As you grow older and older each year, you have become more understanding, cheerful, and wonderful. I could not be prouder to be your aunt. May your special day be as amazing as you are!

My niece, whenever I feel sad, I simply look at the pictures of your cute and smiling face and that’s enough to lift me up. I truly hope that you will have a blast on your special day. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday niece! You’re certainly a chip off an old block! I remember when your mom was at your age she was so much like you – annoying and stubborn but absolutely lovable!

My niece, I’m sure your parents are unbelievably proud and happy that you’re their daughter. But don’t you ever forget that I’m equally as proud and happy as you are! Please know that I love you very much.

My niece, I’m truly lucky that I have such a loving, considerate, and kind niece. May your day bring you everything you have ever dreamed and wish for this year! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday my niece! I truly wish you will receive loads of happiness and great presents this year. Thank you for being the perfect niece ever!

Happy birthday niece! I could not ask for a better niece than you and I’m truly grateful that you came to my life. Thank you so much for showing me joyous moments and beautiful things!

Happy birthday! Over the years, I hope your joy will never end. May your laughter never cease and may your smiles stay endless. No other person is more deserving of unlimited joy and happiness than you are!

Niece, do not stress about going to college this year since I’ll always be here to offer support for your academics. If you are finally ready for some serious partying, please call on me, I will be happy to take you out for a drink! Happy birthday!

My niece, there is really nothing I do not love about you – your loud laughter and happy smiles! I hope your special day will be as bright and glorious as you are! Happy birthday!

In life, there are so many good things that come to an end easily – sunsets and birthdays are just a few of them. But there’s one thing in my life that will last for a lifetime – my love for you! Happy birthday niece!

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