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Best wishes for new assignment
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Learn the best way to write a congratulations letter for a colleague who just received a When a business associate lands a new job or gets a promotion, it is letters and sending your business associates off with best wishes will set the right.

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Assignment for best new wishes

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These are examples of new job card messages to congratulate someone for getting a new job, or good luck messages for finding a job.

Congratulation Letter

best wishes for new assignment

“It is so exciting to see you finally moving on from your current job. Can’t wait to see where you take this career and how it helps you become a better person.”

“After watching you suffer at your current job, it will be so inspiring to see you move on to a new and more fulfilling career.”

“Usually when a window closes, a door opens. You are taking advantage of that open door with your new job. Best wishes to you in this new journey of your life!”

“I cannot wait to see where this new job takes you. I know it will improve your live drastically and the changes in you will be wonderful to watch.”

“As a best friend, I’ve always wanted only the best for you in everything you do. This new career is an excellent opportunity for the best and I’m so glad you took it.”

“There are times in a person’s life when the best option to do is change something. This career change is an excellent opportunity for you.”

“I’ve only wanted to see my best friend be nothing but successful and I’m so proud of you for this new job. Wishing you the best during this new journey.”

“Having a new career can be a big step, but it can also be very exciting. I can’t wait to see where you go with this new job and know you will be the best.”

“The opportunity for a new career often brings out the best in people. I can already see the best being brought out in you with this job.”

“I’m so happy that you’ve finally decided to change jobs. I know you will be the best at what you’re doing and I wish you the most luck in your endeavor.”

“Seeing a best friend have excellent opportunities such as this new job is bringing so much joy out in me. I’m so proud of you and wish you the most of luck.”

“As your best friend, everything that makes you happy also makes me happy. I am so excited for you to start this new job and hope that you are so successful.”

“You are the best at everything you do and I know you will be better than the best at this new job.”

“Although it’s so exciting to start a new job, it can also be stressful. Always remember that I’m here for you when things are good and when things are bad.”

“Congratulations, best friend, on your new job. I’m so happy that you have decided to start a new career and I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity that you have been given!”

“Seeing my best friend getting a new job is so inspiring and give me so much joy. Good luck during this new journey of your life and I can’t wait to be there every step.”

“A new job is such an exciting time for anyone to experience. I’m so happy that you have a new job and that I will get to watch you grow as a person while this new job influences your life for the better.”

“Best friends are there for each other during good times and bad times, and I’m so happy that this is a good time. Couldn’t be happier for you as you start this new job.”

“Best friends are always there for each other and I can’t wait to be standing with you and rooting for you while you start this new job. I wish you the best and know that you will thrive at this awesome new job opportunity.”

“There is no better feeling than seeing your best friend continue to be successful in all aspects of life. I know that you will be amazing at this new job and that you will be so successful. Best wishes to you!”

“Since I know what type of person you are deep down, I know that you will be the perfect person for this job. I can’t wait to see all the ways you succeed during this new journey!”

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What to Write Congratulations Messages for New Job

best wishes for new assignment

When a business associate lands a new job or gets a promotion, it is important to acknowledge this milestone by sending a note wishing them continued success. It's a nice gesture you'd appreciate if you were changing jobs, and you never know when a former employee or colleague may be a colleague or client again in the future. Getting in the habit of writing congratulations letters and sending your business associates off with best wishes will set the right tone for when you cross paths again.

Ways to Send Your Letter

There are a few appropriate ways to send your letter. The most old-fashioned (and often most appreciated) method is to take the time to hand-write your note of congratulations and post it through traditional “snail mail” or to slip it into your colleague’s physical mail cubby at work (if they have one). However, it’s also fine to send a congratulatory email or even a well-crafted note via LinkedIn (if you and they communicate through this social media regularly).

Here's an example of a congratulations note you can send to someone who has found a new job.

Business Congratulations Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear John,

Congratulations on your new position with the Sunshine Agency. I'm sure you will be an asset to their staff, with your years of experience and organizational skills, not to mention your easygoing personality.

You will be greatly missed here, but I speak for the whole team in wishing you all the best in your new endeavor!

Best regards,

Your Name

Business Congratulations Email Example (Text Version)

Subject Line: Way to Go! (Congrats from Your Name)

Dear Jane,

I don’t know whether it was with more joy or sadness that I learned the news that you’ll be moving on to Jones, Able, and Jellico. I’m really proud of you for getting hired for your “dream job,” but boy, will we miss you around here!

My congratulations are heartfelt – please keep in touch and let us know how you’re enjoying the challenges of your new position.

Yours truly,

Your Name

Congratulatory Descriptions for a Business Associate

Here are some sample sentences that you can draw on to craft a letter of congratulations:

  • I heard you got the job you've always wanted. Cheers to your continued success!
  • This position was truly made for you. Congratulations on finding such a perfect opportunity.
  • I'm so thrilled to hear you got your dream job. Would love to celebrate the occasion with you!
  • Your new company made the right choice in hiring someone like you. You deserve all the rewards to come.
  • Congratulations on your new endeavor! I'm so thrilled that you'll be working on something you're passionate about.
  • Your talent will truly be appreciated in this new role. They're lucky to have you!
  • It was a pleasure and an honor working with you. Your new role is well deserved, and I wish you success in your new job. 
  • I know you've waited a long time to find this job, and it's inspiring to see you fulfill your dream.
  • You are a force to be reckoned with in this field, and I'm so proud to know you and to have worked with you.
  • Our loss is ABC Company’s gain. We will miss you enormously around here, but it will be exciting to hear about your new adventures.
  • You are indeed the best person for your new job. Kudos to you for reaching this wonderful milestone.
  • You are proof that dedication and determination go a long way. You inspire me!
  • While we'll miss your valuable contributions and dedication, I am so glad you got a new job that excites you.
  • Your new job is a perfect match for you. I wish you continued success.

Personalized Business Correspondence

Writing a personalized, brief note is appropriate in a variety of work situations, not just when your business associate is moving on to a new job. Other instances for which you should learn how to write personalized business letters include thanking someone for an interview, following up after an interview or application, accepting or rejecting a job, resigning from a position, and many more.

As fewer and fewer people put the time and energy into sending these letters, each one that is received becomes more memorable to the recipient, whether that's a business associate or a future employer.

Short congratulation messages are easy, takes less time both for the sender and receiver.

Good Luck Messages For New Job

best wishes for new assignment

Appointment congratulations

Appointment congratulations letter

I wish to congratulate you on your new appointment as (new role) and I take this opportunity to look forward in working closely and strengthen the cooperation between our companies (institutions).
Congratulations on your appointment and wish you every success in your new duties. Please be aware that you have our full support.
It gives me great pleasure to extend my warmest congratulations to you on your appointment as (new position). I trust that you will continue to work for the improvement of our business relationship.
Thank you for sharing the good news and I hope it's not too late to congratulate you for the well earned promotion to the post of the (new position). I wish you the best in this new term of office.
I would like to offer you my most sincere congratulations upon your assumption of your new responsibilities as the (new role). We at the (name of the company or institution) pledge our further support and look forward to productive cooperation.

Congratulations on your new assignment

We were delighted to hear of your victory in election. We are sure that under your great leadership, wisdom and guidance (city, company, institution) will strive to much greater heights and achievements. Let me once again reiterate my sincere congratulations on your success!
We have the pleasure to congratulate you on your assignment and wishing you a successful mission. (The company or institution) has made an excellent choice based on expertise, experience and talent.
I extend heartiest congratulations to you and your appointment as the (new role) and look forward to further bilateral cooperation in (field of activity) between (names of companies or institutions).
Certainly your willingness to volunteer your time and effort, as well as express your opinions, has contributed to your being selected for the post. We wish you all the best as you represent us.
It was with great pleasure that I learned just now of your nomination as (name of the position). Allow me to congratulate you most warmly both on my behalf and on behalf of the company (institution).

Here you may find a lot of promotion congratulations.

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Moving to a new job is like moving to a new home. It is painful, but the rewards are worth all the effort. Congratulations—I wish you all the best!.

best wishes for new assignment
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