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Best quotes for birthday wishes to teacher
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Here you can find some wonderful inspirational greetings and messages to write on your teacher’s birthday Card. You people can join together to collect some money to buy a heart warming birthday gift to your favorite teacher. Even you can celebrate your teachers birthday by singing a nice birthday song while she or he enters the class. No matter, whether you are a student or an ex-student, you should never miss a chance of wishing your teacher on his or her birthday. Teachers have a god-alike place in one’s life, they teach us and make us who we are today.Here you can find some nice birthday messages for teachers

Birthday Wishes For Teacher

  • You taught us the best lessons of our lives. On this day, I just want to let you know that you are very special to me. Happy Birthday Sir/Maám.
  • You are not just our *subject name (eg. Science)* teacher, but you are also a guide which will never let us step on a wrong path. Thank you being there always. Happy Birthday dear teacher.
  • Some teachers not just teach their subject but they also teach the precious life lessons. You are one of those special teachers. Truly thankful to you. Happy birthday!
  • For you, there are hundreds of students, but for me you are just one and only. I am blessed to have a teacher cum mentor like you. Happy birthday!
  • One of the best things that this school/college has given me is you, dear teacher. Thanks for teaching the best life lessons. Happy birthday!
  • On this special day of yours, I wish that God bless you with more wisdom and power so that you keep on inspiring us, the students for betterment of the society. Happy birthday dear teacher
  • I am truly grateful to our principal maám/sir as he/she made you our class teachers. It is always a treat to listen to your lectures. Happy birthday!
  • I am just another student for you, but this is to let you know that you are my most favourite teacher. Thank you for everything. Happy birthday to you.

To attend your daily classes
was a blessing for our future
which you bestowed upon us.
Feel blessed to have you as our mentor.
Happy birthday Sir.

You made each lesson learning
a fun filled experience for us.
We never got bored of your lectures.
Thanks Sir and a very happy birthday to you.

You not only taught us lessons
in fact you enlightened us
throughout our schooldays.
Happy birthday Ma’am.

We considered you not only as a teacher
but as a close friend too.
Many many happy wishes for the coming years.

You gave our lives purpose
and cause by teaching us those precious lessons.
Thank you and a very happy birthday.

Hope you pass on good grades
in lieu of your birthday.
A fun filled birthday wish for you Sir.

You shaped our future by your mind.
Thank You Ma’am and a very happy birthday.

May all happiness comes to you in your life.
You may lead more people to
success path with your directions.
Happy birthday Ma’am.

A mother gives birth to a child
and a teacher guides him or her
to success and achievements.
Blessed to have you Sir.
Happy birthday.

You handled the jungle
of our classroom very well.
Happy birthday Ma’am.

You taught us to read and write,
you were there for our support
be it day or night.
Happy birthday Sir.

Wishing a very happy birthday
to the world’s best mentor
and guide I could ever had.
Feeling lucky to have you as my teacher.

Happy Birthday Messages For Teacher

On your birthday we feel fortunate enough
to have you as our teacher
so caring and loving.
Best wishes Sir/Ma’am.

To this day belongs our great future
as it was you who taught us lessons
so well that we excelled in our fields so great.
Happy birthday Sir/Ma’am.

You are a top grade teacher Sir.
The students you enlightened today
stand upon the path of success
that you guided us on.
Happy birthday Sir/Ma’am.



Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Teacher, Birthday Greetings for Teacher

Happy birthday to an outstanding teacher,
mentor, guide, leader
and what not you have been for us.

You showed us the path of light,
you taught us what is wrong and right.
Today I can truly understand
meaning of many things because
all that is possible as you gave me wings.
Happy birthday Sir.

Your classes and sessions
were a fun filled one always.
Hope to rejoin school once again.
Happy birthday Ma’am/Sir.

It seemed so difficult
when I first started my school
but when I got you it was
a fun learning and cakewalk
for me throughout.
Happy birthday Sir.

Thanks for the guidance and support Sir.
You were great.
Happy birthday.

Birthday Card Messages for Teacher, Birthday Greetings for Your teacher

You are a gift of God for all children.
The way you made class lessons
so easy for us is tremendous.
Happy birthday Sir.

Experience is the best teacher
but having you was the best experience
we could have.
Happy birthday Ma’am.

A teacher is the one who teaches
us how to embark upon other professions.
Happy birthday sir.

You made beautiful butterflies
out of the caterpillars
that we were when we first met you.
Happy birthday Sir.

No books or notes could have helped
us in building the life that we lead
if it hasn’t been for you teaching
us how to read those books.
Happy birthday Sir/Ma’am.

Birthday Text Messages For Teachers

No books or notes could have helped
us in building the life that we lead
if it hasn’t been for you teaching
us how to read those books.
Happy birthday Sir/Ma’am.

We are proud to say
that you helped us shape our future.
God Bless you Sir/Ma’am.
Happy birthday.

Wishing you a blissful day
of happiness and smiles.
You spread wisdom with your lessons.
Happy birthday Sir.

You made the toughest subject
of our life as a cakewalk for us
with your wise and meaningful classes.
Happy birthday Sir.

You were not only a teacher
but a friend philosopher
and guide for all of us.
Blessed to have you.
Happy birthday Ma’am/Sir.

Birthday Wishes Quotes for Teacher

Dear Ma’am, you will always be
in our hearts and soul.
We miss you and your classes so much.
Happy birthday.

You were more than a teacher to us.
We felt like your children
and you helped us find ourselves.
Here’s wishing a happy birthday to you.

You always proved that learning
can be so joyous and pleasant experience.
Wishing you happiness on your birthday.

Thank you for guiding and nurturing us.
Happy birthday to you Sir.

Studying just books for thousand days
is never so good than having
your company for just one day.
You make learning so useful n easy.
Happy birthday.

Birthday Greetings Wishes for Teacher, Teacher Birthday Wishes

I would rejoice with great happiness
as its my favorite maths teacher’s birthday.
God Bless You Sir.

Teaching is the occupation
that teaches us how to pursue other professions.
You teachers are really god
sent angels for us.
Happy birthday Ma’am.

You were just like our guide
and we made you full of pride.
Thanks for being there with us.
Happy birthday sir.

Discipline guidance and learning can be found
in only one soul and that is you, Sir.
Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday.


Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Teacher, Best Birthday Messages for Teacher

Every student in the school admires you
and thinks you of his or her hero
in shaping the future of so many.
Happy birthday Sir.

You are our hero and celebrity.
We idolize you instead of some celebrity
as you were close to us
in making us what we are today.
We couldn’t have done without you.
Happy Birthday To You!

Whenever I recalled my school days
they are all filled with bright moments
and my only shining star is you.
You made my schooldays
so filled with learnings and wisdom.
Happy birthday Sir.

You showed us how to study
and be sincere and now here
we are to show you how to party.
Its your birthday Sir
and we cant let it go without having a bash.

You have been teaching us for
so long years and today is your day
to rejoice it completely and celebrate
as its your birthday.
Wishing you a very happy birthday.

Coming to school doesn’t make me blue
and its all possible because of you.
Happy birthday to the man who shaped our future.

More Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Teacher

So many roles you played in life-
Teacher, mentor, guide, leader, friend
and yet my life is not complete enough
to thank you for all the good
that you brought to me.
Happy birthday Ma’am.

You not only taught us
how to read or write but more.
And you taught us the wisdom of realizing
the opportunities at our door.
Wishing you a very special birthday wish
from all your students.

A big birthday wish for a wonderful English teacher.
I am able to write this message
all because of you.
Happy birthday to the wonderful lady.

We will never be able to forget you.
Hurray to the world’s best teacher
ever and a very happy birthday on his special day.

You made us learn from our mistakes.
And improvise our doings in every aspect.
You were the perfect guide that we could have.
Thanks for all of it and a very happy birthday Sir.

Wish you all the worldly pleasures
and happiness after all
that you have done for us.
We can never pay you back
but we can always rejoice
this day in the best possible way we can.
Happy birthday Sir.

Hope you liked these beautiful birthday wishes for teachers. You can jot down these birthday wishes in a handmade greeting card or on little notes. You can accompany the little notes and cards with some birthday gifts like flowers, pen, show-pieces, wall hangings etc. You can also send these cute birthday wishes on your teacher’s mobile phone, facebook or any other social media.
Stay tuned for more!

Many people think that a wishing card is the best way to wish any special day. Dearest teacher, since it's your birthday, the entire class would wish for you to.

50+ Beautiful Birthday Wishes For Teacher – Best Birthday Sayings For Headmaster

best quotes for birthday wishes to teacher

You May Know that Happy Teacher’s Day is  Celebrated on the 5th of September every year. No Matter how old you are,  The Lecture taught by our Sweet Teacher’s will not be Forgotten. Teachers are Spiritual Father and Mother of us.  The Spiritual Father and Mother are an Important Role Model of all Educational Institution.

If you are going to wish your Teacher on this Appropriate day to make him feel Awesome and show your Respect and Love how Much you have respect and love in your heart for him. Simply read complete Article and find out best wishes, Messages, And Quotes for your Sweet Teacher. You can Share it on Social Media Such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snap chat, Twitter, Pinterest etc. 

Happy Teacher’s Day Wishes, Messages, And Quotes

  • “Happy Teacher’s Day 2018 to you. You are my all-time favorite teacher. I have learned many things from you but most of all I have learned how to be a good person in life!”

  • “Teaching is the best profession anyone can ever have. I feel really lucky to have you as my teacher. Happy teacher’s day! Wish you have a wonderful time today!”

  • “You taught us like a teacher, protected us like our parents and guided us like a mentor. You truly deserve this day so much. Happy teacher’s day to my most beloved teacher!”

  • “Every word you say is so full of wisdom. To me, you are the greatest teacher there was and there will ever be. I respect you with all my heart. Happy teacher’s day 2018!”

  • “The patience and sacrifices of our teachers should be celebrated every day. Not just one day in a year. I wish you all the best on this special occasion. You are my most favorite teacher!”

  • “You have a very special power of inspiring young people like me. We need more teachers like you in our schools and colleges. Happy teacher’s day to you!”

  • “You show me how to behave properly, you teach me invaluable lessons, and you make me learn from my mistakes. Saying that I appreciate you and what you do for me is an understatement. Happy Teacher’s Day 2018!”

  • “You have always made a difference in your loving and caring ways! Happy Teachers Day! Thank you for holding my little hands and teaching me whatever I know till now mam. Have a wonderful teachers day!”

  • “Dear Teacher, Thanks for inspiring hope in me; Igniting my imagination, And instilling in me – a love of learning. Happy Teacher’s Day 2018!”

  • “With a great teacher like you, I was sure that life would be a successful journey but I never knew you will also make the journey to success such a cakewalk. I can’t express my gratitude, Sir!”

  • “Dear teacher, Wishing you happy Teachers’ Day. Thank you for being the guiding light and for inspiring me to do well in studies. You are the best teacher.”

  • “Thank you for teaching me a subject I thought I could never understand or be interested in. Thank you for making learning fun. Happy Teacher’s Day!”

  • “Teachers are the parents who guide you without any ulterior motive. I thank you, dear teacher – for being my strength and inspiration! Happy Teacher’s Day!”

  • “To someone who has taken the time to listen to my concerns, guide me on the path to knowledge, and reassure me on my life’s path. Happy Teacher’s Day!”

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  • “You inspired me to reach my goals and achieve my dreams. More importantly, you inspired me to be you. Thank you, teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day.”

  • “Your positive attitude has helped to make every day brighter in every way. You have patiently put up with dozens of nerve-wracking students while still helping us to become smarter, positive, and successful individuals. Happy Teacher’s Day!”

  • “As you inspired others… You added meaning to my life too… Thanks for being a great inspirer… Always!”

  • “You are the best Teacher in this world. Wherever I may go in my life, I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher, you.”

  • “A simple ‘thank you’ is probably not enough. Not only have you taught me lessons from the book, but you have also taught me lessons from life. So here’s wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day!”

  • “Teachers have to lead by example, and you have always been an excellent example to follow. As a student, I feel very grateful to have such a great mentor in my life. Happy Teacher’s Day!”

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  • “I was lucky to have a teacher as wonderful as you are. Wishing you a Teacher’s Day that’s full of joyous moments!”

  • “Very few people have the courage and dedication to take the education of today’s youth into your own hands, but you are doing an amazing job. Happy Teacher’s Day!”

  • “Sending my love and warmth to you, You have not only been a wonderful teacher but also a friend, philosopher, and guide. May you have a memorable Teachers Day!”

  • “A good teacher is like a candle burning, It consumes itself to light the way for others. Happy Teachers Day…”


  • “Never forget how important your job is. The youth of the nation are looking to you for guidance, education, and care. Thank you for all your hard work. Happy Teacher’s Day!”

  • “You’re a truly inspiring individual who has taught so much more than simply curriculum. Your hard work, efforts, and care are much more appreciated than you know. Happy Teacher’s Day!”

  • “Dear Sir, you were the best teacher in school. You made learning so much fun. I still remember how we used to wait for your physics class. Wishing the world’s best teacher a very Happy Teachers’ Day!”

  • “Dear teacher, thanks for all that you have done for me. You not just shaped my career, but also made me a much better person. Wishing you a happy Teachers’ Day.”

  • “A teacher’s job is not at all easy. Teachers impart knowledge and wisdom to thousands of students and make them better human beings. But you really excelled at your job. Wishing happy Teachers’ Day to you, dear sir.”

  • “Thanking for not only being an excellent guide and friend but also a marvelous mentor. Happy Teachers Day!!”

  • “You have taught me the true meaning of life!. Sending my love and wishes to the most remarkable teacher… 
    Happy Teachers Day!!”
  • “Thanks for igniting a fire within me to achieve something. You are the best. 
    Happy Teachers Day!”
  • “You are my strength and inspiration. Thanks for your guidance. 
    Happy Teachers Day!!”
  • “I hope you remain the way you are and prove to be a great mentor for all students. 
    Happy Teacher’s Day!!”
  • “Teachers deserve all respect from society as they are the spark plug of life’s vehicle. 
    So, Happy Teachers Day.”

  • “Here we have listed a few quotes, messages and WhatsApp status that you can send your teachers on this Teacher’s Day 2019:”

  • “If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

  • “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” -William Butler Yeats

  • “Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers.” – Josef Albers

  • “Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai

  • “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” – Khalil Gibran

  • “The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day!”

  • “Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions. Thank you for helping me become the person I am today. Happy Teacher’s Day!”

  • “A teacher nourishes the soul of a child for a lifetime.”

  • “A Teacher presents the past, reveals the present, and creates the future.”

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  • “Teacher, you have always challenged me to work hard and get good grades. I will always remember you. Happy Teacher’s Day!”

  • “Thanks, a teacher for making my world so perfect. Happy Teacher’s Day!”

  • “The best teachers don’t give you the answer, they spark within you the desire to find the answer yourself. Happy Teachers Day!”

  • “I am grateful to be your student. Thank you for challenging me to be my best and instilling in me a passion for learning. Happy Teachers Day!”

  • “My child’s future is so much brighter because of you. Thank you for being an outstanding teacher. Best wishes for Teachers Day.”

  • “Keep calm and study on. Happy Teachers’ Day!”

  • “You deserve recognition for all the sacrifices that you make, you are more than a teacher to me and I THANK YOU!”

  • “Today I celebrate you for being selfless, devoted, hardworking, and the wisest person in the classroom. I am grateful to be your student. Happy Teacher’s Day!”

  • “Admiration, devotion, education, inspiration, and compassion are what you have. So I give you a toast to you, my teacher because you deserve to be celebrated.”

  • “Having a teacher like you is a blessing from above. Thank you for changing my world.”

  • “Thank you for being my child’s second parent and a fantastic mentor. Happy Teachers Day!”

  • “Wishing you joy and happiness, you are an amazing teacher, and you only deserve the best.”

  • “You are the spark, the inspiration, the guide, the candle to my life. I am deeply thankful that you are my teacher.”

  • “Books, sports, homework and knowledge, you are the pillar of our success and in the classroom, you are the best.”

  • “Happy Teachers Day! You are the reason why I am what I am today. Thank you for being my mentor and my role model.”

  • “Thank you for planting a seed of curiosity and igniting my imagination for me to be able to flourish and succeed. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it were not for you dear teacher! Happy Teacher’s Day!”

  • “Happy Teacher’s Day, Ma’am! You have taught me more than just my ABCs, you have taught me life lessons that have helped me through tough times. Thank you :)”

  • “I’ll remember and thank you for always being there for me. Happy Teachers Day!”

  • “Good teachers are the reason ordinary students go on to do extraordinary things. Thank you for being my teacher! Happy Teacher’s Day!”

  • “To someone who has taken the time to listen to my concerns, guide me on the path to knowledge, and reassure me on my life’s path. Happy Teacher’s Day!”

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Happy Birthday Wishes For Teacher

best quotes for birthday wishes to teacher

Birthday wishes for teacher

Dear teacher, it was okay for me not to notice all those things you have been doing for me for years. But now I understand the value of your words, your wisdom and support. You were the one who always told me “do it” when I shouted “I can’t”. I would be nothing without your endless faith in me. Thank you so very much, dear teacher, happy birthday to you!


Today is such a lovely day, because it gave this world you, teacher. You are the most intelligent person I know, but it’s not what makes you so special to me. It’s your kindness, support and understanding that fill my every day with happiness. May all your dreams come true, happy birthday!


Your patience is unbelievable. Having a class of teenagers making noise, screaming, talking and laughing is unbearable. But somehow you can always find a way to calm them down, to show them that studying can be interesting and exciting as well as you’ve shown it to me. Wishing you the best of all in life. Congratulations!


We all respect you, teacher. You are not like all, you are not a standard teacher. You teach us to be good persons. Happy birthday!


Teacher. It’s not just a word to me. Those seven letters are filled with love, understanding and kindness. I’m so grateful that I have an opportunity to be your student, because there’s no one in this world who can be a better teacher then you. Wishing you lots of happiness in life. Congratulations on your birthday!

We hope that on this birthday you may feel inspired about how much we appreciate you”. —. “The best teachers know that their students are also teachers .

Birthday Wishes for Teacher

best quotes for birthday wishes to teacher

Birthday Wishes for Teacher

Were found 71 happy birthday messages:

A great teacher is one who knows their students, motivates them, and helps them evolve. You are definitely one of the greatest. Thank you for all your guidance and all you have taught me.

I wish you a happy birthday and many more to come!
To the best teacher,
the most caring and
friendly of them all,
I wish a happy birthday,
much love, health
and lovely surprises!
Each day you make the world a better place with your patience, your knowledge, and all the care and dedication you put into teaching.

You help shape the minds of the adults of tomorrow, and for that we all thank you. Happy birthday, dear teacher!

Never give up on your passion for teaching, and never stop inspiring your students.
Teachers as great as you are hard to come by! You are so dedicated and you want nothing but the best for your students. Have a great birthday!

In you, I found a great person who has taught me not only facts about books but about life itself.

You deserve all the happiness your heart desires, and I wish you the very best today and all other days.

Have a joyous birthday, teacher!
Happy birthday to my absolute
favourite teacher!

You are so smart, wise and so
incredibly funny but out of all
your remarkable qualities, the
thing I admire most about you
is your generosity.

For example, the amazing grade
you’re probably going to give me
because of this sincere, heartfelt
birthday message I took the time
to write for you!

Have a truly wonderful day!
Your classes are more than a simple lesson on some subject, they are lessons on life. You manage to keep it both interesting and fun. I never thought I could have so much fun learning.

You are the best teacher of all, not just because the reasons that I've already mentioned, but also because you bring out the best in your students.

I wish you the best of birthdays!
Not all heroes wear capes, teacher!

I mean, surely with the daily battle
you face in dealing with some of
the kids in this school, you must
have some kind of superpower to
keep your cool!

Wishing you a relaxed birthday
this year, teach!
Happy birthday to my favourite teacher!

It’s true that most teachers are boring,
but you are definitely the least boring
out of them all!

Thank you for making your lessons
somewhat interesting! Wishing you
a very happy birthday today, teach!
Happy birthday to a teacher who has
just the right balance of playfulness
and seriousness!

You’re so easy-going and all for having a
laugh, which makes your lessons the best,
but the moment someone steps out of line
something clicks in you and you come
down on them like a ton of bricks!

It’s actually quite funny to watch you go
from one extreme to the other! One
minute you’re laughing, and then the
next you could be shouting at someone!
It certainly keeps everyone on their toes!

Wishing you a calm and relaxed birthday
this year, teacher!
Happy birthday, teacher!

I honestly don’t know how you do what
you do so gracefully, day in and day out.

I also don’t know why you do it, surely
there must have been less stressful
career options!

Even with the most trying of students,
you always seem to keep your cool!
You must have the patience of a saint!

So, for such a calm and collected teacher,
I wish you the most tranquil birthday and
I hope that you are able to get some well-
deserved rest on your special day!

All the best!
Happy birthday to a teacher who is part
of the furniture!

I’m not being flippant, but my parents
remember when you were a teacher
during their attendance at my school!

Good on you for sticking with it and
persevering through all these years,
especially when you have to put up
with cheeky students like me!

Enjoy your well-deserved special day!
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If your beloved teacher is celebrating his or her birthday, then this is the best time to show your gratitude and respect towards him or her.

best quotes for birthday wishes to teacher
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