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Advance marriage wishes for best friend

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Advance marriage wishes for best friend
September 09, 2018 Anniversary Wishes For Parents 1 comment

After something as big as a wedding, you may find that it is a good idea to simpl lie You've been a friend And a co-worker true; I wish a blessed wedding And.

The wedding day is around the corner and you should be prepared for this memorable day. This preparation includes also a gift together with the greeting card and your warmest congratulations and wedding wishes about a happily married life, to the couple who gets married.

No matter if you write a formal or informal message, the most important part is that to be sincere and heartfelt. Describe the past memories you shared with the couple and wish them for happy full of joy married life! Keep in mind that only your wedding wishes will remain unchanged through the years of the couple’s life.

Below you can find unique and awesome ideas of Wedding Wishes and Happy Married Life Messages to help you write your own personalized wish for the bride and groom.

Heartfelt Wedding Wishes and Happy Married Life Messages

  • ♦ Starting your own family is the most precious thing in life. Wishing you the best on your wedding!
  • ♦ May God bless your marriage and offer you a bright and shiny family! All my best wishes on your wedding.
  • ♦ May the unique connection between you to stay unchanged eternally. Congratulations on your wedding!
  • ♦ You are the most beautiful couple I’ve ever met. May your love grow stronger and stronger during your married life. Congratulations!
  • ♦ Today you are starting a life together. You have to always take care on each other for a lifetime. Congrats!

  • ♦ This will be one of the happiest days of your common life. Remember though that hard time will come and you should be together strong to overpass all the obstacles you will face in the future.
  • ♦ Take care of your family and make your home the safest place for your children. Congratulations on your wedding!
  • ♦ May this day be the first of millions exciting and beautiful moments as a married couple. Congrats!
  • ♦ You are the example of a real relationship. Wishing you always be this example for your surrounding people you love. My best wishes for this day.
  • ♦ Wishing you to turn the meaning of your marriage into a fairy tale that we all tell to our children! Congrats!
  • ♦ May your family be as great as your love is. Wishing you lot of joy on your wedding day.
  • ♦ You are a unique example of how a loving couple should be. Congratulations on your wedding.
  • ♦ Can you hear the bells ring? Can you feel the smell of love in the air? All my senses look forward for your wedding day!
  • ♦ My warmest wedding wishes to the most stylish bride and groom. I’m so happy to see you getting married today. Congratulations on your wedding!
  • ♦ May your married life be like the dance you will dance tonight! Wishing you the grooviest wedding ever made!
  • ♦ There are many hard and happy times in married life, but true love has the power stay strong, unchanged and keep the family always together. All the best on your wedding day!

  • ♦ May your love be the star that will always shine bright in the sky through the years of your married life!
  • ♦ Congratulations on your wedding! May you have a happy married life together!
  • ♦ May your marriage be the beginning of a life full of joy, happiness and many cute babies! My warmest wedding wishes.
  • ♦ There is nothing more beautiful than a bunch of children running around and destroying everything in the house! May you two have a lot of happy moments like this together. Congratulations on your wedding.
  • ♦ You were always happy together and your wedding day was already too late. May you have a great and special married life together.
  • ♦ This will be the most beautiful day of your life and the beginning of a unique and full of surprises journey. Enjoy it to the fullest.
  • ♦ Wishing you a lifetime of love and joy. May your wedding day be the beginning of a bright future ahead.
  • ♦ Congratulations to a couple who was always in my heart. I am so happy to see you start your own family!
  • ♦ You are about to enter the next level of your relationship. It’s time to prepare yourselves for a noisy but joyful married life. Congratulations!
  • ♦ Building a family you build a place of love, peace and tranquility that will keep you always safe. Congrats!
  • ♦ We are very happy to call you both family. May God send you as many children as you wish, to fulfill your life with smiles and love! Enjoy your wedding day!
  • ♦ Love and Hugs to both of you. This will be a memorable day, because you turn your love into a beautiful family. Congrats!
  • ♦ We are so excited for your wedding day. We always wanted to see you as a bride and groom! Enjoy this day to the fullest!
  • ♦ Our most sincere love and very best wedding wishes to you both! Love and happiness to all you future married life!

  • ♦ May magic and charm fulfill your marriage and all our wedding wishes accompany you for a lifetime!
  • ♦ The happiness of this day is one of the million that will follow and you both will experience together. Congratulations on your wedding.
  • ♦ May you always be together as one and never split apart no matter the difficulties you may face in your future life. I love you both.
  • ♦ Wishing you a dream family and an incredible journey of married life. Congrats on your wedding.
  • ♦ Feeling your partner’s heart beating in your soul is what make a relationship last eternally. Love you both, congratulations.
  • ♦ I read it in newspaper and tears of happiness filled my eyes. I am so proud of both of you. Happy married life together.
  • ♦ May your marriage give you endless tenderness an unforgettable moments. Enjoy your wedding day!
  • ♦ Don’t be afraid to get married. It’s an unstoppable roller coaster you cannot resist! Congratulations.
  • ♦ Always take care of each other even if you are tired on the hard and difficult times in life. Joy and Happiness for your marriage.


Congrats and best wedding wishes on your happy day!” . You've started a trend among our friends, now everyone's going to feel like they.

Advance Marriage Wishes

advance marriage wishes for best friend

When it comes to weddings, people are consumed with visions of white dresses, wedding bells, newly-weds hand in hand and beautiful declarations of love? However, if you have been through a wedding, you know that that’s just half of it, and if you are looking forward to a wedding of your own, you deserve a fair warning!

Weddings are beautiful, but as any wedding planner will tell you, they are also a large amount of work. For a party that is all about love and joy, there are a fair amount of headaches, strife, problems, logistics and just plain irriations that are packed in with them. Anyone who has wrangled a guest less, dietary restrictions, venue planning and wedding decorations can tell you that sometimes, things just don’t go according to plan.

Fortunately, more and more people are recognizing that after the wedding comes the wedding recovery!

Just like an operation, a long trip or anything else that takes time, money, effort, heart and a lot of struggles, you will quickly find that a big part of your wedding is going to be your recovery from it! Weddings are tiring, and though they are beautiful, they do take tons and tons of effort. After something as big as a wedding, you may find that it is a good idea to simpl lie back and take it all easy.

What’s your wedding recovery strategy? Some people rest up and soak up the rays, while others just find that they need to jump feet first into something that does not involve menus, lace, satin, tulle or venue regulations for quite some time. No matter what your wedding style was, your wedding recovery style will be a thing all its own,

One important thing to remember about wedding recovery is that you are far from alone. Most people have to have a period of time where they decompress from their wedding, and this is what a recovery period is all about. Take some time and consider what others have said about wedding recovery and what it meant to them. Weddings are great, but they sure will take a lot out of you!

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Words of Congratulations for a Wedding

advance marriage wishes for best friend

It is never too early to send your wedding wishes to a couple soon to get married, in fact, it may be a way to warm up those cold feet and ensure they have a beautifully perfect wedding, saying “I do” to the person of their dreams. I think it is encouragable to send a little pre wedding message to show your love and support of the love they have groomed into forever with the one they love. Early wedding wishes are good for any couple receiving them, so why not feel inspired by some of these messages or maybe choose from one of these messages to give the couple an unforgettable day:

Wedding Wishes In Advance

  • May I start by saying I wouldn’t miss your wonderful day for anything in the world, your love has encouraged me to search for love of my own. Congrats on your upcoming wedding.
  • I may not be the romance type but what you have shown each other is definitely something worth hoping for. Hope to be there on your wedding.
  • May your wedding be something to always cherish and remember for all eternity, wishing you unending happiness my dears.
  • I hope you’ll stand in front of the mirror this morning and appreciate the greatness of the Lord upon your life. May your joy be full through as you marry today. Congratulations.
  • What a day of joy it is, you probably won’t sleep till dawn. You don’t have to worry; you’ll enjoy a great marriage. Congratulations my dear friend.


  • I really can’t wait to see you come out in that specially made white gown, I’m sure only few angels will look better than you today. I wish you a successful marriage.
  • It’s almost your wedding day and might I say everything seems perfect, hope to be a witness to the vows and promises you’ll make for each other.
  • Top 200 Wedding Wishes
  • From the moment you met up until the moment he proposed, I still feel the same love between you two and I believe you will have a great marriage, congrats in advance.
  • May this love you have between you two radiate throughout your marriage life, I couldn’t be happier being part of the day. Congrats on your upcoming wedding.
  • There will be a collection of several thoughts running through your mind as the day break. But I want you to feel relaxed. It’s your day. Congratulations on your wedding day.

  • Some days will never fade away so easily in our memories because it’s a day that brings lots of joy. I wanna wish you a prosperous home and lots of children. Congratulations.
  • It’s a memorable day in your life my dear friend and I want to make sure I share the best of it with you. I’m so happy for you. I wish you a great marriage.
  • Wedding Wishes and Messages for Bride
  • You can make it work, you can make it unforgettable and most importantly, you can make it through forever. Congrats on your upcoming wedding.
  • You will make a beautiful bride and he a handsome groom, relax, you love each other to last a lifetime and beyond. Congrats on your upcoming wedding.
  • The sun will shine brighter for you on your wedding day, the clouds will be especially puffy on that day and angels of love shall sing unforgettable tunes for you on your upcoming wedding.


  • Congratulations to you on this day dear friend, you’ve attained success in every aspect. I hope you’ll enjoy success in your marriage also. Enjoy your home friend.
  • When the heart beats nonstop, it shows something wonderful is about to happen, so no worries about that. I wish you a great and wonderful marriage. Congratulations.
  • I hope by the time you woke up beside your woman tomorrow, it’ll be a perfect day you’ve dreamt about for so long. Congrats on this perfect day. Enjoy your marriage.
  • Wedding Messages for Groom
  • I hope someday I will be as lucky as you, but until then, I will admire and learn from both of you, you are my idols. Congrats on your upcoming wedding.
  • Nothing brings more joy than two families uniting as one, you will make that possible and I know there is nothing more important than that, looking forward to your upcoming wedding.

  • I will always wish you the best now and forever, you have taught me a lot from the love you share and I hope to always know you have my support, congrats on your upcoming wedding.
  • The man of your life puts a ring on it today, you must be nervous. Just be yourself and open your heart to love him totally. Congratulations friend. Enjoy your new home.
  • Wedding Congratulations Messages
  • The day brings about some chill down the spine because it’s a day that won’t come back again. A very special day. Enjoy it in the perfect way dear friends. Congratulations.
  • The old people who are still in love started just like you would start today. A lot will happen in the marriage. Stay tight and together. Happy married life friend.
  • Congratulations on this news day my friend, never forget to drop the past in the past. A home loitering in the past won’t move forward. Enjoy your great home.


  • Tears of joy will flow from my eyes as I see the most beautiful couple yet step out and make their vows to each other, happy early wedding wish.
  • One day at a time, that’s all it takes to last forever, hoping and wishing you the best wedding ever. Congrats on your upcoming wedding.
  • Wedding Wishes for a Friend
  • Instead of panic and fear, it’ll be delightful if you could attack the day with lots of enthusiasm and a joyful passion. It’s a big day. May you have a lovely home. Happy new home.
  • Congratulations to you my dear sister. I still can’t imagine it that you would leave us all behind. The time we spent together were wonderful. I won’t forget. Happy married life sis.
  • Couldn’t sleep through the night with the thought of you leaving. I’ll really miss you so much. I love you sister and I hope you have much love in your new adventure. Enjoy your marriage.

  • It’s been a serious concern for me how mom will survive alone at home without you there. May God bless your new home. Please always visit mum once in a while.
  • My soul and spirit will walk with you as you tie the knot, wishing you nothing but happiness my pretties. Congrats on your upcoming wedding.
  • Top 100 Short Wedding Wishes
  • Each day as we get closer to the D-day, I pray and hope that all doubt will be erased; I know you will have a fantastic and unforgettable day and hopefully marriage.
  • Naughty brother ? amongst thousands of reasons not to sleep, I know the only one reason why you can’t sleep today. Hehehe. Just wait a little more and she’s all yours. Happy married life brother.
  • I still wonder why all of your hair dried off even at your youthful age?. I hope your wife will make it grow back. Hehehehe. Sweet brother I’ll miss you a lot. Happy married life.


  • I know nothing will go wrong for the love you have for each other will suffice any obstacle, wishing you a lovely upcoming wedding.
  • Oh I’ll miss you uncle. Couldn’t stop thinking of you through the night. You are a valuable person and I wish you well in your new adventure with your wife. Congratulations on your marriage.
  • So you’ll later get married, I thought you’re shy to talk to women, what a beautiful wife you’re set to marry. Sharp guy ?. I wish you all the best as you marry today.
  • It is a giant step you’ve taken today, but it’s also a step for the brave ones. I’m so certain that you’ll do well and your new home will flourish. Congratulations on your new home.
  • I will be so caught up in the excitement of your wedding that I might forget to send you a wedding wish, so I decided to do it now. Happy Married Life.
  • I sent you first wedding wishes because I want to be the first to congratulate you and declare my total support towards making it a success.
  • Wedding is an institution created by God for the fulfillment of the purpose for us, so be mindful to always involve God in all that you do to achieve total success.


Wedding wishes, congratulations and happy married life messages that will May your marriage be the beginning of a life full of joy, happiness and many cute .

Wedding Congratulations Wishes and Messages For Best Friend

advance marriage wishes for best friend

Wedding is surely the most special moment in one’s life…. it is the day of celebration and when it is your best friend’s wedding, sending wishes for marriage blessing is a must. You might find it difficult to send wedding wishes for best friend as you cannot think of something unique and perfect. Exquisite wedding card messages for friends weaved with beautiful words are perfect wedding quotes for best friends. Use short wedding wishes and quotes to wish your buddy a wonderful married life.

Here are happy married life wishes for friend. Use my best friend wishes wedding day quotes to send warm wishes using these awesome messages.

1. We all look for a special person in our life with whom we can share everything in our lives, someone who loves us unconditionally and cares for us beyond boundaries…. I am happy that you have found your soul mate. Wishing you both a very happy married life.

2. My dearest friend, you have always been the most special person to me but now as you are set to step in a new world, I am very happy and excited for you… I wish that you are blessed with the happiness in the world… Warm wishes to the best couple on their wedding.

3. I feel the happiest when I see you together… you make the most wonderful couple… I wish that you are always together, happy and smiling, loving and caring… bringing happiness to the people around you…. Happy Married Life to the best couple in the world.

4. Congratulations on your wedding my dearest friend… May each and every day of your life is as exciting and romantic as your first date… May your love and romance multiply with time… Wishing a beautiful and blessed happy married life to you.

5. Marriage is a journey and every day you will have something new to learn… I wish God blesses you with patience and strength to live up to the changes and expectations and make it a happier marriage…. With lots of love, wish you a happy married life my darling!!!

6. You have been a wonderful daughter and an awesome friend… from now on you will be a wife and a daughter in law and I am sure that you will win all the hearts…. Wishing you the best of happiness on your wedding. Congratulations my dear!!!

7. When I look at you both, I see a wonderful couple…. A couple made in heaven… You both are truly made for each other as you both understand each other… as you both share an amazing compatibility…. Warm wishes on your special day… Happy Married Life to you too.

8. A happy and healthy marriage works on trust, understanding, love and respect…. May these pillars of your relationship grow stronger with time and you both are blessed with the best in the world…. Wishing you all the happiness and blissful married life.

9. You have waited for this moment for long…. On this special day, I wish that every moment to come in your life is happiest time of your life…. May your dong of love get stronger and healthier…Warm wishes on marriage to the most amazing couple.

10. I know that from now on I will be sharing my best friend with the person who is her life…. but I am still very happy as you are getting married to the man you always loved… Wishing you all the happiness in the world… May you two are always blessed. Happy Married Life my dear!!!

Read on to find the perfect wedding wishes messages for sister.

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Send beautiful advance happy maried life wishes to a newly-wed couple. What to write Congrats on the find, and best wishes on your wedding day! Facebook.

advance marriage wishes for best friend
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