Trosee gunning for Maddog again

Trosee gunning for Maddog again

Jacqualine Trosee will hope third luck’s the charm if she earns another crack at EFC women’s flyweight and bantamweight champion Amanda Lino.

Trosee (2-4) got TKO’d and submitted by Lino (4-1) across three rounds in March 2016 and June 2017 respectively.

And while a pair of defeats usually rules out the prospect of a trilogy fight, ‘Demolition Jacqui’ has a chance to get one back against ‘Maddog’.

Trosee has thrust herself in opportunity’s way by competing on reality TV show, The Fighter Season 2, with nine other female flyweights from across the world.

The format of the programme, which is partly being filmed at the new EFC Performance Institute in Johannesburg, sees the women live together and fight each other for a six-figure contract with the promotion, and a guaranteed title shot against Lino.

Trosee, the sole South African on TF 2, makes no apologies for making another run at EFC gold.

“The thing is, it’s not my fault Amanda’s got the title. Okay, in a way it is a little bit, but if she wants to have the title then she has to like fight whoever’s ready to fight her for the title,” Trosee told Alastair Bishop on the BigAl MMA Podcast earlier this week.

“It doesn’t matter if that person fought her like 10 times or didn’t fight her at all, she must be ready and she must be willing to say like, ‘Listen okay, I’ve got the title. You want to fight me? Let’s go for it, I’m ready to defend it’.”

Meanwhile, the mother of two said she is enjoying being on set for the most part.

“Being the only South Africa on the set has been quite exhausting (laughs). Knowing that all the girls don’t know like how Pretoria or Jo’burg or anything in South Africa is, they’re like overwhelming me (laughs).

“So ja, the show so far, it’s been great. Only today and yesterday that was a little bit rough because I have to do a weight-cut, but so far everything has been great,” said Trosee, who recently made the move to Chris Bright’s Port Elizabeth Submission Fighting Academy.

TF 2 will first air globally on March 1, with a new hour-long episode released weekly.

Every episode contestants will battle it out in the hexagon, with the loser being eliminated and the winner progressing towards the final.

The two coaches on TF 2, Garreth ‘Soldierboy’ McLellan (13-6) and Brendan ‘Descendant’ Lesar (2-0), will also square off for the EFC interim middleweight belt at the televised live finale on May 4.

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