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Wishing good luck cards
June 26, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

Browse our collection of Good Luck eCards, personalize your message, and send greetings online! Sometimes, all you can do is wish your loved ones luck.

It might be a little early for congratulations, but a show of support won’t go unnoticed. Wish your pal a more-than-fighting chance with our sporting online good luck cards. Give them a mega-dose of luck with every form of well-wishing witchcraft you can muster—send them a card featuring lucky cats, lucky bamboo, golden horseshoes, and other auspicious charms. If you’re not one to believe in magic, you can still grant your friend fair fortune with good luck greeting cards that express simple statements beautifully. Bernard Maisner’s elegantly lettered calligraphy makes art out of two simple words—“best wishes,” namely. If you’d prefer to express those fond wishes with a little bit of cheek, witty cards from Mr. Boddington’s Studio and other witty independent designers and stationers help you send your friend into their next adventure with a jaunty joke.

Sometimes luck comes in the moments we most need it. For a friend whose excursion is taking them to far off locales, good luck cards for big trips and big moves make a beautiful bit of reading material on the long journey ahead. Wish them well with goodbye and good luck cards made for the occasion. For those traversing the groves of academe, good luck cards for exams are just the letter they want to see—right after an A+, of course. For those in the workforce, free good luck in your new job cards are just the ticket to professional admiration.

Once you’ve found the perfect card to send your pal, use the online design tool to add your Midas touch to the good luck greeting and good luck messages you wish to send. Craft your own words of wisdom and customize them with just the right font and matching colors. Give your online card a patterned backdrop and pick out a new envelope liner to greet your friend upon opening your missive. For those with all the good intentions in the world, but fewer time-management skills, schedule your good luck card right before your friend’s university exam or interview to make sure your sentiments arrive on schedule. It’ll arrive right on time, with only a modest amount of forethought from you. With all the good luck you’ve given, make sure to pick out a corresponding congratulations card—how could your friend go wrong?

Wish your family and friends well with one of our good luck cards! Even the smallest occasion could benefit from a little good luck. Job interviews, tests, doctor's.

23 messages, quotes and poems to write in a good luck card

wishing good luck cards

  • Goodbye & Good Luck Balloon Card

    Going Away parties are not a celebration of someone's leaving. Instead, they are a fun way to send good wishes to your loved ones as they move. This Good Luck card shows three purple, yellow, and red party balloons as they float across a turquoise, cloud-filled sky. The bottom half of the card displays the card's message in blue, white, and aqua text.

  • Goodbye & Good Luck Flying Birds Card

    When you move from one stage of life to the next, you always want the support of your family and friends. As your loved one moves to life's next chapter, send them a Good Luck card to show your support. This card's background is a cloud-filled, blue sky. Three graceful birds -colored blue and purple, orange and red, and purple and pink -fly through the air around the card's multi-colored message.

  • Colorful Goodbye & Good Luck Flag Card

    Is there a Going Away party you have to miss? Do you want to send a Good Luck card to let your friend, family member, or coworker know that you will miss them? If so, send this Colorful Good Luck card to let them know you care! Green, red, and blue pendants hang on four strings across the card for decoration. Use this Good Luck card to send your good wishes for the next stage of life!

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    Virtual cards : Good Luck

    wishing good luck cards

    How to Wish Someone Good Luck in a Greeting Card – Creating The Perfect “Good Luck” Greeting Card

    Sometimes all we need is someone to wish us well and send a little good luck our way. Sending a “good luck” greeting card isn’t just a formality for when someone applies for a job; there is never a bad time to wish someone good luck! The right words in a card can be a gesture of kindness that brightens the recipient’s day.

    How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

    Never undervalue the impact your kindness can have on others. A well-written message folded away in a greeting card could bring the boost of confidence they need to seize the day and achieve their dreams. It isn’t always easy trying to write a greeting card, however, and that is why we are here to help you craft the perfect message.

    Work-Related Good Luck Messages

    Most of us will spend our lives surrounded by our co-workers and it is crucial to remain on good terms to keep the office thriving and happy. An excellent way to support each other is by wishing one another well on specific projects, new job interviews, or when someone is up for a promotion.

    • (For a boss preparing for a review) Good luck in the quarter review meeting this Friday. Our office is greatly indebted to you after all of the hard work you have devoted to making us all better and more efficient. The office cannot thank you enough for your support during this last quarter.
    • (For a co-worker up for promotion) Don’t forget us little people on your way to the top! Seriously, good luck during your interview process, but we know you don’t need it – you’re the best for the job. I hope you get your promotion soon!
    • (For a co-worker starting over in a new job) Wishing you only the best and good luck at your new job. You have made a great impact here and we will miss you sorely, but it is time for you to start over somewhere new. We hope you thrive and look forward to hearing tales of your success and rise to CEO soon.
    • Family and friends need good luck messages when preparing for new jobs, as well! Here are some examples for how to wish those closest to your good luck in their work endeavors:
    • (For a friend applying for a new job) Wishing you the best of luck in your job search! I have known you for years and honestly can’t think of a more responsible and deserving person to get the job. Whomever hires you will be the luckiest office in the country.
    • (For a friend whom is a beginning freelancer) Good luck on your first big project! I feel so privileged to be your friend during your very first big breakthrough. We all start somewhere. I just know you’re going to knock their socks off and do brilliantly.
    • (For a family member seeking promotion) Uncle Rob, I heard you were up for a promotion at work and just want to wish you good luck. I know your bosses will see your value and how much you have improved your office since you started working there back in the Stone Age. Just kidding, I know you were really born during the Jurassic Period. In any case, I can’t think of a better fossil for the job. Love you!

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    School-Related Good Luck Messages

    Our loved ones in school need just as much support as those applying for new jobs. Everyone could use a confidence boost every once in a while.

    • (For a friend or family member taking a test) Wishing you the best on your [mathematics] test! I would wish you luck, but after seeing you study a million hours in preparation, I know you will succeed.
    • (For an athlete preparing for a game) Good luck impressing every talent scout in the country at tonight’s game! I will be rooting for you no matter who wins tonight. I am greatly impressed with your dedication to discipline and teamwork, and I’m sure everyone in the stadium tonight will see how much your team deserves this win. Go get ‘em, Tiger.
    • (For a friend or family member taking the SATs) Wishing you good luck on your SATs! I know how hard you have studied for this moment, and now it has finally arrived. No pressure!
    • (For a friend or family member starting college) Congratulations on being accepted to an excellent university! We are all wishing you the best of luck on your first year and look forward to hearing all about your new college adventures. I can’t wait to see you succeed wildly beyond any of our imaginations.
    • (For an athlete before a baseball game) Congratulations on an excellent season. Your team has performed incredibly already and we are all proud of what you have achieved. Good luck with your last game of the season and remember to have fun. Hit a home run for a us!

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    Romance-Related Good Luck Messages

    First date jitters can be calmed with the right hopeful and kind good luck message. Sometimes these messages are just sent through e-mail or text messages, but even a kind greeting card from a family member can help a nervous heart.

    • (For a friend) Good luck on your date tonight. Some people put four-leaf clovers in their shoes, show salt over their shoulders, or leave a sprig of lavender in their hair before a date, but I bet all you have to do is brush your teeth and hair and let your personality do the rest. And if tonight fizzles out without any spark, then we can start collecting cats for your future harem of furry companions. Just kidding, you’ll do great tonight. Have fun!
    • (For a family member) Mom, I’m so happy to see you start dating again! We love you more than words can say and want nothing but happiness for you. Good luck finding Mr. Right, and remember to have fun.
    • (For a friend proposing) I heard you were proposing to Jessica soon! I’m so excited for you both – you two are perfect for each other. I’m sure you are nervous, but just remind yourself of all the reasons you know Jessica is perfect for you and I promise you will calm down. Good luck proposing, but I am sure she will say yes even if you fall down mid-proposal, lose the ring in a gutter, or tangle all of your words. When it is meant to be, everything else falls into place. I look forward to your wedding!
    • (For a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse) Good luck, darling. I’ve been so lucky to have you in my life during my hardest times, and I can’t stress how much your love has motivated me when I need it most. I love you no matter what the outcome is and will stand by your side through it all.
    • (For a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse traveling) Travel safely, love. I wish you the best of luck in your journey and cannot wait until you return. I miss you more with every moment that passes. Come back soon with pictures and kisses!

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    Good Luck Card: Wishing You the Best of Luck. A perfect card to wish someone good luck, hand illustrated with ink and digitally coloured. The inside panel is.

    Good luck cards

    wishing good luck cards

    Good luck messages can be sent to anyone that you hope will have a pleasant outcome in a life event. It might mean a new job, a new city to live in, a new opportunity or something else. For our friends and family members, we want things to work out well. Expressions of good luck and confidence are generally always well received, but saying it with style can make a difference.

    Good luck Wishes

    Good Luck wishes or messages are always bright and positive that gives someone more confidence and boosts in him or her a great deal of positive energy. Here are a bunch of good luck wishes and messages to send to your friend, boss, love, your younger brother or sister on any special occasion.

    Good Luck Text Messages

    A thoughtful message with good luck wishes is always welcome to anyone starting a business or a new career opportunity. Here are some good luck messages you could send:

    • Starting a business is often, a triumph of heart and hard work over logic and practicality. Best wishes.
    • You can totally do this!
    • Whether you have profits, whether you have losses – when you come home you will always have my hugs and kisses. Good luck for the business, says your Mrs.

    • May fortune and fame be yours in your new business venture.
    • I believe in you.
    • The world is yours!
    • For enterprising business people like you, every obstacle presents a new opportunity to flourish. Good luck and continued success.

    If it is directed towards someone about to get into college or if it is related to farewell, you can wish him with the below messages

    • As life gives you wings, always remember that no matter what you do and where you go, your parents are always here… looking out for you and wishing that all your dreams come true.
    • The first day of college is like your first kiss. It will start before you even realize and by the time it ends you will have no idea how fast the time flied. Good luck, you’ll do great!

    For Boyfriend

    For your boyfriend to have a great day, why not send him some very romantic messages such as some below

    • I hope you woke up well my dear. I wish you the best for this new dawn and that you do great at work. Please know that I love you very much and that I believe in you.
    • My beloved prince, go forth and have a masterpiece day. You are an artist and your finest work is yet to come.
    • Can’t tell you how much I love spending time with you. Enjoy your day. Work hard and you’ll come home to a very happy girlfriend.

    Good Luck and Congratulations Messages

    Congratulations can be sent to anyone who has some achievement like a job. Here are some congratulation messages you can send.

    • You will never find out your real worth until you give life your best shot. Give work all you’ve got. You will find more success than you thought possible. Congratulations on your new job – they picked a winner!
    • In life, you should always celebrate happy endings and new beginnings. Cheers to a gracious end at your old job and a promising beginning at your new one. Congratulations.
    • Congratulations for your new job. Your new company is clearly showing signs of a new age with the addition of a superstar like you.
    • It’s your destiny to excel at this new job. Your company is so fortunate to have made the right hiring decision. Congratulations!

    Good Luck Messages

    Good Luck messages are very heart-warming in general and can touch one’s heart. You can wish luck to someone without even any specific occasion.

    • Every day is a gift. May your life bring you only pleasant and good things and you treasure every moment. Good luck.
    • Just go in there and remember: You’re Amazing!
    • Good luck and don’t dare give up.
    • Wishing you all the good luck in the world!
    • You’ve freaking got this!
    • Own that stage!
    • I hope good things happen for you.
    • I wish nothing but the best for you.
    • May good and inspiring thoughts come to you every time you need them the most. And, may all bad thoughts go away and never turn up anymore! Think positively and good luck!
    • What a wonderful day to reach all your goals and make the most desired dreams come true! Good luck in all your endeavors.
    • Don’t stress. Do your best. Forget the rest.

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    Make them smile by uploading a photo to their personalised Good luck card today. Next day delivery available. Wishing You All The Luck Personalised Card.

    wishing good luck cards
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