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Wishes for recovery of health
November 04, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

Measurements for a whimsical wishing well differ depending on the purpose. I wish you comfort, good health, happiness, and a fast recovery. Whether they're.

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Religious Get Well Messages

Sometimes it is appropriate to give someone a get well message with more meaning and inspiration. In that case you may want to include a religious theme.
Messages of faith and hope can encourage those in need of faith and hope. These examples go beyond the typical secular get well wishes.
  • I don't know how to make you feel better, but I know someone who does. I'll be asking Him to take care of you.
  • No matter our physical condition, we are always important to those who love us including our creator.
  • Illnesses are just a reminder that we need miracles. I'm praying for you to experience a miracle.
  • I know God has his own timing for answering prayers, but I hope I hear that you're better soon.
  • We'll be praying for your health to be fully restored soon.
  • Know that God promises to give strength when you need it, and know that we are praying for you to have strength and peace as you face health challenges.
  • If you ever want someone to talk to or pray with, give me a call.
  • We don't always get to know the reasons we go through struggles in this life. There is a bigger plan, and it is all in His hands. I am praying for you.
  • "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers." -3 John 2
  • I know the Lord can heal anyone. I have faith that He will take care of you and that His will will be even more spectacular than anything we can imagine.
  • Prayer is the best medicine that doctors don't write prescriptions for. Don't worry, I'll supply you with a healthy dose.
  • I pray that you hear from the Lord soon and that His answer is yes. I'm praying for a complete healing.
  • Prayer helps the ill and those who pray. I hope that we will be blessed in your recovery.
  • Healing of the heart sometimes precedes healing of the body. We will all eventually have a new body when we go on to live with our savior. Won't that be wonderful?
  • The power to heal the sick is within His control. Now we have to wait on His timing and trust in His wisdom.
  • I'll be praying as much as I can. God might even get tired of hearing from me, if that's even possible.
  • Remember the suffering that Jesus endured in his experience in the flesh. I know Jesus understands what we go through as humans with mortal bodies. It's comforting to know He can and has felt pain, and yet, he's our Lord.
  • Even though there's nothing I can say that will make you feel better, I can be with you and support you through whatever comes. I'll let our Lord do the talking.

Get Well Wishes. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. Hoping you feel much better really soon; Sending you healthy thoughts and wishes for the fastest.

What to write in a get well soon after surgery card

wishes for recovery of health

There are instances when a loved one’s birthday unfortunately comes at the time when he or she is battling an illness or injury. In such situations, merely sending the loved one happy birthday wishes just doesn’t cut it. There’s the need to fuse your happy birthday message with a heartfelt “get well soon” quote so that the ill birthday celebrant will not only feel loved but also be inspired to feel much better and relaxed.

Knowing how challenging it can sometimes be to craft that perfect, heartfelt “happy birthday” and “get well soon” message to send to your loved ones, we have taken it upon ourselves to make the job easier for you by loading this page with a huge collection of original, heartfelt happy birthday and get well soon messages. Feel free to browse through the messages below and pick what you like.

Happy Birthday and Get Well Soon | For a Colleague

  • Happy birthday to my favorite colleague, who makes work very fun. I know you are not feeling too well on this special occasion of yours, but know that the office is dull without you and everyone at work can’t wait to see you back, so please get well soon!
  • Today is a special day for you because it’s your birthday, so I want you to cheer up regardless of your illness. Enjoy this day as much as you can. Happy birthday to my favorite colleague. Get well soon, please.
  • Dear friend and colleague, here is to wishing you a very fast recovery so we can enjoy your birthday together. And as you recover, know that work hasn’t been the same without you. I miss you so much. Get well, mate.
  • Celebrating Motivation in our Workplace | Corporate Birthday Wishes
  • I’m sending this message to wish you a happy birthday as well as a super quick recovery. We all miss you here at work and can’t wait until you’re back. Happy birthday, dear colleague.
  • This message is not only to wish you a happy birthday, but it is also to let you know of how deeply I miss your presence at work.  My thoughts are with you, my friend. Wishing you a very swift recovery and a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday and get well soon!

Happy Birthday and Get Well Soon | For my Boss

  • It can be pretty challenging celebrating when you are under the weather. But, today being such a special day for you, I pray that God gives you the strength to celebrate. Happy birthday, boss.  Please get well as early as possible because my colleagues and I greatly miss your presence and inspiration here at work.
  • My special wish for you on your birthday is that you have a speedy recovery from your illness. Your absence has left everyone here at work feeling dull. The workplace hasn’t been the same since you fell ill. So please get well soon. I miss you. Happy birthday.
  • Boss, you might not be feeling your best, however that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating your birthday. So I want to wish you a happy birthday and a swift recovery.  Your absence has really made the office less vibrant. So get well soon, please.
  • Happy birthday and speedy recovery. I wait eagerly for your quick recovery and presence at work. Get well soon.
  • Professionally Yours : Happy Birthday Wishes for my Boss
  • Despite your illness, I pray that you’re in a mood to have an amazing birthday celebration. Happy birthday, boss. We miss you! Please make a quick recovery and come back to work. My thoughts and prayers are always with you.

Happy Birthday and Get Well Soon | For Grandma

  • It’s your birthday today, and you are sick and probably in bed. All these things might tempt you to feel sad, but please don’t give in to sadness, for your illness won’t last forever. Happy birthday, grandma. I can’t wait to see you on your feet again and back to your daily routine. Get well soon. Love you.
  • Happy birthday, grandma. You’re so precious to me and I cannot stand seeing you like this. Get well soon, please. We’re all praying for your speedy recovery and can’t wait to see you back to your normal self again.
  • It’s really sad to see you ill on your birthday. Get well soon, grandma. Happy birthday.
  • Happy Birthday, Grandma!
  • Grandma, on your birthday, my number one wish for you is that you get well very soon and get back to life once again. Wish you a speedy recovery and a happy birthday.
  • Please grandma, put a smile on your face. Don’t let your illness get you down on your birthday. Happy birthday, and feel better soon.

Happy Birthday. Our warmest wishes for a quick and full recovery.

Happy Birthday and Get Well Soon | For Grandpa

  • Happy birthday, grandpa. Please get well soon. We all miss your smile, energy and sense of humor.
  • Grandpa, on your birthday, my biggest wish for you is to feel better soon because I need to see you smiling and laughing once again. I love you.
  • Grandpa, don’t be downcast that your illness is preventing you from celebrating your birthday because even if you can’t come to the party, we shall bring the party to you. I wish you a wonderful birthday and a speedy recovery.
  • I’m sorry you are not feeling very well as you celebrate your birthday.  I pray that God heals you as quickly as possible, so you’ll be back to your normal self once again. Happy birthday. Love you.
  • Happy Birthday, Grandpa!
  • I hope that the prayers and wishes for a quick recovery and good health that I have attached to this message make you healthy enough to celebrate your birthday in style. Get well, grandpa. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday and Get Well Soon | For Uncle

  • On your birthday, I wish you a speedy recovery. May the good Lord give you good health and joy. Happy birthday . Get well swiftly, please.
  • Sending very warm wishes to you as you celebrate your birthday. I know you are not feeling well. But don’t let that bring you down on your special day. Take solace in the fact that your illness won’t last long. Keep up that fighting spirit and enjoy your birthday to the fullest. Happy birthday, uncle.
  • Happy Birthday, Uncle!
  • You are one of the bravest and strongest people I know, which is why I know that you’ll surely beat this illness and get back to life very soon. Happy birthday, uncle, and get well soon.
  • Despite battling illness, I hope you can take solace in the fact that by the grace of God you are alive, which is something all the wealth in this world can’t buy. You’re a fighter, and I know it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be back on your feet again and feel as fit as a fiddle. So as you mark your special day, I want to wish you a happy birthday and a prompt recovery. Stay blessed.

Happy Birthday and get “whale” soon!

Happy Birthday and Get Well Soon | For Aunt

  • It is never fun to be sick on your birthday, which is why you need to get well ASAP. Happy birthday, dear aunt. May you feel your usual self as soon as possible. Love you.
  • Aunt, all I pray for on your birthday is that the good Lord bless you with good health. Happy birthday, and get well soon. Take care of yourself.
  • Wishing my favorite aunt a swift recovery on her birthday. Don’t worry about your sickness. It’s your special day! Cheer up, get well and get going.
  • Birthday Wishes for your Aunt
  • It takes great courage and hope to be in a celebratory mood when you are under the weather. However, know that you’re not alone. I’ll be by your side, and together we shall beat this sickness and make merriment. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday! My warmest wishes for a quick recovery.

Happy Birthday and Get Well Soon | For Cousin

  • I know you are ill, but please don’t let your illness mar your birthday celebration. I hope you have a good time today. And while you’re at it, do remember to get well soon. Happy birthday, dear cuz.
  • Happy birthday, cousin. I hope this message motivates you to keep up the fighting spirit to beat that illness. Please hurry up and get well, for everyone misses you.
  • Today is your birthday, and by God you and I shall celebrate it like there’s no tomorrow! Nothing is going to come between us and your birthday celebration. Not even your illness shall stand in our way. So get well ASAP!
  • Happy birthday, cuz. Get well soon, for there’s a party waiting for you!
  • Happy Birthday, Cousin!
  • Hey cuz, if you don’t get well soon, I’ll come and drag you out of bed to the party. On a serious note, I hope you feel better soon. Happy birthday.
  • You might not be feeling your best, but that isn’t going to stop you from having the time of your life on your birthday.  I’ll be right by your side, and together we shall celebrate your birthday and make it a memorable occasion. Happy birthday, cousin.

Happy Birthday and get well soon.

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Get Well Soon Wishes, Quotes and Messages to Text your Friends & Relatives

wishes for recovery of health

This is one great list of what we consider to be the best 115 get well soon quotes and messages. Send one of these great messages to bring happiness and smile on face of your loved-ones!

Thinking of you lots and hoping for your speedy recovery.

I heard you were feeling unwell. Here is to wishing you a speedy recovery.

These flowers represent hugs and kisses to tell you how I wish you were here, and not on that sick bed. Get well soon.

I hate to see you feeling blue so here is my get well wish to you.

Praying that you get better soon and experience the joys of being healthy again.


Like a flower in gloom, you lie helpless. Arise and bloom and dance like a fresh blade of grass to the drumming of the breeze of life. Arise and bounce back home like a ball. I wish you quick recovery.

I do not wish to consider why you are taking long to recover; no, you are not been nursed there. To be frank, I think I’m missing you badly, wishing you speedy recovery, for I can’t wait any longer. Get well soondear.

60 Funny Get Well Wishes

40 Hope you feel better soon Quotes

Get Well Soon messages for Mom,Dad, Sister or Brother

Get Well Soon messages for Boyfriend,Girlfriend, Husband or Wife

More get well soon messages

No sickness can keep you down with all the prayers I offer for your recovery. Rise up and be strong!

Get well soon messages & quotes

May the angels of good health visit your sick bed and raise you from every sickness. Fell good soon. There are several reason why you shouldn’t remain on that sick bed; your friends and family loves, your friends and family miss you, your friends and family.

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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!

You are in my thoughts and prayers during your time of recovery.

I wish I was a magician so I could make you fit and healthy with the wave of a wand!

As the sun rises this morning, may you rise from every sickness and be whole again. Get well soon. Don’t worry dear; you are not in this alone. You will get through this in a short time. Get well soon. Please bounce back soon and come back to us. Life is

With good wishes and prayers that you get well soon.

I hope this get well wish brings a smile to your face. You are too beautiful to be feeling down.

It has not been easy for me since I heard you were not feeling fine. I send you this message to let you know I’m thinking of you and hope you will get better soon; wishing you fast return to health.

I was saddened when I heard you were ill; here I brought you a bouquet of richflowery red rose as a sign of my love and strong hope for your health and happiness. Fell better soon.

I wish I had a magic wand with which I can call you up from your sick bed; but I don’t, so I pray for you everyday to get well soon.


We are so eager to have you back with us. Arise and shine and bounce back to life. We wish you quick return to health.

I am heartbroken to learn of your ill health! I wish you speedy recovery so we can enjoy our lives together. Fell better soon.

I miss your laughter and your vibrancy. Wishing you a fast recovery.

Hope you will feel better soon quotes

I hope you find fast healing with each and every day my sweet friend.

Sending sunshine to brighten your day. Get well soon my dearest friend.

Get Well Soon Funny Wishes

Fell Good Soon. Along with a warm message and fond thoughts.


May the prayers and blessings of good health I am sending with these flowers make your strong and healthy soon. Get well mate.

Your absence is creating a vacuum and we are missing you so much. You have always made a great difference in our lives when you were fit. Now you’re ill, we wish you speedy recovery and join our hands in prayer to proclaim you healing.

Recovering sooner than you think has been my prayer since you left. Swing back to life and wear your cheerful look again. I send you fast healing wishes.

I wish I had a rod with magical powers to take away your ill-health; I would heal you just now and take you home. I care so much about you and wish you quick healing.

I hope each day brings you renewed strength and that much closer to recovery.


As I close my eyes to pray every night, my only prayer request is that God will heal you speedily for me. I wish you quick recovery!

Look outside; the sun is shining and it’s telling you to get well soon.

Get better soon lazy brother. Your absence has created more work than I can handle. The more you stay in the hospital, the more work I have to do. Anyway, get well very quickly and come home. I’m missing you.

It broke my heart when I heard you were sick. I wish I can take the pains away faster than the doctors can. Get better soon.

I have taken the pledge to stand by your sick bed till you are strong again. Fell good soon!

Hope you feel better soon Wishes

Sending you well wishes for your quick recovery and good health.

The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart. Our prayers are with you. Fell Better Soon.

Everyone is itching to see your lovely face around here again, so get up and exercise your bones. Fell better soon.

Lovely people like you are not supposed to fall sick. It beats me why you are on that sick bed. Fell good soon. Your presence makes the world a happy and lively place to live in . With your sickness, the world has suddenly become gloomy and unexciting. Ple

All the best and get better soon friend!

Best wishes. I hope that you’re back in the swing very soon.

Don’t fool around, don’t pretend! I’m just kidding, get better soon, love you, your best Friend!

I will not stop burning my night candles until I see the light back in yours and the smile back on your face. Fell good soon.

I wish to see you bouncing like your normal healthy self quite soon. I wish you speedy recovery! I wish you the fast and easy recovery as I send you loads of blessings and kisses. Fell better soon.

Thoughtful prayers sent your way that you will soon feel better again.

I hope that you are getting plenty of rest so you can recover from feeling unwell.

Get Well Soon Deer Quotes

Best wishes for a little progress, a little encouragement, every day during your recuperation.

Dear family (Aunt/Uncle/Cousin) You are that important part of our family, Who when not present, Makes the whole place looks empty, We all are missing you lots ! Get well soon ,love you!

Sending you tons of well wishes for your fast recovery.


As you are healing, may you feel warmth and compassion from all who care about you. Best wishes that you will soon be back to doing all the things you love.

Recovery is hard work – but you’re not alone. Not a day goes by that you aren’t thought of and wished well.

I am sending you a lorry load of good wishes and blessings for your quick recovery.

We hope you feel better because we miss you so much.

I pray for you every day and will keep praying till the sickness leaves the way it came. You are always in my prayers, fell better soon.

Everyday, I talk to God about your health, that he may give you the power to rise up from your sick bed and be whole again.

While you rest and recover, I’ll be next to you praying and hoping for a smooth and quick recovery.

Everyday, I think about how much joy we derived from playing and doing things together. Without you, there can be no joy and no fun. Get well soon.

I am sending you healing thoughts with all the love in my heart with the hope that you are much better today. Fell good soon.

If money can buy back your health, I wouldn’t mind closing my bank account just to see you well again. You mean the world to me, so get well soon!

From sunrise to sunset, from east to west, from north to south, we all pray for your quick recovery. Get better soon.

Rest well so that you may heal and find health again in no time.

I heard that you were feeling sick. Hoping you find strength with each new day.

The little flowers are rising and blooming; it’s the world’s way of saying, “get better soon.”

I pray for your speedy recovery so you can come and fill the house with your healthy and lively presence. Fell good soon!

I was told you are in the hospital. I do hope they won’t keep you there for too long because we need you around here more than they need you there!

I got the news of your sickness and got you some flowers to make your happier and healthier again. Get well soon.

Wishing you a fast, easy recovery and perhaps some bright cheeriness as I send love your way.

When you are sick I miss the fun and laughter. Fell better soon.

Hope you feel better soon.

Drink plenty of fluid and get lots of rest so you can recover soon.

My love Sun comes in the morning but sets sadly, Flowers bloom but are unhappy to see you so, Birds are silent and don’t sing anymore, Everyone wishes for you to recover very soon,So that my personal universe see the first bloom, The sweetness of the river water and the chirping of the birds, Fell better soon my beloved love

May the good wishes and warm thoughts of those who care about you send a little cheerfulness into your world and help you feel better.

No day passes without you being in my prayers. Though it may seem hard, but with prayers, love, and determination, you will win the battle over sickness.

May good health envelop you, spurring a quick recovery.

I look forward to your full recovery so we can get together again soon.

Recovery Messages

Fair warning, laughter may be the best remedy when you are feeling under the weather.

There are several reasons your family is worried and needs you at home, and one of it is that you are so wonderful and we just need you back here. Get well soon. We love you.

Waiting eagerly for you to recover soon and make my days lively again. Get well quick.

It is with warmest wishes that I hope you fell good soon my friend.

Cheer up and put a smile on your face because we will always be here to keep you company till your health is fully recovered.

Dear friend from school, The school and playground are boring without you. People say I am always snoring without you, what do I do, can’t do a thing alone, Get better soon cheerful friend , else I shall join you soon, Just joking on that, kick the illness and come back!

I hope this note finds you happy and healthy again very soon my dear friend.

As you are recovering from your ailment, may the prayers of your loved ones send you warmth and cheerfulness as you recover to start doing what you know how to do best!

Sending you healing thoughts and a little sunshine to brighten your day.

All the beautiful flowers are blooming and blossoming. It is nature’s way of telling you to get better soon and blossom.

I am sending you a lorry load of healing thoughts and healthy sunshine to make your day brighter as you get better. Fell good soon.

I wish you well a hundred times a day…. In my heart.

Fell better soon so you can once again experience all the fun and delight that life has to offer.

Sending you the brightest wishes to say, hope you fell better soon.

As you travel the path of recuperation, I wish you comfort, care and speedy healing.

Our dear Boss, We are missing you our good Boss, without your guidance and leadership, we all feel like people without cause, you are the anchor of this ship, and without you it sails astray, so get well real quick!

My heart skipped its beat when I received the news of your ill-health. I wish you could tap health from me and remain healthy that I may see your smiles every day at the office. I pour my well-wishes like a libation and offer my prayers as a sacrifice for

Recover well, to be strong and sound. Rest well, to walk on the path to good health.

I fall sick when you are sick, we are in this together, my wish for you is that you will fell good soon so we can be together again. Get well soon sweetheart, I miss you!

Get better soon so you can resume bringing brightness and delight to our life!

Seeing you every day is one of the greatest things that happened to me. Now I can no longer see you because ill-health has forced you to seclusion. I offer you a basketful of flowery quick-recovery prayers. Get better soon and return to me…praying for your

Get up and enjoy life. Get well soon

Get Well Soon Messages for her

I pray every inch of your body feels better soon! I miss your face!

I greatly miss you, but even greater is the fact that you miss something special here. Get well so soon and return home to decorate your life with rainbow colors and brightness of this special gift, waiting for you.

I hope each new day brings you closer to a full and speedy recovery.

When you are feeling unwell, my heart feels sad. I hope you fell good soon.

I am sending you my warmest prayers with all the love and care in my heart. Fell better soon.

Wish you quick recovery. Get well

Look out the window from your hospital bed. The sun has risen again and is smiling on you; urging you to rise up soon and get well.

Please know that I am thinking of you a lot of time, hoping for your fast recovery.

I wish that the angels of good health would come visit you in your sick bed to raise you from your sickness. Fell better soon my dearest, for there are several reasons why you should not remain in that sick bed. Get well soon!

I’ve heard somewhere that you were not feeling well. So here’s to wishing you an easy and speedy recovery.

Please consider these flowers as my hugs and kisses, wishing that you were here instead of lying in that sick bed. Fell good soon my dear.

I don’t like seeing you feeling so blue. So here’s my get better soon wishes for you.

As the sun will rise in the morning, may you also rise from the sickness that you feel and may you feel whole once again. So get better soon my lovely friend. Don’t worry, for you’re not in this alone, you will soon get through this and rise up once again.

Here’s praying that you will fell good soon and experience the happiness of being healthy and lively again. Remember that we love you and miss you so dearly.

Just like a flower in a gloom, here you lie helpless. Please get up, arise and bloom, and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Wishing you a quick recovery, my honey.

With prayers and good wishes that you will fell better soon. I hope that this get well soon wish will bring a smile in your face. Remember that you are still so beautiful so please don’t feel down.

It’s not been easy for me to know that you are not feeling fine. So I’m sending you this message to let you know that I am always thinking of you and I hope that you will feel so much better real soon.

Get Well Soon Funny

Don’t let today bring you down. Instead, let today strengthen you, teach you, and contribute to the best version of you. Wishing you peaceful healing and the courage to keep shining.

We all take our own pace in life. Healing is not a race! Get well soon.

Sending you peace and love, and wishing you a speedy recovery!

Don’t let the darkness of today bring you sorrow. Have no worries, you will have a sunnier day tomorrow. Sending you good vibes to get well soon.

No amount of sickness could darken your bright spirit. Wishing you a speedy recovery and good health!

Hey beautiful, are you feeling blue? Don’t let your sickness get the best of you. Feel better soon!

During this difficult time, I am praying for you and wishing you peace of mind. Hoping you feel lively and well soon.

While you rest and recover, I’ll be waiting for your sickness to be over. Wishing you a smooth transition back into the healthy life!

Take this time to heal and rest. Invest your time for self-care – you deserve the best! You’ll be back to good health in no time.

Are you feeling under the weather? Don’t let that cloud hover for too long. Let laughter, love, and light be your remedy. Hope you have a peaceful recovery.

Even on your lowest days, you blossom like a sunflower. Keep your smile shining!

Don’t let your gloomy days overcast the beam of your beautiful sunlight. Praying for you and hoping you feel better soon.

Let each day be better than the previous. Let your strength guide you to recovery. Best wishes for your recuperation.

As you take the time to heal, I pray you to feel the warmth, compassion and care from your loved ones. We hope you heal quickly and peacefully.

With faith, courage and hope, you shall soon be healthy and happy. Stay relaxed and calm We wish and pray a speedy recovery for you. Take care. WhatsApp.

The 115 Get Well Soon Messages and Wishes

wishes for recovery of health

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wished speedy recovery and healthy life to senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley, who on Wednesday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to excuse himself from being included in the new government at the Centre citing his illness.

Kejriwal praised Jaitley for his affection and warmth while wishing him good health.

"Wish @arunjaitley ji speedy recovery and healthy life. I have known him for many years and despite political differences, I have always found him to be affectionate and warm," the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo said in a tweet.

A day before the swearing-in ceremony of the new government, Jaitley urged Modi to be kept out of it, saying he did not want to be a minister in the new government due to health reasons.

Ending days of speculation over his role in the new government owing to his ill health, Jaitley posted on Twitter the letter he wrote to Modi requesting recusal from being a part of the new government on health grounds.

He said soon after the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won a massive majority in the just-concluded Lok Sabha election, he had informed Modi orally about his intentions of taking time out for the treatment of an undisclosed illness.

Without disclosing the ailment he is being treated for, Jaitley said he would continue to informally support the government and the party in any form that is required.

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Sending you all my love and the best wishes possible after your recent surgery. May you recover quickly and enjoy the best of health for many years to come.

wishes for recovery of health
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