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Wishes for kindergarten graduation

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Wishes for kindergarten graduation
January 27, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

I can't believe you graduated from Preschool and will soon embark on your Kindergarten journey. I want you to know how proud you have.

Dear J,

In just a few short weeks, you will be closing the kindergarten chapter of your story and heading into big kid school.

 It really does feel like just last week that you and I rocked in the quiet darkness of your nursery fumbling through nursing, sleep schedules and getting to know each other. I can still smell the newness of your soft little head and feel the weight of your beautiful tiny body in my arms.

It must have been just the other day that I watched you take your first wobbly steps towards my outstretched arms as we both giggled with excitement.



I fell asleep for just a moment and suddenly you are no longer a baby.

You strolled into Junior Kindergarten liked you owned the joint. No fear, not a tear, just pure excitement. I watched you walk up the steps of that big yellow bus and had no idea how fast you would jump in with both feet. I shouldn’t have been surprised; you have always adapted to every life change with a fascinating ease.

I’ve watched you learn a whole new language. That’s huge! You can speak a whole new language! You’ve mastered the alphabet in not one but two languages. You have gone from snuggling beside me listening to bedtime stories to reading me the stories, my pride growing as you sound out each word. You have learned about shapes and numbers, you learned how to use a computer and how to tie your own shoes. The notes I find in your backpack remind me that you can write now, moments ago you were a tiny baby and now you can write.

I have watched from a distance as you make friends, some of them I hope will be a part of your life for a long time. It’s a little strange to watch you whisper your secrets and cartwheel through your childhood with someone that’s not me. Still, I love nothing more than to hear you giggle with your friends and I am at ease knowing that making friends comes so easily to you. Navigating the tricky world of female friendships is not always simple and you will hit some bumps in the road, but I hope you are always a loyal, kind and supportive friend and search out those who will be the same to you.

From the moment you came into my world, you both impressed me and frustrated me and kindergarten was no exception.

I’ve watched you stomp, with heavy foot, into independence without so much as a glance back at me and as much as I fear it, I also admire it.

Don’t change.

Your passion, your fearlessness, your ability to adapt to any situation astounds me, please don’t ever change.

I marvel at your innate sense of self and I hope you don’t ever give that up for anyone. Don’t let anyone else dictate how you should dress, what you should be feeling or which direction to turn, not even me. There may be times in your life that I don’t agree with your choices but you should always follow your own path. I will forever be proud of you for following your dreams, even when your dreams for yourself are different from what I had envisioned for you.

You sparkle my beautiful little girl and throughout your life you will encounter people who will try and dull that sparkle. Don’t allow it and don’t ever try to dull someone else’s shine. Dimming someone else’s light won’t ever brighten yours.

You are enough just as you are.

This is just the beginning of your adventure my littlest one and there is a whole wide world waiting for you. As you head into grade 1, know that I am so very proud of you. I am so proud of the smart, kind, courageous and adventurous little girl you are. Throughout these two years of kindergarten you have shown me, without a doubt, that you are capable of accomplishing whatever you put your mind to and I can’t wait to see where that takes you.


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Read about Graduation Messages From Parents if you wish to congratulate graduate son or daughter.

preschool graduation Greeting Cards

wishes for kindergarten graduation

To our dear daughter. Congratulations on your graduation! We’re thrilled to be celebrating with you as you move on to your next big adventure. You’ve accomplished so much. We’re proud of you and wish you the best of luck!

Dearest daughter. We’re so proud of everything you’ve achieved these last twelve years in school. It wasn’t always easy, but you worked hard and maintained a good attitude. Your determination and positive outlook will get you far. We love you!

To our sweet, accomplished daughter. Congratulations on your graduation! A whole new world full of possibilities is now open to you. We wish you the best of luck moving forward. You’ve made us so proud.

Congratulations to our dear, beloved daughter! You’ve waited a long time for this day! You’ve blossomed into such a wonderful young woman. Dad and I know you’re headed for greatness! We love you and pray for your continued success!

Congratulations to our special daughter! You light up our life with your smile! You’ve made us so proud over the years, and we know this is only the beginning. With best wishes for a bright future!

Dearest daughter. After all these years of sweat and tears, you’re finally graduating! What a thrill! Enjoy your special day. You’ve certainly earned it.

To my dear daughter. You’re graduating! What a remarkable accomplishment! You’ve become such a lovely young woman. I admire your determination, your spunk and the warmth you show to your friends and teachers. You’re definitely going places, sweet girl! Best wishes to you.

To my sweet angel. Congratulations on your graduation! It’s been such a wild and wonderful trip these last few years. We’ve had our tougher moments, but I love you, respect your strong will and appreciate your gorgeous smile. Good luck on your journey forward!

Congratulations, precious daughter! It seems like just yesterday that you sent off your college applications, and here we are celebrating your graduation! You’ve made us so proud. Whatever path you choose to take now, we’ll be there for you.

To my daughter, who is my pride and joy! I’m so proud to be your Dad today. You’ve matured so much and it’s been amazing to watch. Sweet girl, you are capable of greatness! I’ll always be here, cheering you on from the sidelines.

To the best daughter a mom could hope for! I still can’t believe you’re graduating. I guess that makes me pretty darn old! I love you so much and want only the best for you. Hugs and kisses!

Dearest daughter, congrats on your graduation! You did it! You griped and moaned, but you actually did it! You’ve overcome a lot of challenges to get where you are today, and we’re so proud of you. Dad and I love you and feel so blessed to be sharing the occasion with you. Hugs!

To my dear daughter. Congratulations! I’m sorry I can’t be there to help you celebrate your graduation, but I’ll drink a glass of champagne in your honor! Know that I’m thinking of you and that I couldn’t be more proud.

To my dear daughter and light of my life! Congrats on your graduation! Wasn’t it just yesterday that I taught you to ride your bike without training wheels? Where has the time gone? I’ve watched you grow into a self-assured, accomplished young lady. What a great ride it’s been. Love and blessings.

My dearest daughter. Just yesterday, you were a feisty toddler. Today, you’re a feisty young woman! Congrats on your graduation!

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Congratulations! | Graduation Wishes for your Children

wishes for kindergarten graduation

Celebrating the graduate in your life is not as easy as some may think. You have to find the perfect way to say “congratulations on your graduation” without going over-the-top, but still recognizing this big achievement.

A simple gesture to do is bring flowers to the graduation ceremony or make a sign for the person to see as they walk across the stage. But, there are some other ideas that will make the congrats truly special and heartfelt.

To get this moment just right, keep the following three things in mind.

Understand the Occasion

It’s one thing to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, and another to walk across the stage as a kindergarten graduate or doctorate graduate. This online MBA program, for example, is a more grand accomplishment than a high school diploma.

You may think each milestone is something worth celebrating with your son, niece, or grandchild. It is, but, if you go all-out on high school graduation congratulations, how are you supposed to top off that gesture once other commencement ceremonies roll around?

Save the big things – like buying a car or funding an expensive trip – for the bigger moments. As your graduate advances through standard parts of the school system, give them smaller, more meaningful graduation messages and gifts.

Know Who You’re Congratulating

Another thing to consider is who you’re congratulating. Sometimes, the best graduation wishes are messages that tie into this person’s professional track.

A high school graduate who wants to go into the military may not get the same kind of congratulations as a classmate who plans to enter the medical field or become an airline pilot. Each person has their own unique path, which requires certain kinds of graduation wishes.

Take a moment to consider the next steps in their life, as well as the steps they’ve taken to get to this point, before buying a graduation gift or card.

Say Something from the Heart

At the end of the day, no matter what you buy to offer congratulations to the graduate, you have to make it genuine. There’s no reason to invest in a lavish gift or experience if it doesn’t feel like it came from the heart.

Take a moment to congratulate the person one-on-one. Share how proud you are and the excitement you have for the future, and remind the graduate of your beliefe in their journey and abilities. This is something they will cherish and remember in a deeper way than any gift.

But, such an effort does make the actual gift all the more exciting and memorable. Whether you write all your sentiments in a graduation card or take the graduate on a celebration trip, they are sure to appreciate your efforts for recognizing theirs.

Quotes and Phrases that Perfectly Say “Congratulations on Your Graduation!”

Maybe you have the ultimate gift for graduation planned, but you’re having trouble finding the words to say “congratulations on your graduation.”

It’s easy to get the new watch a person has been eyeing or to buy the plane tickets they’ve been talking about for months. To share your emotions, though, is not as simple for some people to do.

For a little inspiration on how to write the best graduation wishes, click here.

Congratulations On Your Graduation Messages, Wishes & Quotes · 75+ Kindergarten Graduation Quotes From Parents - Mesgulsinyali.

Congrats On Kindergarten Graduation!

wishes for kindergarten graduation

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    I can't believe you graduated from Preschool and will soon embark on your Kindergarten journey. I want you to know how proud you have.

    wishes for kindergarten graduation
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