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Wedding present best wishes
November 05, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

What goes well with the perfect wedding gift? Heartfelt Best wishes today and always; Best of luck; Have a great honeymoon. If you need.

It’s not always just the happy couple who feels jitters as the day X approaches. Sometimes, the guests share the uneasy feeling about the ceremony and following the etiquette. Even what to write in a wedding card can be a struggle. Before you start overthinking the whole process, here are the suggestions to help you check off the right wordings from the list of “big deals” before the event.

Ideas on putting right words together

  • Chic is never tedious.  Presenting a simple wish to the couple occurred at first, right? Then you dropped the idea because it was boring. Well, it is not a bad idea if you sincerely wish the couple well. Also, it is a way out if you have not been in touch with either party tying the knot. It suits a shortlist ceremony perfectly. Another occasion that fits is a remote event that you have to miss.
  • Who else if not me? Start writing a blueprint of the wedding messages. Let your thoughts simply flow. The truth is that this might never happen. Do you get the feeling as if you are back to school? The idea to get someone to write my essay… I mean wedding wishes is not a bad one. You can hire a writer to do any type of writing these days. Ask for various styles of writing, so you’ll have a choice.
  • Fun time. If you are a good friend on good terms with a party and you have a good laugh here and there. You are familiar with their spouse, and overall the communication is warm and friendly. Then try a joking style for your wishes and think of the fun times you had.

Do it only if you are 100% sure it’s not offensive. Better give your best version for a “proofread” to one person at least. If no awkward questions resurface, then it’s a deal.

Examples of wedding card messages

You can use these examples as they are or build a message upon them. Keep it short. If your message takes up too much space on the card, then it’s better to say your wishes in person. Stick to a smaller version for the card.


  • Best wishes on your wedding day.
  • May the memories of this delightful day last for many years.
  • What a day to tie a knot! Here’s to the cherished moment to come.
  • Wishing you all the happiness of married life.
  • May you love, friendship and kindness to each grow with the years to come.
  • Looking forward to seeing your family grow and evolve in the same style as your pre-marriage relationship. May you both have the time of your lives!


  • Best wishes of the happy marriage.
  • Warm wishes on your wedding day.
  • Kind wishes of a happy married life.
  • Wishing you a happy life together.
  • May you have a lifetime of content, mutual respect, and support.


  • Happy wedding day and welcome to the family.
  • [Put the name of your family member] knows just the right person to fit in the family. We are excited to have you join us. Have a happy wedding day and a lifetime of love and support.
  • Such a great reason for the family reunion. It’s a pleasure to have you, [name of the spouse of your family member], join the family. Warm welcome and a happy day to both of you.
  • Whatever happens today, we are sure to remind you of it for years to come. No pressure.
  • You are such a beautiful couple. May your love last a lifetime.

The titles of these groups are not limited. If you have a strong feeling to use the message from a “Friendly” section to congratulate your co-worker, then skip the etiquette and do so. Especially, if over the years of working together you’ve been through a lot and you are comfortable calling him/her a friend.

This also applies to a family section. Due to large distances and not being able to visit see your family often, the “Official” messages would fit better the type of relations you have. No need to feel uneasy about it. The main recipe of a perfect message is the words coming from the heart.


Jeff Blaylock has successfully combined creativity, writing and organizing skills in his career. As a calligrapher, he has developed a sense for the perfect wishes for any holiday, but weddings in particular. It’s been a natural shift for Jeff to move to develop wedding themes and styles. Currently, he is sharing his experience with wedding organization and creative ideas for the couple and guests of the weddings.


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40+ Messages for Wedding Cards

wedding present best wishes

When weddings come around, best wishes for a happy marriage and life together are bestowed on the newlyweds. However, it isn't easy for some people to find the most memorable way to express this wish for happiness. With a little guidance they discover several appropriate ways to give their best wishes to the wedding couple.

Wedding Best Wishes

Some options for best wishes are unexpected or have a different spin from the traditional. Your relationship to the happy couple determines the way you deliver your heartfelt wishes.

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Who Gives Best Wishes?

Almost everyone at a wedding will have something to wish the couple at a wedding. However, some of the big players who will give best wishes to the couple include:

  • Maid of honor
  • Best man
  • Bridesmaids
  • Groomsmen
  • Parents of the groom
  • Parents of the bride
  • Close, personal friends
  • Relatives

If you fall into one of these categories, you may be expected to give a toast or perhaps say a few words when greeting the couple. It's best to have something prepared.

Other Ways for Wishes

If you're not expected to give a wedding toast, you'll probably still want to express the sentiment to the couple. Common ways include:

  • Card or other gift to the couple
  • By personally speaking to the couple
  • In a wedding wishes box
  • In your RSVP to the ceremony
  • In a thank you note after the event

Help Writing Best Wishes

Wedding wishes don't have to be fancy or poetic to be meaningful. Do you have any advice or thoughts on love and marriage you can share? Younger couples can benefit from and may enjoy some light-hearted wisdom of those who are already married. Do you have a special memory of the couple? For example, if you are close to the bride and remember the joy in her face when she announced her engagement, recalling that can add a sweet touch to your sentiments. Do lyrics from a well-known song remind you of the couples' love? Share the thought with them in your best wishes. Just taking a moment to think sincerely about the couple and reflecting on love and marriage can often help create an appropriate best wishes statement. Here are a few original examples to give you ideas to write your own wishes.

  • To the happy couple, the best of luck in your new future. I hope the time you've spent together already can become the building blocks of the time you will spend together forever. Cheers!
  • It can sometimes be hard to gather the right words to wish someone a happily ever after but (name of the couple) make it easy!
  • Some say love is a garden that needs to be tended to in order to thrive. Others say love is like a rose with thorns but all the more beautiful. I say, (name of the couple) don't need any flowers for their relationship--they already have all the beauty and all the tending they'll ever need.


Poems are a great place to look for inspiration. Many online poetry sites have special sections dedicated to either wedding or love poems. These sites feature previously published poems and poetry by novice writers. Popular sites include:

  • features both a section on love and on marriage. There are separate sections for poetry on weddings, joy, and wishes.
  • features poetry arranged by section. Their love section features many poems that would be great for weddings.
  • Love Poems and Quotes features even more poetry on love.
  • Famous Poems features previously published poetry by famous authors.
  • features even more great works with romantic sentiments.


Websites that feature quotes can normally give you the short snippet of inspiration your best wishes need. Some great quote sites for wedding best wishes include:


Another great source of inspiration is best wishes cards. Someone put a lot of work into the greetings that go into cards and if you're not giving verbal best wishes and instead will be giving a card, you can be sure to find one that already has a great message in it.

Some sites for best wishes cards:

Tips For Your Wishes

  1. Stay true to yourself. If you're not too close to the couple, there's no need for you to give a large toast. Don't push it. A card or comment in the guestbook will fit.
  2. Honor your relationship to the couple. If you've known the groom for years, personalize your wedding best wishes rather than just handing them a gift or card. After all, they're inviting you to share in their personal day for a reason.
  3. A lot of times, people try to get the perfect words for their wishes. Any couple would rather that you say what's in your heart than what you think you should be saying.
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Best Wedding Wishes Quotes and Message Ideas to Add the Extra Jazz to Your Wedding Gift

wedding present best wishes

Invited to a wedding and wedding wishes quotes got you puzzled? Clueless of what to write in a wedding card? We have got your back, read more to explore wedding wishes for occasions and types.

Image Courtesy: You and Your Wedding

Are you invited to a wedding or planning to attend one soon? Finding a hard time brushing up a sweet congratulatory wedding message to the newlywed couple? We got your back. After all, you spent a great deal of time and effort in searching for a perfect wedding card and penning beautiful wedding wishes quotes can be a lot harder. There are certain wedding card etiquettes that have been followed since ages. Traditionalists often mail it to the newlyweds at the time or post the wedding via post or mail. 

Wedding cards come in a variety of layouts, whether you are going for a tag with a gift or a fancy huge wedding card for the couple or even a classic Archies wedding card, it is important to associate emotion and best wishes for the couple which is best expressed with a heart-warming wedding wishes quotes.

Here are different formats and emotions involved in wedding wishes quotes that can be incorporated in the wedding cards, pick your type:

1. Formal Wedding Wishes Quotes

Image Courtesy: Wedding Studio

So, you’re invited to a sit-down dinner with the couple where you can expect floor-sweeping gowns and dapper tuxes around, it is meant to be a formal event. However, your wedding wish doesn’t necessarily need to be. You can perhaps convey a timeless and classic wedding wish like these:

“Wishing you two an everlasting bounty of love and happiness”

“May you two celebrate each day of your life beautifully and your love grows by leaps and bounds”

“Wishing you both joy, love and happiness as you step into a brand-new chapter of your life”

“May the warmth and love of your life shine through the years”

2. Casual Wedding Wishes Quotes


Image Courtesy: Etsy

If you’re not comfortable or find formal wedding wishes too monotonous, you may stick to the standard casual wedding wishes. They are ideal wedding messages for your friends, relatives. Short and sweet always work like a charm and doesn’t ring a creative bell for you to pen some thoughtful wedding wishes quotes. Check out some of the examples below:

“Best wishes”

“Congratulations on your wedding!”

“We’re so happy for you both. Hugs and kisses”

“Here’s wishing you two a long, happy marriage”

“Here’s a little something to begin your happy life with a token of love”

3. Funny Wedding Wishes Quotes

Image Courtesy: Wedding Inspirations

Go ahead and extract the creative juices on the paper to wish newlyweds with something to laugh upon. It’s always a great idea to fill in a pill of happy medicine especially after a series of such stressful events and formal gatherings that follow suit. Although, be careful with your satire which should not cross limits or cause a concern of worry and resentment for the couple. Make sure you smoothly and evenly convey your wedding wishes quotes while giving them a light rub in the back. Here are a few examples:

“PFA the wedding gift with lots and lots of love”

“Burrp! Thanks for inviting us to a great dinner & drinks evening. We had a great time, hope you will too”

“As Bill and Ted said “Be excellent to each other”

“Our marriage advice: Love, Respect and do the laundry together”

4. Religious Wedding Wishes Quotes

Image Courtesy: Word of Wisdom

If you’re being invited to a wedding for a couple who are religious by nature and follow a traditionalist path, you may consider writing religious wedding wishes quotes. Religious wedding wishes quotes can mention God or almighty and your prayers to begin a new life on a happy and prosperous note or include a quoted scripture. Such god sent wedding wishes quotes may be well appreciated by the religious couple in hand. Here are a few examples of the same:

“May God bless you and your pious union”

“Love is patient, love is kind, love never fails and God will grace this beautiful pair”

“May God grant all your wishes and bring a ton of happiness and warmth your way”

“May God bless you with a lifetime of love and happiness”

5. Wedding Wishes Quotes to a Friend

Image Courtesy: Biovallee

To the one who has seen you fall and rise throughout and shared the best memories deserve something special. What better than a heartfelt wedding wishes quotes penned beautifully to express your happiness for your friend and his/her spouse. Personalize the content and add a touch of emotion while you wish the newlywed with your best wishes on their big day. Here you go with some examples to suit yourself:

“Remember the time when you penned poems for your imaginary gf/bf? You were right, you truly accomplished your dream today. Congratulations!”

“Cheers to love, friendship and endless shots of vodka” (if you share a personal relationship with the subject)

“May you bring each other as much happiness as your friendship has brought to mine”

“I’m so glad to call you both my friends. Congratulations!”

“Of all the days we have celebrated till now, today tops the list. Huge congratulations!”

6. Wedding Wishes Quotes to Co-Worker/Colleagues/Business Associates

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

When you’re writing wedding wishes for your co-worker, be double sure of your content. It has to reflect professionalism and ethics while you maintain a cordial relationship with the couple. Go with the general content and express your gratitude for being invited to the wedding. Here are a few examples entailing the context:

“I’m so glad to work with you. Huge congratulations on your wedding!”

“Thank you for inviting me on your big day, I’m so honoured. Huge congratulations to both of you!”

“You’ve got a promotion with a new title: husband/wife. Congratulations!”

When it comes to weddings, a kind word and a quirky wedding wish go a long way. For the newlywed couple, wedding wishes act as a boost of energy shot when they are exhausted from all the wedding functions. So make sure your congratulatory message makes them realise how important they are for you and how much their happiness means to you.

What do you think of our different wedding wishes quotes styles crafted exclusively to suit different occasions? Tell us and share your opinion using the Comments box below.  

So when a friend asked us about our wedding gift, we realised we had no idea what to ask for and with As the majority of modern couples co-habit first, the wedding wishing well has soared in popularity And here are 10 good reasons why.

What to Write in a Wedding Card: Best Wedding Wishes

wedding present best wishes

Whether you’re asking for a loan, a pay raise or for guests to contribute to a wishing well at your wedding, requests for money can be difficult, if not downright embarrassing.

That’s why asking guests for cash presents rather than traditional wrapped gifts can be awkward.

However, with many couples already living together before marriage and so many who, individually, have their homes already set up with the items they need, it’s a request that’s becoming more and more common.

Of course, that’s not the only reason couple’s request cash gifts. Some genuinely need the money, others wish to put it towards, say, a honeymoon or a house deposit, perhaps even towards renovations or a bigger present such as a painting, something that constitutes a single, really big wedding present that they really want and will always remember, like a pet or a car.

And then there are the couples who just prefer cash.

Regardless of the reasons, it can still be uncomfortable asking your guests for presents of money and, as such, couples have come up with a more diplomatic means of doing so, wishing well poems.

Wishing well poems are a gentle way for couples to ask for cash gifts in the hopes of not offending guests. As you’ll see from the examples below, wishing well wording varies in length and diplomacy. Some are gentle and funny, others make their message immediately clear.

The term ‘wishing well poem’ comes from the fact that many couples provide a wishing well (though now it can be in the form of suitcases, birdcages, even just pretty boxes) into which guests can place their money-filled envelopes before making a wish, usually for the couple. However, they’re also known as Money Trees and Treasure Chests, among other things and, of course, many cultures feature such celebrated wedding traditions as pinning money to the bride’s dress or filling bride’s purse with money during the reception.

The aim of such traditions, which started long before people lived together before marrying, was always to ensure the bride and groom walked way at the end of their big day with a small nest egg to start their married life. Guests who put in what they could afford if they could afford anything at all.

So, just keep in mind that though you may prefer cash, your guests may not. Perhaps they don’t have the money to give or maybe they may prefer to give you something particularly special that you will treasure as something you received on your wedding day. Either way, if you are going down the wishing well route, be sure to make it clear that cash presents are not mandatory and that you are merely making a request, not demanding guests hand over cold hard cash.

You can either add the poems onto your invitation or, as so many couples do, simply print it out on a notelet or small slip of paper and leave it for guests to decided what they wish to do, but also what they can afford.

Here are some of our favourite wishing well poems:

1: Do not tell

“Our two families have come together as one.
We really hope you can join in the fun.
A wishing well we thought would be great,
but only if you wish to participate.
A gift of money is placed in the well,
then make a special wish, but do not tell!
Please do not be offended by our request,
as our day is complete having you as a guest.”

2: Short but sweet

If you were thinking of giving a gift to help us on our way.
A gift of cash towards our house would really make our day.
However, if you prefer a gift, feel free to surprise us in your own special way.

3. Make a wish

If finding a gift is hard to do,
Perhaps our wishing well is for you.
A gift of money is placed in the well.
Then make a wish… but do not tell.
If, however, a gift you’d prefer to find.
Be assured we will not mind.

4. Cash money

So what do you get
For the Bride and Groom,
Whose house needs things
In every room?

When shopping for a gift,
You needn’t be rash,
As there’s always the option,
To just give cash!

We hope you don’t find,
Our request to be funny
The decision is yours:
To buy a present or give money.

Now you have the choice,
Please do not fuss.
The most important thing of all,
Is that you’re there to celebrate with us!

5. Honeymoon in a foreign land

Soon we are to be Mr & Mrs
We don’t need a wedding list of dishes.
Our life together has already begun
We have almost everything under the sun:
Two kettles, two toasters, two microwaves
Though we also have dreams for which to save.
Our dream is to honeymoon in a foreign land
And walk along the beach hand in hand.
If you would like to give us a gift
A contribution towards this would give us a lift.
We like to think of it as our ‘Wishing Well’
Which will be filled with your love, we can tell!
But the most important thing to say
Is that you are there to celebrate our day!

(From reader Kalysha)

6. Wishing well wedding

Soon you will hear our wedding bell,
As friends and family wish us well.
Our household thoughts are not brand new,
We have twice the things we need for two.
Since we have our share of dishes and bedding,
We’re having instead a wishing well wedding.
But more important, we ask of you,
Your prayers of love and blessings, too!
(from reader Adrianna)

If poetry is not your style, you can just word the requests politely, something along the lines of:

The most important thing is to have you with us on our special day. No gifts are needed or expected, however, we have been asked what we need or would like and,
if you do wish to give us something, a little cash to spend on our honeymoon would be very much appreciated.

Do you have (or have you seen) wishing well wording that you like? If so please submit it below and we’ll add it to our ever-growing list!

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Oven-fresh muffins, white dusted linzer tarts, and accompanying coconut flaked cupcakes make up a sublime wedding gift! All decked out in white, these little.

wedding present best wishes
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