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Thank you for engagement wishes on facebook
October 23, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Engagement is a special day in every couple's life. You receive many wishes, blessings and gifts on your engagement. So its your turn to thank.

Expressing your good thoughts and appreciation to someone who congratulates you is a sign of good manners. A word that congratulates can give us a good feeling and it calls for a good response. You want to make them feel good as much as they did to you when you receive the congratulation messages. Now, if you don’t know how to respond to a congratulations, you’re at the perfect place. Here, we will give you some tips and advices on responding to those who congratulate you. We will give you a list of samples as well. Read on.

How To Say Thank You for the Congratulations

  • Know the person – You have to know the person you are thanking to. If it is your boss or someone who is superior or senior to you, then the letter should show some respect and humility. If, then, you are writing to your friends or someone that is close to you, you can just be natural or really friendly. As long as you make them feel that you really appreciate their greeting, then that would be the best way to write your letter.


  • Determine their contribution – If the person whom you are writing to has contributed to what you have achieved, then it is only right for you to notice or appreciate what he/she has done to help you in any way. You can point out some specific instances where that person has helped you and mention it in your letter. With that, they would feel that they were, in a way, part of your success or achievement. They would be more proud and feel appreciated by the time you remember the simple things they have done for you through your journey.


  • Thank them for the greetings – Of course, you have to thank the person for congratulating you. Tell the person that if it is not for them or the people supporting you, then you wouldn’t achieve what you have achieved. They play a big role on your success because without those people supporting you and having your back from the very start, then you wouldn’t be molded into a person of what you are right now. A support or encouragement is a big help to any circumstances, it can be problems or trial, and so it is important to have anyone who believes in you and your capacity to achieve your goals. This needs to be thanked and appreciated for.


  • Wish them well – As your letter ends, never forget to wish them well with what they are doing and continue in achieving their dreams and goals. Now it is your time to give some encouragement to them as what they have done when you were the one who needed it the most. Maybe you can also wish them good health, and of course a successful career that may come in the future or as soon as possible as long as they won’t give up in everything they do. Remind them to always trust God in His plans, and that everything that happens with their career or personal life has a purpose and is always the best for them.

Samples of Thank you Messages for the Congratulations

There are many things that we should thank for, and even having to be told “Congratulations” should be appreciated. When we achieve something great or out of our ordinary daily routine, we often hear the word “congratulations” thus, we should thank them for congratulating us. This means that they have noticed what you have achieved and they are happy for you because of it. To show our appreciation to those who have congratulated us, here are some samples you may want to consider:

“Thank you so much for recognizing my efforts. I must say that your congratulation messages really touched my heart.”

“Not everyone is happy when you succeed, but it is always great to be reminded of good friends like you. Thank you for the congratulations!”

“Your kind and encouraging message has motivated me to do even better than I have done. Thank you!”

“I’m grateful to know that you share in my happiness and success. Kindly receive my appreciation!”

“Thank you so much for your congratulation but I cannot take all the credit because it was team effort. If it were not for all our collective hard work, I would not have made it.”

“Thank you for the congratulations! It is nice knowing that you are thinking of me.”

“We appreciate your message and are happy to know friends like you rejoice in our success. Thank you!”

Response to Congratulations on Job Promotion

Colleagues and friends took time to send you congratulatory wishes. It’s only proper to express your appreciation and gratitude towards them. But if you’re lost what to tell them or how to respond to those warm wishes, you’re at the right place. Here, we wrote some samples that you can use.

Thank you very much for such a kind gesture. You’re one of the reasons while this work is so worthwhile.

I appreciate your kindness to send me a congratulation letter on my job promotion. I am truly overwhelmed with happiness and appreciation. Thank you.

I’d like to express my appreciation to your warm congratulation wishes. I am so happy to receive them.

Thank you for dropping me a kind note of congratulation. It was such a nice gesture that warmed my heart.

I feel so blessed to have me efforts recognized. Thank you for all the warm congratulations wishes.

Thank you for all the best wishes and congratulations. I feel surrounded with appreciation and love.

I’m grateful to all people who supported me through the years. Thank you for your kindness and warm wishes you sent.

Your congratulations wishes warmed my heart and made me so happy. Thank you very much for your support and encouragement.

Thanks for thinking of me. Your warm wishes always make my heart grow. 

Reply to a Congratulations

“Thank you for sharing in our joy as first time parents. We greatly appreciate your congratulatory message.”

“I am humbled to receive congratulatory messages from my role model. Thank you for the encouragements!”

“Thank you for whichever way you contributed to making our wedding a success and more so for your congratulatory texts. We appreciate you very much!”

“I received your congratulatory letter with a lot of joy and gratitude. Thank you for remembering me!”

“It’s not every day you receive a congratulatory message from a long lost friend. Thank you very much and it was great hearing from you!”

“Thank you for remembering my baby on his first birthday and for your wonderful congratulatory messages!”

“I must say it feels good knowing that you follow up on my success and are happy when I prosper. Thank you very much!”

“Your congratulatory note was received and very much appreciated. Thank you.”

Reply to Wedding Congratulation Messages

Wedding celebration maybe a busy and full of tiring festivities, you must not forget to write or compose a response to all of the wedding congratulations you have received from the loving family and friends. You can keep it short yet thoughtful. show your appreciation and gratitude to those who support and made the wedding more worthwhile with these samples of thank you messages for the congratulations on wedding.

I appreciate your warm message of congratulations on our wedding. It was very loving and encouraging.

I feel so blessed to have loving friends and family like you. Your best wishes of congratulations made us so happy. Thank you!

Thank you to all, friends and family, who sent us heartfelt congratulations messages. They made us so happy. Thank you for supporting our marriage.

I’d like to express me gratitude for all the heartwarming congratulations you have sent. We’re touched by the flood of congratulatory and warm wishes for our wedding. Thank you.

I feel so glad to have such a supporting and loving family and friends. All of the congratulations messages we received are truly heartwarming. Thank you to all of you.

Thank You Messages for Congratulations Wishes

“Thank you for congratulating me on being a mother. I hope I follow in your foot steps!”

“Thank you for the congratulations! Your wishes, prayers and blessings have done me a lot of good.”

“It is very heart-warming to know that even you, are happy when I succeed.”

“Thank you for congratulating me!”

“Thank you for all the help you offered me at every stage that led to this success. I feel glad that I received not only your support but also your congratulations.”

“I have graduated and I must confess that I am surprised to receive a congratulatory message from you. Thank you very much!”

“I’m glad you dropped me a congratulatory message. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

“Thank you for sending your congratulation messages even after all the help you have given me.”

“Be blessed for all the warm wishes and congratulation notes!”

“Thanks much for your congratulatory messages! Dully received.”

Thank You Response to a Congratulations

“My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to just say thank you for sharing in our happiness.”

“Thank you for the fabulous gifts and congratulation messages! I am lucky to be surrounded by precious friends like you.”

“This is to extend a note of appreciation for the warm and kind congratulatory messages. Thank you for putting a smile on my face!”

“I heartily thank you for your blessings and congratulatory messages. It was all because of the love and support from people like you.”

“Nothing else matters as long as you are proud of me. Thank you for your congratulation messages!”


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(Closed) ENGAGED!!! Facebook Etiquette and Thank You

thank you for engagement wishes on facebook

Engagement is a special day in every couple’s life. You receive many wishes, blessings and gifts on your engagement. So its your turn to thank each of the person for the wonderful gifts that you received. Express your gratitude to each one of your friends and family members for the lovely gift presented to you. Make sure to mention the gift and in which way you liked it. Below we have gathered a unique collection of such thank you messages for engagement gifts. Try some of these wishes to say thanks to your dear ones for the gifts received on the engagement day.

Thank You Notes and Messages For Engagement Gifts

  • Mr and Mrs Smith, thanks a lot for being there at our engagement party. Thank you for showering us with lovely gifts and blessings.
  • Your present really made me feel happy. It will always remind me of you. I will definitely decorate my room with this after my marriage.
  • Me and John are heartily thankful to you for the gift that you presented us on our engagement party. Thank you once again!
  • Thank you for attending our engagement party. Me and my fiancée loved your gift!
  • Thank you Mr and Mrs Sid for being there at our joyful occasion.

    A special thanks for your lovely gift and beautiful wishes…
  • I am short of words to express my joy with you. Thank you so much for the engagement gift. Be there at our wedding too.
  • It was great seeing you both at our engagement party. Thank you for the wonderful gift. I must say you have a great choice. Just can't wait to see you both at the wedding ceremony.
  • It was great to see both of you at the engagement ceremony. The gift was really thoughtful. Thank you so much..
  • I must say that your presence and gift brought smile to me any fiancé’s face. Thank you so much for such a pretty token of love.
  • Being my friend you have always stood with me in thick and thin times. Thank you so much for such a great gift. Its priceless. I am so excited to see you at my big day!
  • Your wishes and gifts made our day extra special. Thanks for such a great choice of gift. Will definitely decorate my room with this.
  • Thank you so much for the lovely portrait that you gifted me on my engagement ceremony. Will send you wedding card soon. So be there on time.
  • We truly enjoyed your company at our engagement party. Thanks for finding out time from your busy schedule and being there. Your gift surprised us totally! Thank you a lot. 
  • Me and my fiancé both were so happy after seeing you at our engagement party. The flower vase with my favourite lilies was the bestest gift. Thank you for such a blossom gift!
  • The gift that you presented me on my engagement ceremony is an another edition that I would love to make at my new home after marriage. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift!
  • Thank you so much for planning my engagement party. Many thanks for the beautiful gift. It is truly amazing!
  • We would like to thank you for being a part of our engagement ceremony. You guys made it as a day to be remembered forever. And yes, I must say your engagement gift was wonderful. Thank you!
  • We feel ourselves lucky to have friends like you who made our engagement ceremony extra special. Your presence was truly a moment to cheer. Thank you for the lovely present. We both loved it..
  • Friends you truly graced the evening of our engagement party. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful present. Thanks once again for adding warmth to our party.
  • The gifts and wishes given by you at our engagement party left a deep impression on our heart. It was so meaningful. Moreover, thanks a lot for your presence.
  • My engagement party would not bee complete without you all. Thanks for giving your presence and yes I would remember your gift forever. Thank you!
  • Thank you so much for the warm wishes and congratulations. Your gift was the one that I liked the most..
  • I really feel blessed to have family and friends like you. Your best wishes and gift made us feel so happy. Thanks a lot!
  • Thank you to all my lovely friends, family members and other dear ones for sending me your heartfelt wishes and the lovely token of love. It really made us so happy. Thanks for supporting us!
  • I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for the warm wishes you sent us on our engagement ceremony. All the gifts that I received were really heart-warming. Thank you so much!
  • Thank you for the unique gift. Your warm wishes and blessings have really done a lot for us. Thank you!
  • Thanks a lot for accepting our invitation and being there at our engagement party. Your gift will always remind us of your kindness and generosity. Thank you!

So what are you waiting for? Choose an appropriate wish to thank your family, relatives and friends for being present at your engagement day and for the lovely engagement gifts.

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Reply to congratulations

thank you for engagement wishes on facebook

Hello dear bees, I posted a few days ago about my wonderful Vaneltine’s Day engagement. I still cannot really believe it. Ill post the picture of my ring soon!

in the meantime, fiance and I (omg, this is the first time i wrote fiance, so excited!!!) we both changed our relationship status on facebook, and we recieved tons of congratulatons and wishes! I had around 80 likes, 90 comments, and over 60 personal messages on my wall. I want to thank these people, as I was truly touched for everybody’s congratulations and positivity. but I had too many comments, and it would take me forever to thank them all individually, so I created a blanket message.

“Dear friends, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful wishes and overwhelming love you have shown us during this happy time.

– with love, **our names.”

after this message I recieved even more personal congratulations on my wall. i want to be polite to these people too, should I recreate a similar message, or thank everybody individually? What’s another way of thanking everyone properly? I also don’t want to seem annoying posting news of my engagement every day. 

I am so excited bees! Now I get to plan my wedding!!! I am so happy 🙂






When someone congratulates or wishes you, does that gives you a good feeling? If yes, then saying thank you to those people who showed.

Thank You Messages & Notes for Birthday Wishes on Facebook

thank you for engagement wishes on facebook

‘THANK YOU’ is not just a two-word saying, but it is a sign of good manners. It is a sign of recognition of goodness. When someone congratulates or wishes you, does that gives you a good feeling? If yes, then saying thank you to those people who showed their goodness will equally provide them a good feeling as well. Thanking everyone just helps in empowering the act of giving and compassion. If you show your gratitude to those people who congratulated or wished you on any occasion just reflects your indebtedness and appreciation towards them. This significantly empowers the generosity of both the giver and the recipient.

Being a professor is a really tedious task because people constantly converse with me about the career advice and frankly, I just want to help everyone. But, it is not possible. It is really shocking when I do give my personal referral, yet rarely receive a Thank You. It is a powerful two-word saying which is essential for making or breaking the employee, professional relationships, career and job opportunities. If you just show a small courtesy to the people congratulating you or wishing you creates a significantly powerful response. People giving you time for discussing your career aspirations, making time to meet you and interview you deserves a simple thank you.

There are numerous reasons when people wish you or congratulate you. Some of those occasions include promotion at work, baby shower, marriage anniversary, milestone birthday, new job, much more. And seriously, not only you but even at first I usually got confused about how we say thank you for the congratulations or wishes. So, today we are here with some of the best messages which can help you all in finding out the best thank you message associated with the particular occasion.

Response to congratulation letter

Thanks so much for thinking of me.
It was so nice to hear from you.
I’m highly thankful to you for your kind and affectionate letter congratulating me on promotion (wedding, having a baby).
I felt glad to be surrounded by your love and blessings.
I guess I was just lucky.
I can assure you, it was a team effort.
I’m grateful for your wishes and greetings on the occasion of me becoming a mother.
Thank you for your support.
Reading your letter full of good words gives me happiness and fine feelings.

How to respond to congratulations email, message or note

Thank you for the congratulations.
Thank you so much for recognizing my efforts.
It’s good to hear from you.
Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging email.
Thanks for taking the time to drop me your kind note.
Thanks everyone for thinking about me. I appreciate it!
It was nice to receive such good luck wishes.
Thank you so much for your message. I was really surprised (pleased)!
Thanks. We all had a part in the results.
Thanks a lot for such a kind gesture. Colleagues like you make the work so worthwhile.
Your blessings are a source of a great inspiration for me.
We appreciate your kindness to drop us a congratulation note on our wedding day.

Like there are numerous reasons to say thank you, there are numerous ways as well. For instance, you can use quotes to thank parents or teachers or any person who wished you, congratulated you or helped you. Apart from the thank you messages, you can send people quotes or letters or poems as well. Saying Thank You is all about acknowledging the person who did something for you. It is actually a small payment which you did forward to them and leaves an echo among those people behind you making the same request. Here, I just want to give you few tips to show your appreciation.

  • While saying Thank You just be genuine in your words. And really don’t expect anything in return from the person. Your thank you just give that person a good feel.
  • Just be specific about the thank you words and use the name of a person. It will make your appreciation more meaningful.
  • Choose the words and match them perfectly with your body language and eye contact. Just be confident while praising the person who helped you or congratulated you.
  • Think of some special ways for saying thank you.
  • Write a simple thank you card or a note which is one of the simplest act of saying thank you to the person.
  • Just say a simple thank you soon after the event because it will leave a powerful impact.

Saying Thank You is quiet really important because it changes a life. You might think that how a simple thank you can change our life? Yes, guys, a simple thank you with a smile on your face can change the world. Because it is the smile which easily ripples around and it can simply change a bad day into a good one. When someone helps you, it is your gratitude which can do wonders. Actually, by saying thank you are just sharing a bit of your heart. You must say thank you when someone gives you a compliment and there are numerous ways to say thanks to people who give you compliments or wishes or greetings.

Also see: How to Say Thank You for Birthday Wishes

Not only it is important to say thank you for the congratulations, but it is really important to say thanks to your teacher, who help us like another mom in school or college, say thanks to boss or manager for recommending your name for a project or promotion and as I said that there are numerous reasons to thank you. If you will start saying thank you over the small things, then bigger things will eventually start appearing. Though they won’t appear overnight, but yes, if you will notice the little things and be thankful to them, then it will help you in opening up to the little things will lead to bigger ones. With your simple thank you, you can even include a thank you letter, which you might have to learn about before writing it.

So, guys, this is all about how to say thank you for the congratulations. In simple words, say thank you to the people and make this world a better place to live in because it helps in improving the relationships between people.

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Birthdays come once a year and we get heaps of wishes on Facebook. It may be your best friends, old school friends or even people you have.

thank you for engagement wishes on facebook
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