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Quotes for good night wishes
July 16, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

Say Good night to your girlfriend with beautiful quotes and messages. Let her Strengthen your bond while wishing her sweet good night quotes. This post will.

Before you rest your head, check out these goodnight quotes and sayings to put you in the right place before you sleep.

If you want a perfect collection of wise words before bed, we want to help you get your best night’s sleep ever from this day forth! These good night sweet dreams quotes are just what you need to send you to sleep in the perfect way. Ending your day with wise words is guaranteed to put you on the right path when you open your eyes once more.

Enjoy them with a smile on your face and a happy heart before drifting off to sleep. Enjoy!

These good night love quotes were meant for anyone looking to get their head on straight before a night of sleep. Be sure to read these before you drift off to dreamland. Sweet dreams!

Even though the day was stressful and we did the best we could, we always deserve to rest.

So how can we effectively let go of the day?

Well, we can’t let the day go if:

  • We are replaying conversations
  • Thinking about all the things we didn’t do
  • Thinking about all the things we need to do

While we’re preparing for bed, we need to change the conversation.

We need to:

  • Be thankful for the opportunity we have to rest and sleep in a bed
  • See rest as important to our growth
  • Realize there will always be more to do

We hope you enjoy this collection of goodnight quotes and hope it impacts your internal dialogue just before bed.

Below is our collection of inspirational, beautiful, and charming good night quotes, good night messages, and good night wishes, collected from a variety of sources over the years.

Goodnight quotes for letting the day go

1.) “Before you go to sleep, do not forget to say thanks for everything good that has happened to you in the last 24 hours. I am thankful at the moment for you.”

2.) “Never let the darkness or negativity outside affect your inner self. Just wait until morning comes and the bright light will drown out the darkness. Today has been difficult, but tomorrow will be another day.”

3.) “Nighttime can seem longer than the day when you dream big dreams. Daytime lasts longer for people who make their dreams come true.”

4.) “Make sure to be thankful before bed. What you think about now will determine the state of your dreams.”

5.) “She wanted none of those days to end, and it was always with disappointment that she watched the darkness stride forward.”

6.) “Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.” – William Shakespeare

7.) “The night breeze is blowing through my hair and the soft touch reminds me of your kisses. I wish I didn’t have to miss you this much.”

8.) “Although I love the stars that dot the night sky, I love the stars in your eyes even more. While I sleep, I will think about my favorite stars and wait to be with you again.”

9.) “My idea of a good night has always been having a lovely meal and a proper conversation.” – Kirsty Gallacher

10.) “Do not go gentle into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light.” – Dylan Thomas

11.) “All I wish is that the nights when we are together would never end. When we are apart, I cannot bear it. Good night, my love.”

12.) “Sleep, my Bella, dream happy dreams, you are the only one who has ever touched my heart, it will forever be yours.” – Edward Cullen

13.) “The longest way must have its close – the gloomiest night will wear on to a morning.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe

14.) “While you dream, I wish that each hope and goal comes true. I just want you to receive everything that you have wished for.”

15.) “Music is love, love is music, music is life, and I love my life. Thank you and good night.” – A. J. McLean

16.) “The sun is upset now, but the moon dances in joy. Although the sun is depressed at seeing you go, the moon gets to enjoy the whole night with you.”

Funny Good Night Quotes

17.) “There is something that is big, warm and fuzzy. Before you get too many ideas, you should know that it is a good night hug sent from me to you!”

18.) “I think the best way to get a good night sleep is to work hard throughout the day. If you work hard and, of course, work out.” – William H. McRaven

19.) “I prioritize in life. I like to work, I do TV shows, I do a lot of Iron Man training. I enjoy kicking back on a good night and drinking wine until I go to bed, and having fun with my friends. You just have to make time for it and keep it balanced.” – Joe Bastianich

20.) “Tonight, I would walk a thousand miles just to be with you. Missing you, my love.”

21.) “They say that God sprinkles his blessings upon the earth every day and I think I have caught one—it’s you! Wishing you a good night and I love you.”

22.) “Thank God for everything good that has happened during the day and wish everyone else a good night. Afterward, take a deep breath and sleep tight while dreaming of me. Sweet dreams.” –

23.) “I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.” – Stephenie Meyer – Twilight

24.) “That’s the advantage of insomnia. People who go to be early always complain that the night is too short, but for those of us who stay up all night, it can feel as long as a lifetime. You get a lot done.” –  Banana Yoshimoto

25.) “I was walking along and this chair came flying past me, and another, and another, and I thought, man, is this gonna be a good night.” – Liam Gallagher

26.) “I just want to say, good night, sweet prince, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.” – Harry Dean Stanton

27.) “Sometimes I’m so tired, I look down at what I’m wearing, and if it’s comfortable enough to sleep in, I don’t even make it into my pajamas. I’m looking down, and I’m like, ‘t-shirt and stretchy pants? Yup, that’s fine. It’s pajama-y, good night’.”- Rebecca Romijn

28.) “A day is going to end again. It is nice to have a friend like you. Making my everyday seems so great. Thank you my friend lastly. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.”

29.) “Here is a short line to keep in touch because you’re always on my mind very much.”

30.) “Love is one of the simplest feelings. All I dream about is capturing your heart each night. You already have my heart.”

31.) “Some nights are made for torture, or reflection, or the savoring of loneliness.” – Poppy Z. Brite

32.) “I love the silent hour of night, for blissful dreams may then arise, Revealing to my charmed sight – What may not bless my waking eyes.” – Anne Brontë

33.) “God’s guidance is like a small lamp in a dark forest… Doesn’t show everything at once… But gives enough light for the next step to be safe. Goodnight!”

34.) “Here is to hoping that angels will guard you while you dream and the gentle breezes of the night will keep you cool. If it is too cold, may your blankets be warm as you drift on to a gentle rest.”

Good Night Quotes for Friends and Family

35.) The sky grew darker, painted blue on blue, one stroke at a time, into deeper and deeper shades of night.” – Haruki Murakami

36.) “Touch your heart and shut your eyes, dream sweet dreams and sleep tight.”

37.) “Each day I wish that my dreams will come true. Then I remember that I am now with you.”

38.) “It was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright.” – Stephen King

39.) “The stars and moon arrive just to wish you a good night. Let the light of the moon guide your dreams as you pass the night away.”

40.) “No matter how far away you are, you will always be in my thoughts. Each day that we are together is the best day of my life.”

41.) “Melancholy were the sounds on a winter’s night.” – Virginia Woolf

42.) “There may be a billion yesterdays and a trillion tomorrows, but there is only ever one today. I would never let one day pass without letting you know that I am thinking of you.”

43.) “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” – Edgar Allan Poe

44.) “All I wish a sheet of clouds for your bed and bright crystals for the stars. While you sleep, may the angels play sweet songs that bring you bright dreams.”

45.) “The day is busy enough to keep me occupied. In the quiet of the night, I begin to really miss you.”

46.) “Life begins at night.” – Charlaine Harris, Dead Until Dark

47.) “Each night, I hope that the moon is large and bright and you will be happy and right. When you turn off the light, keep in mind that I am dreaming of you.”

48.) “Night is longer than day for those who DREAM, and day is longer than night for those who make their DREAMS come true.”

49.) “Each hour is crawling by like years. I cannot wait to be in your arms yet again.”

50.) “Night falls. Or has fallen. Why is it that night falls, instead of rising, like the dawn? Yet if you look east, at sunset, you can see night rising, not falling; darkness lifting into the sky, up from the horizon, like a black sun behind cloud cover. Like smoke from an unseen fire, a line of fire just below the horizon, brushfire or a burning city. Maybe night falls because it’s heavy, a thick curtain pulled up over the eyes. Wool blanket.” – Margaret Atwood

51.) “Good night, and good luck.” – Edward R. Murrow

Good Night Quotes About Wishes

52.) “Good night my dearest love and have pleasant dreams. Here’s to the hope that tomorrow will be as sunny and bright as you are.”

53.) “Brings you dreams of castles in the air and big goals for the future. Rest tonight and allow dreams of the future to wash over your mind.”

54.) “As the moonlight dims and the world goes quiet, give yourself some rest. Here’s to hoping that your sleep is as sweet as you are.”

55.) “Here is to wishing that your mind will rest in sweet serenity while the nighttime passes by.”

56.) “If I give you my heart, will you promise not to break it? Wishing you were here.”

57.) “All I do each day is wait to be with you again. My entire day revolves around the hope that I can spend my evenings in your arms again.”

58.) “Take a breath and gaze up at the stars. See the two brightest stars? Those are my eyes twinkling back at you.”

59.) “May I kiss you then? On this miserable paper? I might as well open the window and kiss the night air.” – Franz Kafka

60.) “Disappointment always arrives before hope and the darkness of night comes before the dawn. Don’t lose hope now because things will brighter with the new day.”

61.) “Sleep is such a luxury, which I can’t afford (suffering from Insomnia).” – Robin Sika war

62.) “Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” – Mahatma Gandhi

63.) “All I wish that I could be there to say goodnight instead of sending you this message.”

64.) “Take a look out your window now. Although we may be apart at the moment, we can both gaze up at the same moon.”

Good night quotes to end the day on a positive note

65.) “A good night in is a series of documentaries.” – Elizabeth Debicki

66.) “Day is over, night has come. Today is gone, what’s done is done. Embrace your dreams, through the night. Tomorrow comes with a whole new light.”

Sweet goodnight love messages will no doubt put a smile on their face before Sending love quotes for him and paragraphs for her can make.

Good Night Quotes

quotes for good night wishes

Good friends are rare! They are the people who you consider to be like family. With friends you find love, support, and common ground. But as times change, your lives can become filled with more responsibilities, which bring chaos. You do not always get to see your friends, as much as you would like to. In order to maintain your bond and let your friends know, that no matter what happens in your lives you will always be there for each other, it is important to send them messages.

At the end of the day, after all of the responsibilities and ensuing chaos, you can send your friends Good Night messages. You can provide your friends with the peace that they need. Depending on the personalities of your friends, you can send them messages that are cute, short, or inspirational. The messages located here would be perfect for them.

Cute Good Night Messages for Friends

  • Night, night, to a dear friend! May you sleep well!
  • May the night fill with stars for you. May counting every one, give you contentment!
  • Friend, you make me smile! I hope you are smiling, while you sleep!

Good night. Sweet dreams.

  • You are the sweetest person that I know! May you feel at ease, tonight, knowing how great you are!
  • Wishing you comfort, happiness, and a good night!
  • Being your friend is amazing! Tonight, may you enjoy your leisure time!
  • Wishing a friend I hold dear a very, good night! You deserve it!
  • Good night, sleep tight, best friend!
  • Good night, friend! I hope you dream of colorful and fantastic things!
  • I hope tonight finds you snug, friend! Have a Good Night!

Good night. The world is better with you in it.

  • Wishing you a comfy night, friend, that promotes sleep!
  • Good night to a friend who is the best! Get your forty winks!
  • Good night, friend! May the sheep you count tonight, be fluffy and numerous!
  • May your pillow be soft, and your rest be long! Good night, friend!
  • Good Night, my precious friend! May you feel safe and loved!
  • Good Night, to my adorable friend! You hold a special place in my heart!
  • I hold your friendship close! I hope you have a Good Night!
  • You are such a good friend! May the night you have contain only good things!
  • Good night to a friend who is nice and makes everything swell!

If you’re tired learn to rest, not quit. Good Night.

  • They say that too much of everything is bad. However too much of your friendship isn’t. Have a good night, my dear friend.
  • We might be miles apart but we are always in each other’s minds and hearts. That’s what makes our friendship so beautiful. Good night.
  • Being friends with such a caring person like you is one of the major reasons I am so grateful to be alive. Good night.
  • True friendship like ours is worth more than all the wealth in this world. May we never be apart. Good night.
  • One of the greatest blessings a person can get is to have a true friend. You, my friend are a true friend. Good night.
  • Ours is a friendship that is destined to last forever. Not even the distance between us can change it. Good night, and sleep tight. 

May guardian angels be with you all the time and may sadness not know its way to your doorstep. May happiness and goodness surround you all the time. And most importantly, may God always bless you. Good Night.

  • You should know that regardless of the distance separating us right now, you are always in my heart and thoughts. Good night.
  • I didn’t know what true friendship meant or felt like until you and I became friends. Sleep tight, my friend. Good night.
  • Good night, my friend. And know that there is always a special place in my heart for you.
  • As another day comes to an end, I just want to thank you again for making my everyday beautiful with your presence. Good night, my friend.
  • Your true friendship just goes to proof the fact that the best things in life are free. You illuminate my life with your friendship and make life more enjoyable. Have a good night. Sweet dreams!
  • As you go to bed tonight, know that I will always be that friend you can rely on in times of trouble. Good night.
  • I wish to end this day by letting you know that you always have a true friend in me. Good night and have sweet dreams.
  • I just wanted to let you know that I can never exchange our friendship for anything. Good night and have a nice sleep.
  • Dear friend, do you know you are a priceless gem in my life? Well, now you know. Good night and have pleasant dreams.
  • As the day comes to an end, throw all your worries and troubles away. Do have a blissful night full of pleasant dreams.
  • Dear friend, keep calm and forget all about your worries and troubles. There is always hope. Good night.
  • As you turn off the light, keep in mind that out of sight isn’t out of mind to me. Regardless of the distance between us, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Have a good night, dear friend.
  • After an exhausting day, it is only fair that we have a sweet sleep. Have a magical night and sweet dreams. Good night.
  • May the stars and the moon comfort you as you sleep. Good night buddy and have sweet dreams.

Short Good Night Messages for Friends

  • Good night, to my very best friend!
  • Rest soundly tonight, friend!
  • Have the best night’s sleep, friend! Sleep well!
  • May there be no troubles, tonight! May the rest you have come easily!
  • Have a very, good night, friend! You are wonderful!
  • Relaxation is in order for you! Good night, friend!

Now relax. The day is over. You did your best. And tomorrow you’ll do better. Good Night!

  • Good night. May you have sweet dreams tonight.
  • Sleep peacefully tonight, my friend, for the angels are keeping watch over you.
  • Sleep well, dear friend and have sweet dreams.
  • Regardless of how your day ended today, know that tomorrow will be better. Good night, my friend.
  • Throw your worries away and sleep peacefully tonight, dear friend, for tomorrow will be sunny and brighter.
  • I pray your sleep is accompanied by sweet dreams. Good night.
  • Don’t give up, my friend. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring with it. Have a blissful sleep.
  • As we wait for a brand new day, good night and have beautiful dreams.
  • Thank you for always being a true friend to me. Good night.
  • Dear friend, I wish you a night of peace and bliss. Good night.
  • Darkness cannot last forever. Keep the hope alive. Good night.
  • By hook or crook you shall have sweet dreams tonight. Have a good night, buddy!
  • Good night, my friend. I pray that the good Lord watches over you as you sleep. Sweet dreams.

Good night. Keep your dreams alive

  • Good night, friend! May you be filled with tranquility!
  • Wishing you a calm night, friend! I hope it is good!
  • Good night, friend! Now is the time for a breather!
  • 15 Goodnight images
  • Wishing you a night where you can recharge for tomorrow!
  • Slumber tonight, good friend, and feel well rested, tomorrow!
  • May you have solace tonight, friend! May there be peace and quiet!
  • Wishing my good friend relief from a hard day’s work! Good Night!

Sweet dreams. Good Night.

  • Good night, friend! May you have silence for sleep!
  • Friend, may you be in a state of stillness that lasts all night!
  • Have a night that is noiseless and comfortable, friend!
  • Tonight, friend, take a breath! Put your feet up and relax!
  • Good night, friend! May all the pressure of the day be alleviated!
  • Let there be no troubles, dear friend! Have a Good Night!
  • May there be no chaos, tonight, friend! May there only be peace!

Good Night. Everything that is good for you will come at the right time.

Inspirational Good Night Messages for Friends

  • I hope you have a good night! May you sleep peacefully, friend, and only have good dreams! May you wake up refreshed and ready to take on anything!
  • May the dreams you have tonight, come true tomorrow! You can do anything that is on your mind and in your heart!
  • Your presence rouses me to action, friend! You always know how to make things happen! I hope that, tonight, you relax and accomplish new goals, tomorrow!
  • Let your imagination go tonight, friend! With sleep, you have a chance to have dreams with endless possibilities!
  • Sleep peacefully, friend and awaken with a view of the future that is grand! You have the courage and tenacity to complete everything that you set out to do!
  • May your experiences while you sleep tonight, friend, be pleasant! May it inspire you to have good experiences, the following day!
  • Good night Quotes
  • Being associated with you frees me from my troubles! Dearest friend, I am wishing you a night that is devoid of disturbances! May you only know quiet and serenity!
  • Every day, you encourage me to do new things, friend! May tonight’s rest bring a new day that overflows with courage and exciting events!

Wishing you comfort, happiness and a good night!

  • When everything is brought to a standstill, friend, I hope that your thoughts are good, as you drift to sleep! May those thoughts remain with you, during all of your days!
  • When the day is done, friend, may you know that you have done well! When you sleep tonight, friend, may you view all the you hope for, tomorrow!
  • May there be no activity for you tonight, friend! May the rest that you have coming to you arrive swiftly! May the activity that you do tomorrow match your pace and be all of your own making!
  • In our friendship, I view you with the utmost respect! I know that you days can be so hectic, that it is difficult to feel settled, at night. I wish that tonight, you can feel settled and that nothing will occur to bother you! I wish that this will serve as a model for all of your upcoming nights, and that you will be granted the peace that you have given me!

Night night, dear friends. May you sleep well.

  • Friend, may the quietude you experience tonight move you to have many more nights like it! May you find your peace and hold on to it!
  • May the darkness of the night cloak you in a sleep that is sound and good! Dear friend, may this feeling carry you through the next day!
  • Wishing you a calm, night, friend! Hoping everything winds down to your liking and that the following day meets your standards!
  • Friend, I want to remind you that your strong mind has brought you peace, before. May it do that again, tonight! May you hold acknowledgment of this with you!
  • Friend, you do not hesitate to get things done! Take tonight to relax and do more, tomorrow!
  • 15 Goodnight Images to Share
  • Sleep tonight, friend and be well! Know that you have done your very best today, and that you will do your very best, tomorrow!

Good Night

  • Do you know what is so great about sleeping? You get to forget all about the troubles in life for a while. Good night.
  • Friends like you help me forget all about my worries. Friends like you inspire me to keep keeping on.
  • Thank you for giving me hope. Good night. 
  • Sleep your worries away tonight, for tomorrow will be better. Have a good night.
  • Just know that it is possible for all your dreams to come true if you take action to grab them. Never give up. Good night.
  • You’re a shining star. Don’t ever give anyone the opportunity to dull your shine! Good night!

Sweet dreams. Good night.

  • Tomorrow is a new day and a brand new opportunity to turn things around. Good night and sleep tight.
  • As you lay your head tonight to sleep, know that the good Lord has the solution to all your problems. Good night.
  • Good night, my friend. I hope you have a restful night, and may tomorrow bring you nothing but happiness.
  • Sleep in peace tonight with the knowledge that God is awake and watching over you. Sweet dreams, my friend.
  • Sweet friend, as you retire to bed, know that I believe in you. Please don’t ever give up in life. Good night and have pleasant dreams.

Good Night. May your dreams be sweet and peaceful and tomorrow full of pleasant surprises.

  • This night, friend, is for promoting wellness! Do not focus on the events of the day! Let go and be at peace! Have a Good Night!
  • Friend, you set an example all aspire to! You make me feel proud to know you! Rest tonight, knowing that you have made a difference to me and every one else is fortunate enough to cross your path!
  • Good Night, friend! May the thoughts you possess be so calming, that you easily fall asleep! May that kind of tranquility stay with you!

Wishing a friend I hold dear, a very good night! You deserve it!

Long Goodnight Messages for a Friend

  • Studies have shown that having a good night’s sleep has the ability to drastically wipe away our worries and fears. So sleep tight and have pleasant dreams.
  • Don’t ever let your fears keep you awake all night. Just switch off your light and drift into sound sleep with the knowledge that I will always be there for you. Wishing you a peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams tonight. Good night, my friend.
  • The day has come to an end but it’s not going to be long before a brand new day comes. I therefore entreat you to never give up because life always presents us with several more chances. Good night.

We have so much to be grateful for. Good night.

  • Whatever I did in my past life must have been so great for destiny to lead me to such a wonderful friend like you in this life. Thank you for being my best friend. Wishing you a blissful evening and a peaceful night. Good night. I can’t wait to be in your company again in the morning.
  •  Your friendship means the world to me. I don’t know how you do it, but you always put a smile on my face. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to put a smile on your face. I just hope I can make you as happy and proud as you make me.  Sweet dreams.
  • You have always been by my side to support me. Dear friend, thanks for always being my pillar of support. May angels watch over you as you lie down to sleep. Good night. 
  • Life is hard but with a wonderful friend like you by my side always offering me a shoulder to cry on, my troubles in life become manageable. I wonder what my life would have been like without your presence in it. Thank you for your priceless friendship. And as you go to bed tonight, know that you are always in my prayers. Have a good night.

Better things are coming. Good night.


Sweet dreams. Good night.


Good night. Never stop dreaming.


Good night. Sleep tonight and be well! Know that you have done your very best today, and that you will do your very best, tomorrow!


Make a wish and have a peaceful sleep full of beautiful dreams!

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Soothing, Funny and Inspirational Good Night Messages

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Best 60 Inspirational Good Night Quotes and Wishes

quotes for good night wishes

Good Night Sayings and Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old good night quotes, good night sayings, and good night proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

This is the end of the day, but soon there will be a new day.

Bernard Williams

Throw off your worries when you throw off your clothes at night.

Napoleon Bonaparte

All I wish a sheet of clouds for your bed and bright crystals for the stars. While you sleep, may the angels play sweet songs that bring you bright dreams.


Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.     

Catherine Drinker Bowen

As the night gets dark, let your worries fade. sleep peacefully knowing you've done all you can do for today.

Roald Dahl

May I kiss you then? On this miserable paper? I might as well open the window and kiss the night air.     

Franz Kafka

Disappointment always arrives before hope and the darkness of night comes before the dawn. Don't lose hope now because things will brighter with the new day.     

Henry Rollins

The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night's sleep.

E. Joseph Cossman

The darkest night is often the bridge to the brightest tomorrow.

Jonathan Lockwood Huie

The sea will grant each man new hope, and sleep will bring dreams of home.

Christopher Columbus

I just want to say, good night, sweet prince, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Harry Dean Stanton

Night is a time of rigor, but also of mercy.

Isaac Bashevis Singer

Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.

William Shakespeare

It is better to sleep on things beforehand than lie awake about them afterwards.     

Baltasar Gracian

52 Inspirational Goodnight Quotes and Sayings for him and her, with beautiful goodnight images and quotes to finish the day with happiness.

Never Stop Dreaming | Good Night Messages for Friends

quotes for good night wishes

May you and yours have a restful and peaceful night! And what better way to start the night than with some good night quotes? Here you will find our list of our heartfelt, beautiful, sweet and cute good night quotes and images. You’ll find the perfect words to send to your family, friends, for your sweetheart, your angel, your love, your co-worker, the yoga instructor who inspired you, your teacher whom you admire, your Facebook friend that you recently connected with and for all the people you care about. Good night wishes and good night messages can put the finishing touches on the day, help them wind down and even get a restful night sleep knowing that someone remembered them and cares about them.

Here you will find 5 collections:

1) Good night quotes for anyone

2) Good night images with quotes

3) Good night love quotes

4) Funny good night quotes

5) Quotes to wish family members a good night

After a long, busy, chaotic day wishing someone good night is a terrific way to help them transition into a restful or loving state and can serve as a peaceful, loving, inspirational or even a humorous motivation for them and for yourself. Nothing is a more powerful and encouraging way to say goodnight and sweet dreams that to send touching messages. For your sweetheart, these sugary sweet and romantic good night quotes and messages will be a nice surprise. Call them goodnight, whisper in their ears or text them as they get ready for bed and wander into the land of dreams. Just like good morning quotes, quotes at the end of the day can make a real difference in the lives of those important to you.

Motivate, inspire, share the love and start a wonderful tradition by saying good night in a more meaningful way!

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Good Night Quotes

Sending heartfelt, inspirational and sweet good night quotes for friends and those you care about is as easy as 1 2 3. Below are some of our favorite ways to wish someone a good night.

  1. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and have a sweet dream. Good night!
  2. The lights are off, time to sleep, goodnight to you, may you have the most wonderful dream. Have a restful night.
  3. Cherish all the beautiful moments today and think about them when you go to bed at night for a good night sleep. Good night!
  4. “Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” – Mahatma Gandhi
  5. I hope you had a wonderful day today and may you have one again tomorrow and always. Have a good night!
  6. The stars are bright, turn off the light, I wish you a sweet and sound good night.
  7. The world is a better place to be because of you. Good night and sweet dreams.
  8. “Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.” – William Shakespeare
  9. The stars sparkle and shine like you do in my life. Have a good night sleep.
  10. I am so lucky to have you in my life. Have a great night sleep and and I’ll see you soon.
  11. “Good night, and good luck.” – Edward R. Murrow
  12. Tomorrow is gonna be a great day so sleep well and wake up well. Have a restful night.
  13. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Have a great night sleep.
  14. “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” – Sarah Williams
  15. May my prayers bring you wonderful dreams and a blessed night sleep. Have a good night!
  16. May my arms will reach you and hug you good night to wish you sweet dreams and to sleep tight.
  17. “Music is love, love is music, music is life, and I love my life. Thank you and good night.” – A. J. McLean
  18. Good night, sweet dreams and know that I care and thinking about you.
  19. The best link between sorrow and hope is a good night sleep. I hope you have a restful night and a wonderful day tomorrow.
  20. “There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.” – Bernard Williams

Good Night Images With Quotes

If you or those important to you are more visual share with them one of these extra special good night images with quotes. Below are our top ones that you can easily share either by email, Facebook, WhatsApp or the method of your choice.

  • My day may be chaotic, my schedule may be busy but I won’t let the day end without letting you know that I am thinking of you.

  • “I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.” – Stephenie Meyer

  • I have so many things to be grateful for and one of them is you. Sleep well.

  • Even though we are apart, please know that I carry and treasure you in my heart. Good night.

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52 Inspirational Goodnight Quotes and Sayings for him and her, with beautiful goodnight images and quotes to finish the day with happiness.

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