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Quotes about farmers life
December 11, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

Clover (a horse) Quotes. Clover is Boxer's companion, a "stout motherly mare approaching middle life, who had never quite got her figure back after her fourth.

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The Whitewashing of the American Farmer: Dodge Ram Super Bowl Ad Harvey politically, and describes the role he played in American life.

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quotes about farmers life

When Henk Blok outlines the regions where he has worked over the past 40 years, you would never guess that his adult life has been spent farming. From the US to the former East Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Austria, Mr Blok was a man on the move as he pursued his chosen career. A native of the Netherlands, he now owns and runs a 140-cow dairy farm with his wife in Germany’s Rhineland.

Mr Blok did not grow up in a family of farmers, much less inherit a farm of his own, and so had to jump from farm to farm as he was entering this line of work.

He was keen, but he is aware of farming’s limited appeal to younger generations.

“If you show your kids that this is all work and not much fun, why should they take over this job?” he says. “I see people quitting all the time. Most of them, their sons and daughters are not interested in the business.”

At one time, he even had a business that offered vacation cover to farmers although he stopped the service several years ago, however, partly in order to devote more time to buying his own farm.

He is not alone in noting farming’s declining appeal to younger people — a problem the EU is looking to address through policy initiatives.

In a 2013 EU public consultation, respondents named “ageing and succession” as one of the three main challenges to family farming. The other two were the burden of dealing with red tape, and striking adequate commercial terms with larger trading partners such as supermarket chains.

Family farming represents the bulk of European agriculture. According to 2013 EU statistics, farms on which only family members work, or where they make up more than half the labour force, accounted for more than 95 per cent of the number of holdings and more than 65 per cent of utilised agricultural land.

This makes family farms key to the security of Europe’s food supply, as well as important employers and stewards of the rural environment.

Peter Hiemer, manager of Maschinenring Oberallgäu, a co-operative of farmers in the southernmost, Alpine district of Germany, says “it’s not getting easier” to survive as a small-scale farmer.

Maschinenring Oberallgäu, originally formed to help farmers share expensive equipment, offers holiday cover for members. But take-up, or lack of it, is striking. Whereas total sick leave hours are the highest in Germany, average annual leave for the co-operative’s 1,850 members in 2017 was just 2.2 hours. Vacations, it seems, are not considered a normal part of farm life.

The disparity in being willing to take sick days but unwilling to plan holidays is partly down to economics: in Germany, health insurers cover sick leave through paying replacement workers to visit farms and handle essential duties but holidays are not covered.

But demographics also matter. “Younger people certainly take more [holiday],” says Mr Hiemer. “It depends a lot on their partners.”

Mr Blok agrees: “The new women who get married to farmers today — they’re not going on a farm without holiday.”

Meanwhile, the introduction of technology on farms is often spurred by younger generations: a farm that is up to speed with the latest technologies increases the likelihood that a farmer will take the occasional holiday, says Mr Hiemer, since handovers to substitute staff are simpler.

But even as younger farmers modernise and diversify their operations — for instance, by offering citydwellers getaway breaks in the countryside — their own holiday needs tend to remain on the back burner.

The Rheinische Landwirtschafts-Verband, a German agricultural co-operative with about 20,000 members, scrapped a scheme to offer holiday cover because of lack of demand. That may be just as well, given the difficulties in finding people with the right training to cover even sick leave. “It’s a job that demands flexibility,” Mr Wiedenau says. “You don’t know where you’re going to be from one day to the next. It’s best for young people.”

Some of those young people may, like Mr Blok, eventually buy farms of their own. That is a succession path in its own way — but probably not the path of family inheritance that many ageing farmers wish for as they ponder retirement or, like all those holidays gone amiss, put off for another day.

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quotes about farmers life

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Golfball-sized hail leads to giant-sized service

Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance agency sales manager Justin and his staff were eating lunch at a local diner one balmy May afternoon when a storm rolled through town. "We didn't think much of it," he remembers. "It was a normal storm on our end of town." But then one of his customer-service reps hustled into the diner with reports from the other side of town. "I remember him saying, 'It's bad.'"

It's more than a home. It's a life.

Rita's life was already in upheaval. Her husband of 52 years had recently passed away, and she was downsizing her life, selling the family home to move across town to a more manageable house. She was closing on both in two days.

This new chapter of Rita's life was scheduled to begin on May 24, 2011, in Joplin. But May 22 had other plans. "I'd paid a roofer $600 that morning for work he'd done," Rita remembers. "In the afternoon, the roof had blown away."

Working hard to protect the hardworking

You never know when or where your most important life decisions will be made.

Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance agent Chad had been talking to the client for years. The customer, "Bob," was a busy man. As the owner of a sizeable heavy equipment operation, Bob didn't have a lot of time for paperwork or insurance. He certainly wasn't thinking about something "distant" like life insurance.

A HAILuva Lot of Damage

Whether you're a single-property landlord or the owner of a sprawling excavation outfit, an expected bill for thousands of dollars can be crippling to your business.

This is the situation Pete had just experienced when he rolled into Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance agent Jess's office in 2006. Pete, the owner of dozens of residential rental properties throughout Missouri, had just experienced a phenomenon that anyone who owns a single roof - home or auto - dreads: a devastating hail storm.

Mail - Arlana Dagneau - Outlook Ag Quote, Farm Kids, Farm Life Quotes, . Sometimes that's all you need Farm Life Quotes, Farm Sayings, Agriculture Quotes.

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quotes about farmers life

“My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer.” (Schoepp, 2012)

I was active on the family dairy farm in my youth before moving into managing beef cattle herds and cattle feeding. I researched and developed protocols to reduce the stress of handling, receiving and maintaining optimal health in livestock, particularly cattle. I spent three decades traveling across Canada advocating for the reduction of stress on sale stock. As strong advocate of preventative health in animals and in direct marketing, this lead to demand as speaker and farm writer.

As a grazier, I also employed technology and common sense to ensure that the land is ecologically balanced and at optimal performance. Many young people had their first exposure to gazing concepts by walking our fields. As a single mother I learned a lot about purpose through farming and today continue that tradition of the revolving door of knowledge as I hosted guests from around the world for walking tours and lively discussions. To further my education in that regard, I obtained my international permaculture design certificate.

A farm writer, my opinion column Straight from the Hip continues to challenge the status quo and  injustice to the people, animals or the environment of farming. At the same time, my passion for agriculture and a balanced approach from visiting and working on farms around the world are  inspirational for today’s speaking and reading audience. It is the biggest business of all – the business of food and it is important to share it. As a farmer I fully appreciate that agriculture is profoundly personal and at the same time deeply connected to the global economic scene. My studies on the development of mentorship programs for women reflect my desire for gender equality in agriculture and the importance of this in global society.

As a compliment with the farm I ran a rescue horse operation. Using my knowledge of animals, the horses learned to relax and trust, and often strengthen in mind and body to obtain great feats. Here is one story on the healing power of farming and farmers.

As a farmer – I care for people, for animals and have a deep respect for the earth. I strive to understand the world in which I live, knowing that collectively, farmers are the foundation of every civilization and the weavers of economic prosperity.

Farmers markets offer a direct experience of food and community. Author Michael Pollan: We've had an explosion of farmers markets. Bryant Terry quote .

quotes about farmers life
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