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Pregnancy wishes messages
March 25, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

baby-elephant-baby-shower-greetings-message-amyandrose Wishing you a hassle free pregnancy, an easy birth and a happy and healthy.

Pregnancy is the fruit of a love or copulation affair. It goes beyond just being a biological process; it is the coveted step into motherhood. Recognize that between the man and the woman who “tangoed”, there’s none other deserving of a fantastic congratulatory wish than the one in whose womb life is being nurtured.

Therefore, the congratulations on your pregnancy wishes below are explicitly reserved for that girlfriend, sister, daughter, colleague, or relative of yours who is pregnant.

Congratulations On Your Pregnancy Wishes

1: I am excited to see your baby bump. Congratulations, girl!

2: It is awesome that you are on your way into the treasurable motherhood. Enjoy a safe pregnancy, and congratulations.

3: It is a thing of joy to learn of your pregnancy. I can’t wait to set my eyes on your cute baby. Congrats!

4: You are a blessed woman to be the carrier of a world changer in you. Congratulations, dear!

5: I prayed for this news to hit me hard on my ears, and it actually did. Congratulations on your first pregnancy, sis.

6: Yours will be the sweetest pregnancy journey. Congratulations!

7: You are not just a wife but a mom to be. What can take the place of such a grand honor on you? Congratulations on your pregnancy.

8: We rejoice with your family on your daughter’s pregnancy. We wish her sound health throughout the course of the pregnancy.

9: Your baby is one of the luckiest in the whole wide world to be carried by a gracious woman like you. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

10: Pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride of a mixture of fun and uncertainty. May you enjoy every bit of yours because I’m sure it’s going to be a smooth one.

11: There are a few definitions of the feeling that match with the exhilaration and pride that pregnancy brings. I’m glad that you are in a position to experience them first-hand. Congratulations, sweet sis.

12: I feel like soaring on the wind and dancing on the air from the news of your pregnancy. You are blessed, honey. Congrats!

13: Do you remember how we fantasized on you getting pregnant and giving birth to twins. I’m happy it wasn’t a mere fantasy after all. Congratulations darling, on your pregnancy.

14: You are kind and patient. Being a mother will fit into your character and attitude. Congrats on your pregnancy.

15: You are well-rounded and more beautiful with your baby bump. Pregnancy sure looks good on you. Congrats, dear.

16: It is incredible that you and your husband are already expecting your second baby. You are truly favored, and I am thrilled by the news. Congratulations to my model couple.

17: The gift of a child is the joy of every well-meaning home. I join the host of heaven to celebrate your pregnancy and the coming of your precious gift.

18: Pregnancy is best described as the preparation for a glorious life with a divine soul from heaven. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to share in your joy. Congratulations!

19: I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that you will make a wonderful mom to your baby. Congrats, and do enjoy a safe delivery at the appointed time.

20: It isn’t an accident that you are pregnant with your baby. God thought it wise that you become its mother. Congratulations on this elevated position of honor given to you.

21: Words fail me at this moment to express my heartfelt joy on the news of your pregnancy. It is actually a dream come true for me. Congratulations, and the safest delivery in advance.

22: It is as beautiful as it is complex, having an entirely different human being growing in another human’s body. God’s creation genuinely blows my mind. Congrats on your pregnancy, baby girl.

23: Your home is heaven on earth; you have beforehand, made provisions for the physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of your baby. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and thanks for being foresighted.

Prayer-Congratulations On Your Pregnancy

24: It is the will of God that you conceived the perfect child for you and your family. Therefore, He will cause you to experience an easy pregnancy. At the time of delivery, no complications shall arise in you.

25: I bless you and your baby developing in your womb. You will be safe from disaster and unnecessary pain. No disease nor difficulty shall rear up its ugly head against you. Congrats on your lovely pregnancy.

26: I heartily congratulate you, dearest, on your pregnancy. I am certain that you are carrying a blessing, and the joy of many nations. Your baby shall console you in life, and will never be a source of heartache to you.

27: Just as you desired, you are pregnant with a set of twins. You have received a double blessing for your pain, an increase in the measure of your abundance. Congratulations.

28: Congratulations on your first ever experience in pregnancy. I pray for you on this day, that you will not miscarry your baby. You will carry it to full term, and deliver safely and smoothly.

29: Accept my sincere congratulations on your wife’s pregnancy. I wish her a smooth childbirth. May her testimony be likened to that of the biblical Hebrew women.

30: Congratulations on your pregnancy, girlfriend. You need not fear any uncertainty or be discouraged by false news by tale bearers. Your own pregnancy and delivery are already unique as long as the hand of the Almighty God is in your life.

31: I thank God for singling you out to be the mother of your baby. Know that He has made available the wisdom, understanding, and resources with which your baby will be raised. Congrats on your pregnancy.

32: You are counted among fruitful women. Never shall you be anymore referred to as barren. Tears run down my cheeks as I celebrate the awesome work of God in your life. Congratulations on your pregnancy, my daughter.

33: God’s faithfulness in the lives of the women in our family is dated back to the olden days. He is still at work, and will perfect the great work He has started in you. Congrats on your pregnancy, dear sis.

34: Your joy shall be complete sooner than you expected as you become delivered of your cuties. A huge congrats to you on your pregnancy.

35: I am exceedingly joyful that I am alive to witness your pregnancy and subsequent child delivery. God is merciful, and may that mercy keep you alive and strong before and after your pregnancy. Congrats, granddaughter.

36: I decree that yours is a peaceful pregnancy and such that will attract inexplicable open doors for you. Congrats on your pregnancy, sweetheart.

37: Children are an inheritance from God, and the fruit of the womb is a blessing. Your baby shall be the angel you’ve always longed to see with your eyes. He will be the light that will give others the permission to shine. Congrats on your pregnancy.

38: Though it is your third experience in pregnancy, it will be your sweetest ever. Congratulations on your pregnancy, cuz.

39: I pray for you, that you will be in health throughout the period of your pregnancy. Your baby shall not be born preterm; she will be in health and kicking all the way. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Funny Congratulations On Your Pregnancy

40: I was told that you have her royal cuteness growing in the inside of you. Congrats. Hope you’ve booked an upscale hospital for her delivery. She deserves nowhere less!

41: So, it is true that you have fallen pregnant. The result of your enjoyment with your partner has played out as an abdominal swelling. Congratulations for doing a great job!

42: I am excited that you’ve become pregnant. Kindly register my name as a godparent for your sweet angel before it becomes too late.

43: Congratulations on your pregnancy, girl. Your baby bump looks as soft as the mound of a hill.

44: I had thought you would remain a virgin after your wedding night. I didn’t know that your hubby had better plans for you. Congrats on your first pregnancy, girlfriend!

45: A big congrats on your pregnancy. You are beautiful; therefore, I expect nothing less from the looks of the baby in your womb.

46: Pregnancy is a bag of fun with the exceptional morning sicknesses, mood swings, cravings, and frequent urination. I do hope you’ll enjoy every single one of them. Welcome to the club!

47: I have hoped that you would be pregnant with four babies so that my kids will have a playmate each. Nonetheless, you will get pregnant again as soon as you are delivered of the present one. We can wait.

48: You’ve always been in love with babies. Now, you are going to have a real life experience of who babies are, outside their soft coos and endless giggles. I wish you luck!

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Being a mother is one of the beautiful experiences in the life of a woman. Well, it is not the just a special moment for the mother. But it is a.

Pregnancy Wishes – Congratulations Messages

pregnancy wishes messages

In the United States, an average of $50 billion a year is spent on childbirth. This is more than any other nation in the world. A child is born every 7.4 seconds with 1 in every 31 childbirths being twins. 70% of children have brown hair. If you know someone that is expecting a child, the following series of pregnancy congratulation messages can serve as a great inspiration to your special note.

All your life you were learning how to be a good human being. Pregnancy will teach you how to be a good mother. Congratulations.
Blessed is the mother who brings forth all the goodness she can carry.
Congratulations for entering a period of life when you will have no periods.
Congratulations Mom to be! During this special phase of your life take care and relax ….. because when the little one comes you will hardly get time to rest.
Congratulations Mom to Be! We are really excited and happy to hear the good news. We are sure you are going to be an excellent Mom!
Congratulations on Your Happy News! You’ll have your arms around your little one before you know it!
Congratulations on your pregnancy You’re going to be a great mommy!
Congratulations on your pregnancy. May God bless you with a happy healthy pregnancy.
Congratulations on your pregnancy. No matter how you feel now, the baby will bring you lots of joy when he/she arrives!
Congratulations on your pregnancy. We are looking forward to meeting the newest member of the family.
Congratulations to the future mommy and future daddy for becoming pregnant and awaiting the birth of their future baby.
Congratulations! This is really great News. May God bless you as you approach the exciting event of your life.
Enjoy your pregnancy because it is the only time a woman can get away with burping and farting and a man can get away with blaming his wife for her irritable mood swings.
For the next nine months your body is a sacred temple and your womb will be the closely guarded doors protecting the little angel who will change your lives forever. Congratulations for your pregnancy.
Having a baby is one of the most wonderful, exiting, awesome, life changing events of your life. Congratulations dear, I am sure you will be an excellent Mom.
I am happy for your pregnancy but I am happier in knowing that a baby will be born in the arms of such loving parents like you. Congratulations for becoming pregnant.
My heartiest wishes to you mom to be. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Enjoy this special moment of your life!
New life, new responsibility, and many new discoveries are coming. Congratulations on your pregnancy.
Pregnancy is a great balance in life – it brings out the worst mood swings in a wife and the best levels of tolerance in a husband. Congratulations for getting pregnant and finding your balance.
Pregnancy is a wonderful miracle, and in nine months your joys will double. Congratulations to the happy couple.
Stop reading books about babies and getting pregnant because the beautiful feeling of pregnancy is impossible to be understood in words, it can only be experienced. Congratulations.
The craziest roller coaster ride in the world is not at Disneyland or Universal Studios, it is the nine months of pregnancy. Good luck and enjoy the twists and turns of your pregnancy.
The doctor may cut off the umbilical cord that ties you with your baby, but no one can cut off the cord of love built over the next nine months which will tie you with your child for a lifetime. Congratulations on being pregnant.
The only time you will feel blessed when someone kicks you is when your baby kicks inside your tummy during your pregnancy. Congratulations on getting pregnant.
This is an advice for the to-be-mommy. Make the most of your nine months of pregnancy because it is the only time when you can bite into all your food cravings to put on those extra pounds without feeling an ounce of guilt. Congratulations on getting pregnant.
We heard about your newest development. Congratulations on being creative.
Welcome to a period of your life when you will glow even without using makeup. Congratulations for your pregnancy.
When God gives a couple a baby, He also gives them new pair of eyes to see the world in a way that they have never seen it before. Congratulations on being pregnant.
You will now have to eat for two people, drink for two people, breathe for two people and think for two people. Get ready to do everything in life on the double. Congratulations on your pregnancy.
Your body will go through many changes as pregnancy has its way with you. But the biggest change will be the slow and beautiful transformation of your mental state of mind from a woman to a mother. Congratulations.
Your pregnancy is the second best news of the year. The first best news of the year will happen after nine months when the baby arrives. Congratulations.

Over 6 million pregnancies occur each year with over 4 million live birth. There are 875,000 pregnancy complications that occur annually with pregnancy women. Approximately, 1 in every 5 births are induced. Additional interesting facts and statistics about pregnancy and childbirth is outlined in the below infographic.

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Pregnancy Congratulations: Messages, Wishes, and Poems for Cards

pregnancy wishes messages

Pregnancy Wishes: For a woman, pregnancy is the power. After all, it’s about making another human being inside the tummy of a mother. Pregnancy can also be delightful and exciting. It is the great achievement of a couple to have a child. So, a pregnant woman deserves that her family member, friends, and loved ones will shower herself with happiness and blessings. Send pregnancy congratulations wishes and messages on her newly discovered pregnancy.

Pregnancy Wishes and quotes

Express your feelings about the good news by texting her. Share the joys and happiness of her by making good luck wishes for pregnancy. Advice her to keep good health and take the best care of herself so that it could make sure that the baby stays healthy. Here we suggest some pregnancy wishes and congratulation messages for a happy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Wishes for Sister

congratulations on the pregnancy

  • No matter what growing inside your tummy, my nephew or niece. I’m just excited thinking about that together we will make the best gang and will be the perfect partner in crime.
  • When I brought any gift to you, your excitement being Over-abundance. Now the most precious gift is waiting for you. Congratulations on being in a family way! May God bless you.
  • Hey Sister, when I came to know about your pregnancy news, I really can’t wait for the time when I hold my nephew’s hand and make him able to walk. Congrats on your pregnancy.
  • When I closed my eyes, the scene is just before me that “my little niece hold my hand and bear a pack of colorful balloons in her tiny gripe. I am waiting for comes it true. Happy pregnancy.
  • Dear sister, Congratulations on being pregnant. I am going to be the coolest uncle. As, I am a bike rider, so there is coming to a very skilled bike rider in our family.
  • Sister, do you know? Babies are the angels. How Lucy you are! you are going to be a witness of the happiest moment of the universe. I am wishing you the best health and a happy pregnancy.
  • You have no idea about my excitement! The news of your pregnancy makes me the happiest person. I can’t believe that someone will call me Sweet Uncle.

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  • For the first time, it seems to me that I am going to be a witness of the beautiful moment of the world, that an angel comes to the Universe and fill up all lacking a life.
  • Hey moron! I can’t believe that you are going to be a mother! Now, I am expecting that my careless sister will be the most caring mother. Congratulations!
  • Hello dear, welcome you to the mother’s community. You are going to be a proud member of here a few months later. Take the best care of you and the life growing inside you.
  • My dear sister, I am going to share a secret information with you. Form the date I came to know about my upcoming niece, I reserved an amount from my pocket money for buying chocolate for my nephew.
  • My dear sis, now you are pregnant. Pregnancy is a wonderful miracle, I am sure that you will be the best mother. Take special care of your health.
  • Being a mother is marvelous! Now get ready for taking more responsibility. Congratulations for becoming pregnant and I wish God continue to bless you.

Pregnancy Congratulations Messages for Sister


  • If you have never seen the incredible beauty of the world, then stand before the mirror and look at you now. Congrats on your pregnancy.
  • Dear moron. I have never seen you to success at any step of life, I have never seen a donkey like you! But at the first time, I could say that “you are the most successful woman of the Universe”.
  • I know you are so much worried that you are getting fat day by day. But at this time don’t try to control diet. Take healthy meal and best care about yourself. Happy pregnancy!
  • On your marriage ceremony I attended without any gift, but on the news of your pregnancy you deserved a wonderful gift from me and I will not cheat you. Congratulations on your pregnancy.
  • Let your heart be filled with all the joys of the world. You are going to be a mother. It is the best feelings of the universe. Talk the best care for you and I’m wishing you the best.
  • Do you know my sister, What’s the best achievement of one’s life? It is being a parent. So, you are on the way of the best achievement. I wish you will the best mom.
  • You always looked for a job. Now, the new job is waiting for you. The baby in your tummy is the boss of the office and you have to be a very obedient servant.
  • Life without a baby is like a Tree without leaves. You bring the news of happiness. Congratulations on getting pregnant.
  • I can’t wait for the day that I can finally call myself as Uncle. Take care of yourself and make sure that the baby remains healthy.
  • I am not praying for a baby boy or a baby girl. I am only praying to God for a sound baby. May Almighty keep him/her with the blessing.
  • You are going to enter into a new phase of life. And as a mother, you have to take more responsibility. I am wishing you all the best with joys.
  • May your upcoming baby bring you lots of happiness in life. I wish you may found your heaven within the child. Now just do celebrate! Happy pregnancy!
  • My dear Sister, I really have never seen a lazy person like you in my whole life. It’s the ending time of your laziness. Be ready for my upcoming nephew. Happy pregnancy!

Pregnancy Congratulations Messages and Best Pregnancy Wishes


  • Blessed is the mother who brings forth all the goodness she can carry.
  • Never so sweet a time is there than the first day of the rest of your life with your new baby.
  • Your pregnancy is unique music to the soul – harmonious and sweet. Congratulations on your beautiful song!
  • The most beautiful thing between you and your new baby is the heart. Congratulations on this adorable love saga.
  • You have taken our breath away and lovingly given it to this precious little life. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  • Until now, we thought heavenly stars were the only thing that glowed. Congratulations to you and your heavenly little angel!
  • Being pregnant is a sporting ball of fun! Congratulations on your little team player!
  • Mother and child. Awesome. Congratulations with love.
  • Your past is so yesterday. Your amazing present is now. The only thing lacking is a big red bow. Congratulations on the gift of a lifetime!
  • Your pregnancy is as beautifully unique as you are. Congratulations on this one-of-a-kind celebration!
  • Thank you for bringing this cherished life into the world. Congratulations on already becoming one amazing mom!
  • There’s nothing sweeter than the joy that radiates from within – being pregnant looks amazing on you. Congratulations!
  • Making the world a better place, one pregnancy at a time. You couldn’t be doing a better job! Congratulations!
  • There is nothing sweeter than seeing you so happy about the news of your pregnancy. Congratulations on sharing the same sentiment we lovingly share with you!
  • Your pregnancy is the window to the life of an amazing little soul. Like springtime, this new beginning touches us all. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on being celebrated as Mom of the Year! Already!
  • Love comes in all shapes and sizes. We can’t wait to see what your little love looks like. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  • Babies just make the world a happier place. Live it up, laugh it up and celebrate the best days of your life – there’s a new kid in town!
  • Pregnancy is like a box of assorted chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. Congratulations on creating one sweet treat!
  • Adding another branch to the family tree? Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  • Days may come and days may go; but babies stay awhile, you know. So love him dearly, love her sweet. Let’s celebrate your pregnancy at every beat!

Unique and Funny Wishes for Pregnant


  • Mom! Mom! Just celebrating days to come! Happy pregnancy!
  • Open your heart and hold out your hand with graciousness given to carry on with life’s plan. Your baby is here and is ready to live with all of the love you can possibly give! Congratulations on your pregnancy.
  • A child is a gift of love. Even more good news. You are loved enough to receive this amazing gift! Congratulations from the universe!
  • If you never knew how wonderful you are to so many, just look at you now. Your beautiful life has created another extraordinary life. together you’ll make this world even more wondrous. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  • I wish I may, I wish I might be the first to congratulate you on your pregnancy tonight!
  • Your pregnancy gives a whole new meaning to being beautiful inside and out. Congratulations, you are gorgeous!
  • Just when you thought you had it all, this bundle of joy had something to say! Congratulations on really having it all now!
  • Let your heart be gladdened by the miracle of life within you. You’re officially the best mom ever. Congratulations on being in a family way!
  • Kids say the darnedest things. So do ladies who just find out they are being pregnant! Congratulations, you’re the talk of the town!
  • If lullabies are for babies, then congratulations are for the moms who will sing every tune. There’s no better mom than you!
  • Oh, happy day! A new baby’s on the way! Congratulations!
  • Whether a girl or a boy, there’s no greater a joy than the news of your being with child! Happy pregnancy!
  • Don’t worry, you’ll do fine. You and your baby will have a wonderful time! Congratulations on becoming an amazing mom without even using a manual!
  • It’s nice to share. Let’s share in the celebration of your pregnancy together! Congratulations!
  • Every pregnancy is different. Every one unique. You make pregnancy look so chic! Congratulations on the happy news!
  • It isn’t everyday blessings like this arrive. But it’s blessings like this where new love truly thrives. Congratulations on becoming the best mom you can be!
  • See, you can cook! You had just the right ingredients to make the perfect love recipe – a beautiful baby! Congratulations to you on a silver platter!
  • Getting pregnant is the most wonderful, exciting and happy way to bring an adorable child into the world. In fact, it’s the only way! Congratulations on conquering the perfect family strategy!
  • There’s nothing like the awesome gift of pregnancy to get you the cutest baby in the world! Congratulations, you did it!


Pregnancy Wishes: We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this collection of Pregnancy Wishes and that you were able to find the perfect Pregnancy Wishes.If you liked these Pregnancy Wishes, please share them. Each and every share helps to keep this site going!

Pregnancy congratulations wishes to your sister on her newly discovered pregnancy. Share the joys and happiness of her by making good luck.

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  • If you know someone that is expecting a child, the following series of pregnancy congratulation messages can serve as a great inspiration to.

    pregnancy wishes messages
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