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Memorial day wish
September 28, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

Memorial Day is a day set aside to commemorate the brave hearts who laid down their lives for the nation. It's time to get together and remember.

  • Memorial Day Warm Hug.

    Wish a Memorial Day filled with warmth, pride and togetherness.

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  • God Bless The USA (Lee...

    A slideshow with the song "God Bless The USA" performed by Lee...

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  • For Your Sweetheart On...

    On Memorial Day wish someone who is a blessing.

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  • A Bunch Of Memorial Day Wishes!

    With a beautiful virtual bouquet wish your dear one on Memorial Day.

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  • Thinking Of You On Memorial Day!

    With these virtual flowers say how much you are thinking about him/ her on...

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  • My Wishes For You On...

    Send your warm wishes on Memorial Day and share the pride of being a part of...

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  • Happy Memorial Day.

    Send warm wishes on Memorial Day.

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  • God Bless America And You.

    Send a warm and thoughtful wish on Memorial Day.

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  • The Spirit Of Our Great...

    A fun filled ecard for wishing your friends/ family members/ dear ones on...

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  • Memorial Day Wishes For You!

    A true patriotic ecard to wish everyone you know on Memorial Day.

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  • Memorial Day Messages – Latest collection of Happy Memorial Day Messages, Memorial Day Wishes Greetings and quotes 2019 to wish your.

    Happy Memorial Day: Is There A Better Way To Say It?

    memorial day wish

    Wishing You a Memorable Memorial Day!

    While we are all busy celebrating the Memorial Day Holiday this weekend, let us not forget that freedom isn't "free". Please thank and remember those who have fought for our safety and security, most especially service men and women (and their families) who paid the ultimate price.

    Visiting Angels is proud to serve many Veteran clients and give back to those who sacrificed for our safety. We wish our clients, staff, associates, friends, and their families a sunny, safe and happy holiday weekend!

    "Angels" are always "on call" for our clients 24 hours a day. We are available throughout the holiday weekend at 304-214-5550, should you need us, even though the physical office will be closed on Monday, May 28th, in observance of Memorial Day.

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    What to say instead of 'Happy Memorial Day'

    memorial day wish

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    With Memorial Day only a couple of weeks away, I thought I would put together a few pieces I thought would be perfect either for a barbecue with friends or a weekend getaway.

    Although it may seem like Summer can’t get here quick enough, at least for me! I put this list together in hopes of warm sunny days – I’m so over this gloomy weather.

    As soon as I saw this dress I fell in love with the color combo and print, it just screams summer to me, and the sleeves on this one, so gorgeous. I think either of them would look great with these strappy sandals and this bright crossbody bag.

    If you like to keep things more on the casual side on Memorial day, this pair of shorts is one of my favorites, I wore them non-stop last summer, I also think these acid washed shorts with a cinched waist would be super flattering.

    For more of an edgy vibe, I would totally wear these faux leather shorts paired with this band tee, these thong sandals and for a pop of color this bag.

    Do you have any fun plans for Memorial Day? We still aren’t sure what we’ll be doing. Adrian and I both loathe driving in holiday traffic, but we haven’t had a weekend getaway in a while… so we’ll see.

    Thanks so much for reading! xo-josie

    We all proud of You Share With These # #MemorialDay #ThankYou # MemorialDayTribute My Wishes For You On Memorial Day.

    Memorial Day 2020 [May 25]

    memorial day wish

    There are plenty of joyous holidays that appropriately get celebrated by wishing someone a happy day. The Fourth of July, Hanukkah, Easter, Thanksgiving … each a holiday celebrating jubilation over specific events, be they religious or historic.

    But, what about holidays based on serious reverence or an acknowledgement of a struggle? There’s certainly a lot of discussion surrounding the act of wishing someone a “Happy Memorial Day” or “Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.” Heck, some people even have “MLKeg parties,” and many people celebrate Memorial Day with a drink (or two or five)! 

    The purpose of holidays like these is to recognize a darker part of our nation’s history and how it was overcome by a brave population or a leader who made sacrifices for the sake of progress. These are days full of weight and reflection.

    And that’s why wishing someone a “Happy Holiday” in these instances, without cheapening (or dishonoring) the meaning behind the day, is up for debate.

    When can you say “happy holiday”?

    As word experts, we’re ready to chime in. Because to be happy doesn’t necessarily mean “to be giddy over one’s own privilege” (despite the word’s origins being tied to “good luck”).

    Sure, there’s joy involved in its official definition, but it’s over circumstances that go beyond just “happy coincidences.”

    Being “happy” over Martin Luther King Jr. Day or Memorial Day could be an expression of gratitude—the population acknowledges the past and people are joyous that we are all remembering where we came from and how we’ve come so far. After all, one of the synonyms for happy is successful.

    You could even argue that many religious holidays—Hanukkah and Easter included—would also be categorized as “not happy” based on the struggles both are founded upon … yet we continue to say how happy we are about them every year.

    So, if you’re unsure about happy, think of it as a way to express gratitude as opposed to tossing it aside for its literal meaning.

    And, if you want to avoid it, synonyms are always welcome: “Have a thoughtful Memorial Day” could catch on, we’re into it.

    Best Happy Memorial Day Quotes 2019 and Sayings with Images. Wish Memorial Day Weekend 2019 on Facebook WhatsApp and on Twitter.

    memorial day wish
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