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February 15, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

Congratulatory messages poured in for the matric class of 2016 on . “NATU wishes to call for the employment of more than one teacher for.

I. Course Load and Registration Status

Undergraduate degree candidates are expected to be full-time unless an exception is approved by their dean.

Full-time academic status requires registration in courses that amount to twelve credits or more in a fall, spring or at least 6 credits in a summer term. Students are also considered full-time if they are registered for a University study abroad program.

Part-time academic status is based on registration in less than 12 credits during a fall or spring term and less than 6 credits in a summer term.

All degree candidates have a minimum residency requirement of two years (that is, four semesters of full-time status). Summer sessions, including summer study abroad, do not count toward fulfilling the residency requirement. Work completed on study abroad does not count toward fulfilling the residency requirement with the following exceptions: semester-long study on Global Living and Learning Programs or at Georgetown University in Qatar.

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II. Registration Policies

A student approved for and completing registration in a school of the University will be considered a student in that school during the session for which the student has enrolled, unless the student is approved to withdraw, is approved for a leave,  or is suspended or dismissed. No student enrolled in any school of the University shall at the same time be enrolled in any other school, either of Georgetown University or of any other institution.  The student’s dean will approve exceptions to this policy such as for students in dual degree programs, and, as appropriate, for students who apply to take summer session or Consortium courses at another institution.

Students admitted as first year students are ordinarily expected to graduate in the eighth semester of matriculation. The dean's office may grant exceptions for good cause. Students admitted as transfer students, students in dual degree programs, and students in the School of Continuing Studies will follow different timelines as determined by their dean's offices.

Students are required to complete registration for the following semester according to the published schedule. All undergraduate degree candidates are required to complete the online library research and Honor System tutorial (“Joining the Conversation: Scholarly Research and Academic Integrity”) within their first semester’s enrollment in order to register for their second semester of study at Georgetown. After a student completes the tutorial, he or she will be expected to have an understanding of basic research skills and the importance of ethical scholarly habits. The tutorial provides simple exercises on good research practices, including the effective use of information resources and proper citation methods. 

In addition, all undergraduate degree candidates are required to complete mandatory educational programming related to sexual misconduct prevention, bystander intervention, and alcohol abuse prevention.  Students will be notified in advance of the mandatory programming and deadlines for completion.  Failure to complete the mandatory programming before the identified deadline(s) may result in sanctions up to and including a registration hold preventing the student from registering for the next semester's courses. 

Students are expected to pay their accounts in full at the time of registration. Please see the section on Expenses and Financial Assistance in this Bulletin for more details. The University reserves the right to cancel the registration of any student during the semester if the account has not been paid in full. 

The continuance of each student upon the rolls of the school, receipt of academic credits, graduation, and the conferring of any degree are strictly subject to the disciplinary powers of the University, which is free to cancel registration at any time on grounds that are deemed advisable. The disciplinary authority of the University is vested in the President in such cases as the President deems proper, and, subject to the reserved powers of the President, in the Deans and the University Hearing Board.

When a student’s conduct is disruptive of the academic life of the University, the Dean has full authority to suspend or dismiss the student. This decision of the Dean may be appealed according to the Grade Appeals procedures outlined in this bulletin.

On-Campus Living Requirement
Georgetown has a three-year on-campus living requirement for undergraduates. This will guarantee students three years of housing consistent with our goal of developing a more residential living and learning undergraduate campus on the Hilltop. All undergraduate students who are regularly admitted and in full-time attendance must live on campus during their first and second years, and for a third year (either junior or senior year), unless they have been specifically exempted. Requests for exemption from compliance with the housing requirement must be submitted in writing to the Office of Residential Living on a Housing Requirement Exemption Request form provided by that office. 

Students who study abroad can count their time abroad toward the on-campus living requirement. Sophomore transfers will be required to live on campus for two years and junior transfers for one year.

All undergraduate students must also provide the University with their local telephone number (land line or cell), as well as the name, e-mail address, and telephone number of an individual to contact in case of an emergency. Further, all undergraduate students who live off campus in non-University owned properties must provide their current local off campus address. Students who are not in compliance with these regulations will be ineligible to register for the following semester and subject to student conduct disciplinary action.

Off-Campus Addresses
Students who live off-campus are required to inform the university of their local address.  Off-campus addresses must be updated online in the student information system by the add/drop date for the semester.  Failure to update your local address can lead to a registration hold being put on your account for the subsequent semester.  Additional sanctions may apply for non-compliance. Please visit the  Office of Residential Living for more information about Off-Campus living requirements.

Student Health Insurance
Full-time students in most degree programs are required to have adequate health insurance. A charge for the Premier Plan automatically appears on students’ accounts when their course registration meets the eligibility criteria. Enrollment in the Premier Plan can be waived if a student has other adequate coverage.  Please go to for more information about Student Health Insurance elections.

Immunization Requirements
District of Columbia law (D.C. Code 38-502) requires all students under age 26 attending school to provide documentation of vaccination or immunity (lab test, if appropriate) from Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella and Meningitis. Students the under age 18 must be vaccinated against Polio. All students regardless of age are screened for Tuberculosis (TB) by a risk assessment questionnaire, consistent with guidelines from the Center for Disease control and the American College Health Association. Not all students will require TB testing. Required Immunization and TB testing information must be entered into the Georgetown immunization database portal, at with accompanying verification signed by a health care provider. The deadline for incoming fall semester students to enter this information is July 15 (December 15 for students entering in the spring semester). Failure to meet this deadline may result in a $100 fee and prevent students from registering for classes.  If, after reviewing the immunization requirements, you or your health care provider have questions, please contact the Georgetown Student Health center through a secure message in the immunization database portal or by calling the Student Health Center immunization line at 202-687-3100.

F-1 and J-1 International Students
International undergraduate students in F-1 and J-1 student status must maintain a full-time course load of at least 12 credits each semester. Federal regulations governing student status require that students obtain approval from the Office of Global Services PRIOR to reducing their course load below the 12 credit minimum.  International students should not depend on their professors or academic advisors for information about immigration regulations and course load requirements.  Failure to maintain full-time status, as defined by Department of Homeland Security, may result in loss of permission to remain in the United States.

In addition, all non-U.S. citizens are required to report accurate citizenship and visa type (including permanent residents) to the Office of Global Services. Any student who does not provide this information to the Office of Global Services will be ineligible to register for the following semester.

By provision of Federal Law, the Department of Homeland Security has instituted strict reporting requirements for schools that enroll foreign nationals. Before the start of each semester, all newly enrolled international students at Georgetown University on non-immigrant visas are required to attend the Immigration Reporting Session given by the Office of Global Services (OGS). OGS will provide all new international students with detailed information concerning the time, date, and location of the session before the start of the semester, and this information will also be posted on OGS' website. Those who fail to attend the session will not be allowed to complete registration or attend classes. For further questions and information, please contact the Office of Global Services by calling (202) 687-5867.

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III. Email Policy

Email is the standard mode of communication for University broadcast messages to the community as well as for messages to individual students about academic standing and other important administrative matters. All messages are sent to the Georgetown student’s official Georgetown email address. Students are expected to read and, when appropriate or required, respond in a timely fashion to emails sent from University offices. Students who wish to use another address are responsible for setting and maintaining appropriate forwarding rules to ensure they receive University email.

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IV. Individual Instruction

a. Internships

Any student wishing to explore the possibility of earning academic credit in an internship should first read the guidelines listed below as well as those within the individual school’s academic regulations and on the website of the Office of the Provost. The student should contact their Dean’s Office for further information. Typically, internships are deemed appropriate for students beyond their first year. 

An academic internship is defined as a student work experience that is connected to one’s academic interest and/or course of study, complements a designated, credit-bearing course or tutorial, is designed around clear learning goals, and integrates multiple opportunities for reflection.  The Council of Deans and the Provost have approved the following general guidelines for internships:

  • An internship should enhance students’ analytical skills and should integrate research in the field with practical experiences.
  • An internship should be built on some aspect of the academic program. It is important that the internship involves the application of methodologies appropriate to the discipline(s).
  • Under the guidance of a faculty member, the student should culminate the internship with a significant product such as a paper, project or extended reflection.

If the credits earned through an internship bring a student’s semester credits to a total above twenty, the student is required to pay for the additional credits as an overload. Part-time students will be charged at the per-credit-hour rate.

All internships require faculty supervision and prior decanal approval.

Formal academic internship courses of various types are offered across the main campus, some within departments or schools, and some that are interdisciplinary, credit-bearing opportunities that span schools. Academic internships are typically credit-bearing courses of 1-3 credits. 

Students may also develop an academic internship in the context of a faculty-led tutorial (see below).

b. Tutorials/Independent Study

Tutorials are designed to meet a variety of educational purposes. Reading tutorials usually focus on mastering the scholarly literature on a particular subject. Research tutorials focus on the collection and analysis of primary materials in the form of a major research paper.

Tutorials/Independent Study are designed to meet the needs of individual students under specific academic circumstances. Five general conditions should be met: (1) the course, or an acceptable substitute, is not offered by the University in the current semester, (2) the need of the student for the course at this time must be clearly demonstrated, (3) an instructor approved by the relevant department is available, (4) the proper administrative approvals are obtained, (5) the completed Request for Tutorial/Registration form is submitted to the Office of the Dean for approval before the last day to add a course.

In general, tutorials/independent study are given by full-time faculty for full-time students in good academic standing.

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V. Withdrawal from a Course

To withdraw from a course a student must initiate the request via MyAccess. If a student does not complete a course for which the student is registered and from which the student has not officially withdrawn, a failure will be recorded for that course.

Courses dropped through the add/drop period will not be shown on a student’s record; thereafter, courses are considered withdrawn, and are indicated by a “W” grade.

Withdrawals are not permitted after the deadline published in the Academic Calendar. For module courses, refer to deadlines on the calendar specific to module courses. No undergraduate student at any time may withdraw from courses to the point of becoming a part-time student (i.e., registered for eleven or fewer credits) without the permission of their School.

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VI. Taking a Leave of Absence

Students who are suspended, dismissed or granted a leave of absence are not active students, and are therefore not permitted to reside in university housing, participate in student activities, use university facilities or services, or be on campus except when expressly permitted by the Dean's Office. Students who do not adhere to this policy will be in violation of the Code of Student Conduct and may jeopardize their ability to be reinstated as an active student in the university. For more information on inactive status refer to Appendix I.

Students who have been granted a leave of absence from the University, if eligible, must apply to their Academic Dean for re-admission and submit all materials by November 1 for consideration for the spring semester, April 1 for the summer sessions, and June 30 for the fall semester.  The following describes the different types of leaves students may be granted.

a. Elective Leave of Absence

A student in good academic standing and not subject to disciplinary action may, on formal written request, be granted a leave of absence by their Academic Dean. For withdrawals or leaves during a semester, a partial refund of tuition may be available. The schedule for refunds is found in the section on Expenses and Financial Assistance in this Bulletin.

b. Medical Leave of Absence

The University recognizes that students may experience medical situations that significantly limit their ability to function successfully or safely in their role as students. In those situations, students should consider requesting a medical leave of absence (MLOA), which permits students to take a break from university life and their studies, so that they may receive treatment and later return to the University with an enhanced opportunity to achieve their academic and co-curricular goals.  Students interested in a MLOA should contact their academic Dean’s office, and the Student Health Center or the Counseling and Psychiatric Service.

c. Mandated Leave of Absence

In special circumstances the University may mandate a leave of absence. When a student has been placed on an interim suspension by the Office of Student Conduct which necessitates that the student will miss more than two weeks of the semester, the student may be placed on a leave of absence and withdrawn from that semester’s classes. Once the conduct matter is resolved, the “Leave of Absence” notation on the transcript may be replaced by another notation as determined by the Office of Student Conduct. 

Additionally, a student may be placed on leave of absence if the student presents a substantial risk of harm or danger to the safety, health, or well-being of the University community or any member of the University community or is so severely disruptive that the student’s behavior interferes with the academic pursuits and other activities of the academic community.

When a leave of absence has been granted for medical reasons, the University may require medical opinion and recommendations before reviewing the student's request for re-admission. More information on a Medical Leave of Absence is available from the academic Dean, from CAPS or from Student Health.

d. U.S. Military Service Leave and Re-Enrollment Policy

Georgetown University recognizes that students who serve in the U.S. armed forces may encounter situations in which military obligations force them to withdraw from a course of study and that this can sometimes happen with little notice. This policy applies to all University schools and programs and is intended to recognize, and make appropriate allowances for, students who find themselves in such situations.

I.Military Leave and Refund Procedures


For purposes of this policy, a “military service leave” is a University approved withdrawal from all in-progress University classes that is necessitated by service, whether voluntary or involuntary, in the United States Armed Forces, including service by a member of the National Guard or Reserve, active duty, active duty for training, or full-time National Guard duty under Federal authority, for a period of more than 30 consecutive days under a call or order to active duty of more than 30 consecutive days.

B.Student Responsibilities

A student who is called to active duty or active service in a branch of the United States Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserve) and wishes to take a military service leave must provide the University with advanced notice of such service and the intention to take a leave of absence. As soon as possible, after receiving military orders that require withdrawal from a program or course of study, a student must contact his or her academic dean to request a formal leave of absence and attach a copy of the military orders or other appropriate documentation to the request. This advanced notice can be made by the student or may be made by an appropriate officer of the U.S. Armed Forces or official of the U.S. Department of Defense to the University Registrar, but the student is responsible for making sure the dean receives notice. The notice need not include a statement of an intention to return to the University. If military necessity renders it impossible to provide advance notice to their academic dean, the student may initiate a military service leave by providing notice at the first reasonable opportunity, in writing, personally signed, and with a copy of the military orders attached.

C.University Procedures

Upon receiving notice of a student’s request to withdraw from the University or a program or drop all enrolled courses because of military obligations, the dean shall promptly contact the campus registrar. The campus registrar will review the request and initiate the military service leave of absence by notifying the Office of Student Financial Services and the Office of Student Accounts or equivalent offices at the Law School and Medical Center. The Office of Student Financial Services (or equivalent) will review the student’s eligibility for financial aid funds received before the time of withdrawal and inform the student about the status of his or her financial aid and actions required to defer loan repayments based on military obligations. Students who are granted a military service leave will receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees charged for the semester or academic term in which they withdraw, but will be charged for housing and meal plan expenses already incurred. If the University determines that it is appropriate to award academic credit for work completed in the semester or academic term in which a student takes military service leave, the student shall not receive a refund for the portion of the course of study for which academic credit is awarded. No refund will be provided until the University receives a copy of the military orders necessitating the withdrawal. Students who are granted a military service leave may be on leave for up to five academic years, after which an extension may be granted with their dean’s approval. To apply for an extension, students must contact their dean. Students who do not request an extension will be withdrawn from the University and at a later date may choose to seek readmission. To seek readmission at a later date, students must contact their dean.

II.Military Re-Enrollment Policy and Procedures


For purposes of this policy, a “military re-enrollment” is a University approved re-enrollment after a military service leave.

B.Student Responsibilities

A student who has taken military service leave from the University or has had studies interrupted because of active duty or active service in a branch of the United States Armed Forces and wishes to re-enroll must notify the University of the intent to return to resume a course of study upon conclusion of duty or service and present appropriate documentation prior to the semester in which the student is requesting re-enrollment. To qualify for military re-enrollment, a student must provide notice to the University of the intention to re-enroll within three years of the time he or she is discharged from military service or is placed on inactive duty. Notice should be provided in writing to the appropriate academic dean in accordance with the program’s re-enrollment leave of absence process and should include documentation (including an official certificate of release or discharge, a copy of duty orders, or other appropriate documentation) to confirm/(verify) the student’s withdrawal was related to service in the uniformed services and that the student is able to resume studies.1 Military re-enrollment guarantees a student who meets these requirements access to the same course of study he/she was in at the time of withdrawal without incurring a re-enrollment fee, unless a student receives a dishonorable or bad conduct discharge or has been sentenced in a court-martial.2 Any student who, because of military necessity, did not give written or oral notice of service to their academic dean or the campus Registrar prior to withdrawal, may, at the time the student seeks readmission, submit documentation that the student served in a branch of the U.S. Armed Services that necessitated the student’s absence from the University.

C. University Procedures

A student who meets the notice requirements set forth herein will be granted military re-enrollment in the semester following the notice of intent to return, or, if the student chooses, at the beginning of the next full academic year. Upon returning to the University, the student will resume his or her course of study without repeating completed coursework and will have the same enrollment status and academic standing as before the military leave. If the student is readmitted to the same program, during the first academic year in which the student returns, the student will be assessed the same tuition and fee charges that the student was or would have been assessed during the academic year in which the student left the institution.3 However, for the first academic year in which the student returns, the University may assess an amount up to the amount of tuition and fee charges that other students in the program are currently assessed for that academic year if the student’s veterans' education benefits4 or other service member education benefits will pay the amount in excess of the tuition and fee charges assessed for the academic year in which the student left the institution. 

If, in the judgment of the University, a student is not academically prepared to resume a course of study in which he or she was previously enrolled, or is unprepared to complete a program, the University will determine whether reasonable means are available to help the student become prepared. The University may deny the student re-enrollment if it determines that reasonable efforts are not available, or that such efforts have failed to prepare the student to resume the course of study or complete the program. A student who has been away from the University on military service for more than five years (including all previous absences for military service obligations after initial enrollment but including only time the student spends actually performing service in the uniformed services) will not be guaranteed military re-enrollment, but may petition his or her dean for consideration of military re-enrollment.5 A student who chooses at the conclusion of military service to enroll in a different course of study than the one the student was in at the time of military withdrawal must complete the regular admission and enrollment process for that course of study.


  1. The University shall determine the adequacy of documentation with reference to 34. C.F.R. Sec. 668.18(g).
  2. The appropriate point in a course or program for a student to resume studies, the timing of re-enrollment, and the determination of the "same course of study" will be determined by the University taking into account the unique characteristics and requirements of that course or program and the modes in which it is offered (e.g., non-degree vs. degree, evening vs. day program, special program vs. standard program). If the program in which the student was enrolled has been discontinued or is no longer offered, the University will enroll the student in the program that it determines to be most similar to that program or in a different program for which the student is qualified.
  3. The appropriate tuition and fee amounts will be reflected on the bill that the student receives.
  4. As defined in section 480(c) of the HEA.
  5. This cumulative leave of absence restriction shall be interpreted and applied with reference to 34 C.F.R. Sec. 668.18(c) and (e), which set forth rules for calculating cumulative absence due to military service.

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VII. Withdrawing from the University

An honorable withdrawal will usually be granted, upon written request, to any student in good academic standing and not subject to disciplinary action. Disciplinary action may include current probation or suspension, or pending proceedings before the Honor Council or the Student Discipline System. Students wishing to withdraw must complete the following steps:

  • Notify the appropriate Academic Dean’s Office in person;
  • Notify the Office of Student Financial Services, in person if possible, when the student has received any financial assistance from Georgetown or any state guaranteed or federally insured loans from lenders other than Georgetown while attending the University;
  • Consult with the Office of Student Accounts to be certain that the student’s financial records are in order. Students who are due a tuition refund must apply for such a refund in writing at the Office of Student Accounts.
  • By act of registration, students accept the responsibility for charges of the entire semester, regardless of attendance in class and regardless of the method of payment used. Registration includes preregistration, registration, and all courses added after the student’s initial registration. Official withdrawal from the University can be accomplished only by following the procedures set forth above. Withdrawal from individual courses can be accomplished only by processing official drop through the appropriate Dean’s Office. Notifying anyone else does not constitute official notice of discontinuance. Students will not be granted an honorable withdrawal while unsatisfied financial obligations to the University exist.

A student who fails to register by the end of the late registration period will be removed automatically from the rolls of the University.

The University has established a schedule for partial refund of tuition charges for official withdrawals from the University; this schedule is found in the section on “Expenses and Financial Assistance.” As stated above, application for tuition refunds must be made in writing at the Office of Student Accounts.

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VII. Transfer Within the University

Since the four undergraduate schools are distinct colleges under the jurisdiction of separate Deans, students interested in transferring within the University must apply in writing to the school to which they wish to transfer. Students become eligible to transfer between schools at the end of their first year. Applications will be presented to the appropriate Dean’s Committee on Transfer Students for evaluation. Each school establishes its own admission standards for transfer students. A student considering transfer should consult the appropriate Dean’s Office to learn deadlines and regulations governing applications. Students who transfer should expect to complete all of the degree requirements of the school to which they transfer.

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IX. Graduation

A. Graduation Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to fulfill the following requirements for graduation

  1. Completion of at least 120 credit hours
  2. Attain a minimum final cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  3. Completion of the Georgetown Core Curriculum
  4. Completion of the Core requirements of your College or School
  5. Completion of a minimum residency of two years (four semesters of full-time status) at Georgetown University
  6. Completion of the major requirements as set out by your College or School
  7. Completion of additional requirements as specified by your College or School
B. Applying for Graduation

Degrees are awarded three times a year: in May, August, and December. Seniors must file an application for the degree through MyAccess. The last days to file:

  • for a May degree, February 1;
  • for an August degree, August 1; or
  • for a December degree, November 1.

Failure to apply for graduation may postpone the student’s degree conferral.

Diplomas are ordered three times per year. August and December grads may pick up their diplomas in person from their Dean's office or arrange to have them mailed home.

Students who graduate in August and December may take part in the Commencement Exercises the following May.  Students who are suspended, dismissed or on a leave of absence may not participate in any Commencement activities.

Diplomas and academic transcripts will not be issued to graduates with unsatisfied financial obligations to the University.

Seniors are requested to complete the senior survey that is distributed through the Office of Assessment and Decision Support.

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Johannesburg – Well wishes have flooded in for nearly 800 000 matric pupils who began their final examinations on Monday.

Funny congratulations

matriculation wishes messages

Congratulatory messages poured in for the matric class of 2016 on Wednesday, after the Education Department announced that the National Senior Certificate (NSC) class had achieved a pass rate of 72.5 percent – up from the 70.7 percent in 2015.

The 2016 pass rate includes progressed learners – those who had failed Grade 11 twice and been pushed through to Grade 12. Without the large cache of progressed learners, the pass rate would have been 76.2 percent.

The Class of 2016 had 108,742 registered progressed learners, which was an increase from the 65,673 progressed learners in 2015.

The African National Congress (ANC) sent a special commendation to the province of the Free State, which is the best preforming province in 2016, attaining an astounding and impressive pass rate of 93.2 percent.

“This achievement is no small feat, especially for a largely rural province, with continues to struggle with disparities in terms of resources, skills and prevailing socio-economic challenges,” the ANC said in a statement.

“Whilst there have been some notable improvements in KwaZulu-Natal in particular, this province together with the Eastern Cape and Limpopo constitutes almost 60 percent of all candidates for the National Senior Certificate. The ANC therefore welcomes the commitment by the Department of Basic Education to pay particular attention to the education outputs in these provinces.”

The party said that the increase in the number of Africans passing mathematics and science and the increase in the number of Bachelors’ passes was reflective of improved quality in the learning outcomes.

“We also commend interventions by government to provide dedicated support to learners to improve learner retention rates and mitigate against high drop out rates. The ANC urges those learners who may not have been successful in this year’s assessment to embrace the opportunities offered for remedial actions and second chances,” the party said.

“The ANC attributes this year’s achievements to the collaborative approach adopted by government to include the private sector, civil society, governing bodies, the educators, parents and learners in the quest to improve learning outcomes. We encourage continued investment in this area by all social partners with its noble objective of developing a pool of productive forces for our economy and our country.”

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga announced the results on Wednesday.

The total number of learners who registered for the 2016 NSC examinations, was 828,020, of which 674,652 were full-time candidates and 153,368 part-time candidates. A total of 610,178 full-time and 107,793 part-time learners wrote the 2016 NSC examinations.

“With progressed learners excluded, three provinces achieved at below 70 percent; five achieved above 80 percent; and one province achieved above 90 percent. The six provinces with above 80 percent must be commended,” Motshekga said.

“The 2016 NSC overall pass rate, with the progressed learners excluded, stands at 76.2 percent. However, with the progressed learners included, the 2016 NSC overall pass rate stands at 72.5 percent, which represents 442,672 candidates who have passed, the second largest in history. Well done to the Class of 2016!!!”

The Free State was the top performing province with 93.2 percent, an increase of 5.5 percent from the 87.7 percent in 2015. It was the only province to crack the 90 percent threshold.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) said that inequality in the education system stained the country’s conscience.

“It is tempting to interpret the modest improvement in the matric pass rate as a sign that we are moving in the right direction, particularly after last year’s precipitous five percent drop,” DA educational spokesperson Gavin Davis said.

“But to do so would be to ignore the most significant aspect of the matric results, and that is the continued poor performance in the big three provinces of the Eastern Cape, Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal, which obtained 59.3 percent, 62.5 percent and 66.4 percent respectively.”

He said that it was “tragic” that two decades after the end of Apartheid, a child’s scholastic success was still determined by the province they live in and which school they go to.

The DA also expressed concern that the mathematics achievement has “flat lined”.

“The pass rate for Mathematics is only 51.1 percent (49.1 percent in 2015), and the rate for Maths Literacy has dropped for the fifth year in a row to 71.3 percent. It is still an open question whether the upward adjustments of the raw marks in mathematics, mathematical literacy and 26 other subjects led to an artificial inflation of the marks,” he said.

“We will be following up with the quality assurer, Umalusi, to make sure that the standardisation process was carried out correctly.”

Meanwhile, National Freedom Party Youth Movement welcomed the results and noted the improvement made in different provinces.

“We therefore call upon the Department of Higher Education to play it’s part to make it a point that all those learners who passed with bachelor certificate and who has applied for admission in universities do get the space as well as the necessary funding and also that the protest that might disrupt the academic calendar is avoided,” it said.

The National Teachers Union (NATU) welcomed the results and said it was a sign that educators were doing their level best to improve the education system and that pupils were working hard to advance themselves.

“NATU wants to congratulate all the teachers and their learners for their good work even though they are still working under terrible conditions in terms of infrastructure, resources and support – and (for the teachers) quite untenable employment conditions,” the union said.

“NATU wishes to call for the employment of more than one teacher for mathematics in one class and for the reduction of the class sizes so that teachers are enabled to give the required support and individualise the remedial work of all learners in the subjects where there is under-performance by learners. We also call for the consolidation of teacher development programmes nationally.”

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Congratulatory messages for matric class of 2016

matriculation wishes messages

It is the time of the year when admission is given and celebration abides. Don't forget to wish your friends who are matriculating the best, They want messages like the ones below as they matriculate.

Happy Matriculation Text Messages

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1. Happy matriculations to the most deserving of a university admission.

2. This achievement must have taken a huge amount of diligence and tenacity. But, you made it. Congratulations, dear!

3. You're here wearing that matriculation gown because of years of hard work. My heartiest congratulations

4. You're a pacesetter as evidenced by the fact that you're wearing a matriculation gown right now.

5. I'm so glad to be here to celebrate you as you reach another milestone.

6. Let your dreams be equal to your act and your plan in par with your belief and you'll soon be back to celebrate a graduation. For today, enjoy the joy of matriculation.

7. Congratulations on your achievement. My hope in you and what you stand for has just been rekindled.

8. This is the beginning of other great successes you have ever wished for. Expect!

9. I wish you more success in your academic pursuit. Happy matriculation

10. You have really made us proud. May you have more of your wishes.

Best Happy Matriculation Quotes

Happy matriculation quotes for someone special.

11. You've just knocked on the door of hard work by simply accepting to be a student. May you have happy days of work

12. Wow!

After several years of trying, you're here and here is good!

Happy matriculation

13. You're the only matriculant I know right now, all my joy is centred on this great achievement. Wish you more.

14. I'm convinced this day is a harbinger for greater successes, enjoy each minute.

15. Here is an opportunity to be the best version of your self, diligent and tenacious. Happy matriculation!

16. Congratulations on a significant step up to better days. Happy matriculation.

17. You're the big thing the school has been expecting, give the school precious delight.

18. You may get tired of moving along the way. I hope the joy of this beginning is strong enough to keep you going.

19. I'm just really delighted for you beyond words. What a day to be a matriculant!

20. Congratulations on your matric, you have always been a hard worker.

Happy Matriculation Wishes

Matriculation wishes, matriculation message wishes, happy matriculation wishes messages.

21. Keep up the good work, may every moment from now be about joy, peace and love

22. Your relentless attitude paid off, you made it to one of the greatest institutions, happy matriculation.

23. You have made everyone proud. We are all smiling wider because today is your matriculation.

24. Never conform to others believe that you can't be great, you're born for it! Congrats on your matric

25. You've proven over time that you're going to be a force to reckon with, Today is another proof. Happy matriculation.

26. I always knew you had the potential to be a trademark, congratulations on just getting started.

27. I'm chuffed beyond expression about the simple fact that you get to celebrate a matriculation. More wins!

28. I know this is just a glorious beginning to a better end. Congratulations on your matric.

29. You're a winner buddy, you beat several others to having this admission, you're the real deal.

30. Welcome to the citadel of fun and knowledge. Grab both apace.

Congratulations on Your Matriculation

Text Messages to say Congratulations on your matriculation.

31. Happy matriculation! May the next few years of your life as a student be joyful and exceedingly above.

32. Your days are in this school are now counting, make each day count! Congratulations on your admission

33. It's so titillating to celebrate a beautiful soul and talented mind. Be your very best in this citadel

34. Everything you want the next four years of your life to give birth to is left to you now, do well.

35. Days like this remind us to be grateful as we are geared towards the fulfillment of dreams. I'm blessed to be one of the several people to celebrate your matriculation with you!

36. Wow, It's already your turn on the queue to wear a matriculation gown! It's just a matter of diligence and time before you wear convocation gown. Keep at it

37. Congratulations on your matriculation, I'm convinced that you'll be diligent and enjoy the dividends soon!

38. Happy matriculation, I look forward to celebrating with you again when you convoke. Make it a reality!

39. Your realities are no longer what they use to be. They are now; classes, assignments, tests et al. Embrace them apace!

40. People talk of the fun that comes with being on campus, I'm glad that you get to enjoy this simple delight in the next few years. Happy matriculation.

Matriculation Congratulatory Messages

Matriculation Congratulatory Messages for someone special.

41. Some days ahead may appear foggy, don't be dismayed, be encouraged as you break through because you will. Happy matriculation!

42. They are so lucky to have another miracle in their school and you're blessed to be able to learn from/ with elites.

43. A long journey on the road to success starts with a step, congratulations on your matriculation.

44. Everywhere I have looked and everyone I have met today seems to hold a glee on your behalf. Happy matric

45. Continue being a breath of fresh air even as you begin a new threshold as a student. Happy matriculation.

46. Walk and talk with gusto! You're one of the matriculants.

47. You deserve all the love you'll be getting today and more. Your hard work has eventually paid off.

48. Don't relent, what you've done this past month to get you this smile will be required in twentyfold to get you a broader smile in few years. Happy matriculation

49. Matriculate with cheer. You deserve, you have and exude joy like a happy child.

50. May the next four years of your life be laced with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Enjoy being a student.

Matriculation Greetings Messages

Awesome Matriculations greetings messages.

51. Your mind's a weapon, you have the next few years to decide if it'll be one for destruction or greatness.

52. After today, we will all look forward to celebrating another success that will be a result of continuous hard work and your receptive ability. Happy matriculation!

53. I share in your happiness and wish that celebration never stops in your life. Happy matriculation Buddy!

54. Congratulations! You now have a full-time job at being a tenacious and diligent student in the University of Ibadan. Do your job well.

55. It's one of my favourite's matriculation and I'm beyond delighted to witness it. You win!

56. It's not a day to sigh and worry deeply. It's a day to cheer and anticipate the days ahead!

57. Welcome to the place where knowledge is shared liberally. Happy matriculation!

58. You may not come out of this just acquired stage unscathed but ensure you come out shining above scars. Happy matriculation!

59. There's an intense vibration around that is a reminder of how unrelenting you are. I trust that you'll be your self unapologetically in years to come.

60. Hello Matriculant, the person you should not try to be in your new institution is one that's afraid to fail.

Matriculation Best Wishes

Matriculation Best wishes for someone you cherish.

61. I love days like this that give us opportunity to merry and prepare to work. Happy matriculation!

62. You've always been an inspiration to people around, today adds to your myriad of inspiration. Happy matriculation.

63. Your love for books and shelves has given you a matriculation gown, continue in your love walk and you'll soon wear a graduation gown.

64. What a beautiful way to begin another day, I'm beyond delighted that wishing you a happy matriculation is the first thing I get to do today!

65. I heard the news! Great tidings will not stop happening to you and for your sake. Enjoy your matriculation.

66. Be proactive, teachable and unrelenting in your pursuits as a student.

67. It's a new dawn for you, may it be bright and beautiful. Happy matriculation.

68. You're not the only matriculant today and you definitely won't be the only graduate in some years. But, you're the only you. So, never lose who you are for anyone.

69. It's the juiciest news around. Our dear friend is matriculating. We wish you the best.

70. Grow daily, live happily and shun evil as a student, you'll soon realise you've been practising how to enjoy life after school. Happy matriculation!

Happy Matriculation Sms

Matriculation sms Messages for someone special.

71. I love the aura that comes with celebrating things that people worked for. You deserve to be matriculating, you're great!

72. I'm so proud of what you've become and who you're steadily becoming. Happy matriculation

73. I have goosebumps all over from great excitement about the fact that you're matriculating today, congratulations!

74. I remember how you studied so hard that everyone began to tease you. Now, they get to celebrate you.

75. Thanks for giving us all a reason to felicitate today. Happy matriculation.

76. There's an ample joy that comes with being a student. You now have the right to that joy.

77. The goal should be to come out learned and better, anything that will stop you from getting this goal should not be your companion. Happy matriculation!

78. May you be granted ultimate wisdom to carefully nurture the potential you have into great product.

Happy matriculation

79. A matriculation always comes with merrymaking, I want yours to come with merry and preparation for hard work.

80. Fear not, the days ahead are only filled with lectures, notes and examination. You have what it takes to conquer them.

81. You're one blessed son of God to have come ahead several others. Happy matriculation!

82. I wish that you continually grow in knowledge and understanding even as you begin a new threshold academically.

83. You're a pacesetter, thanks for inspiring others around with your diligence. Happy matriculation

84. I love days that give us a reason for gratitude and a sense for greater pursuits. You've made today possible and I celebrate you as you matriculate.

85. You've made me and a ton of other people proud. You're our favourite matriculant.

86. It's not the end of hard work but the beginning of it, I think it's safe to say, enjoy this beautiful beginning!

87. Today, you're a model to others because of the several things you've put into action. We are glad to celebrate you!

88. Happy matriculation dear, may these coming years be a blend of beautiful moments.

89. No good thing comes from relenting. Work harder as you continue in education. Happy matriculation.

90. The student you should try to be at all cost is the one that is faithful to assignments and lectures. You'll do great this way. Happy matriculation!

91. Laziness is a poison, as you matriculate today, decide never to encourage it.

92. Happy matriculation, you're wanted because you're loaded.

93. It's one of the most beautiful stories in the world. For a period of time you're preparing and wishing and one day, your wish comes to fruition. Happy matriculation.

94. We all deserve an education. I'm delighted you got your chance. Happy matriculation!

95. We are inspired by your latest academic achievement. Keep it up!

96. You will be doing your self a huge favour if you choose friends that are greater than you. Think about this as you celebrate your matriculation.

97. Before you graduate, you would have learned a lot of book stuff, ensure you don't unlearn humanity. Happy matriculation!

98. It's a beautiful thing to celebrate an expected end, more enthralling when we celebrate the beginning of an expected end. Cheers to the matriculant!

99. Best wishes to one of my favourite matriculants. May good tidings thrive

100. A big shout out to the knowledgeable, razor-sharp person of my clan as he matriculates.

Written By Adebayo Esther.

Need ideas for your matric farewell? Help here Have you got a (matriculation) matric farewell coming up? This is a fun way to say goodbye with best wishes.

Congratulations for Passing Exams and Tests: Best Wishes for Students

matriculation wishes messages

Matriculation ceremony officially welcomes already admitted fresh students into tertiary institution. Congratulatory messages from family and loved ones could make the day of the matriculant. Such event, also could be used to wish good luck and pray him or her a successful academic pursuit.
This is a collection of messages, texts, wishes and prayers to congratulate and inspire fresh students in their studies through their stay on campus.
* Getting here was not only by wishes but more of hard work and doggedness. It was not easy, this success you made. I’m glad of your feat. Congratulations.

* Your admission into the program is a dream come true. You got what you really wanted. Now you can see hard work pays. Happy matriculation.

* Among many candidates you have been chosen for that program. You are unique and well-positioned for the opportunity placed before you. I’m happy for you as you matriculate.

* You have indeed made us proud. We are happy to be associated with you. Congratulations on your achievement and good luck in your academic pursuit.

* Amidst distractions and paucity of resources you excelled to get here. Your passion and focus to be educated is inspiring. Happy matriculation.

* I count myself lucky to have invested into making this admission possible. I did not lose as your diligence motivates me to contribute more to your successful academic career.

* This you are getting right. Education will empower you to become tomorrow’s leader. This is just the beginning. Happy matriculation.

* A pleasant congratulations on this memorable occasion Enjoy every bit of the matriculation ceremony.

* This matriculation is an open door to great things you will explore on campus. Fasten your belt as you are welcomed on board for something big. Welcome to campus.

* Many things will try to catch your attention as a fresh student.  Be open minded, ask questions and be responsible for any action you take. Happy matriculation.

* So I heard about your matriculation ceremony. So happy for you. You have made your family proud. Keep achieving your goals.

* Congratulation on your Matric! Wishing you the very best and take it easy as you party.

* I salute your courage for getting to this new level. Congratulations. Happy matriculations.

* May this feat launch you into greater achievements in the nearest future. Happy matriculation.

* Well done. You deserve today’s honour. The fruit of your labour is sweet.

* You’ve got what it takes to reach this stage. So proud associating with a success like you. Happy matriculation.

* I am seeing you taking on your world on campus. You have got the potentials to greatly manifest. Congratulations.

* Beginning from the matriculation ceremony, may you always find around you useful and wonderful people to achieving your academic pursuit.

* It’s great to have you admitted into this institution. It’s a priviledge others have longed to get. You are one of the lucky ones. Welcome to this great citadel of learning.

*Get ready for great transformation. Be sure to be well-grounded at the end of your academic pursuit in this institution. You are highly welcome. I wish you best of luck.

* Our products speak volume of the institution. These are cream de la cream of our society. They cut across every stratum. Be certain yours will not be different. Welcome to the furnace of destiny.

* Your admission is the beginning of good future that is awaiting you. Every necessary resources to take you there is available. Explore them to the fullness. Welcome Mr Fresher.

* Learning is going to be enjoyable. A promise that will be kept in a matter of your stay for the program. You will never regret your admission into this institution. Happy Stay fresher.

* Starting on a clean slate, hope you will clear all awards. All the same, welcome.

* The way you will read and prepare for exams, result will be produced. All the best. Happy matriculation.

* Get ready to be sharpened, guided and supported. Your academic success is a collective responsibility. Welcome on-board.

* Get ready to study hard and pray harder but be sure our study group will always support to see you succeed. Happy matriculation.

* Feel free and comfortable as you are about commencing your academic career. You will enjoy every bit of it. Welcome to campus.

* If Education is expensive, ignorance is much more expensive. Do everything in your capacity to learn, unlearn and relearn. Good Luck.

* You were not admitted empty. You are here to be worked upon. Therefore cooperate to actualise the real you. Welcome fresher.

* You are not here to compete with anyone, believe in yourself and excel your own way. Happy matriculation.

* Experience is a best teacher, practice leads to perfection. Take to heart your study and apply where necessary. You are laying strong foundation for a bright future. Good Luck.

* You are starting a program that will soon provide your meal ticket and set on the path of greatness. Therefore, study with all seriousness. Happy Matriculation.

* Many have been here and graduated. If they can do it you too can. Happy matriculation.

* Your graduation from this institution does not just showcase you as a useful product but prepare you for the real life tasks. Happy matriculation.

* Be ready to build your life and career with varieties of questions and difficulties thrown at you in the course of your program. Welcome Fresher.

* Your degree is not just about learning, it goes along with virtues / characters. Both of them will make you a sought after. Endeavour to build yourself with them. Welcome and Good Luck.

* Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure George Edward Woodberry.

* All men of action are dreamers ‘Franz Boas

* Changing a college curriculum is like moving a graveyard  you never know how many friends the dead have until you try to move them- Woodrow Wilson.

* At college age, you can tell who is best at taking tests and going to school, but you can’t tell who the best people are. That worries the hell out of me. Barnaby  C. Keeney

* You have started well in the program, you will end well. Happy matriculation.

* Your expectation for excellence will not be cut short nor off. You shall finish strong. Good Luck.

* You keep becoming better and brighter by the day. You shall grow tall in excellence. Welcome Fresher.

* Your academic pursuit will not at any point be disrupted. You shall have it smooth all through.

* You shall not study in shame. You will not write exams in pains. With good health and prosperity you shall come out shining.

* You shall not lack great people who will help your destiny. Never shall you encounter those who will draw you into abyss of shame. Happy matriculation.

* Your name will find its way to the hall of fame. Your period of study shall mark a turning point in your life. Good Luck.

* During the course of your study, your zero shall be turned hero. Welcome Fresher.

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matriculation without a moment's hesitation and never regretted the decision to . birthday wishes and occasional “hello” notes kept coming all throughout my.

matriculation wishes messages
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