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Little girl wishes
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Do you have a little girl whose birthday is coming up soon? Check out this amazing collection of birthday wishes for baby girl with adorable.

A baby shower serves as a pleasant diversion from all the craziness and a fun time for the guest of honor to show off her ever adorable baby bump. This is also the perfect time to celebrate one last hurrah with the girls before the baby says, “Hello, World!” As a guest, you’ll want to assure that this day goes as smoothly as possible, full of celebrations and smiles. Make your addition to all of this baby shower happiness with some touching baby shower wishes and messages.

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How To Write Baby Shower Card Messages

If you find yourself asking what to write in a baby shower card or are searching for an element that will take your baby shower greeting over the top, you are in the right place. These inspirational baby sentiments will help you reiterate just how excited you are for the newest addition. To get started on finding the perfect inspiration, pick a section below.

Baby Shower Card Wishes

There is something magical about a wish that just can’t be described.  An almost mom prepping the house for baby and getting ready for all the before baby celebrations could definitely use a few wishes, words of wisdom, or advice.  Well wishes for a baby shower will touch hearts and allow you to say ‘congratulations’ and ‘we love you’ like never before. It won’t take much time to add one of these baby shower best wishes to your greeting card, and you won’t regret it. These short and sweet personalized wishes will serve as a part of all the festive celebrations.

  • Wishing you all the best with your expected new arrival.
  • Wishing you all the best with the new baby who is not far away now. Please let us know if you need absolutely anything along the way. Very excited for the both of you.
  • To the soon to be parents! Wishing you a hassle-free pregnancy.
  • Thanks for inviting us along to share in the excitement of your soon to be new arrival, wishing you all the best with babyhood.  
  • We are wishing you a magical and memorable few years of upcoming babyhood. All the best. We love you.
  • Wishing you both well in these upcoming months. We can’t wait to meet the little one!
  • Plenty of good wishes and big kisses are coming your way! Congratulations on your upcoming little one, we’re so excited for your growing family.

Adorable New Baby Wishes

As you pick up a pen and get ready to draft your baby shower card wishes, make sure that the well wishes you write stay true to you and shine a spotlight on your one-of-a-kind relationship to the parents-to-be.  These adorable new baby wishes are a great place to get inspiration for your charming sentiment for the little one’s debut. You can also use inspiration from the baby shower theme.

  • The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts. Enjoy this love.
  • Acknowledge how lucky, as parents, you are. Smile, as you gaze into your newborn’s eyes. Soak in the joy of having a baby and appreciate your life’s biggest prize. Wishing you two (almost three) all the best.
  • All my best to your little miracle.
  • Lots of love and best wishes on the arrival of your new child.
  • Welcome to the world little one. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and joy.
  • Funny how such a tiny thing can take up so much space in our hearts. Congratulations on the little one.

Baby Shower Wishes for a Boy

These baby shower wishes for a boy (more like wishes for a little prince) are a fun way to celebrate his almost arrival with the happy couple. Mom-to-be will cherish your sweet greeting and keep it close to her heart to share with her handsome man a few years down the road. These kind baby shower words also make for great shower keepsakes and the perfect addition to a baby shower photo book. Use the below template to draft the best and most personalized wishes for the little man.

  • Oh Boy! We can’t wait to meet him. Thanks for inviting us to share in your baby shower celebrations.
  • Get ready for toy cars in all shapes and sizes, for balls, bats, and bikes, and all sorts of surprises. Congratulations on your little man.
  • A precious little boy is on the way. What an exciting time for your family.
  • This little guy is already blessed with amazing parents. We can’t wait to watch your family grow.
  • We hope you have your mom’s smile and your dad’s humor — lots of love, little man.
  • This little prince has no idea how spoiled he’s about to be. Can’t wait for the big day!

Baby Shower Wishes for a Baby Girl

If you know the gender of the baby before the shower, then why not reflect that in your baby shower card greeting? She’s sugar and spice and everything nice, and she’s about to change this happy couple’s world in the best way imaginable. Share these touching baby shower card wishes for the pink bundle of joy with mom on her big day. Go one step further and print these sweet words onto a custom canvas print that mom and dad can hang in the little one’s nursery. This makes the perfect baby shower gift.

  • A beautiful little girl to play with and adore, to spoil a little and love a lot, who could ask for more!
  • Booties and bonnets, ribbons and lace, little stuffed toys all over the place. Congratulations on your sweet little girl.
  • A great joy is coming all wrapped in pink. We can’t wait to meet her.
  • We’re tutu excited to meet your darling daughter — best wishes for the pregnancy.
  • We know she’s going to fill your life with joy and love.
  • We can’t wait to spoil your little princess. She’s already so loved.

Cute Baby Shower Card Messages

When you think of the word ‘baby’ you can’t help but immediately be drawn to words like adorable, darling, sweet, heavenly, lovable and the list goes on. If you’re getting stuck there, don’t worry. It’s not uncommon to get writers’ block, especially when trying to find perfect words for an almost newly mom. If you’re looking to fill in all of the blank space of your ‘Welcome Baby card’ but seem to be at a loss for words, look to these cute baby shower card messages for inspiration.

  • Baby booties, baby toys, baby shower, baby joys. Warmest wishes to you and your baby.
  • Your home will soon be filled with toys and will never be quiet again. Your house will often be a mess, and you’ll frequently be tired. But there will always be love and laughter. All the best and many happy memories.
  • In another couple of weeks, it’s going to be good-bye tummy and hello mommy! Can’t wait enough to see the baby’s pink-cheeked face and two beautiful eyes. We know your baby, be it a girl or a boy, will be a bundle of joy. We are hoping to see your new star soon and a shower of blessings to you and your new baby.
  • Love just got real. So very excited for you.
  • Welcome to the world, little one! So thrilled that you are here.
  • Sleepless nights are more than worth it with your little one. Their bright eyes and glowing hearts make the best night lights.

Know a little princess who's having a birthday? Here are some sweet birthday wishes for a little girl, whether it's your own child, a granddaughter, etc.

Birthday Messages for Girls

little girl wishes

If you are on this page, today is your girl’s special day. However, you don’t just want to send her a bland “happy birthday sweetie”. You want something creative and exciting for your girl. If this is you, here are some birthday wishes you can try.

Free Download Birthday Cards

Birthday Wishes for Girls

1.Happy birthday to the prettiest girl on the block. May all your dreams come true, no matter how small or big they are.
2. I want to wish the prettiest girl I know happy birthday. I wish you health, love, strength, and passion. You deserve the best.
3. Happy birthday babe. I wish you oceans of fun on this special day.
4. The D-Day is finally here. I wish you happy birthday. Have loads of fun special girl.
5.You always shine like the sun and illuminate the lives of those around you. I wish you a very happy birthday, shine on!!

6. You are such a special girl and you bring joy into our lives. We appreciate the happiness you have brought. As a token of our appreciation, we wish you a wonderful and happy birthday.
7. You are the only person I am lucky to have shared all my good times with. Have a beautiful birthday and I wish you many good times ahead. Happy birthday, Girl.
8.All the candles on your cake are the years I have been delighted to know you, Girl. Have a wonderful birthday.
9.I just want to say a happy birthday to the wonderful part that makes me whole.
10.A wonderful birthday to the special girl who brings out the best in me.

11. Happy birthday to the girl that has always made me feel butterflies in my stomach from the day I set my eyes on her.
12. Continue your adventure on the road less traveled. Birthday girl, I wish you a wonderful celebration and more years of adventure ahead.
13. To the sweetest girl I know, I wish you more years of a sweet life. I hope you remain the same. But if you ever change, I know it would be for the better. Happy birthday.
14.I can’t find a birthday card that expresses just how special you are to me. So, I am just writing this special birthday message to let you know you are special to me. Even words can’t express how special you are, but I know you understand you are a special girl. Happy birthday.
15.I know you would get a lot of birthday wishes today. Not all the wishers might be there with you. We might not presently be together, but I just want you to know that I wish you the best for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, girl!

16.The hugs, kisses, and shared intimate moments are not enough to tell you how much I love you. I want to spend every moment of my life in your embrace. Happy birthday, special girl.
17. Today is your birthday, and I wish it is more special than every special moment I share with you. I am so happy I have a wonderful girl like you in my life.
18.Happy birthday girl. Now that you add one more year to your life, I know you would become more beautiful. I wish you more happy days of joy.
19.I love you just the way you are. I have searched the world, and haven’t found anyone as charming as you are. Happy birthday, girl.
20.Happy birthday my pretty one. I pray you never lose that beautiful smile on your lips. I wish you more years of wonderful experience.

21. I am very glad that you are an integral part of my life. I wish you a very happy birthday, and hope you remain the sweet wonderful angel you have always been.
22.Mere words cannot express how important you are to my life. I wish you a wonderful birthday and hope you continue being the light of my life.
23.The world may throw a lot of difficulties your way, but you have always been able to weather the storms. This is what makes you a special girl. I wish you a wonderful birthday and more successful years ahead.
24.Roses are red, violets are blue. I want to spend the remainder of my life with you. Happy birthday, wonderful girl.
25. I know you might wonder if you have done enough. If you have been the perfect friend to me. If you have brought joy to my life. I want you to know that the answer is a resounding “YES”. Happy birthday, remain the beautiful woman you have always been.

How to Edit Wishes in Birthday Card for Girls

To make a birthday card thay girls like. You must choose the correct tool. PDFelement, the best PDF editor to customise your birthday card for girls, is one of them. Download the birthday card templates on this page or join PDFelement to get more free card templates for girls, you'll never make a wrong choice to make a terrible card for girls. Besides creating birthday card, it can also help you create, convert, edit and comment PDFs thanks to its enterprise-grade PDF functionalities. See how to make a birthday card for girls as following.

Key Features:

  • Plenty of free birthday card templates
  • Extradinary easy-to-use interface helps you make a birthday card in seconds
  • Resonable price for comphrehensive PDF solution

Step 1. Open the Birthday Card for Girls

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Wishes for Girls

Step 3. Print

OR Share the Card via Email

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Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl

little girl wishes

Girls are special beings; they are part of the earth’s beauty. A girl may represent a sister, a daughter, a cousin, a friend, a niece, a girlfriend, a girl is any female in your life. Girls should be respected and loved, since they show a lot of love and respect. They adore their birthdays and they deserve the very best on their special day. That is why starting their birthdays off with a little message is advisable, here are some examples;

Birthday Messages for Girls

  • Happy birthday to a young girl who will grow to be a beautiful woman. Just remember beauty is on the inside and out.
  • Let’s be real here. You are going to have one of the best birthday’s ever little lady. You have a family who loves you and friends who care about you. Do not ever take them for granted. Enjoy!
  • All right little lady. Today is your birthday which means you will get to have so much fun; you don’t even know what to do with. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to a young girl that will have one of the best birthday parties ever! Enjoy it. I hope all your dreams come true.
  • You are an amazing girl and I can never take you for granted. You are everything I would ever have hoped for, as we celebrate today together, remember, my love for you can never failed.
  • Babe, you are the most important girl in my life. I hope you do get to enjoy the day. I will be here if you ever need anything.


  • You mean the world to me; I surely am blessed to have a beautiful, strong and healthy little girl. May all your wishes come true sweetheart, I love you.
  • Happy birthday to an awesome young girl. You have such a caring personality for someone so little that it is amazing. I hope that today will be an awesome day for you.
  • Cute Birthday Wishes and Messages
  • I look forward to each day I will wake up and see your face; you are my lady, my woman, my love, my girl. Enjoy your birthday.
  • Sweetheart, my heart swells at the thought of you. You are one of the most important people in my life, I appreciate you. Have a beautiful birthday!
  • A very happy birthday to the most beautiful girl. May we celebrate many more to come. I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true.
  • Happy birthday to a young girl. You will grow to be one of the most mature beautiful women ever. Trust me.

  • Happy birthday little princess. Did you know what happens on your birthday? There will be a big festival, with music and dancing. Most important of all, an awesome cake!
  • You do not know what we have in store for you today young one. There will be plenty of laughter, a ton of a joy and a cake for a little princess. Enjoy your birthday. I know everyone else will.
  • 500 Happy Birthday Wishes
  • On this first day of another 365 day trip around the sun, I celebrate you honey. Happy birthday and I hope you enjoy the trip.
  • You are definitely going to teach everyone a special lesson on how to celebrate little one. You are going to have an awesome birthday especially since you are such a wild child. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to a young girl who has a heart that cannot be compared. You are special and do not ever lose that.


  • Happy birthday to a little lady who has such a beautiful spark and shines on the world.
  • Words alone cannot express the gratitude I feel at having the honor of sharing this special day with you. I love you so much honey. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister
  • Since the first day I met you, I knew you we were meant to be. I have never regretted having you in my life. As you celebrate this day, remember, you are a piece of me that I cannot lose.
  • Birthday Wishes and Messages for Daughter
  • Happy birthday young one. Do not ever get old. I know that’s impossible but I’ll still ask you anyway.
  • As you grow older, may you grow wiser, happier, healthier and wealthier. I love you; you are too special to me. Happy birthday.

  • Happy birthday to a young woman who will become an amazing individual when she grows up. Your mom is an incredible lady and you would be wise to learn from her.
  • I know how much this day means to you, that is why I will do everything in my power to make sure everything is perfect, have a great birthday!
  • Top 100 Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend
  • Happy birthday to an amazing individual that will carry such a brilliant spark in the world.
  • It’s a joy to every parent to see their kid growing up. I am happy to be so blessed to see my little girl growing up; it brings tears to my eyes. Do enjoy the day darling, happy birthday!
  • You are a young woman who has a heart of gold. Do not forget what it means to have one. Happy birthday!


  • Sweetheart you make me complete, without you, I have no meaning. I love you so much; enjoy this day and everything that comes with it.
  • Happy birthday to a young girl who acts like the princess she knows she is. Remember your manners as they will get you farther than you think.
  • Nobody in the world can replace you; you hold a very dear part of me. I just want you to have fun today. Happy birthday to you.
  • Top 100 Birthday Wishes for Niece
  • You are pretty and there is nothing in this world that could change what I feel for you happy birthday baby.
  • Happy birthday to a young woman who has so much potential in her future. You will be so full of life that many people will love you for it. Just be careful as not everyone will be so kind. Enjoy your special day!
  • Darling, today I celebrate your mother, for bringing the most important person in my life into this world. I will celebrate you honey.

  • Happy birthday little lady. You have a great circle of family and friends around you. Trust me when I say that. You have no idea how much they love you.
  • I appreciate and thank you today for being the foundation that has been holding me ever since we met. The future is bright for us Happy birthday love.
  • To the most beautiful girl in the world, I hope you get to enjoy this day, happy birthday dearly.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Kids
  • Happy birthday girl. You are awesome with such a lovely personality. I would describe you as a ton of fun in a bundle of joy wrapped with cuteness. Enjoy your birthday; you will have one of the best!
  • You deserve everything that is good and so much more. I love you princess. I will always be here for you, have a wonderful birthday!
  • Happy birthday young girl. I hope that this year will be the year all your dreams and wishes come true. Enjoy it!


  • Happy birthday princess, you bring so much joy in my life. I love every moment we spend together; you are the light in my life.
  • Today is that special day you’ve been talking about all year. I love you so much babe, having you close is more than enough for me. Have a nice birthday.
  • I want to protect you, love you, and be with you all the days of our lives. Enjoy this day my queen.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin
  • Happy birthday babe, you are the most beautiful girl in this world, nothing gives me more joy than having you close. I love you.
  • Happy birthday to a young girl who knows what it means to love others as she loves herself. Enjoy your special day.
  • Today is a special day for a special girl. You are very special and I will do anything in my power to make sure you always smile. Have a blast.

  • Happy tenth birthday munchkins. As you blow out the candles on your cake, may every wish you make turn into reality.
  • Each candle on your cake is another year in your life. I feel very lucky to meet you, little girl. Happy Birthday to you!
  • 18 mean you are now entering adulthood. 18 mean my little girl is all grown up. Here’s to celebrating you baby and may as you discover your own world of 18, I pray that it be kind to you and it fulfills all that you have wished for. Happy birthday sweetie.
  • Top 200 Happy Birthday Wishes
  • Happy birthday my love, have a fabulous one and may the new year of your life bring you more joy, love and happiness.
  • Happy born day sweetie. As you mark the beginning of another year in your life. I pray that it be remarkable.
  • Happy birthday. This is an amazing day for you, not only you but me. I get to witness you blowing your candles out. I wish you nothing but the very best.


  • Happy birthday to the strongest, most adorable girl in my world, you are mine and there is no one that can ever take your place.
  • Birthdays are celebrated only once a year so enjoys this. Today is your special day and we are all proud to celebrate it with you
  • Happy birthday little lady. You are such a special child that will grow into an amazing beautiful woman in the future. I know it. Everyone knows it.
  • Happy birthday princess, today, it’s all about you, I hope you have the grandest birthday ever I love you so much.
  • You are everything I could ever want. You are my special lady and I hope you get to enjoy this day and everything it has to offer precious. Happy birthday.
  • Top 100 Birthday Wishes for Teenagers
  • My little girl is growing up. I am lucky to be a witness to each and every moment. Happy birthday honey!!
  • Happy birthday dear, you are the most beautiful person I know of. Everyone should have the pleasure of knowing you.
  • May this day bring you joy, cake, fun and a truck full of presents! Have fun love; I surely hope you enjoy yourself.
  • Happy birthday to a young girl who acts like a little regal princess. You might be getting a small crown for your birthday. Who knows?
  • I appreciate the fact that you are in my life, I hope you get to enjoy every good thing that the day has to offer, be blessed have fun girl.

  • I hope this day be magical for you and the gifts you receive are what you expected. Happy birthday.
  • You can be anything you want to be, I will always support you in whatever you undertake. Happy birthday dear!
  • I wish you happy, fun and super-exciting Birthday Day … And it’s full of wonderful surprises!
  • You are more than I had hoped for, you are my reason to smile laugh and cry. I love you to bits, enjoy this day. Happy birthday.
  • Top 100 Funny Birthday Wishes, Messages
  • You turn a new age; you grow more beautiful, more loving and caring. I wish you the very best in all your endeavors. Have a blast!
  • You deserve the very best, that is why I will do everything in my power to give you the biggest bestest bash ever. Happy birthday darling!
  • You are mine today and forever, I hope you grow to be amazing awesome and lovely woman. Have a beautiful birthday!!
  • Women are special that we shouldn’t put our specialty away. We must not try to be like men, we give life to babies and we make them healthy right from birth. Happy Birthday lady.
  • You are super, you are amazing and you are loving I am proud to be part of your life. Happy birthday dear!
  • The sacrifices of both parents are much, but that of the mother is not quantifiable. Women should be celebrated in a more unique ways. Happy Birthday to you special woman.
  • I want the best for you darling, I hope you get to enjoy this day to the fullest, happy birthday darling, have a blast!
  • Women don’t toil with love because they have the loveliest hearts. I’m honored to be loved by my wife. I hope all men will learn to always treat women better. Happy Birthday my lady.
  • Happy Birthday to the special uncompromising little girl, who has a special vision even at a tender age. May you be the best version of yourself in life. Enjoy your youthfulness in all ways.
  • Happy Birthday to a girl who has sacrificed the much-desired youthful liberty for excellence. May your life be blessed with glory and may you find pleasure in things of true value.
  • The best girls are not always very classy, and they don’t have the best make ups. But they are so good at heart and innocent in their deeds. Congratulations on your birthday good girl.

1st Birthday Wishes For Daughter. Having a baby changes your perspective on life. It brings little.

Birthday Wishes for Little Girl

little girl wishes

Newborn baby girl wishes to parents

I hope that you are ready for all the tea parties you’re going to have pretty soon! Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl. She is the cutest little lady, and you are the luckiest parents in the world.


Warmest congratulations on the birth of this beautiful angel! Having a daughter is hard, but you are amazing parents, so I’m sure she is in good hands. Wishing you the best of luck, you’ll definitely need one!


Your daughter has the most amazing role models in the world. She is truly the lucky one. Congratulations on having such a beautiful baby girl. Your life is never going to be the same, but that is what makes it so amazing.


Say goodbye to uninterrupted sleep, because your newborn beautiful angel is not going to let you rest for a while. But it’s worth it. Can’t wait for this young lady to grow up. Congratulation on the birth of your baby girl!


Happy to hear that your baby girl arrived safely! I can’t wait to meet this beautiful lady and become friends with her. I know that you will raise an amazing personality. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!


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little girl wishes
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