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How to wish someone happy birthday over text

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How to wish someone happy birthday over text
September 12, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Jun 18, 2019 what to write in a birthday card? Send happy birthday wishes with these ideas from Hallmark! Includes over 100 birthday messages and writing tips. “At least my Happy Birthday text was on time. That counts for something.

Birthday Text Messages

The benefit of sending people text message birthday wishes is convenience. The challenge is figuring out what to type so it's worth sending. To really make your text message stand out, use the examples below. Weigh your options which include everything from funny to inspirational.

Funny Birthday Text Messages

Funny messages are popular for people's birthday. Just because it's a text message doesn't mean you have to say something serious. Lighten and brighten the mood with one of these texts.
  • Text me back when you wake up, because I hope you are having the birthday of your dreams.
  • Something important happened on this day in history. Can you think of anything?
  • If you were a video game, you'd be Pac-Man, a widely-loved classic.
  • There's no way to procrastinate any longer. You have to have your birthday today.
  • Let this text message serve as proof I did not forget your birthday.
  • Text messages are free on your birthday right?
  • It's 'the thought that counts,' and my text message proves I had the thought.
  • Here's a special birthday safety tip for you. Don't text and drive.
  • Just think how much of a piece of crap your phone would be if it was as old as you are today.
  • My phone would like to wish you a happy birthday. I had to help it type this message.
  • Since your eyes are usually glued to your phone anyway, I figure this is the best way to wish you a happy birthday.
  • Now that you are as old as you are, I think it's perfectly appropriate to send you a happy birthday test message instead of a card.
  • I hope you have an unlimited texts plan today. I'm guessing you'll have a lot of texts wishing you a happy birthday!
  • If you don't feel old today, just compare your age to your phone's age. What version are you now? The updated version of you was just released.
  • The drawback to a birthday text message is there's nowhere to put the cash I was going to give you for your birthday. I guess technological advances do have some drawbacks.
  • I was going to send you a joke via text message for your birthday. Then, I realized you aren't old enough for it yet. Maybe next year.
  • No matter how old you get, you'll always be older/younger than me.
  • Since I want your birthday to last much longer than just one day, I'm wishing you a joyful birthday.
  • Who gave you permission to get older today without me?
  • It's amazing I can say happy birthday by text message now. Remember when your only options were Morse code or carrier pigeon?
  • I hope you are happy! It's about time! Go right ahead! Have a happy birthday!
  • Your doctor has good news and bad new for you today. The good news is you are still alive. The bad news is you are getting older.
  • Call me lazy if you want, but I think there's no better way to wish someone a happy birthday than by text message.

Sincere Birthday Texts

These messages are great for sending to a friend or family member you like. With these shorter messages, you can say happy birthday in a clever way in no time.
  • Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people programmed in my phone!
  • I have a birthday hug waiting for the next time I see you.
  • One of my friends is older today, but I am o.k. with it.
  • I didn't forget my best friend on his/her birthday.
  • I got an awesome present on your birthday. I got a great friend.
  • Consider yourself warned. I'll make sure you have a great birthday.
  • My friends get birthday cards, but my best friends get text messages.
  • Today is a special day.
  • You are the type of person I take time out of my day to wish a happy birthday with a text message. I hope you feel special.
  • The world became a better place when you were born.
  • You should have a great day today!
  • You deserve much more. For now, I'm just sending you this happy birthday text.
  • I hope you are just as happy as I am you were born!
  • Today is a beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful person.
  • I wish I could reach through this phone and give you a great big birthday hug. 

Rhyming Messages

These are some poetic verses to text to your friends and family.
  • Now that you're a little older, feel free to cry on my shoulder
  • You made it another time around the earth. Today is the day of your birth.
  • Birthdays come one by one. They all add up over the long run.
  • If your birthdays seem a little depressing, keep in mind that you are a blessing.
  • As you tally up the years, don't make too many tears. It's time to put away your fears.

Here are some new and creative ways that you can say 'Happy Birthday' to a whole lot of people, ranging from co-workers and acquaintances to friends and.

Birthday text messages

how to wish someone happy birthday over text

Birthdays are one of the occasions that almost every human beings looks forward to – apart from being made to feel special by friends and family, the day marks the simple achievement of making it through another year and, despite all unhappiness and negativity, basking in the sheer joy of being alive. Here are some new and creative ways that you can say ‘Happy Birthday’ to a whole lot of people, ranging from co-workers and acquaintances to friends and family. $ROMANCE-TIPS-OPTIN$

One of the innovative ways of wishing Happy Birthday is to say it in a different language. Everyone says “Happy Birthday” in English, thus it would be a good idea if you can say it in another language.  This works both ways, whether the recipient is familiar with the language or not; in case of the former, the person is pleasantly surprised to be wished in his/her mother tongue, especially when it is a foreign language to you and thus unexpected. Alternatively if you wish a friend Happy Birthday in a language completely unknown to him/her, it is sure to leave him/her bewildered and make for a lot of fun all around.

In Spanish, you can say "Feliz Cumpleaños!"  which means Happy Birthday! Or “Que cumplas muchos más"  which literally means ‘May you have many more birthdays’. Though the latter sounds a little bit awkward in English but it's very much used in Spanish.

If you wish to use French to wish someone Happy Birthday, the most commonly used expression is ‘Bon Anniversaire’ and pronounced bohn ahn ee vehr sare; while this phrase is perfect for acquaintances, in order to wish a close friend or family member, you can use ‘Joyeux Anniversaire”.

Likewise for an Italian flavor you can say, ‘Buon Compleanno’ while for a dash of Oriental exoticism you can use ‘Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu’ which is Happy Birthday in Japanese.


Yet another creative way to wish Happy Birthday is to accompany it with a quote on birthdays. This could be inspirational like, “Not just a year older, but a year better”.

Or, “May the best of your past be the worst of your future”.

Or perhaps include a fun observation like, “A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip”.

Or a cheekier variation on the theme like, “Enjoy your Xth trip around the sun!" where X stands for number of birthday+1, and is sure to make the recipient feel that much older.

Sometimes just a simple, heartfelt line I’ve always "Long may you run," a la Neil Young may be perfect to set aside your birthday message from all the others.

One of the most delightful ways of saying Happy Birthday in a creative manner is to include a healthy dose of humor. You could write a witty line or two saying “Happy Birthday, You look different today. Hmm, more mature in a way”.

Or perhaps bring in some playfulness saying ‘Happy Birthday! Be Good but not too Good’.

Yet another birthday greeting on the above line could read, “On your birthday, let me wish you plenty of joy, I know you're too old, but I still bought you a toy!”

A simpler but equally delightful message could say, “Feel like a newborn baby. Happy Birthday!”

Similarly you might pen down words like “I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise”.

If it is a person you know well, you could even get a little cheeky saying, "Congratulations for surviving another year!" or "Congratulations on living to see [AGE]”!

Another birthday message on these lines could include something like, “You are 17 around the neck, 42 around the waist, 96 around the golf course”.

While playing around with numbers, you can wish someone turning thirty saying, “You're not thirty; you're eighteen with twelve years of experience”.

If the recipient is approaching or has made it to middle age, you can have fun with the fact with words like, “Another year, another new place that aches”.

For someone even more advanced in years, your birthday message could read, "Smile while you still have teeth!"

Or a gentler take on sunset years could read, “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come”.

For a particularly close friend or sibling you could even get a little risqué, like saying " Happy Welcome to the World Screaming and Naked Day!

Or “Congratulations on another year of skillful death evasion !"

For someone at work, you say write a note saying "Happy birthday! All right, now back to work."

If the recipient is fond of wordplay, you can rearrange the words, Happy Birthday so that the message reads something like "drippy haybath"

One of the best ways to wish Happy Birthday is of course to flatter them so that they really feel good about themselves. Thus your birthday greeting could include the words like “You get better looking each year!” And it is sure make the other person smile.

Or something wittier like “How do you expect me to remember your birthday, when you never look any older? Happy birthday!”

Another feel-good message that you can put down on a birthday card for is, “Sixteen – or whatever the number of years - candles make a lovely light, But not as bright as your eyes tonight”.

If you are thinking of a special way to wish a loved one on his/her birthday, you can rarely fail with telling them what they mean to you, like “Happy birthday! I'm really glad you're in my life. You make me smile every day!"

On a similarly sentimental note, you can even say, “Happy Birthday, I am glad you were born on this day”.

To make your birthday message truly special for someone close to you, you could include some personal details about the recipient. For instance,  "Happy birthday so-and-so! I hope your day is filled with …" and in the blank space, you can insert three things that you know the person likes – they could be random things like climbing trees or getting flowers or special ones like a lifelong dream or heartfelt plans.

Birthday poems have traditionally been the stable of congratulatory messages. However instead of getting all mushy and sentimental, you could write down a poem which is both humorous and meaningful at the same time.
‘Birthday cards are all the same,
That just seems an awful shame.
But this one's different from the start,
Since it traveled from the heart !”

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Top 100 Happy Birthday SMS, Text Messages

how to wish someone happy birthday over text

  • Festive Cake & Presents – Happy Birthday Card

    It’s that time of the year again when someone you know is celebrating their special day! This means it’s time to send a fabulous cake, presents, balloons, and more, over to them before the day is over. They will be so thrilled to receive a spectacular cake such as this. It showcases many layers with frosting, cherries, stars, and looks simply irresistible! Get this cake, and the birthday wishes too, over to the person who means so much to you.

  • Balloons & Cake – Happy Birthday Card

    If you’re looking for an exciting, as well as traditional birthday card to send to someone special, then this is it! Festive balloons surrounded by confetti and a decorative cake with brightly lit candles set the stage for this sensational birthday card! No matter who you send this celebration card to, they are going to be filled with happiness! Sending this birthday card will certainly allow someone to start their birthday off the right way.

  • Rainbow Circle Happy Birthday Card

    Watch them smile! This birthday card shines a bright beam of light on the birthday boy or girl, telling the whole world where to send birthday wishes. She or he will be blown back by the wishes and goodwill they get, as if seeing color for the first time. Give them the gift of surprises all day with this birthday card!

  • Colorful Happy Birthday Party Card

    Keep a smile on your friend's face all day! This birthday card is colorful and happy, ready to party at a moment's notice. Your friend deserves a day full of joy, the perfect party, and nothing sets them up for that better than you sending them this birthday card. Falling confetti, bright wishes. What else can one ask for on their special day?

  • It's hard enough to find the perfect birthday card let alone something to say in a birthday And adding a personal birthday message in a birthday greeting card for . Liza McNamara is an American Greetings senior writer/editor with over 15.

    Happy Birthday Friend Texts, Wishes, Quotes, and Messages

    how to wish someone happy birthday over text

    This question brought an instant smile on my face.The highest pleasures of life are the ones that come to us when we bring happiness to others.

    Yesterday, I witnessed the same happiness deep in the eyes of my friend. I have send a birthday note to a friend on her 21st Birthday. It reads as -

    Happieeeee wala Birthday Akkii

    Goshh..!!! It's 21st MAY.!!

    1. *MAY* your SELFIES turn out to be a *WONDER* for everyone

    2. *MAY* your Sense of Humour becomes top trend on FB & Twitter

    3. *MAY* your Khi Khi Khi (SMILE) karna becomes most adorable thing in the World

    4. *MAY* this year you drove your VOLKSWAGON POLO to REWA (Hometown)

    5. *MAY* this year your LADAKUU-VIMAAN (Fighter Plane) keep fighting with me (She is a diehard enemy)

    PS: I'll be able to defend every bomb you drop on Me.

    6. *MAY* lord MAHAKAAL (Lord Shiv) keep you secured from any Bad KAAL (Evil)

    7. *MAY* you get lots of appreciation in your Life

    8. *MAY* this year you be able to find your BRAHMIN-VIDESHI (NRI Brahmin Groom)

    PS: Your Videshi hunt would be accomplished

    9. *MAY* you keep spreading happiness everywhere

    10. *MAY* you prosper wherever you go and in whatever you do

    11. *MAY* this year you start pronouncing GWALIOR properly

    PS: I belongs to Gwalior City of Madhya Pradesh and She always pronounce Gwalior as ‘Gawa-lier

    12. *MAY* your Vampire-panti keep sucking the blood to donate the needy persons

    PS: Teach me how to drainout someone's blood

    13. *MAY* ur Pagalpanti(Madness) keep alive the surroundings

    14. *MAY* you keep Dancing, Singing infront of noone

    PS: Noone wants to get faint by seeing you

    15. *MAY* your WISHES become REALITY

    PS: Start wishing Samsung S7 for Me

    16. *MAY* this year your Guru (Teacher) Aka Poonmii get HITCHED

    PS: By your sincere search on

    17. *MAY* you find pleasure everywhere

    18. *MAY* every moment today make you smile

    19. *MAY* you get lots of GIFTS today

    PS: I’ll be able get expensive gift out of them

    20. *MAY* this year you make tasty Aloo Parantha for me

    PS: I wish this will comes true first, because she is still in a learning process

    21. *MAY* your belief in GOD keep increasing and you Stay HAPPIEST throughout the Life

    PS. These are 21 Wishes on your 21st MAY, Though, I want to write more but remaining quota is reserved for next 21st MAY, till thenBE FIT, BE ROCKING, BE NICE, BE CHILDISH, BE BLESSED. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN

    Aug 26, 2019 What can I write on my lover's birthday card? No birthday is complete without a gift and a card, and we have some special birthday wishes for.

    how to wish someone happy birthday over text
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