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How to wish father day
September 11, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

But as the third Sunday in June rolls around, we can fall into the trap of wishing every person we meet a “Happy Father's Day” without a second thought.

Fathers are very important in our lives. It is therefore important to appreciate them and make them fill loved on Father’s Day. There are a number of things you can do on Father’s Day to make your father feel loved and happy, but none of them beats sending him a heartfelt message to let him know how much you appreciate him in your life. This is the reason why we have created a brilliant collection of some of the most heartfelt Father’s Day Wishes you can find online.

If you are looking for a beautiful and heartwarming message to send to your father on that special day, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. You can browse through our huge collection of beautifully written father’s day wishes and pick the perfect one for that special man in your life.

You can either send the messages the way they are or you can modify them to suit your need. Whichever way you do it, you can rest assured that it will put smile on your father’s face and make him feel very loved on that special day.

Happy Father’s Day! You’re the best, Dad!

Sweet Father’s Day Wishes

  • Today being father’s day, dad, I just want to tell you that I love you and appreciate everything that you’ve done for me. May God never stop blessing you. Happy Father’s Day, my sweet father.
  • Dad, I can never repay you for all the love, care and support you have given me all these years. Only God can reward you for what you’ve done for me. And I know He will. Happy Father’s Day, dear Papa.
  • Dad, I want to thank you for making such a positive impact on my life. Dad, you’re my role model, and I have vowed to model my life after yours. Happy Father’s Day to my awesome father. May God always pour His blessings upon you.
  • Dad, you were always present in my life and taught me very important things in life. Thank you, Dad, for a job well done. Happy Father’s Day.
  • Thank you very much for being such a wonderful father to my siblings and me. On this special day, I pray for God’s blessings in your life. May your life always be full of happiness, dad. You deserve it. Happy Father’s Day.
  • Wishing a very happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the world who always believed in me when even I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you, and may God richly bless you.
  • Dad, on this day, I wish you the greatest gift of life – happiness. You’re simply the greatest! Happy Father’s Day!
  • Dad, we might be far apart on this special day, but that doesn’t mean you’re not on my mind. There’s not a single day that passes by that I don’t think of you and pray for you. Today, I just want to let you know how special you are to me. I love you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s day!

  • Dad, thanks for always being there for me. I surely wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for your incredible love and support. Happy Father’s Day to the most wonderful father in the entire universe. I love you.
  • You’re not only my wonderful father, but you’re also my best friend and hero. Happy Father’s Day, sweet dad.
  • Every time I go down on my knees to pray, I thank the Lord for blessing me with a loving and caring father like you. I love you so much, Dad. Happy Father’s Day.

I love my dad.

  • My father is the best, and I am so proud of him. I love you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day. I hope you enjoy every second of this day.
  • I could never have asked God for a better father. Dad, my Father’s Day wish for you is that prosperity and happiness accompany you wherever you go. Happy Father’s Day.
  • You have never really lived until you’ve had a father like mine! Have a happy Father’s Day, Dad. You’re without a shred of doubt the best father in the whole world, and I love you so much.
  • Today is your day, father, and I just want to let you know that I will always cherish you because you’re such a wonderful person. I hope this day brings you oceans of joy and happiness. Happy Father’s Day to the world’s greatest Dad.
  • You’re a wonderful dad, and I hope your day is as wonderful as you are. I love you so much, Dad. Have a very happy Father’s Day.
  • Dad, I’ll always look up to you no matter how old I am simply because you’re such an amazing person. Happy Father’s Day.
  • Dad, you’ve always showered us with your love. And we love you so much for that. Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s day!

  • I am the luckiest child in the world because I have the most amazing father in the world. Happy Father’s Day to you, my wonderful father.
  • Lots of love to my dearest father on Father’s Day. Papa, may happiness and peace follow you wherever you go. I love you.
  • Happy Father’s Day, Dad! On this day, may the good Lord bless you with all your heart’s desires.

Happy Father’s day. Yoda Best Dad.

  • Dad, today is your day. And I want to use that as an opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to you for all the love and care you’ve shown me since I was a day old. Happy Father’s Day Wishes to you, my special dad.
  • Papa, despite all my numerous shortcomings, you have always loved and cared for me. Thank you for being such a loving father. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.
  • I may not say this very often to you, Papa, but I love you with every single beat of my heart. You mean the world to me! I wish you a very happy Father’s Day. God bless you.

Happy Father’s day.

  • No one can ever occupy the space that I have reserved for you in my heart, Dad. Thank you very much for all the sacrifices you have made for me to ensure I have a better life. I love you immensely, dad. Happy Father’s Day.
  • Dad, I know raising me wasn’t an easy job, but you did it perfectly and managed to always put a smile on my face. On this special day, may joy, peace and happiness be your companions for life. I wish you a very happy Father’s Day.

My father, my hero!

  • Happy Father’s Day to the sweetest father on Earth. When I look back at all the sacrifices you made in your life just to put a smile on my face, saying “thank you” is simply not enough. Dad, all I can say is that for as long as I live I will never forget the incredible love you showed me.
  • Dad, I’m so proud to by your daughter/son. You made home the happiest place for me. Thank you so much for making my childhood years the greatest years of my life. I hope someday I can make you even half as happy and proud as you make me. Happy Father’s Day.
  • Dad, for all what you’ve done for us, we’ll always admire, respect and love you. Wishing you a sweet and happy Father’s Day. You’re such a priceless gift to the entire family.
  • Happy Father’s Day to the sweetest, gentlest, and kindest man around. You truly are one of a kind, Pops!
  • Just the other night, I was recalling memories of my childhood. No matter what I thought of, there was one common element. You were always there. I am so blessed to always have you by my side. You are the best dad. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Father’s Day isn’t just for biological fathers. It is for every man who has a positive and lasting impact on another life. On this day, I would like to thank you for all you have done for and meant to me over the years. Your adoption of me was truly life changing. Happy Father’s Day to the best dad around!
  • Once in a while, we get the chance to sit down and take stock of our lives. We may have ups and downs, but it is important to stay positive and recognize our blessings at all times. There is one blessing I have always had and that is you. Happy Father’s Day to my very best friend!
  • Happy belated Father’s Day! I may be late but I am not any less grateful. You are loved indeed.
  • Happy early Father’s Day! I just couldn’t hold in my love for you and all you do. I love you, Dad!

World’s best Dad.

Funny Father’s Day Wishes

  • Fathers like you are one of a kind, that’s for sure. And, thank Heaven for that. The world couldn’t handle any more like you. Ha! Happy Father’s Day, old man!
  • I was going to buy you a sweater, but the way you hold on to your clothes, I’d be seeing that thing for the next 30 years. Happy Father’s Day! Here’s a soda.
  • Guys like you are barely able to speak to a lady, let alone father a child. I’m amazed at your luck. Happy Father’s Day, buddy!
  • Happy belated Father’s Day! I’d say I just forgot the day, but honestly I forgot you even were a father.
  • Here’s wishing you a year of love, luck, and money to pay your child support. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Happy Father’s Day to my much much older friend!

Good Morning, Dad. Happy Father’s day.

Father’s Day Wishes Showing Appreciation

  • I may not have always been the easiest child to raise, but you have always been the most consistent dad. Thanks for putting up with me all of the years. Here’s to an easier road ahead with less bumps and more sunshine. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Bandages for my scrapes, catches when I would fall, and answers to my most difficult questions … you had it all! Thanks for being an amazing dad as I grew up and an even better friend now. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
  • Words cannot express what it means to me to have a dad like you. You support my choices, forgive my mistakes, and push me to do better every day of the year. Thanks for all you do. Happy Father’s Day, Pop!
  • All of the goodness in my heart and joy in my soul comes directly from you, dear Dad. It is because of you that I have my feet on the ground while also reaching for the stars. Thank you for being my rock. Happy Father’s Day!
  • From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. You have not only made me comfortable in my own skin, but have pushed me to help others feel the same. You truly are a one in a million father. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Happy Father’s day.

Father’s Day Wishes From a Daughter

  • To the man who will always be my “daddy.” Life can be busy. It may be complex, but it is not full without you in it. You are an amazing father and a great friend. Happy Father’s Day!
  • When I was a little girl, you were my super hero. You knew the answers to all of my questions and could fix every ache. Little did I know that you would become even more special to me as an adult. You are more than my hero. You are my best friend. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
  • Whether laughter fills the air or tears fall to the ground, you are always by my side. I am so thankful I get to call you Dad.  Happy Father’s Day!
  • Happiest of Father’s Days to the man who raised me, taught me life lessons, and held my hand along the way. You are more than just a father, you are a true dad. I love you always and forever!
  • Only a few girls get lucky enough to have a prince for a dad. With you in my life, I have always felt like true royalty. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

My dad is my hero. Happy father’s day!

Father’s Day Wishes From a Son

  • From Day 1, you have been the role model I have always needed. Confident, strong, respectful, and humble. Just when I thought I would never have a dad, you stepped into my life. Happy Father’s Day to the man I am now proud to call my very own!
  • To the one who gave me life and taught me what it means to truly live, Happy Father’s Day! Wishing you the best of everything this day and always.
  • Dear Dad, you are the best there could ever be. I am humbled and honored that you have been not only my father, but also my mentor and friend. Here’s to you today and always. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Father’s Day seems to be a day of last-minute cards, cheap gifts, and quick phone calls. For me, though, it means celebrating the best man I have ever known. Thanks for being both my teammate and coach in life. You rock, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!
  • It wasn’t until I became a father myself that I could truly understand what it means to truly love. I have great admiration and love for what you did for us growing up. No one deserves the title of Grandpa more than you. Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day.

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Find the perfect happy Fathers Day messages with our huge collection of happy Fathers Day wishes! Once a year on Father's Day we pause for a moment and.

Happy Fathers Day Messages

how to wish father day

In this Article

Wishing your dad on Father’s Day might be the top thing on your mind. You would want to make a nice gift for him along with a nice card to wish him in the best way possible. But getting the right words and making them feel special can be quite tricky. Finding the right fathers day inspirational quotes is a bit easier by choosing from the best we’ve put together.

Fathers Day Quotes from Daughter

For being daddy’s little girl, here are a few ways you can let your dad know how special he is to you.

  1. Many say fathers are like boats who hold us back when needed and sail along when the current is right. But my father is a lighthouse. His love always makes sure we go the right way.
  2. My father always lets me laugh happily by myself, but never lets me cry alone.
  3. Husbands may not look at us as their queens, but fathers always look at their daughters as their little princesses.
  4. My father always tells me that I am growing up real quick. But no matter how tall I get, I will always look up to my father for who he is.
  5. Where other fathers might take their sons to a football match, I am a proud daughter whose father takes her shopping.
  6. I know my father is a great husband. Because he treats my mother just the way he treats me – with love, care and respect.
  7. My father might hold my hand for a little while when I get married. But he has held my heart for all these years, and will always hold it for more to come.
  8. No matter who I get married to, my father will always be my first love.
  9. The happiest moment of my life was when I was born. Because I had the privilege to be my father’s daughter.
  10. My father may not be the sun or the moon that can illuminate the entire sky. He is a fireplace who can keep me warm even in the coldest of the nights.

Fathers Day Quotes from Son

A son’s bond with his father is quite special so fathers day special quotes are here for him.

  1. I may not think my father is right until I grow up. And by then, my son will think that I am always wrong.
  2. Each time my father has put me down from his arms, he has picked up my crying sister. This is who he has taught me to be.
  3. When my father gives me a gift, we both rejoice. But I don’t know why my father has tears in his eyes when I give him a gift instead.
  4. Almost anyone can be a father. But my father has taught me what it takes for his son to call him daddy lovingly.
  5. Every father wishes for his son to be more successful than himself. But I know that I will never be equal to my dad ever.
  6. My father is a man of few words. And that’s alright. Because a few words is all it takes for him to make me happy, calm me when I am crying, and teach me the right lessons for my life.
  7. A great father makes sure that his children grow up well. But a great dad makes memories that his children will carry within their hearts long after he’s gone, and pass them on to the coming generations.
  8. I have read a lot of superhero comics. But I am yet to find a superhero as strong and powerful as my daddy.
  9. A father is more powerful than a sun. He can even make the darkest night turn into a day with his presence.
  10. For everyone out there, you are my father. But to me, you are my entire world.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes from Daughter

Wishing your father on this special day needs to be as heartfelt as possible. Here is how you can make it happen.

  1. I love you, daddy. You are the brightest star in my night sky, a sparkling constellation in my galaxy, and the twinkling star that shows me that he is always out there for me. Thank you so much for being the wonderful man that you are.
  2. You are the role model that I always look up to, daddy. Everyone keeps telling me that superheroes don’t exist, but they haven’t met you yet. You take care of so many things and yet find the time to love me. Thank you so much, daddy.
  3. Happy father’s day to my lovely dad. It has been many years now and you keep saying that I am growing up quickly and I will be a woman soon. No matter how old I get, I will always be your little girl, daddy.
  4. Thank you daddy, for all the times you stayed up late for me. For all the times you showered us with love and care. For all the wonderful moments you shared with us. For everything that you have taught us. I will always be happy to see you.
  5. Everyone keeps telling me that I look like my mother. But I want to tell them that as wonderful as my mother is, I want to grow up to be like my father. I want to be like the strong and wonderful person that he is. Thank you for being a wonderful daddy to me, daddy.
  6. You are my very first love, dear dad. You have been the shining light of my life and the wonderful caring person who has been there for me. I would want my son to grow up to be just like you. Happy Father’s Day!
  7. I feel very safe with you in my life, father. You are the armour I never had because I know you will always protect me no matter what. Thank you for being there for me, daddy. Now and always.
  8. I can see why mommy loves you so much. You are a wonderful man, a loving father, and a great human being all around. I cannot imagine my life without you in it. Have a wonderful day, daddy!
  9. I could have given you gifts and flowers and chocolates and cakes but I know that you love the smile on my face the most. And that is because the smile appears every time I see you. Happy Father’s Day.
  10. Not every father can give his daughter endless hugs. Our hugs will never end, even when we move apart. I love you, daddy.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes from Son

A son’s fathers day wishes for dad are filled with joy and respect for a wonderful man.

  1. When anybody asks me what I want to be when I grow up, I tell them that no matter what I become, I want to be a man like my father. Happy Father’s Day, dear daddy.
  2. Thank you daddy for teaching me to not be afraid of failure. Thank you for not helping me when I fall, but teaching me to dust off and rise again and continue moving ahead. You are the best. Love you dad.
  3. Every time I read comics, I wished that I had a superhero in my life. Now I know I always had one ever since I was born. You are the hero I will always look up to, daddy. Happy Father’s Day!
  4. You are the best father I could ever have because you never tell me what to do. You don’t hold my hand and tell me to walk a path. All you do is let your hand rest on my shoulder to tell me that no matter what, you will always be there to watch my back. I love you, dad.
  5. I don’t wish to be a star that shines bright at night. I wish to be like my dad who is a candle that makes everything light up at home. Happy Father’s Day!
  6. I cannot tell you how much I love you dad. You have sacrificed so much for us and I can never be able to match up to that ever in my life. I love you so much, daddy.
  7. Every time I am happy, the first person I think of is you because you’ve made me happy. And every time I am sad, the first person I think of is you again. Because you can always make me happy. Love you dada.
  8. Dear dad, I have never had to look for inspirational people in world leaders or mythical heroes. You have been my inspiration all along. Happy Father’s Day.
  9. Dear father, you are never wrong in your life. But you will be wrong if you ever think that I don’t love you and have forgotten about you. Because I never will. Happy Father’s Day!
  10. Who’s smart and strong, who has happiness and discipline in the right blend? It’s gotta be my father, who is also my best friend. Love you daddy.

Wishing your dad with great fathers day sayings can help you convey your deepest emotions in a better way. But no words can ever replace a tight hug and a sweet kiss to your dad. Show your love in all ways possible and let your dad know now and forever that he is loved and cherished a lot.

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Father’s Day 2019 quotes, messages and wishes to send to your dad

how to wish father day

Father’s Day is here, and finding the right words to describe how grateful you are for your father and everything he has done for you can be difficult. As you head over to spend the day together, you might be looking for a way to express how much he means to you, and how blessed you feel to call him “dad.” We’ve rounded up a list of heartfelt, memorable Father’s Day quotes to help you find exactly the right words to write, text or tell your father on his big day.

Famous Father’s Day Quotes

The actual Father’s Day Council was originally founded by the New York Associated Men’s Wear Retailers. This developed in the 1930s. (Getty)

“When my father didn’t have my hand, he had my back,” – Linda Poindexter

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that’s why I call you dad, because you are so special to me. You taught me the game and you taught me how to play it right.” – Wade Boggs

“He adopted a role called Being a Father so that his child would have something mythical and infinitely important: a Protector.” – Tom Wolfe

“I am not ashamed to say that no man I ever met was my father’s equal, and I never loved any other man as much.” – Hedy Lamarr

“Lately all my friends are worried they’re turning into their fathers. I’m worried I’m not.” – Dan Zevin

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.” – Antoine-François Prévost

“Some people don’t believe in heroes, but they haven’t met my dad.” – Unknown

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: He believed in me.” – Jim Valvano

“To the world you are a dad. To our family you are the world.” – Unknown

“A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” – Unknown

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song.” – Pam Brown

“It is not flesh and blood, but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.” – Johann Friedrich von Schiller

Father’s Day Wishes & Card Messages

If you’re just looking for the right words to add to a card, Hallmark has some simple-yet-perfect messages and wishes to add to your greeting card.

  • “Thank you for being there every day with just the love and guidance I’ve needed.”
  • “Dad, you’re in all my favorite memories.”
  • “Dad, you’re still the one I think of first when I have a question about something or when I just need some support and good advice. Thank you for always being there for me.”
  • “No matter how much time goes by, I treasure my memories of times spent with you, and I still look forward to all our times together.”
  • “You’ve taught me so much without saying a word.”
  • “I hope I can create as many good memories for my children as you have given me.”
  • “Just wanted to recognize you on Father’s Day for being such a caring and positive influence in my life. I’m more grateful than you could ever know.”
  • “Having you in my life has made all the difference in the world to me.
  • “You’re the kind of man everyone needs in their lives.”
  • “For all you’ve gone through, all you are and all the love you share, we love you.”

Google - Labeled for Reuse Celebrate Father's Day with these wishes, quotes and sayings to add to your greeting card.

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Express gratitude to your father for everything that he gives to you. On this page you will find a nice collection of Father's Day wishes and messages with images, .

Father’s Day Wishes & Sayings 2019

how to wish father day

Explore some new ways of wishing your father in Father’s Day 2019: The perfect day for honoring the father is Father’s Day.  Yes, it is the day that is celebrated worldwide to show the parental bonds. No matter what is the age of your father? He may become quite old, but celebrating this day will give him happiness. People celebrate this day as per their wish, but the main date for celebrating Father’s day is the third week of June. This year it will be celebrated on the 16th day of June. The day is not too far so prepare yourself how you like to surprise your father.

Happy Father’s Day 2019: Wishes from Daughter, Son & Wife to share with Dad on 16th June

Happy Fathers Day Wishes

Wish your father in an innovative manner:

Everyone usually wants to their father in a special way. During the early days, there were limited options. But with the passage of time, there has been a lot of variations. People have invented good modes and techniques to wish their beloved father even if they are far away from them.

Father is said to be the backbone of every family. So don’t miss to wish your father through beautiful and touching Fathers Day Wishes. You will also feel confident once you wish him through beautiful messages. So don’t miss the chance of wishing him. Simply download good messages from various websites and send him. Read more: Father’s Day Gift Ideas for your Father, Grandpa, Grandfather’s 2019

Happy Father’s Day 2019 Wishes

Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day 2019 and thanking you for being my Dad.


Dad, thanks for your support and loving care.
Wishing you a wonderful Father’s Day 2019


Thank you so much for being my best friend all these years.
Super lucky I am!
Happy Father’s Day 2019.


You aren’t overly expressive…but your actions speak for you…love you Papa…sending you warm wishes on Father’s Day 2019.


“Happy Father’s Day 2019 to the man I love. I hope you feel every day how grateful I am for you and for all you do.”


When I was a kid, my father told me every day, ‘You’re the most wonderful boy in the world, and you can do anything you want to.
Happy Father’s Day 2019 to my dear father!


I have loved you, love you, will love you tomorrow, and everyday…
Happy Father’s Day 2019.


Dad, are my best teacher and guide. I thank you for all that you have done for me.
Happy Father’s Day 2019!


It is easier for a Father
to have children than
for children to have a real Father.
I’m glad to have u Dad.
Happy Father’s Day 2019


You are my role Model
You are my Hero…
You are my Idol Dad
Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day 2019!

Special Father’s Day 2019 Wishes from Son

I want to tell you
How much you mean to me
Bcoz you are always
Thought about in such a special way,
And do so much to brighten any day.
Wish you a Happy Fathers Day 2019.


If the relationship of
Father to son could
Really be reduced to biology,
The whole earth would blaze
With the glory of fathers and sons.

Happy Fathers Day 2019


Dad, you are never wrong.
The only time you are
Wrong is when you think,
I forgot about you.
Love you Dad!
Have a grand Father’s Day 2019!


A father is like a God
who gives all the happiness to his son,
I can’t live without you dad, I love you dad,
Happy Fathers Day 2019 Dad..!!


Thanks For Been My Father.
You Have Been A Source Of Inspiration
And Motivation To Me All These Years.
I Can Never Wish For A Better Father Than You.
I Love You.


Dad, I know that I don’t say you
Often enough but I love you very much.
You are the greatest dad in the whole world.
I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.
Thanks for all you have done for me

I Love You, Daddy


Dad, you have been one of my greatest influences in life.
You have taught me many things, and the most important
The thing you have taught me is how to live a life with character.

Happy Dad Day 2019


Thanks for being the best father every single day,
I know that the role you have is very demanding,
And I thank you for being loving, supportive, and understanding.
Happy Father’s Day 2019 My Loving Dad!


Thank You Dad
For being my pillar of strength and
Fountain of wisdom
Thank You for everything you are.
Life is more beautiful when you are around.
Happy Fathers Day 2019!

Best Father’s Day 2019 Wishes from Daughter

Everyone needs a father figure while they are growing up.
I was lucky enough to have the real thing.
Thanks for being a genuine, loving, and caring dad.

Happy Fathers Day 2019 Dad


You have can my laugh
You have can my cry
n always u were there with me
I may not have always said it
But thanx, I Love You
Happy Father’s Day 2019


May God remember U like Noah,
Favor U like Joseph,
Honor U like Mary,
Fight 4 U like Israelites
And prosper U like Abraham.
Happy Father’s Day 2019


Having You For A Dad
Was the best beginning I could’ve had…
Ever since that you’ve made sure it gets only better!
You mean the world to me!
Happy Father’s Day 2019


God made a father who is,
As sweet as a nectar,
As brave as a lion,
As cheerful as a bear,
And he gave such dear father to me


Daddy, I Love You
For all that you do for me…in any way…
I’ll kiss you and hug you
Cause you love me, too…and supports you


I’m blessed to have u as my father.
On this special day,
I would like to thank u 4 everything.
You are my hero, Dad. I Love You.

Happy Fathers Day 2019 Dad

Happy Father’s Day 2019 Wishes from Wife

You always say that there’s a tool for everything, You’re right. The stud-finder worked miracles when it came to getting the perfect hubby.. Happy Father’s Day 2019!


Two things you should never forget…That Father’s Day is about you and that I totally love you, even more than I did before! Happy Father’s Day 2019!


You are so full of compassion, love, and strength.
When we need a strong hand of support in our family, you are always there.
I love you for being who you are and for all that you do.
Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful husband and father!

I Love You So Much


I Am Blessed To Have A Loving
Husband Like You & More Than That,
To Have A Man Who Knows How To Raise
And Take Care Of His Children So Well.
Happy Father’s Day 2019 To You.


Dear husband,
I wish you a very happy day
Because you deserve it for being
Such a great dad for our children
And also a wonderful husband.
I wish you the best….
Happy Father’s day 2019.


What in the world could I change
About a man that loves his family,
Works hard, and treats his wife with
Love and respect? Absolutely Nothing!!
Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Wonderful!

Happy Father’s Day 2019 to My Husband


Your love as a father shows through in your every interaction with our children. I’ve watched you and I can see that you love those children more than you could ever show them. You’re a fabulous father and I love you for being you! Happy Father’s Day 2019 To My Amazing Husband!


The best thing having you as my Husband is our children having you as their DADDY! – Happy Father’s Day 2019

Get some new concepts to wish your father

Father holds a very vital position in each and every child’s life. There should be no comparison of a father with any other person in the world. Make him feel special on this beautiful day. What can be the impact on father if you wish him in a nice manner?

  • It is said that good wishes have a strong effect. It can keep away the evils from life. There will be a positive effect on the mind and he will always be happy.
  • A good wish can also make any relationship strong and healthy. The bonding between a father and his child depends upon certain factors. One of them is trust. Never break the trust. Try to keep your father happy as he has sacrificed a lot to make you able and established.
  • If you are established and earning a good amount then the only reason is your father. Without his support and patience, you could have not attained this position. Always try to make him happy even with small things.
  • Life is too short. You never know what will happen tomorrow. So always stay by the side of your father and parents too. They are the main pillars of your life. You have no existence without them.

Father’s day is always a special day in each and every father’s life. To be very frank there cannot be any specific day for father, but each and every day should be celebrated as a Father’s day. They are the special gifts of God to us. So we should always obey them and try to make keep them happy at any cost. Come, let’s celebrate this Father’s day by sending lovely wishes to our father. 

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