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How to wish a sick person well

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How to wish a sick person well
June 04, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Get Well Soon Wishes: Let's encourage your sick friend to fast recover from illness and wish him/her by funny and inspiring get well soon messages and feel .

  • Funny Dog Lover Card To Say...

    Sit, stay and heal. Perfect card to say get well soon after surgery. Heal well!

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  • Get Well Butterflies.

    Send lovely flowers and butterflies to wish get well soon.

    Rated 4.3 | 80,379 views | Liked by 100% Users

  • I Hope You Get Well Soon.

    This is a cute get well soon card that you may want to send to someone who is sick.

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  • Get Well Wishes To Keep You...

    Feeling sick makes you feel miserable. Lift someones day with this cute get well...

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  • Happy Healing!

    A real cute healing wish for your friend/ family/ loved one.

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  • Thinking Of You Lots! Get...

    Sending flowers to wish you a speedy recovery and get well soon!

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  • Smile And Get Well Soon!

    Put a smile on someone's face and send your get well soon wishes with this card.

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  • May Hugs & Love Make You...

    Cute card to say get well soon by your hugs and love.

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  • Get Back On Your Paws Soon!

    A cute get well soon e-card.

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  • Get Well Soon!

    A bouquet of growing flowers for a wish to get well soon.

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  • Islamic message for sick person.

    140 Uplifting Get Well Soon Wishes, Messages and Quotes To Make Someone Feel Better

    how to wish a sick person well

    Get Well Poems

    Get well poems, rhyming and free verse. Send these get well sayings and sentiments to cheer up your sick friends. Includes funny get well messages.

    Get well poetry that keeps the patient's spirits high is extra welcome. The get well message in this get well wish is designed to do that. A get well soon poem can use fantasy for fun, as this get well verse does.

    Magic Wand

    I wish I had a magic wand
    To make it go away;
    I'd wave my scepter over you
    Until you were okay.

    I'd think good thoughts; I'd send you love;
    I'd transmit healing vibes;
    My wand and I would surely beat
    Whatever the doc prescribes.

    But there is no magic scepter, so
    I cannot cast a spell;
    Just know you're often in my thoughts,
    And I hope you'll soon be well!

    By Joanna Fuchs

    This get well verse will let them know you are thinking of them, that you care.

    Hang In There

    Hello, my friend; You're on my mind,
    Because you're somehow ailing,
    But your response to any challenge
    Has always been unfailing.

    So I'm confident you'll win again;
    Hang in there, and you'll see;
    You'll be back on top in no time,
    Tackling life courageously.

    By Joanna Fuchs

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    This get well soon wish, encouraging their immune system to destroy the illness, will help them feel that the force is on their side. 

    Get well messages need not always rhyme. Here's a get well poem in free verse with an uplifting get well message. It's perfect for accompanying a get well gift.

    When You're Not Here

    When you are ill,
    our sun goes under a cloud.
    Your presence in our lives
    is such a bright joy
    that everything seems in shadow
    when you're not here.
    When you aren't feeling well,
    we feel the lack
    of your glowing energy
    and contagious vitality.
    When you are sick
    we feel incomplete,
    like a jigsaw puzzle
    with a missing piece;
    Please rest,
    take good care of yourself,
    and feel better.
    We miss you
    and want you back.

    Get well soon.

    By Joanna Fuchs

    Before using our poems please see our
    Terms of Use
    for permission details.

    Get well poems can reference a particular kind of illness, like a virus or infection. This get well message refers to common ailments, like cold or flu, but can also be used for other kinds of problems.

    Bad Bug

    Has a bad bug gotten hold of you,
    Making you feel queasy?
    You're energy's low, you're indisposed,
    Being sick's not easy!

    Just take this opportunity
    To recuperate and rest,
    And then when you return to us
    You'll be your very best!

    By Joanna Fuchs

    Some get well poems apply to just about any illness, as this get well wish does.

    Get Well

    Get well, get well, whatever you have;
    We miss your great charm and fine wit.
    There's plenty of time to be ill later on,
    So let's see you back, well and fit!

    By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

    Get well messages should look to a brighter future as this get well poem does.

    Behind You

    Soon, all this will be behind you.
    At first, you'll look back briefly,
    truly understanding what a gift health is,
    how amazing it feels to be back to "normal."
    Then you'll forget...
    and resume skipping through a life
    filled with a kaleidoscope of blessings.

    Get well soon!

    By Joanna Fuchs

    Get well verse can be short or long. This short get well wish gets the message across.

    Get Mended!

    Illness means something's not working quite right,
    So do what it takes to get mended.
    When you are sick, it gives me quite a fright,
    So please, let your illness be ended!

    I care about you and miss you!

    By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

    This get well soon poem, in free verse, is not just a get well wish; it says good things about the person who is ill. This get well message is sure to cheer up the sick person!

    When You're Gone

    We miss you when you're gone.
    We miss the sparkling light you shine
    into the shadowy corners of our days.
    You're not up to being your amazing self,
    and although we know this is temporary,
    we selfishly want you back, right now.
    We need your bright spirit, your love of life
    to lift us up, as you always do, effortlessly,
    just by being you.
    Please take care of yourself and recover soon.
    We miss you when you're gone.

    By Joanna Fuchs

    This humorous get well poem will surely draw a smile from the patient.

    My Ailing Friend

    Get well, get well, my ailing friend,
    Whatever it is you've got;
    I'm sad and blue, thinking of you,
    And missing you a lot!

    Rest in your bed, although you're bored;
    Be sure to sleep more than eight;
    Get healed, get cured; come back to the world,
    Where all your fans await!

    By Joanna Fuchs

    This get well poem acknowledges an ongoing problem that requires continuing treatment. This get well wish is for strength, courage and a positive attitude.

    I Care

    I'm sending this to let you know
    I think of you each day,
    And pray for your recovery,
    Hoping soon you'll be okay.

    You're going through a lot right now;
    You're treatments can be trying;
    Remember while you do them
    It's your problem you're defying.

    Hold on to your positive attitude,
    And when things get hard to bear,
    Know that I am here for you;
    Remember that I care.

    And when you're well and flourishing,
    Look back and realize,
    You learned what you were made of;
    That's a reward that satisfies!

    I believe in you; You can do it!

    By Joanna Fuchs

    Get well wishes in a rhyming get well poem make the message extra special. 

    You Are Deeply Missed

    Get well real fast, my friend,
    That's what I wish for you,
    For while you're sick you're deeply missed,
    So I am sad and blue.

    So have some pity on me,
    Don't leave me in the dump.
    Return to health real soon, my friend,
    Or I will be a grump!

    By Karl Fuchs

    Get well poems can address a specific situation, or they can be general enough to cover just about any illness, as this get well saying does. This is a free verse (nonrhyming) get well poem.

    Take It Easy

    I am so sorry
    to hear that you are ill.
    Know that I am thinking of you often
    and praying for your quick recovery.
    Take it easy, rest,
    and be kind to yourself,
    and if there's anything you need,
    call me first.
    I miss you, care about you
    and look forward to seeing you restored
    to perfect health.

    Get well soon.

    By Joanna Fuchs

    This get well poem uses internal rhyme to send a happy feeling to the recipient.

    Good As New

    It sure makes me sad
    When you’re feeling bad.
    You know that I care for you.

    Please fight and get well,
    ‘Cause then I’ll feel swell,
    To see that you’re back, good as new.

    By Joanna Fuchs

    Get well poems that express personal feelings are always welcome, like this get well verse.

    Bring Back Your Special Spark

    I hear you're feeling not so well;
    It's no fun being sickly.
    Please know I care about you,
    And hope you get well quickly.

    When you're gone, you're sorely missed;
    A bit of my world turns dark.
    So take good care, recuperate,
    And bring back your special spark!

    By Joanna Fuchs

    This free get well poem encourages the patient to think positive. It's a get well wish and message to lift the spirits

    Think Good Thoughts

    Being sick has a mental part,
    So use your head to cure you.
    Thinking good thoughts is the way to start,
    And smiling works, I assure you.

    Keep up your spirits to cheer yourself;
    Don't let the gloomies win.
    A happy soul will get well fast,
    And right now is the time to begin.

    By Karl Fuchs

    This get well soon poem is a heartfelt get well wish. The get well message here is that the friend of the sick person suffers too!

    Please Feel Better

    Please feel better; get back to yourself real soon;
    When you're ill, I hurt 'cause I care.
    Whenever you're sick, a part of me mourns;
    I keep thinking that life isn't fair.

    I worry about you and wish you the best,
    Please get well and become safe and sound.
    That will give me new hope, and I won't need to mope,
    When I see that you're up and around.

    By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

    Short get well poems, as expressed in this get well soon sentiment, apply to every person who is under the weather.

    Get Well Soon

    I hope you're feeling better;
    I miss you every day.
    I'm always thinking of you,
    So this is what I say:

    Get Well Soon!

    By Karl Fuchs

    Funny Get Well Poems

    Get well poetry can be humorous. A funny get well poem can bring a smile or chuckle to the patient. Laughter is healthy, you know. This funny get well message is from one co-worker to another.

    Get Back To Work!

    Get well quick, you lazy bum,
    There's lots of work to do.
    If you stay sick, it's more work for me,
    And I'd rather it was for you.

    By Karl Fuchs

    Funny get well poems are popular, so here is another funny get well greeting.

    Come Back

    Why you chose this particular time to get sick,
    Seems to us an insensitive choice.
    So don't be so selfish; don't be a sloth;
    Come back so we all can rejoice!

    We Miss You!

    By Karl Fuchs

    Funny get well poems can supply a tongue-in-cheek get well message, as this one does.

    All In Your Head

    Let's go, get up, stop faking it;
    Get your sorry behind off that bed.
    Try positive thinking to get back to work.
    Your illness is all in your head!

    At least that's what we hope. Looking forward to your return...

    By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

    Get Well Prayer

    A lot of people are searching for a get well prayer, so here is a prayer for healing in a free verse get well poem.

    Get Well Prayer

    Lord, hear our heartfelt prayer
    for the healing of our Christian brother/sister.
    We pray for your mercy,
    Your compassion, Your grace and Your love,
    in making him whole and well again.
    Make the work of those treating and helping him
    full of Your perfection,
    and grant him a quick and complete recovery.
    Lead and guide those around him
    to provide what he needs: encouragement,
    assistance and support.
    Lord, we pray that you will
    wrap Your loving arms around him,
    giving him comfort, strength and peace,
    drawing him ever closer to You,
    as you lead him through this trying time.
    In Jesus' name we pray; Amen.

    By Joanna Fuchs

    Curious about the Christian religion? What is Christianity? What is a Christian? What is Christian faith? To see the answers and find out how to become a Christian, check out this Web site.

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    What to Say to a Sick Person in Arabic?

    how to wish a sick person well

    Have you ever been in a situation where you want to offer well wishes to somebody who is sick or in need?

    Do you struggle with the right words to say to this person in English?

    Do you want to be sure that you offer up the right words that can show compassion?

    We’re going to give you some great examples of what to say to somebody who is sick, and how these words can help.

    Here’s a letter that asks about this very thing to show an example of how it can work.

    Hello, Lindsay.

    I am sooooo glad that you answered my question about “all over the world.” My student was very happy, too.

    I often listen to your podcast when I drive. The day I listened to your podcast, I was a little blue…. but your podcast lifted me up a lot.

    Today I have another question.

    My colleague from Australia has to go back to his country to go to the hospital and get some medication. He called me to tell that he cannot help me with my English lessons for awhile and said sorry.

    I said, “Oh, it’s okay. Your health is most important. Please take care of yourself. Hope to have lessons with you again.”

    And I said “take care” a couple of times later again. I think what I said was okay, but I wanted more variety with how to say that. As he had to fly back to Australia, I said “Have a safe trip, “ but he corrected me and said that I should have said “ Have a safe flight. “ It was real-life learning, too. Anyway, please teach my some more phrases to say to someone who is sick.


    Get The Transcripts!

    Make sure you understand every word you hear on All Ears English.

    Bring your English to the advanced level with new vocabulary and natural expressions.

    Get the transcripts from today’s episode.

    Learn to speak naturally with the American accent.

    Click here to subscribe to the transcripts and save 50%

    Looking At Slight Differences

    This is a great question–there are a lot of smaller questions on here, so we will focus on a couple.

    Let’s break it down so that we answer everything in a way that’s easy to comprehend.

    Let’s start with the difference between “have a safe trip” and “have a safe flight.”

    Trip may imply that it’s more of a vacation and have that leisurely type of feel to it.

    When you compare that to a flight, that is focused on the mode of transportation.

    It’s not that trip is wrong, and actually many people might say that and it’s perfectly acceptable.

    Other Ways To Say The Same Thing

    Sometimes it’s a matter of having multiple ways of saying the same thing.

    This may not always seem easy and you may feel unsure of what the right words are to say.

    Having multiple options can help you in a pinch and therefore ensure that you show compassion when you need it.

    It was really great in the letter how the person who wrote said “Oh, it’s OK. Your health is most important. Please take care of yourself. Hope to have lessons with you again.”

    When it comes to something like “take care”, you may search for other options of how to say this.

    You may wish to say “take care” for a variety of reasons, but for our purposes we’ll use it for a time when somebody isn’t feeling well.

    If somebody isn’t feeling well and you want to go beyond just “take care”, then here are some options that work just as well.

    • Get well soon!– Good for showing care and pretty general, but works in most situations
    • Don’t worry about anything here. Just focus on your health and getting better.- This is good for if you had to cancel a plan specifically for work or a commitment you had. It puts the other persons mind at ease that you can handle everything.
    • Feel better! – It’s a casual phrase that works well in showing that you’re thinking about that person.
    • I hope everything is okay. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. -This one is more of a caring thing to say to someone who is close to you, but could be someone you work with. For example, someone at work may need help communicating to others and you could be the point person, or maybe there’s a lesson plan a teacher needs to do or an email they need to write. For someone close to you, maybe they need you to pick up food for them or get them medicine.

    These are all great options if you need the right thing to say to somebody.

    You Want To Take The Stress Out of Things

    The main idea is to make the person in need realize that they don’t need to worry about their day to day life.

    It can be nerve wracking when you get sick and have work obligations or other personal things to tend to.

    Assuring the person that they don’t need to think of any of these things can be relieving to hear and can build connection.

    Also, well wishes always help!

    Some of these phrases are more for general health, but some are good for these particular situations.

    Try them out and see which ones work in your specific situation.


    When someone is sick, there is still an opportunity to make or break the connection.

    Focus on making them feel good about themselves and allowing them the opportunity to relax and not think about day to day life.

    The words that you chose can really help the situation or possibly even make it worse.

    So think it through, use some of these examples, and find ways to help show compassion to somebody in this situation.

    If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

    We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

    3 days ago 42 Happy Birthday Wishes for a Nephew. by Quotes Lover 5. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise.

    Get Well Soon Messages

    how to wish a sick person well

    Religious Get Well Messages

    Sometimes it is appropriate to give someone a get well message with more meaning and inspiration. In that case you may want to include a religious theme.
    Messages of faith and hope can encourage those in need of faith and hope. These examples go beyond the typical secular get well wishes.
    • I don't know how to make you feel better, but I know someone who does. I'll be asking Him to take care of you.
    • No matter our physical condition, we are always important to those who love us including our creator.
    • Illnesses are just a reminder that we need miracles. I'm praying for you to experience a miracle.
    • I know God has his own timing for answering prayers, but I hope I hear that you're better soon.
    • We'll be praying for your health to be fully restored soon.
    • Know that God promises to give strength when you need it, and know that we are praying for you to have strength and peace as you face health challenges.
    • If you ever want someone to talk to or pray with, give me a call.
    • We don't always get to know the reasons we go through struggles in this life. There is a bigger plan, and it is all in His hands. I am praying for you.
    • "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers." -3 John 2
    • I know the Lord can heal anyone. I have faith that He will take care of you and that His will will be even more spectacular than anything we can imagine.
    • Prayer is the best medicine that doctors don't write prescriptions for. Don't worry, I'll supply you with a healthy dose.
    • I pray that you hear from the Lord soon and that His answer is yes. I'm praying for a complete healing.
    • Prayer helps the ill and those who pray. I hope that we will be blessed in your recovery.
    • Healing of the heart sometimes precedes healing of the body. We will all eventually have a new body when we go on to live with our savior. Won't that be wonderful?
    • The power to heal the sick is within His control. Now we have to wait on His timing and trust in His wisdom.
    • I'll be praying as much as I can. God might even get tired of hearing from me, if that's even possible.
    • Remember the suffering that Jesus endured in his experience in the flesh. I know Jesus understands what we go through as humans with mortal bodies. It's comforting to know He can and has felt pain, and yet, he's our Lord.
    • Even though there's nothing I can say that will make you feel better, I can be with you and support you through whatever comes. I'll let our Lord do the talking.
    WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: English Expressions to Empathize with a Sick Person - English Vocabulary lesson

    Get well soon wishes and quotes are meant to convey inspiring and sentimental messages to a sick family member, friend, a colleague, loved ones etc; wishing.

    how to wish a sick person well
    Written by Nakora
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