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Greetings cards for birthday wishes
December 29, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Say happy birthday with personalized eCards & videos from JibJab. Browse our selection, customize your message & send funny birthday greeting cards online!.

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    • See All Events is the best site for sending free online egreetings and ecards to your loved ones. The site has wonderful cards for every occasion like birthdays, anniversary, wedding, get well, pets, everyday events, friendship, family, flowers, stay in touch, thank, congrats and funny ecards. The site also has greeting cards for every event such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, New Year, Thanksgiving, Father's Day, Season's Greetings, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Rosh Hashanah, Passover, Diwali, Fourth of July, Boss's Day and lots of other events throughout the year.

Free Greetings for the Planet ®

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Choose from hundreds of original templates to personalize both printable cards and eCards for holidays, birthdays, and more. Gift cards are.

What to Write in a Birthday Card

greetings cards for birthday wishes

Sending greeting cards to your friends right from your Facebook profile is fun. Greeting card apps and Pages offer cards for all occasions, including birthdays, holidays, parties, relationships, celebrations, and friendships. You'll find cards that are humorous, loving, sexy, funny, and edgy.

The professionally designed cards are colorful, so they're bound to make an impression on your Facebook friends; you just add a personal message. With some of the cards, you can add audio and music for a little extra personality.

It takes just seconds to open a greeting card app or Page, pick a card, add your message, and send it on its way.

Sending a Greeting Card Using the Birthday & Greeting Cards App

  1. Go to your Facebook profile page.

  2. Type birthday & greeting cards in the search field at the top of the screen. 

  3. In the search results screen, select Apps.

  4. On the Apps page, next to Birthday & Greeting Cards, select Use Now.

  5. If prompted, review privacy information and agree to allow Facebook to access your profile.

    Scroll through the page or use the dropdown menu to choose a card design.

    You may refuse to share your friend list and email address.

  6. When you find a card you like, select Send this Card. If this is your first time sending a card, you may be asked to sign up or log in.

  7. The next page provides instructions for how to send the card. When you're ready, select Understand. Let's share.

  8. In the Share on Facebook dialog box, select the dropdown menu at the top and choose Share on a Friend's Timeline. In the Friend field, type your friend's name. Under your name, type a message to your friend. Select Post to Facebook.

  9. A confirmation message appears. After you send the card, your recipient sees the greeting card on their timeline.

Facebook Greeting Card Pages

You can also find Facebook Pages that will lead you to card sharing sites. Like the Birthday & Greeting Cards app, they offer an assortment of cards for all occasions. To access them, follow steps 1 and 2 above.

In step 3, instead of selecting Apps, select Pages. Choose one that looks appealing, and follow the instructions from there.

The process of sending a card from a Facebook Page follows the same general steps as listed above. Once at the company's website, you preview cards, select recipients, and choose the wording for your card. The sites have a Facebook button to link back to your friends' profiles.

You can use alternative terms in the search bar, such as free greeting cards.

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Birthday wishes: what to write in a birthday card

greetings cards for birthday wishes

  • Love You More Than Ever! Happy Birthday Wishes Card for Husband Send this Card

    Love only deepens over time. On your husband's birthday, send this sentimental and sweet birthday card to let him know you love him more than ever. Tell your husband how lucky you are to have him by your side; he will love the thoughtful gesture and smile at the sweet words. Send this heartfelt birthday card to your husband today.

  • To my Dear Wife - Happy Birthday Wishes Card Send this Card

    This lovely birthday card for your wonderful wife will put her in the mood for an unforgettable celebration! A three-tiered, candle-topped pink cake will let her know how sweet you think she is, while the streamers above create a festive setting. What will really touch her heart, however, is the beautiful message, reminding the woman you are fortunate enough to call your wife that she is an amazing person to everyone who knows her.

  • You are the Light of my Life - Happy Birthday Wishes Card for Wife Send this Card

    A shimmer of stars in the night sky creates a magical setting for this beautiful birthday card to celebrate your amazing wife! She is the one who makes your world complete, who sparkles in every way, and this is the perfect opportunity to tell her, with a heartfelt expression of your love for her, on her birthday and every day in between.

  • To a Superstar Grandson! Happy Birthday Wishes Card Send this Card

    Brilliant gold balloons will have a special grandson in your life floating on air as he celebrates his birthday this year! With a deep blue background, this birthday card has a classic design, making it perfect for any age. What really stands out is the sentimental message: "May all your wishes come true. Nobody deserves it more than you."

  • Like we said, whether your birthday greetings will take on a funny, cute or romantic feel will all depend on who you are writing the card to.

    Free Greetings for the Planet ®

    greetings cards for birthday wishes

  • Festive Cake & Presents – Happy Birthday Card Send this Card

    It’s that time of the year again when someone you know is celebrating their special day! This means it’s time to send a fabulous cake, presents, balloons, and more, over to them before the day is over. They will be so thrilled to receive a spectacular cake such as this. It showcases many layers with frosting, cherries, stars, and looks simply irresistible! Get this cake, and the birthday wishes too, over to the person who means so much to you.

  • Balloons & Cake – Happy Birthday Card Send this Card

    If you’re looking for an exciting, as well as traditional birthday card to send to someone special, then this is it! Festive balloons surrounded by confetti and a decorative cake with brightly lit candles set the stage for this sensational birthday card! No matter who you send this celebration card to, they are going to be filled with happiness! Sending this birthday card will certainly allow someone to start their birthday off the right way.

  • A Perfect Celebration Cake – Happy Birthday Card Send this Card

    If you’re looking for a birthday card that showcases the best looking cake ever, you have just found it! This awesome ecard displays a fun and colorful celebration cake with vibrant decorative candles, perfect white frosting, and lots of sprinkles. No one could ever resist a cake that looks this good! Send this birthday card without delay so someone can make their birthday wish right away.

  • Time for Festive Fireworks - Happy Birthday Card Send this Card

    If you would like to make someone’s big day extra exciting, then send this spectacular birthday card that features fireworks bursting in the night’s sky! It showcases sparkling colors of blue, purple, and orange, and it looks terrific! Let the person who is turning a year older today know that this day is worth celebrating in a big way with this stunning birthday card!

  • wishes. Save when you personalize one of our folded birthday card design templates online. Free Easy-To-Use Birthday Greeting Card Design Templates .

    greetings cards for birthday wishes
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