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Graduation wishes for girlfriend
July 04, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

The graduation passing with flying colors is a special celebratory moment for both the boyfriend as well as the girlfriend. The graduation wishes.

Celebration is in the air, the price has been paid, the sacrifices made and impressive achievements have been made, so now it’s time to celebrate with the almost-graduates. If your loved ones, family or friends are graduating then the prayers, graduation congratulations texts, well-wishing and words of encouragement are already coming in by now and yours should not be missing.

For the youth, graduation is filled high hopes, expectations and a lot of confusion about what the future holds. You can do your part in making them feel better by writing warm messages and words full of hope and assurance.


Graduation congratulations texts for high school graduates


01“Congratulations are in order; you have come to the end of a series of studies which also marks the beginning of another series of learning. Do not be afraid or worried about what is to come. I know you and I know you already have it covered. Brace yourself, chin up and explore the world before you. I look forward to your other graduations”



02“Look ahead to the future, you have done your best and your best has brought out the excellence in you. You may be done with high school but another journey has just begun. I wish you success every step of the way and lots of luck as you climb the ladder to greatness.”


03“As you move on to university, make the most of every opportunity you get, show kindness to those who deserve it and stay away from those who don’t. Life throughout university is not only about getting a good job at the end of your education; it’s about making a difference and putting your best in everything you do.”


04“Hurray!!! I celebrate with you this day as you graduate out of high school. Pack up all you have learned from here and use the knowledge wisely as you go further into your studies. Always strive to do anything you do to the best of your ability the first time, and if for some reason you don’t get it right, keep trying till you do



05“Watching you grow into the young adult you are has been a pleasure. Now being able to share this glorious moment with you as you graduate is an even bigger honor. I am excited to watch how your life turns out and what the future holds for you. Whatever the case may be, I know things will always end well for you.”


06“Welcome into adulthood, welcome into maturity. I know you have just graduated and you must be exhilarated but there are still a lot more you need to learn. Because of who you are, I know whatever it is you come across, it is going to be a walk in the park for you. Take this congratulations on your graduation as another sign of my love for you.”
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07“As your preparations transition you into the university, take time to enjoy the best moments and reflect on whatever mishaps you might have had. Remember there is always so much more ahead, so learn as much as you can and be the best you can be every moment of your life.



08“A new start is here, do not relent in your hard work; have fun every step of the way and do not be afraid to make mistakes, they make you stronger and more experienced. A hundred steps taken and missed are better than a hundred regrets of wishing you had at least taken a step.”


09“The sky is the limit for you. You are one of the most courageous and endearing people I know. As I watch you march up the stage my heart leaps for joy, as I know you have more than earned all the praises you receive today. Allow me to usher you into the new world in front of you with my congratulations.”


10“I look forward to watching you push through university as flawlessly as you have done through high school. The high school life might have been fun but trust me when I say your best days are yet to come. Never be afraid to chase your dreams or about fulfilling those dreams. Congratulations my dear.”



Graduation congratulations texts for university grads


11“Congratulations my dear. I hope you feel prepared because you are going to need every bit of training and learning you have accumulated for the world out there. I wish you a good life. May all your dreams come true and all your hopes soar.”


12“Many are called, but only a few are chosen. The chosen, are those who choose themselves. And you have continually challenged yourself to learn – but there is more learning ahead. Life itself is continually teaching you more – do not be too quick to assume you’ve seen it all. There is always more worth knowing and understanding.”
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13“As you pass this stage to a higher realm, you should be aware of the accomplishment you have just achieved. Hurdle after hurdle you have run this race beautifully and come out in prosperous colors. I have always believed in you, and I know you will always make me proud. Congratulations, enjoy your graduation.”



14“Success always follows continuous, hard work. I wish you the best of luck in the days to come, and best of wishes in the path you decide to follow. I will continue to give you my support in any way I can. Use all you have gained wisely, and keep being humble. Have a lovely graduation day.”


15“All your hard work and sleepless night have finally paid off. There is no greater investment than the one you make in yourself and you have done just that. Never stop being a winner in all you do. If you keep up at this pace, the places you will go and the heights you will reach will be immeasurable. Congratulation.”
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16“This graduation day begins the many glorious days that you will be celebrated as a success in your future. Every aspect of your life now shows the hard work you have put into becoming an achiever. You have made us all proud and I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.”



17“Bravo! Here is my congratulations message to you my dear you have earned it. I am so proud of you, I have always had faith in you, and you didn’t let me down. Congratulations on your graduation once again. Today is just the beginning of the many days you will be celebrated.”


18“Now that you have graduated from the university it’s time to continue living the life you are creating. With all that you have learned, and all that you have been through, whatever you decide to make of your future will definitely be a masterpiece. Congratulations to you once again.”


19“I take my hat off to you!! Time flies so fast; it seems just yesterday you started at university and today we are celebrating your graduation. Do not allow the pressure of what the future holds get to you. All things are worth it in life including the mistakes. Congratulations.”



20“A well-deserved honor you have received today. It’s your graduation day!!! Take a lot of pictures for the memories, and try to keep in touch with your real friends as best as you can. We have enclosed a lovely gift for you just to show you how proud we are of you. Congratulation.”



A simple congratulations on your graduation can be used to show how much you care and how much you are willing to provide support.

Leaving an academic system to a higher level, or for good, is a tough leap. No matter how composed or structured a person is there may still be a hint of lingering doubt as to what to do next, what step to take, what part of life to focus on, and what to avoid.

So, providing hearty graduation congratulations as an act of support should not be overlooked. You never know; you might be the next person getting a congratulatory message.


Congratulations To Graduates, Graduation Messages and Wishes Search Graduation Day Quotes, Graduation Messages From Parents, Graduation Greetings.

Graduation Wishes Messages to Boyfriend

graduation wishes for girlfriend

Beautiful messages
for a graduation

We all have different goals that we want to achieve in our lives, although most of us have some in common, for example to finish a career and receive our degree that credits us as professionals.

If someone very close to you, such as a family member or a friend, is celebrating his graduation, then you should congratulate and wish him the best in this new stage of his life: being a professional.

Do not worry about what you have to say to that person who is receiving his professional degree because below you will find some phrases that will be very useful, so choose the ones you want.

Graduation wishes: what to write in a graduation card

– “My love :I send you my most sincere congratulations for your graduation because I have witnessed all the sacrifices you have made to achieve this great goal.”

– “Throughout these years you have studied hard, sacrificing many moments of fun with your friends and spending sleepless nights, now that effort has paid off. Congratulations for your graduation!”

– “A lot of people start studying a university career, but there are very few who manage to finish it. That’s why I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart and I wish you many successes.”

– “You are a very talented, intelligent woman with great virtues, that’s why I know you’re going to get very far in your professional career. I congratulate you on your graduation! “

– “Today it’s your graduation and I ‘m very happy for you. Dear son, I wish you the best in this new stage of your life. Congratulations. ! ”

Graduation messages and wishes for Messenger

– “Now it’s time to celebrate because you’re a professional and you’re going to start a great stage of your life where you will receive the reward for your efforts.”

– “Today is the day in which we celebrate all your efforts of these last 5 years. You demonstrated yourself that you are a warrior. Many congratulations my friend.

– “You have spent many sleepless nights and have rejected countless invitations to parties, in addition to studying thousands of hours, but everything has been worth because today you have received your degree. Congratulations!”

– “We are very proud because you have successfully completed your university career and now you are a professional, ready to go out into the world and get very far in life.”

Congratulations on your graduation messages

– “Today you are not the same woman who started your university career, now you are a professional with great knowledge and very prepared to succeed. Many congratulations for your graduation! “

– “I myself have realized that these years of study have not been easy for you and that they have required many sacrifices on your part, but you have achieved it and I want to congratulate you because you received your title today.”

– “I have always believed in you and looked forward to the arrival of this day and finally it has been given, for that, dear son, I wish you many congratulations for your graduation.”

– “My daughter, I have always felt very proud of you for your intelligence, for your beauty and for your nobility and today I see you turned into a professional and I feel that a dream has come true. Congratulations!”

We must be present at the happy moments of the people we love most because it will be a way to show them that we are happy for them because we have a sincere affection for them. Come back for more original phrases whenever you want!

Best Facebook graduation greetings & images

One of the most special days for anyone is the day they graduate. It is a significant event as in that day students finish their career and obtain the diploma that certifies them as professionals and they celebrate with their loved ones for the goal they have achieved.

If someone you know will graduate soon and you want to express your greetings then dedicate some nice words to them for having achieved this milestone in their life. Up ahead we present a list of the most original congratulations on your graduation phrases.

Post these greetings on Facebook or Twitter or send them by Whatsapp and your friend(s) will be happier with your good wishes.

Top Whatsapp graduation messages for friends

– “After having done enough studying, finally came the day of your graduation, I express my cordial greeting and hope that is only the beginning of many achievements.”
Category : Facebook Graduation wishes

– “You put a lot of effort and dedication to achieve this goal and that is something that we must recognize. Many congratulations on this success in your life. I know that everything will be fine. “
Category : Facebook Graduation wishes

– “I know you are passionate about your profession and in fact you will get many more achievements, congratulations on having successfully completed your studies and for teaching us that from sacrifice you get good results.”
Category : Facebook Graduation wishes

– “Tomorrow you will be graduating and I want to tell you that I am very happy, all these years you have worked hard and you will continue to do so to get for more achievements in your life. Congratulations. “
Category : Facebook Graduation wishes

– “Getting into college was not easy and finishing it successfully your studies was neither, but you managed to finish your professional career and that’s a great achievement, may many more achievements come.”
Category : Facebook Graduation wishes

University graduation wishes and messages to write in a card

– “As complicated as it was, you never turned away from your goal, today the day you most expected came and you just have to enjoy it to the fullest with your loved ones. Happy graduation. “
Category : Graduation messages and wishes

– “Today you receive yourself as a professional and start a new phase that will undoubtedly be excellent, for you are bright, intelligent and disciplined. Many congratulations. “
Category : Graduation messages and wishes

– “Every day spent studying paid off, thanks for having graduated and valued the sacrifice of your parents. May more achievements come. “
Category : Graduation messages and wishes

– “At last you graduate today, finishing college was nothing simple but you did and so I congratulate you for that. A long distance hug and good luck in the new path you are starting”
Category : Graduation messages and wishes

– “Today you will fulfill one of your biggest dreams: your graduation. It is a day to remember for the rest of your life as getting your diploma because you will become a professional. This is just one of the many successes that await you. “
Category : Graduation messages and wishes

Find best graduation wishes & images

– “All the efforts of the past years are reflected on this day. The title you receive is yours but this great achievement belongs to all of those who you leaned on. Congratulations for this great success. “
Category : Whatsapp graduation text messages and greetings

– “You’re my sister and I’m as happy as you on this achievement. You put a lot of effort and receive your professional diploma. Congratulations on being persistent. “
Category : Whatsapp graduation text messages and greetings

– “When you are given your diploma you will feel much emotion because it is a big step you’re taking. This is not the end; it is only the beginning of a career filled with many achievements. Congratulations. “
Category : Whatsapp graduation text messages and greetings

These congratulations on your graduation phrases are very emotional. The people you dedicate them to will get very happy with your good wishes.

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Send your originals graduation messages , and will be published, others friends will thank you .

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50 Best Graduation Wishes For Friend | Graduation Wishes For Sister

graduation wishes for girlfriend

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Powerful congratulations messages for graduation

Powerful Congratulations Messages for Graduation: students are these special kinds of people that we are supposed to motivate to put more efforts in whatever they are doing. They need to take life head on and as such there is need to motivate them.
It is a good idea to write something special on the card for someone who just graduated or perhaps you are opportune to give speech on a graduation ceremony, it will be nice to pick something really spicy and juicy to awaken the spirit for a better future ahead. These students could be yours sons, daughters, relatives or what have you, all the same.
You must let your words make them realize the importance of education and how it can take them to greater heights if they can bear the pain of struggles as they move to the top. Encourage them to apply the knowledge acquired in school in reality. Remember that the youths are the next leaders of the nation, so play a big role in building the nation by building them with powerful words from you.
You may like to read our previous quotes or messages: congratulations messages for wedding, sorry messages for hurting a girlfriend.
Here are the newly articulated quotes for you:
1. The battle of life is with endless passion to achieve what you pursue in life. Believe in your ability and make sure that your focus is not changed by any condition.

2. You are a builder of a destiny whose foundation has already been built. Be smart enough to make sure that your acquired knowledge benefits you with greatness.

3. Life after school is another chapter on its own; you need to be strong enough to be able to carry out the best in you so that you can survive.

4. Open your mind to all possibilities because school has played its part to open your mind to what distinguished between the right and the wrong.

5. Life is not easy after school yet it is worth living and achieving great things from. Always remember something about your certificate that it is not just a paper but a strong wind that can reach anywhere in this world.

6. Life without focus is like a plane without direction soon or late it will run out of fuel and crash on the earth—always define your purpose in life and look beyond what people expect from you.

7. Congratulations on your graduation, it is not easy but thank God that you are graduating on this special day of your life. Take this bold step further and through it you will achieve great things.

8. Those with strong belief in themselves will soon find their way out no matter how difficult the road to success is, if you keep struggling one day you will not have to struggle again.

9. Your degree is a set of wings that is always ready to help you fly above the sky. Use your talent and be prayerful until you finally reach your goal.

10. Those with great success are not angels but they become like one because they never give up after one adversity to another. You are just a graduate so prepare your mind for tomorrow. Congratulations.

Cute Graduation Wishes For Boyfriend

11. You have always been a winner since I know you; I pray that today marks the beginning of greater success in your life—congratulations!

12. Do not allow those efforts you put in achieving your educational goal go in vain. Always see well in things and in no time you will begin to reach your goals one after the other. Congratulations!

13. Hurray! You finally made it, thank God for the Mighty Hands of the Lord that followed you to the end of your degree.

14. Education is very good because it is a means to building a better future, lead a good life and achieve great things that will bring joy into your life.

15. I wish you the best as you finish your first degree program, always put smile on your face because it is guarantee that you will make it sooner than you may think. Congratulations!

16. I am so happy because you are graduating today. Thank God for been there over these years in struggle and stress. Thank God for not leaving your side when you need Him most. Congratulations!

17. Your future is very important so be prepared to face reality until you win it over. I bet that if you focus on what is important, you will live to celebrate your effort. Congratulations!

18. I am so happy that you are now signing into a new world in which everything looks different from how it used to be. I assure you that if you put efforts in whatever you are doing, you will surely be the happiest.

19. Be happy about your life and never give up about things that point towards the direction of your success. I am so happy for you, please try your best and never lose focus in things that are important.

20. Wow! You are graduating today and I am overwhelmed with joy; may your new degree earned be beneficial to you. I just want you to know that you are now signup to the world of men and women.

Sweet And Funny Graduation Messages For Students

21. This is a new beginning in your life, never try to lose hope in any point in time because great men never give up they strive to the end. Congratulations my good friend!

22. There are many who have died and wish to graduate today; thank God you are here as a graduate. Believe in yourself, lead a good life and do the right things as expected of you. Congratulations!

23. You are special and as one of the best graduating students, I am wishing you all the best in the life outside the school. Congratulations for your academic achievement.

24. It is not easy to make it up till this moment in time, you are so great and I really love your courage. Best of luck in the life of reality.

25. We have been living an illusion life under our parents since this day but now that you are graduating as a degree student, always remember that it is time to face reality. Congratulations!

26. Never stop trying, chase your dream until you reach it. Never lose focus in whatever you believe in until it gets to you. Congratulations.

27. Congratulations for being a graduate. As you face the challenges of life, we are sure that you are finally going to make it with ease. Congratulations my dearest friend.

28. Congratulations to my best friend ever. You finally made it thank God for lifting you a step higher. You are blessed just claim it to the end.

29. Special people like you are the best in life because they give you every reason to smile. I am so happy to know that you are part of the best graduating students.

30. A hearty and great congratulations to a special graduate in town, thank God for your academics success. Intelligence is one thing, faith in God is another thing—you need both to excel in life. Congratulations once again.

Congratulations Graduation Messages for Him or Her

31. To the best guy ever among my friends I am so overwhelmed with joy and happiness. May you find peace in your life starting from now till the end of time; let’s I forget, congratulations on your graduation.

32. Wishing you best of lucks on this special day of your life; thank God you are now a graduate. I hope you will take more advantage of your new achievement in life? Congratulations!

33. When you find a purpose in life, you have found a direction that will send you to your dream land. Keep it up and continue to explore further until you become the best you have been aiming to be. Congratulations!

34. To my beloved friend, today you are graduating from the first degree. I hope you will use it to achieve best things in life? That’s just my wish and I will always wish that for you—now and forever.

35. A graduating student is like a superman; he acquired intellectual strength through education and executes the power through great sense and morality. I am so happy that you have just concluded your first degree.

36. Congratulations on your graduation. I am overwhelmed with joy to hear about your new achievement. I will always be there whenever you need me so don’t panic my sweet good kid sister. It is time for reality, face it squarely.

37. Like a super star, explore the world at this stage in time so that you will live as a hero worthy of being celebrated. You are very special and wonderful. Make good use of your new certificate and be humble. Congratulations.

38. I witnessed that you really studied hard. I could not stop been pitiful watching the entire efforts you applied as you come up to becoming a graduate. Now that you are graduating, I can’t help but be completely proud of you!

39. Once upon a time, a dreamer was dreaming of become a Doctor and today he is exactly what he aimed at seven five years ago. Congratulations to the best student of the year. I am so overwhelmed with endless joy.

40. This is a new beginning, a new reality, a new challenge, a new focus in life and a new door to success. You made proud and forever we will always be proud of you. Congratulations to our beloved sister.

Sweet and Cute Congratulations Messages for Friend

41. As you step into another world of grace, I pray that the Lord should be with you as you aspire for greater things ahead. Don’t lose your courage to face new challenges in life; congratulations to our beloved daughter.

42. Truly, you were hard working person but the bitter truth is that that hard work is not hard enough as you are about to sign up into a new challenging chapter of life, so be focused and never give up at anytime.

43. You are now a graduate but remember that you are about to face a new challenge in life is waiting for you. Only you can fight the huddles of your life until you finally become victorious. Congratulations to you!

44. The realistic truth is that life after school is not always as easy as you may think. Prepare yourself for it and in no time you will always smile that you did the right thing. You are so special so use your special paper to do special things in life.

45. Congratulations to a special person that brings joy to my heart. You are now a graduate; hmm I am so happy for you. May God bless you for everything you intend to achieve with it; may your new world bring new passion to your life.

46. Congratulations to the latest graduate in town. I pray that you reap the fruit of your labor as soon as possible. It is not always easy to scale through this new river you are about to swim but with courage and faith you will get to the other side of the river.

47. May the good spirit of the degree you earn today be a step to endless success in your life; thank God that you are so lucky. Congratulations to you. Now you need to focus more about this life and wake up into reality.

48. I am so pleased on your graduation to celebrate your achievement. I advice strongly that you should prepare for tomorrow. I am so proud of you because you really worked hard and now a graduate. Congratulations!

49. Never stop dreaming big and never stop aiming high. You are such a wonderful lady so prove to the world how great and talented God has made you. Congratulations on your graduation day. I am really proud of you.

50. I am sure that today you feel like the whole world because it is your graduation. It worth it because you really worked hard to achieve your first degree. Congratulations to my beloved brother.

Graduation day is such a wonderful even that comes to every student and parents. Hence, graduation messages, congratulating the students.

I’m So Proud Of You | Graduation Wishes for your Girlfriend

graduation wishes for girlfriend

A salute to a graduate, whether it’s a high school graduation, a national diploma, a bachelor degree or a master degree, all of this requires hard work and being diligent, their hard work and sleepless night has eventually pay off and it’s now their graduation.

Saying congratulations to someone means you are really proud of their success and you are truly happy for them, they have really worked hard to be where they are today, their sleepless night and their hard work hasn’t been in vain. It’s only right to send a congratulatory message to such a person for a work well done.

We have made a compilation of some messages and quotes for congratulating graduates, if you’re thinking of saying some witty or funny words to them, or just prayers and wishes for them or a sincere congratulations on their achievements and also to tell them to keep the good work going, then surely you’re at the right place to be.

There are basic things to know when sending a congratulation message to someone, this involves showing them how happy you’re for them by congratulating them first, giving them a piece of advice, tell them there’s still more to achieve and sending them well wishes to look onto in future.

Congratulations and Best Wishes on Your Graduation

#1: It was a long journey, but you have made it through and graduated. Well done! Congratulations and best wishes for the future. May all your dreams come true.

#2: We have always known that you could do whatever you set your mind to. Congratulations on your graduation. May you have a bright and prosperous future.

#3: Congratulations on your graduation from your mother. I have watched you grow into a hard-working and responsible adult. I am so very proud of you.

#4: Did you ever think that this day would come? It seems that only yesterday you were a Freshman and now you are graduating. Congratulations!

#5: You are moving on to a new and exciting chapter in your life. I wish you all the best for the future that lies ahead. Congratulations on your graduation.

#6: On this important day, I want you to know how very proud I am of you. You have done so well. Congratulations on your graduation.

#7: You have reached a major milestone in your life. I am so proud of you for all that you have accomplished. Congratulations and best wishes for the future.

#8: Congratulations on your graduation. I know that this was one of your dreams. My wish is that all of your future dreams come true as well.

#9: You are graduating today. We always knew that you could do it! Well done! Congratulations. Know that we will cheer you on no matter what you decide to do!

#10: Congratulations on graduating. You probably got your brains from my side of the family. I know you will do well. I am very proud of you.

#11: My feelings of joy and pride at seeing you graduate has brought tears to my eyes. You have worked so hard and done so well. Congratulations.

#12: My best wishes to you for anything you decide to do now and in the future. Congratulations on a job well done. I am proud of you.

#13: Congratulations on your graduation, big brother. Can I have your room now that you are leaving for college? I wish you the best of luck.

#14: Congratulations on your graduation from college. It was a big decision for you to go back to school after all of these years, but you did it.

#15: Congratulations on being the first in our family to get a college degree. We are all so very proud of you. Well done. Best wishes for the future.

#16: You have graduated high school and soon you will be headed for college. We will miss you here at home, but we know you will do well. Congratulations.

#17: You have grown from a sweet little girl who played with dolls to a beautiful young woman with a bright future ahead of you. Congratulations on your graduation.

#18: As you graduate from college and head into the world, we give you our prayers and blessings for a bright and happy future. Congratulations and good luck.

#19: I want you to remember that the peak is your starting point dear, congratulations on your achievements today.

Short Congratulations On Your Graduation Wishes

#1: Hey, this is a new feather to your hat, raise it high and higher, I am really proud of you and your work. Congratulations dear.

#2: I’m glad you’re a graduate dear, congratulations on your achievements my darling.

#3: You gave me a reason to celebrate with you, continue to make us prod dear and I wish you good luck in your next phase of life. Congratulations darling.

#4: Wow, you’ve made it, I want you to enjoy every bit of today because you’ve worked so hard and come a long way. Congratulations honey.

#5: Now you’ve gotten the wings to fly, soar higher and higher and be careful when doing that. Congratulations on your graduation.

#6: You’re really a champion and I’m proud of the person you’ve become dear, you’ve made friends and family proud of you in every way. Congratulations dearest.

#7: Congratulations not only for graduating but for finally becoming the architect of your own future today, I’m sincerely happy for you.

#8: Darling, I can only congratulate you for this wonderful achievements and also tell you that I’m proud of you. Congratulations on your graduation today, continue to soar higher.

Long Best Wishes on Your Graduation

#1: As you raise up your hat today, it only calls for celebration and I’m so happy for you, and I pray as your cherish the fruits of your hard work, may success keep being your best-friend anywhere you find yourself, congratulation darling.

#2: I wish you lots of fun and joy today, you deserve to be happy because you’ve worked so hard to be here today and you deserve every joy you get today. Congratulations on your graduation dear.

#3: I’m sure today would be one of the greatest memory you’ll have in life and one of your happiest moment, I’m so happy for you my dear and nothing can stop you now from achieving all you’ve ever dream of. Happy birthday my dear.

#4: Congratulation my dear, I remember the very first day you were in school, I miss you so much but i still want you to go after your dreams, I’m so happy now because you’re at the verge of achieving all you’ve dreamed about and I can only be proud of you for this.

#5: Now that you’re a graduate, you’re free like a bird and can enjoy much freedom like you want, I want you to be more careful now and thread carefully, remember it’s not finished until it’s the end, and this is just the beginning of your peak, continue to aim high my love. Congratulations on your graduation.

#6: Dearest, you’ve worked so hard to be where you are today and you can only be thankful to heaven for being able to witness it, so many people wants to be where you are today but you’re just one of the few lucky ones and I’m sincerely proud of your achievements. Congratulations darling.

#7: Darling, the best gift a person can be gifted is education, it is the light for the ignorance, it sheds out the truth and also the key that unlocks all potentials, I’m happy because you have find your own key and you’re about opening the major potentials in your life. Congratulations darling.

#8: Darling, I just want to let you know this is a lifetime opportunity that has been given to you, I want you to make the best use of it today and achieve more success in life. Congratulations honey!

#9: Cheers to a new door of golden opportunity, a door of success, a door that opens other doors of achievement, you’re indeed a blessing to this generation. Congratulations my darling!

#10: My dear, lessons and lectures might be over but i want you to remember that life race never stop, you keep on working everyday to become a better person than who you are before, but for the meantime, I just want to let you know I’m happy at your success. Congratulations dearest .

#11: My sincere congratulations goes out to you, today is that day you’ve be waiting and dreaming for, I’m glad to be here on one of your happiest moments in life. Congratulations darling!

#12: Today you’ve made yourself and everyone proud of you, and I’ll like to say a very big congratulations to you. Cheers to more success.

#13: It’s graduation today, I’m happy because my words and advise to you have not been in vain, I’m proud because you made use of my words and advises to become a better person and I’m sincerely happy for you dear. Congratulations, enjoy the rest of your life!

#14: Darling, you’ve work so hard to get here and to be this person you are today, remember if you can do this then you can even do better, follow your dreams and continue to stay true to yourself throughout the journey of life. Congratulations dearest!

#15: You’re diligent, ambitious and brilliant, I’ve always envy your intelligence and I’m proud because you deserve my congratulations and even better. Congratulations darling!

#16: I’m so proud because you’re an overcomer, you’ve achieved this milestone with lots of handwork and being consistent. I am really proud of you darling. Congratulations on your graduation.

#17: My prayers and my wishes for you, I m happy for you, I wish you more knowledge, more wisdom and continue to achieve greater height. I’m really proud of you!

#18: I’m glad it paid off, all your sleepless night, late classes, sacrifices and everything you’ve used in achieving this, you can only be proud of yourself for this and I’m happy for you my love.

#19: This is a stepping stone to the sky where there’s no limit, the peak is just the beginning and we are all proud of you today. Congratulations on your graduation!

#20: Don’t quit trying and don’t rest until you achieve all you’ve ever dream of, I see you doing greater things in future and making us proud, congratulations on your graduation today.

Very Long Congratulations On Your Graduation Wishes

#1: Dear, I’m so happy for you today and this is my advice to you, always remember that no one can bring the best out in you than yourself, no obstacles can stop you from achieving your dreams, don’t give up and continue to push further, when you’re tired of running, walk, crawls or jump just make sure you’re not stagnant my dear, once again congratulations on your graduation.

#2: Dear, you’ve gotten the skills, knowledge, the education and this are all you need to achieve all success in life and to become a greater person, I’m happy for you and all you’ve done to achieve this success that you’re celebrating today. Congratulation my very own champion, hats off for you.

#3: Hurray, it’s graduation day for you dear, going through school must have been tough and not a smooth journey, your beautiful beginning has started now and I want you to make a wise use of it.

#4: Congratulations dear, may success continue to abide with you forever, my grace continue to leads your path, may you find favor in everywhere you set your foot and may you find joy and happiness in everything you do.

#5: I look at you today and I find myself smiling, all I see is a person that have sacrifice a lot to have come this way, a person of honor, a bookworm, diligent, strong and a soul that never gives up. I am proud of you dear and I wish you a healthy congratulations.

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