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Good night wishes to husband
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Wish good night to your Husband with these Good Night Messages for Husband at

Good Night Wishes For Husband Pictures, Images

Your heart is true

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Who will make your dreams come true.

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I love all the stars

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Our love is forever

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I am sitting on a cloud of memory

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Every moment I spent with you

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Let the most beautiful dream come to you tonight,

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Learning to see an imperfect person perfectly

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It is nice to have someone

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I will always be around

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Sending Good Night Messages, Text, Quotes & Wishes for Husband is one of the most Memorable Moments of you and your Husband life.

Sweet Good Night Messages for Him

good night wishes to husband

Sending Good Night Messages, Text, Quotes & Wishes for Husband is one of the most Memorable Moments of you and your Husband life. Every wife tries to surprise her husband with innovative gifts, love proposals, romantic wishes, and messages for. Keep in mind that your husband is the most important person in your life. Call the day sending him a romantic goodnight message and tell him how much you loved him. A wonderful and cute good night wishes for him, make his dream sweet. Wish him funny goodnight texts and make her face smile. A good night wishes for lover will open a new chapter in your relationship. Today we are going to share some amazing goodnight paragraphs for everyone. These good night msgs will new fragrance in your relation. So, choose your desire good night message for my husbandfrom below.

Good Night Messages for Husband:

The thing is, a wife always expect that her husband will be always with her. When her husband stays a long distance she missed him very much. I think these Good Night Messages for Husband will give her to wishes her husband a romantic good night.

The night is long and silent too

Thinking about you love this night

Your smile makes things all bright

And your radiance and that light

So wish you were with me tonight

That would have made a pretty sight

Oh my lovely wish you good night!

When I see the moon my life

I see your radiant face so bright

I miss you more and see your pic

And feel like talking to you

Why night separates two lovers

When the love is pure and true

Wishing a lovely night to you!

I truly love you!

This night is here my love

I know that you will come in my dreams

The passion and that love in your eyes

Doesn’t let me be all wise

All day long and in the night

As I think about you my girl

Only to wish that you were here

So that I could hug you tight

Wishing you good night!

Night and all the passion in store

The radiance of the moon that lit

Your face looks so pretty in the night

It makes up for a magical sight

I so wish to come and kiss

Coz night is a time that feels like a bliss

Remembering your name

Wishing you good night!

Do sleep tight!

So many stars that twinkle in the night

And the moon that sparkles so bright

In my life, you are the only star

Wherever I look and far

For your love gives me a feeling so true

Wherever I see its only you

My sweetest i love you

Wishing you a lovely night!

Good night to you!

Your love gives me a reason to say

Your love makes me weak all the way

The power of your love is so bright

In this darkness, I feel the light

Just end this with a loving kiss tonight

Coz I want you to be in sight

Good night my dear!

Have a lovely night!

That sweet light of the moon

The stars that tell a story

The silence of the night my love

Let me hear your heart beat

Sweet things in my ears

Making many sweet memories

To all in life and love that is

Of all the things that I miss

My dear I love you so much

Good night to you

So missing your lovely touch!

When I am in your arms

I forget about the world around

It’s just me and you in all

The love and passion that surrounds

When you look at me and say

That you love me a lot

I give in to you this most romantic thought

I love you so much

Wishing you a lovely night

Good night!

I miss your gentle touch in the night

That peck which you give me my love

Lost in your arms I feel the love

Lost in your thoughts I am not me

It’s all the things I wish to see

Only starts with you my love

As the feeling of being in love

Good night to you my love!

Good Night Messages for Him:

Are you interested in, wishing him good night SMS? We have collected a set of romantic good night quotes for husband, which will build a romantic relationship. A romantic husband deserves a romantic wish and that is exactly what we have for you. Text him good night husband message with sweet little messages to your husband and wait how he reacts. We are sure that he will replay you will a love poem.

There were million stars in the sky yesterday,

There are millions even today,

The only difference is you are not there with me,

I so wish you could see,

That I am missing you tonight,

Sweetheart! Wish you good night!

My longing for you,

My desire and hope,

I am so in love with you my dear,

Lost in this night, wish you were near,

I love you so much,

Goodnight and sleep tight!

When I look at the stars,

I can see your bright and shining face,

Nothing can replace the love I have for you,

Only for you my dear,

Sending some hugs and kisses for the night,

Good night and sleep tight!

I am missing you more on this lovely night,

Missing the pretty face, your sight,

I so wish you were in my arms tonight,

For now, wish you a lovely good night,

Good night and sleep tight!

I so wish that I could hold you tight,

Coz this is a lovely night,

I so wish you were with me,

Its only you I wish to see,

Good night honey!

I am not there to hold you through,

I am not there to cuddle you tight,

But, in my thoughts, you are there for sure,

To make this a lovely night,

Wish you a good night,

Don’t forget to dream tonight!

I so wish to see you smile,

That too this while,

In the darkness of the night,

I am missing your face so bright,

Surrender your fear,

Coz I so love you dear,

Good night!

Can a candle burn without heat,

Can the moon shine without light?

Same is the feeling my dear,

Can’t sleep without you tonight,

Coz I am so missing you,

I love you,

Good night!

Good night my honey,

As I lay on the bed,

Thinking about you,

I just want to assure you,

That you are the one for me,

Coz I love you to thee,

Good night and sleep tight!

The night is here and I am missing you so much,

The desire, feeling and your touch,

I so feel that you are the one,

The one I want to see in my life,

Without you I can’t survive,

Love you a lot,

Good night and sleep tight!

May the dark winds be the soothing breeze that pampers you.

May the shiny sky form a blanket of warmth on you.

May you have the sweetest dreams, and all your dreams come true.

Good night.

I feel so good in this silent night,

Thinking about you,

My world goes bright,

Thanks for making my life beautiful,

You are truly wonderful,

I love you,

Good night!

The moon is shining for you,

The stars all twinkling for you,

As my heart beats for you,

Can you hear the sound?

I truly love you my sweetheart,

Good night,

And sleep tight!

Good night and sleep well my dear,

Let go of all your fear,

As someone loves you so much you know,

It’s for keeps and not show,

I love you,

Good night!

This night,

I am missing you more than ever,

I wish you were in my arms,

I so wish that I had you with me,

Nothing else I would have wished to see,

Good night!

Good Night Quotes for Husband:

A perfect good night love quotes for him is the best idea to wish him a happy night. We have selected romantic messages for the husband very carefully so that it brings romance in your married life. Tell him sweet dreams messages and tell him how feels him. If you want to bring happiness to your home, these good night text to make him smile.

Good night to you

Today I am in much delight,

As I am missing you this night,

I am thinking about the day well spent,

To you hugs and kisses I want to send,

My love this night I am missing you more,

Thinking about you even more,

Good night!

The night and you

This night so dark,

There is no spark,

As I want to be with you my love,

This night so dark,

I want your company,

Have a lovely night as I wish you today,

Good night and sleep tight!

As I lay

As I lay on the bed this night,

I was thinking about you so strong,

I want to come and hug you tight,

I know to me you belong,

My love for you my feelings are that strong,

I so love you my love,

Have a lovely night,

And yes do sleep tight!

You know that

You know what,

You are going to come in my dreams today,

It’s not any other night,

I am feeling so good today,

This is because of the power of your love,

I so miss you this night,

I wish I could see you in sight,

Love you and good night!

The beautiful night

The beautiful night and the loving care,

This separation now I can’t bear,

In the night I miss you more you know,

I may not have any gestures to show,

As I wish you a very good night,

I also want that you sleep tight,

Miss you and love you!

Sweet night is here

The radiance of the night,

The stars that sparkle so bright

Make me miss you more sweetheart,

So what if you are apart,

I know that you are thinking about me,

As I am able to feel and see,

Wish you a lovely night,

Good night!

The radiance of night

My boy, I am missing you so much,

Your warm and gentle touch,

Thinking about you this night,

To kiss you a lovely good night,

To make you remember the loving time,

When I always call you mine

I love you and miss you

Good night!

A night so silent

Such a tranquil time to remember you my boy

A time when I only think about you

Of your love and all your care

When I smile thinking about you

As I know that you are there

There for me as you love me so much

In the night I long for your touch

I love you so much

Good night and sweet dreams!

Where there are dreams

When there is silence in the air,

And the darkness sets in the time

I think about you my love

As you are all mine

I long for your love more in night

When you are not in sight

Baby I truly miss you in the night

Here is wishing you a lovely night!

Wish you a good night!

Thought of you

I just cuddled up my pillow

As I thought it was you

In the night when you are not around

I miss your passion that surround

Night is the time when I feel so incomplete

And so lonely without you

In the night, baby I truly miss you

Wish you a lovely night!

Good night and sleep tight!

As the shadows

As the shadows of the dark take over the light

As the moon shines all night and bright

I miss seeing you and hearing you my boy

With you I feel all the joy

With you I feel my world is complete

Without you I feel so blue

In the night, I want to confess it to you

Baby I so truly love you!

In the night I do miss you!

Wish you a good night!

Good Night Quotes for Him:

Wish good night hubby with our best collection of cute goodnight texts. Husband wants to pursued. So you have a plan. There is no better way to convey your husband. These amazing quotes and wishes are the best ideas to convey her. Sometimes your wishes and desires are not enough then these wishes and messages for the best expression of your true love. When your husband feels your love about him his joy will be immeasurable.

Every night as I close my eyes

I have a comfort that you are there

I think about the times without you

And all the times when you care

I feel so lucky in your arms

Just like some solace of life

Wishing you a lovely good night

I will come in your dreams tonight!

Look the moon is smiling at me

Because I am looking my radiant best

It is the radiance of your love

I do not need to impress

It is the magic of your love so kind

That together makes me bind

A reason enough for your love

As I am feeling you tonight

Good night my love

For I wish you sleep tight!

I promise you many years of smile

I promise you happiness all the while

I promise that I won’t leave your side

I promise that things will be right

All because I have you besides

All because you are my reason for life

I love you so much my hubby dear

A reason for my cheer

Wishing you good night!

My kisses would just do the trick

Some hugs to go along the way

Sweet nothings to share with you

Cute gestures that prove to say

I love you more than me you know

I love you so much I can’t show

You stay in my heart day and night

Making my world so bright

Wishing you a lovely good night!

Looking at that moon so bright

And feeling a little all right

Wish I had the power to say

Wish I had the dreams this way

Being with you was my only light

Being with you I had no fear

This night is turning out

To be so lonely without you

My hubby dear…wish you good night

I am missing you!

I want to wish you a lovely night

So that you see dreams tonight

I will come in your dreams and trouble you

Because I have that right too

My love I am missing you tonight

And wishing that you were in sight

Good night my love to you

For a night so lovely and blue!

Good night my love, my honey

With you I am so me

Can’t think of a day without you

Can’t think of a night too

When I just cuddle in your arms and fall asleep

Missing you tonight

So, here is the good night kiss

Have a lovely night

Coz you are missed!

My life was dull and boring

Before I met you my love

But, things changed well for me

And you bought a new glee

Made me smile every while

So thanks for making it love

Thank God you were in my destiny

I love you a lot

Wishing you a lovely good night!

Just want to tell you that I love you a lot

In this silent night I miss you more

Because you are the one

I love you to the core!

Good night my hubby!

The sky is filled with moon and stars

But, my world is filled with your love

I love you hubby

Good night and sleep tight!

There is a cozy feeling in the air,

Something magical in there

Cuddle me in your arms

And give me a tight kiss,

Good night my hubby!

Life is not always the same,

But, one thing starts with your name

And ends on your name

Is my life,

Good night to you!

You are my sweetest dream my dear

You get that life’s cheer

And make me smile day and night

Good night to you!

Good night to the most handsome man I know

Just want to tell you that I love you

And, I mean a lot

Good night to you!

I think more about you

I see you in my dreams

My love for you has gone so far,

Just like that shining star

Good night my dear!

Lots of hugs and kisses

To make this night so sweet

For my hubby dear

Just want to greet

Good night!

Every night I thank god

Because he sent you in my life

I am so fortunate to be your wife

Good night hubby!

Slowly the night is fading,

Just want to stay in your arms

And whisper in your ears

I love you

Good night my dear!

Good Night Wishes for Husband:

The moon and its charming light

There is silence in the air tonight

You are not there besides

And that does not make me feel alright

I feel something without you

It’s not a feeling so true

My love wish I could run to you

And hug you tight and kiss you

Good night from me to you

For a night that is lovely too!

Happiness is when I love you

Happiness is sleeping in your arms

Happiness is confessing things

Happiness is being with you all the time

Tonight I am feeling low

As you are not there besides

Miss you my dose of happiness

But I wish you a lovely night

Good night my hubby dear,

A loving good night!

When I do not have you my cuddly pillow

I miss you more each moment

No one to tease me along

No one to tell me about the love

I wish you just come back soon

Because nights are just incomplete without you

My love I am in love with you

Good night to you

For a lovely night so true!

Sending you lots of kisses galore

Some hugs to make you feel so warm

I am sending lots of things alike

So that you miss me more like

Just like the radiance of the moon

My love for you shines so bright

Just like the silence of this lovely night

My love wish you a good night

For dreams so bright!

Just a silent thanks to the Lord above

For giving me, a hubby like a sweetheart

You know that you are precious to me

You know that you stay in my heart

I simply cannot express my love

I simply cannot stay away from you

This night is incomplete without you

Wishing you a lovely night

Good night to you!

When I close my eyes and do not feel you

I miss something that I don’t know

It’s your company that radiates love

Or that connection which I can’t show

In the day and in the night

Whenever you are out of sight

I miss you so much my hubby dear

Here is wishing you good night

For a lovely night,

I miss you all along in sight

When you are not around!

As a lover you get all my love

As a friend you are always there

As you show that compassion and care

As a guide you walk besides

As a husband you complete me in life

I cannot imagine my life without you

My hubby dear…I am in love with you

Wishing a lovely night to you

Good night to you!

There is not a single frame

Not a single moment when I do not miss your love

I do that in the day my love

And in the night I miss you more

I want to just be in your arms

Because that gives me a reason to be

I feel your love all the way

Specially during the night

You make my world so bright

Goodnight my hubby dear!

I see a beautiful future with you

I see my wishes come true

With you, I feel all the love

With you, I feel so awesome

Having a lovely hubby like you

I feel so connected in love

Wishing you a lovely night

My dear…wishing you good night!

Use these good night wishes for him, if you want him to impress. You do not need a plan to give him a surprise. Just Send these messages and say goodnight my husband and it is the best wishes for a husband. The happiest moment of a husband life is that when he gets a good night message from her wife.

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50 Cute Good Night Sweet Dreams Messages For Lovers

good night wishes to husband

After a long arduous day, night time is the only time when a person contemplates over his doings and expects a sweet good night message from loved ones.

The hustle of the entire day can suck the energy out of any individual. However, at the end of the day, when you are lying on the bed and has nothing to do, one sweet good night wishes from a family member, friends, or the person you love can make your ordinary day special.

An adorable or inspirational good night message can work as a magic pill by helping you to get a soothing and sound sleep. Not only genuine good night wishes eradicate the stress and over-thinking, but also motivate you to start the next day with the utmost zing and joyfulness.

Are you looking for exclusive good night images to send to your dear ones? Greet your loved ones by sending them heart moving and inspirational good night messages which we have chalked out exclusively for you. Send these encouraging good morning text to all of your closed ones to wash away the stress from their life and catapult them to start the morning with a fresh and positive mindset.

Good Night Messages and Good Night Wishes

The night is all about forgetting what you have done and preparing yourself for what you can do. Good night friends!


The moon shining in utter darkness simply exemplifies one thing, tomorrow will happen and it could be a great day for you. Good night dear!


Often, human beings realize the value of a thing when it gets far away from them. Don’t be that person. Cherish what you have and set yourself for what you want in life. Good night my buddy!


As they said, the night is darkest before the dawn. Never ever lose hope in life. Good night and start the next day with a bang!


Pressure always creates diamonds. So, if you are feeling stressed in life, remember, it is holding something extraordinary for you. Good night!


No matter how dire your day was, always end the day on a happy and positive note. Good night, sleep well and sleep tight.


It is quite easy to bread the negative thoughts. However, it takes a lot of guts to stay positive even in the time of turbulence. Good night and sweet dreams!


I guess you have worked harder today, so it’s time to tuck your head into the pillow and supercharge yourself for the next day. Good night to the sweetest person!


Some people want things to happen, some people make things happen, and other says what happened? Make your dreams come true and a soothing good night!


Sleep is the best of things as it rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul. Recuperate yourself for the new day and chase your dreams with utmost enthusiasm. Good night!


Trust me, you are more precious than any diamond, your will power is way bigger than any mountain, and you are as funny and charming as a comedian. Good night Mr. Perfect!


May God grant you the conscience to differentiate between good and evil, knowledge and wisdom, right and wrong. Good Night! May your tomorrow be filled with plenty of adventures.


Dreaming big is not sufficient enough. You have to pour down every ounce of energy and burn all bridges to become a sensation. I pray for your glittering future. Good night!


I wish you a very comfy sleep with some enticing dreams. Don’t hold on grudges, throw stress away, and have a great sleep. Good night!


Never look for motivation, it comes and goes. Seek inspiration and work ridiculously hard to become a source of inspiration for others. Good night dear!


Romantic Good Night Messages With Beautiful Images

What is the best thing for two individuals when they are in a relationship? It’s obviously the care for each other. Nothing can match expressing your girlfriend or boyfriend how much you love and care about them.

A heartfelt and romantic good night message for him or her can literally turn their not so pleasant night into an utterly good night and put them to a comfortable sleep. Check out our collection of romantic good night messages for her and romantic good night images that will help you to wish good night to your partner in a perfect manner.

I just love the way you stare at me. It’s brimming with love and passion. Good night my lovely!


Not only you are the best girl I have ever meet, but also the sweetest and prettiest person ever. Good night beautiful!


May you wake up with a purpose in your mind, a smile on your face, and love in your heart. A sweet good night to the loveliest person!


When I lie down on the bed, your face emerges in front of me and fill my heart with utmost love. I wish you a very good night.


Good night handsome! I will see your charming face and dashing personality tomorrow.


I wish a sweet good night to the woman of my dreams and the queen of my heart. Sleep tight and wake up with a big smile!


I just want to tell you that you are the first and the last thought of my whole day. Good night and love you to the moon and back!


I know that our relationship is not perfect but I am glad it is built upon love, trust, and loyalty. Good night to my babe!


Hey handsome! Can you do me a favor? Just tell yourself that you are on hell of an amazing person. Good night my man.


You are the rainbow of my sky, the apple of my eye, and the sunshine of my life. Good night my love and sleep tight!


Every night, I eagerly wait for the next day as I get to see your beautiful face. Good night to the most beautiful person walking on God’s green earth!


Alone we are nothing, together we spread so much joy and happiness in the world. We are two lucky souls madly in love with each other. Have a great sleep baby and good night!


A loving partner and a great rejuvenating sleep are two best medicines. So lucky to have you in my life. Good night love!


We are two different bodies but a unified soul. We share love, sadness, anger, happiness, equally with each other. Good night and sleep well baby!


True love is embracing snoring of your partner and still manage to sleep through it. Jokes apart, good night baby! I love you 3000.


Good Night Messages for Friends & Good Night Images to Friends

Friends play a significant role in shaping up your life. It is said that where you will be in the next 5 years entirely depend on the kind of books you read and your friend circle.

They are no less than a family, they are perfect partners in crime, and they always stand beside you even in the most pernicious situations. Sending heart-melting good night messages to friends make them feel that you deeply love and care about them.

A simple but full of emotions good night images to friends can consolidate your friendship bond like nothing else. Check out the exclusively created good morning messages for friends that you utilize to make your friends good night special!

Thank you, buddy, for backing me up in my by good and terrible times. Our friendship is super special for sure. Good night friend, sleep tight!


I can’t thank Lord enough for bestowing a precious friend like you. My friend, you are no less than family for me. Good night!


Even if the circumstances separate us, I know our unshakable bond of friendship will pull us closer again. Good night my lovely friend!


If there is one individual that I can always count on, that person is you. I am so blessed to have a friend like you. Good night to best bud!


I just wanted to tell you that no matter whatever the circumstances will become, I will be supporting you till the end. Good night!


The warmth of winter, the shine of the moon, and the cool breeze remind of your friendship. Good night my dear friend!


The world is on the verge of sleeping and I think You should let your eyes and the body take some rest. Good night to the best friend ever!


The sweet memories of our friendship remind me of good times we all can have in life when we learn to cherish friendship. Good night!


If you ever feel lonely in the night time, don’t even bother to call me and break my sleep, LOL. Good night buddy!


True friends are like magic pills, they can fix everything, heel everything, and bring radiance in your life. Good night to my lovely friends!

Want your husband, boyfriend, or guy crush know how you are feeling You don 't need to be a poet to write sweet good night wishes for him.

Good night love messages for wife

good night wishes to husband

A wife is probably the most precious person to her husband. She not only looks after the children and the home but also acts as the support system of her husband. As a good husband, it is always good to regularly send your wife sweet love messages. It makes her feel loved and appreciated. The messages can be in the form of romantic cards or a simple text.

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As a husband, you can also send sweet love messages on social media by uploading a goodnight picture and sending the good wished there. Additionally, you can surprise your wife by recording warm wishes on video clips and send them to your wife on a DVD. A good husband should not wait for Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary to make his wife feel special. For every married couple, every day should be a special day to love, to take care and to build strong their relationship. Though you may be having a busy life, your wife deserves to feel loved until she draws her last breath.

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Romantic messages for your wife

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There is no doubt that a wife looks forward receiving a beautiful good night message from her husband. The messages only prove that a husband cares and adores his wife. When it comes to couples, a wife is always seeking affection and romance. Therefore, it the duty of a husband to keep showering his wife with gifts and deep sweet messages. Below are some of the best romantic gud night messages for your wife.

  • This is for the most beautiful person in the world. I send this warm good night wish and my affection for you to make your night beautiful. As I go to sleep, I make a prayer to the almighty God to bless our relationship memories of joy and affection always. Have a good night sleep dear.
  • I do not care about scary dreams because thinking of you makes my dreams sweet. Good night, my love.
  • Missing you is the only thing in the world I cannot explain. I love you. Good night.
  • At long last, the darkness has come, and it is the time when I am lying on my bed and missing you. I am just praying for your sweet dreams, good night.
  • Before I met you, I was pessimistic. You have taught me how to love things. Thank you for being in my life. Good night.

Passionate good night messages for your wife

Image: (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Darkness time is always a special time when your sweetheart needs to love and be loved in return. There is no other passionate way to put a smile on her face that sending some beautiful words their way. Here are some of the most passionate good night wishes messages for your lady.

  • There seems to be a delay at night every time I dream of you my queen. A day becomes more exciting and longer than any other time when you work to make your dreams come true. Good night, gorgeous.
  • When you open your eyes, you will see that the sky is infinite, full of stars and a bright shining moon. The sky narrates a story of affection and passion. When a star twinkles, it means the heavens are smiling at you. Good night, darling.
  • Dear angel, I want you to have a peaceful eventide because I know your affection will bring the sweetest dream and keep you out of scary dreams. Good night, dear.
  • This part of the world is very dark because it is time to sleep. At this very moment, I ask that you should think of all the sweet memories we have shared together. You know that I love and adore you very much. Have a good night, my baby.
  • The eventide has been designed for you to overcome every difficulty you might come across in the day. You are reminded that tomorrow is a new day to achieve your new goals. The princess of my heart your new age is blessed with all your heart desires.

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Sweet dreams messages for your lady

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Sweet messages, especially at eventide, are a great way to show your wife that you do not take your marriage for granted. Send her the following messages and watch her smile endlessly as you pamper her for no reason.

  • You are the dream that every man wants to see every eventide, but only a man like me gets to open his eyes and see you every day. Good night, sweetheart.
  • The night sky of my life has got only one single star-YOU. Good night, my love.
  • Whether my day at work is good, bad or worse, I will always look forward to the eventide because you quench my heart and soul. Good night.
  • Whether weeks turn into years, months pass by or night becomes day, my feelings towards you will not change. Cute dreams, my lovely wife.
  • To my sweetest dream, loveliest thought my dearest wife and my prettiest fantasy, sweet dreams.
  • Ten hours of sleep are not enough for me. I require more time to enjoy cuddling in bed with my wife. Sweet dreams, darling.

Distance messages for your sweet wife

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Being apart from your wife can be excruciating and the time spent alone is filled with a mixture of pain and love. Your affection is unlike any other, but many have also been in your shoes. Make your wife feel like a special friend by sending her the following good night messages.

  • The love I have for you is almost spiteful, but the challenge is worth, having in mind that by the end of this all I will be in your sweet arms. Lovely night, my love.
  • When I stare at the moon, it makes me smile because I know you are out there underneath the same one.
  • I look forward to the day when I can be beside you and know that this is the apart time spent over and has been worth it.
  • The distance between us may seem worlds away, but I know that under the same sky, you are with me today.
  • Some days I cry, and other days I laugh. You are the one that makes me smile, and the distance between us brings sadness.

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Good night messages to send to your wife

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Never underestimate the impact of being a romantic boyfriend. Being romantic can strengthen the bond between you and your wife and make you feel like teenagers all over again. Below are some love friendship messages for your wife.

  • You are the flower that makes my garden beautiful, complete and fragrant. Good night, sweetheart.
  • Every eventide, I long to snuggle with my comforter, and that is you, my wife. Good night.
  • Days turn into eventide and eventide turns into the day because the earth goes around on its own support. However, my life is always complete because I revolve around strong support. That is you, my wife. Have a lovely night.
  • A good night message is too insipid a salutation for a wife who makes my eventides enjoyable. I love you.
  • I am so sorry for not being there to hold you. Sorry for not being there to hug you and kiss you, but you are always in my heart. Good night.

Goodnight sweetheart messages for your wife

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The following is a list of the best goodnight quotes for wife only.

  • The sun is upset, and the moon is happy. The sun is missing you, and the moon will be with you for the rest of the eventide. Have a good night, sweetheart.
  • Goodnight, sweetheart, sleep tight my love, pleasant dreams, my sweet wife. May tomorrow be sunny and right and may it bring you closer to me. Goodnight.
  • A day is going to end again. It is very nice to have someone like you making every day seem so great. Thank you, my love, and may all spiritual angels keep watch over you.
  • The first thought that comes to my mind every morning as I wake up is you. Before I retire to bed, i always see you in my mind. You are never out of my mind. Good night, my dearest wife.
  • Sending this gud night wish to the most beautiful girl who makes my day shine brighter than the sun. Good night.

Goodnight emotional messages for her

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Heart touching texts serves the purpose of filling the heart of your precious wife with the romantic essence of deep affection. Find below some of the best emotional goodnight messages for wife only and to rekindle lost love.

  • I do not need a thousand reasons to feel special. All I need is you to live in this world. You are the light of my life.
  • I wish to be everything that brings a smile on your face and joy in your life. I want to love you like no one else will.
  • If you could see through my eyes, you would know how much I cherish you. You hold a special place in my heart. I will love you till the end of time.
  • I fell in love with you the first day I met you. I love you for everything you are. My love for you will never fade away.

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Flirty messages for your wife

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Flirty messages are not for teenagers only. Send the following good night messages to your wife to make her feel the affection you have for her.

  • Just wanted you to know that you are on my mind right now. Love you good night.
  • When you see a star in the sky, close your eyes then make a wish. I did the same, and it worked for me. I wished for you to be in my life. Good night.
  • When the wind blows at night and blows my hair, I like to think that those are your kisses. I cannot stand missing you this much. Good night, love.
  • Sleep well my love, but first, let me fill you with kisses and hugs, whispering in your ear, telling you how much I love you. Reminding you that no one in this world makes me feel special like you. I love you.

Caring messages her

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A wife is an angel that lives in every family. They make a husband handsome and complete. They create and take care of your home and make your day more beautiful than before. Send her the following caring, goodnight messages to remind her that you love and care about her.

  • Behind every successful man is a woman. This is 100% true. Only for you, I am here today, for you my lady. Goodnight and always take care of yourself.
  • You are the most precious thing in my life. My prayer is that you are always safe. Stay happy always and take care, sweetie. Goodnight.
  • From when the sun rises to when it sets in the evening, every thought in my mind is of you. You always seem to care about others and forget that you need to look after yourself. I, therefore, call for you to start thinking more of yourself. Love you, my wife.

My little angel goodnight messages for wife

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Send these sweet messages to show your wife that you still value her. Make her feel appreciated.

  • Turn off the lights and come close to me. Sweet dreams, my little angel.
  • Goodnight my, little angel. I love you to the moon and back.
  • Touch your heart, close your eyes and make a wish. The sky is so wide; the moon is shining bright. Goodnight, sweet angel.
  • The sun is gone, the moon is up. Goodnight, my love. I will always love you.

We all know that affection is one of the best feelings in the world. That is why our greatest wish is to be with someone who makes us feel loved and those that touch our hearts. It is always important to keep in touch with your partner and keep the romance alive. Being married involves making her feel fed in love every day with small gestures to keep the flame burning. An excellent way to express love and a great way to show your wife that you love her is by wishing her goodnight using sweet romantic messages. Use the above love messages to show how much you love her.

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Send your boyfriend, husband or soulmate a goodnight message to let him Sleep tight and good night as I wish you the best of dreams with all of my might.

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