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Good luck wishes for sports
October 22, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

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Congratulations on your achievement:-  Let’s take a moment to appreciate those who worked hard to achieve something great in sports. You can use the following text to congratulate them. There are hundreds of Congratulations Messages For Sports Achievement.

If your friends and close friends achieve achievements in sports, then that requires a great celebration. You can send a congratulatory message for their success and you can frame the message so that you can say about that person’s skills and qualities.

Express your happiness and joy for the success of your beloved in sports through these incredible messages of congratulations. The words of the message are chosen to present your happiness and wish to always give you the best. Your message can make your friends happy with your note.

400 Congratulations Messages For Sports Achievement – Words To Winners

1. The Pain you feel today – will be the Strength you feel tomorrow! Good fortunes! Congrats on your merited triumph. Wish all of you the specific best later on!

2. Your execution was staggering! Nobody merits an unwinding day progressively that you do. Prepare like a competitor, eat like a nutritionist, rest like an infant and win like a champion!

Congratulations Messages For Sports Achievement

3. Congratulations on another awesome season! Here is too unfathomable enterprises and wild encounters! Congrats on the enormous win! Make the most of your prosperity today, and anticipate a future.

4. You are a champion! Your legend develops with this new title. You are awesome at your game! Hope against hope, set out to attempt!

5. You have the fire in your heart and the assurance to take care of business. You will perpetually be the encapsulation of a champion to me! I wish you not to flee from challenges. Keep running over them!

Congratulations Messages For Sports Achievement

6. Congrats, you have moved to the best! Awesome occupation! You completed an awesome activity for the group! May you appreciate each minute!

7. You ought to be pleased with yourself! Presently it’s a great opportunity to pop open the champagne! You don’t generally get what you wish for… In any case, you get what you work for!

8. Your endeavors to enhance your aptitudes have made you a champion! Congratulations! You are stunning! Wishing you numerous more long stretches of accomplishment in sports!

Congratulations Messages For Sports Achievement

9. Be Strong when you are a week, be Brave when you are frightened and be unassuming when you are triumphant. A pal like you merits a viral celebratory message. Continue trying to achieve the impossible!

10. Compliment my companion on triumph in your part and in doing right by us, I was pleased seeing my kid walk up the platform to take his prize. Want you to enjoy all that life has to offer dear

11. Congrats on winning the chess competition! May your triumph ring to the welkin all through the world.

Congratulations Messages For Sports Achievement

12. Congrats for winning the sand football competition. Your incredible mindfulness and aptitudes were something unique on the pitch.

13. I wish you the best to come dear. Congrats for winning the 100meter race. Congrats for winning once more.

14. With your, one will dependably say these words in light of the fact that your every endeavor is a win. I trust to be an awesome name and energizing player for this nation soon.



Congratulations Messages For Sports Achievement

15. Appreciate and remain safe. Congrats to our football group for winning the title on home soil. You pleased as a group skipper and you made the school glad

16. Much obliged skipper. Congrats for winning the tennis exhibiting rivalry. I supplicate in the opposition appropriate, you’ll demonstrate to them your genuine nature and applause that trophy.

17. I wish all of you things streamlined and may everything turn out cheerfully for you. Congrats for winning the great in the terrific phase of all!

Congratulations Messages For Sports Achievement

18. We trust that your new achievement will be just the first of good things throughout your life. Appreciate the oddity dear. Congrats to our school b-ball group for diligent work, obstinacy, and harmony paid off. Well done to the group and to you their skipper.

19. Wish you the best. Congrats for winning the current year’s footballing competition.

Congratulations Messages For Sports Achievement

20. More favors to you and to your splendid future. Congrats for winning the greatest phase of all. I am so upbeat however at first I expected that this stretch would not shoulder so well in regards to the measure of different contenders I saw yet this equitable demonstrates you are the best we have seen up until now.

21. Congrats for winning the current year’s live poker competition. To you and the prizes. Good health!

22. Congrats for winning the baseball yearly rivalry, my child. You have well demonstrated yourself, my actual child. Congrats for winning this honor dear.



Congratulations Messages For Sports Achievement

23. I, as your mentor all through the school year, saw your assurance and quick track months, it has paid off at this point.

24. What an incredible motivation to every other person here. Congrats for winning the competition for yourself irritating the chances.

25. May this be the beginning of better fortune for you. Congrats for winning the Best Player Individual Award.

Congratulations Messages For Sports Achievement

26. Your one of a kind abilities and ability completely emerged today from whatever is left of the players this year.

27. You truly have spots and stature to reach. Salutation on doing yourself pleased my child, I perceived how you conquered the dread St the start and the way that you turned out best after a moderate begin just demonstrates your capacity more.



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Good Luck Messages: What to Write in a Good Luck Card

good luck wishes for sports

This sport/office will never be the same without you. You'll be missed always! Goodbye and good luck!
You have done a super job as a sportsman. Thanks for all your lovely performances. Hope you'll enjoy every minute of your retirement. You will be missed, but never forgotten.
Some people just know how to bring out the best in others. I never met you but you seemed to bring out the best in me. Thanks for the great entertainment over the years. Wish you a wonderful future ahead.
Best wishes for a fun-filled but relaxing retirement. We'll think of you often.
Thank you for the wonderful sports moments and great entertainment! Wish you a great life ahead!
A great sportsman with godly virtues! The players, the fans and the game itself will miss you always! Goodbye and good luck!
Thank you for the wonderful sports memories that mean the world to us! Wish you a great life ahead!
All games need good players like you. Your success is not a surprise! May you meet more glory in your life ahead.
Its difficult to believe that you are leaving the field. We wish you an abundance of loving blessings. May God be with you always.
Now as you retire, we'll miss your plays forever. Wishing you a stress-free life full of success and happiness!
You may be retiring, but a new phase of your life is beginning. Thank you for your years of dedication that has given us endless entertainment. We hope you enjoy your time ahead!
Our best wishes go with you. May all your days ahead be full of laughter and happiness...And may you have a lifetime full of love and dreams achieved, we will always remember you.
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51 Good Luck Messages for Athletes

good luck wishes for sports

Your messages of support

Name: Ethan and Yoli
Message: Great work team SickKids. Yea Seth keep up the good work. Hi mom and Dad. Talk to you guys soon love ET.

Name: Zenaida Chinea
Message: Each and every one of you is already a winner!!!! Congrats and have lots of fun. Brandon Gibson, you are my've come a long way and I am so happy for you.

Name: Mary Jo Haddad
Message: We are all so very proud of each and every one of you, not just for competing or for winning, but for showing each of us what it means to be the best you can be. Everyday, I count my blessings, proud to be Canadian and proud to lead an amazing staff who are so committed to being the best that they can be so each of you can achieve your goals. Go Team SickKids. Thank you Alie and Robin. Mary Jo

Name: David Edgell
Message: My colleagues and I in the operating room are full of admiration for all of you. It is truly a miracle to witness your success. Go team!

Name: Eula M
Message: Good job Team Canada//Team SickKids!! Keep up the good work! ♥

Name: Anonymous
Message: Hope you guys are having a great time. We miss you and we're very proud of you. Can't wait til you get home and tell us all about your adventures! Love Daddy and Louise, Charlotte, Jake & Christian ps Nighthawk says hi to Dragon.

Name: Suanne Whitfield
Message: So very proud of each and every one of you. A shout out to Jessica, Ronnie and Jacob! Way to represent Canada! We love you!

Name: Janice
Message: All the best to each and every one of you taking part in the 2009 World Transplant Games. I am here back in Canada cheering you all on! Go Team SickKids Go! You are all Winners in my eyes. :)

Name: Carol Duncan
Message: Hello from Canada! It is so exciting to know you are over there competing as part of Team SickKids. Each and every one of you are an inspiration. You are all winners in my view!

Name: Moira Korus
Message: Great results - you guys are amazing. Keep up the good work - we are rooting for you!

Name: Craig/Rita Sampson
Message: GO DEVAN.... Have fun and best of luck to all TEAM SICK KIDS !!!

Name: John & Margaret Dyck
Message: We are rooting for all of you on the SickKids team. A special cheering section is here in Canada for Michael Mazzuocco in your cycling events. We're there in the feed zone cheering you on! Hi to Mom & Dad

Name: Treese Flenniken
Message: WOW Team Canada and WOW to the SickKids contingency. Congratulations on the medals earned so far. A big hug and a special congratulations to my niece, Jessica Dorcich on her two gold medals. Hello to Scott, Lee Anne, Megan and Georgette. I hope you are all cheering loud for Jessica and Team Canada. Love, Auntie Treese

Name: daina kalnins
Message: Go team! enjoying the pictures and all the exciting news- Don't forget your fluids, healthy snacks, and let me know about the different foods you tried there!~ and above all, have FUN! daina (dietitian in CF program/ lung tx program)

Name: Pat Maitland
Message: Am watching the medal count and WOW! Keep up the amazing effort and have a blast!

Name: Valerie Wilfong
Message: Congrats Mackenzie. Way to go, we knew you could do it. Love your nickname. Go Team Canada.

Name: Bev Carscadden
Message: You are an inspiration to all athletes. "Well Done" for the number of medals already accumulated. Hope you are all having major amounts of fun during the Olympics. Best wishes to all.

Name: Sara Byrnell
Message: Go Team SickKids! Congratulations on all your medals so far. Hope you are all enjoying this amazing experience!

Name: Debbie Blagojevic
Message: Wishing all of you great success in your events and you are ALL already winners!!! I met a young girl in 2001 the year after my son passed away and donated his organs. We were on the same flight to Disney World...her name is Gemma and she was waiting for a heart/dbl lung tx and I haven't stopped praying for her since. I wish I could locate her to see how she is doing and I hope and pray she received her gift of life! She was a patient of SickKids and if anyone knows her please pass along my email addy. Go Kids Go!!! I'm so PROUD of all of you!

Name: Tracey Gaydos-Manning
Message: Go Dustin Go!!!! Dustin Laviolette, I hope you have a lot of fun and make a pile of new friends. Bring home a Medal for Team Canada....

Name: Rita & Davide Scafati
Message: Congrats Joseph Gallo on your Bronze win. We love you. Good luck for your upcoming competitions. Can't wait to see you.

Name: Maggie Harkness
Message: What an inspirational adventure! Enjoy your time, eat lots of Timtams, and good luck in your events! And don't forget to "Slip Slap Slop", as they say in Oz!

Name: Cary

Name: Kathy Szmyd

Name: Angela Williams
Message: Way to go guys!! Go John... Go Joe... We are cheering for you and all of the team. We are proud of you all. Good job Alie and Robin! Hang in there!

Name: Marcella Thompson
Message: Go team Go. You do us proud.

Name: Rita Pool
Message: Joe Gallo and John Frias::::::::YOU make us so proud……great to see the photos, keep on, keep on. Congrats to all SickKids competitors and so thankful that Team Canada has such great support!! All of me wishes I was there, my thoughts are with you. xxoo Rita

Name: Vince Hathaway
Message: Go Katie. Enjoy the experience. Your soccer team back home is cheering for you.

Name: Anne O'Leary
Message: Dear Athletes, Good luck in all the events! Enjoy each minute of your time - Parents too. Remember that each of you is already a "winner" just by being YOU... GO,SETH,GO !! love, Grannie Annie

Name: Rose Nemec
Message: Hey guys! The pictures look great. Want to send a special shout out to Joe Gallo and family. The dialysis unit is rooting for you! Go Joe Go! Bring us some bling!

Name: Ann Flenniken
Message: Go Team SickKids Go!!! Best of luck to all the athletes participating in the World Transplant Games. I hope you have a lot of fun and an amazing experience in the land down under. A special hello to my niece Jessica Dorcich and her family - it sounds like your holiday in Australia was already very memorable - I am sure your experiences at the games will be just as wonderful. Good luck and we are thinking about you! Love, Auntie Ann, Uncle Mark, and Kaelie

Name: Stephanie Miske
Message: To all my friends and the families of Team SickKids: As I read about your first 3 days at the games, I think about how hard you have all worked to be where you are today. You are an inspiration to all of us here in Canada and have shown that Organ Donations do work!!! Cheers to you!

Name: Heather Broll
Message: Go Team SickKids Go!!!! We are all back at home watching and waiting to hear how you are doing. We are giving you much support and encouragement from all the way back over here! Hope you have fun and enjoy every minute of it. You are all already champions in our minds. Good luck! Heather

Name: Anonymous
Message: You guys are an inspiration! I hope you continue to have a ton of fun. Go Canada!

Name: Rita Pool
Message: You are a great group representing Team Canada and SickKids! You make us all proud. I hope you all do well, stay healthy, drink lots of water and, above all, have fun. I can’t wait to hear the stories and see the pictures of celebrations as the week goes on. I hope you make lots of new friends. You inspire everyone!! Give a koala a hug for me...xxoo Rita

Name: Angie in the UK
Message: Best wishes for a successful games, and well done to all those people who helped it to come together.

Name: Katie Armstrong
Message: Hi to all the members of SickKids Team Canada. I wanted to wish everyone the best and to let you know that as far as your friends from SickKids are concerned, we believe you are all already champions! Keep us up to date on how your games are going! All of the SickKids Ambassadors/friends are cheering you on. We are usually pretty loud. Can you hear us? Thinking of you & hi especially to Mackenzie, David & John Michael. Katie Armstrong :) (from Bell Gala & the Staal Bros.) Too bad air hockey wasn't an event! Go SickKids Team Canada!

Name: The De Medicis' Family
Message: Best wishes to all the team members during the World Transplant Games in Australia. Good luck and best wishes to David Maggiori. You are an inspiration to all of us. Have a great time!

Name: Les Drabble
Message: Hi everyone. This message comes to you from England. Congratulations on your individual achievements so far. I wish every one of you every success in your chosen discipline. I shall be counting the medals and hoping you beat the Bangkok totals. The very best of luck to you all. If you don't win your individual event remember everyone cannot win. Just remember you have at least won the race for life. What an achievement. My love to you all. And Especially Alie. Les!

Name: Rose Pecina
Message: I am so proud of you all, and hope that one day my little girl will be blessed to follow in your footsteps! My daughter had a liver transplant at the age of 6 months and is now 4 years old, doing fantastic, and wants to get into gymnastics (or as she says, acrobatics!). She also loves swimming and will probably be doing it on her own very shortly. You are all a great inspiration to my family.... GO Team GO!!! Best of luck and health... Rose Pecina

Name: Penny Convey
Message: I wish all the athletes all the best in their quest to be the best they can be. Go Team SickKids. Special note to my niece and nephew Kailyn and Ayden Bredin. You Go guys and I know you will do good. Love to you all. Love Aunty Penny, James and Heather xoxoxox. PS say Hi to Mom and Rylie

Name: Alaine Rogers
Message: Go Team Canada Go! You are truly an inspiration to all of us to get moving and get active - no excuses! You have all accomplished so much in getting to this point and I am very proud of all you for what you have achieved in going to the games and for what you will achieve at the games! Have fun!

Name: Arlette Lefebvre
Message: By now you must be admiring the Australian surf and sand. Caught up with your sleep, eager to start competing in the games? May you all have a wonderful time and bring back unforgettable memories! Dr. Froggie

Name: Sue Pelger
Message: Way to go team! You are all inspiring and amazing athletes! I know you will all do amazing; we are with you all the way! The Pelger family... Sue, Dave, Sydney & Matthew

Name: Bel Cann
Message: Wow! Congrats to all of you on coming this far. Have fun and keep inspiring!

Name: Dolores Truelove
Message: To all of you brave athletes, best of luck and have a great time. Katie Sutherland, we are all cheering for you here at CBM.

Name: Paul Sutherland
Message: Hi all. Praying for safe passage and a healthy arrival down under. All of you have already made us very proud.

Name: Laura Veloso
Message: I want to wish all of you all the very best!! You are all fighters and we are proud to have you representing Canada and SickKids. A special hug for Katie. We are really cheering for you!!! Love Owen's mom, Laura♥

Name: Scarlet Eagle
Message: I am so very proud of all the team members! Cheering, applauding, laughing, and singing with you all the way! You are winners! Every one of you! Best!

Name: Gerald and Norma Mcaneney
Message: Best wishes to all especially our grandson Dustin Martin!

Name: Cathy Weatherall
Message: Good luck to all of you. You are 'doing good' by your new organs. Keep active and most of all have fun. As a nurse, I am amazed by your spirit. As a mom, I am so proud of you and can only imagine how your parents are feeling. Go Canada Go!!

Name: Amy Vickers
Message: I am so excited and proud to have such amazing people representing Canada! You guys are all winners in my eyes. I'm also a recipient of a double lung transplant and I know how courageous and dedicated you guys have to be. Take care and have fun!

Name: Chantelle
Message: Hey guys! I met some of you at the Canadian Transplant Games last year in Windsor. Best of Luck at World's. You are truly an inspiration to all of us and allow us to encourage others to become organ and tissue donors. Have fun and smile lots!

Name: Krista Murch
Message: Good luck to all of you amazing athletes! You make us so proud with your courage, strength and determination! Have fun and wear your sunscreen!!!

Name: Caroline Fenelius-Carpenter
Message: You are all amazing in your own right having travelled the journeys you have travelled. Now is the time for you all to soar... you all will achieve greatness, I know it. Now kick some butt. Go Canada Go.... Hugs the Carpenter's in Fenelon Falls.

Name: Sue
Message: Go Team Canada...let's show them what we're all about...take pride in representing your country...take greater pride in what you've achieved yourself right now...before the competition...God Bless all of you and keep you safe and strong.

Name: Tina Allain-Rooney
Message: Wow! What an amazing opportunity for all of you! A true celebration of the gift of life! Best of luck to you all! I know you will make SickKids proud! I will be cheering for you! Tina. xo

Name: Zoe Alstrup
Message: GOOD LUCK GUYS! Do your best and have TONS of fun!!!! bring home some medals! love ya Zoe and Sharon Alstrup

Name: Sevanna Zayet
Message: Go Team SickKids Go!!! Sending you all lots of luv and luck. Hope yous all have a fantastic time! So proud of you all.

Name: Donna Secker
Message: Wishing everyone their best times or scores ever. Go for the gold and have a ton of fun competing. Good luck "mates"! Donna, Nephrology

Name: Mary and Carlo Molinaro
Message: Hi Everyone, All the best of luck in Australia. We are all very proud of each and every one of you. But I have a special shout out to Joe Gallo. We love you and support you on this journey in your life. We are already so proud of you but you can bring back a medal so that we have an excuse to celebrate on Matthew Drive. Hugs to all the members!! Love Carlo and Mary Molinaro.

Name: Wanda Schoonheyt
Message: Enjoy the experience and good luck to all of our athletes. We are very proud that you are representing SickKids at these games. Wanda Schoonheyt, Director of Clinical Programs, SickKids.

Name: Miriam Kaufman
Message: I hope each and every one of you has a great time, makes new friends and gets to see a kangaroo. Compete at your best! Miriam

These messages motivate a sportsman for his play and convey sender's good luck wishes for his win. The messages are framed and sent in a.

Good Luck Messages Board

good luck wishes for sports

Sport is such a field where people can learn many things related to the behavioral and psychological growth. It is important to spread the usefulness of sports to everyone to get a fit lifestyle. You can encourage others for the sports with a beautiful motivational message. The words of the message are inspiring and it also brings out the importance of sports to others. Send motivational message to your close ones and friends to choose sports for being fit.

Motivational Messages for Sports Teams

A sportsman always needs motivations from others as not to give up the hope of life. For a team performance, you can send a message that boost up their confidence level. The words of the message talk about the unity and action.

“Sport teaches you when to take the lead, when to let others go ahead, when to cheer the joy and how to make the balance. If you learn these things, you will be a perfect leader. Lead your team with confidence. All the best.”

Motivational Messages for Sports Players

Ups and downs presence in every field and in sports, it can make a sportsman poor in confident. To inspire him/her, you can send a motivational message for the players to encourage them to move ahead from the past.

“Speed up your pace and reach your goal the way you want; in the journey, if you fall down, no matter, just have the courage to stand up again and complete your journey; believe that you can do it. All the best.”

Motivational Messages for Sportsman

Send a motivational message to a sportsman presenting your thoughts and ideas. A message can make him/her believe in the ability and it improves the performance in turn. Share your thoughts through the words of the motivational message.

“To be the champion, there are many hurdles, you go through. Learn from your mistake and give your best always; don’t think about the result, but make you satisfied. All the best for your future.”

Here a further collection of motivational message for sports is given below:

  1. “As long as you work hard, nothing can stop you from gaining your aim. With your each step, you go ahead to your goal, just be confident. Have faith in you and you will win the race.”
  2. “Learn to use the time at its fullest, so you never leave a corner to explore; be excellent in your skill and compete with yourself always. Go ahead in your life. All the best.”
  3. “Never waste your time in dreaming of your future; instead wake up and work hard to get your desired goal; in the race, if you fail, no matter, but don’t let the spirit of winning down, not even for a while.”
  4. “Success and failure comes and goes, don’t be overjoyed and upset; rather make yourself experienced enough to handle any challenge; life is a long race and you have many miles to go.”
  5. “’There is no bad in fail and fall, until you give up your courage to win; many people are ready to pull you down, ignore them and go ahead the way you want. All the very best for your future.

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Depending on how you craft them, good luck wishes can be the ideal morale booster that catapults a person to achieve success in any.

good luck wishes for sports
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