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Good luck wishes for boss leaving
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Now that you are leaving, may God continue being a blessing in your life. 2. We will Good luck to a great Boss. 3.

Wish them a happy retirement with a pretty card and one of these retirement messages!

If you want to include a small gift, we’ve got plenty of options at

50+ Retirement Messages

  1. May you have a relaxing new chapter ahead – one where you will have unlimited time enjoying your life. Happy Retirement!
  2. Start listening to your heart… it’s the best gift you can give yourself when you retire. Congratulations.
  3. Life tends to give happiness in installments – the biggest and best one being right up ahead. Congratulations on retiring.
  4. Thanks for making our work life much easier and funny. Now you can unwind your mind and spend some time with your family and best friends. May you get the best of everything in life.
  5. All your life you were wondering why you tolerated an annoying boss and put up with irritating colleagues – retirement is the answer. Congratulations.
  6. Enjoy your freedom and unlimited weekends! Congratulations on your retirement!
  7. The main course of your life has been amazing. Now finish it off with a classic dessert. Wish you a happy retirement.
  8. Morning coffees will finally be what they are meant to be – relaxed and de-stressing. Happy retirement.
  9. Not only you were my boss, you were also a great friend that I can turn to throughout our years together in the office/company. Cheers to a hard-earned and well-deserved retirement!
  10. Retirement is an opportunity that life gives you to stop complaining about not having the time or chance to do what you always wanted. Congratulations.
  11. Now you have no excuses for not having enough time for posting selfies with grandkids. Congratulations on retiring.
  12. Retirement is equals to freedom. I hope you enjoy doing the things that you don’t have time for before. Congratulations! Happy Retirement!
  13. No more targets, no more goals, no more KPIs and no more meetings. All there’s left to do now is to unfurl all the happiness that life has in store. Congratulations on your retirement.
  14. Wishing a very special person a fulfilling retirement. May your new journey be filled with joy!
  15. Retirement is equals to freedom. I hope you enjoy doing the things that you don’t have time for before. Congratulations! Happy Retirement!
  16. Stock up with lots of drinks, good music and delicious food – the biggest party of your life is about to start. Happy retirement.
  17. Wishing you a long, happy, and healthy retirement.
  18.  Retirement is your chance to be true to your own self. It is an opportunity to pick up forgotten hobbies and nurture the little kid within you. After all, it’s never too late to start living the life that you have always wanted to.
  19. Wishing you the best on your life after this retirement. We’ll miss you.
  20. No more targets, no more goals, no more KPIs and no more meetings. All there’s left to do now is to unfurl all the happiness that life has in store. Congratulations on your retirement.
  21. A successful team is a group of many hands but of one mind. We were glad to work with a boss like you and wish you a happy retirement!.
  22. You have been a big part of the company. Your knowledge and years of experience brought the company to where it is today. Thank you for all the hard work! We will miss you so much!
  23.  Retirement is when life gives you the greatest reward there can ever be – peace of mind. Congratulations.
  24. You now don’t have to wake up to the sound of your alarm clock beckoning you to work. You can enjoy unlimited time of golfing, driving around town and cooking, unless you want to take my place? Happy Retirement!
  25. Best wishes on your retirement, may it be even better than you ever imagined.
  26. Congratulations on your retirement. We wish you tons of happiness in the years ahead.
  27. Don’t worry about setting a budget for your retirement. Just focus on setting a timelines to fulfill all your dreams. Congratulations.
  28. Congratulations, now the fun begins. Best wishes on your new chapter in life.
  29. To one of the best people that the company/office has ever had. Congratulations on your retirement!
  30. Best wishes for your retirement. Make sure that you Keep working hard, and be your own boss.
  31. Wishing you good health, good luck and great success in your retirement.
  32. Retirement is the moment when all your favorite colleagues turn into your best friends.
  33. Best wishes for you on retirement. Enjoy your time with your family and friends. May every moment of your life be fulfilling and full of joy.
  34. All your hard work has been paid off! It is time for you to take that vacation you have been craving for without worrying about getting to work the next day. You deserve it! Happy Retirement!
  35. Retiring is like falling in love for the first time. Thinking about it gives you butterflies in the stomach and you will never know how it feels until you actually retire. Happy retirement.
  36. Retirement is life’s biggest irony. You’ve got all the free time in the world to do whatever you like, but your aging body will probably refuse to do most of those things. Have fun!
  37. I wish that your retirement will be everything you dreamed that it would be.
  38. As your career comes to an end, please know that your influence carries on. Countless lives have been impacted through the knowledge you have imparted. Hoping your retirement is everything you ever dreamed it could be.
  39. Best wishes and good luck for a fulfilling retirement.
  40. Wishing you and your family all the best as you enter into a new phase of your life. May you enjoy the extra time that you’ll be spending with them.
  41. Retirement is like a never-ending weekend party except that you can’t drink, can’t hook up and can’t stay up all night even if you want to. So in short, it is boring. Congratulations.
  42. Retirement is the best time to spend all your savings – they aren’t going to be of much use later. Congratulations.
  43. People retire because they reach a certain age, but businessmen like you can retire because they’ve reached the zenith of success. Congratulations.
  44. You may have got many promotions throughout your career, but the best perks of your life star now as you spend more time with your friends and family. Congratulations on retiring.
  45. Your retirement actually means that you got promoted to one of the best roles in your life. Congratulations.
  46. Congratulations, now every day will feel like a never-ending weekend. All of us at the office are jealous and very happy for you. Happy Retirement!
  47. You deserved it! Jet to your private island, switch off your phone and enjoy the well deserved rest. Happy Retirement!
  48. I didn’t believe you will make it, but you did – now it’s time to say goodbye not just to your colleagues, but also to your phone and computer. Enjoy your well deserved rest and keep in touch.
  49. The most joyful time of your  life – now you are officially allowed to do whatever you please! Where would the road take you? Happy Retirement!
  50. The wait is over – your retirement age approached faster than you thought and now it’s time to make a plan B – tick off some major life goals and do what makes you happy. You are retired and entitled to be a little selfish. Enjoy!


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More than wishing you good luck for your future, I want to wish your next have been a little less saddening if I had someone else in place of you as my boss.

37 Inspirational Employee Farewell Card Messages

good luck wishes for boss leaving

There comes a time in most of our professional lives where our colleagues–particularly our bosses–may announce that they are leaving their position. They might be retiring, moving to another employer, or even taking a position in another department of your current company. Whatever the case may be, sending your soon-to-be ex-boss is a thoughtful way to wish them well and also keep a valuable professional contact. But what do you write inside of this card? We’ve gathered ideas for several different scenarios, so you’re sure to find the right thing to say. Just remember to create an honest, thoughtful message that lets your boss know how much their presence will be missed.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

For the Boss Who is Retiring:

Short & Simple

  • Congratulations on your retirement! You will be missed.
  • Enjoy retirement, you’ve earned it.
  • The company will miss you. Enjoy retirement.
  • As you’re retiring from work, remember it’s time to have fun and relax.
  • We will miss you, but enjoy your well-earned retirement.
  • To one of the best the company has had. Congrats on retirement.
  • Congrats on leaving the grind! Happy retirement.
  • Even if you were the eldest, you had the youngest spirit. Congratulations on retirement.
  • Have a wonderful retirement! Good wishes for your health, wealth, and well-being.
  • The company will miss its MVP, but you should enjoy your hard work. Congratulations on retiring!

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Long & Lasting

  • It is always hard to lose such a wonderful, pivotal player in the company. Your presence will be sorely missed. Enjoy the toils of your labor and I hope you have a wonderful retirement. You will be missed.
  •  Sometimes it’s hard to find the proper ‘thank you’ for someone who has made such a difference in your life. You have helped me tremendously within the company and you will be very missed. Remember to enjoy retirement! Thank you for all you’ve done.
  • Today we may be losing a great leader, but no one is as deserving of retirement as you. Thank you for all of the good days, the encouragement, and the leadership. We wish you the best on this next chapter of your life.
  • You have been so important to the company, always bringing knowledge and years of experience to the table. Now those years mean a well-deserved break: congratulations on retiring! Thank you for all the hard work, we will miss you very much.
  • As you clear out your things and say your final goodbyes, remember that we will miss our fearless leader. Congratulations on retirement and don’t forget to make the best of it. The company won’t be the same without you.

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For the Boss Who is Transferring Departments:

Short & Simple

  • Your new department is gaining a great leader. Congratulations.
  • We will miss you here, but hopefully we’ll see each other in the break room.
  • Congratulations on your transfer! We will miss you back here.
  • Never forget where you came from! Congratulations on your transfer.
  • Your leadership here will be missed. Your new team is very lucky.
  • Farewell from this chapter, hello to the start of a new book at the company.
  • Congrats on your move, we will miss you here. Don’t forget to stop by and say ‘hi’.
  • It’s sad to see you go, but at least you’ll just be a department away. Congrats.
  • Your leadership will be missed, but we are glad you are still with the company.
  • Goodbye from your old team. Don’t forget us.

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Long & Lasting

  • When we found out you were leaving, we knew we were losing a great leader. Your new team is gaining a valuable player. Congratulations on your transfer, we will miss you back here! Well wishes on this next step in your career.
  • Was this department not good enough for you? Just kidding! congratulations on your transfer, we will miss you around here. Hopefully your new position will bring your fulfillment and happiness. Don’t forget to stop by and say ‘hi’ sometimes.
  • Congratulations on moving to a new department! I hope the change of scenery works out and you keep being a valuable asset to the company. We will miss you here in your old stomping grounds, but we know you will continue to be a great leader.
  • You have been a vital part of this department for so long. Your knowledge and hard work will be hard to replace, but your new department is lucky to have you. We will miss you here. Thank you for all your hard work and congratulations.
  • Not only were you a great boss, I have considered you to be a good friend. I will miss your influence in this department, but hopefully you can continue helping the company grow and thrive. Congratulations to a great boss and well wishes in your new department!

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For the Boss Who is Leaving the Company:

Short & Simple

  • We are sad to see you leave. Well wishes for the next chapter of your life.
  • Farewell to a wonderful boss. The company is losing a great one.
  • Your leadership has helped me succeed and it will be very missed. Thank you.
  • Please accept my thanks and congratulations as you move on to your next chapter in life.
  • Thank you for being a wonderful boss. We will miss working with you.
  • The company will miss your leadership and all your hard work. Well wishes.
  • I am grateful to have worked under your leadership, you will be very missed when you leave.
  • You have been an amazing boss and it is sad to see you go, but congratulations during this time of change.
  • Thank you for being such a great leader. You will be sorely missed.
  • The team is losing a great leader today. I wish you well on your new pursuits.

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Long & Lasting

  • A great leader can be hard to find, but the company was lucky to find you. We are sad to see you leave. Whatever your next step may be, may you always be met with success and happiness. We will miss you very much here.
  • Your support, hard work, expertise, and leadership will be hard to replace. The company and your team will miss you when you leave. Thank you for all of your hard work and for helping lead the team, well wishes on your new journey.
  • Thank you for being a fantastic boss, but more than that: thank you for being a mentor, friend, and colleague. You have taught the team so much and we are sad to see you go, but know you will continue to succeed. Good luck.
  • Best of luck on the new chapter of your career, you will be sorely missed here. The company has been lucky to have your leadership and our team would not have been so successful without you at the help. Good luck and well wishes.
  • Thank you for your guidance. You have been so helpful, kind, and supportive as our boss. We will miss working with you and want you to know we have appreciated everything you have done for the team. Best of luck on your new journey and goodbye.

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Amazing Farewell Wishes For Boss

good luck wishes for boss leaving

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Sometimes we have to bid farewell to someone in our lives. Farewell is not all about to say goodbye. It’s all about to remember your all old memories what you did with your colleagues and friends, on the last day of your gathering. Here we have compiled our best collection of Happy Farewell Wishes which can help you to share kind words with the deep of your heart. Farewell is the best time to encourging and giving your best wishes to someone. Find an amazing one Farewell Wish and make your Friend, Colleagues, and Co-worker day commemorate and enjoyful. Hope you make them blush on the starting of them new journey.

Best Farewell Wishes For Boss

1 ) It sounds like an exciting opportunity for you, but I still can’t believe you are leaving! I’m looking forward to hearing all about it soon! Good luck!

2 ) A goodbye is not painful unless you are never ever going to say hello again.

3 ) Don’t cry since it really is over. Smile due to the fact it happened.

4 ) Apart from the decision making, communication and overall professionalism, the most important thing I have learnt from you is how to be a good human being. Thanks boss.

5 ) You’ve been great to work with and you’ve left your mark with us. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy! Congratulations and best wishes on your retirement.

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6 ) I won’t suck up to you by lying and saying that you are perfect in every way. But your support is the reason why I look forward to work every day. Thanks boss.

7 ) As you take your new road, We wish you a cup of success, A pint of happiness, And a jug of achievements. May you live the life of your dreams each moment.

8 ) Nobody can do your job quite like you! How will we ever make things work around here without you? Our whole team will miss you. Farewell and best wishes!

9 ) Man’s feelings are always purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting and of farewell. – Jean Paul Richter

10 ) Your comments on my failures and your compliments on my performance – both motivate and inspire me to do better. Thanks boss.

Farewell Message For Boss Retirement

11 ) It may be time to say good bye But always remember our special moments. Sharing them with you makes it all worthwhile.

12 ) Ever has it been that love knows not its personal depth until the hour of separation.

13 ) Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye? – Author Unknown

14 ) Having worked under a great professional like you was a life time opportunity. On your farewell, we would like to tell you that you have left a legacy that would be cherished till eternity. May you succeed in your endeavors.

15 ) Remembering you and the impact you’ve made to our company. We all want to say goodbye and good luck!

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16 ) It may be hard to say good bye But the ‘GOOD’ with it is A promise of something better.

17 ) As you move outside the cold walls of the office, we can’t wait to begin a warm friendship on the outside.

18 ) Thanks for converting our mistakes into lessons, pressure into productivity and skills into strengths. You really know how to bring out the best in us.

19 ) A goodbye isn’t painful unless you’re never going to say hello again. – Author Unknown

20 ) A wave, A tear, A farewell. Forever it will be a special moment.

Farewell Wishes For Boss Leaving

21 ) Dear boss… thanks for putting the needs of your employees ahead of those of the company and your own.

22 ) The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning. – Ivy Baker Priest

23 ) A boss and a friend, two in one. Whoever thought that work-life would be so much fun. Thanks.

24 ) Boss… nothing I can say will ever convey the amount of gratitude, I owe to you for showing me how to have the right attitude. Thanks.

25 ) Absence from whom we love is worse than death, and frustrates hope severer than despair. – William Cowper

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26 ) You have been a much appreciated and highly regarded asset to this company. Good luck in all your ventures!

27 ) Parting is all we know of heaven and all we need to know of hell. – Emily Dickinson, “Parting”

28 ) Working for you is an honor, working without you is an absolute horror. Working under you is a pleasure, an experience that I will truly treasure. Thanks boss.

29 ) Goodbye would have been a little less saddening if I had someone else in place of you as my boss. Wish you could stay with us a little longer. Best of luck for your future plans.

30 ) How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. – Carol Sobieski and Thomas Meehan, Annie

31 ) It has been a great pleasure working with a colleague like you. Now, you are off to your next big challenge! Good luck and farewell!

32 ) Good luck to a wonderful Boss! It was wonderful working with you. We’ll miss you and wish you well!

33 ) You may not be among us tomorrow, But your wisdom will remain.

34 ) The way I see it, A GOODBYE just means that A HELLO will be coming soon. I hope to meet you again someday.

35 ) Absence from whom we really like is worse than death, and frustrates hope severer than despair.

36 ) Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same. –Flavia Weedn

37 ) So sorry to see you go, boss, and we’ll sure miss you. We wish you all the best for the future!

38 ) You are to us what Warren Buffet would be to an apprentice investor, Gordon Ramsay would be to an aspiring chef, David Beckham would be to an aspiring footballer and Brad Pitt would be to an aspiring actor – Demigod. Thanks boss.

39 ) I will never know what it feels like to work under a boss who is annoying, grumpy, irritating and always angry. But this is one work experience that I am glad not to have had – all thanks to a boss like you.

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Did you know that they don't make bosses like you anymore? The next team It is a pity to see one of the best employees leave. We wish you It has slowly sunk in and we all wish you good luck in your new role. Over this.

Bon Voyage Messages: 100 Farewell Wishes and Quotes

good luck wishes for boss leaving

A boss spends a lot of their working day providing guidance and leadership to his employees. When it comes time for him to move on, finding a great way to let him know how much you appreciated him is the perfect way to show gratitude. Here is a look at some great sample farewell messages to your boss who is leaving.

“A decade of working with you is such a blessing to me. I want you to know sir/mam that you have inspired me in so many ways. You are a hardworking person and by that I have learned what the essence of working hard is. Thanks a lot sir/mam. I pray for your more success journey in your new life.”

“A million thanks to the best boss in the world. Thank you for giving us some words of encouragement and full support even if it is not related to our work. You are amazing. Thank you and God bless you.”

“Ever since I have started to work under your leadership; I have learned a lot which really helps me to become a better person. Thank you. You are the best boss ever.”

“I always wonder how you deal so wisely with hundreds of employees around. Your grace and decency makes me hooked of you.”

“I can’t believe time flies so fast. I would like to take this opportunity to simply thank you for 20 years of high quality service and excellent performance, you indeed is the reason why all of us here in the company turns to be hardworking and gained dedication towards our work each day. Sir/Ma’am thank you for that. More power and enjoy your retirement. God bless”

“I heard that you are going to transfer into a new office, I have mixed emotion both sadness and happiness. But I know every person deserves to be happy so if you are happy to leave, then I will be happy too, knowing that you for sure you will be able to set a good performance and leadership in your new work.”

“I just want to thank the best boss in the whole world. Thank you for helping me to become mature in this career. You have taught me a lot. Thank you.”

“I’m a little bit sad hearing that you will no longer our boss but on the other hand, I’m happy to know that for sure you will be a good set of example in your new office as what you have shown to us. More power and God bless you.”

“I’m so thankful that you are my boss. You are not just a leader to me but you are also an inspiration. Your hard work has been my inspiration since I became your member/ staff. Thank you.”

“It really feels so amazing working in your positive environment. Working under your management is indeed a great opportunity for any individual like me. Thank you.”

“It’s being hard for me to leave a Boss and company like you. I am lucky to find a mentor like you. Goodbye and Thank you.”

“Our whole team would like to thank you for being our wonderful boss.”

“Since the day I started to work with you; I know I’ve changed a lot that really helped me to become a better person inside and out. You are one of the reasons why I’m always trying my best. Thank you my boss. You know I appreciate you in so many ways.”

“Sir/Ma’am. Allow me express how much I appreciate you as my boss. On the other hand, allow me too to say sorry for all the mistakes that I have done. But since you are a good boss; you never let me down instead you help me get things better. Thank you very much.”

“Thank you Boss for all the help and efforts you have made for me while I have worked for the company. Your assistance will help me to brighten my skills in future job.”

“Thank you sir/Ma’am for giving me an opportunity to be your staff. You are such an amazing boss and really a true leader to look up to. Thank you for the words of encouragement every day. I appreciate it a lot.”

“Thank you very much because your leadership has been my inspiration each day. Thank you.”

“Thanks for helping me to identify my skills and strength during all the time I worked with you. Your advices will surely benefit me to raise my talent in future jobs.”

“Thanks for investing your precious time on me. Thanks for being with me at every step of obstacle in your company.”

“You always keep me on track. I deeply appreciate all you do and say for me. A big Thanks to you.”

“You are such a good boss. Thank you for being our leader and guiding us all the time. We truly value all the efforts you have done for us. We know that it isn’t easy to be a leader but because of your extraordinary ability to lead us; you really are a brilliant leader. Thank you.”

“You know very clearly how to bring best out of your employees. You teach me how to transform my mistakes into my skills. Thank you Boss..”

“You will always be my guiding star throughout my career. Thank you and keep bestowing me with your precious advices.”

“Your appreciation becomes my inspiration and today your encouragement makes my career flourish to this height It’s my pleasure working with and for you. You teach me professionalism. Thank you Boss.”

“Your consistent guidance helps me to increase my potential in work. You show me the path of brighter world, which makes me able to grasp this opportunity in career. Thankful to you Boss.”

“Your continous support and motivation made me reach this day. I wish I could get a boss like you in all my future jobs.”

“Your decision making skills always inspired me to be like you. Thank you for all the lessons Boss.”

Here is one example of a sample farewell message from a boss to his employees that is going to transition into another job.

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Farewell Messages - Collection of farewell wishes, SMS or MSG with As you leave though my mind says you have a brighter future in store & a better life ahead. . You were not only a boss to us, but you were also a great leader who Good luck for your higher studies and continue to achieve success.

good luck wishes for boss leaving
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