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Going away to college wishes
August 22, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

Simply browse our top ideas & pass off your favourite one as your Funny Leaving Card Wishes Some of us are really going to miss you!.

Good Luck Going to College, Car card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Wishing you lots of success as you begin your new journey!
Artist: Sandra Rose Designs
Artist Notes: Customization available. See my complete line of cards on
Product Id: 566916

Holy Crap! Your Kid Left For College card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: I do believe it’s Mama’s time to PARTY!
Artist: Great Scott Designs�
Artist Notes: Some images under license by TackoRama.
Product Id: 468117

Good luck at college - Chemistry periodic table hu…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: I know you will! Good luck in this exciting new chapter of your life
Artist: InspirationzStore
Artist Notes: "Have a good time at college, just make sure you also study periodically!" reads this card, featuring a colorful periodic table. Perfect for your son, daughter or any college goer who is studying chemistry, biochemistry or another science subject. Send them off with a tough of humor and fun.
Product Id: 1065131

Off to College, You Will Rock It card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: You are going to rock it.
Artist: Amy Hadden
Artist Notes: Send this card to someone as they are heading off to college to let them know that they will rock it. They will love the sweet little rocks encouraging them.
Product Id: 1435662

Away to College in a Pink Van Packed with Boxes on…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: All of the excitement and anticipation has come to the day that you’ll begin a fantastic journey as a new world opens to you! Wishing you all the best!
Artist: Penny Cork
Artist Notes: This cute card was designed to celebrate a young woman's journey to college. A pink van, with a rainbow peace sign on the side, is packed and ready for an adventurous road trip! Let a special girl know how excited you are for her with this whimsical greeting card. Original art + verse � Penny Cork.
Product Id: 432499

Top 10 Things Miss Away at College Humor chalkboar…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: You have many great adventures ahead. Although you may not say it or realize it just yet, you WILL miss us. Have a wonderful time and we look forward to your next visit back home. It won’t come soon enough for us.
Artist: M. Rosso
Original image by:
eskay lim/
Artist Notes: As a college student there are a lot of fun things to look forward to when living on your own and dorm life but there are many comforts from home that will be greatly missed. Share this humorous but realistic top 10 things missed while at college card to a college bound student.
Product Id: 1289318

Cats College/School Beginning (Bud & Tony) card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: As you enter your first year of college, Your life’s story will turn a page. So chow down on every kibble of knowledge, And the world will be your stage. Have a great year!
Artist: Betty Matsumoto-Schuch
Product Id: 412262

College Encouragement Expect the Unexpected Dog wi…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: Embrace all of the new college experiences coming your way. Try something new, be open to something different. You are sure to have some wonderful surprises and I can’t wait to hear all about them!
Artist: M. Rosso
Original image by:
Artist Notes: Going off to college is exciting but a new world with many unknowns and unfamiliar experiences - new people, new teachers, new city, new roommates. A great time for a young student to grow and expand their horizons. Share this adorable dog with a lovely butterfly upon its nose to share the message of expecting the unexpected and being open to new and different things, many of which will be wonderful surprises. Send a new college student the encouragement to take advantage of this special time of change.
Product Id: 1445182

Granddaughter Away to College in a Pink Van with R…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: ... know that you’ll be missed and that much love and many good wishes are going with you as you begin your amazing journey into a wonderful new world!
Artist: Penny Cork
Artist Notes: The proud moment when your granddaughter heads off to college! Share your excitement, pride and love with her with this fun card that's sure to bring a smile. A pink van, with a rainbow peace sign on the side, is packed with boxes that she'll need for her new adventure at university. A purple sky and tree adds to the whimsical scene. Original art + verse � Penny Cork.
Product Id: 432531

Good Luck to the College Bound Student! card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: As You Head Off to College, May Your New Journey be Filled with Tons of Success! (And lots of fun along the way!)
Artist: Judy Cotrone-Ramirez
Artist Notes: As always, you can change the inside text to whatever you would like (or just leave it BLANK)! If you really want to personalize this unique card, just add some sparkles, rhinestones, glitter glue, etc., be creative! (pick a 'matte' finish if you plan on embellishing your card)
Product Id: 949804

Nephew Away to College in a Blue Van Packed with B…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: ... know that you’ll be missed and that much love and many good wishes are going with you as you begin your amazing journey into a wonderful new world!
Artist: Penny Cork
Artist Notes: With boxes of supplies stacked on the roof, the blue peace van is down the road and off to a new adventure at school. Tell your college-bound nephew that you are wishing him well and will miss him, while he's at university, with this cute and colorful card. Fun and trendy with a rainbow peace sign and orange autumn colored tree. Original whimsical art + verse � Penny Cork.
Product Id: 432539

Girl Driving Off to College with Red Car and Suitc…

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: What an exciting time for you. Here’s hoping your dreams and wishes come true!
Artist: JJBDesigns
Artist Notes: Going to college is an exciting time for her. Give this card to someone who is taking the next step in their life. Design � 2015 Julia Bryant.
Product Id: 1407236

Grandson Away to College in a Blue Van card

Customize: Inside text only
Inside Text: ... know that you’ll be missed and that much love and many good wishes are going with you as you begin your amazing journey into a wonderful new world!
Artist: Penny Cork
Artist Notes: Away to College in a Blue Van, a whimsical card for your grandson leaving home for school. A fun card that will let him know that you're thinking about him while he's at university. On the road in the hippie peace van! Original art and verse � Penny Cork.
Product Id: 432542

It's easy to see that some people are simply bound for success and happiness, and I can tell that you will go far in life. Best wishes and many blessings.

What to Write in a Card to Your Child Who Is Going to College or University

going away to college wishes

Leaving for College Quotes: Notes that shout good luck and farewell greetings that ooze inspiration and motivation  – make sure that your message to someone who is about to step into college is loud and clear. Whether it is for your son, daughter or a friend, think about the best advice that you can think of and turn it into words that mark the beginning of a student’s life at university. Share your thoughts on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook so that you can subtle remind them of what lies ahead. And to avoid sounding like a nag, mix your advice up with jokes and funny one-liners when you see them off with a last hug.


1) As life gives you wings, always remember that no matter what you do and where you go, your parents are always here… looking out for you and wishing that all your dreams come true. We will miss you, goodbye.


2) The first day of college is like your first kiss. It will start before you even realize and by the time it ends you will have no idea what happened. Good luck.


3) You can either be proud of graduating from a prestigious college or you can make your college proud of having prestigious alumni like you – the choice is yours.


4) College is a journey unlike any other – beautiful and bad, exciting and exhausting, unique and ugly, happy and horrendous, charming and cute, lovely and lonely. Good luck.


5) Nothing can prepare you for college. Just have an open mind and the courage to follow your heart. Wish you the best.

6) College will be difficult. You will face problems and there will be times when you will feel like quitting. But don’t give up, you are not alone. Keep pushing on because in the end, it will all be worth it. Good luck.


7) As you leave for college I just have one thing to say to you son – be brave, be curious.


8) Curiosity may have killed the cat but don’t let the lack of it make you as good as dead. Good luck for college.


9) It is good to seek perfection but it is better to seek excellence. It is good to work hard but it is better to work hard smarter. It is good to study but it is better to learn. It is good to have a dream but it is better to actually pursue it. Good luck for college.


10) Leaving for college? Congratulations, you’ve just taken the first step towards learning how to stand up on your own two feet.

11) College is not just a place where you’ll learn answers to a lot of life’s questions, but also a phase which will make you question a lot of life’s answers.


12) College is all about building – building friendships, building experiences, building connections, building relationships and more importantly, building your future. Good luck.


13) One last piece of advice before you leave for college – you may not always be right but you will always do well as long as you do the right thing. Good luck son.


14) Before you begin your first day at college, just remember that the difference between being good and being great is the difference between listening and understanding. Good luck.


15) College is all about LEARNING – Listen, Experience, Aspire, Reflect, Nurture, Imagine, Network and Grow. Good luck.

16) A few wise words before you leave for college – whenever in doubt, never ask yourself WHAT you are doing. Ask yourself, WHY you are doing it.


17) Watch, learn and create – let this be the motto of your daily life at college. Good luck.


18) College is a race but don’t worry about crossing the finish line first. This race is less about reaching faster and more about understanding HOW and WHY you reached it. Good luck.


19) Express yourself, commit yourself, focus yourself and enjoy yourself – college is a journey where forgetting to do any of these will cause a lot of regret later in life. Good luck.


20) Don’t let anything come in-between you and your dreams because nothing is worth giving up on your destiny. Good luck.

21) Let education and knowledge be your guiding light, but in the end, always let your heart show you the way. Good luck for college.


22) The day you leave for college is the day you become responsible for your own future. Study hard, have fun, make good decisions and strive to make every single day a memory that you will cherish forever.


23) Never forget that life’s greatest battles aren’t fought with fists, but with ideas and thoughts.


24) Don’t try to be the person everyone around you wants you to be. Make sure every day of your college life is dedicated towards being the person you see yourself becoming.


25) College will be a journey as awesome and exciting as you let it be. Put aside your inhibitions and be hungry for success – opportunities are waiting for you with open arms. Good luck.

26) Use your imagination – it is the only thing that will never run out. Good luck.


27) As long as your heart tells you that you’re on the right path, as long as your gut tells you that you’re doing the right thing – never look back because those are the only things that will give you wings. Good luck for college.


28) Every time you feel low, every time you feel tired, every time you feel like giving up – remind yourself that education is the only asset in your life which will never be written off.


29) In terms of hard work and sacrifice, you will pay a big price to get that degree. But in terms of the value it adds to your life, that degree is priceless.


30) Whenever you hit rock bottom, pat yourself in the back because you are still alive. Whenever you fail, smile because now you know what it takes to succeed. Good luck for college.

31) As long as you have hard work in your stride, good luck will always be by your side. Best wishes for the first day of college.


32) College – the only place where your parents will pay for you to stay, eat, sleep and party. Have fun, good luck.


33) Never turn your back even on small problems and never be afraid to face big adversities. Never look back at your small mistakes and never stop thinking about your big dreams. Never give up when you fail and never quit looking for the epitome of success. Good luck for college.


34) You will do well in college, as long as you keep chasing excellence and keep running away from procrastination. Good luck.


35) Your college education won’t be a pillar of your life. It will be a ladder which will help you climb up to new heights. Good luck.

36) Keep questioning yourself, because you never know how many answers you will need to find the path of life that you truly want to take. Good luck.


37) Make friends for LIFE, create LIFE long memories and get an education that lasts a LIFEtime. Good luck for college LIFE.


38) Be ready to work hard – this is the only way you can prepare yourself for college and life after it. Good luck.


39) College is the pinnacle of education and the beginning of your career. The amount of hard work you put in now will determine how well you life your life later. Good luck.


40) Go to parties and have all the fun you want. But don’t forget the most important reason for which you got into college – creating the foundation of the rest of your life. Good luck.

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A+ Wishes For a Loved One’s College Journey

going away to college wishes

Birthday Bonanza - $25

No birthday is complete without a small celebration with close friends. Birthday package includes a decorated cake or a dozen cupcakes, bag of chips, 2-liter soda, mylar balloon, ice cream coupon, plates, napkins and forks.

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Bit of Sunshine - $20

Send a "Little Bit of Sunshine" your student's way with this package filled with yellow snacks and beverages.

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Bouquet Collection - $20

Send your student an irresistible bouquet of gourmet cookies or candy bars. Package includes freshly baked sugar and chocolate chip cookies or an assortment of candy bars and a coupon for a half gallon of milk.

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Exam Cram - $20

Exam coming up? This snack pack will help your student “power” through their exam. Package includes two snickers bar, two Power Bar, two bags of nuts, two energy drinks, two Slim Jims, two bags of candy, and two Awake chocolate bars.

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Get Well - $20

Send your student some TLC with a Get Well Package. This care package includes: chicken noodle soup, ginger ale, bottled water, Gatorade, apple sauce, bananas, saltines, cough drops and box of tissues.

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Health Nut - $20

This care package offers a healthy selection of fruit and nuts.

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Ice Cream Sundae Treat - $25

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. This package includes 2 pints ice cream of your student’s choice along with ice cream cones and an assortment of toppings.

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Just Because - $20

Send your student a coupon for a pint of ice cream and a giant cookie just because…you love them…to wish them luck…or whatever the occasion. Each cookie is personalized with a short message. Choose from sugar or chocolate chip.

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Miss You - $30

Want to remind your student how much they are missed? This care package is sure to bring a smile to their face. Package includes one dozen fresh baked sugar and chocolate chip cookies, a 2-liter of soda, plus coupons for one large pizza and a dozen wings.

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Movie Snack - $20

Send your student this snack filled with popcorn, movie theater candy and soda for their movie watching enjoyment.

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Munchies - $20

Got the munchies? This package supplies chips, nachos, dip, salsa and soda for your student’s munchies craving.

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Out of the Blue - $20

Let your student know you are thinking them "out of the Blue" with this package filled with "blue" snacks and beverages.

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Being away from home is never easy. Send something special to your Penn College student this semester and let them know how much he or she is missed.

Leaving Card Messages: What to Write

going away to college wishes

Freshmen orientation. You can almost smell the nerves in the room, but you’re not worried. Dorm room, check. Class schedule, check. Textbooks, check. Watching your siblings and friends go through their college years has prepared you for the years ahead. Surely there were bumps and bruises, but there’s bound to be people on campus to help you avoid making life changing mistakes and make the most of your time at the school. Right?

Here at the Department of Education, we asked some of our interns for any advice they would extend to incoming freshmen to make their college years un-regrettable…


“Do not restrict yourself to the lectures and textbooks for your education. Most of your education and discovery as a student will occur outside of the classroom; pursuing your passionate interests and engaging in lively conversations with your peers. Your role in academia is not to consume knowledge, but to actively contribute to it.”

Isaiah Kamrar (Southern Oregon University)
Intern at the Office of Educational Technology


“Get off campus! Study abroad, take advantage of opportunities to have these experiences. The funding is out there, just a matter of going out and finding it. I had never been abroad before coming to college, and now I am preparing to go abroad for the third time, this time to South Korea. Languages open doors, make you marketable, and are so much fun. Have a great first year!”

Ruth Sangree (Mount Holyoke College)
Intern at the Office of Postsecondary Education


“Fear is for those who don’t get out muchtry everything and always be willing to say “yes.””

Nathan Baker (Cornell University)
Intern at the Office of Legislative and Congressional Affairs


“Get as involved as possible on campus and don’t be afraid to reach out to faculty because they are always more than happy to get to know you and help you out.”

Jasmin Chavez (McDaniel College)
Intern at the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics


“Get off campus! Learn about and immerse yourself in the communities and in the world around you. Colleges often have great resources and connections to local volunteer opportunities and global fellowships. Figure out what you’re interested in, do some research, and get out there!”

Jenny Jin (American University)
Intern at the Office of Early Learning


“Try to find a way to get off campus for a weekend every now and then, whether it be taking a trip with a team/club or with a group of friends from your dorm. It’s super refreshing and you’ll appreciate campus even more when you get back.”

Jackson Paul (Middlebury College)
Intern at the Office of Communications and Outreach


“As a freshman, you don’t need to know exactly (or even remotely) what major you want to complete. You DO need to pick a goal, make a plan, and stick to it. That could mean trying at least two new subjects, joining a club or activity, or even just completing general education pre-reqs. When you are working towards a goal that enriches your experience, you’ll learn new things, gain confidence and feel less topsy-turvy. Make college work for youeven if that means moving at your own pace. It’s not a sprint, it’s a long, winding marathon!”

Taylor Myers (University of California, Berkeley)
Intern at the Office of Postsecondary Education


“Look for the offices, resources, and staff that will help you be successful during your time in that school.”

Jessica Andino (Georgetown University)
Intern at the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics



“Get your hands dirty with projects and initiatives!  You don’t have to get paid for it, but experience goes a long way. It’s important to never let people’s negativity be the reason you defer from your dreams. If you stay true to yourself, you’ve already succeeded.”

Michaelle Andre (Bowie State University)
Intern at Federal Student Aid


“Don’t stress the little things. College is an amazing time, so have as much fun as you can!”

Michael Martin (Le Moyne College)
Intern at Federal Student Aid

11 – 17:

11. Focus on what is within your control. Focusing on what is not within your control will hinder your ability to positively influence what is within your control.

12. Do not compare yourself to others.

13. Quickly familiarize yourself with all the resources your campus has to offer.

14. Reach out to those sources as soon as you feel you need someone to hear you out or help you understand a difficult concept covered in class.

15. Really try not to fall behind in class; catching up might be more difficult than you imagine.

16. Early on, get in the habit of staying active, making time for a good night’s rest, and eating well. This will help you deal with the stress and stay healthy (beware of the freshman 15!)

17. Maintain and build strong relationships. You might be tempted to focus all your energy on your new friends but don’t forget those that have helped you get to where you are.”

Sarah Torres (University of Pennsylvania)
Intern at Federal Student Aid


“Be open-minded and flexible. No matter how tedious some of your tasks may be, treat everything with high priority and of equal importance.”

Kaileine Najacque (George Mason)
Intern at Federal Student Aid

Michaelle Andre is a senior at Bowie State University, majoring in Psychology. She is an intern for the Department of Education, office of Federal Student Aid.



Photo of the car and a student by Getty Images.

I feel a bit torn about not going away to college because on one hand, I like It's cool to not pay as much as university students but I still wish I would have gone.

going away to college wishes
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