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Funny good night wishes for friends

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Funny good night wishes for friends
May 20, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

Good night my dear friends. Have a sound sleep. A very original and authenticated good night wish only for.

Wish good night to your friends, family and loved one with a funny and beautiful good night away message. If you miss your close ones, then a good night away message carries your thoughts to them and you can choose a fun-loving way to make your friends happy. The words of the message express your emotion in a light way that brings smiles to your close one’s face.

Here a beautiful collection of funny good night away message is listed for you:

1). Don’t make noise in a silent night and it is time to keep quiet and close your eyes. Birds are sleeping, the sun is resting, only the moon is watching you to make sure you are sleeping or not. So, good night for now and bye.

2). When darkness covers up the earth, don’t be scared as it is the beginning of a sunny morning; if you are still scared, then think of the moments of our love and smile always. No ghost can touch you as long as I am there with you. Good night.

3). The night is romantic, so are we, but the distance is there and we have to cross it together. By miles, it may be difficult, but by love you are always there with me. Share your emotion with me and make the night memorable. Good night.

4). Look at the stars outside, it may have something to tell you. Hear it and they tell you that you look prettier than them and some miles away there is one who always loves you. Good night dear.

5). Stars are hiding their light, moon is resting in the clouds that make the night gloomy. If you are scared of then give a beautiful smile to them, they all are back to their work and make the night romantic and light. Good night.

6). Since I have fallen in love with you, I see the moon becomes bigger, stars are shinning more now as if everything falls in love with you. It is just the magic of your smile that makes me mad for you. Love you and good night.

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Funny good night sms, latest, new, funny good night sms in hindi, collection for O MY FRIENDS ITS TIME TO CRAZY- RAM CHANDRA KEH GAYE SIYA SE EK Tussi so gaye? inni jaldi? ik mint ruko mainu gud nite te wish kar len do!! gud.

Good Night Messages for Friends: Quotes and Wishes

funny good night wishes for friends

We all have heard that laughter can cure anything and everything. And what can be better than making someone laugh before they take their day off? We always want our loved ones to have a deep and peaceful sleep. Just saying ‘good night’ is not always sufficient, especially if it is meant for a special friend. Though there is no fixed time to make someone laugh but making them happy before going to sleep will be extremely effective and help the person to have a sound sleep. It will also bring a wide smile on their faces. Sending someone such funny messages also show your love and care towards them.

Here, we are listing some funny good night messages which can be sent to friends to make them happy.

I wish you have a deep sleep and the most beautiful person comes in your dream today. Do not make it a habit though. I am not free every day. Good night!
I really want to talk to you right now, but the phone keeps falling on my face every now and then. So, just wishing you a very good night. We will talk tomorrow, dude.
Unfortunately, the battery that I had installed in my body has died, so I need to sleep at least 6 hours to charge my battery. Hence, good night.
May you have dark and horrific dreams just like the darkness of the night. Good night and please do not be scared.
I was taking a nap and I saw a nightmare. An alien was chasing you and you were running for your life. I am sleeping again so that I can complete the dream. I will tell you tomorrow what happened in the end. Good night!
Isn’t it very awkward when two people are in the middle of a conversation and one of them falls asleep? I don’t want this to happen in our case because I am damn sleepy. So, good night!

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The best part of childhood was dozing off on the couch and then waking up to see that you are tucked in your bed well. Good night!
Good night and sweet dreams buddy. In case you have nightmares, just give me a call. I will come in your dreams and fight with the monsters that are troubling your sleep.
Good night, honey. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. No, seriously, I am not kidding. I think I saw one near your bed yesterday.
Just wanted to wish you a very good night, my friend. By the way, did you check well under your bed? Was everything fine there?
I want to say goodnight to you and take my day off but my mind just wants to tell you how amazing my day was.
I don’t know I should tell you about this or not but I saw someone very strange behind your house today evening. Don’t worry. Sleep tight. We will talk about this tomorrow.
I thought I would sleep early tonight but my phone doesn’t let me sleep ever. Ugghh. Don’t do that to yourself. Get some deep sleep.
I can’t sleep. I just realized that you must be dreaming about me. So, just stop dreaming and sleep and let me sleep as well.
Trust me, I was already asleep. I woke up just now and remembered that I didn’t wish you tonight. Good night!
Stop playing with your phone. Put your pyjamas on and switch off your cell phone, not before sending me a text. Good night!
The only reason why I get such peaceful sleep every night is that I know I you will come in my dreams and fight all my nightmares away. Love you. Good night, bro.
Ouch! I just fell from my bed while I was trying to reach my phone which was kept on the table near my bed. Though I am hurting right now, I couldn’t sleep before texting you good night.
I wish God made me a bird so that I can reach your place in seconds and give you a tight hug. But never mind a very amazing night to you.
Don’t worry about the test that we are going to take tomorrow. Even I haven’t studied for it. So, chill and have some sleep. Good night!

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Hence, we have concluded some cool and funny good night messages for friends. Do not forget to send these texts and make your friends have a good dose of laughter before sleeping.

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Good Night Wishes : Best 77+ Good Night quotes for Everyone 2019 (Updated)

funny good night wishes for friends

1. Girlfriends and Boyfriends will come 

    and go in our life but true friends 

    will forever with us.

    Good Night my  friends.

2. The biggest things for 

     my life are my friends,

     they are always with me.

     Good night my sweet friends.

3. Success is not measured that

     how big you are. Our real success is that

     how many friends we have in our life,

    because a true friend always stands 

   with us in every trouble. 

   Good Night My best friend.

    Good Night Quotes For Wife

4. The best and real relation 

     in this world is friendship. 

    Because friendships love

    never cheat us. Good Night Friends.

5. Good Night My Friends,

    I am lucky because my day starts

    and ends with a text from 

    a friend as lovely as you.

6. My all friends are my super heroes,

     because they are with me in every condition.

     I will never forget them. Good Night my friends.

7. Dear friend, don’t think about tomorrow, 

    I will always be there to set all things. 

    I am always with you…good night frnds.

8. When I spend full day with my friends

     then I have a sweet dream in night. 

     my all friends are so cute. Good night.

9. In silent night when I wish my friends

    then I close my eyes and put my hand 

    on my heart and remember good moments

    which i spent with them…

    good night my all sweet friends

10. Girlfriend leaves you after some time

       but friends always stands with you 

       good night frnds have a sweet dream

11. Dear God I m thankful to you

       because you gave a sweetest gift

       like as  friends good night my all friends

12. Moon is shining so bright 

       I prey god that my friends achieved

      all things in their life good night friends

Good Night Love Quotes For Friends:

13. The cool breeze, shining stars 

       and the silent night are wishing you

      a sweet good night to my all friends.

14.  F.R.I.E.N.D.S.:

       (F)ight for you.

      (R)espect you.

      (I)nvolve you.

     (E)ncourage you.

     (N)eed you.

     (D)eserve you and

     (S)tand by you.

     Good night my all sweet friends

16. When I loose my hope to do

      some works than my friends 

      increase my courage.

      I am happy I have a a lot of friends

      good night

17. Good night my friend. 

      I wish you sweet dreams

      and peaceful night. 

      You are the power of me… 

 18. The brightest stars in my life 

        are friends who shine through 

        night and day. Good night friends.

 19. I am sending you a few stars

        to brighten your night and your dreams, 

        god bless you you will achieve all things in your life.

 20. I wish you a best and good night

        and send beautiful things or gifts for you. 

       You lives with me always so I am so happy. 

       Good night friends

    Good Night Quotes For Girlfriend

 21. By this message I wish my friend 

       a good night sleep. As the stars fill up

       the night sky twinkling, se as your sleep

       be filled up by lovely dreams. 

       Good night friends.

22. My sweet friends by this text 

       I am wishing you a sweet good night. 

      You are  the heroes of my life.

23. This quotes carries good night 

       wishes for my sweetest friends who looking at it. 

       Good night my all sweetest friend.

24.  When my arms can’t reach friends

        who are close to my heart, I always hug

        them with my prayers.

        My all friends are in my heart.. 

        Good Night

Good Night Romantic Quotes For Friends:

25. One and the beautiful word 

       of my life is friend which gives me a lot

      of love and peace good night my friends

26. Nobody teach to fish to swim. 

       Nobody teaches a heart to choose a friend like U.

       U r the cute friend of my life…Good Night…

 27. Touch your heart close your eyes

       and now I am dying you a sweet good night

       friend have a sweet dream.

28. Night is a nice gift for you

       so close your eyes then you will see

      that a mother world that is waiting for you …

      Good night love.

29. God gave me nothing i wanted. 

       He gave me everything I needed like

        as you best friend..good night my cute friend

30. Dear friend when I say you a good night

       it’s not mean to end of the day.

       It’s mean that now I am going to

      sleep on my bed…good night my friend

31. Hello friend now I am sleeping. 

       I want to see you in my dream so

       I close my eyes to see you in my dream.

       Good night

   Good Night Quotes For Him

32. Awesome moments of our life

      that When we love someone then 

      we want only to see him/her in our dreams….  

      Good night friends

33. Good night Friends the morning

       is just a few moments away, 

      when you wake up a lot of 

      happiness is waiting for u.

34. Everyone else has already slept, 

       now it’s time for you to take a break from all worries …

      good nyt my all sweet friends have a sweet dream…

      Be happy always …keep smiling always.

35. Every night is like a refresh 

       button in our life. We sleep in night

      and refresh yourself. 

      Good night friends.

36. Goodnight my dear friend.

       The sun is set and the moon is

       rise the stars are twinkling in the sky.

       Have a sweet dream

37. I feel happy with you my friend.

       You are my real hero of my life.

       I share my all things with you 

       I miss u so much friend. Good night

38. When I say good night to special friends like you, 

        I does not feel good because now you are away from me..  

       Good night friend

39. I love my best friend, 

       you make me happy always,

       I feel so awesome with you during the day, 

      As well as in the night, Good Night My friend.

40.  I am alive because of my friends,

        I have happy because of my friends,

       my friends are everything for me 

       good night my friends.

Good Night Love Quotes For Friends:

41. My dear friends don’t be think

      about the tomorrow because 

      I am always with you to set things right. 

      Good night friends. 

42. My dear friend I think about you

       and you also think about you 

       but the difference is that 

      when I think about you I send you message

      and you think about me after receiving my message. 

      Good night my friend.

43. Good night my friends.. 

      Sleep is a language of rest, 

      sleep is to visualize of our dreams,

      sleep improve our mental ability 

      so now you go for sleep.


    Good Night Quotes For Her

44.  I am so lucky because a most careful boy

        is my best friend which care me and understand me ,, 

       you are my everything good night my best friend.

45. A true friend is not a friend only.

      He is our best brother of the world

      who always with us and share everything 

      with us good night friend.

46. Today night is silent, night is beautiful,

       night is quiet. Do you know? 

      My night is not complete

      without wishing you a sweet good night.

47. Dear friend choose your dreams tonight, 

     choose what are you want to see

     then close your eyes and now 

     I am wishing you a sweet good night.

48. Boyfriends break your heart

       and Girlfriends dumps you.

      Only friends stay with you always. 

      They are real teacher and parents

      for you good night friends.

49. Dear friend now stop thinking

       about all the worries people said to

       hurt your feelings. Just  hold on tightly

       someone made you smile. Gud Nyt

50. See the sky in the night our 

       friendship adds a sense of character

       and glamour to our life. 

       You are everything for us good night friends.

Here was the best collection of Good Night Quotes for Dear Friends.To make your friendship bond strong then try these message.

Always message her Funny Good night Text Messages. I wish you all the best this season, may you find joy this night so that you will always be smiling Believe me, good brothers like you are not in the friendship market.

Funny Good Night Memes

funny good night wishes for friends

In the whirlpool of starts high in heaven, in the arms of the night, the sleep comes to you and brings armful of sweet dreams.


The whole world is sleeping again, preparing for a new day to come. When the sun rises, we will be telling each other our dreams like we always do. May this night cover you with its warm dark coat so you could fall asleep quickly. Good night, sleep well, mate!


Tomorrow is a new day, which means you have a lot of opportunities to turn things around. I will always be by your side to support you, so don’t you ever be afraid of anything. Have a good night, sleep well and get up rested.


As you lay your head tonight to sleep, remember that you have a friend who loves you endlessly and supports you no matter what. I admire you, mate, and I know that you are capable of anything. Good night, sleep tight!


Turn off the lights and think of your dreams. I want you to remember that they can come true, you only have to grab opportunities. Never give up. May this night comfort you and give you some time to rest. Sleep tight, mate!

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Sweet good night wishes for friends | Beautiful good night messages and cute When we are together we can't stop laughing at things no one else finds funny.

funny good night wishes for friends
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