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Fun tricky riddles with answers

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Fun tricky riddles with answers
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Riddles are a fun to read and share. We created a big list of different types of riddles with answers. These include funny, tricky, logical and adult type of puzzles.

So you think you are smart? Feel like you have more common sense than others? Think again! The following questions are going to make your mind go crazy doing flips as it tries to figure out the answer. Don’t beat yourself up though, if you can’t get the answer. Scroll down for your brain challenge!

33 Trickiest Questions of All Time is Here!

  1. A little girl kicks a soccer ball. It goes 10 feet and comes back to her. How is this possible? (Ever heard of gravity? She kicked it up.)
  2. A 10 foot rope ladder hangs over the side of a boat with the bottom rung on the surface of the water. The rungs are one foot apart, and the tide goes up at the rate of 6 inches per hour. How long will it be until three rungs are covered?(Never. The boat rises as the tide goes up.)
  3. A is the father of B. But B is not the son of A. How’s that possible? (B is the daughter you MCP’s!)
  4. A man dressed in all black is walking down a country lane. Suddenly, a large black car without any lights on comes round the corner and screeches to a halt. How did the car know he was there? (It was day time.)
  5. A rooster laid an egg on top of the barn roof. Which way did it roll? (It didn’t roll – since when did roosters start laying eggs?)
  6. A truck driver is going down a one way street the wrong way, and passes at least ten cops. Why is he not caught? (Because he was not driving! He’s walking on the sidewalk.)
  7. An electric train is moving north at 100mph and a wind is blowing to the west at 10mph. Which way does the smoke blow? (There is no smoke with an electric train.)
  8. How can a man go eight days without sleep? (By sleeping during the night time)
  9. How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it? (The Egg won’t crack the concrete floor!)
  10. How can you lift an elephant with one hand? (It is not a problem, since you will never find an elephant with one hand.)
  11. How much dirt is there in a hole 3 feet deep, 6 ft long and 4 ft wide? (None, or else it wouldn’t be a hole. )
  12. If a doctor gives you 3 pills and tells you to take one pill every half hour, how long would it take before all the pills had been taken?   (1 hour! Take the 1st pill right away, half an hour later take the 2nd and half an hour after that the 3rd. Total time spent: 1 hour! )
  13. If it took eight men ten hours to build a wall,how long would it take four men to build it? (No time at all it is already built.)
  14. If Mr Smith’s peacock lays an egg in Mr Jones’ yard, who owns the egg? (Peacocks don’t lay eggs, just peahens.)
  15. If there are 6 apples and you take away 4, how many do you have? (The 4 you took.)
  16. If you had only one match, and entered a dark room containing an oil lamp, some newspaper, and some kindling wood, which would you light first? (The match.)
  17. Is it legal for a man to marry his widow’s sister? (No, but since he’s dead it would be kind of difficult.)
  18. Some months have 31 days, others have 30 days. How many have 28 days? (All months have 28 days.)
  19. Larry’s father has five sons named Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty…Guess what would be the name of the fifth? (Larry! He would be the fifth son)
  20. There was an airplane crash, every single person on board died, but yet two people survived. How is this possible? (The two were married.)
  21. What goes up and down, but still remains in the same place? (Stairs! )
  22. How far can you walk into the woods? (Half way. After that you are walking out of the woods.)
  23. If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what it will become? (It will become Wet. Duhh :P)
  24. What can you never eat for breakfast? (Dinner)
  25. What gets wetter & wetter the more it dries? (A towel)
  26. Name the most recent year in which New Year’s came before Christmas. (This year. New Year’s always comes before Christmas of the same year.)
  27. What goes up and never comes down? (Age!)
  28. Which is heavier, 100 pounds of rocks or 100 pounds of feathers? (They both weigh the same – 100 pounds)
  29. What has a head and a tail but no body? (A coin)
  30. If there are 12 fish and half of them drown, how many are there? (12, fish don’t drown!)
  31. Imagine you are in a sinking row boat surrounded by sharks. How would you survive? (Stop imagining!)
  32. How many times can you subtract 10 from 100? (Once. Next time you would be subtracting 10 from 90.)
  33. How many times does the alphabet ‘a’ appear from 0-100. (None).

Well, that’s it. Hope these questions kept your brain busy for sometime… Now, it’s time to break your friends’ heads! Cheers!

These are the best and most fun math riddles we can find. All of these tricky riddles are based on real math concepts and can be solved with purely math and .

151 Trick Questions for Kids (Tricky Questions with Answers)

fun tricky riddles with answers

In this Article

One of the best ways to stimulate young minds is to engage them in some brainstorming sessions, and solving riddles is the best way to enhance thinking skills of young kids. Children not only have loads of fun in solving riddles, but they also learn various new skills. Here are some interesting and creative riddles or brain teasers for kids, which will boost their cognitive development.

How do Riddles Benefit Kids?

Even something as simple as a riddle can do wonders for kids in numerous ways. Here are some of the benefits riddles have for kids.

1. Riddles bridge the gap between parents and children and strengthens bonds. It also helps kids overcome social issues when they interact with others and pass on the riddles.

2. They encourage problem-solving and critical thinking at a young age, which are crucial skills to have in life. It makes them think creatively and work their brains.

3. Riddles are beneficial in Improving kids’ vocabulary, when words they are don’t understand are thrown at them, and they try and figure out what they mean.

4. Comprehension is an important part of learning in school. Kids can understand words or phrases from context, and identify details that would otherwise be ignored.

5. Laughter and humour are vital, and riddles often provide intellectual humour. They relax kids’ minds while educating them in a way they find interesting.

50 Easy Brain Stimulating Riddles for Children with Answers

From easy riddles for kids to hard riddles, we shall be discussing various types of riddles that will help polish their thinking skills. We shall also be discussing ‘what am I riddles’ for kids, for a more fun-filled experience with family and friends. Apart from riddles, you can also try other activities and games that are fun and educative. Following, are some crazy, funny, and smart English riddles for kids that will make learning a more fun experience:

1. Riddle: What begins with the letter ‘t’, is full of ‘t’ and finishes with ‘t’?

Answer: A Teapot with Tea in it.

2. Riddle: Which is the biggest English alphabet that contains the most water in it?

Answer: The letter ‘C’.

  1. Riddle: Can you guess what is at the end of a rainbow?

Answer: The letter ‘W’.

  1. Riddle: What would weigh more, one pound cotton or one pound iron?

Answer: Neither weighs more or less, as they weigh the same, one pound.

  1. Riddle: In a single-storey house, there is a red chair, red bed, red computer, red flowers, red table, red carpet- everything around is red colour. What is the colour of the staircase?

Answer: It is a single-storey house, and hence, there is no staircase.

  1. Riddle: I have a face and two hands, but no arms or legs. What am I?

Answer: A clock.

  1. Riddle: What starts and ends with the letter ‘E’, but has only one letter?

Answer: An envelope.

  1. Riddle: Why can’t a man living in New York be buried in Chicago?

Answer: Because he is alive.

  1. Riddle: What needs to be broken before you use it?

Answer: An egg.

  1. Riddle: Which month of the year has 28 days?

Answer: All months have 28 days.

11. Riddle: Where will you find Friday before Thursday?

Answer: In a dictionary.

  1. Riddle: Tommy throws the ball as hard as he could, and it comes back to him, without anything or anybody touching it. How?

Answer: He threw the ball upwards.

  1. Riddle: What has a neck but no head?

Answer: A bottle.

  1. Riddle: What did one ocean say to the other ocean?

Answer: It did not say anything. It just waved.

  1. Riddle: What has holes all over, but still holds water?

Answer: A sponge.

  1. Riddle: A girl fell off a 40 feet ladder, but still did not get hurt. Why?

Answer: She fell off the bottom step.

  1. Riddle: What is used by others frequently, but belongs to you?

Answer: Your name.

  1. Riddle: What goes up, but never comes down?

Answer: Age.

  1. Riddle: What is always answered without being asked any questions?

Answer: A doorbell.

  1. Riddle: Imagine you are in the middle of the sea. Your boat has a hole, and you are surrounded by sharks. What will you do?

Answer: Stop imagining.

21. Riddle: Which two keys cannot open any doors?

Answer: A donkey and a monkey.

  1. Riddle: Can you guess the easiest way to double your money?

Answer: Place it in front of the mirror.

  1. Riddle: Every person has one, and no one can lose it. Can you guess what it is?

Answer: A shadow.

  1. Riddle: Which word is spelt incorrectly in every dictionary?

Answer: The word ‘Incorrectly’.

  1. Riddle: Which tree can be carried in your hand?

Answer: A palm

  1. Riddle: Is it possible for any man to go without sleeping for ten days?

Answer: It is possible, as we all sleep through the night and not during the day.

  1. Riddle: It is filled with keys, but is unable to open any door. What is it?

Answer: A piano.

  1. Riddle: What has a horn, but does not make any noise?

Answer: A rhinoceros.

  1. Riddle: What is as big as an elephant, but weighs nothing?

Answer: The shadow of an elephant.

  1. Riddle: What has its shoes on even while sleeping?

Answer: A horse.

31. Riddle: If you threw a white stone into the red sea, what will happen to it?

Answer: It will become wet.

  1. Riddle: Can you guess what gets wetter and wetter as it dries?

Answer: A towel.

  1. Riddle: What is four-legged, but cannot walk?

Answer: A table.

  1. Riddle: A bird, a monkey, a cat, and a squirrel have climbed up on a coconut tree. Who will get to eat the mango first?

Answer: None, as they are on a coconut tree and there are no mangoes there.

  1. Riddle: My pockets are empty, but they still have something in it. What is it?

Answer: They have holes in it.

  1. Riddle: I fly all day long, but I do not go anywhere. What am I?

Answer: I am a flag.

  1. Riddle: You can serve it but cannot eat it?

Answer: A tennis ball.

  1. Riddle: It gets whipped and beaten, but it never cries. What is it?

Answer: An egg.

  1. Riddle: It has four eyes, but still cannot see anything. What is it?

Answer: Mississippi.

  1. Riddle: I am bought for eating, but people do not eat me. Why?

Answer: Because I am a plate.

41.Riddle: I am an English word. If you pronounce me correctly, then you are wrong, and if you pronounce me wrong, then you are right. What word am I?

Answer: The word ‘Wrong’.

  1. Riddle: My teddy bear is never hungry. Can you guess why?

Answer: Because it is stuffed.

  1. Riddle: What would you call a man who does not have all fingers in one hand?

Answer: A normal man, because you have fingers on both hands.

  1. Riddle: Why did a little girl bury her torch?

Answer: Because its batteries died.

  1. Riddle: It starts with ‘P’, ends with ‘E’ and has thousands of letters in it. What is it?

Answer: A Post Office.

  1. Riddle: Three men jump into the water, but only two come out with wet hair. Why?

Answer: The third man was bald.

  1. Riddle: Sherry’s father has five daughters- Sasa, Sese, Sisi, Soso. Guess the name of the fifth daughter.

Answer: If you think it is Susu then you are wrong. It is Sherry.

  1. Riddle: What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?

Answer: It is the letter ‘M’.

  1. Riddle: If you are travelling south on an electric train, which way is the smoke from the train going?

Answer: Nowhere. An electric train does not produce smoke.

  1. Riddle: They come at night without being called and disappear during the day without being stolen. Can you guess what they are?

Answers: Stars.

Riddles and puzzles not only inculcate intellectual humour in children, but also stimulate brain development. Riddles and puzzles can also expand their vocabulary and make learning a fun process for them, as kids are more interested in game-based learning. Get a monthly activity box for your child, to encourage good brain health.

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33 Tricky Questions And Answers That Will Beat Your Brains Out!

fun tricky riddles with answers

What starts with the letter “T,” is filled with “T,” and ends in “T? You’ll hear this question and many other riddles and brain teasers being tossed around at the dinner table in our house. The kids can’t get enough of them. I love that riddles get the kids thinking differently, which is always a great skill to learn. Here are some of our favorite riddles to share with your kids.

Riddles and Brain Teasers for Kids

Do your kids enjoy a good riddle? Do they have a favorite?

We love riddles, and these are just a handful of the riddles and brain teasers we’ve enjoyed being stumped over. You can help us — we’re always adding more from reader suggestions. If there are riddles that you and your kids love using to puzzle your friends, leave us a comment and share — you might see your riddle added to the list!

Funny Riddles for Kids

Q: What type of cheese is made backwards?
A: Edam.

Q: Why are ghosts bad liars?
A: Because you can see right through them.

Q: Imagine you’re in a room that is filling with water. There are no windows or doors. How do you get out?
A: Stop imagining!

Q: What two things can you never eat for breakfast?
A: Lunch and dinner!

Q: Why do bees hum?
A: Because they don’t know the words.

Q: If you throw a blue stone into the Red Sea, what will it become?
A: Wet.

Q: Why did Mickey Mouse go to Outer Space?
A: He wanted to visit Pluto.

Q: What do you call a fairy that hasn’t taken a bath?
A: Stinker Bell.

Q: What did the beach say when the tide came in?
A: Long time, no sea.

Q: What did the baseball glove say to the ball?
A: Catch you later.

Q: You will buy me to eat but never eat me. What am I?
A: A plate.

Q: What do you call it when your parachute doesn’t open?
A: Jumping to a conclusion.

Q: You can you serve it, but never eat it? What is it?
A: A tennis ball.

Q: How do oceans say hello to each other?
A: They wave!

Q: What can you catch but not throw?
A: Cold.

Q: Which letter of the alphabet has the most water?
A: The C. 

Q: What goes up and down but never moves?
A: The temperature.

Q: What superhero is terrible at their job because they always get lost and are late?
A: Wander Woman.

Q: What starts with a P, ends with an E and has thousands of letters?
A: Post office.

Q: I have wings and I have a tail, across the sky is where I sail. Yet I have no eyes, ears or mouth, and I bob randomly from north to south. What am I?
A: A kite.

Q: Mr. Blue lives in the blue house, Mr. Yellow lives in the yellow house, and Mr. Black lives in the black house. Who lives in the white house?
A: The President.

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Hard Riddles for Kids

Q: In a one-story pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower – everything was pink! What color were the stairs?
A: There weren’t any stairs, it was a one-story house.

Q: What has hands but can’t clap?
A: A clock.

Q: A girl is sitting in a house at night that has no lights on at all. There is no lamp, no candle, nothing. Yet she is reading. How?
A: The woman is blind, and she is reading Braille.

Q: What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?
A: A towel.

Q: You draw a line. Without touching it, how do you make the line longer?
A: You draw a shorter line next to it, and it becomes the longer line.

Q: What goes around and around the wood, but never goes into the wood?
A: The bark on a tree.

Q: You walk across a bridge and you see a boat full of people, yet there isn’t a single person on board. How is that possible?
A: All the people on the boat are married.

Q: How is Europe like a frying pan?
A: Because it has Greece at the bottom.

Q: If an electric train is going east at 60 miles an hour and there is a strong westerly wind, which way does the smoke from the train drift?
A: There is no smoke coming from electric trains.

Q: I have keys but no doors. I have space but no rooms, I allow you to enter but you are never able to leave. What am I?
A: A keyboard.

Q: You have a five-gallon bucket and a three-gallon bucket with as much water as you need, but no other measuring devices. How do you fill the five-gallon bucket with exactly four gallons of water?
A: Fill the five-gallon bucket all the way up. Pour it into the three-gallon bucket until it is full. Empty the three-gallon bucket. Pour the remaining two gallons into the three-gallon bucket. Fill the five-gallon bucket all the way up, then finish filling the three-gallon bucket, leaving four gallons in the five-gallon bucket.

Q: The more you take, the more you leave behind. What are they?
A: Footprints.

Q: They come out at night without being called and are lost in the day without being stolen. What are they?
A: The stars.

Q: I give milk and I have a horn, but I’m not a cow. What am I?
A: A milk truck.

Q: What is so delicate that saying its name breaks it?
A: Silence.

Q: What is as light as a feather, but even the world’s strongest man couldn’t hold it for more than a minute?
A: His breath.

Q: It has a neck but no head, and wears a cap? What is it?
A: A bottle.

Q: A truck driver is going opposite traffic on a one-way street. A police officer sees him but doesn’t stop him. Why didn’t the police officer stop him?
A: He is walking.

Q: What word has five letters but sounds like it only has one?
A: Queue.

Q: What kind of money do vampires use?
A: Bloodmoney.

Q: What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?
A: A river.

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Easy Riddles for Kids

Q: What goes up but never goes down?
A: Your age.

Q: What starts with the letter T, is filled with T and ends in T?
A: A teapot.

Q: What invention lets you look right through a wall? 
A: A window.

Q: Beth’s mother has three daughters. One is called Laura, the other one is Sarah. What is the name of the third daughter?
A: Beth.

Q: Say Racecar backwards.
A: “Racecar backwards.”

Q: What kind of tree can you carry in your hand?
A: A palm.

Q: How can you throw a ball as hard as you can, to only have it come back to you, even if it doesn’t bounce off anything?
A: Throw the ball straight up in the air.

Q: What never asks questions but is often answered?
A: A doorbell.

Q: What belongs to you but other people use it more than you?
A: Your name.

Q: What goes up but never goes back down?
A: Your age.

Q: What has four legs but can’t walk?
A: A table.

Q: I scream, you scream, we all scream. For what?
A: Ice cream!

Q: What did one wall say to the other wall?
A: I’ll meet you at the corner.

Q: I come in many different colors and I get bigger when I’m full. I will float away if you don’t tie me down and I will make a loud sound if I break. What am I?
A: A balloon.

Q: This goes up and down, but never moves? What is it?
A: A flight of stairs.

Q: What can be big, white, dirty and wicked?
A: A lie.

Q: What has a thumb and four fingers but is not alive?
A: A glove.

Q: I am round or oval. I can be light or dark. You can cut me in pieces. What am I?
A: A potato.

Q: What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire?
A: Frostbite.

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Math Riddles and Brain Teasers

Q: Which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks?
A: Neither. They both weigh one pound.

Q: How many months have 28 days?
A: All 12 months.

Q: What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?
A: The letter M.

Q: Two mothers and two daughters went out to eat. Everyone ate one burger, yet only three burgers were eaten in all. How is this possible?
A: They were a grandmother, mother, and daughter.

Q: Using only addition, how do you add eight 8s and get the number 1,000?
A: 888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 1000.

Q: If there are three apples and you take away two, how many do you have?
A: If you take two apples, then, of course, you have two.

Q: What do the numbers 11, 69, and 88 all have in common?
A: The read the same right side up and upside down.

Q: I am an odd number. Take away one letter and I become even. What number am I?
A: Seven (take away the “s’”and it becomes “even”).

Q: I have a large money box, 10 inches wide and 5 inches tall.  Roughly how many coins can I place in my empty money box?
A: Just one, after which it will no longer be empty.

Q: Mrs. Black has two children. If the oldest child is a girl, what are the odds that the other child is also a girl?
A: 50 percent.

Q: If twos’ company and three’s a crowd, what are five and six?
A: Eleven.

Q: What time did the tooth fairy show up to get a kid’s tooth and leave a dollar under the pillow?
A: Exactly TWOoth o’ clock.

Q: Is an older one-hundred dollar bill worth more than a newer one?
A: Yes. A $100 bill is worth more than a $1 bill (newer one).

Q: Tara has $30.00 dollars. She bought 5 coloring books that cost $3.00 each, 4 boxes of Crayola crayons that cost $2.00 each. She spends the rest of her money on markers. How much money did she spend on markers? 
A: She spent $7 on markers. 

Q: I am a three digit number. My second digit is four times bigger than the third digit. My first digit is 3 less than my second digit. What number am I?
A: 141.

Q: Adored by few, feared and hated by many. Mistress of the entire universal reason, master in the art of numbers. Some may have solved many of your mysteries, but there still much of them to find. What are they?
A: Mathematics.

Q: If you multiply me by any other number, the answer will always remain the same. What number am I?
A: Zero.

Q: If four people can repair four bicycles in four hours, how many bicycles can eight people repair in eight hours?
A: 16 bicycles.

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Tricky Riddles and Brain Teasers

Q: You walk into a room with a match, a kerosene lamp, a candle, and a fireplace. Which do you light first?
A: The match.

Q: What word begins and ends with an E but only has one letter?
A: Envelope.

Q: Railroad crossing, watch out for cars. Can you spell that without any Rs?
A: T-H-A-T.

Q: A man was taking a walk outside when it started to rain. The man didn’t have an umbrella, and he wasn’t wearing a hat. His clothes got soaked, yet not a single hair on his head got wet. How could this happen?
A: The man was bald.

Q: How many seconds are there in a year?
A: Twelve. January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd…

Q: Name four days of the week that start with the letter “T.”
A: Tuesday, Thursday, today, and tomorrow.

Q: A boy was rushed to the hospital emergency room. The ER doctor saw the boy and said, “I cannot operate on this boy. He is my son.” But the doctor was not the boy’s father. How could that be?
A: The doctor was his mom.

Q: What can run but can’t walk?
A: A drop of water.

Q: What’s full of holes but still holds water?
A: A sponge.

Q: What has one eye but can’t see?
A: A needle.

Q: What word looks the same backwards and upside down?

Q: What does this mean? I RIGHT I
A: Right between the eyes.

Q: A boy fell off a 20-foot ladder but did not get hurt. Why not?
A: He fell off the bottom step.

Q: What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?
A: Short.

Q: If you are running in a race and you pass the person in second place, what place are you in?
A: Second place.

Q: How many letters are there in the alphabet?
A: Eleven: T-H-E-A-L-P-H-A-B-E-T.

Q: The one who made it didn’t want it. The one who bought it didn’t need it. The one who used it never saw it. What is it?
A: A coffin.

Q: What needs an answer but doesn’t ask a question?
A: A telephone.

Q: If I have it, I don’t share it. If I share it, I don’t have it. What is it?
A: A secret.

Q: Forward I am heavy, but backward I am not. What am I?
A: Ton.

Q: What is always late and never present now?
A: Later.

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Animal Riddles

Q: How far can a dog run into the woods?
A: The dog can run into the woods only halfway – if it ran any farther it would run out of the woods!

Q: My name is Ruger. I live on a farm. There are four other dogs on the farm with me. Their names are Snowy, Flash, Speedy, and Brownie. What do you think the fifth dog’s name is?
A: Ruger.

Q: Why do birds fly south for the winter?
A: It’s too far to walk.

Q: How do dog catchers get paid?
A: By the pound.

Q: What two keys can’t open any door?
A: A monkey and a donkey.

Q: A cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays for three days, then leaves on Friday. How did he do it?
A: His horse’s name was Friday.

Q: If three dogs and one cat weren’t standing under an umbrella, how did none of them get wet?
A:It wasn’t raining!

Q: How many animals did Moses take on the ark?
A: Moses didn’t take anything on the ark. Noah did.

Q: What do dogs have that no other animal has?
A: Puppies.

Q: A dog is on a 10-foot chain but wants a bone that is 11 feet away. How can the dog get the bone?
A: The chain isn’t attached to anything.

Q: Why couldn’t Goldilocks sleep?
A: Because of nightbears.

Q: Why did the pony cough?
A: He was a little horse.

Q: When is a man like a snake?
A: When he’s rattled.

Q: I travel very slowly when gliding along the ground. Maybe my shell weighs me down. In your garden, I am found. What am I?
A: A snail.

Q: What has two heads, four eyes, six legs, and a tail?
A: A cowboy riding his horse.

Q: I can jump and I can climb. With my many legs, I swing from tree to tree. I can build a house much bigger than me. What am I?
A: A spider.

Q: What kind of music do rabbits like?
A: Hip Hop.

Q: How did the chimp fix the leaky faucet?
A: With a Monkey Wrench.

Q: I have four legs but no tail. Usually, you can only hear me at night. What am I?
A: A frog.

Q: What did the turkey say to the rooster when he challenged him to a fight?
A: Are you a chicken?

Q: I am known as a king. The jungle is where I reign. It’s hard to tame me. And I have a large mane. What am I? 
A: A lion.

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Tricky Riddles have lot of Riddles and brain teasing questions. ☆ More than 800 riddles and brain teasers. ☆ About 400 who am I questions. ☆ All Riddles are.

Tricky Riddles

fun tricky riddles with answers

Tricky Riddles with answers to probably challenge yourself or friends with? Well, you have it. My name is Wendy and I bring you some of the best tricky riddles with answers. There are also funny and easy riddles everyone will love including kids.

Because overall user-experience on this site matters a lot to us, I have divided the riddles and answers into sections. I believe you’ll love these brain-racking riddles. Please share with friends if you find them interesting.

The types of riddles

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  • Riddles about animals

Funny riddles

  1. Suproliglicatiousspenuvaliancia – how do you spell it?
  2. What is black, white and pink all over?
  3. Why didn’t the hot dog star in the movies?
  4. Have you heard about the restaurant on the moon?
  5. How do rabbits travel?
  6. In which month do monkeys play football?
  7. What did the outlaw get when he stole a calendar?
  8. Which footballer wears the biggest helmet?
  9. Why can’t you play basketball with pigs?
  10. What is the best thing to do if a bull charges you?


  1. “I T” (it)
  2. An embarrassed zebra
  3. The roll was not good enough
  4. Great food, but no atmosphere
  5. By hare plane
  6. Ape-ril
  7. Twelve months
  8. The one with the biggest head
  9. Because they hog the ball
  10. Pay the bull

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Tricky riddles with answers 1

Although all riddles are questions formed in a metaphorical manner, some are more tricky and difficult than others. The answer may be a simple one, but the question is tricky in such a manner that it may take a lot of thinking for a person to come up with the correct answer.

Here are tricky riddles with answers that will definitely make you put your thinking cap on!

  1. Who is the fastest runner in the whole world?
  2. How many seconds are there in a year?
  3. What kind of room has no doors?
  4. A lawyer, a plumber and a hat maker were walking down the street. Who had the biggest hat?
  5. What is the center of Gravity?
  6. If two is company and three is crowd, what are four and five?
  7. Jack rode into town on Friday and rode out two days later on Friday. How can that be possible?
  8. What is something you’ll never see again?
  9. What goes through towns and over hills but never moves?
  10. Blue lives in the blue house, Mr. pink lives in the pink house, and Mr. Brown lives in the brown house. Who lives in the white house?


  1. Adam. Because he was the first in the human race
  2. (12) – January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd, April 2nd, May 2nd,…
  3. A mushroom
  4. The one with the biggest head
  5. The letter ‘V’
  6. Nine
  7. Friday is his horse’s name
  8. Yesterday
  9. A road
  10. The President

Tricky riddles with answers convo to download and share.

Tricky riddles with answers 2

  1. Tear of my skin, I won’t cry but you will. What am I?
  2. If there are three apples and you take away two, how many do you have?
  3. You answer me, though I never ask you questions. What am I?
  4. What begins with T, ends with T and has T in it?
  5. Which English word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?
  6. What is white when dirty and black when clean?
  7. What has 88 keys but can’t open a single door?
  8. I’m often served but never eaten. What am I?
  9. I am black when you buy me, I become red when you’re using me, and white when you dump me. What am I?
  10. How many bricks does it take to complete a building made of brick?


  1. Onion
  2. Two, because you took away two
  3. A telephone
  4. Teapot
  5. Short
  6. A Blackboard
  7. A piano
  8. A tennis ball
  9. Charcoal
  10. Only one – the ‘last’ one

Funny but tricky riddles with answers

  1. Which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks?
  2. What is the longest word in the dictionary?
  3. Why did the bumblebee put honey under his pillow?
  4. What kind of cup can’t hold water?
  5. What are two things you cannot have for breakfast?
  6. What has many rings but no fingers?
  7. Why isn’t your nose twelve inches long?
  8. What bank never has any money?
  9. When is a car not a car?
  10. Why is the Mississippi such an unusual river?


  1. Neither. They both weigh one pound
  2. Smiles, because there is a mile between each ‘s’
  3. He wanted to have sweet dreams
  4. A cupcake
  5. Lunch and dinner
  6. A telephone
  7. Because then, you cannot kiss
  8. The Riverbank
  9. When it is parked
  10. Because it has four eyes but cannot even see

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Short funny riddles from Riddles, Jokes & Comedy

  1. Why couldn’t the sailors play cards?
  2. What did one potato chip say to the other?
  3. What did the beach say when the tide came in?
  4. What does an invisible man drink at snack time?
  5. What do you call a man who does not have all his fingers on one hand?
  6. What is the best cure for dandruff?
  7. What do you call a funny book about eggs?
  8. Why was the belt arrested?
  9. What did the chewing gum say to the shoe?
  10. Why are teddy bears never hungry?


  1. The captain was standing on the deck
  2. Shall we go for a dip?
  3. Long time, no sea
  4. Evaporated milk
  5. Normal – You have fingers on both hands
  6. Baldness
  7. Yolk book
  8. For holding up the pants
  9. I am stuck on you
  10. Because they’re always stuffed

Short funny riddles 2

  1. How many sides are there to a circle?
  2. What’s as big as elephant but weighs 0kg?
  3. What has a tail and a head but no body?
  4. What is yours but is used much more often by friends and family?
  5. What has two legs but cannot walk?
  6. What falls down but never get wounded?
  7. What gets wet when drying?
  8. What do you call a camel with 4 humps?
  9. What gets broken the very moment you call its name?
  10. What English word is spelled wrong?


  1. Two. The inside and the outside
  2. The elephant’s shadow
  3. A nickel
  4. Your name
  5. A pair of trousers
  6. Rain
  7. Towel
  8. Pregnant
  9. Silence
  10. Wrong

Short funny riddles 3

  1. Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?
  2. What do you call a fairy that has not taken a bath?
  3. Why did the woman wear a helmet at the dinner table?
  4. Name three days consecutively where none of the seven days appears
  5. What three letters can turn a girl into a woman?
  6. How can someone walk for 8 days without sleeping?
  7. Where does Friday always come before Thursday?
  8. What has three ways out and just one way in?
  9. What goes up when water comes down?
  10. What has one eye, four legs, and half an anus?


  1. Incorrectly
  2. Stinker Bell
  3. Because of her crash diet
  4. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  5. Sex
  6. He sleeps only at night
  7. In a dictionary
  8. A T-shirt
  9. An umbrella
  10. Half a lobster

Short funny riddles 4

  1. What is served but never eaten?
  2. I can hear anything but you never hear me say a word. What am I?
  3. What table can you eat?
  4. On which side do chickens have the most feathers?
  5. What insect needs to eat the least?
  6. What’s got feathers but no wings?
  7. What spends most of its time on the ground but never gets dirty?
  8. In what glasses shouldn’t you pour pineapple juice?
  9. When does a man really like being alone?
  10. Why can’t the T-rex clap?


  1. A volleyball
  2. Your ear
  3. Vegetable
  4. On the outside
  5. The Moth. It only eats holes
  6. Your pillow
  7. Shadow
  8. The already full ones
  9. When he becomes an heir
  10. Because he’s extinct

Short funny riddles 5

  1. I see an ocean but no water. Where am I?
  2. Where do you go in through one hole and come out through two holes at the same time?
  3. Peter’s smartphone fell into a big mug of coffee but did not get wet. How did this happen?
  4. What is dirty after washing?
  5. What hard rock group has four dudes but neither of them plays guitar?
  6. When can a man walk on water?
  7. Who earns money without working a single day?
  8. Who can smell without a nose?
  9. Why do people build new houses?
  10. What’s the difference between a car and a toilet paper?


  1. In front of a world map
  2. Trousers
  3. It was coffee powder
  4. Your bath water
  5. Mount Rushmore
  6. When the water gets really cold
  7. The night watchman
  8. The cheese
  9. Because it’s impossible to build old ones
  10. It’s perfectly OK to buy a used car

Short funny riddles 6

  1. Who lives an exhausting life?
  2. What do you call the fruits of anger?
  3. Who is the biggest victim of the yo-yo effect?
  4. What nails are a pain to hammer into woods?
  5. What animal turns about 200 times around its axis after it dies?
  6. Which lion is a very good swimmer?
  7. How many months in the year have 28 days?
  8. Who eats a lot of iron but never gets sick?
  9. When a child is going to school for the first time, where will it sit?
  10. What has 6 feet and sings?


  1. The exhaust
  2. Smacks
  3. The moon. It gains and loses every month
  4. Your fingernails
  5. A roast chicken
  6. The sea-lion
  7. All of them
  8. Rust
  9. Nowhere. It is still going
  10. The singing trio

Video: funny riddles and answers for kids.

Tricky ‘What am I’ riddles 1

These tricky ‘what am I’ riddles work well for riddle lovers of every age. Come on get started racking your brains.

  1. The more you take from me, the bigger I become. What am I?
  2. I have four legs but never run. What am I?
  3. You can hold but can’t touch me. What am I?
  4. The harder you hit me, the greater I become. What am I?
  5. I can only go up. What am I?
  6. I am a word if you pronounce me rightly, I am wrong. If you pronounce me wrong, I am right. What word am I?
  7. I neither have eyes, nose, ears nor tongue yet I can see, smell, hear and taste. What am I?
  8. I don’t have wings but I can fly. I don’t have eyes but I do cry. What am I?
  9. I do not hear and I cannot say a single word yet, I always tell the truth. What am I?
  10. I go around cities, towns, and villages but I never come inside. What am I?


  1. A hole
  2. A chair
  3. A conversation
  4. A crater
  5. Age
  6. Wrong
  7. Brain
  8. Cloud
  9. A mirror
  10. A street

Tricky ‘What am I’ riddles 2

  1. I have lots of memories, but I own nothing. What am I?
  2. I have no legs. I will never walk but always run. What am I?
  3. I have no life, but I can die, what am I?
  4. I have rivers but do not have water. I have dense forests, but no trees and animals. I have cities, but no people live in those cities. What am I?
  5. I never ask questions, but always answered. What am I?
  6. I was born big, but as the day passes, as I get older, I become small. What am I?
  7. I will always come, never arrive today. What am I?
  8. I am full of keys, but I cannot open any door. What am I?
  9. I’m the end of the colorful rainbow. What am I?
  10. When you eat me, you’ll die. The poor have me and the rich need me. What am I?


  1. Water

Tricky ‘What am I’ riddles 3

  1. If you give me water, I will die. What am I?
  2. Many times you need me. The more and more you take me further, the more and more you leave me behind. What am I?
  3. People buy me to eat, but never eat me. What am I?
  4. The one who makes me does not need me when he makes me. The one who buys me does not use me for himself or herself. The one who uses me doesn’t know that he or she is using me. What am I?
  5. When the water comes down, when it rains, I go up. What am I?
  6. You can break me easily without even touching me or seeing me. What am I?
  7. You will throw me away when you want to use me. You will take me in when you don’t want to use me. What am I?
  8. I am tall when I am young and I am short when I am old. What am I?
  9. I have no bones and no legs, but if you keep me warm, I will soon walk away. What am I?
  10. If I drink, I die. If I eat, I am fine. What am I?


  1. Fire
  2. Footsteps

Fun and tricky animals riddles with answers

  1. I can sizzle like bacon, I am made with an egg, and I have plenty of backbone, but lack a good leg. I peel layers like onions, but still remain whole; I can be long, like a flagpole, yet fit in a hole. What am I?
  2. A horse is on a 24-foot chain and wants an apple that is 26 feet away. How can the horse get to the apple?
  3. A frog jumped into a pot of cream and started treading. He soon felt something solid under his feet and was able to hop out of the pot. What did the frog feel under his feet?
  4. What two keys can’t open any doors?
  5. What is the greatest worldwide use of cowhide?
  6. What has a horn but does not honk?
  7. What can honk without a horn?
  8. Why do dragons sleep all day?
  9. What fur do we get from a Tiger?
  10. What is as big as an elephant, but weighs nothing at all?
  11. What always sleeps with its shoes on?
  12. What has two heads, four eyes, six legs, and a tail?
  13. What does a cat have that no other animal has?


  1. The chain is not attached to anything.
  2. The frog felt butter under his feet because he churned the cream and made butter.
  3. They like to hunt knights.
  4. The shadow of an elephant
  5. A cowboy riding his horse

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Hard, tricky riddles with answers 1

  1. How can you physically stand behind your father while he is standing behind you?
  2. What can you hold in your right hand but never in your left hand?
  3. What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?
  4. First, you eat me, then you get eaten. Who am I?
  5. How is seven different from the rest of the numbers between one and ten?
  6. First, think of the color of clouds. Next, think of the color of snow. Now, think of the color of a bright full moon. Now answer quickly: what do cows drink?
  7. This belongs to you, but everyone else uses it more than you do.
  8. What are the next three letters in this combination? “O T T F F S S.”
  9. A is the sister of B. Bi s the brother of C. C is the father of D. How is D related to A?
  10. How many letters are in the alphabet?


  1. You are standing back-to-back with your dad
  2. Your left hand
  3. The letter “M.”
  4. A fishhook
  5. Seven has two syllables but the other numbers only have one syllable
  6. Water
  7. Your name
  8. E N T (Each letter represents the first letter in the written numbers: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, etc.)
  9. A is D’s aunt
  10. There are 11 letters (t,h,e, a,l,p,h,a,b,e,t)

Hard, tricky riddles with answers 2

  1. How can the number ‘4’ be half of ‘5’?
  2. A girl has many brothers as sisters, but each brother has only half as many brothers as sisters. How many brothers and sisters are there in the family?
  3. I come from a mine and get surrounded by wood always. What am I?
  4. A woman shoots her husband, then hold him underwater for five minutes. Next, she hangs him. Right after, they enjoy a lovely dinner. Explain.
  5. What English word has three consecutive double letters?
  6. What English word does the following: the first two letters signify a male, the first three letters signify a female, the first four letters signify a great man, while the entire word signifies a great woman. What is the word?
  7. You see a boat filled with people. It has not sunk, but when you look again you don’t see a single person on the boat. Why?
  8. What is seen in the middle of March and April that can’t be seen at the beginning or end of either month?
  9. I have cities but no houses, mountains but no trees, and water but no fish. What am I?
  10. You measure my life in hours and I serve you by expiring. I’m quick when I’m thin and slow when I’m fat. The wind is my enemy.


  1. IV, the Roman numeral for four, which is “half” (two letters) of the word five
  2. Four sisters and three brothers
  3. Pencil lead
  4. She took a picture of him and developed it in her dark room
  5. Bookkeeper
  6. Heroine
  7. All the people were married
  8. The letter “R”
  9. A map
  10. A candle

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Easy but tricky riddles with answers for kids

  1. How can a pants pocket be empty and still have something in it?
  2. Why is an island like the letter T?
  3. A monkey, a squirrel, and a bird are racing to the top of a coconut tree. Who will get the banana first, the monkey, the squirrel, or the bird?
  4. How do you make the number one disappear?
  5. What invention lets you look right through a wall?
  6. If you threw a white stone into the Red Sea, what would it become?
  7. What is the last thing you take off before bed?
  8. Why do bees hum?
  9. Why did Mickey Mouse become an astronaut?
  10. Where do cows go for their holidays?
  11. What do lazy dogs do for fun?


  1. It can have a hole in it.
  2. Because it is in the middle of water.
  3. None of them, because you cannot get a banana from a coconut tree!
  4. Add the letter G and it’s “gone”
  5. Wet
  6. Because they do not know the words
  7. He wanted to visit Pluto.
  8. Moo York

Tricky ‘What Is It’ Riddles with answers 1

  1. If I have it, I do not share it. If I share it, I don’t have it. What is it?
  2. We see it once in a year, twice in a week, and never in a day. What is it?
  3. The more you take away, the larger it becomes? What is it?
  4. It lives without a body, hears without ears, speaks without a mouth, and is born in air. What is it?
  5. It has been around for millions of years, but it is no more than a month old. What is it?
  6. You can keep it only after giving it away to someone else. What is it?
  7. It stands on one leg with its heart in its head. What is it?
  8. Throw away the outside and cook the inside, then eat the outside and throw away the inside. What is it?
  9. The more it dries, the wetter it becomes. What is it?
  10. It is higher without the head than with it. What is it?


  1. Corn on the cob – because you throw away the husk, cook and eat the kernels, and throw away the cob.
  2. Water

Tricky ‘What Is It’ Riddles with answers 2

  1. It has hands but cannot clap? What is it?
  2. This travels around the world but stays in one spot? What is it?
  3. It gets beaten, and whipped, but never cries? What is it?
  4. It has a hundred limbs, but cannot walk? What is it?
  5. It has eyes that cannot see, a tongue that cannot taste, and a soul that cannot die. What is it?


    More riddles and answers in cute convos

    Again the name is Wendy and I believe you’ve so far loved our riddles. This page gives you some good riddles and answers in images you can easily save to your phone or pc. Your opinions and contributions are very essential to us and you can write them here. And for dirty riddles, please go here if only you’re plus 18. But wait we’re not done yet. Before you go, you need to take a look at the last section.

    Long tricky riddles with answers

    After gnashing your teeth on these riddles, I recommend you take a look at much longer riddles here.

    1. A dad and his son were riding their bikes and crashed. Two ambulances came and took them to different hospitals. The man’s son was in the operating room and the doctor said, “I can’t operate on you. You’re my son.” How is that possible? Answer: The doctor is his mom!

    2. The first man is the master of priceless gems; The second man is the master of love; The third man is the master of shovels; The fourth man is the master of big sticks; Who are they? Answer: The kings in a deck of cards.

    3. A monkey, a squirrel, and a bird are racing to the top of a coconut tree. Who will get the banana first, the monkey, the squirrel, or the bird? Answer: None of them, because you cannot get a banana from a coconut tree!

    4. In a one-story pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower– everything was pink! What color were the stairs? Answer: There were not any stairs; it was a one-story house!

    5. The Smith family is a very wealthy family that lives in a big, circular home. One morning, Mr. Smith woke up and saw a strawberry jam stain on his new carpet. He figured out that everyone who was there that morning had a jam sandwich. By reading the following excuses, figure out who spilled the jam. Billy Smith: “I was outside playing basketball.”The Maid: “I was dusting the corners of the house.”Chef: “I was starting to make lunch for later.”Who is lying? Answer: It was the maid. The house is circular; it has no corners.

    6. Bobby throws a ball as hard as he can. It comes back to him, even though nothing and nobody touches it. How? Answer: He throws it straight up.

    7. They come out at night without being called and are lost in the day without being stolen. What are they? Answer: Stars.

    8. A cloud is my mother, the wind is my father, my son is the cool stream, and my daughter is the fruit of the land. A rainbow is my bed, the earth my final resting place, and I am the torment of man. Answer: Rain.

    9. A question in math class: you two apples in your hand and then you add another four apples in the same hand. What do you have? Answer: A very big hand.

    10. A guy is driving down the road, his headlights are off, there is no moon. There’s a guy dressed all in black standing in the middle of the road, facing away from the car. The guy in the car swerves and doesn’t hit the guy dressed all in black. How come? Answer: It happened at 1:30 pm.

    I believe you got just what you wanted: Tricky riddles with answers that got your head rolling. There were a lot of easy and funny ones too. If you’ve not shared these riddles already, please use the buttons below. Thank you.

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