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Congratulations for new job wishes
July 16, 2019 1st Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Getting a new job or promotion is a major achievement. It's a huge milestone in a persons life, and something many strive for. So when.

New Job Messages for when someone you know lands that big job!

Great New Job Messages and Wishes

Your new job sounds like a perfect fit. Wishing you great success and happiness. Good luck!

That standing ovation you hear is me! Congrats on the new job!

May you find great happiness and success with your new job.

You were too good for this place!

Congratulations on moving on to greener pastures!

It was a fantastic experience to have worked with you!

It’s a celebration! Job well done!

Congratulations! I know you will never get this promotion without your perseverance and self-discipline. You are such a good model for people around you.

Congratulations! You’re now at that next level. Keep up the good work and always do your best!

Missing you already! Good luck!

Congratulation New Job

We’re so freakin’ proud of you!

Good luck with the new job. I hope you really enjoy it!

Thanks for all the laughs and memories over the years. Wishing you all the best with your new role!

The journey is the reward. Enjoy!

Dare I say this is a drinking occasion! Congrats!

This comes as no surprise. You deserve it! Congratulations!

Congratulations on your promotion! Hard work truly pays off. We wish all the success on your path to world conqueror!

Parting is such sweet sorrow! May you find all the happiness you deserve in your new position!

All the best to the Best!

Good luck with the new job and your career aspirations.

Here’s a message for your old boss courtesy of Johnny Paycheck

New Job Quotes

The expert in anything was once a beginner.

Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction.

If you change nothing, nothing will change.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.
Mark Twain

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

New Job Messages


To Share is Divine...

Job Wishes, New Job Quotes, Congratulations Quotes, Thank You Quotes, Cute Congratulation on Your New Job - Congratulations Card Congratulations.

What to write in a new job card

congratulations for new job wishes

When you want to tell someone their life achievement is worth celebrating, it’s typical to offer a note of congratulations.

Saying ‘congratulations’ can take many forms. Sometimes, we shorten the word to simply, ‘Congrats!’ Other times, it may be more appropriate to pen a long, thorough message that showcases how proud you are.

Whatever the case—be it a finished marathon, a major promotion, a new baby, or even a small victory like pulling a grade up from a C to an A—writing a congratulations message is a fantastic way to express your feelings and give praise.

As long as you pay attention to the recipient’s milestone, your words of congratulations will let them know you truly care about their success. Who knows, your heartfelt message might just make their day!

Since we’ve been focusing on writing how-to’s all month long, here are our tips for giving hearty congratulations throughout every stage of life.

Wedding Wishes

A wedding is a massive milestone in any person’s life, which puts the pressure on you to write something extra-special in your wedding card. Don’t worry! Here are some ideas to get you started . . .

  • I’m so happy to celebrate this special day with the two of you. Congrats!
  • You both are a wonderful example of what true love looks like. Congratulations on the start of your new chapter together!

New Baby Congratulations

There’s a new addition to the family, and it’s a small bundle of joy! Let your friend, coworker, or family member know how excited you are to meet the baby and, of course, see pictures. You could begin your congratulations message with . . .

  • Congrats on your little miracle! Wishing your family plenty of love, health, and happiness now and throughout life.
  • Wishing you and your newborn all the best—and plenty of sleep! Congrats on the safe arrival of your bundle of joy. 

Congrats to the New Grad

Graduating is a big deal at any age, as it’s often the culminating moment of years of hard work. How can you encapsulate a person’s educational achievements in words? Here are two good places to start . . .

  • Congrats, grad! I am so proud of you for reaching this milestone and can’t wait to see what you do next.
  • Congratulations on your graduation day! Wishing you all the success in the world as you begin your next adventure.

Still Stuck? A Simple Congratulations Guide

If you’re still lost for words, these tips can make it easier to write a message of congratulations, no matter who’s on the receiving end.

1Start strong. There’s one word you can always count on as you begin singing your praises. You probably guessed it: Congratulations! By congratulating your recipient from the very start, your note will already be on target with what you want to say.
2Be personal. Everyone loves a hand-written compliment! After you say congrats, tell the recipient how proud you are of them and remind them why they deserve this. Acknowledge the specific achievement and add in some extra congratulations words.
3End with a heartfelt closing. Offer your well-wishes for their continued success or new chapter, and you’re all set!

The goal of any congratulations message is to show the recipient you care—and to make them feel extra-special! Words go a long way in expressing our deepest sentiments, and congratulatory words are no exception.

What are your favorite ways to say congratulations at every milestone?


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New job quotes

congratulations for new job wishes

New job or any achievement always brings joy not only to that individual but also to all the family, friends and colleagues. We see people struggling through years to get something or reach somewhere. We see the struggle, sometimes we are also a part of it. The harder the battle, the sweeter the win.

On such occasions, the warrior is supposed to get congratulation wishes from the loved ones. More often than not our emotions overflow and we run short of words. Sending a simple message, if not a detailed mail, seems like a lot and we get puzzled what to write.

Here I am going to list out some of most beautiful and heartfelt short messages as well as emails to make your loved one happy and you stress free.

One thing we have to understand that these messages will be different depending on the target receivers. So we will provide options for every group.

List of wishes/ good luck messages:

Short congratulation messages are easy, takes less time both for the sender and receiver and conveys the warm wishes perfectly.

However, it varies in expressions depending on the receiver. Here we are categorizing the wishes for family members or friends and for co-workers so you don’t have to go through something awkward.

For friend or family member:

Here we will present the list of messages you can send to your closest friends, cousins, siblings or any such family members.

  1. Guess we got the special guest for our next house party. Congratulations on your new job!
  2. Congratulations on your new position, you make us so proud. Stay blessed.
  3. With every success, the family name shines a little brighter. Congratulations on your new victory!
  4. I’ve watched you work so hard for this for so long, I couldn’t think of another person who deserved this more than you. Congratulation on reaching your dreams!
  5. I can’t express the immense joy you have given us with your new achievement. Congratulations!
  6. There is no greater joy than seeing someone grow and bloom exactly how they were supposed to! Congratulation!
  7. You have not only chased but also caught your dream. Hearty congratulation to my favorite person!
  8. All those sleepless nights and tension you put us through, this is our success in all ways. Congratulations to the leader though!
  9. You dreamt it. You did it. Congratulations on new job!
  10. I have seen you at your worst, now at your best I wish you nothing but sheer joy and happiness. Congratulations!
  11. With all love, joy and blessings, I congratulate you on your new job.
  12. We all have dreamt of great things for you, but it’s you who have made it come true. Congratulations on your new position!
  13. All your hard work and harder nights are shining bright. Congratulations on your biggest step towards your goal!
  14. You make us so proud, it’s been the greatest pleasure so far. Congratulations to our hero!
  15. It’s been long since elementary school but the graph of your success never once touched the negative axis. Congratulations to the family genius!

For co-workers:

In case you are looking forward to bid good bye to your favorite co-worker with a bitter sweet feeling, nothing to worry. We got you covered. Here is a list of short messages for your colleague who is all set to start the next chapter of life.

  1. Congratulation to the favorite team mate! Hope you make your new job as awesome as you did for this one.
  2. You have been an asset to this job, hope you prove us right there too. Congratulations on your new achievement!
  3. It would be hard to work without you but there’s no greater pleasure than seeing you somewhere better. Congratulations!
  4. The pain of not seeing you every day is overshadowed by the joy of you finally reaching your goal. Best wishes for new job!
  5. You did great here and you are going to do better there. Congratulations!
  6. You have been an inspiration and your work motivated me in so many ways. Congratulations on your latest success!

Now, if you want to add something funny to your wish, make it more humorous and innovative, you are at the right place.

New Job Wishes Funny

Here we give you a list of new job wishes funny edition which will convey your unique love perfectly.

For family or friends:

  • Beer’s is on you because you have reached your goal and we need to chill soon. Congratulations!
  • With all the money you are going to earn, I’m gonna buy a yacht and you can come too occasionally. Congratulation to our new hero!
  • Now I will no more be the most stressed among us. Congratulations on joining the team. Oh, and for your new job too!
  • You are going to pay for all those coffee that I made you at midnight during your exam. And yeah, congratulations on going big!

For co-workers:

  • I want to congratulate you for joining the new job but I think it would be inappropriate to ignore the fact that you won’t have to come here every day. Anyway, congratulations!
  • Now that you are leaving, I don’t know who will be there to “not work” with when boss is absent. Congratulations though because you made it!
  • With you out of the team, the number of weird members comes down to zero. That is sad but let’s first congratulate you on your new job!
  • Congratulations on getting the heck out of this hell! We will concentrate on our new job later.
  • Next time we could plan a vacation together and actually make it as we are not working in the same team. Congratulations on that and your new job too!

Now after the list of short wishes, I will show you some congratulation mail on new job.

Congratulations letter email:

Now, it’s not necessary to send everyone good luck short messages. Sometimes, the audience doesn’t allow you either. Here I will give a list of emails that you can send your family members, friends or co-workers for the same purpose.

For friend/ family member:

  1. I just heard about your gives me such pleasure and pride. You have always worked hard. You have always been smart and the result always showed in your success. However, this was one of your biggest dream and seeing it unfold before my eyes and being a part of the struggle has been a privilege. Wishing you all the best in life. May god bless you.
  2. From the very childhood you never left a stone unturned to make us proud and with your new job you take it to another level. All your seniors are proud and your juniors inspired. Congratulations on winning this battle which wasn’t easy for sure. Wish you all the best.
  3. On behalf of every member of the family, I congratulate you on your new job. You deserve every bit of it and hope you keep getting better, making everything around you better. It’s been an honor to call you family and hope someday you will outcast yourself. With all love and blessings!
  4. Celebrating success is always fortunate, this time what makes it more beautiful that it has come from family. This has all been very exciting and I am very happy to see you where you have always wanted to be. Keep inspiring people and finding motivation in everything. Congratulations!
  5. Congratulations on your new job and welcome to the adult club. You have lived a great life but here the hard but better part begins. You will be responsible for doing good or bad and taking accountability what gives someone’s life a meaning. Do not get scared because we all are here to help you through this. Just know the best part about life is it is not a cakewalk. But hey, so was college and look how great you did. Wish you all the very best.

For co-workers:

Now moving on to the nest group that is co-workers.

  • Hope this email finds you in good health. It’s been always a great pleasure to work with you. I have learned so much from you and this time is very hard for me. I will say goodbye with a heavy heart but the grief is overcome by the joy of your success. You have reached somewhere better and that is the reason of celebration. Congratulations!
  • You are so much more than a colleague to me. You have been a strong inspiration and you have always motivated me do great things and take greater risks. Wishing you all the best for your new success which is also a great motivation to get out of it. Hope we stay in touch. Stay blessed.
  • There are very few colleague whose personal life and achievement bother me but you are one of those who has become more than that. I want to congratulate you on your new job. You have always worked so hard and with great skill and positivity. Hope you shower the new place with your talent as well. It’s been an honor to know you personally and may almighty give you blessings!
  • With so much happening around us, it was courageous to leave the comfort behind and go for something new and you showed us how to do it. You have been such a positive force at work. I will be missing you every single second. However, seeing you somewhere better would give me courage to follow your path. Congratulations!
  • I would like to congratulate you on your new job. It’s been a honor to work with you and know you personally. With all your skill, talent and positivity you are not going to need any, still I wish you luck. May the force be with you and you keep going higher in your career. I will miss working with you but I am sure we will be in touch. May god bless you!

Here we gave you a complete list of emails and messages that you can send you friends, family members or co-workers. We know sometimes the joy is overwhelming and we can’t come up with the proper words. We see them struggling for it every single day then when they finally reach there it becomes all hazy with happiness. That is way we made the list so you don’t feel awkward when you are running short of words.

We understand your emotion and we have come up with every situation and every type of audience in this article. You just pick one that suits your need the best and make someone’s day with kindness.

Job Wishes, New Job Quotes, Congratulations Quotes, Thank You Quotes, Cute Congratulation on Your New Job - Congratulations Card Congratulations.

How to Congratulate Someone in Every Stage of Life

congratulations for new job wishes

Congratulations Messages

Share the joy of special occasion with a congratulations message. Many options exist for ways to say congratulations. These are more than 60 examples of ideas to write in a card.

What to Write in a Card to Say Congratulations

  • Your future is looking so bright that I need sunglasses.
  • Keep being awesome, and I'll keep saying congratulations.
  • How many times do I have to tell you? Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!
  • I have so much pride in my heart right now. It might even be a sin.
  • You have performed extremely adequately.
  • I love it when good things happen to good people like you.
  • My face has a proud smile because of you.
  • I don't know if anyone has ever told you this before, but I think you are pretty great.
  • Great things come from great people.
  • I'm thinking of a word for you that stats with "C" and ends in "ongratulations."
  • I love your accomplishments almost as much as I love the person who did them.
  • Thanks for giving me a good reason to say congratulations!
  • You surprised me a little bit. I knew you were capable, but I didn't expect this level of accomplishment!
  • I am excited for you, and I am wishing you the best.
  • Just when I thought you couldn't impress me anymore, you did.
  • I am proud of you. You have accomplished a lot. I look forward to seeing even more blessings come to you in the future.
  • You deserve all the great things that are coming. Enjoy!
  • I love to see good things come to good people. This is one of those times.
  • The waiting is over! It's time to celebrate!
  • Enjoy this time. Life is an adventure, and you are living it well!
  • I can't think of any advice I need to give you. You have proven your competence.
  • I have always know that good things would come your way. Your persistence is paying off!
  • Sometimes I make a big deal about nothing, but this time I'm not exaggerating. Way to go!
  • It's just one word, but it sums up what I want to express. Congratulations!
  • I need to congratulate both of us because I knew you'd be successful!
  • There's a time for everything, and right now is the time to say congratulations to you.
  • Please stop giving me so many reasons to be impressed. I'm getting overwhelmed. There are only so many ways for me to say congratulations, and I've used up most of them.
  • Success like yours can't be bought.
  • You don't settle for mediocre. You have gone above and beyond expectations.

When a business associate lands a new job or gets a promotion, it is important to acknowledge this milestone by sending a note wishing them continued.

congratulations for new job wishes
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