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Christmas well wishes blessings
November 14, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

Christmas Messages - Find more information on Christmas Day Messages ideas, Christmas Card Messages & send good wishes for conveying loving Xmas Message. Have a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year. God Loves You.

In business, there is nothing more personal than sharing greetings with your clients and employees. This is the optimal way of building strong relationships. Here is a look at some good holiday greeting message samples that will encourage finding the right words.

“As another holiday season approaches, our family sends you their warmest wishes. May you find the true spirit of the season and may it fill your heart with joy.”

“Fa la la la la, la la la la! Wishing you some decked out holiday glee!”

“Greetings of the Season and Best Wishes for a New Year.”

“Happy Holidays. Best wishes for a season of love, peace and joy!”

“Here’s to a season filled with warmth, comfort and good cheer!”

“Holiday Greetings and Best Wishes for a New Year of happiness in a world of peace.”

“May peace fill the hearts of people everywhere and join all nations of the world in brotherhood.”

“May the joys of the season shed light, hope and fill our hearts with peace.”

“May the magic & thrill of the holiday season stretch on!”

“May the special joys of the Season be your today and always.”

“May the timeless message of Christmas fill your heart and home with joy today and throughout the coming year.”

“May you and your family enjoy all the warmth this season has to offer. Have a wonderful holiday and a new year filled with love.”

“May your gifts be many, and your returns be few. Have a stress free holiday season!”

“May your holiday be decorated with the most precious of gifts.”

“May your holidays be filled with sparkles and spirit.”

“Merry Christmas with love from our house to yours!”

“One of the greatest joys of this season is the opportunity to say THANK YOU and to wish you the very best for the New Year.”

“Our family wishes you and all those close to you a joyous holiday season and a new year filled with happiness and hope for a world at peace.”

“The best part of the season is remembering those who make the holidays meaningful. We wish you all the love and happiness this season can bring, and may it follow you throughout the coming new year.”

“To those we love and see each day and other loved ones far away, to all good friends who mean so much and those with whom we’re out of touch… Wishing you every happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year.”

“Warmest Thoughts and Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday and a very Happy New Year.”

“We wish you all of the best this holiday season!”

“Whatever is beautiful, whatever is meaningful, whatever brings happiness, may it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year.”

“Wishing you a beautiful holiday season and a new year of peace and happiness.”

“Wishing you a holiday filled with peace & love… and a New Year rich with blessings.”

“Wishing you and your loved ones all the wonder and magic of Christmas.”

“Wishing you contentment, joy and peace this holiday and always.”

“Wishing you every happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year.”

“Wishing you laughter and cheer all during the season and through the New Year!”

“Wishing you the gift of faith, the blessing of hope and the peace of His love at Christmas and always.”

“Wishing you the gifts of this holiday season. Peace, Hope & Love.”

“With appreciation of our association during the past year we extend our very best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season”

Here are some entertaining Christmas greetings shared by the Keys of Awesome. This will lift your spirits during this festive time.

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Aug 11, 2019 I just wanted you to know, on this blessed Christmas day, that you are my .. Wishing you good health, prosperity, beauty and happiness this.

Christmas wishes: what to write in a Christmas card

christmas well wishes blessings

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    Here's What to Write in a Christmas Card This Year

    christmas well wishes blessings

    Here is a collection of Christmas wishes and Short Christmas messages for you to sent for your family and friends. Short Christmas Greetings are the best ways to wish Merry Christmas to your dears and nears on this Christmas Time. If you are looking for best short Christmas wishes to wish your friends and relatives, then you are came to the right place. Here is a best collection of short Christmas greetings

    Short Christmas Wishes

    Can’t find the perfect Christmas wishes sayings to write in your holiday cards? Then these short christmas messages samples may be able to help you come up with the best message. You can choose among our top Christmas wishes written below.

    1. Wishing you a magical and blissful holiday!
      Have a merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!
    2. May this season of giving be the start of your better life.
      Have a great and blessed holiday!
    3. May this Christmas season
      Brings you nothing but fond memories,
      Happiness and laughter
    4. Wish you all the best this holiday season
      and throughout the year,
      Merry Christmas!
    5. Let us forget the past and start anew,
      wishing to see you this Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Card

    1. I wish this holiday season you would receive
      Love, peace and joy for the whole year,
      Merry Christmas!
    2. May you receive the greatest gift of all this Christmas,
      someone to share your life with,
      Merry Christmas!
    3. If I could tell Santa what to give you,
      It would be happiness and peace
      Not just this Christmas,
      but for the entire year
    4. May this Christmas be
      more than just a season,
      but a way of life
    5. May this holiday season
      be full of surprises and cheers,
      simply because you deserved the best

    Short Christmas Messages

    Short messaging services or simply SMS has become more and more popular means of greeting loved ones and family during the holiday season. So if you wish to send your friends a short christmas greetings, sms is a good option. Here are some samples of merry christmas wishes text that you can send via sms.

    1. Merry Christmas from all of us! Here’s to a season of love and harmony!
    2. Season’s Greetings from the family! Hope you all end the year on a bright note
    3. Wish we could see all of you this holiday season! All the best for the New Year!
    4. May your fire be warm and your home be bright. Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
    5. May your home be filled with joy and love
      This Christmas season.
      Wishing you a wonderful holiday!
    6. May the blessings and happiness
      Of Christmas season be yours
      May the next year be better and happier
      Happy Holidays!

    1. Best wishes for you and your family this Christmas
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    2. May you be happy and blessed
      Not just on Christmas day, but throughout the year!
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    3. Open the gift of happiness and love this Christmas
      And share them with the others.
      Have a blissful and happy Christmas!
    4. May your life be filled with the blessings of Christmas
      And may it always be yours.
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Short Christmas Greetings

    Here is a selection of Short  Christmas Greetings you can use for your family and friends.. Choose from these heartfelt short christmas and new year greetings for your holiday cards and season’s greetings.

    We may not be together on Christmas day,
    But my heart and soul will always b with you.
    My warmest greetings to you
    Have a great and wonderful Christmas!

    Wishing you a holiday season full of fun
    And a new year filled with prosperity and abundance.

    I maybe miles away, but you will always be in my heart
    I may not be able to celebrate Christmas with you,
    But I’ll always celebrate it with a heart with you.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear.

    Bright stars on the top of the Christmas tree
    Signifies that there will always be a light to guide us.
    May you have a wonderful holiday
    With your loved and near ones.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    May this year’s Christmas be the best Christmas ever.
    Warmest wishes to you and your family.
    Have a great and wonderful Christmas and New Year!

    Celebrate this day with a heart
    Filled with happiness, cheer and love
    Share the blessings to others for that is the true meaning of Christmas
    Have a happy holiday!

    “Listen to the whispers of the wind this Christmas. They carry a message of love, peace, hope and happiness for you. Wishing you a merry Christmas. ”

    “May this Christmas bring to your family the promise of a better tomorrow; full of love and hope. Merry Christmas my friend!

    “A season of hope, a season of love, a season of blessings. May the divine light of Christmas shine in your life this season. Merry Christmas and Happy New year. ”

    We’re all hoping that you have a fantastic holiday season and a fabulous New Year!

    This was the only photograph we could agree on. I hope your family has a much more photogenic Christmas!

    Funny Short Christmas Wishes

    Add humor to your Christmas messages with these funny Christmas wishes. We wrote some light yet humorous Christmas messages that can make your loved one or friends smile on this holiday season. You may also add your own inside jokes to make it even more fun.

    Christmas is the festival of love and spirit
    So let us drink the spirit to feel love
    Merry Christmas to You

    I would say all I want for Christmas is YOU,
    But I really would love a new credit card as well!

    Yippee! Another day again to receive, receive, and receive!

    They say Christmas is a time for smiles.
    How can I smile if my wallet has ran out of cash?

    You should know that you are getting older,
    When Santa Claus is starting to look younger.

    Doesn’t it make you wonder why Santa is still so old fashioned? He is trying to help us retain the true meaning of Christmas which is spending less and sharing more. Merry Christmas.

    Christmas is supposed to be a time of fun, laughter and cheer, but isn’t it sad that we have turned the most wonderful time of the year into the most stressful time of the year. Have a stress free Christmas this year.

    What I like about Christmas is that you can make people forget the past with the present. – Don Marquis

    My Christmas wish is to spend more time unwrapping presents than I do untangling lights. – Melanie White

    Top Merry Christmas Wishes

    In this category, you can choose good Christmas wishes greetings text that you can send to your family or friends. Some of these Christmas wishes are inspirational, cute and religious. Select the ones perfect for your needs.

    • If Santa truly granted wishes, I would make only one wish for Christmas that your Smile never fades. Merry Christmas.
    • I pray this season brings you unending bliss, Peace that transcends your soul and laughter for all your days. Merry Christmas.
    • I hoped for a miracle to make believe in love, then I met you. Now I pray you never leave, this is my Christmas prayer. Merry Christmas my darling.
    • Just like the uniqueness of every snowflake remains a mystery, you are just as special and magical to me. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    • Christmas won’t be special without you, we miss you and wish you a perfect Christmas and a happy New Year wherever you are.
    • I have but one wish my dearest that you make this season perfect by sharing it with me!
      Merry Christmas with all my heart.
    • My darling, my love, you will always be my Christmas miracle. I love you more than words can express and I wish a merry Christmas.
    • I pray this season brings to you the courage to brave new storms, Joy that numbs all pain and a love that envelops you forever. Best wishes and a very Merry Christmas to you

    Short Christmas Quotes

    You can also use quotes as greetings. There are many relevant Short christmas quotes that you can find online wherein you can partner your personal greetings with. Some of these are inspirational Christmas messages that will give your recipient some inspiration as they celebrate the holiday.

    A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory,
    like a thunderstorm,
    and we all go through it together.
    ~ Garrison Keillor

    Christmas waves a magic wand over this world,
    and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.
    ~ Norman Vincent Peale

    Bless us Lord,
    this Christmas,
    with quietness of mind;
    Teach us to be patient and always to be kind.
    ~ Helen Steiner Rice

    This is Christmas: not the tinsel,
    not the giving and receiving,
    not even the carols.
    But the humble heart that receives anew
    the wondrous gift — the Christ.
    ~ Frank McKibben

    Merry Christmas!

    Christmas is a time when you get homesick –
    even when you’re home.
    ~ Carol Nelson

    Christmas is the day that holds all time together.
    ~ Alexander Smith

    Christmas is the gentlest, loveliest festival of the revolving year –
    and yet, for all that,
    when it speaks,
    its voice has strong authority.
    ~ W. J. Cameron

    Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts. – Janice Maeditere

    Christmas is a feeling true friends share with laughter and love to show that they care. – Unknown

    Christmas is love come down to earth, a gift of infinite worth. – Unknown

    Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas. – Peg Bracken

    May this Christmas be bright and merry. Happy Holidays! – Unknown

    Merry Christmas Quotes and Sayings

    • Whatever else be lost among the years, Let us keep Christmas still a shining thing: Whatever doubts assail us, or what fears, Let us hold close one day, remembering its poignant meaning for the hearts of men. Let us get back our childlike faith again. ~ Grace Noll Crowell
    • Christmas Eve was a night of song that wrapped itself about you like a shawl. But it warmed more than your body. It warmed your heart… filled it, too, with a melody that would last forever. ~ Bess Streeter Aldrich
    • Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ~ Norman Vincent Peale
    • Bless us Lord, this Christmas, with quietness of mind; Teach us to be patient and always to be kind. ~ Helen Steiner Rice
    • Peace on earth will come to stay, When we live Christmas every day. ~ Helen Steiner Rice
    • Christmas… that magic blanket that wraps itself about us, that something so intangible that it is like a fragrance. It may weave a spell of nostalgia. Christmas may be a day of feasting, or of prayer, but always it will be a day of remembrance — a day in which we think of everything we have ever loved. ~ Augusta Rundel

    Short Christmas Messages For Cards

    Ahhh, it’s Christmas time already. Make your Christmas present even more special by attaching a romantic and short Christmas wishes on it. Christmas messages don’t have too long. Just make sure that you greet your loved ones by sending them a Christmas messages that will touch their heart and will spread the Christmas Joy and happiness. Sometime, the best Christmas gift is one that it said with words rather than things. What more if you give them both? Below are free short Christmas messages you can add to your printable Christmas cards and gift tags.

    Christmas time is here
    The time for fun and cheer
    Family and friends come together
    Celebrate the date and get merrier
    Happy Holidays!

    Bright lights, sparkling sights
    Falling snow and chilling nights
    Christmas is here, alright!
    Have fun and enjoy all the holiday’s delights!

    This Christmas, I wish you all the best gifts in life –
    The gift of happiness
    The gift of love
    The gift of peace
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Christmas is more fun
    When you celebrate it with friends and loved ones
    Have a blessed and joyous Christmas!

    Wishing we could all be together to share the Christmas cheer this year. Merry Christmas!

    You’re all so important to us. Stay safe and stay happy this holiday season!

    “May you be blessed with gifts of hope, love and peace. Merry Christmas to you and your family.”

    “It’s Christmas time again and I hope you’re having a good time with your family and dear ones! Happy Holidays!”

    “This Yuletide season, be thankful for your blessings and show your loved ones that you value them. Make this occasion merrier! Merry Christmas!”

    “May Santa Claus bring everything you have wished for. Happy Holidays!”

    “Share the joy of Christmas to those around you to make your Christmas merrier and brighter. Happy Holidays!”

    Christmas Wishes for Kids

    Children bring the joy of Christmas to any home. With their sweet laugher and their sweet voices singing the Christmas carols, they illuminate a care free attitude that the older generations envy. The children make the adults remember their childhood memories and smile during the Christmas holidays. This is why it is very important that this Christmas you acknowledge the presence of the children in your family. You can do this by sending them, cards with the cutest Christmas quotes. If you do not know what to write in a Christmas card, find some ideas below. You can also send these quotes to adults to remind them of their inner child.

    • There is no sad thing than waking up on Christmas and not being a child – Erma Bombeck
    • Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and we are better throughout the year because we became children again during Christmas time – Laura Wilder
    • Merry Christmas and may Santa read your letter and bring you all the gifts you deserve.
    • I sent Santa a special message telling him that you have been good. And he promised to give me a better job so that I can buy you more toys! Merry Christmas.

    • Christmas is the birthday of Jesus. So we will cut the cake and sing with joy because it is he who gave you to mummy and daddy.
    • You do not have to worry that you will make a mess this Christmas Eve. There is no mess on Christmas, only memories.
    • Like the love baby Jesus had for mankind, my love for you will always be eternal. Merry Christmas my little one.
    • Let our children see the child within us during Christmas. So that they know that Christmas is always exciting no matter the age.

    There is something new about old Christmas traditions. Maybe it is the fact that they remind us of our childhood.

    Short Christmas Wishes Text

    Greet your family and friends a happy holiday this Yuletide season with the best and coolest Christmas wishes while keeping it brief and short. Here are some samples of short Christmas messages for family and friends.

    • We’re all so glad we have one-another. I hope you are too! Merry Christmas!
    • Spend every holiday season trying to top the last one! That’s the only way to do it!
    • Every one of us is an ornament on the Christmas Tree of Life.
    • I hope you’re all making this a Christmas to remember!
    • All the best to everyone this Holiday Season!
    • This time only comes once a year, everyone. Make the most of it!
    • Good tidings we bear to you and your kin! May we all have a Merry Christmas!

    Short Christmas Love Messages

    What a nice feeling it is to celebrate this day with a loved one. Express your feelings with these romantic Christmas messages that will keep you closer together. These Christmas love messages can also be used for your Christmas cards and Christmas greetings. You may also use these Christmas wishes as Christmas card wordings, Christmas SMS and Christmas Text messages.

    This Christmas,
    I want a bag full of gifts to enjoy,
    and you of course to cuddle with joy.
    Merry Christmas!

    Every Christmas card I write makes me long for you so much.
    Wish we could be together this holiday.
    Merry Christmas.

    I wish you all the happiness, health and success.
    May you celebrate Christmas full of cheer!
    Happy holidays!

    I love to celebrate this day with someone as special as you!

    Short Christmas Wishes Messages

    Share the warmth and good vibe of the Yuletide season by spreading inspirational and religious Christmas messages. Below are some example of christmas wishes greetings that can warm their heart and feel the good vibe that the season brings.

    You are as bright as the star that guided the Kings towards Jesus.
    You are the light that guided me to a love that is true.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year!

    Merry Christmas to you!
    May you feel loved and cared for.
    I love you!

    To my family who has taken good care of me,
    been with me through my ups and downs,
    I wish that we will continue to have the love that binds us together.
    Let us celebrate Christmas together!

    To all the people who are dear to me,
    I wish all of you nothing but the joy and happiness that this Christmas brings!
    Merry Christmas to all!

    Christmas means loving the people around us.
    Come to think of it.
    Why do we have to wait for this season to do such if we can do it all year round?

    Christmas Text Messages

    Looking for some more merry Christmas wishes text and sms messages? Then here’s some more that you may want to use! We also include some good Christmas wishes images that you can share via messenger or post in your social media accounts.

    “May this season of love be the beginning of a blessed and peaceful year ahead. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. ”

    “I wish you the unconditional love of God in all the dreams of your heart and your everyday prayers. Merry Christmas. ”

    “Prosperity and happiness are my prayers for you this Christmas season. May you end the year with a smile and start with hope for another year. Merry Christmas and Happy New year. ”

    “I wish Christmas was everyday because it is the one time of the year I get to spend with you. Merry Christmas!”

    “If life has been bringing you down, may the miracle of Christmas bring you up and fill you with joy, peace, and love. Merry Christmas!”

    “Countless of gifts will definitely come your way, but I hope you find the value of immaterial things. Merry Christmas, dear!”

    “I wish you nothing but the best of the joyous Christmas season. Embrace every blessing that will come your way. Merry Christmas!”

    “I may not be with you, but my heart is always yours. May you have a warm and love-filled Christmas this year. Merry Christmas!”

    Merry Christmas Messages

    Best Christmas Greetings

    Amidst the cold weather and the white glow of the freezing snow,
    I send nothing but the warmest Christmas greetings this Yuletide season.
    Have a very merry Christmas!

    This Christmas holiday, remember that the gifts you receive
    Are not as important as the love you get and
    The love you give to those who are precious to you.
    May you never forget the value of love.
    Merry Christmas!

    You don’t need Santa to find out if you’re naughty or nice.
    For me, you’re definitely one of the nicest persons around.
    I hope you have a great Christmas ahead of you because you deserve it!
    Merry Christmas!


    Dec 14, 2017 Merry Christmas! 'Tis the season to share heartfelt and funny Christmas card messages with friends, family and loved ones! Whether you are.

    Homemade Gifts Made Easy

    christmas well wishes blessings

    Wishes for Christmas

    Wishes for Christmas and New Year 2019

    Christmas is the best time of the year. Have a good one, and make the most of it!
    At this special time of the year, know that you will always be the most special part of my life. Have a Happy Christmas, full of love and blessings.
    Have a fun-filled holiday!
    Have a beautiful Xmas! May the gift of love be your greatest present this year.
    Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and happy New Year. Enjoy the season!
    Christmas time is near! Hoping the season will be full of unexpected blessings.

    Happiest Holidays to you and yours! May your home be blessed with Christmas joy, peace and love.
    Wishing that your all
    Christmas dreams come true,
    For no one is more deserving
    Than a wonderful friend like you!
    Happy Holidays! This is the season to be sharing. Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year 2019!
    Let us share in the spirit of peace and joy this holiday season. Wishing you every blessing this festive season!
    Xmas comes with children singing,
    Xmas comes with jingle bells ringing,
    Xmas comes with frosty nights,
    May it brings you joy and lights!
    Christmas blessings for you and your family at this holy festive season. May all your dreams come true this year. Wishing you love and happiness.

    Best Merry Christmas 2018 wishes for family and friends

    Have a Merry Christmas 2018! Hope this glorious season gives you many new reasons to rejoice!
    Another year's passed and time moves on,
    Enjoy the next before it's gone!
    Thinking of you at this special time of year. With all good wishes for a peaceful and happy Christmas.
    Fireworks or glitter don't make the season special. Only dear friends like you bring a certain sparkle to the holidays. May you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!
    The nicest Xmas tradition of all is sending warm greetings of cheer to those whom we think of especially with love every day. I wish you a joyful festive season and happiness every day of the new year.
    Thinking of you at this special time of year. With all good wishes for a peaceful and happy Christmas.
    Happy Holidays to you! These are my wishes for Christmas: may your heart always know joy, your home always know love and your life always know peace.
    May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope, the spirit - which is peace and the heart - which is love.
    We dress our trees in decorations held dear,
    They summon a time we remember so clear.
    Their value isn't that of silver or gold,
    But in the special memories they hold.
    May all your Xmas wishes come true!
    May your season be touched with the simple grace of Christ's love and may the light and love of Him be with you this season and throughout the year.
    Christmas is a great season filled with candies and games! My wishes for a fun filled Holidays!

    More wishes for Christmas

    You might enjoy our cute Xmas congratulations.

    Sep 9, 2019 Use these example Christmas wishes and greeting-card messages to get ideas and inspiration, then Christmas is a good excuse to send cards to all my favorite people. Blessings, love, and peace to you this Christmas.

    christmas well wishes blessings
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