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Christmas eve wishes greeting
November 20, 2018 1st Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

Dec 14, 2016 The best moment to spend with your love one is Christmas Eve. To be able to share the table and have warm food and feast upon it with your.

Christmas Eve is a joyful celebration. Send Christmas Eve wishes to your friends. Such messages convey the warm and special Christmas wishes to your friends. These messages can be sent as Christmas card messages or funny Christmas text messages. You can send gifts along with these messages.

Following are some sample messages that you can send on 2018 Christmas Eve for friends.

1). Wishing you on Christmas Eve, joy and happiness and May you be blessed with peace, love and joy. Have a merry Christmas Eve celebration.

2). Christmas Eve is a time to celebrate with your friends and family. May the peace and joy that Christmas brings always be with you and your family. Have a blissful Christmas Eve.

3). May the good times of the present become golden moments of tomorrow. May God make your life colorful, magnificent and joyful. Have a great time and wishing you a happy Christmas Eve.

4). As the magic of Christmas spreads on you, may the spirits of Christmas bring you peace and warmth of Christmas grant you love. Celebrate this day when Jesus was born. Have a joyful Christmas Eve.

5). Hope this Christmas Eve fills your heart with love of God and may God turns your dreams into reality. Wish you a very sparkling Christmas Eve.

Dec 14, 2016 The best moment to spend with your love one is Christmas Eve. To be able to share the table and have warm food and feast upon it with your.

Romantic Christmas Wishes for Him

christmas eve wishes greeting

  • Merry Christmas!

    Wish your loved ones a rocking Christmas eve with this cute ecard.

    Rated 3.8 | 103,123 views | Liked by 95% Users

  • Special Christmas Eve Greetings!

    Wishes for a special night before Christmas.

    Rated 4.1 | 63,090 views | Liked by 93% Users

  • Wonderful Surprises...

    Send a cute Christmas eve wish to your friends/ family/ dear ones.

    Rated 3.5 | 58,139 views | Liked by 91% Users

  • My Wishes For You...

    Wish your dear ones a joyful Christmas eve with this warm and bright ecard.

    Rated 3.7 | 43,043 views | Liked by 80% Users

  • Night Before Christmas!

    It's Christmas eve! Wish friends and family a magical time with this beautiful...

    Rated 4.1 | 52,497 views | Liked by 100% Users

  • A Special Christmas...

    Send this beautiful poem for Christmas eve to your friends/ family/ dear ones.

    Rated 3.8 | 48,775 views | Liked by 100% Users

  • Stocking Full Of Christmas Hugs!

    On Christmas eve, send this gift to your loved ones.

    Rated 4.1 | 41,202 views | Liked by 100% Users

  • It's Christmas Eve...

    Send this cool and cute ecard to wish your friends/ family/ loved ones happiness...

    Rated 3.9 | 37,918 views | Liked by 90% Users

  • Wishing You Many Joys...

    Reach out to your friends/ family/ loved ones with this cute Christmas eve wish.

    Rated 4.2 | 32,918 views | Liked by 100% Users

  • Happiness, Good Health And...

    Send your warm and heartfelt wishes to your dear ones on Christmas eve.

    Rated 4.0 | 48,677 views | Liked by 66% Users

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    Best Christmas eve wishes Cards, Messages, Quotes, Images

    christmas eve wishes greeting

    Find many romantic Christmas wishes for him to celebrate the most romantic time of the year. Send your warm and sincere messages to the man of your life and let the Christmas spirit cover your soul and feelings. The examples below will give you unique ideas that will help you compose your own unique message for your unique man!

    Romantic Christmas wishes for him

    • ♥ You are the best Christmas gift a woman could ever ask for. Thank you for making my Christmas wishes come true!
    • ♥ With a man like you in my life this Christmas I feel more ready than ever to celebrate the joy and wonder of this special season.
    • ♥ You are my Christmas dream come true. I love you more than I can ever express. Have a wonderful Christmas, darling!
    • ♥ Our love burns brighter than the star on top of the Christmas tree. May this Christmas and New Year be the best we’ve ever had together!
    • ♥ Christmas is a time for making special memories with the ones you love. There’s no one I’d rather make memories with this holiday season than you.

    • ♥ This Christmas Eve you know where to find me. I’ll be right under the mistletoe eager to share our holiday kiss!
    • ♥ Whether we spend this Christmas nearby or far away, I’ll feel like I’m home for the holidays if the two of us get to be together!
    • ♥ Even though we’ll be miles apart this Christmas our love will keep our hearts closely linked together. I can’t wait until we’re together again.
    • ♥ Meeting you has been the highlight of my year. I can’t wait to spend the holiday season together. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my love!
    • ♥ This Christmas, I really can’t afford to give you an expensive gift like I wish I could. Instead, I want to give you something priceless: my heart.
    • ♥ Your kisses and your warm embrace light my heart up like the lights that shine and sparkle on the Christmas tree. I love you!
    • ♥ Whether it’s taking a sleigh ride or curling up by the fire and enjoying some hot cocoa together, I’m so thankful we get to make magical memories together this Christmas.
    • ♥ Christmas is a time for gathering to celebrate God’s gift to us with those we love. As we celebrate the joy, hope, and peace of this holy season I’m thankful God has brought you into my life.
    • ♥ You’re the sweetest boyfriend a woman could ever hope to meet. I can’t wait to surprise you with some extra love and affection this Christmas!
    • ♥ When you look at me with that sparkle in your eye I feel warm from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Thanks for fulfilling my Christmas wishes!
    • ♥ Christmas is more magical now that you’re in my life. I’m looking forward to all the fun festivities and quiet, romantic moments the season has in store for us.
    • ♥ When I was a little girl I used to dream about what it would be like to meet that special someone and spend our first Christmas together. Now that I’ve met you, I know it’s even more wonderful than I could’ve imagined.
    • ♥ Merry Christmas to a boyfriend who’s sweeter than a candy cane, warms me up more than a cup of hot cocoa, and fills my heart with joy more than the biggest present under the tree!
    • ♥ If I made a Christmas list for Santa of all the qualities I’d want in a boyfriend–like honest, loving, charming, loyal, and handsome–you’d be a perfect match!
    • ♥ Thanks, my love, for all the ways, every day, that you prove your loyalty and love to me. Today on Christmas I want you to know how much I appreciate who you are and everything you do for me.
    • ♥ Christmastime is the time for giving. That’s why today I’m giving you my love, my affection, my attention, and my appreciation. Thanks for being more than I ever hoped to find in a boyfriend.
    • ♥ We go together like the red and white stripes around the candy cane and like the Christmas lights wrapped around the tree branches. Thanks for being my perfect match. Merry Christmas!
    • ♥ Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of the year, but now that we get to spend it together as a couple, it’s even better than before. I’m looking forward to sharing the joys of the season with you.
    • ♥ You’re the most loving, charming, and incredible man I’ve ever met. This Christmas, I want you to know that I love you from the bottom of my heart!
    • ♥ The evergreen Christmas tree reminds me of the lasting love we share together. Thank you for being the best boyfriend I could ever hope to find.
    • ♥ With you close by my side I know that this Christmas is going to be the best I’ve ever had. You’re perfect for me. Have a wonderful Christmas, darling!
    • ♥ Whether we’re kissing under the mistletoe, cuddling by the fire, or opening presents by the tree, we’ll be making holiday memories that will last forever. I’m looking forward to spending each moment of this special season with you!
    • ♥ This Christmas, let’s celebrate the amazing love we share. I don’t need any fancy presents under the tree. As long as I have you, it’s going to be the best holiday season ever. I love you!

    Christy Corley

    Dec 13, 2018 Christmas Eve was a night of song that wrapped itself about you like a . Warmest greetings of the Season and best wishes for Happiness in.

    Genuine Christmas Eve Wishes and Messages

    christmas eve wishes greeting

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    Christmas Wishes

    Best first: I wish you a wonderful Christmas, fragrant with pine and cookies, filled with carols and giggling and plastic police car chases, with hugs and silence and joy. Happy Holidays.


    Unique Christmas Greetings

    Sweet carols on the radio and oranges spiked with cloves, banging and cursing from the kitchen, fresh legos crunching underfoot - and laughter and tickling and laughter. I wish you the merriest Christmas possible.
    Christmas should be a time of carols and contemplation and cookies, of warm words and warm mugs of cocoa. And that is what I wish for you this Holiday season. Happy Christmas.
    Christmas comes in the season of cold and wind and frozen fingers, in the time of darkness and hunger. But it brings light, warmth, and laughter and a promise of summers to come. And so do you. Merry Christmas and thank you for being my friend.
    May this Christmas be a very joyful time for you. May you have many people thinking of you with peace,  warmth and love in their hearts. I will be one of them.
    I wish that Santa looks at you with a benevolent eye and a smile and hands over the gifts anyway. Happy Christmas you old sinner, and a fantastic New Year!
    As the Christmas is rushing towards us, I wish you peace, time and a Silent Night; the leisure to look up to the twinkle of stars in the cold wintery skies; the realization of how filled with gifts our world already is. Happy Holidays.
    I wish you a wonderful Christmas season. May you spend it wrapped up in your family, laughter and love.
    May you only hear lovely words and see happy smiles on Christmas day, and may it bring even more warmth to your heart.
    When the skies go dark on Christmas Eve, look out of the window, I'll be sending you some twinkly Christmas stars. Happy Christmas!
    Christmas must be the loveliest-smelling holidays of the year. I wish you that you enjoy all of its scents with people you love, people that make you smile and be happy you are where you are, and people who are made happy by you. Happy Holidays.
    Oh no, the cracker jokes. Oh no, the educational games with uncle Edgar. Oh no, the yearly bickering between aunt Bridget and Mother on the hot topic of housekeeping. Oh admit it, you love it and it wouldn't be proper Christmas otherwise! Happy Hollidays! 
    If you took away the gifts, it would still be Christmas. But it would be nothing but sad if you took away the people. Happy Christmas full of fun with all those that you love.
    Brussels sprouts, elderly relatives, dad jokes galore. And don't say you don't love it! Happy Holidays!
    For Christmas I wish you the best I can: health, happiness, and joy.
    I met Santa yesterday night and he reminded me not to forget to send Christmas greetings to all the great people I know. So here you go, great girl, Happy Christmas!
    Whether your house is filled with the scent of pine needles or with the scent of the dog who got a bit misguided around the Christmas tree; with the lovely smells of cooking or of burning Brussels sprouts, may it always be filled with light, love, laughter and joy! Merry Christmas!
    You shine for me my Christmas star. Happy Holidays!
    There are trillions of flowers on this planet. And this year, a very special Christmas flower will bloom only for you!
    Candlewax, cinnamon and apple scent, yes, it is Christmas in the air.
    I wish you a train load of Christmas gifts!
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and loads of yummy and pretty things to sweeten up your Christmas time.
    Christmas is approaching and I bet you wish you were nicer to me! Just kidding, Happy Christmas!
    I wish you a lovely time this Christmas.
    We often stress whether the Christmas decorations will be just right. Whether the food will be tasty and well-arranged enough. Whether the house will be clean enough. So here's my Christmas gift - yes, it will! May you enjoy a hassle-free Christmas full of fun and brightness and love!
    Do you know that moment when all is ready for Christmas Day , when the children are happily sleeping in bed, the house is quiet and the only source of light are the fairy lights from the Christmas tree? That's when you can fully hear the Christmas magic. May you hear it loud and clear this Christmas!
    Happy Christmas filled with peace, love and cookies.
    The candle flames make the air hazy and warm, the sound of carols sung by neighbourhood kids soon replaced by sounds of happy snow fight. Merry Christmas filled with peace.
    I wish that you see lots of joy from the presents you will have given, the many hugs you will have administered and the many kisses you will have shared. Happy Holidays with those you love!
    If within the next few days you wake up and find yourself in a dark brown sack, don't panic, stay calm! It's just that Santa finally got my one wish. Happy Christmas!
    We wish you many smiles and sweets and silly jokes,  carols and cocoa and crisps, and lots of love and laughter and light. May you have the happiest Christmas!

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    christmas eve wishes greeting
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